Donald Trump praises Joe Arpaio investigation of Obama birth certificate, Trump sent handwritten note, Trump maintained doubts about birth certificate

Donald Trump praises Joe Arpaio investigation of Obama birth certificate, Trump sent handwritten note, Trump maintained doubts about birth certificate

“Why has Obama, since taking the White House, used Justice Department Attorneys, at taxpayer expense,  to avoid presenting a legitimate birth certificate and college records?”…Citizen Wells

“Why is Obama now employing private attorneys to keep his name on state ballots, despite compelling evidence that he is not a natural born citizen?…Citizen Wells

“We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”…Abraham Lincoln

From WND, World Net Daily , March 14, 2012.

Billionaire back into eligibility, encourages Arpaio”

“Billionaire Donald Trump is heaping praise and encouragement on Sheriff Joe Arpaio for the Arizona lawman’s probe into the authenticity of President Obama’s purported birth certificate and his eligibility for office.

WND has confirmed with Michael Cohen, a top aide to Trump, that “The Donald” personally penned a handwritten note of congratulations to Arpaio following the Maricopa County sheriff’s Cold Case Posse news conference March 1 in Phoenix.

Having printed out an Associated Press report of the event that featured a photograph of Arpaio and published by the Huffington Post, Trump penned diagonally in the upper left hand corner, “Joe – Great going – You are the only one with the ‘guts’ to do this – Keep up the good fight – Donald Trump.”

Last April, after the White House released the long-form birth certificate that Arpaio’s law-enforcement investigators now have probable cause to believe to be a forgery, Trump told WND’s senior staff reporter Jerome Corsi that he would be willing to consider going public once again on Obama’s birth certificate if and when the issue resurfaced as a major news item.

Trump has consistently maintained he has doubts the Obama birth certificate released by the White House is genuine, even though he has decided to take a low profile on the issue in recent months.”


76 responses to “Donald Trump praises Joe Arpaio investigation of Obama birth certificate, Trump sent handwritten note, Trump maintained doubts about birth certificate

  1. Watch out folks when TRUMP gets into something he has an angle which benefits TRUMP! Be Careful what you believe from him.


  2. Two things that I would like to see are Arapaio’s investigation of the legitimacy of the Mombasa certificate and an apology from Governor Brewer. I don’t really care about Trrump but he does make news. I assume that publicity is always valid.

  3. “Obama ‘fanatic’ guilty in Arpaio death threat”

    “A Tennessee man described as an Obama “fanatic” has been convicted of threatening to kill Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his family, possibly in connection with the lawman’s investigation into the president’s eligibility for office.

    Authorities say Cox’s postings indicate – and his own mother confirms – that Cox is a “fanatical supporter” of Obama, and Arpaio’s ongoing investigation into the legitimacy of the president’s purported birth certificate may have been the reason behind the threat to kill the sheriff.”

  4. ladysforest:

    “Almost exactly one year ago I contacted a professional genealogist firm and asked them to do several things for me.

    I asked if they could contact the Honolulu Dept of Health in a professional capacity and request official answers to a few “quirky” questions that I had.

    [go to link]

    Well, after the genealogists discussed this amongst themselves, they had several theories – none of which really seemed to fit. So I requested that they go ahead and get the OFFICIAL answer from the HDoH. In addition to that I asked if they could get some simple birth/death records for Virginia.

    I did not expect or really hope to get the Sunahara records, I was pretty certain that the HDoH would not allow those to be released to a genealogist or even to Virginia’s family, but I thought, what the hell! Give it a shot.

    Needless to say – the HDoH never answered a single question, nor provided a single record – not even a simple copy of the entry in the Birth Index available for the public at large to view – nothin’.”

  5. CW, for some reason I am now getting a note “you must log in to use that email address” when I make a comment. Did something change?


  6. Testing!

  7. Jack Cashill:

    “Will WaPo author un-tell Obama’s ‘story’?”

    “The Washington Post’s David Maraniss has a book coming out in June with the intriguing title, “Barack Obama: The Story.” The word “story” suggests a variation from “the truth.”

    In the meantime, the findings of the Sheriff Arpaio posse have opened new cracks in that story. Those of us who explore this topic are routinely reminded by our media betters that Obama’s life story has already been “vetted.” In fact, the right word here is not “vetted,” but “laundered.””

  8. Maybe some progress is being made in Arizona. The following article, while derogatory in tone (it is a Washington Post article), does indicate that the Arizona Secretary of State is interested in achieving some uniformity in candidates affirmations that they are qualified for the office they seek.

    Arizona officials dive back into debunked controversy over Obama’s birth certificate
    By Associated Press, Published: March 14AP
    PHOENIX — Arizona officials are jumping back into a persistent, yet debunked controversy over President Barack Obama’s birth certificate and his eligibility to hold office.
    A legislative committee on Wednesday endorsed a proposal that requires presidential candidates to swear that they meet the qualifications to be the nation’s chief executive.

    And the Arizona secretary of state is expected in the coming days to call for candidates to complete a new form asking eligibility questions, including whether they are natural-born U.S. citizens…

    ….The latest legislative effort in Arizona to confront Obama’s eligibility would require political parties to file an affidavit swearing under penalty of perjury that their presidential and vice presidential candidates are qualified to hold the positions. It also would let any voter in Arizona file a lawsuit challenging an affidavit…

  9. Sorry – Good MORNING ALL!

  10. Interested Bystander

    Hey All,

    Good morning Zach, CW and everyone here at CW.

    Saw a nice bumper sticker on my way to work last night. It read:

    Don’t vote Republican

    I like that.

  11. citizenwells

    Good morning Zach, et al.

  12. Good article.

    2012 Political Season Will Be a Street Fight

    Lawrence Sellin, PhD

  13. citizenwells

    Mr. Bill.
    Amazing, eh?

  14. Repost:

    Jim “Howie” Mandel Jr Show
    March 14th 2012

    “Special Show: Interview with Cdr. Kerchner (ret) on President Obamas citizenship status.”

  15. citizenwells

    Mr. Bill.
    WE are #1.

  16. “They can’t find two natural born citizens out of 300 million people?”

  17. Whistleblower

    Must read.

    WALL STREET INSIDER: “IMF – Back to Chicago”

  18. Looks like Obama is going to release more of our strategic oil supply to look like he “understands” the pain at the pump when his real objective is to again lessen our backup meant for our emergencies. More evidence of his desire to take out all of our foundations for the future takeover. How much blinder can the populace of lemmings, kool-aid drinkers be??

  19. Obamacare Now Double Previous Projection: CBO Says $1.76 Trillion Over Ten Years

    As customary it seems the Democrats employed many accounting tricks when the $900 billion figure was first projected.

  20. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    GORDO | March 15, 2012 at 11:19 am |
    “They can’t find two natural born citizens out of 300 million people?”

    Gordo – Here is my theory for the eligibility question of the last four years.

    A Theory on why we have been on this 4 year eligibility question.

    A – The Republicans were questionable on Obama’s NBC.

    B – The Democrats were sure that McCain did not meet the legal qualifications for NBC because he was born off the Navy Base.

    C – Both parties decided to pass Senate Resolution (SR 511) making McCain legal NBC.

    D – They secretly agreed not to question either candidate’s qualifications after that.

    “Another fine mess you have gotten us into, Stanley” – And I don’t mean “Stanley” of Laurel & Hardy!

  21. observer | March 15, 2012 at 12:36 pm |
    Looks like Obama is going to release more of our strategic oil supply to look like he “understands” the pain at the pump when his real objective is to again lessen our backup meant for our emergencies.
    Could we say that he is trying to “kill two birds with one stone”? Unbelievable! If it weren’t for a complicit MSM he wouldn’t stand a chance.

  22. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)


    You should be proud to know that if you Google search –

    Who first questioned Obama’s eligibility?

    our CW, out of almost 2 million listings, is #1


  23. citizenwells

    Mr. Bill.
    WE da man.

  24. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    For me CW it all started when you posted my “USURPERVILLE” posting –

    Do you remember the book by William L. Shirer Berlin Diary(1934-1941)?

    Do you think there will be a Usurperville Diary(2008-2012)?

  25. CW…..

    Having problems using my old email address…..please scrub the old email address and add this new one….thanks

  26. Interesting article at American Thinker, “Birds of a Feather,” on whether or not Obama is a Muslim. It goes into the alliance between leftwing and radical Islam.

  27. CW…I’m still in moderation….can you help please?

  28. rminnc, oldsalt, and coldwarvet,
    What is your reaction to the following?

  29. Interesting Donald speaking up again. Seriously those over 50 know NBC are those born in the country to citizen parents. Sole allegiance to the usa is the reguirement.

  30. rminnc | March 15, 2012 at 2:08 pm |

    Having problems using my old email address…..please scrub the old email address and add this new one….thanks

    CW, are you by any chance now requiring a log in for each comment or for first comment of the day? Yesterday and today for some reason I get that message when posting a comment. ” That email address is associated with an existing account, please log in to use it.”
    I’ve wound up going to wordpress which has another password for me, then coming back to comment and having to change the wordpress info back to my old password/user name. That seems to work but it’s a long process for each comment. Any clue to why that’s suddenly happening? Never had such a reply before after hitting “post comment”. Thanks.

  31. citizenwells

    I have changed nothing.

  32. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    CW – I just found this on Mailonline –

    Google Search will soon ‘answer questions’, instead of just hunting words

    I googled up –

    Is Obama eligible to be President?

    Guess what? Over 27 million and you are still #1,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=8229844274f67c87&biw=1333&bih=663

  33. Cabby AZ……………………
    My response to a CO who told me to disarm my self in a certain circumstance would be ; Is that an ORDER,SIR? Then if all hell busted loose HE would be the PERSON who would be answering to his CO for his STUPIDITY. In all probability there would be a hell of a lot of DEAD marines lying about in MUTE testimony of the stupidity. Of cxourse if nthe order came from Soetoro then it would be QUESTIONABLE to begin with. If an entire Division of marines refused to disarm themselves severe command problems would result. I seriously doubt that any of the upper brass would be so stupid as to attempt to prosecute,or imprison an entire division of marines. He would be quickly seen as a LUNATIC, and this view would go right on up the chain of command,to where the buck stops…….Soetoro.

  34. Cabby…..

    I think the Leaders no longer feel they can trust the Warriors…..It’s a damn disgrace Panetta feels he has to disarm his own troops to talking to them. That sure didn’t say much for his courage or popularity among the troops.

    I think it was on Panetta’s mind there may be another Staff Sargeant lurking somewhere in the back of the room and he didn’t want a Purple Heart that so many of our soldiers seem to be getting.. Maybe Panetta wouldn’t get a PH from friendly fire!

    Personally I think Panetta has reason not to trust the troops…..maybe it’s because the leaders no longer trust each other. It doesn’t take a rocket expert to know when you are getting the “short end of the shaft”…..

    This may be a sign of rebellion in the ranks…too soon to know right now, but a good indicator.

    Our soldier’s are smart but even their patience wears thin when dealing with all the apologizing Obama and Panetta are doing.

    You can’t apologize to everyone and fight a war at the same time.

    Our soldier’s have been ask to do the impossible for over 10 years now. We are no closer to accomnplishing the mission that when we first went into that god forsaken backward country..

    The soldiers have been ask to “win the hearts and minds of Islamic extremist who’s only desire in life is to kill Americans”…After all, their (holy?) book calls for that.

    You can’t win the heart and mind of someone who only wants to kill you, no matter how much you apologize or how much money you throw at him.

    I think Mark Twain put it best when he penned these immortal words;


    America has now learned this lesson the hard way.

    I hope Cabby this explains my thoughts on that matter.

  35. p.s.

    I concur with Old Salt’s comments also.

  36. I just ordered 4 Andrew Breitbart bumper stickers for my car so that I can bring attention to his cause, for those who might never have heard of him. Will we ever hear or read his final interview-with Sheriff Joe Arpaio??? I keep wondering if Andrew was so excited about Joe’s findings and what could happen that it was too much for his heart. But I still wonder if he was a casualty in this war against the progressives and communists that have been gradually taking over our country. I’m glad The Donald is back in the fight, but we have to be wary of his motives. After all, everything he does is for The Donald.

  37. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    RMinNC – Sow the wind – REAP A WHIRLWIND!!

  38. test

  39. AMEN….. Bill…. AMEN

  40. Breitbarts Prophetic Outrage: Another Occupy Rape

    Was that Fluke person a member of the occupy group…or did she support them? That might explain some things!{6CB5460D-B773-4A48-B668-78FA7CF3F769}&title=Breitbarts Prophetic Outrage Another Occupy Rape

  41. Whistleblower; Some article huh?When do you think Wikileaks got the article? This is why they have locked Rezko up and thrown away the key.

  42. Cabby….

    Here is exactly what transpired with Panetta’s meeting with the Marines:

    In a sign of the nervousness surrounding the trip, a Sergeant Major abruptly told the Marines gathered to hear Mr. Panetta in a tent at Camp Leatherneck to get up, place their M-16 and M-4 automatic rifles and 9-millimeter pistols outside, and return unarmed. The Sergeant Major, Brandon Hall, told reporters that he was acting on orders.

    “All I know is I was told to get the weapons out,” he said. Asked why, he replied: “Somebody got itchy — that’s all I’ve got to say. Somebody got itchy. We just adjust.”

    Then of course, the Marine General had a few words to say

    General Gurganus told reporters later that he had wanted a consistent policy for everyone in the tent, and that “I wanted to have the Marines look just like their Afghan partners,” noting, “You’ve got one of the most important people in the world in the room.” He insisted that his decision had had nothing to do with the massacre”.

    I hope the hell that General didn’t mean what he said when he said; “we want our troops to look just like their Afghan partners”. Of course the Marine general said what Panetta expected him to say…otherwise, he would have been out of a job.

    That’s disgusting for a general officer of the United States Marines to equate our fine Marines with the “rag-tag para military group” that has no loyalty or allegiance to anyone, least of all, an American.

    These reports sicken me. Panetta sickens me. Obama sickens me.

  43. Whistleblower


    Do you think they forget about Rezko’s Partners ?

    I wonder if Fitzgerald thought to ask the multitude of Rezko’s partners and associates still walking the streets of Chicago what they know about Mr. Auchi and his ways ?

  44. Whistleblower

    Maybe U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald could ask Daniel T Frawley if he knows Auchi ?

  45. W.B.; do you know who the two Congressman were who opposed the war in Iraq?
    “And what were Auchi’s connections to the Iraqi spy ring about to go to trial in Detroit, who in late 2002 paid two Democratic congressmen to go to Iraq and oppose the war, and which flourished on UN Oil for Food vouchers?”

  46. Something tells me Frawley doesn’t know Auchi directly…it has been rumored that it was Frawley who alerted the feds when Auchi wired Rezko the money that landed him in the slammer revoking his bail.

  47. W.B; Ata’s partner is currently suing Auchi over the Roosevelt Rd., deal, I don’t know how you sue someone who isn’t allowed into the country???

  48. test

  49. WordPress did not like the old Coldwarvet…so here is the “new and improved” Coldwarvet2…

  50. Whistleblower


    Semir Sirazi filed against Auchi and General Mediterranean Holdings and I believe they have holdings in the U.S.. This may be a leverage play and if the fight continues Sirazi can divulge documents through the court without being sued. We’ll see, Bessie more to come shortly on your other references

  51. Bessie…………………
    What is particularly interesting is the fact that the two young Chicago attorneys who somehow had Soetoro’s little game of high finance all figured out,filed a complaint with both the DOJ and the Federal Election Commission regarding what Soetoro’s so called small contributions fund managers (Pakistani buddies from Occidental) were doing with regard to the repackaging of MILLIONS of dollars into tiny $200.00 contributions from people whose names were taken randomly from Chicago,and area telephone directories. If any of the people who were so called contributors were asked to verify their contribution it would be “I didn’t know I made a contribution answer for probably ALL of the alleged contributors. The two attorneys had ALL of the evidence and everything. Nadhmi Auchi had electronically transferred over 5 million dollars to a Chicago bank from which the $200.00 donations were prepared, and entered into the Small contributions fund……..VIOLA NO NEED TO REPORT IT! ILLEGAL MONEY FROM OFFSHORE. The complaint was NEVER acted upon by either DOJ or the Federal election commission, nor was the two attorneys ever heard from again.

  52. CW………….
    will you see what you can do to UNMODERATE my CLEAN comment of 6:47 PM Thanks.

  53. A Crazy Old Coot

    RMinNC | March 15, 2012 at 4:24 pm |
    I agree with you and also I agree with OldSalts comments.

    The military has gone over to the PC side (IMHO).

  54. RMINNC……………………
    I get the feeling that the level of insanity at the WH is increasing exponentially,and I tend to think that the foundation of this USURPER’S OCCUPANCY is now seriously erroding. I am thinking that collectively everything is going to converge very soon,and Congress will be FORCED to act to convene a Congressional Grand Jury, and Soetoro will become another SLICK WILLIE. I am watching and listening closely. I think that it is going to happen very soon. In addition a HELL of a LOT of STATES are going to have a hell of a lot of EGG on their face as well. New Hampshire being one of them,and Georgia being another. I would expect that the so called COMMISSIONS within these states could also face CRIMINAL prosecution down the road. We probably will be hearing the splashes as the SLIME jump over the side of their sinking ships.

  55. Cabby,
    Just in case Coldwarvet2 ever gets out of moderation( because wordpress doesn’t like him either) I’ll try to answer your question of 2:14.
    In my experience in war zones, of which I have seen many, there is always this ascending level of security ranging from the most secure logistical rear areas to the least secure forward outposts. In the rear areas, it is rare to see troops carrying weapons(primarily because they hinder the work they are doing). Conversely, troops in forward areas have their weapons always with them.(primarily because that IS their work).I do not have much information concerning the base Panetta made his speech at but, if the troops were constantly armed prior to his visit, security in that area must have been an issue. Disarming them, for any reason, then becomes a calculated risk on the part of the commander/s.
    War zones are inherently dangerous places. Practically anything can kill you. Risk is a constant element in doing the job.
    The military is in a major damage control mode at present and, as far as the brass is concerned, their collective career asses are on the line…literally, and they will not be taking any chances with that I can assure you. At this point everything becomes political and, as usual, the troops will be the ones bearing the brunt of any adverse decision making. This is nothing new, by the way, I have seen it many times. When we have politicians in charge with little to no military experience, this is what you get. Everything seen from a political point of view.

  56. Obviously many of our UPPER echelon BRASS also think UP is DOWN. God help them in another war like WW2. They will end up sitting in cells at Leavanworth, perhaps even the same cell that they HELPED put an INNOCENT DOCTOR INTO. I pray each day that I will have the great privilege of watching every one of them including MMMMSSSS. Lind get exactly what they have coming.

  57. Cabby
    As far as respecting the Afghan troops is concerned, I can asure you it is all political. Everything I have heard about the Afghanis is negative, even apart from their turning on us. They are not military material by any standard, thus we have the equivalent situation we had in Viet Nam, where they got so used to having everything done for them, they never took seriously the fact they may have to actually fend for themselves….and we all know how that turned out.

  58. coldwarvet2…………………
    During the Korean war there was a rear area known as Camp McGill where many of the wounded soldiers were taken for final embarkation to various hospital ships or even to Pearl,or Subic bay. Yet every soldier who was in that camp as an assigned workplace had his M1 always in close proximity…………even when political figures visited there. I would strongly suspect that our Marines were dis armed for several reasons,one of which might have been concern for old Banana nose himself…….standing in front of armed Marines. Maybe one of them might not like him too well, and turn the HEAD CHEESE into a SWISS CHEESE.

  59. Coldwarvet2 Ref 7:10 PM

    In reference to your remark Politicians who have limited or NO military experience………….POTUS (alias) CINC would be one of them.

  60. Thank you so much for your input, OldSalt, Rminnc, and Coldwarvet2 –
    as well as Coot (sorry I missed you) – All splendid comments, and especially appreciated because you fellows know whereof you speak.

    It certainly does appear that politics has encroached severely on the military brass. Disarming in a meeting, when apparently it has not been done before, seems indeed strange. If a lone Afghan gunman had appeared and begun firing where would the defense have been? Over at Constitutional Emergency, where I participate at times, the feelings are running high, because many of the posters are former military.

  61. BYE BYE ALL time to DISARM and seek shelter under a rock! I will be QUAKING in my boots……..HAR DE HAR.

  62. OldSalt79
    If I’m not mistaken, I don’t believe our CIC has any kind of experience short of organizing communists…

  63. Thanks WB and Oldsalt79 do you know what their names were?

  64. For any one who might be interested…a short story…
    In 1890 a group of British colonial pioneers left South Africa and ventured north into an area known then as Matabeeleeland, totally wild and unsettled. Much as the Wild West was in the U.S. only a few years previous. After hacking and fighting their way into the interior they established two colonies known as Northern and Southern Rhodesia.
    Over the years, these colonies grew to become some of the richest and most advanced cultures in the entire continent. They were known as the “bread basket of Africa”, with Rhodesian farmers supplying the bulk of sustainance for a large portion of the African Continent. Their culture also included advanced education and industry. They additionally shared this culture with the large black population native to the area.
    In the early 1960’s, communist insurgencies began to take hold in a large section of central Africa and, with the assistance of the United nations, began a black unsurgent movement which ultimately,and politically, called for the British government turn the colonies over to black rule.
    While most of the population had been born there, this revelation came as quite the shock. So much so that the existing government in 1970 declared a “Unilateral Declaration of Independence” and consulted the Unitied States for help in carrying it out.
    Because of the South African policy of Apartheid being instituted only in South Africa at the time, Southern Rhodesia, sharing a southern border with South Africa, became guilty of this policy by proximity, even though Rhodesia had been in the forefront of black African development for quite some time.Consequently the U.S. (under Carter), by way of Henry Kissinger, and along with the U.N., called for an embargo of the beseiged nation.
    Although essentially abandoned, except for logistical support from South Africa, the military of Rhodesia although never losing one engagement, lost out to political capitulation in 1979.
    In 1980, the country was essentially turned over to black rule and re-named Zimbabwe, Northern Rhodesia became Zambia. A few years later, with the aid of his communist sponsors, it came under the facist control of Robert Mugabe who had fought on the side of the communists to overthrow the country some years earlier. It has cost the people of Rhodesia everything. The white population has been discriminated against openly to te extent of the relinquishing of all personal property. Today, the country is in an economic shamble, a mere vestige of it’s former self. It provides nothing.
    The Rhodesians….a society quite similar to ours at the time… did not think it was possible…
    I wonder what they will re-name the United States?

  65. A Crazy Old Coot

    Cabby – AZ | March 15, 2012 at 7:38 pm |

    That’s alright. I’m easily forgotten and mostly just agree with the more intelligent ones on here. ha!

    Have a great night and God Bless.

  66. A Crazy Old Coot​03/renewt-vision.html

    If Gingrich was to take up results of Sheriff Joe’s investigation (who endorsed Perry who endorsed Gingrich), the race could turn overnight. Here is something to note as well: Gingrich, Romney and Paul have all provided complete documentation to prove they are indeed US citizens born to parents who were BOTH at least naturalized US citizens. Santorum has now consistently resisted both public and private requests for full documentation. If Gingrich or the conservative press makes an issue of this (paging Romney’s SuperPAC), and if Santorum can not produce it – there is no way that the 70%+ of GOP voters who consider this a Constitutional travesty with Obama will simply give the supposed “Constitutional conservative of principle” a pass. Just as the general population will not abide a preacher caught up in promiscuity, Republicans will run from Rick faster than you can say “accuser number 4.”

  67. Coldwarvet2…………….Ref; 8:56 PM
    Excellent post regarding Rhodesia. Now hopefully some of our recent college grads will take the time to read your post. It will be like taking a PG COURSE. Who knows they might even learn something,and retain it.

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