Obama GA ballot challenge, Natural born citizen status, Judge Michael Malihi, Why did Obama refuse matching funds in 2008?, Part 4, Obama attorneys Democrats control FEC

Obama GA ballot challenge, Natural born citizen status, Judge Michael Malihi, Why did Obama refuse matching funds in 2008?, Part 4, Obama attorneys Democrats control FEC

“I am certain that the devil is watching Barack Obama and taking notes.”…Citizen Wells

“Why did Obama employ Robert Bauer of Perkins Coie, to request an advisory opinion on FEC matching funds that he was not eligible for?”…Citizen Wells

“Why is Obama now employing private attorneys to keep his name on state ballots, despite compelling evidence that he is not a natural born citizen?…Citizen Wells



Obama, attorneys and Democrats control FEC

The devil himself could not have come up with a more devious plan.

Robert Bauer, of Perkins Coie, on February 1, 2007 requested an advisory opinion to keep Obama’s option for matching funds open. Bauer knew full well that Obama, not being a natural born citizen, was not eligible for matching funds. The FEC advisory opinion from March 1, 2007 responded in the affirmative. Ellen L. Weintraub, former staff member at Perkins Coie, was a Democrat appointee of the FEC at that time. She remained well beyond her scheduled tenure with the help of Barack Obama.
Obama, Robert Bauer, Democrats interaction with FEC timeline.
February 1,2007

Advisory Opinion Request: General Election Public Funding

From Obama attorney Robert Bauer to FEC

“This request for an Advisory Opinion is filed on behalf of Senator Barack Obama and the committee, the Obama Exploratory Committee, that he established to fund his exploration of a Presidential candidacy. The question on which he seeks the Commission’s guidance is whether, if Senator Obama becomes a candidate, he may provisionally raise funds for the general election but retain the option, upon nomination, of returning these contributions and accepting the public funds for which he would be eligible as the Democratic Party’s nominee.”

“cc: Chairman Robert Lenhard
Vice Chair David Mason
Commissioner Michael Toner
Commissioner Hans von Spakovsky
Commissioner Steven Walther
Commissioner Ellen Weintraub

Note, in the above advisory opinion request, Robert Bauer was a Perkins Coie attorney and Ellen Weintraub was a former Perkins Coie staff member.
March 1, 2007

FEC advisory opinion

From Robert D. Lenhard to Robert Bauer

“The Commission concludes that Senator Obama may solicit and receive private contributions for the 2008 presidential general election without losing his
eligibility to receive public funding if he receives his party’s nomination for President, if he (1) deposits and maintains all private contributions
designated for the general election in a separate account, (2) refrains from using these contributions for any purpose, and (3) refunds the private
contributions in full if he ultimately decides to receive public funds.”
December 11, 2007

George Will in the Washington Post writes.

“Paralyze The FEC? Splendid.”

“What if the country held an election and there was no one to make sure that candidates played by the rules — no agency that could issue regulations, write
advisory opinions or bring enforcement actions against those breaking the law?”

“The six-person FEC — three members from each party — enforces the rules it writes about how Americans are permitted to participate in politics. You
thought the First Amendment said enough about that participation? Silly you.

The FEC’s policing powers may soon be splendidly paralyzed.

Three current FEC members, two Democrats and one Republican, are recess appointees whose terms will end in a few days when this session of Congress ends —
unless they are confirmed to full six-year terms.

Four Senate Democrats decided to block the Republican, Hans von Spakovsky. Republicans have responded: “All three or none.” If this standoff persists until
Congress adjourns, the three recess appointments will expire and the FEC will have just two members — a Republican vacancy has existed since April. If so,
the commission will be prohibited from official actions, including the disbursement of funds for presidential candidates seeking taxpayer financing.”

The Post wants von Spakovsky confirmed only to keep the FEC functioning. He is being blocked because four senators have put “holds” on his nomination. One of those four who might be responsible for preventing the FEC from being able to disburse taxpayer funds to Democratic presidential candidates Joe Biden, Chris Dodd and John Edwards is . . . Barack Obama.”

June 19, 2008.

“Obama to Break Promise, Opt Out of Public Financing for General Election”

“In a web video to supporters — “the people who built this movement from the bottom up” — Sen. Barack Obama, D-Illinois, announced this morning that he will not enter into the public financing system, despite a previous pledge to do so.”

“In November 2007, Obama answered “Yes” to Common Cause when asked “If you are nominated for President in 2008 and your major opponents agree to forgo private funding in the general election campaign, will you participate in the presidential public financing system?”
Obama wrote:

“In February 2007, I proposed a novel way to preserve the strength of the public financing system in the 2008 election. My plan requires both major party
candidates to agree on a fundraising truce, return excess money from donors, and stay within the public financing system for the general election.”


June 24, 2008

Senate confirms FEC Nominees.

From the Wall Street Journal.

“The Senate confirmed five new members to the Federal Election Commission, ending a bitter political battle that had hobbled the elections watchdog for

But the Senate action came with a final twist: Republicans accused Democrats of delaying the confirmation vote one day to allow the Democratic National
Committee to file a lawsuit against the presidential campaign of Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona.

The six-member elections agency had been without a quorum since December as Democrats objected to Republican nominee Hans Von Spakovsky for what they said was his partisan handling of voting-rights matters in his former job as a Department of Justice attorney. The dispute prevented the two parties from reaching an agreement to vote on any of the nominees.”

“Other commissioners confirmed Tuesday included Democrats Steve Walther and Cynthia Bauerly. The new Republican commissioners are Mr. Petersen, Don McGahn and Caroline Hunter. They join sitting commissioner Ellen Weintraub, a Democrat. The commission needs at least four members to take official action on election complaints, new campaign-financing rules and requests from campaigns for legal guidance.”


From Fox News.

“Since the beginning of the year, the commission has only had two members: Republican Chairman David Mason and Democrat Ellen Weintraub.”

August 18, 2008

From Citizen Wells FEC FOIA request.

The individual, redacted, is requesting an advisory opinion from the FEC on Obama’s eligibility to be president. An email was sent with the request. The
email provides information on why Obama is not eligible. It begins with

“It seems that Barack Obama is not qualified to be president, after all, for the following reason:”

It ends with

“Interesting! Now what? Who dropped the ball or are we all being duped? Who do you know whom you can forward this to who might be able to help
answer this question?”
August 21, 2008


Philip J Berg files lawsuit in Philadelphia Federal Court

Defendants: Obama, DNC, FEC

Obama is not a Natural Born Citizen and therefore ineligible to be President.
August 22, 2008

From Citizen Wells FEC FOIA request.

An email from David Kolker, FEC counsel, to Rebekah Harvey is certainly interesting. Rebekah Harvey was the assistant to Commissioner Ellen L. Weintraub . Prior to being appointed to the FEC, Weintraub was on the staff of Perkins Coie LLP and a member of it’s Political Law Group.

“Victory in Berg v. Obama”

August 27, 2008

Complaint served on the U.S. Attorney for DNC and FEC

August 27, 2008

From Citizen Wells FEC FOIA request.

FEC response to advisory opinion dated August 18, 2008.

“The Act authorizes the Commission to issue an advisory opinion in response to a complete written request from any person about a specific transaction or
activity that the requesting person plans to undertake or is presently undertaking.”

“your inquiry does not qualify as an advisory opinion request.”
November 11, 2008

“Obama to Most Likely Avoid FEC Audit”

“The Federal Election Commission is unlikely to conduct a potentially embarrassing audit of how Barack Obama raised and spent his presidential campaign’s record-shattering windfall, despite allegations of questionable donations and accounting that had the McCain campaign crying foul.

Adding insult to injury for Republicans: The FEC is obligated to complete a rigorous audit of McCain’s campaign coffers, which will take months, if not
years, and cost McCain millions of dollars to defend.

Obama is expected to escape that level of scrutiny mostly because he declined an $84 million public grant for his campaign that automatically triggers an
audit and because the sheer volume of cash he raised and spent minimizes the significance of his errors. Another factor: The FEC, which would have to vote to
launch an audit, is prone to deadlocking on issues that inordinately impact one party or the other – like approving a messy and high-profile probe of a
sitting president.

So, by declining public funding, Obama decreased the odds of an audit. And the FEC may not investigate due to political party affiliations of the FEC
commission members.”


May 1, 2009

“At midnight Thursday, the terms of Federal Election Commissioner Donald F. McGahn II (a Republican) and FEC Chairman Steven T. Walther (a Democrat) expired. Combined with Democrat Ellen L. Weintraub’s seat — she remains on the commission even though her term expired two years ago — President Obama has the opportunity to make his first three appointments to the six-member commission. Though FEC terms are set for six years, members are free to stay on until replacements are selected by the president and confirmed by the U.S. Senate.”

“Josh Zaharoff, deputy program director for Common Cause, argues that, short of complete overhaul, such a proposal would be the best way to ensure real
enforcement of election laws. The long-standing existing practice “ensures that the commissioners are likely to be loyal to their political party rather than
to election laws and the American people as a whole.”

After seven months without a quorum, the restocked FEC has drawn significant criticism from campaign-finance-reform advocates for its lack of serious,
independent enforcement. There have been a series of 3-3 deadlocks on key issues, resulting in a significant increase in the percentage of dismissed cases.”

April 4, 2011

“More FEC Terms Expire, But Replacements Unlikely”

“The terms of Chairwoman Cynthia Bauerly (D) and Commissioner Matthew Petersen (R) expire at the end of April. The terms of Donald McGahn (R) and Steven Walther (D) expired almost two years ago.

The longest-serving commissioner is Ellen Weintraub (D), whose term expired almost four years ago. The only commissioner who will be serving an unexpired term at the end of the month is Republican Caroline C. Hunter, whom Bush nominated in 2008, for a term that expires in April 2013.

Further complicating the confirmation process is a large list of pending issues before the FEC that will affect Obama’s own re-election campaign.
One of the biggest issues is how the FEC will write new rules in the wake of the Supreme Court’s Citizens United ruling, which would set boundaries for how
hundreds of millions of dollars can be spent by third parties in the presidential election and Congressional campaigns. The issue was so important to Obama
that he admonished the Supreme Court a few days after its decision in the case during his 2010 State of the Union address.”

April 16, 2011

“FEC Launches Audit Of Obama’s 2008 Campaign”

“The FEC’s decision to audit the campaign is not surprising, given that it was the largest federal campaign in history, raising more than $750 million in
receipts. If Obama’s campaign were not audited, it would have been the first presidential nominee’s campaign to escape such scrutiny since the public
financing system was created in 1976.

The potential for the FEC’s audit became increasingly more likely as the FEC questioned some of Obama campaign filings. In all, the FEC wrote 26 letters to
Obama for America warning the campaign that if it did not adequately respond to the agency’s questions that it “could result in an audit or enforcement

“As of the end of March, Obama for America had spent nearly $3 million on legal fees since the 2008 election. In all, the president’s campaign spent three
times more on lawyers after Election Day than in the two years preceding it.

The lion’s share of Obama’s legal spending went to Perkins Coie, a well-known Democratic legal and accounting firm. Perkins Coie is representing the Obama
campaign in all major legal matters, including seven of the FEC’s known investigations involving the White House bid. In each of these cases, the FEC voted to dismiss the case or found “no reason to believe” that the Obama for America or related committees had violated any laws.

Perkins Coie may be also representing Obama for America in the FEC’s spending investigation of a Republican National Committee complaint. A few weeks before the election, the RNC alleged that Obama’s campaign accepted donations from foreign nationals, received contributions that had exceed limits and submitted fictitious donor names to the agency. The status of this investigation is unknown, though the FEC confirmed it received the complaint.”

Jan 12, 2012

“Election Watchdogs Assail Obama on FEC Appointments”

“The groups are demanding that Obama shake up the board of commissioners at the Federal Election Commission, the only agency able to enforce campaign laws.
They say political divisions among the agency’s panel of six leaders have rendered it toothless.

“The bottom line is nothing can happen to change the commission unless the White House names new commissioners, and they are refusing to do so,” said Fred Wertheimer, president of Democracy 21, a nonpartisan advocacy group. “The result is going to be an election with no enforcement.””


Why would Obama, as we know him, replace the FEC board. Since early 2007, Obama has been shielded by Robert Bauer and Ellen Weintraub. That’s right, as you read above, Weintraub is still on the FEC board, four years after her term expired. And don’t forget, after Obama secured the White House, he hired Robert Bauer as general counsel. Bauer has since returned to Perkins Coie to continue helping Obama keep his records hidden.

This is a clear conflict of interest!!!

And what about attorney ethics?

As stated above, Robert Bauer knew about Obama’s natural born citizen deficiency in February of 2007 and yet he filed a request for an advisory opinion on Obama’s behalf regarding Federal Matching Funds. This is fraud!

From Citizen Wells June 2, 2011.

“From the American Bar Association.

“A lawyer shall not counsel a client to engage, or assist a client, in conduct that the lawyer knows is criminal or fraudulent””

“Model Rules of Professional Conduct
Maintaining The Integrity Of The Profession
Rule 8.4 Misconduct”

“It is professional misconduct for a lawyer to:

(a) violate or attempt to violate the Rules of Professional Conduct, knowingly assist or induce another to do so, or do so through the acts of another;

(b) commit a criminal act that reflects adversely on the lawyer’s honesty, trustworthiness or fitness as a lawyer in other respects;

(c) engage in conduct involving dishonesty, fraud, deceit or misrepresentation;

(d) engage in conduct that is prejudicial to the administration of justice;

(e) state or imply an ability to influence improperly a government agency or official or to achieve results by means that violate the Rules of Professional
Conduct or other law; or

(f) knowingly assist a judge or judicial officer in conduct that is a violation of applicable rules of judicial conduct or other law.”


49 responses to “Obama GA ballot challenge, Natural born citizen status, Judge Michael Malihi, Why did Obama refuse matching funds in 2008?, Part 4, Obama attorneys Democrats control FEC

  1. Regarding:
    Bob Strauss
    Submitted on 2012/01/22 at 7:29 pm

    “We all must remember the George Soros, Secretary of State Project, and be aware of it’s consequences, as we go forward on these ballot challenges against Obama

    If the Secretary Of State is the arbiter of .ballot eligibility, and said Secretary, is one of Soros’s plants, it needs to be considered.”

    You may find this interesting:

    Click to access mur5642_1.pdf

    Ellen Weintraub
    Reasons for siding with George Soros.

  2. For anyone that might be interested in making a trip to Atlanta this week, I received the following information from the director of Art2SuperPac. If you can not attend, you can watch at below internet address, beginning at 9am, Thursday morning.

    The PAC will not just be video taping it. We are also providing a live Internet video-stream from inside all 3 hearings being held on the 26th in Atlanta. The live video stream will be on the front of the PAC website and at this dedicated page, http://www.art2superpac.com/livevideo.html

    Yes, the hearing(s) is open to the public. I suggest getting there early, though.

    The address for the hearings is:

    Fulton County Justice Center
    185 Central Avenue
    Atlanta, Georgia 30303
    Courtroom 3E
    First hearing starts at 9 a.m. ET.



  3. interesting story,

    Senior Officials Refuses Fast And Furious Subpoena

    Last week, a senior official from the U.S. Attorney’s office said he is refusing to appear before the committee headed by Representative Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), who issued him a subpoena as part of his investigation into Fast and Furious.




  4. Not sure if this is the latest update story,

    Former Obama staffer arrested in false ID scheme | Campaign 2012 |

    ..”So on its face, Edwards’s identity theft appears to be part of a coordinated effort by the Iowa Democratic Party to bring down the Republican Secretary of State so he can be replaced with a Democrat.”


  5. Good Morning All: William that is a story that will never be seen by the main stream media, infact they are probably forbidden to write about it…It has Chicago written all over it, David Axelrod & Rahm Emanuel style…and now Axelrod will be teching the political elite at the University of Chicago…

  6. http://hotair.com/archives/2012/01/21/dirty-tricks-in-iowa-involving-former-obama-2008-staffer/

    William; “Hotair” has a story about the Obama staffer Zachary Edwards that is a little more detailed. It will be very difficult to track all the dirty tricks that will be imposed by Obama and his followers/sheep in this 2012 election.

  7. Thank you CW, for the info regarding Soros, and the FEC. It looks like our government has been over run by communists trying to destroy this country. Obama always wants to shrink departments, into smaller, more easily corrupted, number of officials.

  8. CW,
    So apparently, BO can do anything he damn well pleases when it comes to abiding by Federal election laws and our good-for-nothing Congress rolls over and plays dead. I am a 65 year old, Conservative, Christian Grandma but the first thought that came to my mind after reading your latest article was “We’re screwed!”

  9. Is Mitch Daniels thinking of running again? Will he make a late entry into the race? He is going to give the response to OB’s State of the Union address. Mitch Daniels is way too short to beat the tall Obama. Sorry, but it’s true. Typically, the tallest man wins.

    Also, we don’t want the candidate the elites want. When will they get that in their heads? We don’t want Daniels, we don’t want Christie or any other liberal GOP candidate. We want someone with fire in their belly who can beat Obama and change the direction the nation is heading in.

  10. Tina…………………
    Keep up the great thinking,you will soon be receiving your GRADUATION CERTIFICATE from the Patriot Academy of Advanced Conservative Studies. Welcome to our midst. You are one of the VERY FEW LIBERAL DEMOCRATS whose mind has ever been changed, or RE PROGRAMMED if you will. Now the work begins.

  11. Tina…………………
    I am a resident of Northeastern Indiana. I have watched Daniels closely. If you were to compare him to Newt Gingrich you would hear a tiny meow from him as opposed to the HIGH DECIBAL LION’S ROAR from Gingrich.Get what I mean? You are right when you say WE DON’T NEED HIM! Only a really intelligent BADASS should be sent to oppose Soetoro. Even then there is no guarantee that 115,000,000 of our alleged YUPPIES will change their minds either. These are the people who still remain exactly like you USED to be. They will DIE before they will ever change their minds.

  12. Jonah.
    We’ve been screwed but it ain’t over.
    It appears to me that we have something now that we did not have before.
    Regardless of how the GA cases go, there should be “standing” for appeal.

  13. The sort of person that I think should be sent to oppose Soetoro would be a graduate of the Citadel. Most of those people MAN WHAT THEY SAY,and SAY WHAT THEY MEAN. Many of them are real combatants in a ONE ON ONE barroom brawl. A couple of buddies,and I once had the privilege of dispatching two of them in a barroom knock down drag out in Jacksonville. They were real KNOT HEADS. We also received a nasty set of lumps,and fat lips in that little skirmish. I still vividly remember it!

  14. TYPO= MAN= MEAN (Line two)

  15. CW…………..
    You mentioned grounds for appeal. Here is another facet of the same stone but only in Hawaii. Think about this……..If MSSSS. Nagamine has filed a VEXACIOUS LITAGANT action against Orly, which if successful would impede,and otherwise interfere with her in ANY action which she might file in behalf of a client. In short it would cause her to be impaired to represent ANYONE as an attorney as such. To me this is a VIOLATION of her rights as a LICENSED attroney in the state of Hawaii. It would seem that she will have a strong case for the apellate court if Nagamine goes forward with the forthcoming action which she alleged she was going to pursue. If she is injured by virtue of earning a living as an attorney it would seem that Orly has even a stronger case. Keep in mind that Orly is DULY licensed in the state of Hawaii to practice law there. For the AG,s ASSISTANTS to file an action against Orly is CONTRARY to allowing her to practice law to the fullest extent of her ability. If you will I believe that Nagamine’s action will go against the licencing laws in Hawaii. She could also file a complaint with the disciplinary commission of Hawaii

  16. That is Orly could file a complaint with the disciplinary commission of Hawaii. According to WEBSTER, VEXACIOUS has a meaning of ANNOYING, etc. But nowhere is there one word that what Orly has done is AGAINST THE LAW. So once again I stand behind Orly, and at the same time once again ASK all members of our beloved VFW to again examine their hearts, and respond accordingly. Orly is a LONE soldier on a battlefield implanted with deadly mines. She needs some help.

  17. Tina | January 23, 2012 at 11:18 am |


    The only “small” built person to run for the office of President in recent times that actually had a chance to win, was Ross Perot. However, I do believe he was threaten by the political establishment against his own life and at the least, attacks on his business. The primary reason he initially dropped out of the race. He later reconsidered and re-entered, but was too late – too little.

    No pun intended..

  18. A Crazy Old Coot

    oldsalt79 | January 23, 2012 at 12:01 pm |
    “Only a really intelligent BADASS should be sent to oppose Soetoro.”

    If you will remember, that is what we thought we were getting with McCain and once he received the nomination, he became a pussy cat. He had NO fight in him.

    I just hope and pray that Newt doesn’t turn out the same way.

    Just the opinion of a dumb ole (Natural Born Citizen) country boy.

  19. South Carolina’s Attorney General Detects Voter Fraud

    …….the analysis found 953 ballots cast by voters listed as dead. In 71 percent of those cases, ballots were cast between two months and 76 months after the people died. That means they “voted” up to 6 1/3 years after their death.

  20. The Soetoro control over the FEC had to be in place even before he was elected. Case in point………The two Chicago attorneys who had Soetoro COLD on the CAMPAIGN FINANCING issue, and they FILED complaints along with excerpts of what was going on. There was NO RESPONSE to the complaints even though they were signed for upon their receipt. There has been no subsequent action from either of the attorneys. It would seem that they would have followed up on their complaint. I have a GUT NOTION that they received a registered letter themselves from the DOJ,and they were probably reminded that their licences to practice law could be vacated. ONLY IN CHICAGO CAN THAT HAPPEN WITHOUT LEGAL JUSTIFICATION.

  21. OLD COOT………………
    You are absolutely right bud……….but pray tell does anyone know a totally honest politician? If they do then it would seem that the politician in question will soon be DISHONEST. Of course they ALL GROWL,and SNARL, at their opposition, but for some unknown reason the growels, and snarls turn into something like “Hi buddy, whats up, lets take ten and have a few beers.”

  22. Your comments about Orley are well said Old Salt……what the state of Hawaii is attempting to do with Orley is nothing short of denying her God given rights of free speech and the pursuit of her vocation as a lawyer.

    If Orley was doing anything illegal, or against the laws of Hawaii, then let the state of Hawaii prove it. If the Asst. Attorney General is “blowing wind” with her threats without the force of law behind her, then the Asst Attorney General should stand before the bar for her punishment.


    Orley is a real soldier who has fought the good fight for three years. She knows what it has been like sitting alone in the trenches.

    I hope and pray Orley will have her just rewards during her day in court on Thursday.

    p.s. I like you am appalled the veterans of this great country are not raising hell about all the abuses of the freedoms they fought for. What has happened to the strength that the VFW and American Legion once had?

  23. I can’t help wondering if poor old Senator McCarthy is looking down on the Congress of TODAY, and thinking…………DAMN!

  24. RMINNC………….
    You read my mind brother!

  25. A Crazy Old Coot

    oldsalt79 | January 23, 2012 at 1:01 pm |
    I wasn’t saying any of them are honest. Just reminding that we thought McCain had a spine and then found out it was made of rubber. I just hope and Pray that Newt isn’t all tough now and then turn into a wmp wit no backboan. Not that I’m saying that he will, I just hope that he won’t. I like the way he stands up to the media and elites. I hope that it’s not just hype on his part to get the nomination so obama can win again like last time.

    Just the opinion of a dumb ole (Natural Born Citizen) country boy.

  26. A Crazy Old Coot

    rminnc | January 23, 2012 at 1:01 pm |
    This is one vet that has been screaming, like OldSalt, but nobody listens.

    Just the opinion of a dumb ole (Natural Born Citizen) country boy.

  27. William…………….
    Ross Perot was not anybody’s fool. Had that been the case he would never have been the CEO of GM. After he left GM he formed the Data Storage company. Again extremely successful. However I believe far too many people bought into the notion that THAT THE WHITE COATS WERE COMING TO TAKE HIM AWAY. This was a little play dreamed up by the looney left, they even made a little tune out of it. Rush used to play it from time to time. The words were something like “They are coming to take me away, they are coming to take me away, TA TA.” It worked well for the LIBS. They managed to make a lot of people believe he had escaped from a FUNNY FARM.

  28. ……………and once again I hasten to point out that the problem wasn’t with Perot, it was with the NINCOMPOOPS who believed the LIBERAL BULLSH##.

  29. I should also add that the UP IS DOWN horse’s asses are still alive and well. They will also continue to be a real pain in everybody’s a$$.

  30. RMINNC…………….
    It is a really sad commentary which tells of the deterioration within certain veteran’s groups. But the good news is that this is still not at a level which would eventually bring the VFW or the American Legion down. I received a lot,and I mean a HELL of a lot of positive responses from way over half of the Commanders that I contacted. I wish I had some help in this effort which is still ongoing. Yes I received a few “go to hells” also. But i simply looked upon that as the response of an OBOT commander.

  31. Limbaugh was sure disappointing today…had to turn him off. It is quite obvious he is anti-Gingrich and has spent all this morning damning Ginbrich with faint praise. Limbaugh should remember he is not a king-maker. He’s entitled to his opinion, as are we all, but he’s taking advantage of his following to denigrate a candidate he obviously doesn’t want. He thinks he is being subtle. Whomever gets the Republican nomination has my vote, but I hope we are all going into it this time with our eyes wide open and don’t get swayed by the flim flam.

  32. Hi All!

    AMICUS BRIEF – Georgia POTUS Eligibility Cases
    Attorney Leo Donofrio


  33. Monday Greetings,

    My 1:56 comment is in moderation…..this time I haven’t a clue.

    Sometimes I wonder if it has anything to the anti-Obama links that have been invaded in order for people not to be able to pass esp. when things are getting hotter. I’ll try again:

    AMICUS BRIEF – Georgia POTUS Eligibility Cases
    Attorney Leo Donofrio


  34. I’ve just tried twice to make a comment with the same link embedded. I’m wondering if certain anti-Obama sites have somehow been invaded in order to prevent linking to them for others to get their news. They’re both about Donofrio’s amicus brief for GA hearing.

    Anyway, CW, I need assistance for comments 1:56 and 1:59 thanks.

  35. Just found this comment posted on another blog 3 years ago now, from the vet I helped out, and had referenced in my previous comment here.

    daddynoz said…
    I failed to previously identify the individual I have been conferring with regarding my concerns and intent to rectify the current constitutional crisis. The fellow’s name is “jbjd” (unfortunately I do not know his actual name). He has helped me as if he were my priest or bartender; he’s listened to my reservations regarding potentionally seditious or disloyal language found in a related complaint, addressed my questions of what the actual standing was (while considering what I thought it might be), and looked out for my welfare related to possible repercussions from military authorities.


    Thank you.
    January 30, 2009 11:38 PM

  36. Folks,
    I received this email today and I’m passing it on. Sheriff Arpaio must win this election. If you can, please help him. I just did…………

    The open-borders crowd just can’t believe it. After all the trumped-up “investigations”, the race-baiting by Obama officials and La Raza activists, the politically-driven charges by the Department of Justice…
    Sheriff Joe is running for another term.

    That’s right. “America’s Toughest Sheriff” refuses to quit, refuses to knuckle under or stop doing his job protecting the people of Maricopa County – the 4th most populous county in America – from illegal invaders and criminal aliens.

    And Sheriff Joe is also staying on the job for ALL Americans. Because Arpaio’s office – a single sheriff’s office – apprehends a staggering 25% of all criminal illegal aliens in the entire United States every year. That means Joe doesn’t just keep illegal alien rapists, robbers, gangbangers and identity theives out of Phoenix, Mesa and Scottsdale, AZ – he also keeps criminals from threatening Americans in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida – and cities and towns near you.

    That is why Sheriff Joe was a target for this Administration from day one, and why the DOJ launched an “investigation” against Arpaio just four weeks after Obama’s inauguration – when most Federal agencies were barely even staffed. Because Arizona is the gateway for illegal aliens into America. And the open-borders forces don’t want Sheriff Joe to be the gate, stopping the flow of illegal labor – and potential voters for their cause – into this country.

    So Joe will not quit. He cannot quit. But he needs your help!
    National groups backed by George Soros have just vowed to spend more than $10 million to defeat Sheriff Joe. In a recent conference call, members of La Raza (“The Race”), ACLU and MoveOn.org said defeating Sheriff Joe was one of their top priorities for 2012 – in order to destroy the most potent national symbol in the fight against illegal immigration.


  37. http://giveusliberty1776.blogspot.com/

    Great video re: GA hearing………. plus….


  38. Little wonder that the Usurper hasn’t planned a foreign excursion for Thurs.

  39. Thanks Zach.
    I thought about the Amicus brief recently.

  40. Hey Cabby…..perhaps the reason he hasn’t planned a “foreign excursion” is because his PASSPORT has been pulled !

    He can’t use that Indonesian one anymore!

  41. Rminnc, “.perhaps the reason he hasn’t planned a “foreign excursion” is because his PASSPORT has been pulled !”

    Hahahaha! You’ve got a point there! He is going to be in AZ this week. I just wish that things had progressed far enough with the Cold Case Posse before he arrives.

    Sheriff Paul Babeu of Pinal County (Arpaio is from Maricopa County) was just on Cavuto’s program. Wow! Obama is really on the black list here, because he has fought every effort at our border control, made fun of us, sued the state, and is responsible for Fast and Furious here. O’s got his nerve to show his face in these parts.

    Sheriff Babeu is presently running for the U.S. House, and I hope he wins.

  42. Drudge put the Georgia hearing on the front page!

    Keep posting comments to him, maybe he will headline it.

  43. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    kiltie | January 23, 2012 at 1:46 pm |
    Limbaugh was sure disappointing today…had to turn him off. It is quite obvious he is anti-Gingrich and has spent all this morning damning Ginbrich with faint praise.

    Sometimes my skepticism gets the best of me and I begin to wonder if Rush is in it for the “Ratings” or for his true beliefs??

    Remember the 3 most important words in our lexicon

    1 – Ratings
    2 – Cleavage
    3 – “Absolutely”

    REMEMBER – If Obama wins he still has a devoted audience that will listen to his every word.

    PS – In the year Newt became Speaker of the House the Republican members made Rush an official member of the class.

  44. Leo is plowing new ground with his Amicus brief. To this layperson, it is quite impressive. He also makes a strong case for malpractice by Justice Gray on behalf of his benefactor, Chester Arthur.

  45. kiltie | January 23, 2012 at 1:46 pm |
    I just listened to Rush’s monologue from today and did not get the same impression that you did. Is this what you are referring to?


  46. Pingback: Ellen L. Weintraub elected FEC Chair, Former Perkins Coie Counsel, Robert Bauer Obama 2007 matching funds advisory opinion, Obama controls FEC? | Citizen WElls

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