Jonathan Turley, Obama stated that he can have any American Citizen killed anywhere, CSPAN interview, Video, Professor Turley legal scholar

Jonathan Turley, Obama stated that he can have any American Citizen killed anywhere, CSPAN interview, Video, Professor Turley legal scholar

“Our Constitution is in actual operation; everything appears to promise
that it will last; but nothing in this world is certain but death and
taxes.”...Benjamin Franklin

“If in the opinion of the People, the distribution or modification of the Constitutional powers be in any particular wrong, let it be corrected by an amendment in the way which the Constitution designates. But let there be no change by usurpation, for through this in one instance, may be the instrument of good, it is the customary weapon by which free governments are destroyed.”…George Washington

“We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”…Abraham Lincoln

Jonathan Turley, a nationally recognized legal scholar, was interviewed on CSPAN. He was asked by a Democrat caller about Obama’s statement that he can
have any American Citizen killed anywhere.

Jonathan Turley Bio.

“Professor Jonathan Turley is a nationally recognized legal scholar who has written extensively in areas ranging from constitutional law to legal theory to tort law. He has written over three dozen academic articles that have appeared in a variety of leading law journals at Cornell, Duke, Georgetown, Harvard, Northwestern, and other schools.

After a stint at Tulane Law School, Professor Turley joined the George Washington faculty in 1990 and, in 1998, was given the prestigious Shapiro Chair for Public Interest Law, the youngest chaired professor in the school’s history. In addition to his extensive publications, Professor Turley has served as counsel in some of the most notable cases in the last two decades ranging, representing whistleblowers, military personnel, and a wide range of other clients.

In 2010, Professor Turley represented Judge G. Thomas Porteous in his impeachment trial. After a trial before the Senate, Professor Turley (on December 7, 2010) argued both the motions and gave the final argument to all 100 U.S. Senators from the well of the Senate floor — only the 14th time in history of the country that such a trial of a judge has reached the Senate floor. Judge Porteous was convicted of four articles of impeachments, including the acceptance of $2000 from an attorney and using a false name on a bankruptcy filing.

In 2011, Professor Turley filed a challenge to the Libyan War on behalf of ten members of Congress, including Representatives Roscoe Bartlett (R., Md); Dan Burton (R., Ind.); Mike Capuano (D., Mass.); Howard Coble (R., N.C.); John Conyers (D., Mich.); John J. Duncan (R., Tenn.); Tim Johnson (R., Ill.); Walter Jones (R., N.C.); Dennis Kucinich (D., Ohio); and Ron Paul (R., Tx). The lawsuit is pending before the United States District Court for the District of Columbia.

Other cases include his representation of the Area 51 workers at a secret air base in Nevada; the nuclear couriers at Oak Ridge, Tennessee; the Rocky Flats grand jury in Colorado; Dr. Eric Foretich, the husband in the famous Elizabeth Morgan custody controversy; and four former United States Attorneys General during the Clinton impeachment litigation. In the Foretich case, Turley succeeded recently in reversing a trial court and striking down a federal statute through a rare “bill of attainder” challenge. Professor Turley has also served as counsel in a variety of national security cases, including espionage cases like that of Jim Nicholson, the highest ranking CIA officer ever accused of espionage. Turley also served as lead defense counsel in the successful defense of Petty Officer Daniel King, who faced the death penalty for alleged spying for Russia. Turley also served as defense counsel in the case of Dr. Tom Butler, who is facing criminal charges dealing with the importation and handling of thirty vials of plague in Texas. He also served as counsel to Larry Hanauer, the House Intelligence Committee staffer accused of leaking a classified Presidential National Intelligence Estimate to the New York Times. (Hanauer was cleared of all allegations).

Among his current cases, Professor Turley represents Dr. Ali Al-Timimi, who was convicted in Virginia in 2005 of violent speech against the United States. He also represents Dr. Sami Al-Arian, accused of being the American leader of a terrorist organization while he was a university professor in Florida. He also currently represents pilots approaching or over the age of 60 in their challenge to the mandatory retirement age of the FAA. He also represents David Murphee Faulk, the whistleblower who disclosed abuses in the surveillance operations at NSA’s Fort Gordon facility in Georgia. Most recently, Professor Turley agreed to serve as lead counsel representing the Brown family from the TLC “Sister Wives, a reality show on plural marriage or polygamy. He also agreed to serve as the legal expert in the review of polygamy laws in the British of Columbia (Canada) Supreme Court. In the latter case, he argued for the decriminalization of plural union and conjugal unions.

Turley has served as a consultant on homeland security and constitutional issues, including the Florida House of Representatives. He also served as the consultant to the Puerto Rico House of Representatives on the impeachment of Gov. Aníbal Acevedo Vilá.

Professor Turley is a frequent witness before the House and Senate on constitutional and statutory issues as well as tort reform legislation. Professor Turley is also a nationally recognized legal commentator. Professor Turley was ranked as 38th in the top 100 most cited “public intellectuals” in the recent study by Judge Richard Posner. Turley was also found to be the second most cited law professor in the country. He has been repeatedly ranked in the nation’s top 500 lawyers in annual surveys (including in the latest 2010 rankings by LawDragon) – one of only a handful of academics. In prior years, he was ranked as one of the nation’s top ten lawyers in military law cases as well as one of the top 40 lawyers under 40. He was also selected in 2010 and 2011 as one of the 100 top Irish lawyers in the world.

Professor Turley’s articles on legal and policy issues appear regularly in national publications with over 750 articles in such newspapers as the New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today, Los Angeles Times and Wall Street Journal. He is a columnist for USA Today. In 2005, Turley was given the Columnist of the Year award for Single-Issue Advocacy for his columns on civil liberties by the Aspen Institute and the Week Magazine. Professor Turley also appears regularly as a legal expert on all of the major television networks. Since the 1990s, he has worked under contract as the on-air Legal Analyst for NBC News and CBS News to cover stories that ranged from the Clinton impeachment to the presidential elections. Professor Turley is often a guest on Sunday talk shows with over two-dozen appearances on Meet the Press, ABC This Week, Face the Nation, and Fox Sunday.Professor Turley teaches courses on constitutional law, constitutional criminal law, environmental law, litigation, and torts. He is the founder and executive director of the Project for Older Prisoners (POPS). His work with older prisoners has been honored in various states, including his selection as the 2011 recipient of the Dr. Mary Ann Quaranta Elder Justice Award at Fordham University.

His award-winning blog is ranked in the ten most popular legal blogs by AVVO.

Professor Turley received his B.A. at the University of Chicago and his J.D. at Northwestern. In 2008, he was given an honorary Doctorate of Law from John Marshall Law School for his contributions to civil liberties and the public interest.”


55 responses to “Jonathan Turley, Obama stated that he can have any American Citizen killed anywhere, CSPAN interview, Video, Professor Turley legal scholar

  1. “Obama stated that he can have any American Citizen killed anywhere,”

    Just a clarification. When I listened to the interview, it seemed to me that Hurley was refering to statements made by two others confirming that Obama can kill any American citizen he considers a terrorist. Not sure there is a quote or document or video where Obama says this himself.
    The facts remain however that he is empowered to do this, and the American people appear to be ceding to a facist government the freedoms our forefathers fought and died for. This is no longer my Father’s America.

  2. Thanks C.W. and Good Morning All! does anyone else remember Obama in the 2008 “town-hall meetings” where he states that he was a Professor at the University of Chicago and taught the Constitution making him more knowlegable Bush….

  3. Bill G……………….
    I would tend to believe that such a statement by Soetoro would indeed HASTEN the day when he himself joins those who he murdered.

  4. Bessie………………….
    I have read several published articles over a lengthy period of time and written by several noted authors who have found evidence that Soetoro NEVER at any point in time taught ANYTHING at University of Chicago. Allegedly they have proof to support these allegations.

  5. Bessie……………..
    I also wonder why Turley hasn’t taken the initiative in helping Orly Taitz achieve her goals relating to her actions against Soetoro.

  6. oldsalt79 | December 22, 2011 at 11:16 am |
    I also wonder why Turley hasn’t taken the initiative in helping Orly Taitz achieve her goals relating to her actions against Soetoro.


    Your kidding right……..

  7. I suspect we would never know what American Citizens were targeted for execution by Obama and the Obot’s. They would just disappear.
    It’s probably happened already. Has FOS been around lately?

  8. Can you even imagine such a statement from President Bush?

  9. Do you think the American public would be yawning……????

  10. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    Just heard on CoasttocoastAM with George Noory’s interview with Prophet John Hogue, that Obama would win the next election. He says that he has been 100% correct in the last (10 or 11?) elections.
    The Captain should always goes down with the ship!!

  11. Thanks Old-Salt…thanks Whistleblower great article..It must be forbidden for any of the local papers to write about Obama….

  12. Mr.Bill……………………..
    Watch what happens if seniors on Social Security get cuts in their benefits which now seems imminent. I have reason to suspect that it could be cut as much as 27%. In addition the remainder could be taxed as well at a rate of 23%. If this ever comes to fruition you will see HELL ON EARTH.

  13. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    Oldsalt79 – Do you get the feeling that NO ONE really has the fire in the belly to be the next Prez. I think they know something!!

  14. oldsalt.
    Hell will be a blessing for those bent on sticking it to US Citizen Seniors.

  15. Mr Bill……………..
    There is potentially 330,000,000 voters in the US. The last figures that I was privvy to indicated that over half of those are seniors. In my own simple reasoning this constitutes enough people by themselves to vote MR A$$HOLE OUT OF OFFICE…………that is in an HONEST election. If seniors who are ALREADY receiving Social Security, suffer possible 27%cuts ther will eventually be thousands of them on the streets without shelter. Perhaps Soetoro would consider allowing them to OCCUPY a FEMA camp or two. After all heis ILLEGALLY OCCUPYING the WH. What is good for the goose is probably equally good for the GANDER.

  16. “Meet Poppa Birther – Professor Jonathan Turley – the FOMB by Teo Bear of”

    “Read the truth and real history of the start of the “birther movement” and who started it, when, and against whom – John McCain:”


    Pat1789; Interesting point, Tony Rezko is stilllllll in transit??? Maybe he got hit or maybe he’s walking to prison…

  18. Sorry for the OT, Mr. Wells. i just wanted to make sure you had a chance to see this:

  19. Yes indeed, Rebel, I saw it.
    I am inclined to believe that the Tribune is the guiltier party & perhaps complicit in the 2008 diversions
    & subsequent coverups.

  20. is it true that the birther basher turley is actually the guy that went after mccain?

    is that true?

  21. CW

    I agree completely with your assessment of the Chicago Tribune’s guilt in these serious matters. Thanks CW for what you do.

  22. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    yo – The greatest quote in all that I have read from my previous statement is this –

    “Our Constitution was made only for a MORAL and RELIGIOUS people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”
    John Adams.

    My capitalization

  23. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)


    A very interesting comment at Lucianne’s

    Reply 9 – Posted by: bumbleshorts, 12/22/2011 5:04:06 PM (No. 8227656)
    “None of the dozens of so-called “birthers” who filed a federal lawsuit against Obama has the right to sue the president because none has suffered any injury that the court could heal with a ruling,”

    This is a lie, a bold face lie.

    It is true enough that no American has standing to challenge the USA CORP in a court of law, but the reason is that when FDR reorganized a bankrupt America as a corporation, all Americans were legally designated as chattel (property owned by the corporation). Just as your car is your property, your car can’t sue you, only another person can sue you. Only an officer (executive) of the USA CORP can sue the USA CORP for redress. That is the legal reason why Americans have no standing to demand redress from the USA CORP. Since FDR Americans have had no legal rights at all. The USA CORP, until recently, has not rubbed Americans noses in this truth. I guess they feel that the Americans have reached the point of maximum apathy evidenced by the fact that Americans have allowed the government to steal them blind, strip search them in airports and even pass a law institutionalizing indefinite confinement without trial at the whim of the executive branch.

    The closer you look, the more intolerable it is.

  24. Mr. Bill(ms. helga) | December 22, 2011 at 5:04 pm |
    “Our Constitution was made only for a MORAL and RELIGIOUS people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”
    John Adams.
    Yes, Mr. Bill, I agree that the above is the greatest quote…… We have sown to the wind and we are reaping the whirlwind, and our problems can all be traced really to the fact that we as a nation have been departing from being a moral and religious people.

  25. 1. Google chrome sucks
    2. John Boehner (D-rat Ohio) is a effin communist dupe.

  26. CW will you delete the above blank comment please.

  27. So what CAN we do? (about NDAA)

    All the clown -want-to-be’s in Congress & Senate send the clown in-in-chief a Constitution-killing bill he signs… and the Supremes (or should i say Minors) say we don’t have standing….

    There. should be on the “the list” now.

    I’m standing my ground.

  28. Saw this on facebook.

    ‎”Like” if you agree: “The Constitution is the guide which I never will abandon.” – President George Washington

  29. Pat 1789 | December 22, 2011 at 7:09 pm |
    Try this, saw it advertised and grabbed the link but have not tried it yet, still with Mozilla.

  30. Interested Bystander

    Hey All,

    Not trying to pat myself on the back, because credit goes to Mike Church who informed me about the NDAA, and then I read the section that states this could happen, and was informed that American citizens were exempt from the provision that allows the MILITARY to detain ANYONE simply because they “suspect” they are a threat, which is actually true, except there is this “waiver” provision that I believe COULD be used to detain US citizens, Eric Holder IS the Attorney General isn’t he?


    I hope you take the time to read the article linked by patriots4usa.

    Interesting article with actual FACTS, and not the name calling scare tactics that the article you linked yesterday had in it.

    I also watched a video from Alex Jones yesterday that pretty much expressses my view on the way the “powers that be” want things to go down, and how we are being “taught” (indoctrinated in my view) to go along with that “end”.

    I know, I know Alex Jones is pretty far out there on some things, in my opinion (like 9-11 being an inside job), but he expresses how I feel about what is going on in this Country.

    I won’t bother you with a link.

  31. Interested Bystander


    You commented earlier that although Paul submits legislation for consideration, he doesn’t seem to get the support for his bills.

    I agree with this, your comment is factual on it’s “face”, but you also stated that Paul doesn’t have the ability to “lead”, or persuade other Representatives to support his legislation.

    I’m of the opinion that Paul’s legislations isn’t considered because the Government wants to maintain CONTROL over EVERY aspect of our lives, and they don’t like the idea of the American people making decisions for themselves.

    In my mind there is no other logical explaination.

    Our Government wants to RULE instead of GOVERN.

    I’d like to know who Allen West is supporting “behind the scenes”, because from what I have heard from him, he thinks alot like I do.

    And I would also like to point out one more time that the candidate that military folks support is Ron Paul. If his foriegn policy stance was so “radical”, why are the folks that would “pay the highest price” for his foriegn policy “consequences” supporting him?

    I just don’t think Paul gets a “fair shake”.

  32. the social security cuts will come after the 2012 elections . do some of you on this blog think that the politicians do not know how to play the game ? they never do anything like that in an election year .

  33. eddie h.,
    You say that the social security cuts will come AFTER the 2012 elections?
    From what I understand the two-month extension of the present reductions begins Jan. 1, 2012, and then Congress will have to work after returning from recess to do something to extend it the remainder of the year. Where am I wrong?

  34. Interested Bystander | December 22, 2011 at 9:50 pm |
    I’m of the opinion that Paul’s legislations isn’t considered because the Government wants to maintain CONTROL over EVERY aspect of our lives, and they don’t like the idea of the American people making decisions for themselves.
    IB, I cannot disagree with you on the above, but here’s the problem. No new president is going to be able to change the direction of our government solely through his own efforts, including the cabinet of his choice.

    The Constitution does not vest all of the power of government in the executive branch, as we all know. There is an awful lot of work to be done re. Congress and the judicial branch. That will take time. Some of Ron Paul’s ideas are good, but they are very revolutionary.

    We could conceivably throw out all of the House in 2012 (unrealistic), but the senators have six-year terms, so there will not be a great deal of change there. If a Republican of any brand is elected president next year, the Dems will start up such a campaign of gridlock such as we’ve not seen.

    It is going to take a masterful, wise person to lead the country. We are not going to get all that we want in one election, any more than we did in 2010.

    Recently in response to an article there was a very good post comparing our country’s condition to that of a patient in triage. We know our nation is in a grave, critical situation. When a severely wounded patient is treated in triage, surgery is not done at once. First of all, bleeding must be stopped. Then vital signs are evaluated. THEN necessary surgery is performed. To commence surgery without the first two could result in killing the patient.

  35. Court rules inauguration cancels ‘standing’ in Obama case

  36. Cabby Az……………
    The comment that I made earlier regarding the potential Social Security BENEFIT reductions has its origin from a very large life insurance company executive whose business it is to keep abreast of such happenings,and/or potential happenings. I repeated this on the blog knowing that the TWO MONTH extension does exactly NOTHING,and in reality places government paid benefits potentially in danger as well. It is imperative to look at this actually happening as a result of the Congressional BULLSH#T now ongoing. As Boehner said a two month extension of the tax cuts is plain BS,and needs to be at least one year. I also read that the reductions of benefits could happen if Congress cannot get anywhere with the one year term, and as I said if that happens and it occurs as I described there will be HELL ON EARTH. Whether or not it is an election year does matter, but that fact will simply be moot because of the mechanics of the short term agreement. The moron politicians are so caught up in trying to screw each other that they are IGNORING ALL of the ramifications of their idiotic behavior.

  37. I don’t really need the benefit that I receive because I saw to it YEARS ago that I would have something to retire with. It wasn’t easy to do,but I made adjustments to my lifestyle to accomodate my retirement fund. The Social Security Benefits were originally perceived as “one leg of a three legged stool”. Many people simply could not put any money away for a lot of reasons. This means that they will not be getting a whole lot of SS money either,since it is based upon your 10 best years of income. The people who had little or no income at all will not receive a liveable level of benefits. This is not because of Social Security,it is because they did not generate enough income, for whatever reason. Since the 1960s SS witholding became mandatory. Sadly the LIBERAL POTUS saw fit to unlock the lockbox so that he and his friends could rape the fund at will. They managed to steal billions from SS and Soetoro was one of the perpetrators. He stole $500 billion out of Medicare and GAVE a huge chunk of it to the IMF who in turn gave some of it to the various European economies so that they could pay for the ABORTION SURGERY of their streetwalker prostitutes,drugheads,and criminals.

  38. Had the SS funds been left alone it would still be the only solvent entity in the Federal government. I believe it would still be viable, today as well as FAR into the future. But the crooked politicians and their GREED saw fit to steal from the SS funds. That is the PRIMARY reason why SS is in the condition it is in. You cannot take money away from a fund ,or bank account faster than you deposit it without the account eventually becoming bankrupt.

  39. Recently we have witnessed another theft of depositors money. This time by certain upper management people of a Agricultural Financial firm led by non other than John Corszine. They allegedly do not know how $1.2 billion of ACCOUNT HOLDERS money dissapeared. They do INDEED know exactly where it went and why. It is because they made a bad bet on the foreign bond market, and the people who guaranteed the margin call upped the ante regarding collateral. Account holders money went for the collateral guarantee. When the bet failed the jig was up.

  40. ………..and now Corszine needs to join Maddow in the big house.

  41. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    Interested Bystander | December 22, 2011 at 9:50 pm |

    “I’d like to know who Allen West is supporting “behind the scenes”, because from what I have heard from him, he thinks alot like I do.”

    He was on Greta’s show last night and was very good. I have liked him right from the beginning.

  42. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    PS – For what we are heading for, we will need a military man, NOT ANOTHER POLITICIAN.

  43. Mr. Bill(ms. helga) | December 23, 2011 at 8:51 am |
    PS – For what we are heading for, we will need a military man, NOT ANOTHER POLITICIAN.
    ms. helga,
    Amen to that!
    We need someone who has met the enemy face to face and is not afraid to speak out for what he believes. Allen West is the man.

  44. Re: Philo-Publius | December 23, 2011 at 12:07 am | Court rules inauguration cancels ‘standing’ in Obama case

    * * * *
    Thank you for posting this. I didn’t see it and it allowed me to go there to check it out!

  45. Old Salt,
    As always, you are right on about Social Security! That had to be the biggest swindle of all time when the government decided to raid the S.S. fund and replace it with IOU’s. Also, I believe, as you do, that the senior voters will make their voices heard if a decision is made to further erode SS benefits and Medicare.

    Imo, Medicare has been greatly abused by some folks, and because doctors are so afraid of malpractice lawsuits, they are ordering unnecessary, expensive tests in many instances. Add to that, downright fraud and waste, and you have a real mess. Why is not more effort directed toward eliminating Medicare fraud?

  46. Interested Bystander

    Cabby – AZ asked:

    “Why is not more effort directed toward eliminating Medicare fraud?”

    Because Medicare isn’t a FOR PROFIT organization who doesn’t have to account for all of the money.

    It really is that simple.

  47. CabbyAZ………………..
    Doctors who cannot determine an accurate diadnosis via observation of a patient is probably going to order some form of test, or tests to determine exactly what a patient is suffering from. I tend to think that most of the time tests are justified. But I hasten to add that if a doctor orders a test that is not really relavent to the patient’s problem he/she is probably being NEGLIGENT with regard to the patient’s well being. That is alleged to be happening all the time. About three years ago the patient records of 23 doctors was subpoenaed by the US District Court. Ten of the doctors were subsequently charged in fraudulant billing practices to Medicare. Another 4 were advised that they needed to upgrade their billing.I

  48. Many doctors hire professional billing entities to do their billing for them. Some of these companies are the source of almost continuous mistakes, and/or double billing to Medicare. It would seem to me that If a doctor is getting a lot of questions from his patients regarding the accuracy of his bills that he would take the initiative to investigate straight away. The trials of the doctors who had allegedly signed off on the prepared billing are continuing locally. I find it hard to believe that a doctor would deliberately try to defraud Medicare. He would have to know that if he was caught he would probably be looking at the inside of a cell, pretty quickly, and have one hell of a fine imposed upon him.

  49. Yet along comes Soetoro who steals $500 billion from Medicare, then decides to prosecute doctors who may have done nothing wrong, except use the wrong billing companies. Pure horsh#t.

  50. CabbyAZ……………….
    I can guarantee that what the seniors have to tell Soetoro,if he screws around with us is going to singe him really bad. What the seniors do to him and his slimey little criminal friends on election day will bounce his a$$ right out of the WH. His dirty little friends will follow him in airborne ejection from OUR WH with a size 11 footprint on the a$$ of all of them. It is my intention to again in 2012 to file an ABSENTEE ballot. In 2008 that is what I done,and my wife delivered it to our election headquarters. By the way, the slimey LIBERALS in INDY were successful in their eligibility lawsuit against the Republican SOS. There you are libs STACKING THE DECK. The LIBERAL judge ordered a Democrat to assume the seat. This is not going to stand. The election commission had investigated White’s eligibility and found that he was in fact eligible to hold the office of SOS. You can be certain that this is going to proceed to the Indiana Supreme Court. We still have a republican Attorney general.

  51. Interested Bystander | December 23, 2011 at 2:49 pm |
    Because Medicare isn’t a FOR PROFIT organization who doesn’t have to account for all of the money.

    It really is that simple.
    Good point! (no efficient accountability)

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