Obama Rezko Daley Blagojevich Chicago corruption, Chris Kelly and other mysterious deaths, Thomas R. Bennett Chicago perspective

Obama Rezko Daley Blagojevich Chicago corruption, Chris Kelly and other mysterious deaths, Thomas R. Bennett Chicago perspective 

“Why was Christopher Kelly transported past 2 trauma facilities on the way to Stroger Hospital?”…Thomas R. Bennett

From Nuclear Chicago.


“Thomas R. Bennett, owner and publisher of NUCLEAR | CHICAGO is also the Principal of a Chicago-based commercial real estate company as well as the sponsor of several emerging technology and Next Generation Commerce early-stage investments.

Mr. Bennett’s citizen journalism endeavor via NUCLEAR | CHICAGO while recent, is not new to the extended Bennett family.  Investigative journalism and law enforcement is very much a part of Mr. Bennett’s DNA as several of Mr. Bennett’s relatives have backgrounds in both law enforcement and media.

In fact, the catalyst for Mr. Bennett establishing NUCLEAR | CHICAGO can be attributed to both Mr. Bennett’s aggressive and determined approach for uncovering The Truth as well as influenced by the legacy that was established by Mr. Bennett’s Irish Immigrant Great Uncle – Michael ‘Iron Mike’ Hughes.

‘Iron Mike’ Hughes, a native of Ballygar in County Galway, Ireland, was the Chief of the Chicago Police Department, and former Chief of Detectives during the Era in which Al Capone and his notorious gang of hoodlums were roaming the streets of Chicago.  According to the Chicago Tribune, ‘Iron Mike’ Hughes – had a ‘record without parallel’ and was regarded as ‘the personal nemesis of all crookdom’ during his tenure at the Chicago Police Department.

Upon Iron Mike’s retirement in November 1935 after a 41-year career with the Chicago Police Department, Iron Mike embarked upon a career as a journalist and reporter with the The Chicago American – the last of the aggressive journalistic traditions in Chicago.

In recent years, Mr. Bennett has been exposed to various levels of ‘crookdom’ emanating from Rich Daley’s City Hall for the past several years.  To this end, the final catalyst for Mr. Bennett’s launch of NUCLEAR | CHICAGO can be attributed to a handful of corrupt events that Mr. Bennett was subjected to beginning in 2007.  NUCLEAR | CHICAGO will be reporting upon his  own experience in great detail, as well as other instances of ‘crookdom’ throughout Illinois.

NUCLEAR | CHICAGO will be posting the biographies of other journalists and related team members in coming weeks.”


“Our mission is to produce very relevant, uncensored (and unbiased), high-quality, old-school investigative journalism material. NUCLEAR | CHICAGO will be distributed via web, print, television mainstream media partnerships and radio partnerships.

NUCLEAR | CHICAGO is delivering the nuclear energy required to disinfect the systemic and pervasive public corruption that pollutes our city, state and our nation.

The majority of our local, state and national policy-makers have demonstrated both a lack of respect and understanding toward the U.S. Justice Louis Brandeis philosophy related to maintaining the benefits of openness and transparency in government – “Sunlight is the best disinfectant.”

As both publisher and owner of NUCLEAR | CHICAGO, I invoke the above-Brandeis quote as it’s appearing that sunlight alone is ineffectual in Chicago.

To this end, the only option remaining for our city, our state and our democracy is The Nuclear Option.

NUCLEAR | CHICAGO will create effective levels of openness, transparency and accountability by simply going nuclear and reporting upon what the local and national media essentially censure and refuse to report upon.

Stay tuned and stay informed.”


Thomas Bennett sent the link to the following video to me yesterday. Mr. Bennett addresses the bigger picture of Chicago, not just the Blagojevich trial, including former mayor Daley. He also provides some additional insight into the death and treatment of Christopher kelly and the mysterious deaths of others tied to Rezko and Obama.

Breitbart.tv » The B-Cast B-Side: Blago Connections Raise All Kinds of Concerns.

From Chicago Breaking News September 13, 2009.

“Flores-Buhelos initially told police that Friday night she received
text messages from Kelly — who was married but estranged from his
wife — saying that he had tried to kill himself, Welch said.

She then arrived from Chicago at the Forest Lumber Co. parking lot —
near a storage yard owned by Kelly’s company — and found Kelly inside
his car, covered in vomit. She pushed him into the passenger seat,
Welch said, and apparently drove to Oak Forest Hospital.

What happened there, and the kind of medical care Kelly received after
arriving, are among the remaining mysteries behind his death.

After initially seeming incoherent, Kelly apparently became lucid
enough to speak to police and was, at one point early Saturday
morning, stabilized.

Later that morning, his condition apparently deteriorated enough for
hospital officials to send Kelly to Stroger Hospital in Chicago, about
25 miles away from Oak Forest.

Cook County health officials said Oak Forest Hospital doctors thought
it made more sense for him to be treated at Stroger, which, unlike
their hospital, has a trauma center.

When asked why Kelly wasn’t transferred to a closer hospital, Cook
County Health and Hospitals System spokesman Lucio Guerrero said it’s
“standard procedure” to transfer patients from one county health
facility to Stroger when trauma care is needed after they have been

“The treatment or treatments necessary could be better facilitated at
Stroger,” wrote Marcel Bright, Stroger Hospital spokesman, in an
e-mail. “He was stabilized before being transported.”

Kelly was pronounced dead inside Stroger at 10:46 a.m. Saturday, officials said.”


“He was stabilized before being transported.”

Apparently not!


40 responses to “Obama Rezko Daley Blagojevich Chicago corruption, Chris Kelly and other mysterious deaths, Thomas R. Bennett Chicago perspective

  1. It would seem that Christopher Kelly was “STABILISED” for sure.
    But not in a way which would be condusive with the continuity of his life. The Chicago MOB has struck again!

  2. http://www.suntimes.com/news/8605585-418/prosecutors-rezko-should-get-up-to-15-years-in-prison.html

    Natasha Korecki is reportning the feds want Rezko to serve 15 years because of his lack of cooperation…That means they’re going for the pardon…WHAT really bothers me is that Rezko’s partner Daniel T. Frawley history of blackmail, not that I care about Barack but I do my country and the President should not have the potential to be blackmailed…If they got $300,000 out of Stuart Levine can you imagine the Obama potential?

  3. Chris Kelly received a loan from Nadmi Auchi for an “undisclosed” amount…He was also Blagojevich’s “point-man” for casino gambling when they hired Eric Holder to investigate possible “mob ties” in Illinois casino gambling…He should have been investigating possible “war criminal & tader to their country” ties.

  4. Wouldn’t you like to know; WHO else did his girlfriend call that night??? Did anyone check her phone??? This was his second suicide attempt, the first was just a trial run, she could have gotten instructions from an unkown source ‘what to do if he tried it again’…I wonder if she’s had any change in her life style?

  5. Do we have any tall and articulate conservative candidates who haven’t cheated on their wives? I think that leaves us Santorum, Paul and Romney. I haven’t heard about any affairs Bachmann or Huntsman have had. There have been rumors with Perry, but they haven’t made the MSM yet. But when we look at viable candidates, that keeps brining me back to Romney, even though, I know people might prefer someone else. Of course, people have brought up the eligibility question with Romney.

  6. Perhaps another part of the Obama/Malcom X puzzle is on display at:the Post&Mail website (with pics) this morning.

    Concerns Mr. Obama’s need to wear eyeglasses while he takes naps……now isn’t that strange!

    The article goes on to say after Malcom X was killed, his eyeglasses were never found at the murder scene. Perhaps the young white girl in the front row took them for a keepsake after Malcom was taken to the hospital.

    Malcom X always,always,always wore his glasses….but he was buried without them.

    Hummmmmmmm…could Mr. Obama be in possession of Malcom’s glasses passed on by his dear ole mommy….could Obama be putting them on during his naps and having….DREAMS OF MY FATHER?

    Only time will solve this mystery.

  7. Tony Rezko was on home confinement when Orlando Jones ‘committed suicide’ and he went to his home any way….Do you think Tony Rezko would risk jail time just to convey his condolences to his family??? Don’t forget Mayor Kwame Kilpatricks got Obama indorsement as well as Nadmi Auchi’s…

  8. RMINNC……………….
    I personally would rather think that Soetoro isn’t sleeping at all……rather he is wearing a pair of glasses, and having fantasies about things that occur from the REAR. It is sort of like the guy who wears womens’ panties kind of thing. If you can’t actually do it….. do next best. Kind of psychotic thoughts that cause him to orgasm. This is my view of Soetoro. CHRONIC LIAR,SEXUAL DEVIATE,CRIMINAL PERPETRATOR,USURPER.

  9. Isn’t it funny…..I actually believe Sinclair. I read his book!

  10. Old Salt….I too have a copy of Sinclair’s book….makes interesting reading doesn’t it? I have always held those views about ZERO.

  11. After reading Sinclair’s book “SEX,MURDER,AND LIES” I disposed of it as quickly as I could. I literally GAVE IT AWAY to get it OUT OF MY HOUSE.

  12. http://blogs.suntimes.com/blago/2011/11/rezko_blagojevich_told_me_to_b.html

    In a position paper asking a judge to free him from prison now, rather than have to do more time, Tony Rezko says that
    after spending 20 years in Chicago politics he was “shocked” by a request
    that came from Rod Blagojevich.

    “Mr. Rezko was shocked that Blagojevich explicitly directed him to work with Chris Kelly to find ways for
    Blagojevich, Monk, Kelly and Rezko to make money through state action,”
    Rezko’s lawyers wrote in a sentencing filing.

    It also says he didn’t trust Stuart Levine until someone called Rezko to back Levine: Bill Cellini.

    “Rezko knew Cellini was the ultimate insider during the 26 years of Republican administrations that preceded Blagojevich, and Rezko knew that Cellini had made tens if not hundreds of millions of dollars from state business during that time period. As the evidence at trial showed, Cellini was concerned about protecting his influence and the
    individuals he had placed on various state boards, so he proposed an “accommodation” to the
    new administration by which he agreed to raise campaign funds for Blagojevich in exchange for
    the governor’s agreement to protect the “status quo” by leaving board members loyal to Cellini
    in place,” lawyers wrote. “In short, Cellini had in place for years the apparatus that Blagojevich wanted Kelly and
    Rezko to build, and Levine was practically begging to maintain and even increase his thoroughly
    corrupt influence.”

    Rezko’s sentencing is scheduled for Nov. 22.

    Read more here: Rezko asks for time served.

  13. oldsalt & rminnc; I too read Larry Sinclairs book, I have it on my ipad…If it’s not true? Why hasn’t Obama’s people gone after him? sued him for slander? Really, he not only accuses him of being gay (which there’s nothing wrong with that) but with the deception, on his wife family and supporters, he also accuses him of drug use and the motive for murder….I know if someone wrote those things about me I would sue and I am NOT a litigious person…and for him to go out on a limb and describe in details his private parts….My only problem with Larry was his incredible memory for every detail…

  14. Pat1789; It sounds like Rezko is sending a message to Obama via the press…Could he have been interveiwed that many times without mentioning Obama’s name? THE feds had to have asked him about the Frawley vs. Weaver lawsuit where Frawley is deposed by Weavers lawyers where he speaks of “payments from Rezko to Obama” and the “$1.5 million dollar payment”??? Certianly the feds asked…Right?

  15. Hello. Did anyone hear Rush talk about Larry Sinclair and how media went after accuser?



    Paul Joseph Watson
    Prison Planet.com
    Friday, November 4, 2011


    “Barack Obama has told America’s allies that the United States will attack Iran before fall 2012 unless Tehran halts its nuclear program, a time frame that suggests Obama is willing to use war as a re-election campaign tool to rally the population around his leadership.

    A subscriber-only report by DebkaFile, the Israeli intelligence outfit which has been proven accurate in the past, reveals that shortly after the end of NATO operations in Libya at the start of this week, “President Barack Obama went on line to America’s senior allies, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Israel and Saudi Arabia, with notice of his plan to attack Iran no later than September-October 2012 – unless Tehran halted its nuclear weaponization programs.”

    According to the report, the window of opportunity for an attack before Iran moves the bulk of its nuclear processing underground is quickly evaporating.”

    Read More Here: http://www.prisonplanet.com/obama-tells-allies-u-s-will-attack-iran-by-fall-2012.html

    Some Comments Under This Article:

    “Matzo Man:
    November 4th, 2011 at 9:51 am

    This is Obama’s damn re-election strategy. He knows he won’t be booted if we are in a big war. Is he above starting one to keep his butt in office? Not from what I have read. He doesn’t give a s*t about us! We are cannon fodder to him.”

    * * * *

    November 4, 2011 at 8:56 am

    Just try it Obama. If you attack Iran, it will be the final nail in the coffin to your slim chances of being elected President again in 2012. American citizens have had enough of the bullshit war mongering. This will backfire on your sorry ass.”

    * * * *

    November 4th, 2011 at 8:59 am

    “after a terrorist receives the Nobel bribe prize and a fat pension of a quarter of a million a year plus full benefits, he no longer needs to be head terrorist in charge”

    * * * *

  17. Zach, I hope so.


    By Archy Cary
    February 15th, 2010

    Read More Here: http://bigjournalism.com/acary/2010/02/15/msm-ignores-the-chicago-way-corrupt-machine-that-spawned-obama-three-suicides/#more-24962

  19. “And, of course, Mr. Rezko was a friend, advisor, and early supporter of a young politician named Barack Obama,” lawyers wrote

    This is a direct quote from Natasha’s article today, it implyies that Rezko didn’t give the feds Obama…You would think after the July SunTimes article by Chris Fusco/Tim Novak about Frawley vs. Weaver they would have confronted him with the statements made by Frawley….The payments made by Rezko to Obama and the $1.5 million dollar payment from Rezko…Could the feds NOT have told Tony about this??? Could it be possible that his lawer Joe Duffey didn’t read about it???

  20. CW – Rush had a conservative black lady call who brought it up. Rush read from a harsh Politico piece and then basically said that just like all stories where the accused is a democrat (Clinton) they go after the accuser.

    I try to remember to check Rush’s site tomorrow to see if the transcript of the call is up.

  21. Philo-Publius

    The caller brought up Obama’s escapades with Larry Sinclair not being taken serious by the media. He lost the caller who was on a cell phone but said he remembered the media set out to destroy Larry rather than report the gay sex and drug use story. He later from a hit piece from the Politico which attacked Larry as a convicted felon and nut but no mention of the encounter with O.

  22. Philo-Publius

    That’s probably as far as Rush could go. He responded to caller, read from hit piece and said media goes after accuser if accused is a Democrat.

    I bet Larry’s site gets a bump in hits today.

  23. There seems to be many misunderstandeings of what exists. Over time here and there secrets will surface to show the truth. Personally I can offer a number of truths to help those interested to understand… Frankly I’ve been waiting a very long time as before most people wouldn’t comprrehend what is going on.
    As mentioned in many of my posts I was married into a family who became Drug Lords. Bruce Adreani is the remaining brother in the family that runs the family business of property development. his younger brother Ken died in 1997 mysteriously although some members of the family felt he was murdered. He was in his early 40’s and had a heart attack and died. Again, there was the typical girlfriend with him who was told to leave before the paramedics came. Ken was married and because of trouble between his wife and him, he moved into a Condo built by him and his family business. Although this doesn’t sound uncommon with separating, it is one of the basic schemes used by this criminal system to isolate you. Paring you up with a friend is step two followed by setting you for your death. Depending upon how well your death might be scrutenized their plan is designed to make sure they don’t get caught.
    oldsalt79 said: The Chicago MoB has struck again!
    My Answer: This isn’t the MOB although they are involved in various areas.
    Bessie said: Why hasn’t Obama’s people gone after him? sued him for slander?
    My Answer: Obama can’t! He knows the story is correct plus any action would bring attention to the story. Look at me… I’ve been talking about these things openly for years and no one has ever come after me! NO ONE! They can’t either because it’s all true! If you read my posts you’ll notice I talk about many things including a White House Coup, this is true as well.
    Bessie said: Nadmi Auchi:
    My Answer: Everyone in the criminal world is scared of this guy. Including Bruce Adreani and the rest of the Adreani family. This guy does everything he can to eliminate his problems. Murder to him is simple and all it takes if money to make it happen.

    What everyone needs to know is there is a huge ARMY of criminals working to protect the Drug system. The drug system includes the Banks Drug Lords and many others. The Drug Lords in the Midwest are The Adreani Family (Bruce & Ray Adreani) and Louis Chinon (McHenry Il). These two control more than 80 Billion in drugs. They also assisted the CIA Agents and Operatives in setting up a massive laundering system using the Hospitality Industry.
    Some of the biggest names are involved. How else can anyone launder Billions of dollars of drug money?
    So where are these ARMIES of people? They live all around us. Where I live in Northbrook, we live in a modest average sized home in a small subdivision that is incorporated. There is quick access to the 294tollway and it’s normally quiet. That is until these crumbags moved in. They use drug money and money paid by the Drug Lords to do their dirty work. Thus far they just about destroyed my home. Electrical mysteries, ongoing pluymbing problems extending to the outside requiring new piping, car damage mounting to more than $9,000 and much more. Now they are going after my friend with stopp;ing up her plumbing. Already I’ve seen police visiting some of the neighbors who are involved. Same is happening around where I live and I have pictures here too. One even had a 911 call and the car visiting is known to be one of the CAI Agents. Who frequent my home area. I have pictures to prove it.
    Where I live are a few who are thought to have been involved in murder and assassinations namely the assassination of the Black Cop who was protecting Daley a few years ago.
    They like to set up car accidents. They do everything they can to make their work look like an accident. Their goal is to NOT draw attention on to themselves so everything is made to look like you did it to yourself.
    They posse’s very high skills in anything involving computers and electronics, this now widens who is involved because it includes people like Comcast! What you don’t know is that the Comcast boxes have by design cameras and microphones with capability of picking up whispers at more than 50feet. Plus technically these boxes are able to talk to RFID devices. Micro-snooping is possible without you ever knowing what is happening to you. This is how they plan your doom and they are getting paid for doing this!
    I’ll include in future posts the names, addresses and locations of some of the drug army people.

    Marty Didier
    Federal Whistleblower since 1998

  24. Rush Caller talks about double-standard of media regarding Cain – raises Larry Sinclair allegations
    Friday, November 04, 2011 3:51:09 PM · by ZachJones
    Rush Limbaugh Show ^ | November 4, 2011 | Zach Jones
    ..CALLER: Listen, I’m a black conservative, and I just want to make one thing abundantly clear: The media can attempt to paint you any way they want to, but there are no bigger racists in this country than white Democratic liberals. They are and they will forever be the biggest racists in this nation because they seek to determine how black people should think and who black people should support, and the reason for their contempt against Herman Cain is that he has simply said, “I’m an independent thinker. I don’t need to stay on the Democratic plantation in order…



    “Republican lawmakers and conservative activists are expressing outrage after the Obama administration announced its objection to adding President Franklin Roosevelt’s D-Day prayer to the World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C.

    The objection was noted during a congressional hearing on Rep. Bill Johnson’s (R-OH) bill – the “World War II Memorial Prayer Act of 2011.”


    “Johnson told Fox News that the administration’s objection should “give all Americans a great deal of concern.”

    “For there to be objections to demonstrating a faith in God at critical points in our nation’s history – particularly D-Day – boggles my mind,” Johnson said. “I was very surprised they were going to object.”

    Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council said it’s not all that surprising.

    “This is further evidence that the administration has created an environment that is hostile towards American history – but in particular towards Christianity,” Perkins told Fox News. “I hope America wakes up and realizes what this administration is doing to this country and how they want to radically and fundamentally change America.”

    “They want to erase every aspect of America’s heritage,” Perkins said of Obama’s administration. “any president, any official in history that has embraced Christianity, is no longer welcome in this administration. That’s the environment they are creating.”

    Johnson’s bill, which had bipartisan support, is expected to pass a committee vote and he anticipates the full House will support the legislation.”

    Read More Here: http://radio.foxnews.com/toddstarnes/daily-dispatch/obama-admin-opposes-prayer-at-wwii-memorial.html

  26. ~~ IT’S SUPERNATURAL – Clips ~~


    * * * *


    Katie Pavlich
    November 2, 2011


    “I sat down with Sheriff Babeu in September when he warned of this very situation, noting that guns will be recovered at violent crime scenes for years to come.

    “It’s not going to end, there are at least 1500 guns out there and we have no clue where they are,” Babeu said.

    While Sheriff Babeu and his deputies are doing their best to fight these cartels with limited resources, the Obama Justice Department has been arming the enemy with weapons Babeu’s deputies don’t even have.

    “Outrage and betrayal. This has never happened before in the history of our country. We may have given armaments and weapons to our allies who may have later become our enemy, but we’ve never given them directly to our enemy,” Babeu said when asked about his initial reaction to Operation Fast and Furious.

    “These are the most violent criminals in North America and we facilitated and gave weapons, weapons that my deputies don’t even have, to these cartels,” he said. “It’s more than insane, it is horrific to think that our own government did this.”

    Read More Here: http://townhall.com/tipsheet/katiepavlich/2011/11/02/more_guns_provided_through_fast_and_furious_found_in_arizona_raid


    Video Interview With Ron Paul: Ron Paul talks about what Ben Bernanke is doing wrong and why all of Bernanke’s policies are failures. Paul says that
    Bernanke’s and the Federal Reserve’s financial policies are conducted and performed in secret and without any USA American citizen’s oversight and this is illegal, unconstitutional, and evil.

    More Here:

    * * * *

    * * * *

    The Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, Ben Bernanke’s and the Federal Reserve’s terrible mismanagement of the monetary and fiscal currency in the USA and international currency is being conducted in an obviously manipulated by design effort to bringa bout a deliberate collapse of the gold standard of the USA dollar in a deliberate, manipulated collapse of the monetary systems of the world – by design – to bring about a transformation in the USA and in the entire world – a one world currency, and a new world order – and a one world government.

    “The soundness of a nation’s currency is essential to the soundness of its economy. And to uphold our currency’s soundness, it must be recognized and honored as legal tender and counterfeiting must be effectively thwarted,” Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan said at a ceremony unveiling the $20 bill’s new design. Prior to the current design, the most recent redesign of the U.S. dollar bill was in 1996.

    * Bernanke is performing and doing the exact opposite of what he should be doing.
    * Bernanke needs to quit and throw in the towel and admit that his ideas are not working.


    * * * *


    Guy Benson
    Political Editor


    Obama’s Green Giveaway

    Read More Here:

    * * * *


    Erika Johnsen
    November 3, 2011


    “While Congress continues to stew over the economic and financial malpractice of the Chinese Communist Party and what to do about it, the U.S. has released an intelligenc report that accuses the Chinese of being the world’s “most active and persistent” perpetrators of economic espionage, and grouped China with Russia as “the most aggressive collectors” of the United States’ information and technology. The WSJ breaks it down:”

    Read More Here: http://townhall.com/tipsheet/erikajohnsen/2011/11/03/economic_espionage_on_steroids

    * * * *


    By Michelle Malkin
    November 3, 2011


    “President Obama couldn’t wait to trample over the legislative process again. This week, he issued his 98th executive order on an irresistibly exploitatable policy issue: prescription drug shortages. Soon, “One a Day” won’t just be a multivitamin. It’ll be the rate of White House administrative fiats.”

    Read More Here:

    * * * *

  29. Obama’s Green Giveaway

  30. Frankly I think the reason Rush was so up on the Sinclair story and how it was handled – remembering name and all – is because Sinclair’s video has been out there again and folks have been sending the story again to Rush….I know I did. He only needed the opportunity to mention it – coming other than from himself. It has more traction now with the Cain treatment in the news. BTW, Cain’s accuser’s lawyer is saying the accuser, even with permission to give her side, is still not going public, her name won’t be given and all her statements will come via the lawyer’s statements. So, since there are no real witnesses she/lawyer can say anything, exaggerate or embellish to their side’s delight.

  31. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    Marty Didier | November 4, 2011 at 3:40 pm |

    “What everyone needs to know is there is a huge ARMY of criminals working to protect the Drug system. The drug system includes the Banks Drug Lords and many others. The Drug Lords in the Midwest are The Adreani Family (Bruce & Ray Adreani) and Louis Chinon (McHenry Il). These two control more than 80 Billion in drugs. They also assisted the CIA Agents and Operatives in setting up a massive laundering system using the Hospitality Industry.”

    If this statement by MD is true, then By God our military must be ready to react. We can’t depend on our politicians.
    General Petreus – Call your office.

  32. Mr. Bill(ms. helga) said: “If this statement by MD is true, then By God our military must be ready to react. We can’t depend on our politicians.
    General Petreus – Call your office.”

    My Reply: We’re now getting into areas that are deeper and may be difficult to believe unfortunately. However our US history has examples and more recently articles to prove, in part of what I’ll talk about….

    The bigger picture to grasp now is that we have been for some time in the midst of a White House Coup. The Coup may have been put to a stop but realizing what this is helps understand what is happening to us. This isn’t the first time the US has been under attack from the inside involving a Coup. Our Government though from by design with how the Founders laid out our system of Government makes establishing a Coup difficult but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. In all cases, with enough money, influence and determination attacks will be expected. But there is so much money required along with influence that grasping the scope of what this is may be out of reach for most of us. The truth is it’s really there and if we learn enough about the pieces we’ll be able to see it for what it is.

    Read about General Smedely Butler in The Business Plot! Although this never made it to expose and find justice for the Traitors and it ended up being called a Conspiracy, the fact is it was a real effort to take over the country. Today, the family members of General Butler feel he was murdered while in the hospital and that may be as real as it gets. How I know this is because I traveled out east to meet up with his descendants. I have a picture if you’re interested.

    It’s recommended to expand your reading to understand the times we were in and Hitler’s intent to start organizations of Brown Shirts here in the US. Also if you’ve done a good job reading you should start understanding that the big banks were involved back then, Rothschild’s and others including the Bush family.

    A nurse taking care of my mother was from the Philippines and told me Coups happened all the time while she was growing up. Governments elected by the people are always under attack by power groups wanting control especially if the power groups are supported by the CIA. Look at what happed during “The Dirty War of Argentina”! When you do, realize that Ray and Bruce Adreani were laundering money for the General who ran the Coup! This was in the later 70’s while I was married. The CIA was directly involved!

    More recent investigative articles about the Pentagon’s involvement in the drug system can be searched. The incidents were about what was happening at the Mexican border involving the CIA, Drug Cartels, Big Banks and the Pentagon. Realize that “Fast and Furious” involving Holder is part of setting of issues for the Drug system.

    Why the drug system? What is so important about the Drug System? How much more than drugs is involved?

    Answer: The drug system FUNDS the efforts of the WH COUP. There are only two world commodities, OIL and DRUGS. OIL is legitimately traded with most everything above board, while DRUGS are completely under everyone’s radar. I mentioned a few other crimes involving huge criminal networks in other posts.

    Going back to The Business Plot – The WH Coup group tried to get Smedely to join the Coup movement and bring in the Military to take over the White House. They failed back then but today they have already part of the Military involved. This is in a state of change thank God but you’ll see that many loyalists who have blown the whistle have suffered consequences for doing so. Again, there are many articles scattered throughout the news going back more than a dozen years to explain that something more than fishy is going on.

    Sadly General Petreus is directly linked to the group of Traitors……

    For me knowing the inner workings of the Coup movement from being married, seeing the truth isn’t difficult and actually the view from the top down explains everything in a simple way. Seeing it from the bottom up has to be most difficult.

    Will there be justice? Yes I certainly believe so. Watch my Youtube video and be on the watch for additional parts. Right now I’m up to my eyeballs with important projects but soon they will be released.

    Marty Didier
    Federal Whistleblower since 1998

  33. Just remember 911 was an inside job. Bruce and Ray Adreani knew many of the people involved. Family members while married were told many facts about the up coming 911 attack in 1996. Remember Ray and Bruce Adreani are Drug Lords and if you read the nes article about their crashed plane it will explain even more! Clyde O’Connor is Bruce’s wife’s brother. I met Clyde when the O’Connor’s came over to my house in the early 90’s just after Clyde was discharged from the Air Force! Bruce and Clyde, right in front of me, openly discussed starting the Drug distribution business (news article with crashed plane) and went to Obama while he worked as a lawyer to have him draw up papers in setting up the Corporation. Obama may still be the Corporations Agent! Obama has been found to have more than 130 properties in suspicious Social Security numbers as found by Dr Orly Taits. Besides distributing drugs internationally, they also distributed human body parts, stolen children, secret prisioners (Rendition), blackmarket nuclear materials and much more.

    Marty Didier
    Federal Whistleblower since 1998

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