Obama corruption tie Christopher Kelly death, Some day the whole truth will come out, Donald Young, Murder and suicide?, Dead men speak

Obama corruption tie Christopher Kelly death, Some day the whole truth will come out, Donald Young, Murder and suicide?, Dead men speak

“Some day, the whole truth will come out.”…Christopher Kelly, 4 days before his death

Two men with ties to Obama’s past are dead. Yet their voices and deeds can still be heard. We will not let their deaths go unnoticed, forgotten.

Donald Young, the choirmaster at TUCC, Obama’s church, was murdered in December 2007. Young had knowledge of Obama’s drug use and gay sex activities.

Christopher Kelly, whose name was mentioned over 140 times in the Blagojevich Evidentiary Proffer, conveniently died in 2009. His death, under very suspicious circumstances, was investigated as a homicide but ruled a suicide. Kelly was in the thick of Chicago corruption with Obama’s buddies Rezko, Levine, et al.

Four days before Christopher Kelly’s death, he stated the following:

“Some day, the whole truth will come out.”

I agree. Slowly but surely I believe that the truth is coming out. I will do my best to assist.
From Chicago Breaking News September 13, 2009.

“Police plan on Monday to go over security surveillance cameras at the
Oak Forest hospital to see who showed up after Kelly, partially in
hopes of identifying a white-haired man who tried to drive away in
Kelly’s car before hospital police stopped him.

The man left without an explanation, Welch said.

“That’s [Kelly’s] best friend, that’s all we know right now,” Welch
said, adding police also will target the text messages allegedly sent
by Kelly to Flores-Buhelos. “We have to get a court order to get that
stuff, and we will get that.””


From Chicago Breaking News November 23, 2009

“New details about Christopher Kelly emerge”

“As Christopher Kelly was being treated for a fatal overdose, the
political fundraiser who was being pressured to testify against
ex-Gov. Rod Blagojevich confided to his girlfriend to “tell them they

“It’s my life,” Kelly told Clarissa Flores-Buhelos, according to a
police report released today to the Tribune. “Tell them they won, tell
them they won.”

The report does not specify to whom Kelly was referring. It was one of
several new details contained in the 47-page police report released by
Country Club Hills, where Kelly took numerous pills before his Sept.
12 death that authorities have ruled a suicide.”


From Citizen Wells May 1, 2010.

“Dead men don’t talk or do they?

Three deaths.
Christopher Kelly  ( Suicide ?? )
John Stroger       ( Stroke complications )
Orlando Jones      ( Suicide ?? )
All three with connections to Rod Blagojevich and Barack Obama.”

“Six months before Obama bought the strip of land from Rezko’s “wife”
to enlarge his yard, on August 28, 2005, Natasha Korecki reported in
the Sun-Times that, “there’s so much corruption to investigate in the
Chicago area, the FBI is adding manpower.”

Robert Grant, FBI Special Agent in Charge, told the Times that he had
reorganized the bureau to add a third public corruption squad, giving
Chicago the largest corruption unit in the country, even bigger than
those in New York and Los Angeles.”
“The “fashion show” was chaired by Rita Rezko, co-chaired by the
Governor’s wife, Patti Blagojevich, and Michelle Obama was a special
guest that day, according to Merriner.

Two weeks after the “fashion show,” on November 17, 2006, the
Sun-Times reported that Blagojevich’s wife Patti got nearly $50,000
from a real estate deal in late 2002 involving Rezko.

In terms of dollar amounts of campaign contributions directly from
Rezko in Illinois, the top four earners were, the now deceased
President of the Cook County Board, John Stroger, Blagojevich, Chicago
Mayor, Richard Daley, and Obama — in that order.

Rezko was the head of Stroger’s campaign finance committee at the same
time that he served on Obama US Senate finance committee.

When it came time for Stroger’s reelection campaign, in the midst of
the erupting Rezko scandals in the media, on April 8, 2005, the
Tribune reported that Stroger “has selected beleaguered businessman
and political powerbroker Antoin “Tony” Rezko as one of the honorary
chairs of his campaign fundraiser next month.”

Stroger appointed Rezko’s wife Rita to the Cook County Employee
Appeals Board, which hears cases filed by fired or disciplined
workers, at a part-time salary of $37,000 a year.

According to documents filed in the Rezko corruption case, this was
Rita’s sole income when she supposedly came up with a $125,000 down
payment and secured a $500,000 mortgage to buy the $625,00 lot next to
Obama. Less than a year after Obama bought his strip of land, Rita
sold the rest of the lot to attorney Michael Sreenan, and made a
profit of more than $50,000.

On February 27, 2007, the Sun-Times pointed out that Obama’s “new
neighbor, Michael Sreenan,” had contributed $5,000 to Obama’s
campaigns. Less than a year after buying the lot, Sreenan put it up
for sale for $1.5 million in October 2007.

Of course John Stroger will not be answering any questions about
corruption, or any other matter, because he died on January 18, 2008.
His former chief of staff and godson, Orlando Jones, will not be
talking either because he was found dead of self-inflicted gun wounds
in September 2007, “just as a corruption inquiry targeting him was
heating up,” according to a September 7, 2007 report by CBS News
channel 2 Chicago.”


28 responses to “Obama corruption tie Christopher Kelly death, Some day the whole truth will come out, Donald Young, Murder and suicide?, Dead men speak

  1. Isn’t it funny how people associated with Obama keep turning up dead.

    Obama must have read Bill Clinton’s play book.

    Mr.Clinton had that same problem in the state he came from.

    Do you think it might just be a problem associated with the democratic party, because I have not heard of dead bodies floating around when Bush or Reagan was in office.

  2. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    The Clinton Legacy


    Memorize this.

  3. Nice work Mr. Bill….and William Jefferson Clinton wants us to call him MR. CLEAN……

    Clinton was a joke just like the one we have in office now…but I do think the one we have as acting president is more dangerous….he wants to bring America down….

    Clinton was more interested in molesting every woman he came in contact with and protecting brother Roger’s drug business.

  4. Whistleblower

    On the subject of Obama related suicides, this is a good read.

    MSM Ignores ‘The Chicago Way,’ Corrupt Machine That Spawned Obama, Three Suicides


  5. Men of power will do anything to retain power

  6. I’ve been pretty quiet on this whole Herman Cain story because I was initially demoralized. After much consideration, reading and listening to the opinion of Mark Levine….this whole thing against Cain is a bunch of horse hooey. There is no way that the press should have gone this far with this story. Cain was ambushed and as he was not party to the settlement, he had no idea as to the specifics. Cain wasn’t privy to the agreement made by the insurance company,

  7. Sorry..computer messed up…he may not have initially handled it correctly, but he handled it like a human being. He’s not a political “pro” and that’s what I like about him. Does he have some shortcomings? Sure, they all do. But I’m sticking by Cain. The media are going to end up looking stupid on this if it doesn’t get into specific details with who the people are and releasing the agreement. Which it won’t. There is no way that Politico would have run with this story if it were a Democrat.



  9. Thanks, Gordo, for yet another great link!
    After reading the way these political advisors travel around from one campaign to another, I can see how that neither of the principals, Romney or Perry, would necessarily know what their underlings are doing behind the scenes. No wonder “politics” is so often called dirty.

    I can tell by the way Rove and other talking heads have responded, that Cain is out of their loop and they frankly don’t like him. Isn’t Politico an arm of WaPo?

  10. Agreed, Paxton. If there are no specifics, Cain will survive this even stronger. I don’t like smear jobs on candidates unless there is something there that is an issue.

  11. Sorry, paxson, for the typo. Hit send too fast.

  12. Tina. Levine specifically mentioned that article. It doesn’t say anything. Go back and read it, the “sources” don’t know squat about anything that happened. If anything happened. People are destroying Cain on innuendo.

  13. Tina. Did you even read it and think critically about the article before posting it and saying that it provided specifics? They admit in the article about not knowing any details.

  14. Paxson, I read the article and came to the same conclusion you did. How this can be hashed and rehashed by those who are just dying to neutralize Cain is something else. It is really getting sickening.

    I heard Jay Sekulow of ACLJ say tonight that the best thing Cain could do would be to call a news conference soon and answer all the questions, and he probably should apologize if he ever offended anyone. Then call it quits as far any more questioning and move on with the campaign.

  15. P.S. These people just love to get the mileage out of this in order to detract Cain and take him off message.

  16. Paxson and Cabby.

    Rush practically read the entire article during his last hour today. The best part was the many retractions at the end, where basically all the assertions were taken back.

    I think that Cain can weather this!

  17. Why should Cain be expected to apologise to anybody for something which has ALREADY been settled. The time for apologies was at the settlement about 12 years past. In our so called politically correct society all anybody has to do to get a sexual harrassment charge against them is say to a female “Hello, how are you?”, and some MORON females see this as some sort of sexual harrassment. This sort of tells the mental state of some of the female occupants of our society. Remember these are the same type of females who voted for SLICK WILLY because they thought he had “NICE BUNS”. A total squander of their voting privilege. I guess what I am saying is that if this sort of rationalising that our younger college grads uses today,then God help us when they arrive in senior positions in the political arena. Probably we would be seeing multiple examples of MMMMSSSS. BOXER, MMMSSS.PELOSI,MMMSSS. Feinstein, etc. Allof whom are California NUT CASES.

  18. People who attempt to discredit a candidate, are usually the opposing camp. Today it seems to be ANYBODY who simply dislikes the candidate, and feel as though they must do anything they can to destroy his credability. This sort of practice drives me to support my candidate even more tenaciously. So in reality all those sort of people do is SHOVEL MANURE AGAINST THE INCOMING TIDE.

  19. Yeah, the Pajamas article ended up with a lot of retractions so the conclusion has to be that there were not reliable witnesses for any incidents and if specifically challenged any of the now gossips about things from two decades ago none would be believable to thinking individuals. With no witnesses, and allowed to “give their side” these folks can embellish things all they want and it will only be their word against his….unfortunately the PC rules will always make him look bad if he merely appears strong rather than whimpy….because he’s the accused.

    I believe the lawyer for the complaintant has stated that even if given permission to give her side his client doesn’t want to come forward publicly and will only give statements via him.

  20. Unless somebody can PROVE with original documents that Cain has either DELIBERATELY lied or is corrupted, he will emerge much stronger than before the fact. His funding is now going leaps and bounds,as are his contributions. Good for Cain. So far he is about the only one who has been able to keep his story even halfway straight after he was verbally attacked by the MORON LEFT.

  21. Why in heaven’s name is everyone (the media and politicians) getting their feathers all ruffled over something that NO ONE KNOWS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED.

    Mr. Cain has been ambushed, but it appears to be backfiring.

    In the first place, all we know is someone (s) is now complaining about something (s) that happened 12 years ago. We don’t know who that someone (s) is, nor do we know exactly what they are complaining about.

    All we know is supposedly Herman Cain sexually harassed someone (s) but we do not know the details. Before the libs/lezs, politicians, and hacks get their panties in a wad over nothing, the following should be published to the public.

    1. Name(s) of accusor (s).
    2. Specific details of the alleged sexual harassment (s).
    3. Dates/places/ and witnesses to the alleged crime (s).

    If the above information CAN NOT, or WILL NOT be provided to the public at large, then I think everyone (especially the main stream media) should get their panties in order, apologize to Mr. Caine, and get off the man’s back.

    There are a hell of a lot more important things in this country to talk about that are now going under the radar because of this silly distraction

    But we all know that won’t happen. The main steam media has to protect ZERO and all the harmful things he is doing IN OPEN PUBLIC. The only way they can do that is CREATE a distraction. TAG, MR. CAIN, YOUR IT.

    Personally, I stopped buying “pigs in a poke” a long time ago,….The same time I tuned OUT the main stream media.

    If it wasn’t for Sunday Night Football, I would junk my 55″ wide screen HD television. On second thought, I better not do that, the wife would put me in the dog-house, and pork/ beans three times a day isn’t a very good diet.

    So, I think Herman had it right……..It’s just a modern day witch hunt. Full of “sound and fury, signifying nothing”!

    Let’s talk about a REAL LIVE HUMAN PROBLEM………..OBAMA or MALCOM Jr., or whatever his name is.

  22. It is a really sad state of human behavior when they feel that they MUST LIE, or dream up some sort of fantasy in their so obvious sneak attempts to discredit Cain. If that is all the better they can do they would be smart to hang up the jock now, before their impaired little minds get them in some real trouble

  23. Who even gives a damn what the enemy’s name is…..if he is attacking we act instantly to repel the attack,and then destroy the attacking force via offensive action of our own, over and over,until he either surrenders,or is completely eradicated. That is what WINS wars. There is no referee who blows a whistle to take time out while a captured enemy combatant is read his HABEAS CORPUS RIGHTS. If you are unlucky you receive a bullet,and if you are lucky you live to tell about dispatching the enemy. My Indiana National Guard DI was one of the latter. He walked nearly all the way to Berlin from Normandy, and lived to talk about it,and all I do is pass along what I learned from him. He was also among those who was bottled up at Bastogne, who Patton along with air support finally freed.

  24. RMINNC……………
    I am with you in criticising all of the crap which so many people are getting all lathered up over,yet NOBODY has a copy of the AGREED and SIGNED DOCUMENTATION which accompanied the settlements. If either of the people who signed the agreements divulge any of the contents they can be SUED BIG TIME, and probably would be sued by National Restaurant Association. The signing of that instrument was simply a protective move by them. Today it is doing what it was intended to do.

  25. Thanks to the ABUSIVE EPA,and all the energy czars, we have watched as our electric bills doubled,even though most consumers have taken measures to use less electric power. In my state there is both state regulated and unregulated natural gas suppliers. We have watched as the bills for people who again have taken measures to use less gas have doubled as well. Seniors and retired people who are on fixed income,are really being squeezed by the suppliers. Some are now forced to request FOOD STAMPS. Things are not getting better as Soetoro promised his constituents……..that is why he is going to join the PEANUT FARMER, as a one time potus. Even the POTUS status could evaporate soon. Who knows Arpiao might decide to take the investigation as far as he can. But once again he will be stymied because there are NO Federal judges who will accept the case. They are on Soetoro’s payrole.

  26. Philo-Publius

    Listening to Rush today and a caller brought up Obama’s escapades with Larry Sinclair not being taken serious by the media. He lost the caller who was on a cell phone but said he remembered the media set out to destroy Larry rather than report the gay sex and drug use story.

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