Chris Wallace Darrell Issa interview, Operation Fast and Furious, Solyndra, Attorney General Eric Holder congressional investigation

Chris Wallace Darrell Issa interview, Operation Fast and Furious, Solyndra, Attorney General Eric Holder congressional investigation

From Fox News October 9, 2011.

“Darrell Issa Talks Fast and Furious Fallout”

“The following is a rush transcript of the October 9, 2011, edition of “Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace.” This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.”

“CHRIS WALLACE, HOST: I’m Chris Wallace.

Congressional Republicans are demanding answers from Attorney General Eric Holder about a federal gun running sting gone wrong.
With “Operation Fast and Furious” in the crosshairs of investigators, what’s the fall for the Obama administration? We’ll ask the head of the House Government Oversight Committee, Darrell Issa — only on “Fox News Sunday.”

And then Chris Christie and Sarah Palin take a pass on the presidential run. Is the time right for another candidate to make a move? We’ll speak with a contender looking to fill the void, former Senator Rick Santorum.

Plus, the “Occupy Wall Street” protests gain momentum, spreading across the country. We’ll ask our Sunday panel if the new movement is the left’s answer to the Tea Party.

And our power player of the week — a pro-football veteran tackles an issue of life and death.

All right now on “Fox News Sunday”.

And hello again from Fox News in Washington.

The Obama administration is now being rocked by two scandals — “Operation Fast and Furious” and the awarding of a half billion dollar loan guarantee to Solyndra, a solar panel company that went bankrupt.

Our first guest is at the center of both investigation, Darrell Issa, chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

Congressman, welcome back to “Fox News Sunday.”

REP. DARRELL ISSA, R-CALIF.: Well, thanks for having me on and covering two of the issues that are causing Americans to lose confidence in their government.

WALLACE: OK. Let’s start with “Fast and Furious” in which ATF agents allowed more than 2,000 weapons to be sold illegally to cross the border. They were going to try to track them to catch drug traffickers. They lost track of a number of them. Hundreds ended up with the Mexican drug cartel and two of them ended up at the murder scene of a U.S. border patrol agent.

I want to take you back to May when you had this now famous exchange with Attorney General Eric Holder. Here it is.


ISSA: When did you first know about the program officially, I believe, called “Fast and Furious”? To the best of your knowledge, what date?

ERIC HOLDER, U.S. ATTORNEY GENERAL: I am not sure about the exact date. But I probably heard about “Fast and Furious” for the first time over the last few weeks.
WALLACE: Congressman, I understand that you are going to issue a new set of subpoenas to the attorney general this week. About what?

ISSA: About “Fast and Furious” and basically, at this point, about why are they denying knowing about something that they were briefed on? Exactly when the American people want to know how did it happen? Understand, we didn’t start off going after the attorney general or Lanny Breuer or anyone else in justice. We started off knowing that Brian Terry was dead, that a lot of —

WALLACE: The U.S. border patrol agent.

ISSA: The U.S. border patrol agent. And that a lot of weapons have been let to walk.

After that, we started being told things like by the Justice Department designated official that we never let weapons walk.

Now, we have literally e-mails in which they are concerned about so many walking and you said something and I don’t mean to correct you — but to expand. We didn’t just have a few not be tracked. The whole program was about not tracking them until they were found in the scene of crimes. And they didn’t just allow. They facilitated just one guy buy, one straw buy, over 700 weapons.

WALLACE: So, specifically, what are your subpoenas about?

ISSA: We want to know what and when they knew it. But more importantly, we have to understand — at what level of the authorization really come? It wasn’t an ATF operation. They were part of that. It was a joint operation in which DEA knew more than ATF.

WALLACE: Drug Enforcement Administration. ATF, Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

ISSA: And, of course, these are all parts of the Department of Justice. And as we are beginning to see, and we’re not talking about Eric Holder at this moment, but the people in the top of justice were well-briefed, knew about it, and seemed to be the command and control and funding for this program. And any law enforcement person who’s ever been asked under oath or not under oath comes back and says this wasn’t the right way to do it.

Well, when did they know it wasn’t the right way to do it and why do they keep doing it?

WALLACE: Are you going to subpoena the attorney general to testify again?

ISSA: The Judiciary Committee in which I also served, that’s where that actual question got asked, is — has invited him to come and clear the record, because, clearly, he knew when he said he didn’t. Now, the question is, what did he know and how is he explaining why he gave that answer?

WALLACE: OK. The attorney general sent you a letter Friday afternoon, along with other top officials in both the House and the Senate.

I want to go through some of this push back. He acknowledges that several memos, and here you can see them heavily redacted —

ISSA: This is the way we usually get this, Chris.

WALLACE: — on these dates were sent to his office as much as 10 months earlier, not the few weeks before he testified in May of 2011. But he says — and I want to put up his comments from his letter, “I do not and cannot read them cover to cover. Here, no issues concerning ‘Fast and Furious’ were brought to my attention because the information presented in the report did not suggest a problem.

He’s saying I didn’t know about this program and I certainly didn’t know that we were letting guns walk.

ISSA: Well, I’ll take him at his word, but let’s go back. He answered before Judiciary Committee, myself, Jason Chaffetz, and others, that he didn’t know about it until two weeks earlier. That’s just disingenuous on its face.

Very clearly, he had to know when Brian Terry was killed and everyone realized these were “Fast and Furious” weapons, he had to know something serious had happened and that’s months before he says he knew. Now, if we assume for a moment he didn’t know, the question is, is he competent? If, in fact, a border patrol agent has been murdered, 2,000 weapons have gone, this program has completely gone off of the rails, why didn’t he know? And that’s probably a more important question for the chief law enforcement. If Lanny Breuer knew, why didn’t Eric Holder?

WALLACE: And Larry Breuer, one of his top —
ISSA: One of this top aides who is very involved much earlier on and works in the same office.

WALLACE: OK, Holder points out that top officials briefed you in April of 2010, just around the time that he was first hearing of all of this. He writes and let’s put it up, “I’m aware that Chairman Issa has said that he was not briefed on the unacceptable details of ‘Fast and Furious.'” In other words, the fact they were letting the guns walked.
Two questions, one: is that true? Were you brief and not told? And second, if it is true, how do you know that he was also not told?

ISSA: The interesting thing is he’s quoting a story that he planted, that justice shopped around to the newspaper. But having said that, I’ll answer it.

We were looking into the drug problems, we asked for a briefing. We got a briefing, including Kenneth Melson. We —


ISSA: Of ATF, one of the people that knew about the program but didn’t all the other things that he ultimately read in a still sealed wiretap. That when he read the wiretap and understood how much they knew that this was deliberately letting bad guns go to the drug cartel, he became sick to his stomach. So yes.

WALLACE: But my question is — all right. So, you are saying you were not told about “Fast and Furious” and the gun walking. So, how do you know that he wasn’t told?

ISSA: Well, first of all, it was concealed from us by the Justice Department. That briefing, they were not allowed to know what Kenneth Melson later knew and made him sick to his stomach. Let’s understand, ATF is running an operation. They’re being told guns aren’t getting to the bad guys. Ultimately, the whistleblower came forward, when he realized, of course, guns are getting to the bad guys.

This investigation is not about an operation that was supposed to trace guns. This is about Justice Department knowing and this is where the American people have a right to know more, knowing that these guns were deliberately intended to end up in the hands of the drug cartels without any kind of traceability except if you find a gun in the scene of the crime. That is the reason that it is felony and stupid — and I use the word “felony” deliberately — program.

This should be criminal to let criminals have thousands of deadly weapons.

WALLACE: I have to point out, because Holder does in his letter, the Bush administration had a similar operation called “Operation Wide Receiver” that also, he says, let guns walk?

ISSA: Well, first of all, Eric Holder came in wanting to indict people from that administration. So, I think his standard of the — well, other administration did it, too, is not so good.

But understand, from what we discover from “Wide Receiver” and those, by the way, we have subpoenas for those and those documents have not been delivered. Very few weapons, very, very well-traced — overhead, observation and so on.

What you would think would happen if you let a weapon start to move, you trace it at every step. This was one where they let the weapons go and never looked until they showed up in the scene of Brian Terry’s murder.

WALLACE: Some of your Republican colleagues have called for a special prosecutor to look into Holder’s involvement. Some have called on Holder to resign.

Do you join either of those?

ISSA: Well, I’ve always taken the tack that the president picks the people he has full confidence, and the president still seems to have full confidence in Eric Holder — something I don’t share. When it comes to a special prosecutor, Eric Holder cannot investigate himself. Congress is well along the way of investigating this operation to find out what went wrong, who knew it and what we have to do in the future to make sure it can’t happen again.

If there’s a special prosecutor to look at the narrow issue of top officials who — and they beat political appointees, that’s a separate issue. Our investigation, along with Senator Grassley has to get to the bottom of this sooner, not later, because the American people and people in Mexico don’t trust their government right now.

WALLACE: Let’s turn to the other scandal, Solyndra. The Obama administration had a document dump late Friday, hundreds of pages of e-mails late in Friday afternoon.

ISSA: I don’t know what is about Fridays.

WALLACE: I mean, it’s — all administrations do it, to be fair.

ISSA: Fair.

WALLACE: Overview, before we get into a couple of specifics. What’s your take away from the document dump?

ISSA: Well, they are trying to bury it into the weekend. But just as the document dump a week earlier gave us the Eric Holder situation, what we are finding it is not just Solyndra. It’s a pattern of these sorts of investments. You know, understand, in the last day that the law was there, $4.75 billion was thrown into loans. And one of the questions we have for Secretary Chu is, tell us why that last day, somehow, you had everything you needed and you didn’t have it over a period of time before?

The American people have a right to know on the rare occasions in which their money is used to invest in private operations, if you will, take bets on capitalism, that is very well vetted, very well thought out and without political interference.

Solyndra is a story of political interference, picking winners and losers. It’s salacious because, quite frankly, there were a lot of people giving to President Obama’s campaign.”

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  1. Whistleblower

    Lets not forget what made it all possible.

    They picked Chicago as their headquarters for a reason.
    U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald has been protecting all of them ! See for yourself.

  2. of interest / worth watching

    Moveon and Occupy need to Move on EXPOSED!

  3. Issa seems to be tip toeing around this thing.
    Crimes were committed, peopel died, who is responsible?
    Why are they not being questioned by the FBI?

  4. people

  5. “I am back home from attending the Values Voter Summit in Washington DC”

    CDR Kerchner:

    “… One thing I can say for sure, all the rank and file people that we talked to attending the event were very much aware of the Obama ineligibility issue and document fraud and SSN fraud issues of Obama and are scratching their heads wondering why no one in our government or major media is doing anything about it. Quite a few had seen my full page ads in the Washington Times National Weekly edition, including one of the presidential candidates. …

    The people attending this event want action and the encouraged us to keep pressing the issues. It is the top political leadership in DC that is scared and which has painted itself in a corner on these issues and the main stream media that enable the Obama fraud cover-up to continue. But things are going to change. I could sense it at this event. I believe we are approaching a tipping point in this battle.”

  6. Gordo, I read CDR Kerchner’s full report. Thanks for the link. I would say that his report is quite encouraging. The problem is that we in the “army” don’t know exactly what is going on behind the scenes.

  7. Thanks, Gordo, for posting that link about CDR Kerchner’s trip. I would say that his report is encouraging. It is just that we foot soldiers don’t really know exactly what is going on behind the scenes.

  8. Whistleblower

    This is worth a look.
    Wall Street Insider: Obama 2012 Re-Election “Not An Option”

  9. Several people on a previous thread commented about stories printed in Mother Jones calling into question the propriety of Herman Cain’s tenure at Aquila. But while the comments focused on whether the Mother Jones report was biased; or whether such criticism of the man would rise with his popularity; no one mentioned what I found to be the most salient point raised by the article. That is, the biography on Cain’s campaign web site fails to mention his stint with that company.

    Having thoroughly researched the publicly available background of Barack Obama, one of the points I raised to support my grave misgivings about an Obama Presidency was this. Given his dearth of relevant experience to become chief executive; why would he leave out of his official biographies the years he was Chair of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge?

  10. What does the Secretary of Defence know? Dear Sean,
    Today I was incensed at the conclusion of a traditional Serbian-Orthodox funeral for my beloved 85 year old uncle, Daniel Martich, who proudly served in the US Army during The Korean Conflict. During the committal service at a Pittsburgh cemetery the local military detachment performed their ritual, then folded and presented the American Flag to my aunt. As I’m sure you have witnessed during military funerals, a soldier bends to one knee and recites a scripted message to a surviving relative that begins ‘On behalf of the President of the United States and a grateful nation, I wish to present you with this flag in appreciation for your husband’s service …’. However, today the dialogue was ‘On behalf of the Secretary of Defense and a grateful nation …’ After the service I approached the soldier who presented the flag to my aunt to inquire about the change in language. His response was “The White House notified all military funeral service detachments to immediately remove ‘the President’ and insert ‘the Secretary of Defense’. I couldn’t believe what I heard and the soldier smiled and said “You can draw your own conclusion sir but that was the order”. He, too, was ashamed of what he was required to say.

    This president has taken off the gloves. My only response to this endless cesspool of Anti-American rhetoric dripping from his mouth is to borrow a phrase (with one minor change) uttered by another temporary Washington resident living in government housing: “Today for the first time in my adult life I was ASHAMED of my country”. I did not serve in the military but my love of country parallels that of people like my late uncle who bled Red, White and Blue. As a second generation Serbian-American who’s heritage produced many patriotic military men and women who fought for freedom both in The United States as well as in the former Yugoslavia (most recently in Kosovo against the slaughter of Serbs by Muslim extremists)

    This what “First Class Assholes” do!…….Dean

  11. Category: Uncategorized
    investigate Soros

    investigate Soros
    Moveon and Occupy need to Move on EXPOSED!

  12. Land of the free?

    From Orly Taitz’s site.
    I need help in getting in touch with this woman, who is threatened with $60,000 fine by the thugs of Obama regime, for growing a lemon tree in her house

    Posted on | October 9, 2011 | 1 Comment
    Monday, October 03, 2011 by: Ethan A. Huff, staff writer

    Learn more:

    (NaturalNews) The US government’s assault against innocent American citizens continues to get more aggressive and just plain strange, with new reports of harassment against honest owners of ordinary lemon trees. Health Freedom Alliance (HFA) reports that officials from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) are now spying on people whom they suspect are in possession of ordinary lemon trees, and threatening them with excessive fines and even federal raids if they refuse to surrender the plants on demand.

    Several years ago, Bridget Donovan, who has now been dubbed “The Lemon Tree Lady,” purchased a Meyer lemon tree from A resident of Wisconsin, Donovan purchased the tree legally and in full accordance with all federal and state laws regulating citrus transport, and had lovingly cultivated and cared for her indoor citrus plant for nearly three years.

    Then, out of nowhere, Donovan received an unexpected letter from the USDA informing her that government officials were going to come and seize her tree and destroy it — and that she was not going to be compensated for her loss. The letter also threatened that if Donovan was found to be in possession of “regulated citrus” again, she could be fined up to $60,000.

    Donovan was shocked, to say the least, as her tree was not a “regulated citrus.” The store from which she purchased it is fully legitimate, and she had done absolutely nothing wrong. But it turns out Donovan and many others who had also purchased similar citrus plants had faced, or were currently facing, the very same threats made against them by the USDA.

    Most of those targeted simply surrendered their trees without trying to fight back, Donovan discovered. And while she, herself put up a hefty fight in trying to get honest answers in order to keep her tree, Donovan was eventually forced to surrender it as well. And worst of all, many of those who were told that a replacement tree would be in “compliance” later had those trees confiscated, too.

    Why has the USDA been targeting lemon tree owners? The answer is unclear, other than that they are a supposed threat to the citrus industry. And a USDA official admitted to Donovan that the agency has been spying on those suspected of owning lemon trees, and targeting all found to be in possession with threats of fines and raids if they failed to give them up — and the agency has been doing this without a valid warrant.

    “I felt utterly violated, angry, and upset,” Donovan is quoted as saying by HFA. “I pay my taxes, I obey the law, and this is how I was treated? I did nothing wrong. I would expect these action (sic) toward someone running a drug house, not someone who owned a lemon tree.”

    Be sure to read Donovan’s entire shocking story here:…

    Learn more:

  13. JBJD, regarding the missing time at Aquila, I did address it and Cain mentioned it although not specifically. He says that he assisted other businesses in other industries. His time at that company overlapped multiple other things that he was doing at the same time. In addition, he was on the “Board of Directors” and not steering the ship as an executive. Also, even if he was (which he wasn’t), in the private sector businesses succeed and businesses fail. Donald Trump said it best that if you are out there participating you are going to have some losses (bad deals).

  14. Issa came ot swinging tonight on Hannity about F&F.
    About time.
    He now brings up the fact that Holder rolled this whole thing out in March 2009 in Mexico. No kidding, it’s on the DOJ website.

    Holder was caught in a lie the minute he testified.

  15. Pat, I hope that they turn up the heat real hot and real soon. I’m so sick of all of the bs.

  16. Herman Cain


    In 2006, Cain was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer in his colon and metastases to his liver and given a 30 percent chance of survival. Cain underwent surgery and chemotherapy following the diagnosis, and has since reported that he is cancer-free

  17. This is not new news, Sea Bisquit. Herman Cain had cancer. Yes.

  18. Hey Paxson is this news??

    Herman Cain Flip Flops on Killing Al Awlaki

    Fox News spent a whole Sunday segment on the legality of President Obama’s killing of Al Awlaki, an American citizen. Bill Kristol chuckled condescendingly and said that no candidate except for Ron Paul is complaining about it and therefore it is a non-issue. Kristol implied that the killing was legal and morally justified. Everyone else on the panel agreed. No one explained why they spent a whole segment talking about something that was supposed to be a non-issue.

    But it turns out that Bill Kristol was wrong. Herman Cain was asked about the killing of Al Awlaki several months ago and stated clearly that it was wrong and unconstitutional. I am posting the Youtube of the Herman Cain interview below for you to see for yourself.

    So get this straight. President Obama must get a federal judge to sign a warrant before he can listen in on the telephone conversations of an American citizen but he can kill an American citizen without it. He just need support from the American news media.


    This is about as far from the U. S. Constitution and Bill of Rights as one can get. This is running the country by the news media and a popular leader.

    Ron Paul made it very clear today that he condemns what Al Awlaki did and what he stands for. He voted to go into Afghanistan and to hunt down Osama Bin Laden. But he pointed out that even with Timothy McVeigh, we brought him to trial and he was convicted by a jury and sentenced by a judge. And he was executed. He was not killed on an order of the president.

    During the Nuremberg Trials the prosecution took great pains to show how Nazi Germany started its fall into the abyss. A great amount of time was taken to explain how gullible the German people were to accept Hitler’s actions during the Blood Purge when Ernst Rohm and other SA leaders were summarily killed without trial. This should have been a warning, the court was told. Instead it was applauded by the population. After all, the men that Hitler had killed were bad men.

    One of the four major counts against the Nuremberg defendants was the waging of an aggressive (preemptive) war. It is now our American foreign policy.

    We are at an interesting point in our history. It is worth a discussion before we race ahead.

  19. ….and Ron Paul is 110 years old. An obvious exageration, but we never know when we will take our last breath.

  20. Paxson,
    Think of Steve Jobs:

    Was given 3 months to live in 2004, survived pancrease cancer. Passed 2011

  21. Herman Cain hopefully will provide a “clean bill of health” to the American public. I’m sure that they will ask for detailed medical records, something that they refused to ask for with Obummer.

  22. One might think that Herman Cain being on the BOD from 1992 – 2003 would be an asset on one’s resume. Why scrub it??

    Herman Cain served on the board of directors for Utilicorp United Inc. from 1992 to 2003. Aquila Energy Corp.–as PSI Inc. was later renamed–was made a subsidiary of UtiliCorp, and in addition to its marketing functions, expanded into such related, but unregulated, areas as natural gas storage and transmission. By 1990 Aquila was responsible for 21 percent of UtiliCorp’s earnings.

  23. People put their best foot forward. I’m wondering how many “boards” that he was a member of?

  24. Sea Bisquit. Wasn’t that complaint dismissed? A credible poster would mention that fact.

  25. Cabby-AZ

    Nice job on your District 55 Tennessee research!
    FS ran as a DEM
    Funny isn’t it, usually those who accuse are guilty themselves.
    Nice work. Have a good week all.

  26. I got an email that stated that more & more are pushing for Holder to quit or resign. I don’t want to see either. He needs to receive the ultimate punishment for his obvious lying as well as the cover up of what caused the deaths of over 200 + people. I honestly believe that this whole thing was nothing more than an effort to destroy our 2nd Amendment rights, among other things. Why should Holder be allowed to quit or resign and just walk away? The rest of us would never be allowed that luxury.

    I also believe that the original orders came from Obama himself and the incriminating statement from his own mouth was to the “Brady Bunch” when he said that he was working on gun control ‘under the radar.’ Sounds to me like he may have been referring to Fast and Furious. By the way, I hear Gitmo is nice this time of year.

  27. Paxson, I wonder if anyone has ever scrutinized Mitt Romney’s business successes and failures that he has had throughout the years. As you say, anyone who is going to operate in the commercial sector is going to have losses at times. That is the risk-taking that goes with entrepreneurship.
    Trump, a very successful business man has had at least several bankruptcies in his record.

  28. thistle | October 9, 2011 at 11:35 pm |
    I got an email that stated that more & more are pushing for Holder to quit or resign. I don’t want to see either. He needs to receive the ultimate punishment for his obvious lying as well as the cover up of what caused the deaths of over 200 + people
    Thistle, I may be wrong about this, but what is being done now are investigations by Congress, in particular – Rep. Issa’s committee. It is too early to bring charges, because the investigation is ongoing at this point. If a special prosecutor is selected, and in the course of his investigation it is discovered that crimes have been committed, then criminal charges can be brought and the proper punishment administered after a trial. It is going to be a long, drawn out affair, I believe. The biggest reason is that the DOJ is dragging its feet in furnishing records to Rep. Issa. In other words, the stall tactic.

  29. Cabby if this is the best that they can come up with we are in good shape.

  30. Paxson, I agree. Don’t worry, they are scraping the bottom of the barrel to find something – just anything at all to smear. I’m referring to the LSM mostly, because this seems to be the source.

  31. Thanks for the response Cabby. Just feeling that it’s always one-sided when it comes to prosecution of crimes committed by the left. Anyone else would already be in jail for a very long time for even a fraction of the crimes committed by this regime. Perhaps it’s because I don’t have much faith in our politicians to follow through with what needs to be done. Too many liberal politician criminals are allowed to quit or resign rather than face prosecution for their crimes. Just tired of the double standards and the bombardment of lies we receive daily.

  32. Bob Strauss……………………….
    I wonder what the FED is going to do about the commercial growth,and ownership of LEMON TREES. Perhaps BAN LEMONS.! That does sound like the intelligence level of certain California type of DO GOODERS. Sort of comparable to those who turn off the irrigation water to farmers so that it can be used to grow SALMON fingerings. This is so that a certain fish canner will be able to have fish to can. Guess whose husband is the fish canner! In case you dnn’t know let me give you a clue, her last name is Pelosi.Thats right, MMMSSS.IMPORTANT from the land of fruits and nuts.

  33. It would not surprise me if one day we discovered that Barbara Boxcar,is a relative of MMMSSS.IMPORTANT.

  34. Paxson……………….
    They have already scraped out the bottom of the barrel……..they are now grabbing at straws in the wind. It will indeed give me special pleasure to watch each and every one of the Sotoro supporters,and goon squad members get the exact level of justice they have coming. I will SAVOR every conviction with GREAT relish.

  35. BYE BYE FOLKS need to get some shuteye, at my little grass shack on Waikiki.

  36. Regarding the Aquila case, who really made out? The attorneys.

    15. Class Counsel is hereby awarded attorneys’ fees in the amount of 33% of the Settlement Fund, which the Court finds to be fair and reasonable, and $393,228.13 in reimbursement of Class Counsel’s reasonable expenses incurred in prosecuting the Action. The attorneys’ fees and expenses so awarded shall be paid from the Settlement Fund pursuant to the terms of the Settlement Agreement, as provided in the Settlement Agreement, with interest on such amounts from the date the Settlement Fund was funded to the date of payment at the same net rate that the Settlement Fund earns. All fees and expenses paid to Class Counsel shall be paid pursuant to the timing requirements described in the Settlement Agreement. The award of attorneys’ fees shall be allocated by Wolf Haldenstein Adler Freeman & Herz LLP as Lead Counsel in a manner which, in its sole discretion, Lead Counsel determines fairly compensates all Class Counsel for their respective contributions to the prosecution of the Action.

    16. The Named Plaintiffs are hereby awarded incentive awards in the following amounts: Richard Itteilag $25,000; Barry O’Brien $5,000; Sharon Arr $5,000; Christie Wolf $5,000; John Pribyl $5,000; Robert Goodson $5,000; Michael Tylutki $5,000; Michael Reinhardt $5,000.

  37. If you really want to know who, what, how, and when the “gunrunning” started, Go to the C-SPAN archives, look up the date of March 24th 2009, and open the “Youtube” video of Napolitano and others discussing Mexico, and weapons. It is an eye opener, and you will know who, along with Holder, who is responsible for the death of the border patrol agent, and hundreds of Mexicans. Watch it before it is taken down by your corrupt government, like everything else is that shows this government of how corrupt it really is.

  38. More, PBS 2009 Judy Woodruff/ barky

    Who is Issa kidding?

  39. What was the big secret?

    bullpuckies… this is deep

  40. in moderation?

  41. Hotlanta Mike

    @Whistleblower | October 9, 2011 at 7:28 pm |


    Darrel Issa agrees with you as he stated yesterday in his interview with Chris Wallace that he is subpoeining more information on Solyndra as tSolyndra appears to be just the tip of the ice berg.


    WS Insider: I don’t agree with that though. Fast and Furious is a serious offense to be sure. What has been revealed – to this point only partially, by the Solyndra scandal, is far more serious, not only to this administration but to the entire Democratic Party. Many of them have their hands in the corruption that was the Obama Stimulus Bill of 2009. Solyndra is but one small example of how that money was spent. The dealings that took place under the false guise of saving the economy.

  42. Oldsalt79, this one is for you, I know how much you love Msssssssss important.

    Pelosi Pushes Tea Party ‘Spitting’ Lie; Amanpour Silent

  43. I love the way Pelosi stands behind the Constitution when it is convenient, but ignores article 2, section 1, clause 5.

  44. FAR LEFT Advertises on Craig’s List for Paid Activists to Fight Wall Street

    The pro-Obama Working Families Party of New York posted this advertisement on Craig’s list.

    They are looking for energetic progressives to help them to fight to hold Wall Street accountable. And the pay is $350-$650 a week depending on the responsibility and length of time of staff.

  45. The constitution never was adopted. So the current actors know this are under the corporations orders. Really go to edrivera for a history lesson and see why he was licked out of ucla law school cause. He told the the truth

  46. Kicked

  47. Thanks Jonah!


    “Fast and Furious” = Obama administrations child like attempt at manipulating the United States and thier view’s on gun control…

  49. oldsalt79 | October 10, 2011 at 1:54 am |
    It would not surprise me if one day we discovered that Barbara Boxcar,is a relative of MMMSSS.IMPORTANT.
    Hehehehehe!! “Boxcar” – Old Salt, you gave me my first laugh for the day! Thanks!

  50. Jonah | October 10, 2011 at 10:29 am |
    FAR LEFT Advertises on Craig’s List for Paid Activists to Fight Wall Street
    Why, of course, Jonah! This is part of O’s job creation program. LOL
    In all seriousness, THIS is beyond the pale, but not unexpected.

  51. charo | October 10, 2011 at 7:56 am |

    Regarding the Aquila case, who really made out? The attorneys.

    15. Class Counsel is hereby awarded attorneys’ fees in the amount of 33% of the Settlement Fund, which the Court finds to be fair and reasonable, and $393,228.13 in reimbursement of Class Counsel’s reasonable expenses incurred in prosecuting the Action.

    Who would have reimbursed the expenses these attorneys incurred bringing the suit on behalf of the injured plaintiffs; or compensated them for the hours they worked on this case and not on other paying cases; had their clients lost the suit? And how much money would have been awarded to the prevailing plaintiffs, had these attorneys not filed the suit in the first place? We create laws that allow our legal system to award attorney’s fees in civil suits in this way, so as to create a forum for ‘indigent’ parties who, like the plaintiffs in this case, are not sufficiently wealthy to otherwise access the courts.


    This was written on April 4th, 2011…by Chuck Norris for WND….great article…The media can’t ignore negative stories about Obama for much longer, there aren’t any other kind…

  53. Have you all seen this?
    White House Insider: Obama “Isolated……Ignorant”“isolated…ignorant”/

  54. Arizona should issue a warrant for the arrest of Eric Holder in connection of the murder of Agent Brian Terry. This is one way to get his ass in court.

  55. This video is interesting and I think the reason for so few viewers was because it was produced by Larouche ??? It was made just before the 2008 elections but still significant especially seeing Rezko is still waiting to be sentenced…

  56. Whistleblower

    Eric Holder is going to be a problem for U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald !!!

    Patrick Fitzgerald: Intrepid Crime Fighter? Or, Politically-Driven Leaker? The Regime’s Undertaker (Part 7)

  57. Cabby – AZ | October 10, 2011 at 11:45 am |
    Have you all seen this?
    White House Insider: Obama “Isolated……Ignorant”“isolated…ignorant”/
    From ulstermanreport – – –
    “Told you FnF was the real deal. All that other stuff is fuel to the fire, but FnF is where this administration has been caught. We’re talking murder here. Deadly political manipulation. A criminal enterprise orchestrated at the highest levels of government………They got caught? You’re seeing that work come to fruition right now. Push Holder out. Go time”.

    And today we learn – – –
    Issa to Holder: You Own Operation Fast and Furious

    Chairman of the House Oversight Committe Darrell Issa has sent Attorney General Eric Holder a letter in response to a combative letter sent by Holder late Friday afternoon defending his “truthful and accurate” Congressional testimony from May 3, 2011.

  58. CW 24 hours later and I am still in moderation like the one two weeks ago, probably because of my comments about a certain somebody. Your cencership astounds me.
    I am not a usual commenter on your site but like the info I get and the comments.
    I want to see if you post this or bury it like the other two
    FAIR & BALANCED ????????????????

  59. This blog was not designed for comments about commenters.

  60. CW If I offended you I am sorry. I like to come to citizen wells for the information it has to offer,if I offended any other commenters on this board I am sorry, I was just puting out my concerns, Thank You


    “WASHINGTON, D.C. – House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa today sent a letter to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder responding to his letter of October 7. The text of Chairman Issa’s letter to Attorney General Holder is below:”

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