William Cellini trial overview, Tony Rezko not sentenced, Rezko unlikely witness, Patrick Fitzgerald collusion

William Cellini trial overview, Tony Rezko not sentenced, Rezko unlikely witness, Patrick Fitzgerald collusion

“Why did the Illinois Senate Health & Human Services Committee, with Obama as chairman, create and push Bill 1332, “Illinois Health Facilities Planning Act,” early in 2003, which reduced the number of members on the Board from 15 to 9, just prior to rigging by Tony Rezko and Rod Blagojevich?”…Citizen Wells

“I believe I’m more pristine on Rezko than him.”…Rod Blagojevich

“Why were Stuart Levine and Tony Rezko not called as witnesses in the Blagojevich trials? FBI agent Daniel Cain testified in the Rezko trial. Why was agent Cain not questioned more in the Blagojevich trial?…Citizen Wells

As I have stated before, the first letters in Wells are WE. This has always been a group effort and will continue that way. Below are 2 comments from regulars here. I wish that the rest of the country was paying this much attention.

From Bessie on 2011/09/28 at 8:00 pm.

“It was made perfectly clear in the 2 trials of Rod Blagojevich that
the prosecution and the judge were more concerned with protecting
Obama than they were with a guilty verdict….first they never called
Rezko who’s testimony would have prevented a second trial and he would
have been found guilty on all charges…second, their refusal to turn
over the 302′s and thier lame excuse, “I read them and theres nothing
there”…third, the leaker??? was it someone inside the fbi or U.S.
Attorney’s office or was it John Wyma himself…fourth, Patrick
Fitzgerald’s lack of interest in “who” tipped off John Chase, “It
wasn’t me”, just doesn’t cut it….We can be certian who ever was the
leaker also tipped off Obama and his staff…fifth, Rezko never being
called to testify and him waiting for over 3 years to be sentenced.
sixth, the current law suit of Frawley vs. Weaver, it answers numerous
questions including payments made from Rezko to Obama…which we can all
be pretty sure that the feds knew about this for years…am I forgetting

From Pete on 2011/09/29 at 12:54 pm.

“I read a little background about our mutual prosecutor Fitzpatrick the other day. Seems he was famous before being involved in the Chicago crime, we call Obama’s past. Fitzgerald brought a guy in to testify for a grand jury, knowing the whole time that the person he was interviewing had nothing to do with the crime he was investigating. He did this to ‘entrap’ the witness. The witness was Scooter Libby, and he didn’t have ANYTHING to do with Valerie Plame or her public outing at the hands of a Colin Powel aid.

So, we know that Fitzgerald is a political hack for the DEMOCRATS and has no interest in unbiased justice. He is directly INVOLVED in cover-up for Obama and his associations with Blago, Levine, the hospital board, the sale of the illegal senate seat, his illegal housing gift from Rezco, and some 600 million dollars of Iraq reconstruction aid that went mysteriously missing.

I believe it’s all corrupt, to the very core, and the American people are starting to smell and feel the stench of our dear democratic party people. Just remember to remind EVERYONE you see that while politicians may be ‘dirty’ this sort of all out criminal administration has NO PEER in the last 150 years, and is starting to resemble Ulysses Grant for illegal behavior and pay to play.”

Here is a decent overview of the William Cellini trial.


Watch the full episode. See more Chicago Tonight.

I stated in 2008 before the election that Obama had to win to avoid prosecution. Since taking the White House he has controlled Eric Holder and the US Justice Department. Obama may lose control of Holder for a number of reasons.

Many rumors are circulating about Obama not running in 2012 or having competition in the primaries. I posed the question months ago of who would throw Obama under the bus. At this point I give it a 50 50 chance of his running in 2012. He still has some of the same problems of actually being investigated for a number of indiscretions. So Obama will have to work out a deal with someone(s). Watch closely. This may happen.


7 responses to “William Cellini trial overview, Tony Rezko not sentenced, Rezko unlikely witness, Patrick Fitzgerald collusion

  1. How many months has been been now since Rezko was convicted? Crazy.

  2. Mr. Bill(ms. helga)

    Do you see a pattern here?

  3. Your Headline says it all…

    3 solid years and counting…

  4. It was in the early days of June 2008 when Rezko got convicted.

    That’s where the blatant collusion comes in.

    And taa!daa! while Cheney was certifying the General Election, the prosecutor was on TV with the breaking story that amounted to fly poop in pepper.

  5. The mere fact that the media in all its forms wouldn’t touch a series of corruption trials that would make a blockbuster HBO mini series, is all you need to know about collusion.

    The fact that all the trials’ conclusions are pending is very telling.

    Speaks volumes as to why our country is collapsing today.

    ~ Coming to a theater near you very soon, I hope. The Chicago Combine

  6. Rod Blagojevich hired Eric Holder to investigate possible “mob ties” in casino gambeling back in 2002…WHY Eric Holder??? Seriously, WHY HOLDER??? Please read the attached, hines sight being 20/20…
    President Barack Obama probably hired Eric Holder for the same reason Blagojevich did…a willingness to play ball…


  7. Bessie

    Eric holder appointed Patrick Fitzgerald to investigate the John Adams project (outing of CIA interrogators by ACLU lawyers) Eric holder is the Protector General !

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