Obama thrown under bus by Democrats or Daniel Frawley or Tony Rezko or Rod Blagojevich or Stuart Levine or William Cellini, Obama exits 2012 race?

Obama thrown under bus by Democrats or Daniel Frawley or Tony Rezko or Rod Blagojevich or Stuart Levine or William Cellini, Obama exits 2012 race?

“Why has the mainstream media avoided coverage of the William Cellini
trial? Why are Chicago news stories being scrubbed or
altered?”…Citizen Wells

“I believe I’m more pristine on Rezko than him.”…Rod Blagojevich

“Will Obama be thrown under the bus”

From Citizen Wells June 27, 2011.

“I am not certain if Obama controls the Democrat party and they are
concerned about 2012. Will the Democrats throw Obama under the bus?”

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From the Chicago Daily Observer August 18, 2011.

“Something strange is afoot in a Presidential campaign. To be specific,
something odd is going on within President Barack Obama’s reelection

It’s enough to make a person wonder if — with the President’s approval
numbers now at an all time low — there’s an escape plan being hatched
for the 44th President.

Consider Obama’s remarks in June on the Today Show when he said his
family is “not invested” in a second term. He told the interviewer “If
I said, you know guys, I want to do something different, they’d be
fine with that.”

Realize that everything that is said in interviews is planned and
rehearsed in the White House. Nothing is just off- the- cuff in White
House interviews. The same is true with White House spokespeople.

So consider what Obama’s campaign spokesperson (and former press
secretary) Robert Gibbs said this month. On the same day that Obama’s
approval numbers dipped to their lowest, Gibbs said Obama is “quite
comfortable” being a one-term president in order to address issues he
is concerned about.

The two comments are not merely coincidental. They are planned,
formulated, tested and have a goal in mind. Is that goal to make
President Obama appear to be less ambitious for power? Is it to make
more people rise up and support the President? The answer is a “no” to
both theories.

No President who is campaigning for reelection suggests – or has his
spokespeople suggest – that he doesn’t need another term. Can you
remember another President, in the midst of a reelection, suggesting
that he doesn’t need another term?”

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Commenter Bessie, who has been correct about Daniel Frawley news,
placed the following comment on Citizen Wells and on the Chicago Daily
“Frawley’s sentencing date has been postponed again, this time at his
request….Don’t worry though he has the best sentencing lawyer in the
country Jeffrey Steinbech and he’s working “pro-bono”.”
What is going on with Daniel Frawley?

From Citizen Wells August 3, 2011.

“Has Daniel Frawley been talking to the Feds? Apparently Frawley will
be sentenced on August 24, 2011. This comes after his sentencing
hearing was suddenly delayed recently. A Chicago SunTimes article
dated July 11, 2011 indicated that Frawley has been cooperating with
the Feds.

“UPDATE: After this story was published Monday morning, U.S. District
Judge Ronald A. Guzman canceled Daniel T. Frawley’s sentencing
hearing, which had been scheduled for Tuesday. Court records did not
indicate why Guzman did this. Frawley’s sentencing had not been
Daniel T. Frawley once teamed with Tony Rezko — the political fixer
who’s now in jail — in what turned out to be a doomed effort to open a
training school for Iraqi security forces in western Illinois. Now,
Frawley faces a federal prison stretch of his own.

On Tuesday, the 60-year-old onetime Chicago cop is set to appear
before a federal judge for sentencing after pleading guilty in
February in a $4.4 million bank fraud.

The scheme appears to have no connection to Rezko, the Wilmette
businessman who was once a prolific campaign fund-raiser for
politicians including the current president, Barack Obama, and the
recently convicted former governor, Rod Blagojevich.

Still, federal prosecutors are seeking a reduced sentence for Frawley
— of a year and a half in prison, rather than the 35 years he could
face — apparently because Frawley has been secretly cooperating since
at least 2006 in their investigation of Rezko, who was found guilty in
June 2008 of having used his clout with the Blagojevich administration
to enrich himself and his business associates.

Details about Frawley’s cooperation with the U.S. attorney’s office,
the FBI and the Illinois attorney general’s office can be gleaned from
a 65-page court deposition he gave seven months ago…”

“Frawley: “Yes, I had a conversation with Mr. Weaver where he
instructed me not to cooperate.”
Frawley: “I was on the phone, making a phone call to Tony Rezko. I had
a luncheon engagement with him.”

“George was outside of the room where I was making the telephone call,
and the purpose of the call was for me to keep my luncheon engagement
with Tony Rezko and to go over and to record Tony Rezko.”

“George saw and heard me on the phone, came running in and went like
this [demonstrating]: Cut it,”

Franklin: “For the record, the deponent is crossing his hands across
his throat.”

Konicek: “And Tony Rezko was where when you were speaking to him?”

Frawley: “He was on the other end of the phone. I don’t recall where he was.”
Konicek: “I’m assuming the information is about the payments made by
Rezko to Obama, so we know we’re talking about the right conversation,

Konicek: “Am I correct it was about Obama being paid by Rezko?”

Frawley: “I’m not answering that question, based upon my attorney’s

Konicek: “But on March 13, 2006, you’ve already indentified for me
being at 219 South Dearborn. You’re talking to Tony rezko on the
phone, and Mr. Weaver makes this gesture to you, right?”

Frawley: “Mr. Weaver made the gesture and told me to get off the
phone, to end the phone call.”
Konicek: “Okay. And then where were you instructed not to cooperate?”

Frawley: “In the same building, at 219 South Dearborn….in a different room.”
Konicek: “Did you bring to Mr. Weaver in Hinsdale a statement showing
payment to Tony Rezko in the amount of $ 1.5 million?”
Konicek: “Are you going to answer?”

Frawley: “No.”

Konicek: “Are you asserting your Fifth Amendment privilege?”

Frawley: “Yes.””

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The US Justice Department has been protecting Obama before and after the appointment of Eric Holder as Attorney General. Holder is under increased scrutiny and increasingly Obama appears to be unelectable. Will the Democrats throw Obama or allow Obama to be thrown under the bus? Or will Obama exit on his own?

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  1. The New American Dream,

    “I Quit.”,
    —Barack Obama.

    Good Morning CW,

    Thank you so much for this blog and your pursuit of the Truth.


    CBS News naming the victims to Gabby Giffords lost in her shooting.

    Specifically mentioned her aide, the nine year old girl and a third victim.

    No mention at all of federal judge John Rolls.

  2. With the recent Black Caucus attack on bo, it is looking more and more like the Republicans was bo to be the demRat nominee more than the demRats. Both the demRats and the Republicans have more than enough criminal information on bo to get him indicted in multiple jurisdictions. I would not be surprised to see the demRats make the first move.

  3. Uh oh … from team Obama: ….”Rick Perry seen easier for Obama to beat”
    But I guess that can easily be spun as “they’re telling us who they’re afraid of”!! Go figure:


    CHICAGO (Reuters) – Republican White House hopeful Rick Perry has at least some supporters in the Democratic stronghold of Chicago — President Barack Obama’s re-election team.

    The Texas governor, a social and fiscal conservative, is seen by Obama’s top election fundraisers, supporters and senior Democrats close to the campaign as easier to beat than the more moderate Mitt Romney in the 2012 presidential election.

    “I was praying Perry would get in the race,” said a former White House aide closely linked to Obama’s campaign.


  4. http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/rick-perry-charms-his-way-through-new-hampshire-despite-some-protestors/2011/08/18/gIQAQPooNJ_story.html

    Despite some heated moments, the new candidate maintained a cool demeanor, managing to warm up some voters in this first-in-the-nation presidential primary state.

    “He’s charming, no doubt,” John Tinios said as Perry met voters at Popovers, a cafe Tinios owns here.

    Tinios, who described himself as a fiscal conservative and a social moderate, had heard that Texas has one of the strongest economies in the country, and that was a mark in Perry’s favor, he said.

  5. observer | August 20, 2011 at 9:48 am |

    It is typical disinformation by the bo regime. If bo wasn’t afraid of Perry then axelrod, gibbs and all the obots would not be attacking him. They would have kept quiet about him as they have with Romney who was the frontrunner for months before Perry knocked him out, but the obots didn’t attack Romney at all because they know with Romney and trump as candidates, bo will win.

    I think CW is on to something regarding bo being thrown under the bus by the demRats. bo may be able to win against Romney with trumps help, but the demRats in congress will take a beating if bo is the nominee, so hopefully we will soon see some indictments of bo being issued.

  6. http://www.humanevents.com/article.php?id=44655

    More than any other potential GOP presidential candidate, President Obama​ fears Texas Gov. Rick Perry. That’s because Perry is the only one who can devastate virtually any Obama claim.

    Take the whine we hear most often from the President: That President George W. Bush handed him a terrible economic situation. As USA Today reported June 2: “[White House spokesman Jay] Carney noted that when Obama took office on Jan. 20, 2009, he faced the worst economy since the Great Depression. Obama also inherited the biggest budget deficits in history, from a Republican President—George W. Bush—who had come into office with budget surpluses.”

    A full two and a half years after taking office, Team Obama still blames Bush—for everything except the fall of Adam. Well, there is one other elected chief executive who inherited a Bush economy: Rick Perry, as governor of Texas. And yet I have never once heard Perry whining that the state would be doing so much better if it hadn’t been for the policies of his predecessor.

  7. There is an old Chinese proverb, that applies to Mr. Obama, which says:


    In other words, Mr. Obama is just as guilty, perhaps more so, than than all who have been put on trial in Chicago to date.

    I fell time will correct this injustice though.

  8. As CW has suggested the demRats may be preparing to throw bo under the bus. The sharp criticism of bo by Maxine Waters and John Conyers of the Black Caucus is a very bad sign for bo.

    Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., who had expressed frustration with unemployment in the black community during an event in Detroit two days earlier, on said Thursday voters have given her “permission” to express that frustration with the Obama administration.

    “They said, ‘you’re unleashed,'” she told MyFoxAtlanta.com, on the sidelines of a town hall meeting.

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/08/19/rep-waters-says-obama-must-see-level-pain-as-thousands-flood-job-fair/#ixzz1Va6vf7F6

  9. http://www.cnn.com/2011/POLITICS/08/18/michigan.maxine.waters.obama/index.html

    Voices in the crowd could be heard imploring Waters to press Obama on issues like unemployment.

    “When you unleash us … and tell us it is all right to have this conversation, we are ready to have this conversation,” Waters said. “We’re supportive of the president, but we’re getting tired. … The unemployment is unconscionable (and) we don’t know what the strategy is.”

  10. http://www.theblaze.com/stories/candid-rep-waters-to-black-voters-we-dont-criticize-obama-because-you-love-him/

    …the comments point to a division within the black community — and even among liberals — that has been brewing over the last few years. While many were excited for the historic election of a black president, an increasing number of them are upset the president hasn’t done enough for them.

    Fired-Up Rep. Waters To Black Voters: We Don‘t Criticize Obama Because You ’Love’ Him
    Posted on August 17, 2011 at 1:19pm by Jonathon M. Seidl Print »Email »
    The scene Tuesday at a Congressional Black Caucus tour stop in Detroit mirrored a large-scale argument more than a political town hall meeting. And things got testy when Democratic Rep. Maxine Waters expressed disappointment with the president and challenged the crowd regarding its “love” for Obama.

    “We don’t put pressure on the president,” said Waters to cheers and jeers as people interrupted at will and yelled at her. “Let me tell you why. We don‘t put pressure on the president because ya’ll love the president. You love the president. You’re very proud…to have a black man [in the White House] …First time in the history of the United States of America. If we go after the president too hard, you’re going after us.”

    She then told the fired-up crowd that voters must “unleash” the Democrats on Obama (some obliged) before criticizing him for not visiting any “black community” during his bus tour:

    “When you tell us it‘s alright and you unleash us and you tell us you’re ready for us to have this conversation, we’re ready to have the conversation. The Congressional Black Caucus loves the president too. We‘re supportive of the president but we’re getting tired ya’ll…we’re getting tired. And so, what we want to do is…we want to give the president every opportunity to show what he can do and what he’s prepared to lead on. We want to give him every opportunity…but our people are hurting. The unemployment is unconscionable. We don’t know what the strategy is. We don‘t know why on this trip that he’s in the United States now, he’s not in any black community…we don’t know that.”

    You can watch the heated exchange below:

    There is a lot to digest in that video. For starters, how come a sitting congresswoman can get away with referencing “our people” and not face any backlash?

    Second, the comments point to a division within the black community — and even among liberals — that has been brewing over the last few years. While many were excited for the historic election of a black president, an increasing number of them are upset the president hasn’t done enough for them.

    Could it be, though, that the people of Detroit have too high of expectations? Remember this clip about “free Obama money” from 2009?

    Third, it may be disconcerting to some to hear a Rep. admit that there are those in Congress who — despite disagreeing with the president — are keeping quiet for fear of retribution. What happened to courage?

    Rush Limbaugh pointed that out (via Daily Rushbo) on radio Wednesday, finding it comical that Waters had to ask the black community “permission” to go after the president:

  11. http://www.newsmax.com/Headline/Jan-Brewer-Obama-Jobs/2011/08/19/id/408020

    “We are in big trouble and the president is feeding into it. I wish he would do his job as president and let Congress do their job.

    “We were all hoping he would come up with a job plan. But with this latest document on amnesty, he has really come forth with a job plan but I didn’t know that it was going to be for the illegals.”

    Earlier Brewer had claimed that the president was acting like an absolute monarch by agreeing to the new policy.

    “The Obama administration cannot get its amnesty schemes through Congress , so now it has resorted to implementing its plans via executive fiat,” she said. “We need to remind President Obama that we elected a president that serves beneath the law and did not anoint a king that is above the law.”

    Brewer was joined by Texas Republican Reps. Michael McCaul and Lamar Smith. “It’s just the latest attempt by this president to bypass the intended legislative process when he does not get his way,” McCaul said. Smith added, “The Obama administration should enforce immigration laws, not look for ways to ignore them.”

    And Florida Rep. Allen West jumped into the fray too, calling for a House investigation into the guidelines. In an interview with Newsmax.TV, he accused Obama of “shredding the constitution” with the new guidelines. “It is a form of amnesty and it does go against our Constitution and it very much concerns me because now we are rewarding people for an illegal activity,” he said.

    “Think about the strain that is going to come on the types of services and things that we have to provide,” West added, saying aliens are getting “a free pass.”

    Brewer, who succeeded Napolitano in the governor’s office in Phoenix, said, “The plan amounts to backdoor amnesty for hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of illegal aliens. The president is encouraging more illegal immigration at the exact moment we need federal focus on border security.”

    She pointed to a speech Obama made to the Hispanic civil rights group, the National Council of La Raza, in Washington on July 25, in which he rejected the idea of imposing immigration reform without reference to Congress.

  12. http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/rick-perry-aims-for-right-balance-of-firebrand-and-statesman-in-gop-race/2011/08/19/gIQALv2iQJ_story.html

    “Rick Perry is the closest thing to an establishment candidate that the tea party is going to accept, and he is the closest thing to a tea party candidate that the GOP establishment is going to accept,” said Dan Schnur, director of the Institute of Politics at the University of Southern California and a senior aide on Sen. John McCain’s 2000 presidential campaign.

    “He might be the most naturally talented campaigner in the field,” Schnur added.

  13. http://news.yahoo.com/rick-perry-aiming-11-0-172857042.html

    Texas governor and Presidential candidate Rick Perry is either an extremely smart and charismatic politician who knows his constituents and hires good people, or he’s incredibly lucky.

    Of course, the truth is somewhere in the middle according to First Post writer Alexander Cockburn. He’s certainly doing something right; since 1984, Perry has won all 10 of the elections he has run in.

    So what is the secret of Perry’s success? Cockburn thinks he knows. “He has an acute sense of political timing. His defeated opponents readily attest to Perry’s relentless self-discipline as a campaigner, his skills at raising campaign cash – he already has a huge prospective war chest for his first national foray – and the fatal consequences of underestimating him. He has a team of campaign advisors, notably Dave Carney, whose skills – ruthless in emergencies – have elicited admiration from professionals across the board.”

    With his Reagan-esque looks and ability to seemingly read the minds of his constituents, Perry looks like the ideal Republican candidate. Not, perhaps, the man with the strongest policies or the most integrity (that would be the perpetually overlooked Ron Paul), but certainly the man with the best chance of beating Obama once the polls reach more people than each candidate’s supporters. It’ll be fascinating to see how this plays out.

  14. Sorry if someone has alredy posted this.

    Judicial Watch Uncovers New Documents: Obama Administration Bankrolls Massive Internet Propaganda Campaign to Push Obamacare
    Obama HHS Spends Millions of Taxpayer Dollars on “Guerrilla Campaign” to Track Search Engine Web Traffic and Push Internet Search Engine Users to Government Website Promoting Obamacare; Propaganda Campaign Targets Key Obama Campaign Voter Demographics
    Contact Information:
    Press Office 202-646-5172, ext 305

    Washington, DC — August 18, 2011
    Judicial Watch, the public interest group that investigates and prosecutes government corruption, announced today that it obtained documents from the Obama Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) showing that the Obama White House helped coordinate a multimillion dollar taxpayer-funded campaign to use Internet search engines such as Google and Yahoo to drive web traffic to a government website promoting the Affordable Health Care Act (also known as Obamacare). The expressed purpose of this campaign is to increase public support for the president’s health care overhaul among key Obama campaign demographics, specifically Hispanics, blacks, and women.

    full story link

  15. How about a Perry/Palin ticket or a Palin/Perry ticket for Pres and Vice Pres. Could any of you vote for them?

  16. A Crazy Old Coot

    bob strauss | August 20, 2011 at 12:02 pm |

    How about a Perry/Palin ticket or a Palin/Perry ticket for Pres and Vice Pres. Could any of you vote for them?
    I could if you remove Perry from the ticket. Add Herman Cain and I would vote more than once (like the dems).

  17. bob strauss | August 20, 2011 at 12:02 pm |
    How about a Perry/Palin ticket or a Palin/Perry ticket for Pres and Vice Pres. Could any of you vote for them?

    Yes. or Perry/Bachmann or Perry/Cain. However, I think the best choice would be a Hispanic Republican because the Republicans are going to need to appeal to Hispanic voters in the next election.

    Perry/Martinez might be the ideal ticket.

  18. http://governorsjournal.com/2011/08/govs-on-vp-list/

    A number of Republican governors make the list of possible vice presidential candidates noted in a story from Politico Thursday that will have Washington D.C. talking.

    The list includes; Bob McDonnell, Chris Christie, Brian Sandoval, Mitch Daniels and Susana Martinez.

  19. They’d better damned well check Rubio’s parents’ status before placing his name on any VP ballot. If not, the Constitution matters less and less as this charade moves forward.

  20. http://bettinainclan.wordpress.com/2011/08/01/gov-susana-martinez-success-story/

    Wanted to quickly share a great article on New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez by the Santa Fe Mexican Newspaper. It offers a glimpse of Martinez’s early life, growing up with her entrepreneurial parents and her rise from prosecutor to becoming the First Latina Governor.

    Martinez has always embraced her heritage, defining herself as an “American of Mexican descent.” Here is a quick snippet from the piece:

    Faces of Immigration: Martinez, granddaughter of immigrants, rules with her head, not her heart

    …. In this nation of immigrants and migrants, the Martinez family followed a well-traveled path, starting with that moment of truth when Martinez’s grandparents chose to leave what was familiar in Mexico for uncertain opportunity in the United States. A 1930 U.S. Census Bureau record lists Martinez’s paternal grandparents, Adolfo and Francisca Martinez, and shows their citizenship status as “AL” for “alien,” the census-form indication for “all foreign-born persons neither naturalized nor having first papers.”

    Both sets of grandparents were Mexican immigrants. Her father’s parents disappeared from his life early on, so he was raised by aunts. At the age of 5, he became a shoe shiner and slowly moved up to becoming a renowned El Paso boxing coach, a police officer and then a security business owner.

    And Susana Martinez’s mother helped run the family business, never neglecting the household while taking care of three children, including Martinez’s older sister, who has a mental disability….

    ‘First’ Latina

    Susana Martinez is seven months into her term as governor, a rising star nationally in the Republican Party who is identified, as politicians tend to be, by a one-dimensional label: the nation’s first Latina governor…

  21. Bob Strauss – No self-respecting true CONSERVATIVE could ever consider Perry for POTUS when they learn the FACTS. Over the last several threads, I’ve posted at least a half a dozen articles that show the true Perry – based on his ACTIONS, not his WORDS.

    Unlike others on this blog, I won’t be repeatedly spamming the site with propaganda. But feel free to start with this link and be prepared to learn things about Perry that should scare the bejeebers out of you. I had no idea how liberal he is, and should have known better than to believe the PRESStitutes.


  22. Citizen Wells – I do believe this post by you just caused a light-bulb moment for me.

    I’ve thought for a long time that the usurper won’t be re-elected and that is part of the plan. Four years is enough time to “fundamentally transform the United States of America”, and he’s well on his way to leading the destruction. His work is almost done. He’s ready to take his stolen money and go be King of the World next.

    And what better way to pull the rug out from under all the Republicans who are running AGAINST oblahblah. If he’s not there to campaign AGAINST, then it makes it easier to slide Hillary or some other marxist in place to finish the end of the Republic.

  23. http://www.boston.com/news/nation/articles/2011/08/20/leading_sc_republican_endorses_rick_perry_for_2012/

    GREENVILLE, S.C.—Texas Gov. Rick Perry has picked up two important endorsements in South Carolina for his 2012 presidential campaign.

    Tweet Be the first to Tweet this!.ShareThis .Longtime state legislator David Wilkins, who played a big role in George W. Bush’s White House races, says he’s signing onto Perry’s bid. And Harvey Peeler, majority leader in the state Senate, is jumping on the Perry bandwagon, too.

  24. http://finance.yahoo.com/blogs/daily-ticker/david-stockman-rick-perry-fed-totally-wrong-151724182.html

    The Daily Ticker’s guest David Stockman agrees with Obama about Perry’s poor choice of words but also wholeheartedly agrees with Perry’s sentiment. ” I think he was dead on in his thought,” the former director of the Office of Management and Budget in the Reagan administration tells Aaron Task in the accompanying clip. “I think it’s time Republicans woke up to the fact that is the fundamental problem in our economy today.”

  25. http://blog.chron.com/txpotomac/2011/08/matt-mackowiak-rick-perry-has-a-plausible-path-to-the-presidency/

    First, Perry has a wide range of strong relationships with many Republican governors. I could see him winning the endorsements of Haley, Gov. Mitch Daniels, R-Ind., Gov. Bobby Jindal, R-La., Gov. Bob McDonnell, R-Va., Gov. Susana Martinez, R-N.M., and Gov. Brian Sandoval, R-Nev. Haley and Sandoval have states with early primary contests and would be very significant endorsements. These governors have credibility, stature and major fundraising capacity (especially Barbour), and the Perry campaign can roll these out once a week from now to February. How many governors will Romney have?

  26. Free Speech | August 20, 2011 at 10:18 am |
    RE: Maxine Waters
    Just a crook wag’in the dog

  27. http://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/rick-perry-attacks-obama-and-picks-up-key-endorsement-in-south-carolina/2011/08/20/gIQA0Tt4RJ_story.html

    Fortunately for Perry, one of the state’s most influential Republicans, former state House speaker David Wilkins, who served as Bush’s ambassador to Canada, embraced him here.

    Wilkins ticked through the bullet points of Perry’s biography: married with two grown children, a Southerner, a conservative, started his political career at age 34, served in uniform, attended a land-grant university.

    “I’m sure all of you have many things in common with Governor Perry, and that’s the point,” Wilkins said. “Governor Perry is one of us. He is someone that we can relate to, he is someone that we can connect with, he is someone that we can believe in. And governor, South Carolina is a small state, but we have a big heart. We want our government to do a few things — a few things — and do them well, and then get out of the way.”

    At that, shouts of “Amen!” rang out among the crowd.

    Perry is aggressively building a campaign organization in South Carolina, home to the first primary in the South, where evangelical Christians make up a sizable portion of the Republican primary electorate. Perry, who laces his comments with references to his faith, is expected to do well here, although Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.), who also appeals to evangelical voters, has been making an aggressive push as well.

    Perry secured a slew of endorsements from state legislators and other South Carolina Republican figures in recent days, advisers said, and plans to begin rolling some of them out as early as next week.

  28. Free Speech | August 20, 2011 at 10:59 am |
    As CW has suggested the demRats may be preparing to throw bo under the bus. The sharp criticism of bo by Maxine Waters and John Conyers of the Black Caucus is a very bad sign for bo.
    Limbaugh – Obama Used ‘Taxpayer Money’ To Buy The Black Vote

    TRANSCRIPT from Rush Limbaugh’s show 8/18 – – –
    Now, Obama knows he’s already got the black vote no matter what. Why buy the cow when you get the milk for free? This is what he knows. Maxine, listen to me. (Anybody who knows Maxine Waters, please pass this on to her, because I’m just trying to help.) He’s ignoring you because he knows he’s got you. He’s ignoring the black community because he knows he’s got their votes. Why spend any money or time with the cow when you already get the milk for free? Now, he doesn’t get their votes for free. That costs. But it doesn’t cost him, it costs us. He used taxpayer money, but it amounts to the same thing. Now, you remember we’ve talked in the past, ladies and gentlemen, about a website called Hillbuzz; and during the 2008 campaign and particularly during Operation Chaos, we quoted extensively from Hillbuzz, and at the time I didn’t know who it was. I knew it was in Chicago. I didn’t know if it was one person; I didn’t know if it was male or female. I couldn’t tell. It turns out it’s a guy by the name of Kevin DuJan, or “Dew-Jan,” I’m not sure how he pronounces his name. It’s D-u, capital J-a-n. He’s got a post here today: “What is the Difference Between Slaves…?” He’s a Democrat, pro-Hillary in 2008. “What is the Difference Between Slaves on Plantations and Blacks Who Blindly Vote for Democrats?” His answer is really not much at all.

    READ the rest of the transcript . Very interesting about “‘What is the Difference Between Slaves on Plantations and Blacks Who Blindly Vote for Democrats? ………..

  29. Sheriff Joe Arpaio speaks on deportation and ‘birther’ quote

    Arpaio repeats commitment to deport all illegal immigrants

  30. Message for Obama..

    Cheer up! The worst is yet to come!!

  31. bob strauss | August 20, 2011 at 12:02 pm | How about a Perry/Palin ticket or a Palin/Perry ticket for Pres and Vice Pres. Could any of you vote for them?


  32. http://www.glennbeck.com/2011/07/11/glenn-announces-move-to-dallas-tx/

    Glenn made a major announcement on radio this morning, albeit a personal one – Glenn, his family, and a small number of staff members will shortly be relocating to Dallas, TX!

    “I’m moving to Dallas, Texas, and my family is there now, and I will be there shortly. We’re keeping our business, Mercury, in New York. Nobody is surprised by this, I’m sure. We have been planning for a long time,” Glenn said.

    “We are moving to Dallas and we’re going to build a film and television center and radio center in Dallas and we’re going to create some jobs with people who know how to create jobs in Texas,” he promised.

    “The thing I wanted to tell you is we are changing our life because I actually believe in the things that I tell you every day. And we’ve started GBTV which is already more wildly successful than we had imagined that we would be. It’s not even on the air yet and it’s already successful.”

  33. In 1985 we had Ronald Reagan, Bob Hope and Johnny Cash………


  34. http://www.ajc.com/news/nation-world/perry-troop-withdrawals-need-1125502.html

    After a Rock Hill event, Perry told reporters the nation needs to be thoughtful about deploying troops and bringing them home as he criticized President Barack Obama’s timeline for doing so in Afghanistan and Iraq.

    “We need to be thoughtful before we ever go into an area that America’s interests are truly being impacted, and then we need to start having a thoughtful conversation with those commanders in the field about how to be bringing our young men and women back,” Perry said. “Look, I think the president made a huge mistake by signaling the enemy that we’re going to leave at a particular time. That’s bad public policy, but more importantly it put our kids in harm’s way.”

  35. Perry/West 2012.

  36. We will never win if we choose to communicate for our own egos

  37. Hal….

    that’s a good one…it says it all !

  38. Obama blaming GOP for poor economy. But of course, taking responsibility is not Obama’s thing. He has to blame somebody for something all the time.

  39. TruthSeeker | August 20, 2011 at 4:48 pm |
    Perry/West 2012.

    I could support that ticket, but the best ticket would be Perry/Martinez IMHO. Martinez has a great bio that could help the Republicans the 40% of the Hispanic vote that is needed to win.

    Of course, the Republicans could eliminate bo simply by seeking Grand Jury Indictments of bo and his criminal cohorts in multiple County Courts. Hopefully that is what will happen once the demRats nominate the pervert again.

  40. Tina | August 20, 2011 at 5:34 pm |
    Obama blaming GOP for poor economy. But of course, taking responsibility is not Obama’s thing. He has to blame somebody for something all the time.

    Not even the Black Caucus is buying bo’s BS anymore.

  41. http://news.yahoo.com/rick-perrys-tough-talk-appeals-fiscal-conservatives-193200921.html

    Texas Gov. Rick Perry does not know the meaning of the word “demure” and fiscal conservatives across America are glad the term is missing from his vocabulary. Perry’s tough talk is quickly becoming legendary. Barely a week after declaring his candidacy, Perry is already showcasing his no nonsense style of governance without apology. It is doubtful that Perry’s fiscally responsible mindset will attract liberal voters, his staunch views on debt reduction and job growth record are wooing moderates, Independents and fiscal conservatives.

    The governor’s straight talk is refreshing in our politically correct climate. Crowds which gather to listen the man speak are not left wondering exactly where he stands on any issue. When Perry makes a statement, he stands by what he says regardless of the flak received by liberal media commentators.

    Although it has been reported over and over that Perry challenged President Barack Obama’s patriotism during this past week, he actually did not make such a statement. Perry simply told the reporter who posed the question to ask the President how he feels about America.

    As a reformed Democrat myself, I do not view Perry’s political party switch as a negative. As Perry aged and matured not only did his views fully emerge, he was placed in an arena where he was exposed to a broader range of ideas. The party switch was not a flip-flop but a realization reached from real-world experience while attempting to best serve residents of Texas.

    Perry offers the same common sense approach to governance as John Kasich, Scott Walker and Chris Christie. He says what he means with or without cameras rolling. Employing a fiscally responsible approach to running a state should not be a partisan issue but a liberal love of entitlement spending pits Republicans against Democrats during every election.

  42. Birtherreport is reporting that the name harrison brounel that lives at the same chicago address and uses the same ssn has vanished from the internet. It has been officially scrubbed.

    Can this be done w/o the ss administration knowing about it? I don’t know the answer to that.
    But, one thing I am absolutely sure of. There is nothing like this that goes on that the secret service doesn’t know every single thing about.

    It’s official. The gov’t is totally corrupt. Totally.

  43. Perry/Palin 2012!!!

  44. When i said brounel had been scrubbed, I meant the ssn references on ss databases. I didn’t mean that the name itself doesn’t show up on the internet. Just the INCRIMINATING stuff has been scrubbed.

  45. Jonah | August 20, 2011 at 3:19 pm |

    Some Black voters are beginning to see that they above all people have been harmed by bo and his criminal cohorts. It is about time that they got that rude awakening.

    bo has set the Black race back to where they were in the darkest days of the segregation era. It is sad. Republicans are never going to get the support of Blacks other than the few enlightened Blacks like West, Keyes and Cain. They should concentrate on getting the Hispanic Vote.

  46. Georgetown | August 20, 2011 at 6:23 pm |
    Perry/Palin 2012!!!

    I like Sarah Palin. She is the main reason I worked for the McCain/Palin campaign in 2008, but Perry has already got the Palin vote locked up. IMHO he needs to concentrate on getting the Hispanic vote. IMHO the best ticket is Perry/Martinez.

    Palin would make a good Secretary of the Interior.

  47. http://www.nytimes.com/2011/08/21/us/21ttenergy.html

    In the opening days of his presidential campaign, Gov. Rick Perry of Texas has railed against a favorite target, the Environmental Protection Agency, and declared himself a “skeptic” on the subject of humans as the cause of global warming.

    If Mr. Perry wins the White House, his national energy policy will focus on cutting federal regulations, especially at the E.P.A., his spokesman, Mark Miner, said.

    “The governor’s energy priorities will be centered around scaling back the E.P.A.’s intrusive, misguided and job-killing policies, which will empower states to foster their own energy resources without crippling mandates and open the doors for our nation to pursue and strengthen an all-of-the-above energy approach,” Mr. Miner wrote in an e-mail.

    “America is rich in energy resources, both traditional and renewable, and those resources should all be utilized so we can decrease our dependence on foreign energy sources and help generate greater job growth, which our nation desperately needs.”

    To unpack what this means, it is worth reviewing Mr. Perry’s record on energy, a huge driver of the Texas economy. One theme that Mr. Perry often emphasizes, and that Mr. Miner suggested would help shape a nationwide policy, has been energy diversification. Over Mr. Perry’s decade as governor, natural gas drilling has surged, and wind last year supplied nearly 8 percent of the electricity on the Texas grid, up from less than 1 percent in 2000, when Mr. Perry took office. The state’s first biomass power plant began operating this month, and, contrary to the national trend, Mr. Perry has also backed construction of new coal-fired power plants.

    States’ rights are another Perry talking point, and he has spoken out against federal constraints on coal, oil and gas, as well as against federal policies to aid ethanol.

    Many of the changes — the gas and wind booms, for example — might have happened with or without the governor. But he has had a hand in advancing them.

    Oil and Gas

    Unlike many past Texas governors, including George W. Bush, Mr. Perry is not an oilman. But the oil and gas industries have applauded his policies. Mostly, of course, drillers like Texas’ low-tax, low-regulation environment, which Mr. Perry did not create but has maintained. Oilmen cheered his call to end the Obama administration’s moratorium on new deepwater drilling after the Gulf of Mexico was damaged by last year’s BP oil spill, which Mr. Perry suggested was an “act of God.”

    Natural gas drilling has exploded during Mr. Perry’s tenure, with Texas production climbing 28 percent between 2000 and 2010. That is mainly because of the expansion of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, the process of sending water, sand and chemicals underground to break up shale and release gas or oil. Fracking, however, has stirred concerns about groundwater and air pollution.

    Mr. Perry has spoken out in support of fracking. Last week in Iowa, he accused the Obama administration of “trying to scare people, and saying that hydraulic fracking somehow or another is going to damage the groundwater.” He said that e knew of no cases in which fracking had affected groundwater and that ample natural gas might even be lying beneath Iowa.

    This summer Mr. Perry signed a bill that required disclosure of many chemicals in the fracking process. State Representative Jim Keffer, Republican of Eastland and the bill’s champion, said that while the governor was “not that involved” in the legislative process, “certainly at times where we needed a little push here and there, his staff was willing and able to do that.”

    Mr. Perry also signed a bill in 2003 that made permanent (quietly, critics argue) a reduction in the severance tax paid on “high-cost gas,” which includes gas retrieved through fracking.

    The gas industry is a fan. “He’s been governor for 11 years, and he’s had a lot of opportunities to make mistakes and detract from the climate that has allowed us the predictability” to make investments, said David Blackmon, a Texas official with America’s Natural Gas Alliance. “And he hasn’t done that.”


    Under Mr. Perry, Texas has moved eagerly to build coal-fired power plants, even as other states have stopped issuing permits for the plants because of pollution concerns.

    In 2005, the governor issued an executive order that allowed a more rapid approval of coal plant permits. A major electric company, TXU, sought to build 11 coal-plant units, though those plans ultimately fell apart after private equity firms bought the company and committed to environmental improvements. “The biggest thing Perry did on energy was to try to fast-track 11 coal plants,” said Jim Marston, the Texas head of the Environmental Defense Fund. “And I think everybody in Texas ought to be glad that Perry’s plan failed.”

    The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, the state’s environmental agency, which is headed by three Perry appointees, continues to award coal plant permits. Nine proposed plants have received permits. (Nineteen coal plants already operate across the state.)

    Mr. Perry, an outspoken fan of “clean coal,” also lashes out regularly against the E.P.A., which wants to tighten restrictions on air pollutants like ozone and mercury that could shut down older coal plants. Texas is also leading the fight against federal greenhouse gas regulation.


    Arguably, Mr. Perry’s most interesting energy efforts have related to wind power, which has boomed under his administration. Today, after a decade of rapid growth, Texas is the nation’s wind leader. The groundwork was laid by Mr. Bush, who in 1999 signed a bill that — besides deregulating the electric sector — established a renewable-energy requirement that kick-started wind development.

    But Mr. Perry has added to that. In 2005, he signed a bill requiring Texas to have 5,880 megawatts of renewables capacity by 2015. The state has already surpassed that requirement.

    Mr. Perry has also strongly backed a $5 billion project to build transmission lines to ferry power from remote West Texas to big cities. “He has been a stalwart in defense of wind energy in this state — no question about it,” said Paul Sadler, executive director of the Wind Coalition. An extra charge of up to $5 per month on Texans’ electric bills will pay for construction of the lines.

  48. http://newmexicoindependent.com/70791/martinez-cracks-down-on-foreign-national-drivers-licenses

    Gov. Susana Martinez ordered the Motor Vehicle Department to send out 10,000 letters to the estimated 85,000 foreign nationals who have New Mexico Driver’s Licenses but no Social Security numbers, asking them to to prove they still live in the state.

    Those who get a letter must make an appointment with MVD within 30 days, and bring proof of residency — a lease, bank statement, pay stubs, utility bills or other verifying documents. If the license-holder does not show or cannot prove state residency, then his license is canceled.

  49. New Mexico Gov. Susana Martínez is directing police to check the immigration status of people arrested for crimes.

    The Republican, who made headlines after the November elections when she became the nation’s first Latina governor, said she was eliminating an executive order by former Gov. Bill Richardson, a Democrat, that prohibited law enforcement officials from asking people about immigration status.

    “This order takes the handcuffs off of New Mexico’s law enforcement officers in their mission to keep our communities safe,” Martínez said in a statement. “The criminal justice system should have the authority to determine the immigration status of all criminals, regardless of race or ethnicity, and report illegal immigrants who commit crimes to federal authorities.”

    Read more: http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/politics/2011/02/01/new-mexico-governor-susana-martinez-tells-police-check-immigration-status/#ixzz1Vc48Ke6G

  50. I’m new to Martinez but so far she sounds REAL good…

  51. The African American vote is so locked up on Zero it’s no wonder both he AND the Reuplicans have shunned them lately.

    Neither has anything to lose otherwise.

  52. Dang,

    Gotta work towards that retirement I’ll never see.


  53. Republicans.

  54. A Crazy Old Coot

    A 1930 U.S. Census Bureau record lists Martinez’s paternal grandparents, Adolfo and Francisca Martinez, and shows their citizenship status as “AL” for “alien,” the census-form indication for “all foreign-born persons neither naturalized nor having first papers.”

    Both sets of grandparents were Mexican immigrants. Her father’s parents disappeared from his life early on, so he was raised by aunts. At the age of 5, he became a shoe shiner and slowly moved up to becoming a renowned El Paso boxing coach, a police officer and then a security business owner.
    Did any of them ever become legal citizens??

  55. According to fox news affiliate in phoenix, the az sheriff has put out a press release stating that the previous media reports are wrong, and he has simply stated that he would look into the matter and see if some other agency in az should look into the legitimacy of obama’s bc.

    Hate to say i told you so, but i did.
    Forget gov’t help. Just forgit it!

    We’re going to have to do this ourselves or it ain’t gonna git done.

  56. I’m not down on Perry, but he appears to have a fair amount of exposure on multiple fronts.

  57. http://blogs.ajc.com/political-insider-jim-galloway/2011/08/19/channel-2-poll-rick-perry-takes-a-quick-lead-in-georgia/?cxntfid=blogs_political_insider_jim_galloway

    Political Insider Channel 2 poll: Rick Perry takes a quick lead in Georgia

    A fresh poll by Channel 2 Action News and InsiderAdvantage shows Texas Gov. Rick Perry coming out of the chute strong in Georgia, with nearly a quarter of the Republican vote after only a week in the 2012 presidential campaign.

    More from Lori Geary and company when available, but here are the basics:

    – Rick Perry, 24 percent;

    – Herman Cain, 15 percent;

    – Newt Gingrich, 9 percent;

    – Michele Bachmann, 8 percent;

    – Mitt Romney, 6 percent;

    – Ron Paul, 5 percent;

    – Jon Huntsman, 1 percent;

    – And other candidates, 4 percent;

  58. Texas Gov. Rick Perry does not know the meaning of the word “demure”
    No. but he sure knows the meaning of the words “hooker”, “escort”, “gay lover”, stripper” “ACORN”, and “phony republican”.

  59. Gov Rick Perry is the only candidate that the obots are attacking, but they claim that bo wants to run against Perry, BS the obots would not be singling out Perry. It is obvious that Romney is the demRats dream candidate since he is the only one that they don’t attack eventhough he was the frontrunner for months.

  60. http://news.yahoo.com/rick-perry-energizes-conservative-153900492.html

    Rick Perry entered the race to become the presidential nominee for the Republican Party on Aug. 13 and he is already crushing front-runner Mitt Romney in the polls. Romney was a clear-cut leader among most Republican voters before Perry entered the fray but now Rasmussen is reporting Perry holds a double-digit lead on Romney after just a few days on the campaign trail.

    Perry is pounding the podium and energizing the conservative debate with his take no prisoners philosophy. He is pummeling President Barack Obama’s liberal agenda much like Ronald Reagan lashed out at Jimmy Carter in 1980.

  61. http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2011/08/21/perry-defends-stance-on-fed-immigration/

    The Texas governor did not back down from statements about the validity of climate change, his position on immigration, or his claim that Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s quantitative easing plans were “treasonous.”

    “I’m passionate about the Obama administration’s monetary policy” Perry said. “That’s what my remarks were about.”

    Speaking to the media Saturday afternoon for the first time in five days, Perry seemed to welcome scrutiny that comes with being one of the leading GOP contenders for the White House.

    “But the fact of the matter is, I’m about representing the American people out here, and the American people are really concerned and scared,” Perry added. “Small businessmen and woman are frightened about the monetary policy or the lack thereof with this administration.”

  62. http://articles.baltimoresun.com/2011-08-20/entertainment/bal-rick-perry-barack-obama-be-fair-and-accurate-20110820_1_treason-printing-more-money-social-media

    I think someone who served in the military as Perry did (as a fighter pilot) has every right as a candidate to raise the issue of who made a bigger http://articles.baltimoresun.com/2011-08-20/entertainment/bal-rick-perry-barack-obama-be-fair-and-accurate-20110820_1_treason-printing-more-money-social-mediasacrifice to his country as a young person — him or someone who chose college. He has an absolute right to do that and it gets at the hypocrisy of the Washington political and media class that urges people to serve their country as members of the military and then sends their own sons and daughters to elite colleges and universities instead of military service.

  63. It will get interesting when Sarah Palin enters the race.

  64. Best lawn sign ever:

    “If you voted for Obama in 2008 to prove you weren’t a racist, you’d better vote for someone else in 2012 to prove you’re not an idiot.’

  65. http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2011/08/18/MNF51KONBS.DTL

    The more I learn about Romney it becomes clear that the only difference between bo and Romney is that he is a mormon and not a muslim. Romney supports algore Global Warming Hoax; enacted the model for boCare in Massachuetts; ruined the Massachuetts Economy making that once economically vibrant State 49th in Job creation only ahead of a post Katrina Louisianna.

    While Romney believes that the world is getting warmer and that humans are contributing to that pattern, Perry called global warming “a scientific theory that has not been proven.”

    Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2011/08/17/MNF51KONBS.DTL#ixzz1Vg27nySD

  66. As much as I like Sarah Palin, I doubt that she will gain much traction now that Gov Perry has jumped into the lead. She will only take votes away from Congresswoman Bachmann which is a shame because Michelle Bachmann is an intelligent and effective spokesperson for the Tea Party Movement.

  67. Wow, as much as I hate to, I try to catch the liberal talk shows on Sunday mornings. It appeared to me, that on Meet the Press, pretty much everyone is souring on Obama. But I just read an interesting article at Hot Air that suggested what if O decides not to run for re-election. His numbers are tanking, economy is contracting….yikes, this is an unforeseen predicament for us. I have no doubt that Mickey Mouse could beat Obama in 2012, but if they put up another candidate, we are in for a huge struggle. Too many people are having buyer’s remorse electing O in 08, but have too much loyalty not to see their entire party has been hijacked

  68. HonorFirst | August 21, 2011 at 11:35 am |

    Is there any demRat who can win in 2012? Hillary? She lost it when she kissed bo on National TV at demRat convention in 2008 not to mention WikiLeaks, Eygpt, Israel, and Hillary’s War on Libya.

    John Edwards? John Kerry? Can anyone name a demRat who can win in 2012 after the muslim communist pervert has made such a mess of our Country?

  69. HonorFirst | August 21, 2011 at 11:35 am |

    Hi Honor,

    Ya, even Barky’s base is in panic mode but I’m not so sure that another Dem candidate would do the trick for them; people seem to be disillusioned by the Dem party itself because they put up a moron like Obama in the first place.

    It’s all catching up….

    Another thought: I’m not sure that even though there are some really good black politicians out there (Cain and West, among others) the American public will go for another ‘minority’ candidate in light of what the ‘first’ one has done to America; it seems to be the same feeling if Barky were Hispanic, a woman, or a Native American. That’s what I’m hearing, anyway. Maybe if we stop using the term ‘the first’ when describing any candidate other than a white male, a candidate’s race or gender wouldn’t be so up front all the time.

    Just my thoughts…

  70. Free Speech and Sue K, Hi and hope ya’ll are right. As long as they don’t find a blue dog conservative dem, we will be ok hopefully.

  71. Sarah Palin said that she would announce if she is going run by September. But she’s attending a gathering with Glenn Beck on Oct 7th in St. Louis. Ticket prices range from $20 – $97.

    My hope is that Palin will give her support to Allen West as presidential candidate, one of Beck’s favorites. I know West said he’s not running. I can dream can’t I?
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck are coming to town for a once in a lifetime event and you don’t want to miss it. FM NewsTalk 97.1 and Hansen’s Tree Service proudly present Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck, Friday October 7th, at the Family Arena.


  72. HonorFirst | August 21, 2011 at 12:11 pm |
    Free Speech and Sue K, Hi and hope ya’ll are right. As long as they don’t find a blue dog conservative dem, we will be ok hopefully.

    Is there any such thing as a “conservative” demRat anymore? I think all the true conservative democrats like Gov Rick Perry and President Ronald Reagan became Republicans a long time ago.

  73. i still have trouble believing it. so many people on this site are still willing to support and vote for every coward co – conspirator that is mentioned as a candidate for 2012. palin , cain , bachmann , perry , romney , etc . etc .

  74. HonorFirst | August 21, 2011 at 12:11 pm |

    Hi Honor,

    Doing OK; hope you are, too.

    I know that the Repubs are at fault as well, but as I tell my staunch Dem acquaintances, this in NOT the Dem party of your parents. My parents were Dems because it was the party ‘of the working people; the Repubs were for the rich.’ That was then.

    As time went on, that proved to not be true; the Dems became ‘progressive’ while the Repubs seemed to be more in tune with the average Joe. One thing’s for sure, though, everything has changed since the 1960s so party loyalty really doesn’t work anymore.

    I think it’ll be interesting to see if the Dems really do ‘primary’ Barky. If that happens, wait’ll you hear the shouts of *racism!*

  75. eddie h. | August 21, 2011 at 12:47 pm |

    OK, eddie; this has been asked before: WHO, then?

    Please share your thoughts (and your candidates).

  76. Jonah | August 21, 2011 at 12:13 pm |

    My hunch is that Palin will not run. I suspect the Beck/Palin event is more about promoting GB TV than promoting a Palin run for President. And I am sad to say that bo has ruined the chances of any Black Person being elected President again.


    HonorFirst | August 21, 2011 at 11:35 am |

    I too watched the liberal talk shows and what was most remarkable to me is not what was said but what the rino Tokyo Rove did not say. The rino did not say an ill word about Gov Perry. I suspect that even the rinos have resigned themselves that there is nothing they can do to stop the Perry Conservative Revolution.

  77. HonorFirst said that Mickey Mouse could beat Obie…

    I disagree…. Mickey Mouse donated to Obie’s campaign in ’08 and would probably not run against another imaginary character.

  78. http://www.nydailynews.com/opinions/2011/08/21/2011-08-21_rick_perrys_more_texan_than_george_w_bush_and_thats_why_hes_a_2012_force_to_be_r.html

    He’s self-made. Though Perry was lieutenant governor to Bush’s governor, his political career actually predates Bush’s. He has held office in Texas for more than a quarter of a century. That gives him a different network of loyalists and supporters – and a different cast of critics.

    He’s shrewd. When you’re looking at a guy who’s never lost an election, and rarely had a close one, you have to wonder why he might be charmed. It’s not just luck. Perry has an instinct for what he needs to do to win.

    Interestingly, he doesn’t do more than it takes to win. In past elections, we haven’t seen him trying to build a bigger tent, or professing an interest in bipartisan behavior.

    He’s an optimist. On the stump, Perry naturally exudes a sort of Reaganesque sunniness that you can almost feel candidates like Mitt Romney reaching to manufacture. He doesn’t tell people to have hope; he tells them to get going. He speaks of voters being “frustrated” rather than embattled. At 61, he still relishes a challenge, and as his rivals for the nomination circle around him, he’ll greet them with indomitable self-confidence.

    He’s been successful. Rivals will drag every piece of Perry’s record to the light, and there is plenty worth exposing. But no one can argue he’s all hat and no cattle. More than a decade of governing a huge state has given him lots of talking points too. As his campaign keeps mentioning, since June 2009, 40% of America’s net new jobs have been created in Texas. Last week Paul Krugman tried to reduce that “Texas miracle” to the status of myth – but while we can question how much credit Perry deserves for the employment explosion, the data aren’t debatable.

    He’s conservative. Really. Bush rose to prominence as a kind of right-wing Bill Clinton, a political triangulator who would build the base and reshape the Republican brand via “compassionate conservativism.” His presidency brought an expansive new federal education law, No Child Left Behind, as well as a costly new prescription drug benefit under Medicare.

    Perry has explicitly rejected this path. As governor, for the most part, he has met budget shortfalls with cuts. He is a staunch critic of federal programs such as No Child Left Behind, on the grounds that they are intrusive.

    In his 2010 book “Fed Up!” he was explicit: “The branding of compassionate conservatism meant that the GOP was sending the wrong signal that conservatism alone wasn’t sufficient or, worse yet, was somehow flawed and had to be rebranded.”

    To be sure, Perry has backed down when the public demands it. He railed against stimulus money, for example, but he accepted it. Another case concerns his 2007 order mandating that girls receive a vaccine against HPV, a virus that causes cervical cancer. That angered both left and right, and the legislature overturned the order. Last weekend, Perry explained that he hadn’t done his research. “One of the things I do pride myself on, I listen,” he added.

    This is the man America is getting to know. Perry’s potential to capture the Republican imagination says a lot about his talents. But it says even more about how the GOP itself has changed in the past 10 years – from a party rebranding itself to build on Bill Clinton’s domestic policy successes to one that’s rejecting not only the last few years under President Obama, but the eight years of Republican rule prior.

  79. http://www.nola.com/politics/index.ssf/2011/08/rick_perry_leads_in_poll_of_li.html

    According to the poll by Wilson Perkins Allen Opinion Research, 30 percent are backing the newest GOP candidate, Texas Gov. Rick Perry, while 16 percent support U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn; and 15 percent prefer former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

  80. http://www.usnews.com/opinion/articles/2011/08/05/dont-assume-the-hispanic-vote-is-a-democratic-lock

    The number of Hispanics in the United States reached an historic 50.5 million in 2010, according to the U.S. Census. But unlike the mantra perpetuated almost daily by political pundits, their growing presence does not signify an automatic Democratic election win and a huge GOP loss.

    The hype over the Democratic Latino vote ignores the fact that Latinos are the most diverse “ethnic” group in the country. Hispanics have a wide range of cultural and national backgrounds, interests, and immigration status. Their electorate has never voted as a bloc. [Check out U.S. News Weekly, now available on iPad.]

    The “powerful Latino vote” mantra based on Hispanics growing numbers’ also ignores the clear fact that the “Latino” demographic does not equal its electorate. Only about 26.6 million Latinos in the United States will be eligible to vote in 2012—about half the present demographic. Seventy-three percent of them are native-born Americans, and like typical Americans, only about one third will register to vote. [See a slide show of who’s in and out for the GOP in 2012.]

    Close to a third of Latino voters always vote Republican—between 31-39 percent voted Republican in the past five presidential elections. This includes Latinos in Southwestern states like Arizona, and Texas. In 2010, all five of the new Hispanic Congressmen in the 112th Congress are Republicans (from Idaho, Florida, Washington, and two from Texas), as is the only new Hispanic Senator (Florida’s Marco Rubio), and the country’s first Latina governor (Susana Martinez of New Mexico).

  81. http://www.slate.com/id/2261459/

    Adios, Democrats

    More Hispanic voters are Democrats, but the better Hispanic candidates are Republicans.

    For Democrats, the most frightening candidate of 2010 may well be Susana Martinez, the Republican nominee for governor in New Mexico. If she wins in November, she will be the first female Hispanic governor in U.S. history—and an instant national GOP spokeswoman.

  82. sue k.
    i will not support any candidate or potential candidate that will not stand up and address obama’s eligibility , a forged birth certificate , a fraudulent ssn. , a back dated and forged ssr. if they will not take on a tough issue like this , they are not likrly to stand up to a tough issue or make a tough decision after elected. plus giving them a pass and your support means that obama will walk free after committing serious crimes against the u. s. because once any of them are elected , they will not bother to have obama arrested and prosecuted. they will say we need to move on to other matters and obama goes free with the msm making a mortal out of him. i have seen this to many times in washington.

  83. jonah ,
    allen west is another coward , phony , and co – conspirator. he promised before elected to deal with obama’s ineligibility and b. c. issue . then after elected he says to go after obama on policy and not be concerned about his eligibility. please you people stop falling for the politicians lies and tricks. they all manage to snow peoplke in their campaigns , then turn out to be cowards and traitors after elected , and the voters just keep falling for it.

  84. http://www.usnews.com/news/blogs/washington-whispers/2011/08/11/hispanics-women-top-gop-vice-presidents-list

    “The next vice president will be brown, maybe a woman,” a top Republican official told Whispers. And if not, look for somebody with budget-cutting chops to satisfy the Tea Party, the insiders add.

    Several political experts helped us develop the list of the top 10 most buzzed about Republican vice presidential possibilities.

    [See a slide show of GOP vice presidential possibilities getting the most buzz.]

    1. Florida Sen. Marco Rubio. Strong Hispanic ties, good relations with seniors and who could help any nominee win Florida.

    2. Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval. Western, Hispanic links and a strong anticrime background.

    3. Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell. Federalist who fights for states rights and whose state has a budget surplus.

    4. New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez. Latina who’s tough on crime.

    5. Rep. Michele Bachmann. Should she fall short in presidential race, she’d be tops with Tea Party.

    6. Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels. A former head of the Office of Management and Budget, he fixed his state’s economy and has written a new book laying out a tough fix to the nation’s economic ills.

    7. Ohio Sen Rob Portman. He is another former White House budget chief who has proposed strong economic programs in the Senate.

    8. South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley. A woman and daughter of immigrants from India, she’s practiced conservative principles in working to fix the state’s budget.

    9. Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal. Son of Indian immigrants, he’s been talked about as a presidential candidate.

    10. Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan. Youthful, Midwestern, and a GOP budget boy genius who wrote the House-passed 2013 budget that conservatives love and Democrats hate.

  85. http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0211/49047.html

    Bob McDonnell, Susana Martinez and Marco Rubio are among many notable VP possibilities.

    Read more: http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0211/49047.html#ixzz1VgucgAHj

  86. http://www.politicsdaily.com/2010/11/29/the-next-gop-veep-will-likely-be-hispanic/

    Republicans are now in the enviable position of having a new generation of qualified Hispanic leaders to choose from. The two most obvious picks would be Florida Sen.-elect Marco Rubio and New Mexico Gov.-elect Susana Martinez.

  87. http://www.nmpolitics.net/index/2011/07/martinez%E2%80%99s-popularity-stands-out-among-gop-governors/

    On Public Policy Polling’s blog, Tom Jensen wrote, “A female Hispanic Governor who’s maintaining her popularity as she governs a blue state? Martinez would be at the top of my VP list for next year if I was a Republican strategist.”

    The Public Policy Polling survey points to an interesting situation in New Mexico that NMPolitics.net reported on last month in its monthly newsletter that goes out to qualifying donors. I highlighted a state GOP poll conducted in late March that had Martinez’s popularity at 61 percent, with 31 percent viewing her unfavorably.

    As the Washington Post recently reported, the low approval ratings of most GOP governors of swing states could help President Barack Obama’s re-election chances next year. From the Post:

    “In Michigan, Rick Snyder has only a 33 percent approval rating, with a hefty disapproval rating of 60 percent. Down in Florida, Rick Scott is at 29 percent approval and 57 percent disapproval. Ohio’s John Kasich has 33 percent and 56 percent, respectively. Wisconsin firebrand Scott Walker is right there at 43 percent approval and 54 percent disapproval.

    “In two other swing states, Iowa’s Terry Branstad (39 percent approval, 47 percent disapproval) and New Jersey’s Chris Christie (an even 44-44 percent split) are faring only slightly better.”

  88. Found these videos posted at the Steady Drip.


  89. A Crazy Old Coot

    Florida Sen.-elect Marco Rubio and New Mexico Gov.-elect Susana Martinez
    Rubio is NOT a Natural Born Citizen. His parents were not citizens when he was born.

    I still don’t know about Martinez, were her parents or grandparents ever citizens????

  90. Dr. Corsi’s complete presentation to Tea Party Patriots – One hour 22 min.

    This presentation resulted in a petition to famed Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio who is “looking into” the issue.


  91. aristotlethehun | August 21, 2011 at 6:17 pm |

    Dr. Corsi’s complete presentation to Tea Party Patriots – One hour 22 min.

    This presentation resulted in a petition to famed Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio who is “looking into” the issue.

    Corsi is a real patriot for sticking his neck out on this issue, I hope sheriff Joe Arpaio backs him up.

  92. A little something I sent to Brietbart.

    Thank you for submitting your inquiry.You can track the status of your inquiry here.
    You may want to save your case’s ticket: 68170

    (Open) Joe Arpaio to investigate Obama Birth Document

    RSS Feed RSS Feed
    Received 8/21/2011 (Today) 5:20 PM
    bob strauss
    Sun, 21 Aug 2011 17:20:01 -0700
    Joe Arpaio to investigate Obama Birth Document
    Investigation forthcoming?

  93. eddie h.
    i will not support any candidate or potential candidate that will not stand up and address obama’s eligibility , a forged birth certificate , a fraudulent ssn. , a back dated and forged ssr.
    eddie h..
    I’m curious as to which candidate are you going to support? Which candidate is addressing Obama’s eligibility, forged birth certificate, fraudulent Social Security number and back dated and forged Selective Service Registration? I might consider giving support to him/her.

    As far as I’m concerned they all have flaws. Not one is THE PERFECT ONE. I like West because he has the wisdom to recognize the serious threats to the security of our country. But for right now, it is waaaay to soon for me to make a commitment to any candidate.

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