Nebraska Save the American Dream rally, Grassroots in Nebraska counter rally, Countering Labor Union

Nebraska Save the American Dream rally, Grassroots in Nebraska counter rally, Countering Labor Union

From Grassroots in Nebraska February 25, 2011.


WHAT: Counter-Rally

We’re countering the “Save the American Dream” Labor Union
Rally (see below)


FOR: Support Nebraska Legislation to Reform Collective Bargaining Laws

WHERE: We’ll gather at the Centennial Mall across from the State
Capitol, Lincoln, Nebraska

Click HERE <>
 for maps of the Capitol area, parking garages downtown, and driving

PLEASE RSVP by clicking HERE <>
 and help out by FORWARDING TO FRIENDS!!


We’re working on some sign ideas – if you have any, please forward to or post on the GiN site.

Thanks to 9/12 Omaha <>
, who began this effort, we know that put out a call for
supporters of labor unions to hold rallies at every state capitol this
Saturday, February 26 and there is one scheduled this Saturday at the
Nebraska State Capitol in Lincoln at noon.

While we cannot find any notice of the event on any of the websites of
local unions or supporting groups, the Lincoln event
 page showed 75 RSVPs as of 10pm Thursday night and a Facebook page
for the event <>
 showed as many as 50. These events seem to have sprung up quickly and
RSVP rates online are typically lower than turnout (how much varies).

If you believe that government spending must be reined in, that
government employee compensation, health care benefits, and pensions
should be no more generous than that received by employees in the
private sector, then come down and show your support for collective
bargaining reform.

If you are skeptical that this issue is having any negative effect on
Nebraska, PLEASE read below.

OUR PLAN: We will gather on the Centennial Mall because we are NOT
attempting to get involved directly in the labor union rally. I
explicitly urge you NOT to do so as it will only lead to trouble. Our
purpose is to gather together in whatever number chooses to show
support for reforming collective bargaining. (If you are skeptical
about participating, see this article
 or this Facebook posting

We are unlikely to stay outdoors for the entire length of the labor
union rally; we will likely keep our program brief and those who are
interested in hearing more detailed information about the legislation
on this issue and its status will be invited to join us indoors
downtown at a location we will announce at our gathering on the Mall.


Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like SERIOUS action is going to take
place in Nebraska on this issue – READ TODAY’S ARTICLE ON THE GiN SITE
. (publishin at 8am)

The information below can be supported and examined in greater depth
by reading some of our articles on the subject, which are listed
further down.

 Nebraska has a nearly $1 billion budget shortfall – by population,
it’s proportional the $3.5 billion shortfall in Wisconsin.
 Nebraska’s Retirement System – the government employee pension fund –
has been bailed out several times in the past two years because many
government workers’ pensions are not tied to market value, they are
guaranteed benefits regardless of the market, unlike the 401k plans
for workers in the private sector.
 In order to “balance” our State budget, we have taken in a great deal
of Federal stimulus funds, most of which was used to bailout the
pension funds, as noted above, with the rest going to education (sold
by Congress as “saving teachers’ jobs), and Medicaid.

One of the reasons Nebraska’s unemployment rate is so low is because
too many people work for government in our State:

 17% of Nebraska’s workforce is employed by State or local government
 In Lincoln, 24% of the workforce works for State or local government.
 In Omaha, 15% of the workforce works for State or local government.

AFFECTING TAXPAYERS: Nebraskans are overtaxed…our top marginal
income tax rate is as high as states that lost population in the past
ten years; several studies in the past decade have shown that our
taxation structure is suppressing business activity. Nebraska’s two
largest cities, Lincoln and Omaha, have increased taxes in the past
year because their budgets are in trouble. In Omaha, two tax increases
were imposed to cover increased costs of a labor union contract.
Lincoln’s telecomm tax was raised in 2010 to increase revenues, making
it the highest in the United States; 24% of cell phone, landline, and
other telecomm bills is taxation.

GiN Articles:

Wisconsin Legislation: Union Busting or Common Sense?

Collective Bargaining Advocates Protect Their Own: Who Protects
Taxpayers? <>

Comment on GiN Site Reveals Troubling Attitudes of Too Many

Hearing Testimony: Collective Bargaining By NE Gov’t Obstructs State
Spending Caps <>

Hearing Information <>
 NOT Surprising: Public Support Growing for Ending Collective
Bargaining by Public Employees <>

Public Employee Unions: Breaking State and Local Budgets

ACTION ALERT: Big Turnout Needed at Capitol on Monday Feb. 7th

Reduce Government Budgets: Contact Senators About Worker Wages and
Benefits <>

Budget Buster Fix: Prohibit Collective Bargaining by Public Employees

2 responses to “Nebraska Save the American Dream rally, Grassroots in Nebraska counter rally, Countering Labor Union

  1. Good Morning! Great work CW.

  2. There is also a rally, countering MoveOn, in Raleigh, North Carolina, today at noon, at the courthouse. Several people from Wilmington are going.

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