Blagojevich trial update, Judge James Zagel refuses to throw out conviction, Citizen Wells open thread, October28, 2010

Blagojevich trial update, Judge James Zagel refuses to throw out conviction

From the Chicago Tribune October 27, 2010.

“A federal judge on Wednesday refused to throw out former Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s lone conviction from his trial last summer.

U.S. District Judge James Zagel rejected the defense contention that prosecutors brought an overly complicated case that confused the jury and then damaged Blagojevich’s right to defend himself by limiting his lawyers at every turn.

The jury convicted Blagojevich of a single count of lying to the FBI but deadlocked on all 23 other counts. He is set to be retried on those charges April 20.

Blagojevich’s lawyers had maintained that a “plethora of errors” at trial had led to the lone conviction. Blagojevich’s “fundamental right to defend himself through cross-examination was stomped upon by obstructionist (and continuous) objections that were sustained by the court,” the defense wrote.

But Zagel’s two-page opinion concluded that the defense tactics showed it didn’t have a legal leg to stand on.”

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61 responses to “Blagojevich trial update, Judge James Zagel refuses to throw out conviction, Citizen Wells open thread, October28, 2010

  1. $8 billion spent, no records kept
    Inspector general’s report raises alarms about funds inside Defense Department

  2. Democrats pressing Obama not to run again
    Source says senior figures have discussed with president’s top advisers

  3. DeFazio puts bull’s-eye on Chief Justice Roberts
    Struggling Oregon Democrat accused of ‘publicity stunt’

  4. $3,000 fine announced for homeschooling
    Officials tell parents they don’t even get a court hearing on dispute

  5. D.C. suburb OKs Saudi madrassa – again
    Watchdog challenges county officials to reveal funding sources

  6. Zach Jones | October 28, 2010 at 3:07 am | These people have to be stopped!

    Via the Post & Email and some; – Monroe County Gestapo beat and taser retired Naval Commander – “THEY TRIED TO RIP OFF MY LEFT EAR” – by Sharon Rondeau

    (Oct. 27, 2010) — As of 9:50 p.m. EDT, The Post & Email has just spoken with LCDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, who was arrested today at his home on a charge of “failure to appear” at a hearing last Friday of which he claims he was not notified. Fitzpatrick is being held in the Monroe County detention facility.


    A Monroe County Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman said Monday that retired Navy Lt. Commander Walter Fitzpatrick III of Sweetwater was being sought. Special Circuit Judge Jon Blackwood also ordered Fitzpatrick held without bond until his Dec. 1 trial.

    Fitzpatrick failed to attend a Friday hearing where the judge refused a request by defense attorney Stephen Pidgeon to withdraw from the case. Pidgeon said Monday he could not discuss the reason for the request.


    It is very disturbing that his lawyer, Pidgeon, tried to withdraw without even notifying Fitzpatrick and the judge revoked his bond and had him arrested. Now he is facing trial on Dec. 1 effectively without counsel and unable to prepare for trial while in jail without bond.

    Tennessee has become a Police State under bo’s regime.

    For information on Crimes committed by the BHO regime:

  7. bo is stealing another election and the msm is covering up for him.

    The very bad day Democrats are expecting next Tuesday might not be as terrible as feared, according to some analysts not known for wishful thinking.

    There’s abundant evidence – often ignored or discounted by mainstream media outlets – that the organized base of the Democratic Party is stirring in ways that pollsters and pundits are likely to miss.

  8. Another big story that hasn’t drawn much notice is the role black voters will play. “There are more than a dozen Senate races and more than a dozen governor’s races where the black vote could make a difference,” says David Bositis, senior research associate at the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, a Washington-based think tank.

    “If they turn out in large numbers, I think it’s going to surprise a lot of people,” Bositis says. “I think the Democrats could conceivably hold on to the House.”

    Bositis says this year could end up looking like 1998, when Dems reversed half a century of history by picking up seats in the sixth year of a President’s term rather than losing any.

    Read more:

  9. Could something that dramatic be in the works this year – when, as in 1998, a Democratic President is under heavy fire from Republicans in ways that many see as grossly unfair? Don’t rule it out.

    And don’t expect to see it broadcast on the nightly news. “This is ground war, not air war. This is contacting people, persuading them to show up on Election Day,” says Bositis. “That’s not something you’re going to see on prime-time TV, or even on cable.”

    Read more:

  10. The Democratic National Committee has allocated $3 million to turn out black voters, which more than quadruples the highest amount they’ve ever spent. Jamal Simmons, a top D.C. operative, recently wrote that the DNC helped state parties contact more black voters in September of this year than in all of 2006.

    If the plan works, it could be the margin of victory in tight Senate races in Illinois, Nevada, Pennsylvania and elsewhere.

    Read more:

  11. Another potential shot in the arm for Dems could come from Latino voters turned off by the harsh anti-immigrant rhetoric championed by many Republican candidates.

    “I think that the Latino vote is going to be the October surprise,” says Maria Teresa Kumar, executive director of Voto Latino, a nonprofit advocacy organization. Kumar’s group, which makes aggressive use of social media and technology, is organizing lunchtime flash mobs tomorrow to get voters to the polls in the early-voting states of Florida, California, Arizona, Texas and Colorado.

    Read more:

  12. REMINDER!! The DemoRats will cheat, so get your A$$ out and VOTE..

  13. Sorry, that did not work. I’ll try again!!

  14. How can they prove Blaggo lied if they can’t prove the other 23 charges? Doesn’t one depend on the other?

  15. Democrats Ask Pentagon for Info on Potential Obama Challengers

    The Democratic National Committee formally has asked the Pentagon for reams of correspondence between military agencies and nine potential Republican presidential candidates, a clear indication that Democrats are building opposition-research files on specific 2012 contenders even before the midterm elections.

    That’s what you do when the Prez calls them the enemy.

  16. Philo Publius……………………………………
    In reality the military doesn’t HAVE to provide the DNC with even one sentence of information that is between military agencies. While it probably would not be detrimental to the function of the military services,it should not be handed outright to politically aspired organisations. This is because such information sometimes becomes the foundation for lawsuits,hostile activity,and any other action that perpetrators can come up with to impede or otherwise cripple our military efforts. Nor should information be given out about military personell. The Democrats seem to think that they RULE everyone. If it was up to me they would be advised to seek their information via other channels. Military information should be “OFF LIMITS”

  17. bo’s thugs will be trying to provoke Patriots at rallies and on election day. It is best just to video record them and not respond in any manner that can be interpreted as violent.

    A new video of the notorious stomping incident reveals that far from just being “simply there to hold a sign” as she claimed, MoveOn protagonist Lauren Valle tried to assault Senatorial candidate Rand Paul by rushing towards his car and shoving the sign in Paul’s face, something the establishment media and the Soros blogs have completely failed to mention in their zeal to demonize the Paul campaign.

  18. Good discussion on what to do and not do when confronted by bo thugs.

  19. During WW2 a saying was published extensively by the US Government which sort of carries with it something which should make people think twice before they tell all. The saying is “LOOSE LIPS SINKS SHIPS”. Such could easily apply to general information provided to politically oriented organisations such as the DNC. They have long ago proven that they cannot be trusted with ANY information, and that they will ultimately use the information to subsequently and potentially harm the US,and or/our citizens. Case in point………WIKIPEDIA, and it’s founder! Clearly the Wikipedia is a person whose activities are very close to treasonous, and should be agressively prosecuted for his INFORMATION releases to the public of MILITARY DOCUMENTS. I personally believe that he is a psychopathic zealot who thinks that he is hitting back at someone. In reality he is potentially putting our citizens in the way of serious harm. Since he has already released thousands of documents he should face prosecution and severe penalties for his behavior. HE IS A TRAITOR TO THIS COUNTRY!

    Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
    Thursday, October 28, 2010
    The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Thursday shows that 25% of the nation’s voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as president. Forty-five percent (45%) Strongly Disapprove, giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -20 (see trends).

  21. Free Speech…………………………………..
    With regard to voting place aggression, I agree with you generally but if the agressors are determined to do harm to voters then any voter would be well within their rights to beat the living crap out of the perpetrator in SELF DEFENSE. Especially if the agressors take the initial action against the voters. This is usually ONE or TWO who are probably hired goons from the SEIU. If they start it they need to receive some really nasty lumps. I don’t know of anyone who is going to stand there and do nothing while some a$$hole beats on him. You HIT back, and in twice the intensity that was done to you. You dish out as many lumps as you can…………after all somebody will without a doubt be filming,or electronically recording it. The record will speak for itself when law enforcement arrives,as to who cast the first blow.
    By the way I voted here in Fort Wayne,yesterday, with an absentee ballot. I didn’t vote for the Republican Party……..I voted AGAINST the DEMOCRATIC PARTY with a straight ticket.Hopefully my vote will help get rid of some of our “LOCAL YOKUL” nutcases.

    A US analyst says US President Barack Obama is unlikely to end his first term as there are serious efforts by American officials to remove him due to his incompetence.
    “It is very doubtful at this time that he will last his first term,” Edward Spannaus of Executive Intelligence Review said in an interview with Press TV on Wednesday.
    “There are people who are upset within the administration and the Democratic party who are seriously considering how to remove Obama from presidency,” Spannaus added.
    Many of them put out all their calls for removing Obama under the amendment 25th of the US Constitution.
    The amendment allows for the removal of the US president if he is incapacitated either physically or mentally

  23. Looks like Sequilla Software is in FULL Swing
    Someone needs to let Sharon Angle and other REPUBS KNOW about the
    Sequilla software that changes voted in minutes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The Dems are really despickable looks like the mob is running the country!

    Sequilla used in 2008 elections in 8 major states now in over 20 states
    Someone needs to Get this SEQUILLA software on U-TUBE and expose this massive FRAUD

  24. Maybe you can use this video to persuade libs to change their votes and support a conservative candidate:

  25. It is Sequoia software, not Sequilla.

  26. I am shocked after reading about LCMR Fitzpatrick’s arrest.

    First bo’s TN cohorts revoked my bond, now they have done the same thing to Fitzpatrick.

    Fortunately, I had my wife, daughter and a fellow lawyer advocating for me as well as the good Patriots here at CW.

    Since Attorney Pidgeon is withdrawing his representation of Fitzpatrick, it does not appear that he has anyone representing him and he faces trial on Dec. 1.

    It is a sad day in America when a man is imprisoned without defense before he is even has a chance to defend himself.

    I urge all Patriots to shine a light of the injustice perpetrated on innocent citizens by bo’s cohorts in Tennessee.

    For information on Crimes committed by the BHO regime:

  27. Not only do I hope Barney Frank is thrown out, but I hope Dick Morris is prescient re: 100 seats go to Republicans.
    From the desk of Dick Morris
    Dear Reader:
    You may have read the extraordinary news that Barney Frank felt he had to personally loan his own campaign fund $200,000, adding to the almost $3 million he had raised from fat-cat donors.
    This means he’s sweating. He’s worried he could lose. Believe it or not, Barney Frank could lose his seat.
    He’s in trouble because he’s the poster child for the mortgage mess and the housing collapse.
    Don’t forget it was Barney Frank who, as chairman of the Banking Committee in 2007, continued to push for easy mortgage rules — even for people who couldn’t afford them and had no business getting mortgages.
    In fact, the evidence shows that Frank prevented oversight and regulation of the mortgage business — setting the stage for the massive economic meltdown we have been living through.
    As one of the most powerful Democratic members of Congress, Barney Frank did absolutely nothing to rein in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
    This ended in disaster, causing caused misery beyond description.
    When Bill O’Reilly grilled him about this on his show, he hemmed and hawed and then he just shouted. But the Barney Frank story gets even worse.
    What I am about to tell you is simply astounding.
    and as chairman of the powerful House Financial Services Committee, Barney Frank was actually in charge of overseeing Wall Street.
    After helping create the whole housing and mortgage collapse, then became the architect After helping create the whole housing and mortgage collapse, then became the architect of the infamous $700 billion Wall Street bailout!
    Remember — this was a time that folks like you and I on Main Street got no help at all as our housing values and stock portfolios plummeted and folks all over the country lost their jobs, businesses, and homes.
    But now it really gets sick.
    I recently discovered who actually is donating to Frank’s campaign fund.
    Lo and behold, the big donors to Barney Frank’s campaign are from big Wall Street and financial services companies!
    Frankly, this isn’t a matter of partisan politics. It’s a matter of honesty.
    Barney Frank is running scared because he’s been caught!
    Even in liberal Massachusetts Barney Frank is on the ropes. Let’s knock him down for the count.
    That’s what Super PAC for America aims to do, funds permitting.
    When we started Super PAC for America, no one was predicting that more than 50 Democrats would lose their seats in Congress. The influential Cook Political Report now predicts 60 or more.
    Some Washington insiders are telling me that as many as 75 Democrats could be defeated and that a total of 113 Democrats are vulnerable!
    This is like a live auction. Do I hear a bid for 100?

  28. Hillbuzz is requesting GROUND REPORTS by We the People, what you see and hear in your home states. Reasons listed below.
    Well, in the last days before this election, I am asking you for a very personal favor. I need you to write into HillBuzz with GROUND REPORTS on what you are seeing in your home towns. What are things like on the ground in YOUR state?
    You can’t see the behind-the-scenes here at HillBuzz, but EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE GROUND REPORTS WE’VE RUN has been picked up by dozens of actual dinosaur print and TV media sites. EVERY ONE OF THEM. Missouri. Massachusetts. Kentucky. Ohio. Hawaii. California. Every person that has written in with a GROUND REPORT has no idea the reach of what they’ve written — because the actual “media” in this country is so poor, so lazy, and so ignorant people are DESPERATE to hear what is really going on ON THE GROUND.
    If you write a GROUND REPORT for us, it will be seen by hundreds of thousands of people…maybe millions as the days go on. That is a bigger reach than most of your local papers
    The GROUND REPORTS we’ve been collecting are being saved and studied by at least five historians that I know of. They’ve asked my permission to lift these first hand accounts and include them in white papers they are writing on this election. This is historic. These are first hand accounts on the ground spotting what all the experts are missing.
    in addition to being invaluable intel that conservatives and Tea Party minded folk like us can use to maximize the blow the Left receives next Tuesday.

  29. Off-topic, but too good to wait:

    If you don’t normally watch YouTube’s, THIS is the one.
    Been there and done that – hundreds of times!

    This is just SOOOO perfect. The ESSENCE of the thing:

    I don’t know if this will make you laugh or cry.
    Personally, I did both, alternately.

  30. Anti-Obama Retired Military Officer Jailed Again – with NO Accuser (URGENT ACTION ITEM)

  31. Free Speech – 9:13AM, 9:15AM, and 9:18AM

    The article that you cite from the NY Daily News about the blacks and latinos emerging as a viable force in next Tuesday’s election was written by Errol Louis, a black man himself. Of course, we don’t know for sure how much the black and latino base will be motivated, BUT I think it is wise to consider what one of the posters said over at NY Daily News:

    11:01:35 AM
    Oct 28, 2010

    Here is an example of a man looking at a very narrow slice of the world (the minority-centric subset of New Yorkers) and projecting it onto the majority of the nation. Come out to a swing state like Ohio, and have your eyes opened, sir. Obama tried the dictator thing and it has been rejected, as has he. Irredeemably so.

    Read more:

  32. Michelle | October 28, 2010 at 12:25 pm | Hillbuzz is requesting GROUND REPORTS by We the People, what you see and hear in your home states. Reasons listed below.
    Well, in the last days before this election, I am asking you for a very personal favor. I need you to write into HillBuzz with GROUND REPORTS on what you are seeing in your home towns. What are things like on the ground in YOUR state?



    Thank you for the link. This is a great idea. We all need to shine a light on the crimes by the bo regime and maybe we can prevent bo from stealing another election.

    I tried to report the following link about the fraud and intimidation by bo cohorts but it did not post?

    For information on Crimes committed by the BHO regime:

  33. Philo-Publius | October 28, 2010 at 10:14 am |
    Democrats Ask Pentagon for Info on Potential Obama Challengers
    That’s what you do when the Prez calls them the enemy
    Oh, yes! And isn’t this type of thing the only history that O has ever had in his political life? Just look at Chicago-style politics – vicious and corrupt! There really are not enough adjectives to fully describe it.

  34. Michelle,

    The guys at Hillbuzz need to know that it was just confirmed by Rush that the bo regime is delivering ballots to felons in Prison in Chicago.

    For information on Crimes committed by the BHO regime:

  35. Carlyle | October 28, 2010 at 12:37 pm |
    This is just SOOOO perfect. The ESSENCE of the thing:

    I don’t know if this will make you laugh or cry.
    Personally, I did both, alternately.
    My reaction? I wanted to SCREAM! There is something that really “hit” me concerning the conservative’s statement about the liberals wanting to demean America. We have all been exposed at one time or another to infrequent posts here by a few who rather trash our country’s foreign policies, especially concerning the Middle East. I never exactly realized that this is really often parallel to what the liberals think. There are other similar points that could be made. No need to go into them now. Just sayin’……

  36. Trying to post a link to this.
    Clinton Curtis Tells of Election Rigging Computer Programs

  37. Free Speech @ 1:31 pm |
    I posted your article re: TN that is up now on Hillbuzz-and the Rush comment re: felons is posted but has not appeared yet-I think the Boyz will love that, from what I understand Rush is a fan of the Boyz and quotes them a lot. People at hillbuzz are hoping Rush reads Kevin’s open letter to Rush on the air. You and Kevin have a lot in common-you were a political prisoner and Kevin got beat-up in more ways than one-for months/years on end-but you guys keep on pitching-and we all have your backs. Just read over there Kevin’s letter on Ace of Spades.

  38. LM,

    Thanks for the link. We all need to shine a light on the crimes committed by bo’s cohorts in Tennessee.

    For information on Crimes committed by the BHO regime:

  39. I was starting to get a little depressed until I found this. This fellow, Charles Lollar is running against the 2nd most powerful Democrat in Congress – Majority Leader Steny Hoyer(Md). Reads like LTC Col. West in Palm Beach. Read his bio and watch the debate. Onward and Upward.

  40. I just voted in NC.
    There were more people there at 1:00 that I expected.

  41. Think this election is fair? Can we trust the vote totals.

  42. I voted yesterday CW. triple checked the ballot and printed and reviewed the print out, to make sure I didn’t vote for Harry Reid.

  43. OT, but this article is very important, because it definitely explains, at least in part, as to why we are battling such evil forces today:

    Teachers, Preachers and Greens…
    The Unholy Alliance to Transform America

    By Tom DeWeese
    When Communism “fell” in the late 1980’s, those who were busy scheming to impose global governance on the sovereign nations had a problem. Suddenly, the only super power in the world was the United States – the only nation on Earth based on the ideals of limited government, individual liberty and free enterprise. If American bedrock ideals of freedom took hold in the emerging nations of the old Soviet Empire, global governance was impossible.
    What to do? The answer was obvious. Change America. Get her to join the community of nations with a proper attitude. Force her to learn her proper place. Target: America’s attitudes, values and beliefs.

    For entire article:
    My words: The educational and religious systems became the target of the marxists/progressives. Now we are seeing the fruits of their well-placed endeavors. Do we wonder why our young people especially fell under the sway of Obama? Do you deplore why so many know so little about our way of life as a republic? The answers are obvious, after reading this essay.

  44. Fernley Girl | October 28, 2010 at 2:47 pm |

    Thanks for the update.

  45. Michelle,

    Saw your post on Hill Buzz. Thanks. We Tennesseans are grateful.

    Michelle Says:

    October 28, 2010 at 12:35 pm
    TN-Folks in Tennessee really have to watch their backs due to Obama/thugs corruption.
    Leo H., Nashville attorney, Political prisoner, Court hearing, May 17, 2010, 9:00, Obama thugs, Nashville TN corruption
    Leo H., the Nashville attorney incarcerated last year without bond as a political prisoner of the pro Obama thugs in TN with his constitutional rights stripped by a rogue judge, has a hearing on May 17, 2010 at 9:00. From Leo.

  46. Free Speech @ 3:20 pm |
    I hope the TN voters see it. I also hope as Kevin says that the media in TN pick it up too. Can you imagine in our country people jailed illegally for their first amendment rights? with bogus charges to match and it just occurred to me you have lots of witnesses-CW, Dr. Sam, us-and others.

  47. more)

    Michelle | October 28, 2010 at 3:39 pm | Free Speech @ 3:20 pm |
    I hope the TN voters see it. I also hope as Kevin says that the media in TN pick it up too. Can you imagine in our country people jailed illegally for their first amendment rights? with bogus charges to match and it just occurred to me you have lots of witnesses-CW, Dr. Sam, us-and others.


    No, I never dreamed that innocent people would be falsely imprisoned in Tennessee without a trial by jury until it happened to me.

    Thanks again for posting this info. Tennessee is a dangerous place for Patriots right now. If I had known 25 years ago how corrupt Nashville was I would never have moved here. The Bill of Rights is not honored by Tennessee judges.

  48. Keep fighting for Truth and Justice, we will not be silenced. Prosecute Piglosi !!!!

  49. Free Speech…………………………….
    While I have absolutely nothing against the YUPPIE comunity, it is from this alleged community that many of our young female liberal judges have originated. They seem to be oriented exactly as the video portrayed that Cabby posted. Until the mentality of these people changes it is likely that judges like Bolton, Lind, and others will continue their “insanity from the bench”. Now we have two more like them in the SCOTUS. When the hell are straight thinkers going to start throwing these morons out. I think that in all probability NONE of the FOUR that I mentioned are even qualified to be DOG CATCHERS, in DOGPATCH, KY.

  50. Margie…………………………………….
    Until now I have been contented to refer to Pelosi as MMMMSSSS. IMPORTANT, but you have offerred a much better sort of icon. I am from now on going to refer to MMMMSSSS IMPORTANT as MMMMSSSS.PIGGY. This says it all.!

  51. Margie………………………..
    Otherwise I tend to look upon her as an escapeee from her husband’s tuna canning operation. She possesses about the same level of brain power as a dead FISH. Oh well,so much for flowers!

  52. 68Truthseeker

    Obama’s Eligibility : COLB & Birth Announcements Vs. The Research
    Floyd Brown interviews Obama Eligibility Attorney Gary Kreep. What you will not hear in the Lazy Mainstream Media

  53. 68Truthseeker

    Bob Chapman Calls Obama An” Illegal Alien ”

  54. I can look into the face of a dead fish and see more character,than any level of character reflected from MMMMSSSS Piggy’s entire being. A dead Mackerel has more brainpower than MMMSSS. PIGGY. Her well known “VACANT STARE” says it all!



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