Nevada voter fraud, Voting machines suspect, Clark County, Harry Reid son Rory, Citizen Wells open thread, October 27, 2010

Nevada voter fraud, Voting machines suspect, Clark County, Harry Reid son Rory

From Gateway Pundit.

“The suspect voting machines in Clark County Nevada are serviced by the SEIU.

The SEIU is the same corrupt union that is behind thousands of bogus voter registrations across the nation. The group is spending millions this year to help democrats win back their majorities in Congress.
The Washington Examiner reported:

Clark County is where three quarters of Nevada’s residents and live and where Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s son Rory is a county commissioner. Rory is also a Democratic candidate for governor.

Since early voting started, there have been credible reports that voting machines in Clark County, Nevada are automatically checking Harry Reid’s name on the ballot:

Voter Joyce Ferrara said when they went to vote for Republican Sharron Angle, her Democratic opponent, Sen. Harry Reid’s name was already checked.

Ferrara said she wasn’t alone in her voting experience. She said her husband and several others voting at the same time all had the same thing happen.

“Something’s not right,” Ferrara said. “One person that’s a fluke. Two, that’s strange. But several within a five minute period of time — that’s wrong.””

“UPDATE: Harry Reid is offering free food and gift cards to get people out to vote.”

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  1. Michelle | October 26, 2010 at 11:18 pm |
    Michelle | October 26, 2010 at 11:18 pm |
    Cabby – AZ @ 10:11 pm |
    Free Speech @ 10:15 pm |
    Chicago got so corrupt over the years Obama winning the big prize for most corrupt, but not acting alone-corruption puppet? Obama does not have the brain power to keep this all together. Which corruption to start with in Chicago only-CCX scandal, the Broadway Bank Giannoulias’, Grove Parc Apts (slum landlord money-tax payer rip-off-20 years worth.” Go back and review Blagojevich. Go back and review Rezko, Barton, Stern, Giordano, Carothers, Jarret. ” run all these names and look for the common denominator is a start, then there is this connection which Free Speech mentioned “The scandal leads to algore and Nashville”,

    Al Gore is the common denominator in all these scandals. One of the hallmarks of algore’s back-stabbing political career is that he sets his political “friends” up and then turns on them so that he can takeover when they fall. He did it to the Clintons and then to bo. Remember Bill Daley of Chicago ran algore’s 2000 campaign. Algore had all the dirt on bo before he ever became a US Senator. Algore’s plan was to use bo to get Cap and Trade passed and then set himself to run again for President after he set bo up for a fall.

  2. Jonah | October 27, 2010 at 12:46 am | The fix is in. It looks like Harry Reid is gonna steal this one.

    Breaking: Suspect Voting Machines in Nevada Are Serviced By SEIU

    Dingy Harry is just the tip of the iceberg. The chicago crime syndicate have been perfecting vote fraud for decades.

  3. Free Speech…………………………….
    In some ways it seems that they ALL operate much like the OLD MAFIA used to operate. They are all inter twined yet they do not keep close association between some of the practitioners. It is a bit like the NY and the New Orleans Mafia groups. In Al Capone’s day there was the Detroit Blue crowd, and his own South Side bunch,and then there was Bugs Ohare who ran the Chicago North side. But EVERYBODY knew exaxctly what the others were involved with. They could have FINKED on each other anytime they felt like it,but there was a certain COMRADERIE between all of the criminal groups. ELECTION FRAUD WAS ON OF THEIR SPECIALTIES! They also associated themselves with the TEAMSTERS UNION. Here is a group of criminals who are some of the worst criminals of all. It is strongly believed that Jimmy Hoffa’s own SON did did him in in an attempt to gain control of the TEAMSTERS UNION. That is the way these people play the game.!

  4. Towards the end it was one of Al Capone’s own people who finally helped the FEDS nail his butt. So I would think that there often is no love lost between criminals when push comes to shove. Similarly the same will occur with our “beloved” Soetoro. Only the right set of circumstances need to prevail.


    What Harry Reid is doing is clearly illegal. Nevada law (NRS 293.700) provides that, “A person who bribes, offers to bribe, or use and other corrupt means, directly or indirectly, to influence any elector in giving his or her vote or to deter the elector from giving it is guilty of a category D felony and shall be punished as provided in NRS 193.130.”

    Here’s the bottom line: when the powerful are threatened, they will do anything to retain their position. It’s clear now that Harry Reid’s campaign is even willing to skirt the laws of Nevada to do it.

    Is there any question that they will do the same on Election Day?


    Looks like the repubs are going to lose another election because of their failure to act. They should have indicted these criminals in 2007 when they first had evidence of the vote fraud.

  6. Maybe the FINAL BLA-BLA will come from Jarrett herself,or perhaps even his own wife.
    maybe even Miss Gibbs.She knows a HELLUVA lot about what is going on. She is one of the top echelon lieutenants in the Soetoro machine.


    An Illinois county election official says that thousands, and potentially hundreds of thousands, of voters who are expecting a ballot sent to them by mail may be disenfranchised.

  8. Free Speech……………………………………
    Right on about the vote fraud evidence early on. Something should have been done then………..not now.


    State Rep. Dan Brady, R-Bloomington, said there is clearly something wrong when one-third of local election offices miss a federal deadline to ensure soldiers and sailors have their votes counted.

  10. But HINDSIGHT IS ALWAYS 20-20.


    A trio of Bucks County residents backed by the county Republican committee say they have evidence linking Democratic Congressman Patrick Murphy’s campaign to a scheme to flood the county voter registration office with fraudulent applications for absentee ballots.

  12. I suspect the ballots that should have been mailed have already been filled out and are in waiting to be tallied on election day. Same with the military ballots. They will be used to steal the election. Someone needs to find these ballots that are surely dem votes and disenfranchise them and then jail the perpetra(i)tors.


    Clark County is where three quarters of Nevada’s residents and live and where Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s son Rory is a county commissioner. Rory is also a Democratic candidate for governor.

    Since early voting started, there have been credible reports that voting machines in Clark County, Nevada are automatically checking Harry Reid’s name on the ballot

  14. Free Speech…………………………….
    I think that the only reason why the Illinois election Officials behave as they do is because NOBODY has ever STOOD UP AGAINST THE PERPETRATORS. The law is usually quite clearbut who gives a damn about the law., these birds will continue their crap until somebody stops them…………perhaps with FORCE.

  15. Somebody had better put an overwhelming force together and shut the political crime practitioners down soon,or the US will end up like Mexico is NOW,with a CHAVEZ type at the helm.

  16. oldsalt79 | October 27, 2010 at 10:18 am | Free Speech……………………………………
    Right on about the vote fraud evidence early on. Something should have been done then………..not now.

    I personally sent dozens of emails to repub lawyers in 2008 about the theft of the computers from the Nashville Election Commission by bo cohorts, but they did nothing.

    U R right, there is nothing that the repubs can do now to stop the dems from stealing this election in places like Nevada where harry reid controls the local government and bo controls the dept of injustice.

  17. With regard to the Military ballots, the people who obviously dragged their feet should now be given a close up look at the inside of a jailhouse cell for an extended period of time. Perhaps even a VERY LENGTHY stay.

  18. Are public officials that handle election results required to be bonded or is it just public officials that handle taxpayer money?


    Obama and his thugocracy have every intention of stealing the election. They cannot win on merit; they cannot do anything on merit. They steal. They have had plenty of practice — ask Al Franken. The ghost vote used to account for maybe 6-8%. There is no telling where that number is now, with Democrat criminal organizations like ACORN and SEIU gaming the system for years.

    When Nancy Pelosi speaks confidently of keeping her leadership position, it’s not because she is crazy. It’s because she is crooked, and she knows something we don’t know. Do not underestimate the moochers and the looters. They will do anything to illegally hold on to the reins of power.

  20. Another incident of voting machine irregularities was also reported yesterday in North Carolina. A voter said he pushed the button for a straight-party Republican ticket and the voting machine screen displayed a ballot with all Democrats checked.

  21. Philo-Publius | October 27, 2010 at 11:25 am |

    There are similar problems with voting machines in Tennessee.

  22. Yes FS, it seems to be coast to coast and everything in between.

    That’s what happens when partisan hacks are in charge of the voting process. Soros and the SOS project are still going strong and I have seen little effort to put them out of business.

    “You know, comrades,” says Stalin, “that I think in regard to this: I consider it completely unimportant who in the party will vote, or how; but what is extraordinarily important is this — who will count the votes, and how.”
    — Boris Bazhanov’s Memoirs of Stalin’s Former Secretary published in 1992

  23. OT, but interesting opinion over at the

    Obama Can Do Anything He Wants Because the CIA Has His Back
    by Miki Booth

    Among other things, this article reveals the alleged influence that Zbigniew Brzezinski has had upon Obama.

    For those interested, read:

  24. Everybody……………………………………

  25. Free Speech…………………………………….
    With regard to Pelosi,it is my own personal view that she is both criminal,and CRAZY. In this order as well.

  26. Remember to take your nightstick to the polls.

  27. Pelosi is OBVIOUSLY a puppet who is being told exactly what to say,and do. When she is forced to be spontaneous she hasn’t even a clue what she is talking about. Sort of like her contrived statements that she was NEVER told. Yet clear and IRREFUTABAL evidence showed CLEARLY that SHE WAS advised,and IN DETAIL. She is a pathetic liar. You only need to look at the things that she has DONE to realise that she is criminally involved,and you only need to look at her past,and present demeanor,her erratic speech, how she carries herself,her willingness to lie, and her vacant stare together demonstratesl a very sad and paranoid schitzophrenic personality, who is really unfit to lead.

  28. Don’t forget to read the comment section, knowledge is “POWER”!!

  29. VOTER FRAUD, this has been going on forever!! Watch this…..

  30. Three-fourths of the population of NV lives in the southern part of the state.
    Here’s a profile of Reid’s voters:–dumber—–and-we-re-dumbest–105831733.html

    “You noticed it as soon as you moved here.

    From the morons who cut suddenly across four lanes without signaling their last-second exit to the co-worker so inept that you were convinced he spent his childhood eating lead paint, it seemed that locals were just, you know, kind of — well — dumb.

    That hunch? It’s not just you.

    Las Vegas has displaced Fresno, Calif., as America’s dumbest city based on education levels and intellectual vitality, according to a study from news and opinion website The Daily Beast.”

  31. Tt @ 12:46 pm |
    That was excellent-I figured that somebody had to be smart enough to do the mole game.
    •Moles. You think conservatives are incapable of guile, of “playing dirty”. Yeah. That’s because maybe 80% of conservatives are that way. The other 20% saw what you did in 2008. Bet 5 years in prison that nobody involved with your electoral crime cell, or up or down the chain of command, is not a mole. Go ahead.
    •Traitors. Wretched people who are cheating right there among you, sitting in your meetings, but who will betray their fellows once the game is up. They’ll turn state’s evidence on you two seconds after they’re in handcuffs.

  32. Fernley Girl…………………………………..
    If REID would have ever served in the 1950s DESTROYER Navy he would have lasted about as long as it took the ship’s office to write transfer papers to the nearest SECTION 8 WARD. He sounds and acts a lot like the “DON’T TELL” crowd. Maybe that is why Barney Frank is such a “G-O-O-D BUDDY” OF REID’S.

  33. Michelle | October 27, 2010 at 12:49 pm | Tt @ 12:46 pm |
    That was excellent-

    •Traitors. Wretched people who are cheating right there among you, sitting in your meetings, but who will betray their fellows once the game is up. They’ll turn state’s evidence on you two seconds after they’re in handcuffs.

    bo was a fool to think demrats like algore wouldn’t turn on him. The gores are notorious for stabbing their “friends” in the back. algore had the dirt on bo since before he was a US senator.

  34. Don’t know if this has been posted here already. More voter fraud. Looks like ballots headed for file thirteen?

  35. Free Speech………………………………………
    Al Gore has publically proven himself,many times over to be one of the worst SNEAKS on this planet. He will not hesitate to do anything to get what he wants. Where he lives also contains some people who get downright bent out of shape when they learn that they have been double crossed. Al Gore might soon discover this sector of Tennessee folks. They settle accounts like the Hatfield and McCoys did. Al, you will need to take somebody along wherever you go in Tennessee if for no other reason than to watch your rear.

  36. Bob Strauss…………………………………..
    In which of the 57 states was the fraud perpetrated?

  37. Can anybody imagine a Presidential candidate so stupid as to think that there are 57 US states. If anybody read this about him then in spite of it voted for him then I would have to question their own mental capacity. In reality this tells a significant story about Soetoro.

  38. 11:54 am ——

    “Among other things, this article reveals the alleged influence that Zbigniew Brzezinski has had upon Obama.”
    “Governor Deval Patrick: Brzezinski’s Spare Obama”
    By Webster G. Tarpley

    “… the Illinois Senator is a synthetic Manchurian candidate who has been concocted over a period of two decades or more by a political intelligence faction associated with the Zbigniew Brzezinski clan, and Zbig’s friends of the “color revolutions” faction at the National Endowment for Democracy and the Soros milieu.”


  39. Found this in the comments over at The Right Side of Life, thanks to Bill Cutting for this education. Obama an NBC?

    Bill Cutting says:
    October 13, 2010 at 4:36 pm


    {A conflict, however, is obviated by the rule—which is indeed but the practical formulation of the doctrine Itself—that the liability of the child to the performance of the duties of allegiance Is determined by the laws of that one of the two countries in which he actually is.

    Oppenheim, in his recent work entitled ” International Law,” makes the following observations in his chapter headed, ” Double and Absent Nationality,” (Vol. I., Pp. 363 and 364):

    An Individual may own double nationality knowingly and unknowingly, and with or without intention. And double nationality may be produced by every mode of acquiring nationality. Even birth can vest a child with double nationality. Thus, every child born in Great Britain of German parents acquires at the same time British and German nationality, for such child is British according to British, and German according to German municipal law.

    Individuals owning double nationality bear in the language of diplomatists the name sujets mixtes. The position of such ” mixed subjects ” Is awkward on account of the fact that two different States claim them as subjects, and therefore their allegiance. In case a serious dispute arises between these two States which leads to war, an Irreconcilable conflict of duties is created for these unfortunate Individuals}


    [The position of such ” mixed subjects ” Is awkward on account of the fact that two different States claim them as subjects, and therefore their allegiance. In case a serious dispute arises between these two States which leads to war, an Irreconcilable conflict of duties is created for these unfortunate Individuals]

    Remove “unforunate individuals” and insert Barack Hussein Obama.

    A Natural Born American citizen would never be in such a position.

  40. Found this at the Daily Nation:

    It is not surprising that US President Barack Obama’s African roots have been seized upon by right-wing American activists. The conservative group Tea Party Movement, which vigorously opposes President Obama, are said to be distributing bumper stickers with the message “some village in Kenya is missing its idiot”.

    ..the Kenyan Government has retained a public relations firm to boost the country’s image in the US.

  41. Honk if you like this one I heard today.



    DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. — Daytona Beach City Commissioner Derrick Henry and his campaign manager, Genesis Robinson, were arrested Wednesday, charged with committing absentee ballot fraud

  43. Vic,

  44. Free Speech…………………………
    Ref; Daytona Beach
    Two down……….THOUSANDS TO GO!. Nail each and every one of the slimey election fraud perpetrators. Reward them with an extended vacation in jail.

  45. From A Previous Thread:

    “Free Speech | October 25, 2010 at 5:18 pm |

    Debt Has Increased $5 Trillion Since Speaker Pelosi Vowed, ‘No New Deficit Spending’”

    # # #

    Americans MUST Immediately Arrest AND Immediately Fire Nancy Pelosi, Barry Soetoro Soebarkah, Harry Reid, and many others. Americans, Wake Up!! A Foreign Coup D’Etat totalitarian dictatorship Communist/Marxist/Fascist War War, combined with a totalitarian dictatorship Islamic Muslim/Sharia Law War against the USA is being waged against all 310 + Million USA American citizens to attack & to overthrow of the Free Constitutional United States Of America!!

    Arise brothers and sisters in Christ, and come together in prayers to Christ Jesus the Lord, who will lead us & who will bring the USA back to God and truth, wisdom, righteousness, holiness, purity, and virtues!! Let Lord Jesus Christ lead us and save us from being overthrown into slavery and total annilation in the USA by the attack of a Foreign Coup D’Etat War by the Psychopath Madman Illegal Alien, Indonesian citizen, who is not a legal USA citizen, the Daily Serial Criminal Usurper Barry Soetoro Soebarkah alias Barack Conman, Delusional, Insane, Psychopath, Lawless, Muslim Taqiyya Practicing Constant Liar, Sociopath, Daily Serial Criminal, Anti-American, Terrorist Enemy Combatant of War against the USA, Anti-American Communist/Marxist/Fascist, Radical Islamic Muslim, Antichrist
    worldwide Abortion & Infanticide, & Nuclear WWIII War on America
    promoter, evil, fallen servant of Satan the devil, Soebarkah alias Obama II.

  46. Well, the left and the mainstream media came to bury James O’Keefe. And I guess they failed. His latest Project Veritas ‘Teachers Gone Wild’ — New Jersey teachers union members exposing their institutional arrogance and lack of seriousness and accountability — is now a huge story in New Jersey politics, according to straight-talking Governor Chris Christie’s own mouth.

  47. Every state has its own state statues & laws that are created and voted on by the individual state’s representatives and senators that state what each individual state’s statues voting laws legally demand and require the residents of that state to do to be able to be legally registered to vote and to legally vote in a precinct in a state.

    In order to vote in my state, I MUST present a picture I.D. and sign my signature while the county election officials check the current voter registration logs to make sure that I am a legal registered voter, and to confirm my name, signature, and address.

    When any state does not have state statutes/laws that demand people to present a picture I.D., plus their signature, and to have their voter registration checked in the legal voting registration logs at the voting precincts, then this only invites and allows voting and ballot fraud to occur!!
    We The People MUST DEMAND that ALL states have their state reps and senators vote on and implement the same strict voting laws & statutes in every state Constitution’s, so every state can stop voting fraud & election frauds!!

    We The People MUST also demand that votes be cast with ALL paper ballots, and with video taped public counting of the ballots that are held in clear containers that are guarded with 24 hour armed security until all of the votes are counted. People MUST stop allowing the use of computer software in electronic voting machines, and stop using electronic ballot counting machines, and this will stop the election fraud going on in the USA.

    * * *


    “Voting Machine Irregularities Reported in North Carolina- Machines Changing Votes From GOP to Dem (Video)”

    Posted by Jim Hoft on Wednesday, October 27, 2010, 5:25 AM

    “Another incident of voting machine irregularities was also reported yesterday in North Carolina. A voter said he pushed the button for a straight-party Republican ticket and the voting machine screen displayed a ballot with all Democrats checked. The problem was reported in two different counties.”

    October 27th, 2010 | 7:05 am | #10
    – Paper Ballots
    – Photo ID
    – Purple Fingers (like in Iraq – to prevent double voting)

    If people perceive that the elections aren’t fair – they will refuse to live with the results and we could see some serious unrest. Our country and our freedoms are in jeopardy.”

    * * *

    October 27th, 2010 | 7:06 am | #11
    And WAIT – There’s MORE!

    Up in Chicago close to a half million voters may be disenfranchised because the company hired to handle the vote by mail ballots sent the ballots to late to be returned on time and messed up birthdates so they don’t match records. . . . hmmm, wonder how many of those folks whose vote isn’t going to count are Republicans?

    And still more problems from Philadelphia & surrounding. . .”

    Read more here:

  48. should be: state’s statutes

  49. Daytona Beach Commissioner Arrested On Fraud Charges

  50. I voted last week at the Supervisor of Elections office in my county where I live. I walked in there and I requested a “paper absentee ballot.” I showed my picture I.D., & I signed for my “paper absentee ballot,” & I had my legal voting registration identity, name, address, & signature checked on the legal voter registration log. I filled out my paper ballot and dropped it in the box. I asked how my vote would be counted. I talked to the director there. He said that my ballot would be counted with an electronic ballot counting machine. He also said that each state has voting statutes/laws on record in each individual state’s constitution that dictates how the voting activity will take place in each state that the state representatives and senators vote in. It looks like we have a very long way to go to clean up the election fraud, illegal voting fraud, and ballot counting fraud disasters that are happening in the individual USA states at the state level and at the federal level too!!

  51. Acorn’s October Surprise
    “Even worse, its voter drive is being run by Amy Busefink, an ACORN employee under indictment in Nevada for violating election laws. It might be understandable for an employer not to fire an employee until she is actually convicted of a crime, but this is ridiculous. Busefink should not be running a voter drive.


    DNR is new moniker for this administration after Nov 2


    1. OVER-VOTING: In Democrat strongholds like St. Louis, Philadelphia and Detroit, some precincts had 100% of their registered voters voting, with 99% of the ballots going to Gore. Clearly, multiple voting resulted in extra tallies for Gore in the 2000 election. (New York Post, 12/09/00).

    2. DEAD VOTERS: This classic Democratic method of vote fraud goes all the way back to 1960 in Chicago and Dallas. The 2000 election was no exception. In Miami-Dade County, for example, some of the 144 ineligible votes (those which officials actually admitted to) were cast by dead people, including a Haitian-American who’s been deceased since 1977 (Miami-Herald, 12/24/00).

    3. MYSTERY VOTERS: These “voters” cast votes anyway but are not even registered to vote. In heavily Democratic Broward County, for example, more than 400 ballots were cast by non-registered voters. (Miami-Herald 1/09/01)

    4. MILITARY BALLOTS: Many of these votes were disqualified for the most mundane and trivial reasons. At least 1,527 valid military ballots were discarded in Florida by Democratic vote counters (Drudge Report, 11/19/00).

    5. CRIMINALS: Felons are a natural Democratic voter and they’re protected on voter rolls across the country. In Florida at least 445 ex-convicts – including rapists and murderers — voted illegally on November 7th. Nearly all of them were registered Democrats. (Miami-Herald 12/01/00)

    6. ILLEGAL ALIENS: These voters have long been a core liberal constituency, especially in California. In Orange County in 1996, Rep. Bob Dornan had his congressional seat stolen from him when thousands of illegal aliens voted for Loretta Sanchez (Christian Science Monitor, 9/2/97).

    7. VOTE-BUYING: Purchasing votes has long been a traditional scheme by Democrats, and not just with money. In the 2000 election in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Democratic workers initiate a “smokes-for-votes” campaign in which they paid dozens of homeless men with cigarettes if they cast ballots for Al Gore (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, 11/14/00).

    8. PHANTOM VOTERS: These voters don’t really exist, but their ballots do. In the 1996 Lousiana Senate race, GOP candidate Woody Jenkins had the election stolen from him when he discovered that 7,454 actual votes were cast but had no paper trail to authenticate them (Behind the Headlines, F.R. Duplantier, 4/27/97).

    9. DIMPLED CHADS: Those infamous punch-cards were a ballot bonanza for Al Gore. Democratic poll workers in Palm Beach, Dade and Broward counties tampered and manipulated thousands of ineligible ballots and counted them for Gore, even though no clear vote could be discerned. ( 11/27, 12/22, 11/18, 11/19/00).

    10. ABSENTEE BALLOTS: Normally it’s assumed that Republicans benefit from absentee ballots. But in the case of Miami’s 1997 mayoral election, hundreds of absentee ballots were made for sale or sent out to non-Miami residents. Fraud was so extensive in the race that the final results were overturned in court (FL Dept. of Law Enforcement Report, 1/5/98).

  54. Update on the Ulsterman revelations.
    You are too close to the trees to see the forest”, my friend told me. “It’s right in front of your face but because you were in the thick of all this stuff, and have lived and breathed it for two years, you forget just how damning this stuff is and how this could destroy the party for generations”.
    I now believe I know what Ulstermann is talking about, and why this “Big Scandal” could indeed be bigger than Watergate, as his “White House Insider” claimed. I still don’t think there really is a “White House Insider”, but I give Ulstermann props for seeing the bigger picture on this.
    Essentially, the scandal is the Justice Department under Eric Holder and the “Voting Rights acts don’t apply to white people” attitude the Department has taken in regards to the activities of the Black Panthers in 2008. This is the equivalent of someone discovering “plumbers” breaking into the Watergate complex in the Nixon White House. Holder personally ordered the prosecution of the black panthers quashed…on a direct order from “president” Obama.
    The reason this scandal is going to explode and be “bigger than Watergate” and could destroy the Democrats is because it ties directly into activities of the Obama campaign in 2008 — where a coordinated voter fraud and intimidation effort was run with ACORN, the SEIU, and the Black Panthers to elect Obama at all costs, using race as a weapon.
    (Lots more)

  55. From:



    “It’s not a question of how much the Dems will cheat. It’s how much they will be allowed to get away with. The public myth is that the United States boasts the cleanest elections in the world. Sad to say, this is merely a mask behind which the political bandits practice their little tricks. The 2010
    election should be the one in which that mask is torn away […]. “

  56. Harry Reid wanting to give gifts to people to vote. Last I checked that is bribery. Isn’t that illegal? Reid should be arrested for bribery. He is a criminal. Anyone who votes for him is stupid.



    By Webster Griffin Tarpley

    Here is a clear and concise revelation by the American historian and author, Webster Griffin Tarpley, who has researched the background, roots, training, and the history of Barry Soetoro (Soebarkah) alias Barack Obama in his excellent and historical evidentiary research.

  58. I think Charles “smallness” is referring to Obama’s brain, certainly not his mouth.
    “…Not with a bang or a whimper but with a display of unbelievable presidential smallness…”

  59. This is funny, Obama is not only stupid, he is shockingly stupid rendered in a very contrived “southern” accent.
    The White House might want to re-think the “car in the ditch” thing.


    A Monroe County Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman said Monday that retired Navy Lt. Commander Walter Fitzpatrick III of Sweetwater was being sought. Special Circuit Judge Jon Blackwood also ordered Fitzpatrick held without bond until his Dec. 1 trial.

    Fitzpatrick failed to attend a Friday hearing where the judge refused a request by defense attorney Stephen Pidgeon to withdraw from the case. Pidgeon said Monday he could not discuss the reason for the request.

  61. NJ citizens this is for you.
    The stakes for NJ-3 congressional district have risen. The NJ Republican Party has formally asked the US Attorney to conduct a criminal investigation into the fake tea party candidate DeStefano and what the D candidate’s [Adler] campaign did to get DeStefano onto the ballot – what crimes might have been committed.
    “In the event Mr. DeStefano or his son were remunerated or promised employment in exchange for becoming a candidate, it is possible that a crime was committed,” Webber writes.
    DeStefano has a documented history of financial problems, including losing his home to foreclosure and declaring bankruptcy.
    The Courier-Post of Cherry Hill has reported that DeStefano’s son, Pete, appeared to brag on his Facebook page about being politically connected and about to become wealthy.
    According to federal law, promises of employment or other compensation in exchange for political activity is punishable by a fine or imprisonment of up to one year.

  62. Cuomo Caused The Subprime Meltdown

  63. Harry Reid and co-conspirators are out of control, are there any laws at all that they obey much less respect.
    Two days ago, the Democratic Secretary of State announced that voters can be provided “free food” at “voter turnout events.” Harry Reid has been offering free food and, according to other reports, some Democratic allies such as teachers’ unions are offering gift cards in return for a vote for Reid.
    Before we were even able to document the reported infractions to report to the authorities, the Democrat Secretary of State slammed the door shut on preventing this behavior and issued a public statement permitting these ACORN-style tactics. THESE are the kinds of shenanigans that can turn this race.

  64. Well if Harry can feed the people why doesn’t Angle. Bring on the food and credit cards. Play just as dirty as they are.

  65. California is my home. It makes me sick to see how stupid, stupid, stupid these liberals can be. Check out the following that was sent to me today!


    Sent: Wednesday, October 20, 2010 3:50 PM

    I don’t care who you are or what you “believe” politically, you had better take note of what is going on in California. We are already over 12% unemployment here, and if the current “thinking” in Sacramento doesn’t change, there won’t be any jobs or tax base left.

    There was a political fundraisera for Meg Whitman a short while back… At this event were several owners of manufacturing companies in the central valley. They represented hundreds, if not thousands, of jobs. They stated that if Jerry Brown wins in November, they are GONE, and taking their businesses with them to some other state. These jobs will permanently leave California. These owners say they simply cannot survive the taxes and the over regulation.

    So take a look at this list below and think about all the additional jobs that will soon be leaving this state if we are not smart enough to take it’s control from the unions and give it back to the people.

    Even if you do not read this entire e-mail, you ought to scroll down and see how massive this list really is. California is no longer the Golden State, thanks mostly to the inept morons in Sacramento and their asinine policies.

    It costs a company lots of money to pull-up roots and move; a decision not to be taken lightly. The majority of these jobs and companies will never come back. The last part tells the story we, the small business owners, deal with every day.


    Abraxis Health, a unit of Los Angeles-based Abraxis BioScience Inc, opened a new plant that will create 200 jobs in 2010 — in Phoenix. This follows the company’s Phoenix expansions that occurred in 2007 and 2008.

    Alza Corp. In 2007 eliminated about 600 jobs in drug R&D while also exiting its Mountain View, Calif., HQ. At the time the company said that its 1,200-person Vacaville facility will continue to operate. But the Vacaville Reporter on Oct. 23, 2009 revealed that the plant is being offered for sale by J&J, its parent company. It’s unclear if more layoffs are in the facility’s future.

    American AVK, a producer of fire hydrants and other water-related products, moved from Fresno to Minden, Nevada.

    American Racing moved its auto-wheel production to Mexico, ending most of its 47-year operation in California.

    Apple Computer has expanded in other states, most recently with a $1 billion facility planned for North Carolina.

    Audix Corporation relocated from Redwood City, Calif. To accommodate growth it moved to a 78,000-square-foot facility in Wilson, Oregon.

    Apria Health care Group of Lake Forest is shifting jobs from California to Overland Park, Kansas, a K.C. Suburb.

    Assurant Inc. Cut 325 jobs in Orange County and consolidated positions in Georgia, Ohio and South Carolina.

    Automobile Club of Southern California placed 1,100 jobs in Texas.

    Barefoot Motors, a small “green” manufacturer, moved from Sonoma and will grow in Ashland, Oregon.

    Bazz Houston Co., located in Garden Grove, has slowly been building a workforce of about 35 people in Tijuana. In early 2010 the company said it expects to move more jobs to Mexico, citing cost and regulatory difficulties in Southern California.

    Beckman Coulter, a biomedical test equipment manufacturer headquartered in Brea, relocated part of its Palo Alto facilities to Indianapolis, Indiana, two years ago. In early 2010, it’s making a multimillion-dollar investment to expand and create up to 100 new jobs in Indiana. The company said the area offers a “favorable business environment and lower total cost of operations, plus a local work force with strong skills in both engineering and manufacturing.”

    Bild Industries Inc., which specializes in business news, directories and market reports, moved to Post Falls, Idaho, from Van Nuys, a part of the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles.

    Bill Miller Engineering, Ltd., suffering under the “hostile business climate” in California and Los Angeles County, moved from Harbor City to Carson City, Nevada.

    BMC Select has conducted an unusual relocation. The company, which had shifted its headquarters from Idaho to San Francisco, relocated its HQ. Back to Boise in January 2010. The building materials distributor said that regaining its footing in Boise retained access to high-quality employees while reducing wage and occupancy costs.

    BPI Labs, which formulates, manufactures, and fills personal care products for the health and beauty industry, relocated from Sacramento to Evanston, Wyoming, a move the company’s owner called “very successful . . . . It felt good and we’ve never looked back.

    Buck Knives, after 62 years in San Diego, moved to Post Falls, Idaho.

    CalPortland Cement has announced in late 2009 closure of its Riverside County plant because of new environmental regulations from a state law (AB 32). The company’s CEO wrote, “A cement plant cannot be picked up and moved, but the next new plant probably won’t be built in California; meaning more good, high paying manufacturing jobs will be lost to Nevada or China or somewhere else.”

    California Casualty Group left San Mateo for Colorado, cutting operating costs to remain competitive.

    CalStar Products Inc., headquartered in Newark, Calif., in the San Francisco Bay Area, in January 2010 was awarded $2.44 million in federal clean energy tax credits. The company said in the future it expects to build additional plants in the Mississippi Valley and the East Coast. In late 2009 CalStar opened a plant in Caledonia, Wisconsin.

    Checks-To-Go moved to Utah, where workers’ comp rates helped make the troubled company healthier.

    Chivaroli & Associates, a health care-related insurance service based in Westlake Village, California, moved a regional office to Spokane, Washington.

    CoreSite, A Carlyle Company, is delaying a Santa Clara project while it expands its data center in Reston, Virginia.

    Creators Syndicate may flee L.A. because it operates like a Banana Republic.

    Creel Printing Left Costa Mesa for Las Vegas and Southern California loses 60 more jobs.

    Dassault Falcon looked at building an aircraft services facility in Riverside County but instead located in Reno.

    DaVita Inc., moved its HQ from Los Angeles to Denver; expects to see millions of dollars in savings over time.

    Denny’s Corp., the large restaurant chain, once had its headquarters in La Mirada and later in Irvine, Calif. It then moved to Spartanburg, South Carolina. In fairness, I note the move occurred in the early 1990’s. However it’s noteworthy because the company was founded in California and its growth over time created HQ jobs in another state.

    Digital Domain, the Academy-Award-winning visual effects studio based in Venice, California, placed new studios in Vancouver, British Columbia, and Port St. Lucie, Florida, which combined will have about 500 employees. The facilities will allow the company to reduce costs while continuing to deliver cutting-edge work.

    Ditech, headquartered in Costa Mesa, announced in January 2010 a 269-job cut and is moving most activities to the GMAC Financial Services (parent company) headquarters in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania. In 2007, Ditech relocated some workers from Costa Mesa to Phoenix. A once robust Costa Mesa facility employing hundreds will be down to 20 or 30 workers.

    DuPont Fabros Technology suspended a $270 million Santa Clara data center project in favor of one in Ashburn, Virginia.

    eBay, based in San Jose, will create 450 jobs in Draper, Utah, in a new $334 million operations, customer support and data center.

    EDMO Distributors, Inc., a world-wide wholesaler of aircraft avionics, test equipment, and pilot supplies, moved its HQ from Valencia, Calif., to Spokane Valley, Washington. Since then, it has built a larger headquarters in the city’s Mirabeau Point community complex.

    Edwards Life Sciences, based in Irvine, will expand with 1,000 employees — not in California, but in Draper, Utah.

    EMRISE Corporation completed its HQ move from Rancho Cucamonga to Eatontown, New Jersey, in May, 2009. The company said the move “will result in additional annualized cost savings of approximately $1 million and facilitate improvements in operating efficiency”. . . . The cost savings associated with relocating our corporate headquarters will start immediately. . . The aggregate total of these expense reductions will increase our profitability and cash flow in this and succeeding years and, over time, substantially improve our ability to further reduce their long term debt.

    Facebook, based in Palo Alto, will expand in a major way in Oregon by locating a custom data center in Prineville. It will be a 147,000-square-foot facility costing $180 million and will employ 200 workers during construction and another 35 full-time once operating in 2011.

    FallLine Corporation left Huntington Beach, where they were being “hammered” with multiple governmental regulatory fees, for Reno, Nevada.

    Fidelity National Financial left Santa Barbara for Florida, spurred by California’s

    ‘oppressive’ business environment.

    First American Corporation, based in Santa Ana, will open a call center in March 2010 — not in California, but in Phoenix, where it expects to employ about 400 people within two years.

    Fluor Corp. moved its global headquarters from Aliso Viejo to Irving, Texas, with about

    100 employees asked to relocate; while the company planned to hire the same number there. In 2006, when Fluor moved into its new headquarters building, a company statement said: “The official dedication had a decidedly Texas theme” as a horseshoe was raised on the building, a time-honored Texas tradition.

    Foxconn Electronics, a large contract electronics maker, moved some of its Fullerton operations to Dallas.

    Fox Family moved its farming operations to Cookeville, Tennessee. All employees moved with the firm.

    Fuel System Solutions moved its headquarters from Santa Ana to New York.

    Gregg Industries, owned by Neenah Enterprises Inc. in Wisconsin, closed a 300-employee foundry in El Monte. The firm was under pressure from the South Coast Air

    Quality Management District to make $5 million in upgrades. The company didn’t want to make the investment in the difficult economic climate, so it decided to leave the state, instead.

    Helix Wind Inc. may move its research and development, engineering, and testing departments from San Diego to “more supportive” Oregon.

    Hewlett-Packard, HQ’d in Palo Alto, at various times has moved jobs to Tennessee and Texas.

    Hilton Hotels Corp. in 2009 moved from its longtime corporate H.Q. in Beverly Hills to a new office in Tysons Corner, Virginia.

    Hino Motor Manufacturing, USA, moved from California to Williamstown, West Virginia, in 2007, where it now employs about 100 workers. The company has growth plans to “Raise Hino’s presence from medium-heavy/heavy-duty trucks to all ranges of trucks” and an aggressive program to improve fuel economy and emissions. The company builds trucks under its own brand and also manufactures Toyota-branded vehicles.

    Intel Corporation, HQd in Santa Clara, has chosen to expand operations in neighboring


    Intuit, of Mountain View, created a customer support office (110 people), not in California but in Colorado, because of lower operating costs.

    Intuit placed a data center near Quincy, Washington.

    Intuit also located Innovative Merchant Solutions LLC in Las Vegas as part of a $1.8

    million investment in Nevada.

    J.C. Penney closed its Sacramento call center and moved the work to five out-of-state


    Kimmie Candy Co., a manufacturer that was started in 1999, moved from Sacramento to Nevada in 2005. “I really don’t have a lot of regrets about moving up to Reno,” said owner Joe Dutra.

    Klaussner Home Furnishings in closing its La Mirada manufacturing plant will maintain its NC and Iowa operations.

    Knight Protective Industries moved to Oregon “where 4-day work weeks were permitted by the state” and wanted by the employees.

    Kulicke & Soffa Industries Inc. announced in February 2010 that it is closing its Irvine plant, laying off 56 people, and will shift the work to Malaysia and Singapore. The facility had been owned by Orthodyne Electronics Corp., which Kulicke & Soffa bought in 2008.

    LCF Enterprises, which makes specialized high-end amplifiers used by researchers, medical professionals and others, moved from Camarillo, California, to Post Falls, Idaho.

    Lennox Hearth Products Inc., in Orange, California, will lay off 71 workers and by March 2010 will transfer the jobs to Nashville and Union City, Tennessee, “to reduce costs and increase operating efficiencies.”

    Lyn-Tron, Inc., a supplier of electronic hardware, moved from Los Angeles to Spokane,

    Washington. Their website states: “Our commitment is to maintain a manufacturing

    environment that is progressive and safe, where our employees are able to achieve their personal objectives, thereby adding to their quality of life and to the community in which they live.”

    Mariah Power, a “green” manufacturer of small wind turbines, moved from California to Nevada and, in 2009, teamed up with another company to begin production in Manistee, Michigan.

    Maxwell America, a boating equipment maker, closed its Santa Ana offices and moved them to Hanover, Maryland in February 2010. One reason given was the indirect impact of California environmental regulations. A company official said over the years many

    California boat builders relocated to the Midwest and East where they don’t face the same restrictions.

    MiaSolé, based in the Silicon Valley, was reported in January 2010 to be planning a

    500,000-square-foot plant, which could be one of the largest solar factories in the United States. The location is not near its Santa Clara headquarters but in the Atlanta, Georgia, area where its workforce eventually could exceed 1,000. The news came one week after MiaSolé received $101.8 million in federal tax credits.

    MotorVac Technologies announced in February 2010 that it’s leaving Santa Ana for Ontario, Canada. MotorVac’s CEO said he ‘really fought hard to keep MotorVac here, but unfortunately the numbers didn’t support it.’ The move cuts costs because it’s new owner, UView, has its own plant with excess capacity in Canada, and the general cost of doing business in California is much more expensive.

    Nissan North America moved its Los Angeles headquarters to Nashville, Tennessee.

    Northrop Grumman, by 2011, will relocate its Los Angeles H.Q. to the Washington, D.C. metro area. It’s the last major aerospace company to leave Southern California, the birthplace of the aerospace industry.

    One2Believe, a specialty religious-toy maker, left California for East Aurora, New York.

    Patmont Motor Werks, Inc., (GoPed manufacturer), after being hit by California regulators

    for hundreds of thousands of dollars in small fines (even though his company has a stellar safety record), moved to Nevada.

    Paragon Relocation Resources moved from Rancho Santa Margarita to Irving, Texas.

    Pixel Magic, headquartered in Toluca Lake, Calif., (Los Angeles metro area), is locating a studio in Lafayette, Louisiana, where it will create 40 new jobs between 2010 and 2013. The company, which provides digital effects for motion pictures and television, said the

    Louisiana people they were in contact with have an immediate understanding of technology and data handling.

    Plastic Model Engineering, Inc., a custom plastic injection molder and mold manufacturer, moved from Sylmar, California, to the “Inland Northwest,” notably Post Falls, Idaho.

    Precor will stop manufacturing fitness machines in California and re-open in North


    Premier Inc., the largest health care alliance in the nation, will move its HQ from San Diego to Charlotte, North Carolina, involving an investment of $17.7 million and adding

    300 jobs in North Carolina. The announcement was made October 14, 2009.

    Pro Cal of South Gate, in Los Angeles County, a unit of Myers Industries, expanded its Sparks, Nevada, operations to become the company’s primary West Coast production and distribution facility. Pro Cal is a plastics manufacturer of nursery containers and a big


    Race Track Chaplaincy of America started 2010 by shifting its headquarters from Los Angeles to Lexington, Kentucky. The non-profit group said it had wanted to relocate from the Hollywood Park Race Track for several reasons, one of which is the significant cost of doing business on the West Coast.

    Red Truck Fire & Safety Company left Fresno for Minden, Nevada in 2007, because of

    California’s myriad fees and regulations that meant “death by a thousand cuts.”

    SAIC will move its headquarters east, from San Diego to McLean, Virgina, which the

    Washington Post called “Another Coup for Area.” The announcement was made Sept. 24, 2009; it is unclear how many employees will move east in 2009 and 2010.

    Scale Computing, a data-storage developer and manufacturer, is leaving Silicon Valley for Indiana.

    Schott Solar Inc. will close its sales and customer service office in Roseville and will

    relocate the office to Albuquerque, New Mexico.

    Simple Tech transferred its manufacturing work from Santa Ana to Asia more than a year ago.

    Smiley Industries, an aerospace manufacturer, moved to Phoenix, where productivity


    Solaicx, based in the Silicon Valley, said in early 2010 that it will expand its manufacturing plant in Portland, Oregon. Solaicx received $182 million in federal tax credits as part of Washington’s efforts to advance green energy.

    SolarWorld, a maker of solar technology founded in Camarillo, consolidated manufacturing in Oregon, after that state offered property tax abatement and business energy tax credits. The company will employ about 1,000 in Oregon by 2011.

    Special Devices Inc., brought 250 jobs to Mesa, Arizona, from Moorpark, California.

    StarKist headquarters is leaving San Francisco for Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (Pelosi’s Husband’s Company)

    Stasis Engineering moved from Sonoma County to West Virginia, a ‘friendlier business


    Stata Corporation, which specializes in data analysis and statistical software, moved from Santa Monica, California to College Station, Texas.

    Tapmatic, a metalworking firm whose owners were “fed up with the onerous business

    environment,” moved from Orange County, California to Post Falls, in Northern Idaho.

    Teledesic moved to Washington state in anticipation of better capital gains.

    Telmar Network Technology Inc., moved from Irvine to Plano, Texas, consolidating some 150 workers there.

    Terremark postponed a Santa Clara project earlier this year, to invest $50 million in a Culpeper, Virginia, project.

    Terumo Cardiovascular Systems is moving R&D from Orange County to Ann Arbor, Michigan, involving 65 jobs and $3.5 million in investments.

    Toyota will stop making cars in Fremont, which will idle 4,700 workers, and will move work to Canada and San Antonio, Texas.

    True Games Interactive Inc., will its H.Q. from Irvine to Austin, Texas, where it expects to have about 60 workers by the middle of 2010.

    TTM Technologies will leave Los Angeles & Hayward and move to other states and to China to achieve big cost savings.

    Twentieth Century Props of L.A. has gone out of business as film-making firm and has moved to lower-cost states moved from the San Francisco Bay Area to Reno, Nevada; a loss for California in that the company is a leader in web-based patient education content and shows strong growth. The company was named ‘2007 Innovator of the Year’ by a Northern publication and the company’s founder received a Media and Reno-Tahoe Young Professionals Network 20 Under 40 award and was selected as a 20/20 Business Visionary by Nevada Business Magazine.

    US Airways is realigning operations and California is no longer considered part of its

    ‘core.’ The airline is closing its John Wayne Airport maintenance station and, in early 2010, will redistribute the mechanics across its system.

    US Press shifted work from Los Angeles and San Diego to Portland, ‘where union rules were almost rational.’

    USAA Insurance closed its 625-person Sacramento campus in favor of other states.

    Yahoo opened a data center in Quincy, Washington, a community that now hopes to land high-tech manufacturing.

    The list will grow as Sacramento considers more measures that will increase corporate

    taxes, increase workers’ comp costs, increase regulatory reporting requirements

    (along with higher fines for minor infractions), increase gasoline and diesel-fuel taxes, increase water rates, increase electric-power rates, and increase assorted fees that will cause services to become more expensive.

    Meanwhile all the elected dolts in Sacramento are planning to boycott Arizona.


    I would urge everyone who lives in the state of CA to consider mailing this on to every Californian on your email list.

  66. usapatriots-shout | October 27, 2010 at 6:43 pm |

    Re. repressive conditions in CA: I can attest to the fact that the income tax structure affecting businesses there is absolutely astounding. A client of mine who set up his computer consulting business in CA found that the licensing, tax rates, etc., were prohibitive. CA is the only state I’ve ever encountered that at the time had a minimum $800 state income tax on a corporation, even if a LOSS had been sustained. Understandably he moved his business to Florida where the corporate tax rates were much less onerous. That was a number of years ago. Hard telling what it is like now.
    No wonder businesses are leaving.

  67. oldsalt79 | October 27, 2010 at 1:16 pm |

    Bob Strauss…………………………………..
    In which of the 57 states was the fraud perpetrated?
    OldSalt79, This fraud happened in the 57th state, Obama’s adopted state of Illinois. I bet they now wish they never heard of Obama.

  68. usapatriots-shout @ 6:43 pm | My heart breaks for the citizens of CA, and the business people who had to make these decisions. City of Chicago-Cook County did the same stupidity onerous taxes until businesses either moved to the suburbs DuPage County, Kane etc., or out of state. The politicians in CA are so stupid, other states are grateful to pick-up what they are throwing away-this is beyond stupid, it borders on criminal. CA safest citizens in the world that are starving to death? I think the moves to Mexico are a huge error, only because Mexico is so unstable politically-that country is at war-with the drug cartels who are too ingrained in daily life. I fully expect Mexico to go into revolution along with most of South America and all the nations in between. As most Americans witnessed Calderon is corrupt and an idiot, he will not be able to hold his government.

  69. bob strauss @ 7:57 pm |
    ” I bet they now wish they never heard of Obama.”
    Thank you bob, we Chicagoans appreciate it, worst scandal ever.


    Earlier today, Battle ‘10 reported on the continuing absentee ballot scandal in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, home to the 8th district congressional race. The race is widely seen as a bellwether, with Rep. Patrick Murphy a member of the appropriations committee.

    New reports are emerging that could spell trouble for Patrick Murphy’s campaign after it was revealed that his campaign manager controlled a post office box where voters were being instructed to send their absentee ballots. The ballots were then re-mailed to the county Board of Elections.

    “You’ve got me now…”
    by murphy on October 27, 2010
    President Obama Heads into Midterms at Lowest Approval Rating of PresidencyTwo-thirds of Americans believe country going off on the wrong track
    NEW YORK , N.Y. – October 25, 2010 – President Obama is spending the next week crisscrossing the country in support of Democratic candidates before this year’s midterm elections. While the president may do a great job of energizing the base, he may not be able to convert any Independents who have yet to decide for whom they will vote. Currently, two-thirds of Americans (67%) have a negative opinion of the job President Obama is doing while just over one-third (37%) have a positive opinion. This continues the president’s downward trend and he is now at the lowest job approval rating of his presidency.
    These are some of the results of The Harris Poll of 3,084 adults surveyed online between October 11 and 18, 2010 by Harris Interactive.
    It’s perhaps not surprising that nine in ten Republicans (90%) and Conservatives (89%) give the job the president is doing negative ratings. What may be surprising is that one-third of Democrats (34%) and Liberals (33%) also give him negative ratings, as do seven in ten Independents (70%) and six in ten Moderates (60%).

  72. Michelle | October 27, 2010 at 8:21 pm |

    bob strauss @ 7:57 pm |
    ” I bet they now wish they never heard of Obama.”
    Thank you bob, we Chicagoans appreciate it, worst scandal ever.
    Michelle, I was born and raised in Cook county, I feel your pain. I too moved away from the weather, and the crooked politics, and went south.

  73. Free Speech @ 8:25 pm |
    I’m so glad everyone is publishing these variations on the theme of election fraud. One thing that FL has going for it is Elder Abuse, I wonder if this state has the same laws, hit the criminals with election fraud and elder abuse, also called preying on the elderly etc. The more that get caught, the more reason that during interrogation some of the guilty will flip and reveal more re: voter fraud-it is only a matter of time.

  74. bob strauss @ 8:40 pm |
    “Michelle, I was born and raised in Cook county, I feel your pain. I too moved away from the weather, and the crooked politics, and went south.”
    Bob-do you remember Jim Moran, the Courtesy Man? he went south too, to FL became JM Family Sales and a billionaire. Chicago you morons that could have been you-Cook County priced him out of the area.

  75. Michelle, are you talking about Courtesy Ford?

  76. This is sickening and demeaning to my fellow Americans, just disgusting and this audience goes along with it. Bill, Obama is not smart as you infer, just a South Side hood.
    “There’s too much [bipartisanship]…We have democrats for one reason: to drag the ignorant, hillbilly-half of this country into the next century. [The American electorate] don’t understand the issues, they are too stupid. They are like a dog. They understand inflection. They can understand fear. They can understand dominance….”

  77. bob strauss @ 8:52 pm |
    Yep, they are listed in here.

  78. Michelle, I remember Courtesy Ford used to advertise during “Shock Theater” which always had the scary movies at 10:00pm.

  79. our country was founded on guns and votes. what if we bring our guns to the voting booths, that would stop the fruad

  80. Michelle | October 27, 2010 at 8:40 pm | Free Speech @ 8:25 pm |
    I’m so glad everyone is publishing these variations on the theme of election fraud.

    We Patriots must demand that bo and co-conspirators are indicted.


    A trio of Bucks County residents backed by the county Republican committee say they have evidence linking Democratic Congressman Patrick Murphy’s campaign to a scheme to flood the county voter registration office with fraudulent applications for absentee ballots.

  82. Free Speech @ 10:10 pm |
    These criminals should have been indicted long ago.

  83. Free Speech @ 10:21 pm | He is so full of it, every poll suggests a wave, this is propaganda pure and simple. Yes, David us Dems are going to the polls to vote AGAINST you and your ilk. Down with Obama/DNC up with the people.
    “While they don’t rival 2008, they certainly don’t suggest that Republicans are on the precipice of some big electoral wave.”

  84. Just now, in SF at the World Series, Tony Bennett led the fans in singing “God Bless America”. Awesome. Don’t mess with Americans who worship God.

  85. While here in FL, not only does Sink cheat, break the rules but she does it right in front of her opponent (Rick Scott) then to add insult to injury she lies about it, gives any voter a lot of confidence in her. Lying, cheating what’s next?
    They call this “HARDBALL”?

  86. CA-voter fraud. Doggone these low-lifes in the DNC now they are picking on a great saint in the Catholic Church. St. Vincent de Paul whose whole life was about taking care of the poor and the homeless. Yet another new low even for them.
    Big Government contributor Ryan Dixon made the local news in Bakersfield as he investigates possible voter registration fraud there.

  87. These people have to be stopped!

    Via the Post & Email and some; – Monroe County Gestapo beat and taser retired Naval Commander – “THEY TRIED TO RIP OFF MY LEFT EAR” – by Sharon Rondeau

    (Oct. 27, 2010) — As of 9:50 p.m. EDT, The Post & Email has just spoken with LCDR Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, who was arrested today at his home on a charge of “failure to appear” at a hearing last Friday of which he claims he was not notified. Fitzpatrick is being held in the Monroe County detention facility.

  88. Omigosh, Michelle, you got me reading Hillbuzz too.

    An Open Letter to Rush Limbaugh and His Listeners — With Notes on the Democrat Civil War Already In Progress

  89. Jonah – I sent a copy of the letter to Rush. Hopefully, others will as well. Zach

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