Larry Sinclair for Congress, Met with locals, Florida district 24, Sinclair spoke to locals, Candidates speeches

Larry Sinclair for Congress, Met with locals, Florida district 24

I just spoke to Larry Sinclair. He stated that his speech to locals in Florida District 24 went very well. Sinclair spoke along with other candidates for congress.

“FL District 24 Republican Primary eat and greet”

“Candidates for Florida’s 24th district in the U.S. House of Representatives met with locals. Candidates include Deon Long, Sandy Adams, Larry Sinclair, Craig Miller, Heine Heinzelman and Ed Dedelow”

38 responses to “Larry Sinclair for Congress, Met with locals, Florida district 24, Sinclair spoke to locals, Candidates speeches

  1. Patriot Dreamer

    Glad Larry’s speech went well!

  2. Way to go Larry! I would also start quoting the Constitution in some of your appearances; it’s a hot item these days, and is sure to get the crowd excited about you.

    OT: Here’s another pole in Texas.

    Right side of page, vote Medina!!!!!!!

  3. Patriot Dreamer


    “Why Obama Hates Insurance Companies”
    Most likely, BO’s story was another fabrication trying to show that he has personal experience with [whatever]. In this case, however, the story is particularly bad because he says he got rear-ended, but he expected his own insurance company to pay for repairs. Shouldn’t the insurance company for the guy who rear-ended BO have paid for the repairs – not BO’s insurance company? After all, the media portrays BO as a “constitutional scholar” – nevermind the fact that we have never seen any scholarly writing from him. Just an image created by the media.

  4. When will this nightmare end?

  5. A bit O/T, but, how long before we see Carbon Credit Unions popping up all over to replace all those failed banks?

  6. Patriot Dreamer

    Has this been posted yet? Frank Luntz Focus Group Rates the Healthcare Summit from last night’s Sean Hannity show:

  7. Patriot Dreamer

    Another article:

    “Desiree Rogers to resign”

  8. Patriot Dreamer, you are talking about BHO getting rear-ended in a post about Larry Sinclair…
    for some reason that just strikes me as HILARIOUS!!!

  9. Patriot Dreamer

    Kim, BO was the one who brought it up!


  10. My mind is whirling w/double entendres

  11. The Supreme Court Justice, Clarence Thomas, comments on our Republic’s founding documents

  12. You go Larry! Did you notice that they were quiet? Did you notice how loud they clapped? Speak up and speak loud! I am so proud of you. You are my HERO because you have stayed brave and have not been scared off like the fraud would want you to. Please be very careful.

    God Bless You


    Krauthammer may be right that the summit helped the Dems in the short term, but helped the Republicans more for the mid-terms. The polls in the next week or so will tell the tale for the Dems. As for November we’ll see.

  14. South, Thanks for posting that link about Medina. As far as these polls you post, Medina is kicking butt, however the news stories all say she is losing. We know Perry’s puppeteer’s own the news media, so they will make sure people think she is losing. I pray she wins.

  15. Larry,

    They really can’t hold you back can they?

    Who would have guessed?

  16. CW – maybe you could send this to Beck and Oreilly and McCain and others – and ask them why they have such tiny cajones.

    Here is one of the elected UK members of the parliament of the European Union. It seems he is unhappy with the EU president and his legitimacy and mandate.

    Definitely MUST SEE TV.

  17. GlennBeck is a hypocrit, he on there right now talking about people getting their property taken away and given to a hotel chain aka eminent domain. He is careful NOT to use the word.
    This guy is lying to people and they are believing the idiot. I wish I had to number to the red phone.

  18. I would like to waterboard Glenn Beck and find out who he is working for!!!


    If the people listened to Ryan yesterday, the Democrats are in for a huge upset this November, just as Lindsey Williams is predicting. Truly the Dems don’t stand a chance and right now I don’t even think reconciliation will save them.

  20. We are now seeing the natural consequences of what comes after things like sugar, salt, and fats, and fastfoods have been villainized and regulated. When will people realize that what goes around comes around. Bottom line, it was never the gov’ts business to lecture us or make laws about ANY of these things. Even LOCALLY. NONE. OF. THEIR. DAMN. BUSINESS. When are people gonna see that the gov’t is not interested in our well-being, but rather POWER. PERIOD.

  21. Why do they lie, try to trick the American people about everything? Obama is all fraud, all the time.
    Another Fraud outed, how many more to go?
    Al Gore heckled at Apple Shareholders’ Meeting
    He was still re-elected to Apple’s Board (where he’ll receive enormous compensation), but Gore was called out as a liar and a fraud at the Apple Shareholders’ Meeting.
    Specifically, the issue was raised of whether or not Gore was competent enough to be a Board Member, since as Pope of the Church of Anthropogenic Global Warming, he claimed the glaciers were melting, the rain forest was disappearing, the sea levels were rising, and global temperatures were on the rise: when all have been proved false in the last several months since Climategate broke, and it was revealed Gore and his team of “climatologists” have been fabricating and manipulating data to arrive at predetermined, apocalyptic results.
    Gore and Ben Nelson of Nebraska deserve OJ Treatment whenever they head out in public.
    We’ve mentioned this before, but one of us personally witnessed OJ Simpson walk into a restaurant in Florida once, years ago, and the entire place booed him and shouted “MURDERER!”, until Simpson was forced into a private dining room, away from everyone else.
    When Ben Nelson walks down the street, people in Nebraska should shout “Whore!” and “Slut!” for his shameful Cornhusker Kickback in the Senate, a bribe that will live in infamy, and memory, until Nelson’s ultimate electoral defeat.
    For Gore, wherever he goes for the rest of his life, people need to shout FRAUD! and LIAR! or HOAX! at him. The man deserves enormous shame for knowingly driving a cult based on fabrication, deceit, lies, and the willful suppression of the scientific method.
    Shame on you, Al Gore.
    Shame on Apple for retaining you on its board.
    Hooray for hecklers who have started your much deserved ridicule, oh Fallen Pope.

  22. connie // February 26, 2010 at 5:19 pm

    I bet we’d see real tears real fast…


    “Medina campaign manager Penny Langford-Freeman said Medina appears to be holding steady in the Rasmussen poll. She said the Medina campaign also is encouraged by signs that early voting in the GOP primary includes many people who have not previously voted Republican.

    “The Rasmussen poll shows that the Medina campaign is in prime shape to surge into the runoff, despite being outspent dramatically by Debra’s millionaire-financed opponents,” said Langford-Freeman. “While Rick Perry would, no doubt, like to avoid a runoff where he must continue to attempt to justify his record to Republicans, we Texans are not letting up.”

  24. venice // February 26, 2010 at 5:31 pm

    If the people listened to Ryan yesterday, the Democrats are in for a huge upset this November, just as Lindsey Williams is predicting. Truly the Dems don’t stand a chance and right now I don’t even think reconciliation will save them.
    There are many dems upset….with reconciliation, 50 + 1???

    With a surplus of only 8, thanks to Brown, it may not happen with the unhappy dems worried about their positions.


    Pelosi has been yapping this for almost 8 months. The more she states this, the further the Dems are from “overhauling healthcare”.

  26. I’m not a huge fan of Gary Kreeps but I was asked to pass this along……they are looking for donations to help move this injustice and Unconstitutional act forward!!

    Dear Lover of the U. S. Constitution,

    Here is the short of it:


    The United States Justice Foundation is on the literal frontlines of this fight to reclaim the United States Constitution!

    On February 1, 2010, on behalf of all Americans like you, I filed our Appellants Opening Brief (AOB) in the Appellate Court against the Defendants/Respondents: purported President BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, Vice-President Joe Biden, Secretary of the State of California Debra BOWEN, and others. I respectfully requested a REVERSAL of the trial court judgment sustaining the Respondents’ “demurrer,” which means that the defendant in a case does not dispute the truth of the allegations in the lawsuit, but claims that there is no legal basis for the litigation.

    Within days, I am filing a “Quo Warranto” proceeding in the Federal District Court in Washington, D.C. As soon as that is filed, I will give you ALL of the details. Basically, a “Quo Warranto” is a demand to know by what authority a public figure is acting.

    The United States Justice Foundation (USJF) has been on the very forefront of this fight for simply the truth…the Constitutional question of the eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama to serve as “President”. Simply put, on behalf of Constitutionalists and all Americans, “By what authority is Mr. Obama President?” Based upon our discovering the truth, Mr. Obama might be facing criminal charges. That’s right—I said CRIMINAL CHARGES!

    USJF attorneys are researching court cases, and statutes concerning criminal charges for those who purport to be something that they are not; like a U. S. citizen.

    Mr. Obama’s lawyers are working to “hide something” from the American people, the public…you! The common law writ of Quo Warranto has been attacked at the federal level in the United States, but the District of Columbia has a specific statute allowing it. There have been multiple legal cases challenging Obama’s eligibility at both the national AND state levels. But the White House keeps stonewalling, refusing to provide the proof that Mr. Obama claims to have—a copy of his birth certificate. So we have resorted to additional federal legal action.

    In addition to Barack Obama’s actual birth documentation, he still has sealed up from the public view the following personal documents:

    His kindergarten records
    His Punahou school records
    His Occidental College records
    His Columbia University records
    His Columbia thesis
    His Harvard Law School records
    His Harvard Law Review articles
    His Scholarly articles from the University of Chicago
    His Passport
    His medical records
    His files from when he was an Illinois state senator
    His Illinois State Bar Association records
    And more.
    What America wants to know is one question: WHY?

    It seems very strange that Congressional hearings were held to determine whether U. S. Senator John McCain was constitutionally eligible to serve as President as a “natural born citizen,” yet, no legal authority ever asked to verify Mr. Obama’s claim to a Hawaiian birth!

    Mr. Obama’s long-form, hospital-generated, birth certificate has never been produced. That would only take a second to answer numerous questions and put this matter to rest. Be sure you understand this point, Barack Obama will not even confirm the hospital in which he alleges he was born—he has claimed to have been born in 2 different hospitals in Hawaii, as has his half-sister.

    Yes, I believe that there is something much more sinister here. Our country has suffered for over a year under a purported President who might not actually qualify to even run for the Presidency.

    On behalf of the American people, I submitted to the 3rd Appellate District Court of Appeal in California, in the case that USJF brought in state court on behalf of 2008 Presidential candidate Alan Keyes and 2008 Vice-Presidential candidate Wiley Drake, as well as California Elector Markham Robinson. In that case, we alleged that Mr. Obama was not eligible for the office and that the Secretary of the State of California, Debra Bowen, failed to investigate his qualifications before allowing his name on the 2008 California Presidential election ballot.

    Dismissal of the state case by Sacramento County Superior Court Judge Michael Kenny was in error because the defendants “failed to establish that there was no triable cause of action on the critical constitutional issues of whether Mr. Obama has met the eligibility requirements to serve as president of the United States…”

    Shortly, we will be filing in the District of Columbia, our “Quo Warranto”. To do that USJF needs your immediate, and generous, support.

    The U. S. Constitution, Article 2, Section 1, states, “No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President.”



    This legal battle could go on and on. And the costs are mounting. Please assist USJF today in this long-term fight for justice and adherence to the U. S. Constitution! We are seeking to bar anyone from going on the Presidential ballot in 2012 unless they can prove that they are eligible to serve as President!!

    Spirited Town Hall meetings have proven that this subject of “eligibility” is on the minds of many Americans. U. S. Representative Trent Franks (R-AZ) commented in a town hall meeting in Kingman, Arizona last year. “I don’t know what it is that he doesn’t want people to see the birth certificate. He’s spent an awful lot of money to keep people from seeing the birth certificate. I think it has to do with something else.”

    Many others have joined in this important Constitutional question. For instance:

    Former Republican Vice-Presidential nominee Sarah Palin said, “I think it’s a fair question, just like I think past association and past voting records—all of that is fair game!”

    U. S. Representative Roy Blunt (R-MO) stated, “What I don’t know is why the president cannot produce a birth certificate. I don’t know anyone else who can’t produce one.”

    U.S. Representative Nathan Deal (R-GA) said, “I have looked at the documentation that is publically available, and it leaves many things to be desired.”

    U. S. Representative Bill Posey (R-FL) last year proposed H.R. 1503, known as the Presidential Eligibility Act, with over one dozen co-sponsors. However, it is still pending in a House committee.

    Tennessee state Senate speaker and gubernatorial candidate Ron Ramsey has also joined the swelling ranks of officials who want straight answers. He told the press, “I don’t know whether President Obama is a citizen of the United States or not!”

    And the list of Congressmen asking this question continues to grow!

    There is even a “march on Washington” in the planning stages, where Americans want to expose the “hoax” of Mr. Obama’s eligibility. All we want is for Mr. Obama to show us official documentation. During this year’s National Prayer Breakfast, Barack Obama raised the issue himself, “But surely you can question my policies without questioning my faith, or, for that matter, my citizenship.”

    I strongly believe that one of the reasons why Mr. Obama will not disclose his school and college records is because they would show that he fraudulently received aid for school as a foreign national!

    This eligibility movement will not go away…it will not rest until the absolute TRUTH is learned. Let’s pray that the truth will be divulged BEFORE the 2012 elections! That’s why we need your help, RIGHT NOW!

    We are doing everything that we legally can to make sure that anyone who runs for President of the United States in 2012 will have to document their U. S. citizenship. In fact, our California state case requests a Court Order that the California Secretary of State be barred from putting anyone on a future California President ballot unless and until he or she provides proof that they are eligible to serve as President of the United States. That’s why we’re pleased that a federal bill has already been proposed by U. S. Representative Bill Posey (R-FL). H.R. 1503 reads:

    “To amend the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971 to require the principal campaign committee of a candidate for election to the office of the President to include with the committee’s statement of organization a copy of the candidate’s birth certificate, together with such other documentation as may be necessary to establish that the candidate meets the qualifications for eligibility to the Office of President under the Constitution. Congress finds that under…the Constitution of the United States, in order to be eligible to serve as President, an individual must be a natural born citizen of the United States who has attained the age of 35 years and has been a resident within the United States for at least 14 years.”

    Although this bill is currently held up in Committee, Representative Posey’s goal is for the bill to be in effect for the 2012 presidential election.

    Please respond today for us to continue this fight for the truth. Within days, we will file our “Quo Warranto” action in the District of Columbia Federal District in Washington, D.C.

    Thank you for your concern, for our Constitution and for America,

    Gary G. Kreep, Esq.
    Executive Director

    P. S. We are on the verge of knowing the “eligibility” truth! I remain undaunted by personal ridicule, personal attacks, and personal threats—just because I have stood up for the United States Constitution. Thank you for your prayers.

    Go here to donate and help prosecute the criminals……

  27. Chris Strunk emailed me this information today….maybe some of you versed in the justice system can tell the rest of us what this means….I didn’t know Strunk was working with Dr. Taitz!

    On February 26, 2010, in response to the application for a preliminary injunction, the private attorney for the Usurper has filed an appearance, a Motion to dismiss and memorandum in opposition to the Preliminary Injunction and to which, Strunk has been duly served and will respond with a filing in support of a declaratory judgment on dual allegiance and insupport of a quo warranto writ with directive to Congress, and preliminary injunction regarding injuries on Tuesday March 2, 2010.

    U.S. District Court
    District of Columbia (Washington, DC)
    CIVIL DOCKET FOR CASE #: 1:10-cv-00151-RCL

    Assigned to: Chief Judge Royce C. Lamberth


    Cause: 28:1331 Fed. Question

    Date Filed: 01/27/2010
    Jury Demand: None
    Nature of Suit: 890 Other Statutory Actions
    Jurisdiction: U.S. Government Defendant


    represented by
    29839 Santa Margarita Parkway
    Suite 100
    Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688
    (949) 683 – 5411
    Fax: (949) 766 – 7603
    PRO SE



    represented by
    Alan Burch
    Civil Division
    555 Fourth Street, NW
    Washington, DC 20530
    (202) 514-7204
    Fax: (202) 514-8780


    represented by
    593 Vanderbilt Avenue
    Apartment 281
    Brooklyn, NY 11238
    (845) 901-6767
    PRO SE

    Date Filed
    Docket Text

    COMPLAINT against BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA ( Filing fee $ 350, receipt number 4616027174) filed by ORLY TAITZ. (Attachments: # 1 Civil Cover Sheet)(rdj) (Entered: 01/28/2010)


    SUMMONS (3) Issued as to BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, U.S. Attorney and U.S. Attorney General (rdj) (Entered: 01/28/2010)

    NOTICE OF RELATED CASE by ORLY TAITZ. Case related to Case No. 09mc346. (rdj) (Entered: 01/28/2010)

    AFFIDAVIT of Service of Summons and Complaintby ORLY TAITZ. (rdj) (Entered: 01/28/2010)

    RETURN OF SERVICE/AFFIDAVIT of Summons and Complaint Executed as to the US Attorney. BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA served on 1/27/2010, answer due 3/29/2010 (rdj) (Entered: 01/28/2010)

    RETURN OF SERVICE/AFFIDAVIT of Summons and Complaint Executed on Attorney General. Date of Service Upon Attorney General 1/27/10. (rdj) (Entered: 01/28/2010)

    MOTION to Intervene by CHRISTOPHER EARL STRUNK (rdj) (Entered: 02/03/2010)

    NOTICE of Certificate of Service by CHRISTOPHER EARL STRUNK re 6 MOTION to Intervene (rdj) (Entered: 02/04/2010)

    MOTION for Preliminary Injunction, MOTION for CM/ECF password by ORLY TAITZ(dr) Modified on 2/23/2010 to seal entry, pursuant to Privacy Act(rdj). (Entered: 02/19/2010)

    NOTICE of Appearance by Alan Burch on behalf of BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA (Burch, Alan) (Entered: 02/26/2010)

    MOTION to Dismiss & supporting memorandum by BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA (Attachments: # 1 Exhibit 1 Cook MD Ga order July 16, 2009, # 2 Exhibit 2 Cook MD Ga docket, # 3 Exhibit 3 Cook 11th Cir docket, # 4 Exhibit 4 Rhodes WD Tex order, # 5 Exhibit 5 Rhodes MD Ga docket & orders, # 6 Exhibit 6 Rhodes 11th Cir docket, # 7 Exhibit 7 Barnet 9th Cir docket)(Burch, Alan) (Entered: 02/26/2010)

    Memorandum in opposition to re 8 MOTION for Preliminary Injunction MOTION for CM/ECF password see R.10 for exhibits filed by BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA. (Burch, Alan) (Entered: 02/26/2010)

  28. The candor Larry displays in his speech is so refreshing. As a voter my first impression would have definitely been positive. This is the REAL CHANGE voters are looking for. Good Job Larry!

  29. What a punk. How does this President of the United States handle a challenge? He gives you the finger.

  30. WND Exclusive BORN IN THE USA?
    Lawyer who challenged Obama: Ineligibility could prove costly
    USJF chief: ‘This is completely uncharted territory’

  31. Birth Certificate Conspiracy advances to higher level
    February 26th, 2010

    The greater the denial the greater the proof of guilt!

    Just look at the history:

    * First all the pundits agreed on the eligibility question.
    * One by one they reversed their position
    * One by one they joined in ridiculing those who persevered with the question, “Where is the B.C.?”
    * Obama reported has spent between 1 and 2 Million (dollars) to suppress his data. Why?
    * No one in Congress will talk about the question; Palin says OK to talk about it… isn’t that in itself curios?
    * An orchestrated attempt to discredit the birther movement by MSM
    * Now McCain joins in to ridicule those asking a simple question.
    * Everyone of us has been required to submit our birth documents to gain employment. Therefore it is a reasonable request.
    * Why then is this such a complicated matter?
    (Unless it is not complicated at all. It is a conspiracy and they are all in on it.)
    * Why did Nancy Pelosi create the two different versions of the election certification?
    * Why are the Hawaiian Officials now refusing to confirm certification of Obama’s birth?

    Are we that stupid?
    He doth protest too much!

    Time to dump McCain; it appears he too is a traitor!

  32. Health Care Summit Backfires Big Time on Obama and the Democrats

  33. JJ-venice @6:34 pm
    As a registered Dem I hope the Dems get clobbered big in 2010 and all future elections throughout the year. Terrible bill among other terrible bills, lying-cap and trade-more lying-healthcare bill a terrible bill at the worst time in our history. Totally ignoring all of the American people Reps-Dems-Ind. Obama-Pelosi-Reid-DNC- the worst leadership in the history of our country at a time when the country needed leadership in a critical way. Terrorism-they’re still working on a definition. Insane leadership, the little that there is.

  34. We know obumma is a fraud, he comes from Chicago Crime Club. He can not hold his own he acts like a kid who did not get his way and gets others to fight his battles. He is not presidential material we have nothing more than a child in a what you would call a mans body.The corruption we see where no one is going to get this fraud out. He is destroying this Country and not one Congressman or Senator will stand up and put him in his place . We are doomed. We need a miracle.

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