Global warming emails, Hacker leaks thousands of emails, East Anglia University UK, Dr. Tim Ball, Lies, Pseudo science, global average temperatures, CO2, computer models, Carbon footprints, Greenhouse gas, Global warming myths

The recent leaked emails from East Anglia University in the UK came as no surprise to me or many others who chose to question Global Warming myths and pseudo science. I have a math/science background and possibly more importantly, I am from NC and many of us have built in BS detectors. When confronted with numbers and theories that appeared absurd, I did some real research and reported on this blog. Watch the following video from a real scientist and then visit or revisit articles presented here going back to February of 2008.
“Climategate: Dr. Tim Ball on the hacked CRU emails”

Frem a speech given by Keith O. Rattie, Chairman, President and CEO of Questar Corporation, on April 2, 2009, at the 22nd Annual UVU Symposium on Environmental Ethics, held at Utah Valley University.
Reported here, May 15, 2009
“My perspective on global warming changed when I began to understand the limitations of the computer models that scientists have built to predict future warming. If the only variable driving the earth‟s climate were manmade CO2 then there‟d be no debate – global average temperatures would increase by a harmless one degree over the next 100 years. But the earth‟s climate is what engineers call a “non-linear, dynamic system”. The models have dozens of inputs. Many are little more than the opinion of the scientist – in some cases, just a guess.”
“Another example, water vapor is a far more potent greenhouse gas than CO2. [The media now calls CO2 a “pollutant”. If CO2 is a “pollutant” then water vapor is also a “pollutant” – that‟s absurd, but I digress]. Some scientists believe clouds amplify human CO2 forcing, others believe precipitation acts as the earth‟s thermostat. But scientists do not agree on how to model clouds, precipitation, and evaporation, thus there‟s no consensus on this fundamental issue.”
“But the reality for American consumers is that whether you buy that the science is settled or not, the political science is settled. With the media cheering them on, Congress has promised to “do something”. CO2 regulation is coming, whether it will do any good or not. Indeed, President Obama‟s hope of shrinking the now the massive federal budget deficit depends on vast new revenues from a tax on carbon energy – so called “cap and trade”. Harry Reid has promised cap and trade legislation by August.”
Cap and trade, Global warming, Fact vs Fiction

From the Citizen Wells blog, March 10, 2008

“So, what is hampering our oil production. Environmental wackos. Let’s take Alaska for example. Of course, they always bring up environmental impact. But they also bring up animals like polar bears and whales. They use pseudo science of global warming and terms like may and could cause. They consistently use false data and science. I hear talk of polar bears becoming extinct almost every day when in fact their numbers have increased. Alleged receding ice will fundamentally have no impact on their numbers.”
Always follow the money

From the Citizen Wells blog, March 10, 2008

“Weather Channel founder John Coleman is calling global warming a fraud and says the station he founded needs to stop telling people what to think about climate change.”

“One of it’s meteorologists suggested two years ago that weathercasters who have doubts about global warming should lose their certification. Coleman advocates suing people who sell carbon credits — including Al Gore — because the attention in the courts could, in his words, “put some light on the fraud of global warming.””
 John Coleman on Al Gore Global Warming lies

From the Citizen Wells blog, February 28, 2008
“Global warming is not equivalent to climate change. Significant, societally important climate change, due to both natural- and human- climate forcings, can occur without any global warming or cooling.”
“In terms of climate change and variability on the regional and local scale, the IPCC Reports, the CCSP Report on surface and tropospheric temperature trends, and the U.S. National Assessment have overstated the role of the radiative effect of the anthropogenic increase of CO2 relative to the role of the diversity of other human climate climate forcing on global warming, and more generally, on climate variability and change.”
“Global and regional climate models have not demonstrated skill at predicting regional and local climate change and variability on multi-decadal time scales.”
R.A. Pielke Sr. provides a balanced view of climate science

Common sense goes a long way where I come from and the numbers and peudo science from the likes of Al Gore never made sense. I also checked some real data from time to time like summer temperatures in Antarctica.
Here is one of the better sources for information on climate change and earth facts.


23 responses to “Global warming emails, Hacker leaks thousands of emails, East Anglia University UK, Dr. Tim Ball, Lies, Pseudo science, global average temperatures, CO2, computer models, Carbon footprints, Greenhouse gas, Global warming myths

  1. The biggest source of hot air has always been Al Gore.

  2. Michelle, Yep, give me wood floors, a fireplace, and some hot cocoa and I’m a happy camper! 🙂

  3. Katie // November 24, 2009 at 4:41 pm

    ….and greenhouse gas emissions, Katie.

  4. California Don

    Does it “really” matter what is found about the global warming fraud? Our current congress will do anything they can to destroy this great country. Our opinions or concerns doesn’t matter to them.

  5. I can not believe they are passing out an English version of the quran like they would send out telephone books. We need to stop the destruction of America. We are called the United States, not the diveristy states of America.

  6. Margie // November 24, 2009 at 4:44 pm

    Margie, where is this happening??

  7. Brought this over from last thread because it is still cracking me up:

    “The Global Warming shills are one more part of the leftist/fascist alliance who need to answer for their treason. But to be humane, understanding and sensitive, the ropes used to hang them will be made of natural fibers from a renewable source cultivated by indigenous people.

    Due to the paper shortage you will have to wipe with a spotted owl. Please do not squeeze the spotted owl.”

    hat tip: ArizonaNeanderth_l

    SueK – buffatomus
    You are a hoot, too!

  8. ticktock -the simple pleasures really-they just satisfy your soul.

  9. Looks like the Old Farmers beat out the wacked out lying scientists. They also never pretended to be perfect and they do not have an agenda, except to sell their magazine.
    Due to all the farmers etc. in the area The Old Farmers Almanac was a best seller in Illinois.
    Prior to the advent of the field of meteorology, the Old Farmer’s Almanac and Farmers’ Almanac have been supplying readers with weather predictions since the late 18th century.
    Both have a proven formula and claim to have a historical accuracy of 80 to 85 percent. But in this day and age of supercomputers and trained
    professionals, do these annual digests still have an audience?

  10. Now that the hackers brought out the emails, there really is no need for the Copenhagen meeting, or treaty.

  11. How have facts ever gotten in the way of this administration? I think O will proceed with climate change just to push us into further resistance. He wants us to rebel IMHO.

  12. UpstateWarrior,

    BTW, Thanks for the lovely link to Bach, on previous thread.

  13. ATTENTION – I have never seen Glenn Beck better. Catch the last half.

  14. Sue K. Right near Dearborn Michigan.

  15. **** New Post ****

  16. If Barry gets away with signing us up to the Copenhagen treaty and gets Obamacare passed, what will be left of America and the Constitution? It seems to me that the Constitution will be of no effect should these 2 come into being.

  17. California Don

    UpstateWarrior ,
    If Barry gets away with signing us up to the Copenhagen treaty and gets Obamacare passed, what will be left of America and the Constitution? It seems to me that the Constitution will be of no effect should these 2 come into being.
    Don’t ever forget that the Constitution overrides “any” treaty. We the citizens just have to reject any unConstitutional condition of a treaty.

  18. California Don

    I just found this info:

    ACORN OKLAHOMA Document Dump: The Oklahoma Power Plan
    by Publius
    ACORN’s San Diego office isn’t the only place its been careless with sensitive documents. Late last year, ACORN abandoned an office in Oklahoma. In its haste to vacate the office–and skip out on the landlord’s claim of back-rent–ACORN abandoned piles of documents, as well as a computer. Below is a copy of ACORN’s “Oklahoma Power Plan,” a long-term political plan to reshape politics in the Sooner State.

  19. The constitution only overrides treaties IF the judges enforce it. Based on recent and current experience, I’m running pretty scared.

  20. California Don, I am sticking to the Constitution no matter what gets passed by these criminals in DC. I don’t acknowledge, nor will I obey what they try to enforce should Obamacare or Copenhagen go into effect.

    God and his grace along with the Bible and the Constitution will be my guide and what I take my stand on when the times really get tough in America.

  21. Put Gore in prison!!

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