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Just in from Charles Kerchner of Kerchner V Obama, October 20, 2009:

20 October 2009

Kerchner: On the Sovereign and Sovereign Immunity – by CDR Kerchner

Kerchner: On the Sovereign and Sovereign Immunity

In the case of constitutional issues We the People and/or the Constitution created by We the People are sovereign. The fundamental law of our nation, the Constitution, can only be changed by amending it by the process provided in that Constitution, not by a branch of the federal government usurping or ignoring it. Congress cannot amend the Constitution by itself and certainly not with a simple majority vote. It takes a vote of 2/3 the members of Congress to put forward such an amendment to the several states and ratification by 3/4 of the several states of our nation. We are a Constitutional Republic, not a pure democracy. All rights and power not given to the federal government by the Constitution is reserved to the several states and to the People. See the 9th and 10th Amendments in the Bill of Rights for the details on that fact. We the People created the federal government enabled by the founding document, the federal U.S. Constitution. The Congress or the President cannot arbitrarily ignore the U.S. Constitution and those branches of the federal government cannot hide behind sovereign immunity. For if they can the Constitution is then no longer the supreme law of the land and the Congress and the President have placed themselves above that supreme law. We would no longer be a nation of laws if the supreme law of the land can be ignored and not enforced by the whims of the simple political majority in control of Congress.

I believe that Article I, Section 6, clause 1 protects the individual Senators and Reps from arrest and/or charges due to their speech and debate. It does not grant sovereign immunity to the Congress as a whole or the Senate as a body or the House as a body to totally ignore the Constitution, the “fundamental law” as Vattel describes such laws, and the foundational law of our federal government and nation. The sovereign power in our Republic is “We the People” and the Constitution we established to limit the power of the Federal Government, and thus the Congress which is part of that. Thus the Congress as a body in our government is not sovereign and thus cannot have sovereign immunity regarding charges that it as a body did not do its constitutional duty and/or ignored parts of the constitution. Who or what is the USA. It is the several states and We the People and the Constitution. It is not the Congress and it is not the President. The Constitution is the supreme and sovereign law. Congress is not sovereign and neither is the President and thus they cannot use sovereign immunity to betray and undermine the constitution. If the Congress is sovereign, then Congress would be the ultimate power and even be above the constitution. That is not our system of government. And that is not what Vattel taught either and wrote about a republic with a written constitution. The elected officials are our representatives and we acquiesce to them to run the government as long as they obey the Constitution and not ignore any part of the Constitution, the supreme law of the land, and that these elected representatives act in a way to protect our life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness which our patriot ancestors and many who have served since fought and died to obtain and keep for us. The written Constitution is supreme and sovereign as that contract was established by We the People acting through the several states. And it states it takes 3/4th of the several states via agreement of the People of those states speaking through their respective legislative body to change that sovereign law, the U.S. Constitution.

We the People are the sovereigns and the Constitution is the supreme, fundamental, sovereign law in our federal system. The President and Congress are not above the law. No executive order or statutory law passed by them is supreme to the Constitution and the inalienable rights of We the People. I did not swear an oath to defend a man or any particular person serving as the President or a piece land. I swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution. We the People retain the ancient right of the sovereign, which is us in our system, to bring a Quo Warranto charge against a usurper Putative President. And I did so in my lawsuit. Any order or law made by Congress or anyone else in our federal government which stands in the way of We the People’s inalienable right to protect our Constitution, which we created, from a usurper must fall. Those laws must fall by the wayside as subservient and that they are not applicable to blocking our inalienable rights and cannot be allowed to block the People getting answers in the federal courts to Constitutional questions. I swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. I intend to do so.

Charles F. Kerchner, Jr.
Commander USNR (Retired)
Lead Plaintiff
Kerchner v Obama & Congress

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  1. Doesn’t Orly’s new appeal against the sanctions opne her up to even more sanctions? I mean the judge said he would’n’t let the appeal go to a higher court. Can she file in another court against “Land” for this action if he refuses the appeal?

  2. Wow, Kerchner, just a big WOW!!

    God bless you.

  3. From previous thread:

    I’ve just finished listening to Alex Jones interview Lindsey Williams. Contrary to my earlier post, I’ll try to summarize, simply because the info IMHO is too important. It may also save time for those who don’t have time to listen to the podcast.

    This is a third order account, because Williams now 73, spent 30 years attending the elite’s meetings, after having been given executive privilege as the chaplain for the elite.

    His account is directly from an 85 yr. old member, in the final stages of a terminal illness, unhappy to leave the earth without his confessions to Lindsey about the elite’s timeline for the next 2 years. Take this for what’s it’s worth, I am only giving this account as close to the text as possible.

    1. The NWO is moving toward war, slated to occur in 2012, commencing with Iran, and implicating the world at large.

    2. War is the oldest racket, most profitable enterprise for a few; the price tag accrued largely in human lives.

    3. By 2012, the U.S. will no longer be recognizable, having capitulated to a system of deception by the elite over many years, and culminating in a complete state controlled society.

    4. In 2 years the dollar will have disappeared, inflation will have soared, and the only commodities you can rely on will be gold and silver, bc this is what the elite use as their currency.

    5 Oil will remain under 100, until the mideast crisis occurs.

    6. The Church has been infiltrated and clergy will be used as pawns.

    7. Stock market will continue to rise, reflecting a devalued dollar, until the mideast crisis.

    8. The elite are laughing at the gullibility of the American citizen.

    9. The secular media will not be tampered with because acknowledging them eg.Alex Jones etc, confirms their involvement. However, when mayhem takes place in 2 yrs, things will change.

    10. Obama is seriously disturbing at least one major block of the elite. He often follows their orders but also bucks them in serious matters. His arrogance is more than they can take. JFK (as McGovern stated) was offered as a parallel. JFK was intent on exposing the Federal Reserve during his Texas visit.

    11. Major international organizations, eg. Vatican are controlled by the elite.

    Lindsey is urging EVERYONE (he repeated this often) to take action. Though the timeline has been somewhat extended, he states that the poverty of the nation will be so excessive that in 2 years, nothing can be achieved. For example, air travel will not be available for the masses. People will be too poor to defend themselves.


    He will be interviewed Friday to discuss the monetary situation.

    “The Fall of the Republic”, heavy duty sequel to Obama Deception will be released tomorrow.

    Hope this helps, time is short but a robust resistance is possible.

  4. just wondering

    Dav, oldsalt, and Maddie,
    I would love to followup on the SS# since I live in the right state. Please tell me if you have ideas of what kind of info I should be looking for.

  5. venice // October 20, 2009 at 9:52 pm

    I’ll try to summarize, simply because the info IMHO is too important. It may also save time for those who don’t have time to listen to the podcast.

    (I have dial up…thank you.)

  6. just wondering–
    Are you in CT?

  7. Patriot Dreamer

    venice @ at 9:52 pm

    venice, do you mind if I repost this? And can you repost the link to the podcasts? Thanks!

  8. Okay………now what???

  9. Venice, excellent….

    I might add to your post…the reason for the escalation in the elite’s timeline is in large part because the American people gave them $2-1/2 trillion dollars on a silver platter with barely a whimper.

  10. PD,

    [audio src="" /]

    [audio src="" /]

    The interview with Lindsey in the first link comes toward the end. Alex Jones introduces the ” Fall of the Republic” in at least the first half.

  11. PD,

    Yes you can repost.

  12. Patriot Dreamer

    There are a series of videos from Lindsey Williams’ interview from yesterday. Here’s the first one:

  13. Gingrich: This is the Most Radically Left-Wing Government In American History

    “There is a very real danger that the President is about to become Herbert Hoover rather than FDR and I don’t think they understand in the White House that all of these job killing measures are devastating”

    “This is the most radically left wing government in American history, and I totally underestimated how many radical leftists that he would bring into the government”

  14. maddie

    Please let me know exactly what we are looking for.

    I’m lost ………..

  15. In the video posted above the tag line says:


    Is this a trick question????

  16. Look who’s married to Obama’s media ‘controller’

    Official attacking network, anti-‘birther’ lawyer a couple

  17. It’s official! U.S. government is bankrupt

    ‘It’s only a matter of time before the public realizes it’

  18. venice: Excellent summary! Just Me was correct; you are quite talented and an asset to this blog. Thanks!

  19. Linda,

    You’re very kind. Thank you.

  20. LM: I disagree with Speaker Gingrich. I think they know exactly what they are doing! They could care less about how many jobs are lost and how much money they are wasting in their pursuit of destroying America!

  21. ArmyDAV–
    1. We are still looking for the name & info
    for SSN #1 (last 4 digits 4425)
    2. Want to know when (about 1955) that this
    person’s benefits would kick in
    3. And if possible how long after that were
    SS benefits paid out?

    The Oh P.I. found what you found for the
    2, but with the other SSNs. She has not
    located a name with what I call SS#1 as
    above. So we are trying to help.

  22. CW: Thank you for this most valuable post. Mr. Kerchner, you are my Hero! God Bless You!

  23. Army–
    The other search regards campaign
    headquarters and gathering addresses for
    those—this is a separate issue. I am
    getting docs to zero in on possibilities linked
    to that. Won’t know specifics until that
    info is sent to me.

  24. Linda from NY-when Newt spoke of cutting the bureaucracy I was thinking 75 per cent to start.
    Obviously they the remaining 25 per cent would have real work to do and stay out of everyone else’s business. All Obama and minions do is make work projects like they are actually doing something. The Democratic party is committing suicide with these idiots.

  25. Michelle,
    Thanks again for the Provo info. Tomorrow I’m going to try to make some contact in e-mail to verify things and have a paper trail.
    Appreciate your help.

  26. signing off for the night. Take care all.

  27. Unfortunately, the Judicial Branch, the Legislative Branch, and the Executive Branch have already been bought out by George Soros and his New World Order buddy. America’s Throat has been cut and it is only a matter of time before it bleeds to death. Sooner rather than Later. Not One American, Military, Presidential Candidate, or Regular Tax Paying Citizen has Standing in ANY Court, Civilian or Military. Not ONE Single Judge (Supreme or Regular) wants to touch the Obama NBC matter. They just want to Ignore Facts and pretend everything is going well for America. If we do have an Election in 2010, it will not be a Fair One. Obama (Soetoro), Acorn, Dead People, Fantasy People and College Idiots will make sure that All of the House and the Senate will have 100% Communist Supporting Democrats voted in. Once Again, Obama is Campaigning for the 2010 Election all this and next week while our Troops are Dying in Afghanistan with NO extra troops to support them in sight. I Pray every day that Patriots will survive the coming storm.

  28. Michelle: All I can say is What a Brazen Bunch of Buffoons! And, they think the American people are “dumbed down?”

    I hope some day we will be singing to them:

    “Who’s Sorry Now?” as they are all escorted to their new Gitmo accommodations.

    Hey, maybe that is why pp is emptying out Gitmo; to make room for he and his friends!

    Good Night, Michelle!

  29. Emudude: Take heart and keep praying! The Calvary is coming to the rescue! I have faith we will take back our country because we, Americans, will not back down!

    We are a resilient people who will fight for our freedom. They will not win! We are wise to their game, and they will not defeat us!

    We will find a Court and a Judge who will listen; you’ll see. Have faith.

    As far as the 2010 elections, we are already working on that. We will not let them cheat us again!

    Peace be with you…Linda

  30. What a great essay by Kerchner.We need a million more like him to cast Lucifer’s minions into the sea.One way or another we are gonna win…we must!
    Ok its time for more lawsuits….

  31. Re Orly Taitz’s case in the Federal Court in California, seems to me that since Judge Carter has yet to grant discovery (perhaps afraid to compel Obama to answer interrogatories and/or depositions) and at the same time really can’t dismiss the entire case as Team Obama and the Dept. of Justice want because he knows that at the very least Dr. Keyes has a valid tort-fraud action against Candidate (not ‘President’ Obama), she should proceed to file a Motion for Summary Judgment (as set out in Judge Carter’s Scheduling Order) since, even basing all facts in favor of Obama, he loses as a matter of law since he declares his dad was British/Kenyan on Baby O’s birth, hence, it IS SOLELY A LEGAL ARGUMENT, that is, Constitutional POTUS eligibility of “natural born citizen” as opposed to just “citizen”, requires two citizen parents.

  32. Maddie, I looked up the Provo address on Google Earth and it looked like a commercial area. There were five businesses listed for that building, so I can send those to you if you want. Hope that helps.

  33. An insult to our Democracy…how it plays out with these grifters in DC:

  34. Michelle, here is the video of Bo Dietl on Imus talking about the BC. Bo on Imus it starts at about 4:17

  35. Jack,
    The FACT that Supreme Court Justice Roberts SWORE HIM IN even though he had more than 12 Cases against him in the Supreme Court, tells me that ALL 9 Justices of the Supreme Court (The Highest Court of the Land) agree that Obama was a Natural Born Citizen because his Mother was a Citizen. And that the Certificate of Live Birth has been accepted as his Birth Certificate. They have Already made that Decision when they swore him in. That’s why the Stay of Execution for swearing him in was denied and all the other court cases dismissed and will continue to be dismissed and why they swore him in Anyway. All the Judges See that. That’s why none of these cases are going to pass.

  36. @Emudude:

    How do the nine justices of the SCOTUS know for an absolute fact that Dunham was even his mother?

    Every single thing about Barack Obama is a lie.

  37. TO:
    Magna Carta // October 21, 2009 at 12:17 am

    An insult to our Democracy…how it plays out with these grifters in DC:


    Anyone have the link to the C-SPAN video of this Consitution Debacle?

  38. Murtha makes me feel like puking. His obvious character flaws make me wonder how the hell he managed to become a Marine Corps Officer. I would not be surprised if someday I discovered that he was at the HEAD OF THE LINE trying to get out of Dodge when it was about to be overrun during the great retreat of the Viet Nam war. He is the type.

  39. TO:

    Buraq ’08 // October 21, 2009 at 1:04 am


    How do the nine justices of the SCOTUS know for an absolute fact that Dunham was even his mother?

    Every single thing about Barack Obama is a lie.


    BO just like his “Moma” and his whole alleged family were BORN to LIE.

    The Communist Wing of the CIA
    Are now in DC ruling the USA
    Throwin’ the CONSTITUTION and We the People away.
    RISE UP, STAND UP……no Statesmen, Minutemen, Patriots to save the day?

  40. Linda from NY

    Emudude: This one’s for you!

    “Here’s To The Heroes”

  41. The Obama File:

    “The only thing we KNOW about Barack Hussein Obama II is we don’t KNOW a damned thing about him.”

  42. It’s tyrrany what is going on….FOX, and the way Imus wouldn’t even discuss the issue, are disgusting. Keep up the pressure on Barack Obama’s Certificate number #151- 1961 010641 and the index data through the UIPA requests. Don’t bother with his name, focus on the number. Bet it is a fraud.

  43. When It Comes to Obama the Media Continues to Fail the American People —

  44. DAV……………………………………….
    I think that Maddie is trying to get the information which I asked for her help in obtaining. Namely, clear evidence that if the Soetoro SSN existed in the interim years between 1955, and 1979 I would suspect some sort of criminal enterprise ofhaving obtained it illegally. Perhaps it was issued to someone who died in either a unreported accident, or perhaps a natural disaster, and somehow the Soetoro goon squed found out about it. If the number WAS on the death list, you can be sure that all traces of it having been there was scrubbed. This is part of the reason why I am hoping to determine if the number is present in the interim years between 1955, and 1979 on the SS rolls,and who it was issued to.The number I am referring to is the one that was shown as Soetoros by a commenter on this blog
    It is my hope to carry a diligent search into the SS question. If we turn up nothing we will have only lost a little time

  45. Maddie & oldsalt

    lot of research has been done on the ominous real-estate scams by the Dunham family and their partners. Some of the research links this money-laundering scheme using counterfeit money and stolen credit card info back to Lebananon.

    Ann Dunham was possibly not an America citizen – and went to school in Beirut, Lebanon. Possibly, the family was smuggled into the US as spies. No wonder Obama refuses to show his BC. Take a look at the image below:

  46. Good night all………

  47. Louis Farrakhan: H1N1 Vaccine Developed to Kill People

    Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan said the H1N1 flu vaccine was developed to kill people, UPI reported.

    “The Earth can’t take 6.5 billion people. We just can’t feed that many. So what are you going to do? Kill as many as you can,” Farrakhan reportedly said during an event in Memphis, Tenn. “We have to develop a science that kills them and makes it look as though they died from some disease.”

    The 76-year-old added that many wise people won’t take the vaccine, according to UPI.

    His comments were made during an event to observe the group’s Holy Day of Atonement, and also marked the 14th anniversary of the Million Man March in Washington.,2933,568743,00.html?test=latestnews

  48. zachjonesishome
    Army recommends ‘birther’ for promotion
    Examiner ^ | 10/20/09 | Whiny Libtard

    Posted on Tuesday, October 20, 2009 10:24:37 PM by pissant

    In a stunning display of latent disrespect for President Barack Obama and a complete disregard for the good order and discipline of the U.S. Armed Forces, the Army has recommended “birther”, 1LT Scott Easterling for promotion.

  49. zachjonesishome

    Sorry. Good Morning!

  50. 7 Lies In 2 Minutes

  51. Lynda From New York,
    Thanks for that. I was in the U.S. Navy for 2o years and 22 Days before I Retired. I now work at a Navy Exchange on a Navy Base. We have every Branch of the Service on my Base. Marines, Air Force, Navy, Army, Coast Guard and many Military from Foreign Countries. Most of the Enlisted Young Men and Women are Ignorant of what Obama is doing due to the GAG order placed on the Military. Most of the Chiefs, and Officers, and Petty Officers as well as the other Older Branch members despise Obama and his Policies and they are Frustrated because of the GAG orders from the Pentagon and White House Office. Basically the GAG Order is that NO ONE in the U.S. Armed Forces are allowed to say anything BAD about Obama and his Minion (Henchmen). Nothing but what Obama and the White House tells them is allowed to be said. No One in the Military is allowed to have an Opinion about Obama or his Staff. No One. Most of the Military says “We are not allowed to talk about anything.” Some Higher Ups admit that they don’t like it but their hands are tied. As Bad as the Job Rate/Economy is, they are just glad to have a Steady Job and Paycheck.

  52. >>>oldsalt77 // October 21, 2009 at 1:39 am
    I think that Maddie is trying to get the information which I asked for her help in obtaining. <<<<


    First good luck with the surgery. I think you will find it amazing after you heal. Second, I have a weak based theory that 1890 refers to a date, but it is a date of an act, see British.


  53. Video: ‘Reckless Speculation’: Obama Blasts Wall Street With ‘Don’t Fight’ Reform Lecture

    wall street woes

  54. LM 8:02am

    Obama is doing a lousy job with reading his teleprompter today, many missteps.

  55. Muslim Preacher Tells Queen of England: Turn Muslim

    He demanded an Islamic revolution across Britain.

    Choudary, 42, said Her Majesty – head of the Church of England – should convert to ensure her place in paradise.

    He also wants to see senior members of the Government switching faiths. Choudary, a key henchman of rabble rousing cleric Omar Bakri, said: “We invite everyone from the Queen, to the ministers, to the Parliament, to the aristocracy, to the ordinary person in Britain to embrace Islam.

    “Save yourself and your children in this life from misery and prepare them for a great destiny in the hereafter.”

    He made his call during an internet rant to promote a march in London later this month supporting Sharia law.

    The ex-lawyer also made a scathing reference to the next general election, declaring: “Britain does not need a new leader, it needs a revolution – an Islamic revolution.

  56. zachjonesishome

    Is Berg still up for oral arguments on Oct. 26?

  57. Help Senator Vitter Fight for his Amendment to Crack Down on the Obama Administration’s Handling of the 2010 Census!

  58. Emudude // October 21, 2009 at 7:57 am

    “As Bad as the Job Rate/Economy is, they are just glad to have a Steady Job and Paycheck.”

  59. Zach,

    I heard an interview with him last Saturday.

    At that time he said the judge(s) would “discuss it amongst themselves.” He was understandably not happy that he couldn’t appear before them to “argue,” …I forget the legalese term he used, especially at this hour. Need coffee.

    I’ll try to find my notes if you want.

  60. ****OT***** But I need help.
    First of all … I know nothing about computers!!
    You guys are the only ones I ‘talk’ to online. I trust the opinions and advice given here.

    About a week or so ago I turn on computer and there is a large icon on it “Windows Police” it is telling me that my computer is under attack. It does a so called scan – says I have 7 serious viruses. I click on ‘clean up’ and it takes me to a page that says … sure .. for $79. I tried to go around it but couldn’t. I couldn’t get in through Firefox, Safari, etc… I could get on through IE. I ran a virus scan program that was on my computer. It said I had viruses and that it cleaned them up. Still could not get rid of this “window police’ thing. I tried to go through other search engines … could not. I could not get into control panel, etc… An icon on the bottom right would pop up and say “impossible to open c drive .. malicious malware” It would say someone was trying to obtain my info … credit card, etc… I kept running the virus scanner. I could not get the “police” icon off screen. This lasted about 2-3 days. I finally was giving in and got my credit card and was going to pay the $79 to fix the problem through “windows police” But then I’m thinking … they are telling me someone is trying to steal my cc info and yet they are asking for it. I talked to a friend who said it was a scam. I waited a few hours and went to sign on again … I go to sign on and … It’s gone !!!! I could sign on through Firefox, etc.. I thought everything was fine.

    Yesterday morning I go online to check bank account. Sure as chit …. there were debits that I did not make.

    1. – Microsoft TechNet for $375
    2. Handango – $59

    I called both companies to report it. I asked if they had an address …. they give me my billing address to the debit card ?????? They also tell me that my 3 digit security code was used to purchase some sort of software. Handango was something to do with buying apps for SmartPhone.

    Here’s my questions to the geeks here ..

    1. How did they get this info???

    2. How did they get my 3 digit code and the billing addy for my bank / debit account?

    3. What is Smartphone?

    4. I don’t even know if I should be online now. Is there someway someone is able to view everything I’m typing right now?

    5. How come I can not find out who did this? This happened before. Someone hacked in and charged $8000 for Air Hungary airline tickets. Flipped me out that the bank did not see “red flags”. That took forever to clear up. But I asked the Bank when they finished their investigation would they tell me where or who did this. They told me no. I want to know who is responsible, but they tell me they can’t give me that info. Also this was my bus account. I also have persona; account with same bank on the computer. I checked that account yesterday and as of then nothing had been debited and the bank just left that account alone.

    So I guess someone ordered software stuff and had it downloaded on their computer and smartphone (whatever that is) but charged it to my card. Will the companies be able to track this order through an IP address?

    I went to the back and they canceled that card and gave me another one. Basically told me I need to call the companies that the charges were made through. I had already done that. They canceled my card. Now the problem is when these companies go to credit my account … that account has been closed. The bank tells me to call them and give them my new debit card number so they can credit to that account. Not comfortable with that!!! Bank tells me to monitor and if the companies don’t credit account – they will open an investigation. Meantime … I’m out the money.

    My computer geek is coming this morning, but this has made me a nervous wreck.

    I’m going to ask my geek to get rid of whatever is harming the system. I hope he can do that this morning. Then I’m thinking of having him come back and wipe everything off computer so that there isn’t any more important info on it. And then I will give this puter to my young one – who goes on Itune, etc… ( could that be where this came from? ) and I’m going to get a MAC. I’m thinking if my son is just using the computer to download his cds and play games … if it’s hacked there’s nothing important on computer to hack.

    I have a feeling that due to the sites I visit ….
    Maybe that’s what has happened.

    I know I made a long story longer … but I have no clue what has happened. Again, maybe I shouldn’t even be on the net right now.

    Thanks in advance for any advice and info given. I have no idea what has happened. I hear storied that people can hack in and they know every stroke you type. Can that be happening now? Like I said … I know Nothing about computers!! It’s very frustrating.

    Sorry, this is so long ……

  61. Just some more fuel for the fire-

  62. To add to above … I have not ordered anything online with my card for a long time …

  63. zachjonesishome

    JustMe – Thank you for the Berg update! Zach

  64. Off topic- Tonight there is a great movie on TCM at 8:00 PM EST called “DODSWORTH” – I guarantee you will love it. Made in 1936 with a great cast. America at its’ best

  65. Paxson,

    they won’t discuss the birth certificate issue, they won’t talk about the BIG guys behind this administration and the destruction of our country…As much as I like Glenn Beck, he is only focusing on the little people, the likes of Van Jones, Anita Dunn, Ron Bloom….We’re shocked, get mad and then they go away……

    If they were reporting on Kissenger, Rockefeller, Soros, the Trilateral Commission, CFR, and the likes THAT would make more sense.

    The reporting, while better than the other mainstream stations, is gratuitous.

    Everytime they/he “break” a new story – on the little people – I have this visual image in my head of the listeners (I include myself) reacting like Koi fish in a pond going after a crumb of bread that someone threw in. It’s a feeding frenzy. Sad, but true.

  66. dav,maddie, michelle, Oldsalt…….

    I’ve been waaaaay behind in reading the posts here and I don’t understand why Orly is insisting that the Obama SS# dates back to 1890. What is the source and is it verified? It seems to me that the Ohio P.I concluded that the SS#s preceding and following Obama’s were issued between 1978-1979 in Connecticut and that O’s was probably issued in the same place and time span? Maddie showed us an informative description on how SS#s are assigned.

    Where did Orly get the idea a person connected to that number was born in 1890 ? Is it possible the date could have been a typo and should have been 1980, a date that would better connect with 1977-1979 time frame?

    Nevertheless, there is no documentation that Obama ever lived in Connecticut so the question is “why would Obama have a Connecticut issued SS#?”

  67. Val,

    that happened to me in the exact same manner a few years ago. That program downloads a bunch of stuff on your computer in a number of different places. And, now, as you know, it has your personal information.

    Even if you think you’ve deleted it, you haven’t. Many times something is buried in the “startup” folder or “backup” folder – the programs that can collect personal information remain hidden and well, you know the drill.

    In the end, I lost everything on my computer…I wouldn’t fool around with this. Take it to someone who knows what they’re doing.

    I know you must be frustrated…

  68. Val,

    sorry, I just saw in your post you have a computer guy coming out….good.

    I only know about some of these things because it happened to me. I did some reading/research after the fact, of course.

  69. Zach,

    here is the podcast of the interview with Berg this past Saturday. It’s at the very beginning.

    [audio src="" /]

  70. Government to get a Special Mexican Swine Flu Vaccine? Aren’t they “special”.

  71. Jacqlyn Smith

    Please Pass this on…Don’t get discourage there are too many people logging on to his web site, just keep trying.

    On Tuesday, the Senate health committee voted 12-11 in favor of a two-page amendment, courtesy of Republican Tom Coburn which would require all Members of Congress and their staff members to enroll in any new government-run health plan.

    Congressman John Fleming has proposed an amendment that would require
    Congressmen and Senators to take the same health care plan that they would
    force on us. (Under proposed legislation they are exempt.)

    Congressman Fleming is encouraging people to go to his Website and sign his petition. The process is very simple. I have done just that at: .

    HR 615 – Please forward to everyone you know .

  72. **************NEW POST***************

  73. Patriot Dreamer

    Val // October 21, 2009 at 8:35 am

    Val, you’ve been hit by some form of malware.

    You need to (1) call your credit card company and tell them about the fraudulent charges ASAP and cancel your card and get a new one and (2) have someone really good remove the malware from your computer.

    If it’s really bad, you might lose some information on your computer. If it’s really, really bad, the computer geek might have to wipe your hard drive and start all over. Hope your system isn’t that bad.

    After you get your computer repaired, you need to get really good anti-virus AND anti-spyware software installed on your computer. Ask your computer geek for his recommendation. I use Webroot and it has worked well for me so far, but it is not free.

    Good luck! I’m sorry you have to go through all of this. It stinks, I know.

  74. Excuses wearing thin for Obama, media pals

    Even the chicago press is starting to get the message….read the entire story…..,CST-EDT-HUNT20.article


    October 20, 2009


    Have you heard the news? President Obama inherited an economic mess from the Bush administration.

  75. have to leave – can’t read everything but wanted to comment about the Alex Jones / interview –
    NWO has to beat all odds of American Passion for this GREAT COUNTRY !!! they ahev been reaching for ever / time and memorium to control the world
    Remember who created US …… not man – and man does not have control – we can only deal with the attempt and fight for justice !!!

  76. Paxon 10/21@1:23am, If the document was “real” the correct document number for Obama’s COLB would read, 151 61 010641.
    Hawaii left out the 19 in the date when they numbered documents. Anyone doing research and requests from Hawaii, need to use the correct document number as it would appear on a true Hawaiian document. Look at the document numbers on the Nordyke twins birth certificates.

  77. Re JustMe, 9:24AM, I cannot stress this strongly enough. After listening to Phil Berg’s radio interview I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO DOUBT THAT PHIL BERG IS WORKING FOR, WITH AND/OR IN SUPPORT OF TEAM OBAMA. No doubt whatsoever!

    The interesting thing here is the lengths and trickery used by and on behalf of Team Obama — to realize that Phil Berg was a plant for Obama all along! (By listening to Phil, it would appear that Team Obama is getting desperate and knows that Orly is closing in on them.)

    Orly Taitz & Mario Apuzzo are on the right track — go Orly! go Mario!

    (now I’m wondering about Gary Kreep????)

  78. Patriot Dreamer

    bob strauss // October 21, 2009 at 10:37 am

    Paxon 10/21@1:23am, If the document was “real” the correct document number for Obama’s COLB would read, 151 61 010641.
    Hawaii left out the 19 in the date when they numbered documents. Anyone doing research and requests from Hawaii, need to use the correct document number as it would appear on a true Hawaiian document. Look at the document numbers on the Nordyke twins birth certificates.
    Paxon, here’s a link to the Nordyke twins’ birth certificates:

  79. Paxson // October 21, 2009 at 1:23 am

    It’s tyrrany what is going on….FOX, and the way Imus wouldn’t even discuss the issue, are disgusting. Keep up the pressure on Barack Obama’s Certificate number #151- 1961 010641 and the index data through the UIPA requests. Don’t bother with his name, focus on the number. Bet it is a fraud.
    You’re the first I’ve read that shares my view…..the number is duplicated, and to do that someone, somewhere that has that number on their certificate has been murdered or been paid a hefty amount of money to keep quiet.

  80. Val // October 21, 2009 at 8:35 am

    ****OT***** But I need help.

    Close card immediately and get a new one.

  81. Patriot Dreamer

    Val, make sure you dispute the fraudulent charges with your debit card company.

  82. Val // October 21, 2009 at 8:40 am

    To add to above … I have not ordered anything online with my card for a long time …
    First, you’re not crazy…….ordinarily. I do not download or watch videos…..but one day someone sent me a media player alert about cell phone privacy and I was absolutely shocked at what I saw.
    A reporter used something installed on his cell to not only listen to a person talking, but it could alert him to her geographical location and he found her in the mall…… she sat with her friends, the conversation was heard through his cell as he was in the above balcony, and guess what, her cell WAS NOT turned on….yep, a little chip allowed him to do that was installed in his cell……….it started as a news item because one girl was getting threats and the threatening person was repeating private conversations she’d had…

  83. Government to get a Special Mexican Swine Flu Vaccine? Aren’t they “special”.

    Well, PRWH, we can’t have them spreading this swine flu to their families, or dying, or becoming sterilized!!!!!!

    On second thought……….

  84. If the Nordyke twins were born the day after PP, why is their cert. number chronologically before the number of PP, not after???Shouldn’t their number follow his, not precede???

    August 4, 1961….151 61 010641.

    August 5, 1961.. cert no. 151 61 10637

  85. Val,
    Same thing happened to me. I had to back everything up and Reload my computer back to a Factory Restore Condition. There are many of those viruses around. I tell people, It’s like getting a Brick thrown through the Front Windshield of your Car with a Note attached from a company that fixes your Windshield for a Supposedly small Fee ($300 – $500). Some of these bury themselves so deep into your Windows Registry that you can’t get them out. Then you have to Reload your entire computer from Scratch. Switch to Firefox or Opera for your Web Browser. They are starting to attack Fire Fox now since Internet Explorer has been busted wide open. As far as I know, they haven’t touched Opera yet. They just made Opera Free not to long ago. The Best Anti-Virus Program on the Market is one called Avira Anti-Virus. Also follow it up with a program called Threat Fire. Windows 7 is due to be released tomorrow. I have been using the Release Candidate for over 1 month now and it is Wonderful. Consider getting that as well.

  86. JJ,
    If Obama was born at home outside the hospital and he was registered at the same Hospital as those twins only later, then Yes, the numbers would be later. However, if Obama was born at the Hospital one day earlier then it would be a previous number, unless there was some sort of complication. (Like the whole thing was made up.)

  87. **** Notice ****
    From MommaE blog radio:


    I just want to remind you that MommaE Radio Rebels is on tonight! MARIO APUZZO AND CHARLES KERCHNER WILL BE THE GUESTS TONIGHT! MARIO AND CHARLES WILL BE TALKING ABOUT THE DECISION THAT WAS HANDED DOWN IN THEIR CASE TODAY AND ARE LOOKING FORWARD TO ANSWERING QUESTIONS FROM THE CALLERS! It will be open lines for call ins with any questions you have as well as comments!! It should be a hot, rocking and interesting show!


    I look forward to seeing you all there! Link, time and call in number for the show is below.

    Call In # 347-237-4870

    5:30 PM Pacific Time

    6:30 PM Mountain Time

    7:30 PM Central Time

    8:30 PM Eastern Time

    I hope to see you all. Please join us in the Chat room!

    MommaE “

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