Senator Olympia Snowe, Maine Republican, Vote yes, Baucus health care bill, October 13, 2009, Fox News reports, Health care votes

Senator Olympia Snowe,  a Maine Republican, has indicated she will vote yes for the  Baucus health care bill. This was just announced a few minutes ago, today, Tuesday, October 13, 2009.

“Snowe Announces Support for Health Care Bill Ahead of Key Vote”

“Sen. Olympia Snowe announced Tuesday that she will vote for health care reform legislation before the Senate Finance Committee, becoming the only Republican to back the bill and virtually assuring passage.


Ahead of a key vote for health care reform, the top Republican on the Senate Finance Committee said Tuesday that he’s still concerned about the potential for more government control over health care. 

Sen. Charles Grassley’s comments, and those of other Republicans, aired the lingering partisan divisions on the panel, even as Chairman Max Baucus, D-Mont., stressed that his bill is a “balanced plan” that should win bipartisan support and eventually pass the full Senate. 

“With this markup nearing its conclusion, we can now see clearly that the bill continues its march leftward,” Grassley, R-Iowa, said. 

But Baucus urged his colleagues to “make history” by sending his comprehensive overhaul to the floor of the Senate and one big step closer to the president’s desk. 

“Now it’s time to get the job done,” chairman Baucus, D-Mont., said. “My colleagues, this is our opportunity to make history.” ”

“Key senators were still on the fence over the pivotal health care reform bill going into deliberations, even though leadership aides say they’re confident the package will win enough backers. 

With 13 Democrats and 10 Republicans on the committee, Baucus can only afford to lose one Democrat if Republicans vote as a bloc against his bill. 

Among the undecided were Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., who wants more choice in the bill and wants all Americans to be able to enter the national exchange for insurance plans set up under the bill — plus he wants subsidies increased and penalties decreased. 

Sen. Olympia Snowe, R-Maine, is considered the only possible Republican vote — though she is still undecided. She was one of the three Republicans who participated for months in the “Gang of Six” talks with Baucus and two other committee Democrats. 

Sen. Blanche Lincoln, D-Ark., is concerned about the cost of the 10-year, $829-billion plan and has voted many times with Republicans to reduce taxes and penalties. She is a moderate Democrat in a red state staring at a potential conservative primary challenger. 

Previously undecided, she announced her support for the bill Tuesday afternoon, but said that was no guarantee she would support the final product. 

Sen. Jay Rockefeller, D-W.Va., was previously undecided for different reasons. The liberal member wants nothing short of a government-run insurance plan in the bill, and he thinks the Finance Committee’s “co-op” system is not sufficient. He also wants subsidies increased for low- and middle-income Americans. He now says he knows how he’ll vote, but did not give details. ”

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  1. Patriot Dreamer

    “FTC to Regulate Blogger Claims (I Was Not Paid to Say This)”

  2. Re Judge Land’s $20,000 vendetta against Orly Taitz this morning, it’s more than interesting (and relevant) that Judge Land is a Bush 43 appointee (and I don’t think the GOP would want its complicity, and/or conspiracy with the Pelosi-Dems to enable the Usurper’s Presidency known), whereas Judge Carter is a Bill Clinton appointee (and by Hillary’s TV comments over the weekend is planning on assuming the Congressionally-selected Presidency on Obama’s ejectment. And by McCain’s TV comments over the weekend, it looks like ‘12 now to be Palin/Pawlenty v. Clinton/yet to be determined).

  3. she needs to go! she did the same damned thing on the stimulus bill and look how they stabbed her in the back once it got into committee. she’s way to trusting and naive and the d’s know it. they play her like a fiddle.

  4. Belongs on this thread.

    An Olympia Snowe-job is the forecast today,
    Casting her vote the democrat’s way.
    Republican wrath,
    Will vote out her a$$. . .
    And Olympia Snowe-job will pay

  5. Prairie // October 13, 2009 at 1:30 pm

    Prairie, both you and Linda are hot with the verse today! Keep ’em coming!

  6. I hope Orly Taitz has a legal fund. Looks like she will not be able to dodge this $20,000 ruling against her from Land. I hope there are still some things she can pursue re this ruling.

  7. Patriot Dreamer

    More from “Susan” from Glendale, CA (some of you right remember her from Rush Limbaugh’s show): [interview starts at around 1:30]

  8. Linda from NY

    Not surprised. Everything these “witnits” did before even considering whether or not they would support the Baucus Bill was simple “political ping-pong posturing.”

    We need a “Weed Whacker” on full throttle to rid ourselves of all of the “Congress-Cracker Jacks” that sugarcoat their true intent while insulting our intelligence.

    CW: We have our work cut out for us; there are “traitors” on both sides!

  9. Jacqlyn Smith


    gianni // October 13, 2009 at 1:42 pm

    I hope Orly Taitz has a legal fund. Looks like she will not be able to dodge this $20,000 ruling against her from Land. I hope there are still some things she can pursue re this ruling.

    What makes you think so???

  10. Nancy Peacock

    Oh, the voting today is frightful,
    And Olympia’s not delightful.
    How the Patriots feel about Snowe . . .
    Let her go,
    Let her go,
    Let her go.

  11. Land is fining Orly 20 Grand? Put him in a cage. Treason against the Constitution.

  12. Nancy Peacock

    Hillary is saying that the value of peace is the absence of violence . . .WTH . . . there is no peace where there is thievery and thuggery, violence or no violence.

  13. I guess I won’t be getting a response from Glen Beck, incorrect email. Anyone know his correct email addy?

  14. hm…
    What does Ofraud has over Snowe?
    Well, what has she done?????
    Does she have to tell it like Letterman?

  15. Margie-

    I have used this address for Beck:

  16. Patriot Dreamer

    Margie // October 13, 2009 at 1:52 pm

    Don’t expect a response, though. He gets 5,000+ e-mails a day.

  17. Nancy Peacock

    Assault on the Second Amendment. No place to run and hide. It’s time to stand up.

    Dear Concerned American,

    The great pay-back has begun, and it’s going to be ugly.

    The gun grabbers in Congress are paying back the anti-gun extremists who put them and Barack Obama in office.

    Hi, this is Congressman Paul Broun from Georgia. I wish I had better news, but you and I are facing an assault on our gun rights like we’ve never seen before.

    You see, H.R. 45 is Barack Obama’s gun control package, and it includes the most vile anti-gun measures he’s supported over the years.

    It’s only the first step…

    …but it’s a HUGE step.

    H.R. 45 establishes a NATIONAL gun registry database of every gun and its owner — for the whole county! Your private information and every gun you own would be in the system.

    But that’s only if you succeed in buying a gun in the first place!

    And since H.R. 45 dramatically increases requirements for firearms purchases far beyond those ever proposed, you just might find youself incapable of buying a firearm once this bill takes effect.

    And it gets worse too.

    The National Association for Gun Rights has a survey ready for you to complete, but I want you to understand just how dangerous this bill is before I give you the link. Please bear with me for a moment.

    You see, H.R. 45 would establish a national gun registry database which would:

    Increase requirements for firearms purchases, far beyond those ever proposed.
    Create a national firearms registry overseen by the Federal Government.
    Invoke Draconian penalties for bookkeeping errors related to the Federal Firearms Database.

    It gets worse though.

    Sarah Brady and her allies in Congress want to force you to take a written exam to prove that you are “fit” to exercise your Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms.

    I’m outraged by this, and I know you are too.

    I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that gun registration has historically laid the groundwork for total firearm confiscation. Citizen disarmament is the watchword of tyrants everywhere.

    In fact, the most brutal dictators of the last century were famous for their gun registration and confiscation schemes.

    But H.R. 45, Obama’s National Gun Registry and Citizen Disarmament Act, is more than just a forced registration of all firearms in America.

    The bill also makes it increasingly difficult to buy a gun in the first place.

    Taken right out of Sarah Brady’s Christmas wish list, H.R. 45 includes a laundry list of new restrictions on firearms purchases.

    In addition to the outrageous national gun registration requirement, H.R. 45 also requires you to:

    Pass a written examination to purchase a firearm.
    Release your medical records — including confidential mental health records — to the government to get your “fitness” to own a firearm approved.
    Observe a two-day waiting period before all firearms purchases.
    Pay a gun tax of $25 or more on all firearm purchases.

    Moreover, H.R. 45 bans all private firearms sales and maximizes penalties for minor clerical errors in dealing with the national gun registry.

    The list goes on and on. It’s enough to turn your stomach.

    I know I don’t have to tell you, but these restrictions make a mockery of the Constitution. “The Right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” might as well say: “You have no rights.”

    If a two-day waiting period, a written exam and a gun tax aren’t infringing our rights, I don’t know what is!

    Even the Supreme Court’s recent Heller decision guaranteeing an individual’s right to own a firearm doesn’t hamper Barack Obama’s agenda one bit.

    In fact, it emboldens gun grabbers to pass legislation taxing ammunition, increasing registration requirements, and drastically limiting when, how and where you can use your firearm.

    That’s why I’ve decided to stand with the National Association for Gun Rights fight back against this radical scheme.

    They’re fully committed to stopping the efforts of the gun grabbers, but they need the help of grassroots gun owners like you.

    With liberals calling the shots in Washington, all supporters of the Second Amendment must join together, draw a line in the sand, and fight this battle to the end.

    We must make this gun-grab expensive and politically painful for the enemies of freedom. If we do, they’ll flinch … and LOSE.

    By mobilizing hundreds of thousands of grassroots gun owners across the country, the National Association for Gun Rights can put anti-gun politicians on the hot seat.

    Are you opposed to national gun registration?

    Are you opposed to a written examination to buy a gun?

    Are you opposed to a new $25 gun tax?

    Are you opposed to a total ban on private firearm sales?

    If you said “Yes” to these questions, click here to fill out a special survey the National Association for Gun Rights has prepared for you.

    Your survey will put you squarely on the record AGAINST Barack Obama’s gun control package.

    Stopping un-Constitutional gun control bills like H.R. 45 may be NAGR’s top priority, but they need your help.

    Along with your signed survey, please send the National Association for Gun Rights a generous contribution to help finance this battle. You will have the opportunity to donate right after you fill out the survey.

    The truth is, H.R. 45 is just the tip of the iceberg.

    Sarah Brady and her cohorts in Congress now have the support of a willing White House and won’t stop until they’ve reached their ultimate goal: A virtual ban on private, individual firearm ownership.

    That is why NAGR simply must hear from you immediately.

    Please take a moment to fill out NAGR’s H.R. 45 survey, and, if at all possible, send a contribution of $200, $150, $100 or maybe just $25 to help the National Association for Gun Rights fight H.R. 45 and Sarah Brady’s gun control wish list.

    I know this is a lot to ask, but inaction could very well lead to defeat and the loss of our right to keep and bear arms.

    Whether you can afford $200 or a lesser amount of $50 or $25, please contribute what you can.

    It’s critical we do all we can.

    Thank you in advance for contributing your time and money towards defending our Second Amendment rights.

    For Freedom and Liberty,
    Paul Broun
    U.S. Congressman (R-GA)
    National Association for Gun Rights

    P.S. The anti-gun extremists who helped put Obama in power are itching for pay-back — and here it comes.

    H.R. 45 is the most sweeping gun control proposal ever offered in America. And under this administration, it might just pass — so please act today!

    Please join NAGR in the fight to stop this gun grab by clicking here to fill out your special H.R. 45 survey, and making a generous contribution of $200, $150, $100 or even just $25 — immediately.

    The National Association for Gun Rights, Inc. is approved as a non-profit tax-exempt advocacy organization under section 501(c)(4) of the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions or gifts to NAGR are not tax deductible for IRS purposes.

    Not paid for at taxpayer expense.

  18. Anubody else read Judge Land’s 43 page order fining Orly $20,000?? It’s BRUTAL!

  19. Instead of focusing on Olympia Snowe, why do we let all the moderate democrats off the hook?

    Those of you who think big changes are going to happen at election time need to realize what all of these unresponsive senators know; when push comes to shove, most people just vote for their party candidate, even if they don’t like him/her.

    The only way we are going to turn Congress around is to organize, Repubs, Dems, Independants, into a voting block determined to elicit change at the primary level. The only way we will successfully take out incombants is to vote them out in the primaries. That way we can bypass the hordes who just cannot bring themselves to cross party lines.
    If we did this, we could also cause a form of term limits. Say this huge group causes change at the primary level for all senators who have been in office for two terms. We really need to get rid of these life-time politicians. They all go bad after awhile (at least they conform to the awful way they are currently conducting business).

  20. Nancy Peacock

    Does anybody know if this is the real deal?

  21. Nancy Peacock

    I saw this on Twitter rensefeed today.

  22. GBAmerica // October 13, 2009 at 1:54 pm

    Hi GB,

    Well, unfortunately it looks like PA is following azz-backwards MA’s lead. Believe me when I tell you that MA should *not* be a model for any other state!

  23. The South,

    Have you seen the documentary “The Corporation?”

    It’s broken up into short segments – 23 total videos. The 2nd vid – Birth – caught my attention. It says a corporation is a person and the Supreme Court goes along with that. Was thinking back on the suit filed by Class (sp?)in the little DC Courthouse.

    I’m posting only #2 here. The rest are available on youtube. Well worth the time to view all.

    WINNER OF 26 INTERNATIONAL AWARDS! 10 Audience Choice Awards including the 2004 Sundance Film Festival.

  24. Nancy Peacock

    Regarding my gun post, does anybody know if this is the same bill that was circulating about eight years ago?

  25. Patriot Dreamer

    Nancy Peacock // October 13, 2009 at 2:08 pm

    It’s real, but unlikely to pass at this time. For more info:

  26. I find it hard to be outraged at Snowe. I can’t see the point in it. There will always be some useful idiot in the GOP that will give aid and comfort to the enemy. If it wasn’t Snowe, it would have been Graham, or McCain. Bod Dole supports communist health care, so does Bill Frist.

    The GOP just doesn’t get it.

    Screw them.

  27. Linda from NY

    What Olympia Snowe doesn’t know;
    Is that she has just sold her soul;
    By giving her one thumb up to go;
    She’s flushed her clout down the bowl!

    Don’t be surprised she’s done it before;
    She just cannot vote party line;
    She’s nothing more than a political wh***;
    Who seeks only to undermine!

    Well…Olympia dear “let’s be clear;”
    We’ve got your number in hand;
    Out on your ear in one short year;
    That’s where your going to land!

  28. CW, Thank you for so much good honest information. Beware of the many smoke screens the WH is putting up to divert attention away from the health care reform. For example the war on Fox news and all the other diversions. Their motive is control and power. I believe O knew he was nominated for the NPP and that is why he has not sent troops to Afghanistan he is waiting until he has the award. The health care reform will push our country into socialism, that is O’s motive. We may be forced into a revolution of we the people. I am certain the Obats are very afraid. GOD bless you all!!

  29. Linda,
    You are coming through loud and clear! The devastating truth is, though, we all will be paying for her treason.

  30. Carmen,

    O HAS sent more troops to Afghanistan – secretly.

    Article here:

  31. CW: OT: does Oliver North have ‘too much baggage’ to be of use to the preservation of the Constitutionalist Republic movement?…other than he’s a ‘white guy’?

  32. Carmen,

    I should clarify my previous post about addt’l troops.

    “[I]n an unannounced move, the White House has also authorized — and the Pentagon is deploying — at least 13,000 troops beyond that number, according to defense officials.

    The additional troops are primarily support forces, including engineers, medical personnel, intelligence experts and military police. Their deployment has received little mention by officials at the Pentagon and the White House, who have spoken more publicly about the combat troops who have been sent to Afghanistan.”

    Snipped from the Post article.

  33. 2:18: with all those ‘cowboy-less’ psuedo Repubs going weak in the knees…seems like a reformation of the party is on awfully shaky ground…vs. a ‘new’ party; but many have already suggested that is the lesser of two ‘evils’;
    or at least the lesser of two paths of hope for ‘un-change’…so: now what?

    JeffM: Mr. Sanity: what say you?

  34. JustMe, Thanks for the article as my husband and youngest son both served in the Marine Corps We as a nation have to hold our troops up in prayer. Wonder why O sent them in secret, he does not deserve to be able to command these fine boys and girls. God bless

  35. Linda from NY

    Prairie: I hear you…I was just drawing attention to the fact that she has done this before. At present, I do not think voting for the opposing party will get us anywhere closer to stopping the chaos than we are now. I wonder, too, if those who are promoting a third party aren’t on to something. Maybe, it’s time…what do you think?

    Re-Dude: Worth considering IMHO. Cannot wait until JeffM chimes in.

  36. Patriot Dreamer

    Why “soaking the rich” won’t help:

    “The data show that the tax yield has been independent of marginal tax rates over this period, but tax revenue is directly proportional to GDP. So if we want to increase tax revenue, we need to increase GDP.”

  37. Linda from NY

    carmen: So nice to hear from you…have been wondering if everything is getting back to some semblance of normal.

    BTW…I have a friend who is a priest who celebrates Mass for our country and our men/women in the Service every day. He is 92 and yet, he continues to do this even though his eyesight is failing.

    God Bless…Linda

  38. Re-do.
    Oliver North-In my opinion he only has baggage to the far left and who cares.
    One side of my family has a member who is friends with him.
    I keep hoping for a chance to speak with him.

  39. God please help us, I just heard they look for the health care bill to pass on the floor 14-9. I can only think of resistance.

  40. Sometimes, the only way to know which is NOT the way to go is by listening to the ones cheering in favor of it. Paying close attention to where the ‘yee-haas’ are coming from often reveals much.

  41. carmen, et al.
    I will probably post my health care reform article later today.
    The answer to our problems is quite simple.
    I always go back to the war analogy (which this clearly is a war for our minds and souls).
    The Obama camp won a major battle when he stole the election.
    They have won a few minor battles and skirmishes since.
    However, they have already lost some major battles.
    Hopefully this will be clarified in the article.

  42. Linda from NY

    Re-Dude: Okey-dokey! Thanks Bood Guddy!

    BTW…Did you have Mexican last night? Just wondering…since we were talking about “green stuff” and all. lol

  43. That despicable woman from Maine is a complete disgrace. I can only hope that her contingency turns her remaining days there into a living Hell.

  44. LindaNY, Things are back to pretty much normal I have a friend Miss Bessie she is 96 and is in such good health. I was talking to her about the H1N1 flu and she told me her remedy for her colds and flu. She says at the onset of her sickness she takes 1 to 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and if she does not feel better in just a few hours she repeats the dose. I bought some apple cider vinegar her good health can not be ignored and I will certainly try this remedy. BTW I love your poems whenever I can check in I do and they make me smile for hours. God Bless

  45. CW – you asked about the possibility of having a new Continental Congress?

    It’s in the works and will take place next month!

    In-person polling places were open on Saturday, and the mail in ballots are being counted now. By the end of the week, you should be able to see who your state’s delegates will be.

    Please visit their site to understand the importance of this effort.


    For those that don’t know, the first Continental Congress was held in 1774, the second was 1776. It resulted in the Declaration of Independence, the Bill of Rights, and the Constitution.

    The brave patriots are putting it all on the line for our liberty. Please do whatever you can to support their effort.

  46. Jacqlyn Smith

    JustMe // October 13, 2009 at 2:31 pm


    O HAS sent more troops to Afghanistan – secretly.

    Article here:

    I wouldn’t believe everything you read or hear….sounds like something the left may have leaked just so you can think better of the FRAUD…more propaganda possibly!

  47. Linda from NY

    carmen: Good to hear things are getting back to normal. Also, thanks for the cold/flu remedy. The elderly have so much knowledge to share. My friend’s sense of humor is precious…his advice to me? Don’t get old! What is the secret to a long life? Keep breathing!

    Glad you enjoy my poems and that they make you smile. That means God is successfully working through me to help others, and that makes me smile!

  48. LnNY: nope; no dinner at all…
    got busy and forgot.

    CW @ 2:49: re Col. North: he’s the only one who comes to mind with any Reagan-esque ‘cowboy’ to not only talk-the-talk, but (hopefully) walk-the-walk…though not thinking of his as a 2012 hopeful…but simply as at least a ‘spokesman’ in some capacity.

    You have any ‘hope’ for something reliable coming from C. Thomas? Or has he fallen to the pressure, too?

  49. typo: “…not thinking of HIM as a…”

  50. Time to start filing complaints against INjustice Clay Land of District 11.

    This judge is just asking for it with derogatory comments against said plaintiffs. It’s unnecessary and uncalled for, showing bias that impedes on his ability to perform proper court business. What it’s formally called is Judicial Misconduct and is taken very seriously by the Department of Justice.

    Taitz should file an immediate formal complaint against Land to the Georgia State Bar along with filing a formal complaint with the Department of Justice re. the Judicial Conduct and Disability Act of 1980.

    Anyone else may file a complaint as well. Send them using the following process:

    There is a complaint form that can be filed. Make sure to cite any and all misconduct identified in the Act Congress itself passed.

    Statute says that the chief justice himself must review the complaints. And fines, even imprisonment can result.

    Make it happen folks.

  51. What happens now??

    Senate Committee passes Baucus health reform bill, 14-9

  52. OT: maybe he wasn’t the first to say it, but the first time I heard it was from Tony Perkins, President of the Family Research Council,
    who said something like:
    “the Declaration of Independence is our nation’s ‘birth certificate’.”
    …I liked that one…good to know someone’s proud of theirs.

  53. Jacqlyn Smith // October 13, 2009 at 3:10 pm


  54. Do you know that MMMSSS .SNOW JoB done her thing. She voted YES, and the bill passed 14-9

  55. Thanks for the addy’s Patriot Dreamer the is the one I tried to use, I sent it and it came back a few hours later. Question was… How can the Son of a Foreigner be the Commander in Chief of the United States? Again I did not write the Constitution… And from back at my bartending days… I did not write the laws.. I just enforce them.

  56. I have no clue to anyone’s heartfelt intuitions, but this guy, jetdriver, has really hit the spot for mine, but not just lately, from November 5th on:
    jetdriver2 Says:

    October 11, 2009 at 6:46 PM
    In case you have not seen this article posted the Western Center for Journalism, I recommend it to you. It is an excellent summary of some of the most disturbing aspects of the mysteries surrounding the President of the United States.

    My life-long close friend, who is a retired special agent for the Office of Special Investigations (OSI – USAF) and a former Deputy Director for Counter-Intelligence in the Pentagon (DOD), tells me that a person with these problems in his background could never be considered for any type of security clearance, much less be considered for a high level position in the United States government. Certainly a foreign person who presented such a background to U.S. authorities in application for immigrant status to the United States would not get past the first step, and such a person who is already a U.S. citizen might well be placed under FBI surveillance.

    In other words, having uncovered such massive indications of fraud, deceit, criminal activity, and possibly even treason with respect to any normal U.S. citizen, this person would almost certainly become the subject of a thorough FBI investigation.

    Yet this man is now the Commander-in-Chief of all U.S. military forces, with unrestricted access to the most sensitive information held by our various military branches and intelligence agencies, and in control of all of the executive branch functions of the nation.

    Incredibly, the FBI and the mainstream press have shown no interest in resolving the serious questions of national security raised by these revelations, and our representatives in Congress profess to see no problem. Even such leaders of conservative thought as Michelle Bachman, Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, Bill O’Reilly, Sen. Lindsey Graham, and my own Republican congressman Brian Bilbray dismiss the concerns expressed in this article as unfounded. If Sarah Palin is concerned about these issues, I missed it.

    Friends – something here does not compute. I have been shocked and stunned by the things I have learned over the past eighteen months about the man we know as Barack Obama. I still feel like I am living in some kind of dream that will bring me back to reality when I wake up. This whole story is so bizarre that it feels like it cannot be real. When I am forced to accept that it is real, I feel truly frightened.

    This situation is beyond comprehension and goes against everything I learned about security in my twenty years as a naval officer. There are so many huge red flags going up over Barack Obama and his administration that this whole nation could be one giant Red Square. Yet the people around us are acting as if everything is normal, albeit with a few problems for the government to solve. It is just eerie.

    I know that most of you are as concerned as I am. I don’t know what further we can do, except to try to wake up those fellow U.S. citizens who have not yet realized that something is happening to our country that is truly alarming.

    In my opinion, we MUST find a solution or there will soon be no more United States of America. Perhaps Leo has finally found the solution.

    (citizens, what are we missing?? I am perplexed..and I just had to share this)

  57. One more thing. Plaintiff should demand a formal apology from the court re. Land for his unprofessional, biased, and derogatory remarks.

  58. Linda from NY // October 13, 2009 at 1:46 pm

    Which is why I never bothered with one letter to senators, not one petition did I sign…your wording was great…posturing…..they all drink from the same barrel.

  59. JS,

    I think you should read the Washington Post article, for which I posted the link above. Sorry, but I don’t consider it a propaganda piece, at all.

    I also suspect the physician that Orly represented in Georgia was a part of the deployment of support troops the article references.

  60. Linda from NY

    All: What’s up with the vote numbers? Is this a committee vote? Please advise…Thanks.

  61. The alleged health care legislation is in reality a massive reduction of medicare benefits,and a huge INCREASE in MEDICAID benefits,so that ALL of the slimey illegals,drug heads, HIV AIDS people, Ms..PIGGY and the abortions that she has ONE AFTER THE OTHER.,and all the noes picking scum bags who refuse to work. Now everybody gets to ANTE UP……………HOW DO YOU LIKE HAVING TO PAY $1700.00 A YEAR SO THAT ALL THE AFOREMENTIONED CAn continue to enjoy their life style AT YOUR EXPENSE, How do you all like the flavor of that one? bWork your backsides off and give it to a scum bag. It is my intention to FIGHT like hell, in every way I can, and with everything at hand. I will NOT pay.

  62. JeffM // October 13, 2009 at 3:18 pm

    His remarks are so ludicrous coming from a court official they remind me of the 3 year old at the party who misbehaves, knows he has the audience, and just goes into ‘bratty’ mode magnified.

  63. JJ, what we are missing is this:

    We need a modern day, we the people march on Washington, which is similar to the way Jubal Early marched on Washington in 1864; but with the man power of the recent 9/12 march on Washington.

    This would probably be our best chance to immediately detain, arrest, and replace all the corrupt officals in DC with people who genuinely will represent the people of the United States of America.

  64. yep..JJ
    I read that at leo’s and was blown away.A president should always be above suspicion.O does not come close. He breeds doubt daily.

  65. Patriot Dreamer

    Margie // October 13, 2009 at 3:22 pm

    Thanks for the addy’s Patriot Dreamer the is the one I tried to use, I sent it and it came back a few hours later.
    Is that the address you used? There should be 2 n’s in Glenn. It should be:

  66. By the way the subsidy that you pay will be collected by the IRS each year. You have no choice you are required to pay. In addition,if you pay for your own medicare coverage, you will be taxed at the rate of 31% on the benefits that your ADVANTAGE PLAN pays out in your behalf. All benefits are tentativilygoing to be taxed.

  67. US Dollar Index Future – Spot Price


  68. Patriot Dreamer

    Gold is at $1,062 per ounce.

  69. cq,

    just saw that. No surprise to any of us, I’m sure. Thanks for posting the link.

  70. CW I have been following this blog for a mighty long time and it is my first and last blog I check into each day. The caliber of folks and the content they provide is steller. Truly a beacon on top of a hill.

    One good thing about Judge Land’s fine is it should give Orly standing.

  71. Is John Charlton Charles Lincoln?

  72. SUSAN SWIFT…………………………………..
    Good for you young lady. You have said it all. Hey Butthole in the Whitehouse………….Did you hear her? I have a feeling that she is going to get a hell of a lot more hostile in the coming months.

  73. Carmen,
    I’m going to buy some of the apple vinegar.
    Good idea to keep it on hand. I’d try it for the
    flu (maybe good for a cold as well?) Thanks.

  74. Snowe said “Is this bill all that I want? Far from it. Is it all that it can be? Far from it”- but she’s voting for it because “history” beckons

    That’s some logic there, lol- what an idiot

  75. Katie.
    I was aware of it.
    I was talking about taking it one step futher with our own “trial.”

  76. Jack,

    Can you please explain what your phrase
    means exactly? Thank you, Maddie.

    … Judge Carter is a Bill Clinton appointee (and by Hillary’s TV comments over the weekend is planning on assuming the Congressionally-selected Presidency on Obama’s ejectment

  77. message to the blog from my husband:

    Olympia Snowe, Republican who is going to
    vote “yes” for the Healthcare should be

    drawn and quartered!

  78. maddie // October 13, 2009 at 4:30 pm

    Hi Maddie,

    I did a bit o’research at lunch regarding apple cider vinegar. I’m thinking that the liquid form is the way to go (perhaps mixed with water and honey?) because there are additives in the tablet or capsule form that aren’t needed.

    I think a couple of tablespoons of raw vinegar would be a bit tough to swallow. Literally!

  79. You Decide

    Appropriate Attacks on the Press?

    Is it appropriate for the White House to use the stature of the office and a taxpayer-funded blog to wage attacks on the press?

  80. anyone have a link to Hillary’s TV comments
    over the weekend as referenced @1:28?

  81. Hi SueK–Our favorite “doc on call”—
    regarding the vinegar—

    Do I need to buy a special vinegar, or will the
    brown colored vinegar be o.k. + water + honey?
    Just want to make sure I’m doing it right.
    Best, Maddie.

  82. If this doesn’t touch your heart, nothing will.

  83. Linda from NY

    The South: That boy made me cry! How precious he is! Thanks for sharing!

  84. Hi Maddie & SueK, Miss Bessie takes liquid apple cider vinegar and I really like the idea of the honey and water the thoughts of just swallowing the vinegar alone is a little much. I do know she has honey in her tea and coffee every day. I know she hasn’t been sick in 6 years she is my neighbor. God bless

  85. The South // October 13, 2009 at 5:01 pm
    Out of the mouths of babes, innocent words are spoken. God Bless that young boy for telling the truth.

  86. Linda from NY

    Tuesday, October 13, 2009

    Liz Cheney’s “Keep America Safe” Rolls Out New Ad Hitting Obama On National Security

  87. Carmen & SueK—
    Thank you both for your information on
    the apple vinegar concoction for flu. If it has
    kept this lady healthy it should help the rest of
    us!! Thanks again, Maddie.

  88. Amanda,

    Yes, I read the whole court order. Quite well written; in fact, the court has, by this order, limited Orly’s ability to avoid payment, in that the judge clearly spells out, she had ample notice sanctions would be filed and the court would hear her response, when those sanctions were only $10,000! It was her conduct AFTER such notice and her not using this opportunity to be heard – these are the dual elements of due process, that is, notice and, an opportunity to be heard – that raised the bar to $20,000, based on the principle, the $10,000 failed to provide sufficient deterrent effect to prevent her from engaging in the same willful frivolous conduct that prompted the $10,000 sanction.

    And the order mentions her misuse of not only that federal court but also the federal court in TX.


    Western Center for Journalism = Bob Unruh and World Net Daily.

    And every time I see you post your misleading information citing “Western Center for Journalism,” I will cite Bob Unruh.

  89. The South, I loved the video of the little boy. CBN news is one I have contacted about the story on Leo Haffey. Thanks for sharing there news is always the truth! God bless

  90. Magna Carta // October 13, 2009 at 3:50 pm

    Maybe that post should be distributed far and wide to reach as many as possible…I trust that poster was telling the truth and if that doesn’t scare the bejesus out of you…….you’re short of a few bricks.

  91. maddie,

    I drink it and have for years….since the apple cider vinegar, B12, and Kelp diet was popular back in the very late 70’s. Bragg’s organic, unfiltered vinegar is what I use. I do add honey and a sometimes even little mint to the water. To me it tastes no different than weak pickle juice. It is also a natural diuretic.

    I think there’s probably info at Bragg’s website.

    If I were to guess, and Sue K perhaps will confirm this, it most likely changes the ph of the body.

  92. Linda from NY

    Obama Blames Bush for 13,000 New Troops in Afghanistan

  93. Linda from NY

    The Baucus Healthcare Plan: It’s About the Failed Social Security Model and Federal Oversight

  94. jbjd // October 13, 2009 at 5:28 pm

    So, am I to disregard all his post because his resource, which I did not check, is not credible…does that make his message less sincere??

    So, which isn’t credible…..Huffington Post, WCfJ, or WND??? I’m confused.

  95. Thanks jbjd for bringing to my attention WCfJ; I now have it bookmarked…. after going to that link jusy now, I realized that I had read that article earlier as I usually try links posted for information, as I do here.

  96. Re-do,

    The Republicrats will continue to prevail for the next several elections until the nation is in dire straits, literally. That is unless we take drastic steps to unfold this web of corruption.

    There are no surprises. The people voiced their irritation in 2008, only to find out not only had things not changed, things got worse!. People will try again in 2010 flipping the applecart back on its wheels by voting in GoP’s, only to discover all the apples have fallen out of the cart anyway.

    What we need is strong leadership of the Constitution Party. The party platform is sound because it’s based on constitutional principles and the will of our founding fathers. It has over 400,000 active members already. I’m not sure who to bank on to get the CP rolling in full gear as Keyes already bumped uglies with the CP. It was with regards to the war in Iraq when he was going after the candidacy bid for the party back in 2008. But I believe the CP would be more than willing to grab Keyes back into the fold as he’s by far the best leader we have for this movement.

    He’s also the only true politician who gives a damn about anything going on. He truly is the voice for our movement.

  97. ********** NEW POST UP NOW **************

  98. “Mr. Sanity” @ 6:04: well, let’s suppose for a moment that Keyes would ‘accept that invitation’ and be willing to put his name up for nomination as the CP candidate; who’d be his best pairing to beat the likes of the NY Gub & Co? Palin, by ‘default’?…or someone else?

  99. Re-do,

    I’m not sure who the VP candidate would be, but that person needs solid experience in Constitutional Law.

  100. JeffM: my concern is that Keyes in his high-intellect manner may soar over the heads of your ‘average’ voter, if you get my drift. One thing about Ronnie is that he connected with folks on all levels; I don’t think Keyes can do that. Palin’s certainly got that going for her, if only she can side-step all the ‘baggage’ that her foes try to strap on. It would be interesting to see a breakdown of the bulk and demographics of the voting ‘age’…and who best connects there.

  101. How about Stein/Keyes! hehe…at least it would be an interesting show…and funny…which might actually be a huge advantage in this generation and culture of ‘entertainment’.

  102. Unbelievable: Apartment Bans Residents From Displaying US Flags!

  103. Jacqlyn Smith


    JustMe // October 13, 2009 at 3:30 pm


    I think you should read the Washington Post article, for which I posted the link above. Sorry, but I don’t consider it a propaganda piece, at all.

    I also suspect the physician that Orly represented in Georgia was a part of the deployment of support troops the article references.

    Maybe….but since it is a secret no one really knows for sure….kind of like the FRAUD’S birth place being a secret!!

  104. JS,

    it’s a secret means it wasn’t reported on… until the Post article.

    Obviously, you still didn’t read the article.

  105. If you think about it. It was a smart move on her part. Now it goes back on the Democrats to pass it and it is far away from being passed. I dont think to many dems are on with this let alone the republicans. Great political move.

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