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Yesterday, August 26, 2009, the Citizen Wells blog presented an article about Obama’s ties to SEIU, a group that claims to be a union representing working people.

“SEIU,Service Employees International Union, thugs have been a prominent feature at many of the town hall meetings on health care. Did you ever wonder why they were there. This article from American Thinker on January 6, 2009, months before these town hall meetings, will shed some light on their presence.”

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Today, August 27, 2009, a great commenter on this blog alerted us to another article referring to SEIU as the new mafia.

“SEIU, The New Mafia”

“We all have heard about the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) during the 2008 general election. Even more recently, the SEIU was active in being “ushers” at the Tampa town hall meeting on August 6, 2009 sponsored by Florida State Representative Betty Reed (D-Dist. 59) with special guest, Congresswoman Kathy Castor (D-FL), on the topic of healthcare reform. It was no surprise that SEIU members acted on their best, I mean, not on their best behavior when using mafia-like tactics in preventing ANY proud American willing to practice their first amendment right of free speech.”

“Furthermore, the SEIU advocates for illegal alien employment as evidenced by their adopted amendments and resolutions from their 2008 convention in Puerto Rico! Yes, in an economic climate where LEGAL immigrants and Americans are losing their jobs, the SEIU writes “How To” guides for employers if they are subjected to an I.C.E. raid. This would partly explain their behavior at town hall meetings around the country as they do not want the COMMON SENSE voice being heard about some of the issues surrounding the healthcare crisis; i.e. illegal aliens who receive free healthcare at the American’s expense!”

“So, I’ve browsed the SEIU’s 2008 amendments and resolutions and provided specific examples of how their intended goal of promoting jobs in all industries for all people actually has counterproductive practices. On face value, this organization is just the street level thug division of the Organize for America movement which is an extension of the Obama’s 2008 campaign. In fact, I actually feel sorry for SEIU members for being exploited by the liberals to advance their agenda instead of filling their ranks with people that fully understand issues and grasp the severity of their actions.”

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Obama’s SEIU Thugs Attack a Black Conservative Outside Russ Carnahan Town Hall.

The following comes directly from the SEIU constitution. There is so much unAmerican, anti business, marxists propaganda there that I had a difficult time deciding what to include.

Resolution # 102a Adopted at the 2008 SEIU Convention
Building Workers’ Strength with Comprehensive Immigration Reform

SEIU members have many reasons to stand united for comprehensive immigration reform.
All working people face lower pay and benefits when some hard-working, taxpaying workers are driven into an underground economy because they are denied legal status.
The political strength of working people is seriously undermined when millions of workers are denied the right to vote because they have no real path to citizenship.
Our primary mission – to unite all working people for a better future – cannot be achieved as long as many workers face exploitation and discrimination.
Our communities are weakened when politicians eager to exploit divisions pass laws that result in workers being denied access to drivers’ licenses and insurance or qualified high school graduates being denied a college education.
As a result of the U.S. Senate’s failure to pass comprehensive immigration reform last year, we have seen an alarming increase in local laws that target immigrant workers and their families, along with costly deportation raids that make headlines but do not realistically fix a broken system. Deportation threats without reform have pushed undocumented immigrants further into the underground economy, dividing the workforce and driving down wages and benefits for all working people.
When the Bush administration announced a federal attack on undocumented immigrant workers, including a new policy on “no match” Social Security cases, SEIU developed a tool kit and held legal trainings to educate employers and workers on their rights in the event of a worksite raid and/or “no match” letter.
As the federal crackdowns increase, so do state and local laws that target immigrant workers and fuel fear, hate, and division in communities across the country. Legislation in states such as Arizona, Oklahoma, and Virginia that deputizes local law enforcement and empower them to persecute undocumented immigrants will cost billions in taxpayer dollars, but solve nothing.
We will oppose initiatives including guest worker programs if they do not provide future immigrant workers with a safe, orderly, and legal process that includes full protection of U.S. laws and a pathway to citizenship.
SEIU members will continue to help immigrant workers organize to unite their strength with us.

Resolution # 105b Adopted at the 2008 SEIU Convention
Justice for All: Reforming Our National Healthcare System
This Moment Calls for Our Leadership

Our nation’s healthcare crisis has touched every kitchen table, every worker, every boardroom, and every patient and continues to grow worse each day. 48 million people in the United States have no health insurance and hundreds of millions more are under-insured, making it difficult or impossible for them to access quality health care;
SEIU will bring its full resources to this fight in the form of national membership mobilization, political action, and local resources to amplify our voice on this issue and be prepared for the real healthcare reform work that begins on November 5, 2008 with a newly elected President and Congress.
3. While we continue to defend employer-based plans that provide quality healthcare for our members, the current employer -based health care system is not a realistic foundation for 21st century health care reform, particularly given the competitive challenges of a global economy.
Further be it resolved:
To win national healthcare reform SEIU members pledge to:

Help to build and grow Healthcare United, an organization of both union and non-union nurses and healthcare workers, and support the work of Americans for Health Care — to speak out with healthcare consumers to help lead the fight.

Resolution # 106a Adopted at the 2008 SEIU Convention
Quality Public Education for All

A high quality, universal public education system is crucial to ensuring equal opportunity for our children. But our nation’s children do not have equal access to a quality public education. The opportunities provided by public schools have been selective and have excluded too many of our children. Millions of children of working families, particularly in lower income communities, do not have access to schools in which all students can thrive.

Resolution # 107 Adopted at the 2008 SEIU Convention
Rebuilding the Middle Class

Commit 50% of the growth budgets and 50% of non-growth staff during the first 100 days of the 111th • Congress toward the passage of Employee Free Choice and healthcare reform.

Resolution # 115a Adopted at the 2008 SEIU Convention
Solidarity with Latin America and the Caribbean

Today, progressive, democratically elected movements continue to grow in strength across Latin America and the Caribbean. Currently Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela are increasingly committed to fighting against poverty and illiteracy and for a more just society.

Resolution # 122 Adopted at the 2008 SEIU Convention
Resolution on the Campaign for the New American Dream

WHEREAS in February 2008, the International Executive Board endorsed Barrack Obama to become the next President of the United States, and since that time SEIU members and leaders from around the country have worked tirelessly in primaries and caucuses from Oregon to Pennsylvania, from Texas to Wisconsin, in Puerto Rico, Indiana, Ohio and other states. We have also built upon our successes in the 2006 Congressional General Elections in 2008 to preserve a democratic seat in Massachusetts, elect a progressive democratic in Maryland and make unprecedented gains in difficult congressional districts against anti-worker candidates.

SEIU will help expand the work of nonprofit entities such as Mi Familia Vota, Strengthen Our Lives (S.O.L.), and The American Dream Fund so that all working people, including immigrants, will be active and united.

Read the entire SEIU constitution here:

Beware of the platitudes and false promises. Totalitarian regimes of the past and present have organized under this guise.

Please make sure that Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and your fellow Americans are aware of the SEIU agenda.

Many thanks to the great Americans that follow and comment on this blog. I could not do this without you.

And thanks to commenter JeffM

38 responses to “SEIU, Obama, Town hall thugs, Service Employees International Union, Un American agenda, Illegal aliens, Free healthcare for illegals, Youtube video

  1. Patriot Dreamer
  2. Patriot Dreamer

    Richardson Probe ‘Was Killed in Washington’
    New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson and former high-ranking members of his administration won’t be criminally charged in a federal investigation into pay-to-play allegations.

  3. Patriot Dreamer – I wrote this the other day on CW-
    I am sorry for breaking in on a new problem. My head is about to explode. Read this –
    This is the same Bill Richardson who helped the Chinese get our nuclear secrets through neglect , when he was Ambassador to the UN was given the job to help Clinton(kissit) get rid of Monica Lewinsky and is presently under investigation for Pay For Play as Gov. of New Mexico. This is corruption on top of corruption.

    AND NOW I read this article-




  6. Looks like Carl Swenson and a few others have made a very astonishing discovery about a true Constitutional Court, and it looks to be the way they are able to crack the secret code towards getting the Grand Juries noticed.

    If you haven’t heard this interview by Carl, Chalice, and a few other researchers, you absolutely must listen to this!!!

    It also explains how WE are property/slaves and how the elite paid some very high dollar amounts to some lawyers that stripped us of all of our rights, and made us their property.

    Superior Court of the District of Columbia

  7. Yesterday 8/26 in front of the Broward County Courthouse-Obama/Biden volunteers (some were in their campaign wear) were out gathering signatures on Petititions for “health care reform” with signs and t-shirts with “health care reform now” emblazoned on them.

  8. Teddy Bear DEATHSCARE Bill:

    IF you have no life, like the Criminals in DC, you can waste your time reading this Piece of Escrement that Makes you SICK just reading the whole thing. This is proof that Democrats must be bi-polar or have multiple mental diseases.
    Just the Index is bigger and more Complicated than the Supreme Law of Our Land, The Constitution.

    Click to access getdoc.cgi

    This Version is 1017 Pages and will makes you head spin. Whatever happened to the Paperwork Reduction Act? This bill should Unconstitutional just on that basis.
    There needs to be a Consitutional Challenge on all these Unconstitutional Bills filed and passed lately.

    The solution to health care is going back to simpler ways…going back to traditional ways. Deal directly with doctors for basic health care (like we do with dentists now). Neighborhood health clinics like the ones that Walmart, CVS, etc. opened recently. Then a health plan that will cover Prescriptions and Hospitalizations for major operation coupled with a high deductible protected by a Health Savings Account.

    Allow doctors to have membership and subscription based services for a monthly or yearly fee….Like the Doctors in New York that had a plan to provide services to all his patients at a ($79 per month I believe). He was shut down by the Gov’t for being a Insurance plan. The GOV’T doesn’t want COMPETITION and SOLUTIONS. They want Controlled Herds. Simple Common Sense Solutions work BEST.
    Government is the only Entity that solves a tiny problem with a Humongous Problem.

    A bit of what I quickly saw:

    (9) FAMILY.—The term ‘‘family’’ means an in
    dividual and includes the individual’s dependents.

    PG 29
    17 (C) USE OF COPAYMENTS.—In establishing
    18 cost-sharing levels for basic, enhanced, and pre19
    mium plans under this subsection, the Sec20
    retary shall, to the maximum extent possible,
    21 use only copayments and not coinsurance.

    See PG 30 #11 27 member
    66% of which area ppointed by the President MORE CZARS and mor etax dollars WASTED to pay these HACKS.

    The Insurgency Presidency by Fraud and Forgery is defended by the Lie-beral Bedmate Media just like they defended the insurgents in Iraq.
    Not The Buck Stops Here, but Trillions Non-stop

  9. The South. Just finished listening to the whole show. Incredible.

  10. The South~ I listened to the interview and wish I could say I was shocked. We are living in the twilight zone. In the words of my favorite economic guru, ” We are freaking doomed”.

    We live in a country where the people do not know or care what the definition of Natural born citizen is.

    We have a man trying to play the role of Pres. who declares us the richest nation on earth demanding health care for all, and later admits, “We are already broke”.

    Housing and credit has collapsed. We are facing a future of horrible Baby Boomer demographics, we monetized our debt and lowered interest rates to 0 and the FED is now out of tricks. The banks are insolvent and the FDIC is bankrupt.

    Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare are zombies which will suck the life out of all future generations.

    Unemployment numbers are rising with no end in sight. Radical Marxists are proudly running our Government.

    Will the future hold a deflationary black hole or hyperinflation? Or perhaps one than the other. All I know is the future is going to be vastly different than the past. Living standards will never be the same again. The math doesn’t lie, it just is.

    “We are freaking doomed”

  11. And that’s the “good news”

  12. …yes, and now we have SAFRA (student aid and fiscal responsibility act):

  13. Doctor who diagnosed Lockerbie bomber as having three months to live may have been working for the Libyans. He was the only MD willing to make that diagnosis and may not have been a prostate cancer expert:–

  14. Cindy Sheehan returns to rebuke O on Martha’s Vineyard. Why isn’t this in the news?:

  15. Civis Naturaliter Natus

    Hey fellow patriots, the patriot I mentioned last week for Patriots who is interested in recruiting other patriots start an online News site, has got up a blog, with nothing on it yet, but is looking for article submissions by Patriots who have

    1) first hand testimony on an important current issue,
    2)or who are doing some citizen jouranlism on any current topic,
    3) or who have researched a particular news issue and are summarizing the current state of information
    4) who have interviewed an important figure or authority and wish to publish that interview
    5) who can write editorials with an interesting and thoughtful approach to important national and world events & issues…

    Contact him at

  16. jc and Greg, glad you listened to it! Hopefully more people take the time to listen to it, and pass it on to everyone they know; plaster that link everywhere!

    I can’t believe we’ve been duped by elite bankers (the founders are rolling over in their graves) and made slaves who are expendable once our ability to make them money has run out.

    Boy, we are a LONG WAY from what our founders created for us, and it’s all because we’ve been asleep at the wheel for the last 100 years.

  17. O learns of new lunch program:

  18. Retiring U.S. Senator says to new Senator –

    “If you can fake sincerity you’ve got it made”

  19. ms. helga–do you have a link for that?

  20. Dianehind–Wow! That was powerful…and needs wider dissemination. Thank you for your post.

  21. South…………………………………………….

    I have said several times in the past that Obama could be arrested any time by two Sherriffs, with the correct paperwork from the correct court. Swennson has expanded upon this considerably. I listened to that tape, and one this morning which expanded greatly upon the Citizen grand juries. Late in the audio a researcher of 45years was discussing the real fiat status of our monetary system,predicated upon our Federal Corporate structure. I found her comments very enlightening. Her name is JOYCE and she is allegedly all over the internet.

  22. Hi OldSalt and The South,

    I’ve just finished listening, too. When you don’t think there are any avenues left, in walk Mr. Class and Joyce.

    I do hope both of these super researchers can get together and share info…this just might be the way to go.

    Thanks for linking that discussion, the South.

  23. The South….

    just finished listening to the interview you provided the link to….I’m blown away with the information the researchers reveal.

  24. SUEK………………………………………………
    The saddest part of it all is how long all of this has been going on, and nobody has ever taken the initiative to look into what USA really meant. Apparently nobody except the two researchers cared enough to see for themselves.

  25. Apparently the DC Superior Court has a little more jurisdiction than a lot of people have ever thought. To be exact; jurisdiction over all 10.0 square miles which takes in the entire Corporate USA. Could be bad news regarding eligibility issue.

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  27. Orly is reporting that Fox News will be in the court room on Sept 8


    Don’t know if this interview of Limbaugh with Glenn Beck has been posted.

  29. “NEW POST”

  30. I believe that all of the states that have recently reasserted their states sovereignty already knew much of the information revealed by the researchers, and acted to protect the people of their state should their state be forced to secede from the union with Corporate USA. I am thinking that any state that tries to secede will face IMMEDIATE dissolution of their agreement with the USA Corporation,and probable state government takeover by Corporate USA.(Forcefully if necessary)


  32. You are Welcome!!!

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