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** Update July 23, 2009 – Link to show below **

Glenn Beck announced on his show, July 22, 2009, that he has a copy of the US House of Representatives oversight report on Acorn. Beck states that the oversight report reveals that Acorn is a criminal enterprise and is guilty of racketeering, tax evasion, obstruction of justice, embezzlement and investment fraud. Glenn Beck will go over the report on his next show.


Glenn Beck Show July 23, 2009:


Thanks to commenter The South for the lead.

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  1. But the usurper does not know them.. No no no

  2. Usurper is deep in with all these ACORN guys. I hope that they will find him tied in with this group. He is the biggest criminal to ever take the white house.

  3. I don’t trust Glen Beck… what’s his motive?

  4. don’t know for sure…but probably not the same were Keith O given opportunity to report on the same thing…or one of CNN’s peeps…
    anyone? Bueller? anyone?

  5. digital dust

    JB // July 22, 2009 at 8:28 pm

    I don’t trust Glen Beck… what’s his motive?

    possible ‘two ends against the middle’ play.
    Fox is on a leash.

  6. Peter,

    Just sent my email to Lou Dobbs.


  7. It’s a scam, they were well aware of all this info a very long time ago. And suddenly they come out with it. Bull sh*t! I’m nut buying it. I don’t trust any of them.. his motive, report as told and get a pay check next week.

  8. You want a disaster! How about Obama actually getting thrown out, arrested and a lengthy trial. How about race riots! etc…….then the markets crash, and Biden and Hilary take over under marshall law with congress not having anything to say about it for 6 months due to the law! Voila!!! All planned by the Liberal left and scoail billionaire elites. Constitution abolished, New World Order establish, and second coming upon us! How about them apples.

  9. truthbetold11

    The squeaky wheel gets the oil. The sleasy acorn gets the RICO act

  10. cq @ 8:42

    I’m starting to feel the same way! bummer

  11. Is he off the TV yet?

    I’m not watching.

  12. Thanks for posting CW 🙂

    I’m a little leery of Beck myself, but you’ve got to admit he’s the “only one” calling Obama a Marxist and a Communist.

    He’s been calling out a lot of fraud lately, and putting it out there for us to see.

    At least he’s telling his viewers the country is headed down hill like a snowball headed for hell.

    I know i’ll get slammed on this one hahaha, but maybe, just maybe, Beck is slowly growing a set.

    We shall watch cautiously and see.Sleep with one eye open 🙂

  13. Beck is looking for ratings. He never asks the right questions and I think he either doesn’t really care or is a coward

  14. Val: your hour of agony is up…he gone.

  15. Glen has uncovered some major things and was drug over the red hot coals because he did not or could not reveal his sources. This time he has a Genuine Copy of the US House Meeting to prove his charges against Acorn and those connected. Why not watch the show before you start your anti Glen speaches. He takes more chances than any other personality on Fox news to try and inform the public.

  16. Ouch…and I thought was the only one a little suspicious and uneasy with Mr. Beck…have tuned into him only sparingly, but something just never quite ‘hit home’…for me, anyway… and so, “click”, said the remote. I’m likely to lean more on the commentary that runs here AFTER he delivers his ‘breaking news’…and try to sort things out and make an assessment. Maybe I’m becoming too jaded in my old age.

  17. Re-do
    jaded is good, experience teaches us not to view things through rose colored glasses

  18. Acorn as distraction…RICO should apply ALL AROUND

  19. I watch Beck practically everyday, after I DVR him, so I skip through the commercials. He is quite something else, and will probably go down in media history as a phenomenon unto himself. I believe he has already eclipsed Rush [Limbaugh], because Beck has mastered both radio and the “moving picture.” I enjoyed Rush in his day, until it was too apparent that he was just an organ for the GOP. Beck has really become the genuine, “Joe Six Pack” kinda guy.

    When he brings on guys like Peter Schiff, Tom Woods, Ron Paul, Marc Faber, David Bruckner, and especially Judge Napolitano, he becomes a force to reckon with. If he continually relies on these types as regulars, then it will only make him look the better for it. Even if he is “faking” it, one thing is universally true. You “fake it” long enough, then you will eventually become it.

    I believe Beck is as sincere as we can all expect him to be. But understand this, he IS on a leash. Rupert Murdoch is a SMOM (Sovereign Military Order of Malta) aka “Knights of Malta.”

  20. Army D.A.V.

    Beck describes a forming dictatorship , but he hasn’t got the guts to call BO a puppet dictator directly.

    He’s still several months too late for his strategy to work…………reporting things we’ ve already known for quite awhile.

    FOX is using Beck to keep up their ratings……

    CNN is doing the same thing with Dobbs.

    Both are working for the boss.

    They all know the truth and acting like they don’t , this farce will come crashing down . Sooner or later they’re going to get their signals crossed .

  21. Eagle: appreciate the comeback…I think with a site such as this (kudos all around) it’s pretty hard to wear them spectacles for long around these parts. This is pretty dang ‘brutal, in-your-face’. In fact, I can think of one set of initials that mysteriously has vanished from here…which seems to have been pegged, or at least cast suspicion…there was someone ‘masquerading’…feigning to be one thing, but exposed to being something else, perhaps? I’m not quite that clever. But the truth has a funny way of doing that. And a shameless quote from a Jack Nicholson character…
    “…you can’t HANDLE the Truth!” seems appropriate.

  22. Eagle: maybe I shouldn’t abbreviate…to be clear I mean ” I appreciate the comeback you wrote” @ 9:06…thanks.

  23. ACORN will get away with it, LIE-beral are slimy like slugs and you can’t grab them. They alaready changed the name and moving on.

    It should be illegal to give any taxpayer money to organize or register anyone to vote. If you can get out of the house to Vote you can go register yourself. At a minimum they shouldn’t be able to dump 1000’s of registrations at the last hour to overburden the system which is their intent. IT NEEDS TO BE OUTLAWED because it is juts a way to hire LIE-berals and recruit Professional Paid Protesters that work ONLY for the LIE-berals.

  24. PF: or, they just consider it
    “creating jobs; putting Americans to work!” right?

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  26. :d:i:g:i:t:a:l:d:u:s:t:

    Beck moved from CNN to Fox, yes? hmm…

  27. Skepticism is good and quite healthy. Even a bit a cynicism is instructive. However, don’t allow your cynicism to turn into fatalism. That is far too easy to accomplish, and it is certainly not constructive.

    I must confess, that I was falling into the trap of the mindset of “the Constitution has failed.” The Constitution has not failed. The “People” have failed. The Constitution is not a “living” document. It cannot die as a living organism. It is an extension of “The People.” As long as “The People” exist, so does the Constitution.

    As much as the Constitution has been battered and bastardized over the generations, from amendment to amendment, it still “exists” as the “Law of the Land.” Anyone who opposes it, can only expect for themselves damnation.

    Power of the Purse and the Power of Sword
    Submit to “Governing Authority”

  28. Make sure you listen CAREFULLY at the end when Prez Half-White BO speaks to these FRAUDS that he helped Organize and was a big part of his life.

  29. Is Spongbama off yet?????

  30. TO: jcd,

    As I read your note I thought of this:

    Normally when new laws are passed there are Constitutional Challenges I remember these happening all the time with past Presidents, but so far NOT ONE MENTION of something being UNCONSTITUTIONAL. Not one! WHY?

  31. This is just another tactic to keep the people of the United States occupied with everything but what’s going on in Congrass and the White House.

    Acorn isn’t the issue here, the GOVERNMENT IS. We’ve seen this before. Watch Wag the Dog and you’ll see what I mean.

  32. We owe our souls to the Federal Reserve.

  33. JeffM: as Maxwell Smart might put it…
    “Ah, the old ‘create-a-diversion-while-we- manipulate-at-will’ trick, eh? I should’ve suspected that!”

  34. That guy on the tube thing sorta reminded me of a Don Adams character…less the ‘stache, anyway.

  35. TO Val,

    Great job, thanks.

    Anyone that didn’t write to Lou Dobbs and CNN to Support and Encourage him to continue doing his Ethical Journalism please write he needs a BIG PUSH from us to show his bosses that there is alot of interest and support to get Prez Half-White BO to prove his ELIGIBILITY.

    E-mail LOU:

    Thanks and GOD BLESS

  36. Hannity said that USAMA’s son was killed. Can someone tell me when OSAMA changed his name to USAMA? Or did Janet Napolitano change it because it was too close to OBAMA?

    And it’s going to make me sick if Obama starts boasting about it.

  37. Kim

    Some sources, including the FBI, spell his first name “Usama.

    Also known as: Usama bin Laden, Ussamah bin Laden

  38. Who cares about Bin Laden, unless someone can explain to me how he managed to manufacture 2000 lbs of nano-thermite in a cave somewhere.

    That and how his merry band of thugs managed to sneak it into the WTC.

  39. Civis naturaliter natus


    Wrote again:

    Rupert Murdoch is said to be a member of the Kights of St. Gregory the Great, a purely honorary Pontifical Society, which is awared to those who give large sums of money for charitable purposes run by the Catholic Church. In this case, Murdoch who runs a scandalous life, in now way approved by the Church, gave $10 million to an equally scandalous Cardinal, who then got him awared the Order of St. Gregory the Great. There are even atheists on the Pontifical Academy of Science. This means nothing regarding our religion, other than it is a scandal. These groups are honorary, they existed to honor at one time truly honorable people, they now are used to honor at times dubious or certianly unhonorable folk. A lot of rich liberals who are not catholic are friends of powerful liberals in the Catholic Church, because they are trying to get this liberals in the Church to destroy her from within.

    IN general Catholics despise Murdoch, because he is opposed to Catholic teaching on a variety of moral issues…

  40. Civis naturaliter natus


    Read the report on nano-thermite.

    The only problem is that the collapse of a building made with the materials it was made of, in such a manner as it did, is sufficient explanation for the chemical reactions which could naturally create the evidence observed in the dust.

    So in all probability, there was no nano-thermite: it was human remains smashed to smithereens which encased the particles…

    Another earthquake,I think God is trying to send a message.

  42. Speaking of Osama bin Laden and Obama bin Biden.
    It’s been 6 months where is Osama’s Capture?
    Where is the Soldier Body count?
    Where are the flag draped caskets?
    Where is Cindy Sheehan?
    Where are the Human Shields?

    Are they all silnced becasue we have a LIE-beral Half White in office?

  43. cnn

    Any word on the college buddy who says barry was born in Kenya?

  44. Sunday is the last day for Sarah Palin in office. Wonder what next week holds?

  45. GOP Congressional Report Accuses ACORN of Political Corruption, Widespread Fraud

    A new report from Republicans on a House oversight committee accuses ACORN of fraudulent activities and widespread corruption and calls for a criminal investigation into the advocacy group.

  46. Next week is the military exercise in the United States. US, Mexico, Canada, Australia and the UK. July 27-31. Not to rehearse response to natural disasters, but to terrorism.

  47. Hawaiian newspapers don’t prove birthplace
    Announcements published in 1961 not solid evidence of U.S. location

  48. goodtimepolitics

    Obama taking revenge on one of his secret service agents. Anyone who disagrees with Obama gets the chicago way of revenge!

  49. Civis naturaliter natus,

    I have read over a dozen reports. Not even NIST could explain the unusual burns in building 7. And that was in the “official report”. Alas, this is not the best location to be going down this rabbit hole.

    Bin Laden was not involved in the attacks. But some other regime in the Middle East was.

  50. Peter,

    I got a standard reply from Lou Dobbs email. It said they DO READ EACH AND EVERY MAIL!

    So, those who haven’t please email Lou Dobbs.

    Also, you should send GBAmericas @ 11:37 link to Lou Dobbs. Nicely written article.

  51. Val, I got that and a separate email from CNN.

  52. Kim,
    Ditto. Both stating they read each and every email. Can’t always reply, but they do read them …
    Everyone please email and send that link above to him.

  53. Pete,

    How about sending Lou Dobbs a lot of the articles, videos, documents, etc.. ? He has opened this door and if he starts to see more of what we are aware of, then maybe, hopefully, he will continue. And if he talks about this info before the BO camp has a chance to pull something out of thin air, at least he will have had the chance to see that there really is a lot more that the public doesn’t know about.
    Everyone please email .

    I told him that I was never a viewer of his show, but I am now!

  54. Civis naturaliter natus


    I do know of the testimony of someone else who knows of this individual. But it is not something that can be linked to as of yet. Lawyers are working on it, though, to establish the worth of it…That’s all I know…

  55. Civis naturaliter natus


    Update: I can now confirm 3 witnesses to the alleged existence and testimony of the Classmate. I even know his name, but do not think it is prudent to reveal it yet.

    Its for real. He wants to be identified, has a lawyer, is contacting other lawyers who are working on the eligibility issue to out Obama.

    Guess he feels that now is the ripe time, politically, to go for it and do the patriotic thing…

  56. Civis naturaliter natus

    My prediction.

    Obama will resign from office before September 15th, after being pressued by leading Democrats and public outrage at his mendacity.

  57. After reading WND article regarding the birth announcement I can’t help but wonder…did it usually take 9 days to post a birth announcement in the newspaper in 1961?

    Has anyone tried to contact the other couples that had children at the same time?

  58. Cnn at 1:12 am

    We can only hope!!! Something has to be done to get him outta there before he ruins this country even worse than he already has!

  59. CW,

    On my comment here on July 3, 2009 at 1:25 pm, I wrote:

    Does anyone have a copy this issue, I would like to know what Mr. Obama said about ‘Organizing Essentials by Barack Obama’ as he has no claim to being involved with ACORN.


    The American Institute for Social Justice and The ACORN Institute provide research and training for community and labor organizations working in low and moderate income communities across the United States. The Organizers’ Forum conducts Organizers’ Dialogues, where experienced organizers reflect on strategy, innovative tactics, and international social movements.”

    “Wade Rathke, Publisher and Editor-in-Chief”…

    Now , the page says for the publishers:
    (click ‘About Social Policy’ on left)


    The Labor Neighbour Research and Training Center provides research and training for community and labor organizations working in low and moderate income communities across the United States. The Organizers’ Forum conducts Organizers’ Dialogues, where experienced organizers reflect on strategy, innovative tactics, and international social movements.”

    Now I wonder why they changed this, since the magazine ‘Social Policy’ has been inactive since the Fall 2008-9 issue. There is a cached copy of the original.

    Maybe The ACORN Institute is just cleaning up any possible relationship to Mr. Obama. Oh! But you would think any community organization would want to be in good relationship to the [p]resident.

    I would still like to know what Mr. Obama said about ‘Organizing Essentials by Barack Obama’ as he has no claim to being involved with ACORN.

  60. Civis naturaliter natus



    I have it from someone who spoke with Attorney Orly Taitz, yesterday, that she will shortly be posting news about this Classmate and his testimony that Obama openly admitted at Harvard that he was born


  61. Jacqlyn Smith

    Looks like the “chosen one” is loosing the Jewish community too….what a shame…too bad….so sad////WAH….WAH….WAH!!!

    Can be found at…….

    There is only one force in the nation that can be depended upon to keep the government pure and that is the people themselves. They alone, if well informed, are capable of preventing the corruption of power and restoring the nation to its rightful course if it should go astray. ~T.J.~


    Jewish Leader Banned From Obama Meeting

    Wednesday, July 22, 2009 12:00 PM

    By: Ronald Kessler

    Ever since President Barack Obama took office, Jewish leaders have been asking for a meeting with him. The White House, apparently thinking Jewish support for Obama was in the pocket, put them off. But a major Jewish leader says that after reported on deep concerns in the Jewish community about Obama’s Middle East initiatives and statements, the White House responded quickly by asking 14 top Jewish leaders to meet with the president on July 13.

    Yet that important Jewish leader, Morton Klein, president of the Zionist Organization of America, says he was barred from attending the meeting because of criticism he aimed at Obama.

    In June, Newsmax reported that Klein and Malcolm Hoenlein, executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, believed Obama’s Jewish support was eroding as a result of his recent Middle East activities.

    “The Hoenlein and Klein interviews [with Newsmax] got the ball really rolling,” Klein tells Newsmax. “This meeting was called because they were getting very worried that more and more Jewish people are expressing concern about Obama’s policies on Israel. The White House wanted to stop the bleeding, as expressed in Newsmax interviews and picked up elsewhere.” Klein says that “Newsmax was a significant factor in this meeting happening.”

    At 3 p.m. on July 13, Obama met for 45 minutes with Hoenlein, whose organization represents 50 major Jewish groups, and 13 other Jewish leaders. Klein, whose organization of 30,000 members is the oldest pro-Israel group in the country, was not invited. According to press reports, only Jewish leaders known to be sympathetic to Obama were invited to the meeting.

    Klein’s White House contacts told him flat out that he was shunned because of his strong criticism of Obama. In his June interview with Newsmax, Klein said that Obama may be the “most hostile president to Israel” ever.

    “They said to me, ‘How do you expect us to invite you to a meeting with the president when you keep criticizing the president?’” Klein says.

    Klein found the White House response to him surprising, and “remarkable that the president has said he wants to be bipartisan and reach out to people who don’t agree with him and that he wants to hear all good ideas, even if they’re different from his.”

    Klein also found it ironic that he was chastised for criticizing the president, and banned from a meeting with top Jewish leaders, at the same time Obama has argued for sitting down and negotiating with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

    Klein said he told White House aides, “You won’t allow me in the meeting to discuss issues. And you want to negotiate with these evil haters of America, but I can’t be at a meeting where I would express my concerns very respectfully and responsibly?”

    Klein says he has talked to several people who attended the off-the-record meeting. He was told that though the meeting was amicable, Obama was asked why he is pressuring Israel and not the Arabs on contentious issues.

    Obama, Klein says, responded that he is dealing firmly and forthrightly with the Arabs but the media are not emphasizing that.

    Klein says the Jewish leaders did not bring up important matters about some of Obama’s statements, including his use of mistaken statistics and analogies in his Cairo speech in June.

    As a child of survivors of the Holocaust, Klein says he was particularly offended by Obama’s comparison of the suffering of Palestinians with the Nazis’ murder of more than 6 million Jews during the Holocaust. This issue was not raised, nor was Obama’s claim that America has an astonishing 7 million Muslims.

    Klein said Obama’s claim showed a willingness by him to use phony figures to support a tilt toward Muslims.

    “Every major survey shows there’s between 1.5 million and 2.5 million Muslims in America,” Klein says. “Where does he get the number 7 million? This is the number that the Arab propagandists promote. There’s no legitimate survey that shows a number of that nature.”

    Liberal groups at the meeting were pleased with Obama’s responses, Klein says. Others, like the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America, expressed concerns.

    Since his Newsmax interview in June, Klein doubts Obama’s meeting with a select group of Jewish leaders will help him. Klein thinks Jewish support for Obama has dwindled even more in the past month.

    “In my own experience of speaking to many different people and speaking to synagogues around the country in the last few weeks, I’m seeing an acceleration of concern about Obama’s position on Israel,” Klein says. “Even supporters of Obama who voted for him are telling me that they’re beginning to have concerns about him.”

    For more on this, see Jewish Leader: Obama May Be ‘Most Hostile President to Israel’” and “Jewish Leader: Jews ‘Very Concerned’ About Obama.”

    Ronald Kessler is chief Washington correspondent of View his previous reports and get his dispatches sent to you free via
    e-mail. Go here now.

    © 2009 Newsmax. All rights reserved.

  62. Civis naturaliter natus

    Klein hits the nail on the head.

    Obama invites the enemies of the USA to dialogue, but won’t even speak with American citizens in person, who disagree with him.

    Is that not psychologically and politically bizaree?

  63. Jacqlyn Smith

    CNN—-The FRAUD is a psycho and a political freak if you ask me……BIZARRE is too mild of a word for this pervert!!

  64. Orly Taitz is doing a slew of major interviews
    including a nationally syndicated show. Any

    Glenn Beck’s producer called her, so that may
    be coming too. Check out her blog:

  65. Obama is an emotional retard. Nothing more nothing less. He is a sorry excuse for a man.
    I believe Michelle Obama has more testosterone
    than her He-She husband. Just think to yourselves about how the world is laughing at us.

  66. zachjonesishome

    I just read Orly’s post. This was interesting:

    I got phone calls from Joe Curry- assistant to Glenn Beck 212-520-1504, but we didn’t make any specific arrangements yet, he is reading the blog now.

    Lou Dobbs is twittering that he is supporting the issue.

  67. Civis naturaliter natus

    Glen Beck is reading Orly’s blog for now, because, I believe, Orly is about to spill the beans on Obama’s statements as to being born in Kenya (as heard by classmates).

    Also, let us not forget that in the 2nd debate with Alan Keyes, for the IL senate race, Keyes said to Obama:

    “You are not even a NBC!”

    to which Obama quickly retorted,

    “So what, I am running for Senator for Illinois, not the Presidency!”

    I am convinced that Obama knew he was not NBC.

    But after getting 90% of the Black vote against Keyes, Kennedy and Kerry approached him about running for President, and then the coverup began.

    That is why in the present BC crisis, Obama is going to Martha’s Vineyard the stronghold of Kennedy.

    They are planning what to do.

  68. zachjonesishome

    Civis naturaliter natus // July 23, 2009 at 6:10 am (edit)

    Glen Beck is reading Orly’s blog for now, because, I believe, Orly is about to spill the beans on Obama’s statements as to being born in Kenya (as heard by classmates).

    That would be great.

    He may also be starting to show an interest because I believe he likes Lou Dobbs and may feel a need to come to his defense. Who knows?

    Have a Great Day!

  69. zachjonesishome

    July 22 – JW Files Lawsuit Against CIA for Documents On Terrorist Interrogation Briefings of Speaker Pelosi and Cong

  70. Civis naturaliter natus

    Now Legal Immunity for Swine Flu Vaccine Makers


    Read full article here:

  71. Some comic relief about the USURPER’s speech.
    Please read # 1 & 5.

  72. cq // July 22, 2009 at 8:42 pm

    It’s a scam, they were well aware of all this info a very long time ago. And suddenly they come out with it. Bull sh*t! I’m nut buying it. I don’t trust any of them.. his motive, report as told and get a pay check next week.
    Just give a litttle bit of conflict…..just enough to keep our ratings high………owners of FOX NEWS aren’t stupid.

  73. citizenwells

    We have plenty of saved info on Obama/Acorn associations.
    I can speak extemporaneously on the topic for hours.
    Once again, we have the manifestation of the “1984” society.

  74. citizenwells

    “Next week is the military exercise in the United States. US, Mexico, Canada, Australia and the UK. July 27-31. Not to rehearse response to natural disasters, but to terrorism.”

    Tell everyone.
    Keep your eyes and ears open!

  75. Patriot Dreamer

    Everyone, please send e-mails/post on her blog to Orly Taitz asking her to keep the identity of the Harvard classmate confidential until the appropriate time. We don’t need any more “suspicious” deaths!

    If it can be shown that he was born in Kenya, then it will be all over for him.

  76. Patriot Dreamer

    RE: That NewsMax article. It says that Obama release his “certificate of live birth”. No, Obama released a “certificaTION of live birth”. There is a BIG difference. It is the “certificate of life birth” that we want, and the state of Hawaii should allow members of the press access to BO’s vital records – to include any adoption papers. Everyone e-mail the correction to NewsMax!




  78. CW Please investigate
    Hugo Chavez software used in our voting machines??????
    Believe the name is SEQILA,SPELLING??
    THIS NEEDS TO BE Investigated

  79. TO,
    Val and all that answered my call to ACTION to LOU DOBBS,


    Keep it up e-mail everything get others to e-mails. HE needs our support this is the FRONT of teh ACTION right now.

    We need to e-mail MORE than the other side that is actively e-mail calling and blogging and putting alot of Pressure on CNN to CENSOR DOBBS.

    Thanks everyone and e-mail some more at least once per hour. Short supportive e-mails and maybe a link to a story.

    Lets make this the most talked abour and e-mailed issue on CNN. Burn their servers.
    SUPPORT Lou Dobbs NOW, the only ETHICAL news journalist on CNN.
    If you do nothing else today or have never e-mailed anyone before, this is the time to start something simple like.
    You GO LOW, find the TRUTH about BO. CNN you got a new viewer.

    Show support for Lou,

  80. NEWSMAX,
    I’m a subcriber. It was a good article BUT not hard hittign enough. Someone needs to CHALLENGE MATHEWS to get a DOCUMENTS FORENSIC EXPERT to assert that he said the truth when he called a copy of a pic a Birth Certificate.
    Mathews had SH!T in his hands. At most waht he had was a copy/printout of an Online JPG of an alleged COLB….how does anyone especially a “professional” working with quasi-news say it is a BIRTH CERTIFICATE?

  81. TO Cnn,

    That is great news on the classmate that is going to make a statment.
    I would suggest to them to give that gift to LOU DOBBS as the one BREAKING the STORY. He deserves it, he is the one that so far seeems ethical. Make sure it is an undisclosed location with plenty of SECURITY. MAKE SURE his name is not released prior to the story or he may end up with Bullet Hemorrhage Disease ala Donald Young or Sgt Harris ACORN Chicago Style Justice for the Half White Prez.

    Be careful out there we are dealing with Gangster Gov’t.

  82. Petere,

    I’m putting the word out far and wide! We do need to out-email the opposition ! And maybe we need to start emailing Glenn Beck too. I agree – post at Orly’s if it’s being read by Beck’s crew.

    I hope this fellow classmate story is true, but I’ve heard similar stories in the past that came to nothing.

    I like the – He will step down by Sept 15th idea! We can hope and pray!

    Thank you again Peter for spearheading the Lou Dobbs email idea. I agree so much with you on that. I think it’s also important that we tune in and watch. I have never watched CNN before, but I will start watching Lou.

  83. Sorry …. PETER

  84. CORRECTION Sorry:
    You GO LOU, find the TRUTH about BO. CNN you got a new viewer.

    Show support for Lou,

  85. citizenwells

    I was given a heads up months before the election about the voting machines.
    Also, Dr. Lynette Long investigated voter fraud, escpecially Acorn voter fraud.
    I believed then and now that there was a significant problem in the primaries
    and general election.
    I have to choose my battles.
    Mine are exposing the Usurper and preparing for the 2010 elections.
    Congress is the biggest problem, followed by the corrupt, useless courts.

  86. CW,

    I can’t wait for 2010 !!

    If they’re in – they’re OUT!

    With a few exceptions.

  87. zachjonesishome

    This seems like an opportunity to seek an injunction.

    Democrats are preventing Republican House Members from sending their constituents a mailing that is critical of the majority’s health care reform plan, blocking the mailing by alleging that it is inaccurate.

    House Republicans are crying foul and claiming that the Democrats are using their majority to prevent GOP Members from communicating with their constituents.

    The dispute centers on a chart created by Rep. Kevin Brady (R-Texas) and Republican staff of the Joint Economic Committee to illustrate the organization of the Democratic health care plan.

    At first glance, Brady’s chart resembles a board game: a colorful collection of shapes and images with a web of lines connecting them.

    But a closer look at the image reveals a complicated menagerie of government offices and programs that Republicans say will be created if the leading Democratic health care plan becomes law.

    In a memo sent Monday to Republicans on the House franking commission, Democrats argue that sending the chart to constituents as official mail would violate House rules because the information is misleading.

    In their eight-point memo, which was obtained by Roll Call, Democrats identify a litany of areas where they believe the chart is incorrect.

    For example, Democrats argue that the chart depicts a “Health Insurance Exchange Trust Fund” that is “simply a recipient of IRS funds, with no outflow. … This is false.”

    The chart’s illustration of low-income subsidies is also “misleading and false,” Democrats argue.

    Congressional rules for franked mail bar Members from using taxpayer-funded mail for newsletters that use “partisan, politicized or personalized” comments to criticize legislation or policy.

    The dispute over Brady’s chart is being reviewed by the franking commission, which must approve any mail before it can be sent. No decision had been made on the matter by press time.

    Brady adamantly denied that the chart was misleading and said Democrats are simply threatened by the content of the graphic.

    “I think their review was laughable,” Brady said. “It’s … downright false in most of the cases. The chart depicts their health care plan as their committees developed it.”

    “The chart reveals how their health care bureaucracy works, and people are frightened by it,” he added. “So this is their effort to try and discredit” the chart.

    Republican Members have made 20 requests to mail a version of the chart to their constituents and have been told that the requests are being delayed while the commission reviews allegations that the chart is misleading.

    “Hiding the truth about wildly unpopular policies is a Democrat specialty,” said one GOP aide. “I’d like to see the flow chart on how Speaker [Nancy] Pelosi plans on implementing the open and transparent government she keeps promising everyone.”

    “We have initiated discussions with the minority to try and resolve current differences and are operating in good faith to achieve that goal,” said Kyle Anderson, a spokesman for House Administration Chairman Robert Brady (D-Pa.). The committee has oversight of the commission.

    Rep. Dan Lungren (R-Calif.), ranking member of the committee and a member of the franking commission, said through a spokeswoman that he is also aware of the situation and is working with the members of the franking commission to resolve the differences, but he added that he believed Democrats on the commission were overreaching.

    “He strongly believes that the franking commission does not have the authority to deny Member communications based on partisan differences of pending legislation,” said Salley Collins, a spokeswoman for Lungren.

    The franking commission is made up of three Democrats and three Republicans.

    Republicans quickly embraced Brady’s chart, and over the past week about 50 Members have posted it on their Congressional Web sites or used it in a floor speech. It has also been posted on the home page of the Republican National Committee.

  88. Truth Now,

    I beleive it might be Sequoia I remember reading about that. It was between some brazilian company and them or they are associated something like that. I believe Voting should be done online thru a secure incrypted connection going to a sealed server which is in a sercret location thru a reputable accounting firm overseen by an election committee of all parties involved and results releasae LIVE one hour after all polls are closed.
    Each voting booth machine keeps an encrypted record and the voter gets a coded printout confirming their vote.
    For further Security each voter when registering or therefater will get a Unique voter ID # matched with his SS# has to enter their Social security number Voting # and initials to keep Voting honest with no duplicate votes.

    Simple and almost temper proof and easy quick results with no need for recounts but if needed there is 2 backups.

  89. bob strauss

    The fraud, has become so large, it is bulging at the seams, and showing it’s backside. Illegal POTUS, + ACORN, + voter fraud,= Obama. Governing via intimidation, the Chicago way.

  90. Peter,

    FYI – Just sent another to Mr. Dobbs!

    Please everyone – keep sending the emails to Lou Dobbs.

  91. Zach @ 9:34

    Thanks for such an informative post!
    Now, I think we all ought to give Rep. Kevin Brady a hand here by emailing his chart to everyone in our address book, and dropping the link on web blogs we visit. The chart prints out rather nicely too; on one page.

    Organizational Chart Of The House Democrats’ Health Plan

    Click to access House-Democrats-Health-Plan.pdf

  92. Voter Fraud and Fake Voter Registration and making them equal VOTES CAST.

    This is how it Easily can happen and probbaly did happen.
    You have an organization that register a whole bunch of people fake registrations it is easy to translate those fake registrations to votes.

    Here is how it’s done.
    A group of lets say 25 people armed with 25 fake names of fake registrations in a city of 30 precincts with 25 fake registration in each precint. They start Voting in the morning in one precinct after they go to each precinct and all 25 vote again and again. After that they can go to the next city over or go back and forth between cities, etc. Now multiply that and multiply by more cities and more goups of 10 or more.

    25 X 30 = 750 VOTES

    That is just 25 people in 30 precincts, but in one day from 7 AM- 8 PM 25 people can hit a lot of polls that is alot of damage. Now multiply that by an many cities and many states especially in close battle ground states and more and more “workers” doing this in a coordinated effort.

    This is so easy to do and almost impossible to get caught. Just imagine this if you know your 2 neighbors are registered to vote but they are on vacation. You could go in the morning and vote for yourself 4 hrs later go back and vote for neighbor # 1 and 4 later vote for #2. How would you get caught?

    No ID, just NAME and Address.

    Voter Registration FRAUD is transformed into VOTES this way. That is why do they the Registrations to get MONEY by inflating numbers registered BUT also to mine for ways to VOTE and WIN by rigging the ridiculous system that we have.

  93. VAL and EVERYONE,

    Thanks it is important BOMBARD the BASTARDS LOL. Another idea if you also have an yahoo, hotmail, live and other e-mails besides your primary use each and everyone of those e-mails addresses to send another small note make them diff each time and diff times.

    This is how the Paid Professional Protesters and ACORN and Half-White Prez did it and keep doing it. They use all types of guerrilla tactics to increase the numbers. Fight fire with fire. Let’s make it an INFERNO.

    Lou Dobbs needs our support help him HELP US by encouraging him and CNN to do the investigation for TRUTH.


  94. Truth Now-

    The electronic voting machines are ‘Sequoia’. They are used in NJ. Princeton Univ. did some tests & found they could be easily hacked into within a few minutes to change voting results.

    P.S. I have never commented here before, but have been reading CW & all the great comments for about a year now! I guess that makes me a Lurker?

  95. Also, I remember that Atlas Shrugs wrote about these voting machines around the time of the elections & showed which states use them. There didn’t seem to be a whole lot of states that do, as I recall. I would post a link, but not sure how (duh)

  96. citizenwells

    Thanks Nancy.
    Welcome aboard.

  97. Yesterday my son, 4 years old marched into the kitchen after he had been quietly playing in his room.He announced very loudly out of the CLEAR BLUE SKY!:
    Hey,I know how Barrack Obama got to be president.
    “really,I said”
    Yes….he proclaimed! HE LIED!”

  98. Thanks CW! I’ve been aboard, just shy. LOL. I
    thank you for this site & your reporting. Your commenters & their links are the BEST.

  99. CNN, You say he will resign before Sept 15th. I predicted a long time he would not resign. He will go down in flames. He will try every angle to stay in office. He will do a perp walk, and seeing that would probably give alot of an orgasm it will be a sad day for America. I hope your prediction is the right one.

  100. Obama the bad businessman. He spends almost 1 million dollars to avoid showing a $20 dollar long form birth certificate. psst Mr. Obama you could have save yourself $980,000 just by showing your long form birth certificate. Guess it’s worth hiding huh?

  101. barrysoetoro

    Beck is not one of my favorite conservative commentators to watch; I find him kind of annoying, but I will give this a look see!

  102. Morning, everyone….
    I just posted for today. After being informed over the course of yesterday afternoon that our economy has apparently been ‘saved’ and that ACORN may actually face some legal trouble (although I’m not entirely convinced of that), I though an entry that kind of brings both toether might be in order. I don’t know…maybe it’s just me.

  103. Magna Carta,

    Your 4 yr old son is smarter than Chris Mathews and 99.9999999999% of the Bedmate Media. Now even children are finding the truth WHY can’t the Media find it?

    They say children say the most honest things since they haven’t learned to lie yet (probably by not watching Adult TV).

    I have a new nickname for your son “LOU DOBBS JR.” LOL

  104. Magna Carta,

    Another idea send that e-mail to Lou Dobbs maybe he will have him on LOL

  105. Civis naturaliter natus // July 23, 2009 at 6:50 am

    Hi CNN,

    Thank you for posting this article. It blindsided me. Immunity. Right.

    I’ve said this before and I’ll keep saying it: Do NOT get this H1N1 vaccine. If you have school-aged kids or grandkids do NOT allow them to get the vaccine!

    As of this date, this vaccine is untested and is being rushed through the approval process. God knows what’s in those shots, especially if they’re manufactured by Baxter International.

    NO. Please! Spread the word!

  106. CW and Kim,

    Very little info trickling out about this ‘terrorism exercise’ at this point.

  107. Magna Carta,

    Another idea send that e-mail to Lou Dobbs maybe he will have him on LOL

    Mr Half-White Prez now even children are Birthers/Truthers that want you to be truthfull. I don’t believe a 4 yr old would be a right wing nut or extremist. He is an innocent child seeking for your Truth, like all of us.

    Are you ELIGIBLE? A 4 yr old wants to know. Stand Up or STEP DOWN. SHOW or GO


    Another ??? secret being exposed!!

    Enquirer exposed EDWARDS GLOBE

  109. TRUTH NOW,

    Thanks that was out here yesterday BUT always needs to PROPAGATE.


    E-mails to CNN & our man Lou Dobbs are URGENTLY NEEDED.

    Blast EVERWHERE. We are about to have a new Watergate it will be OBAMADAM.

    Tease them about the Harvard Classmate about to spill the Beans on Obama/Soetoro Identity.

    Thanks for Standing Up for God’s Truth.

  110. PRWH,
    I did as you suggested! How funny would that be? Can you imagine these media hacks pressing upon a 4 year old?
    I think what Rush pointed out that the Media was having its own Waterloo against Obama as they laid it all on the line for him.They are losing credibility by the second.An issue like Article II growing legs would be their DRESDEN!

  111. sandy @ 11:37: re GB’s infected link?! uh-oh?!
    I had not read your warning prior to clicking onto the newsmax link. I’m not terribly computer savvy…so I ran a Norton security scan AFTER that…it sorta looks okay, but not feeling 100% convinced. I would appreciate some advice about what to do next, if anything.
    I don’t keep any “secret info” on my computer, just work and client files…nothing too personal.
    Can one of you tech-guys give me some guidance? Thanks.

  112. btw: like someone else pointed out, about that COLB: that’s some pretty fancy looking document and ‘computer-looking’ fonts…pretty sophisticates stuff for 1961…when computers took up the space of an average sized bedroom!
    How do you suppose they did that? Them Hawaiian know how to carve some pretty magnificent canoes out of tree trunks…guess high-tech-looking fonts shouldn’t have been any problem either. Had they even perfected SPAM in 1961?!

  113. Patriot Dreamer

    I didn’t have any problems with that link, and I ran a virus scan. ???

  114. PD: well, dang…thanks…however, immediately after I hit that link, even before the story should’ve appeared…a pop-up stated something about ‘infected’…and I sorta panicked. I clicked onto the Norton thing…ran a full scan…addressed an item that indicated “low-risk”. What is the vulnerability of ones ‘password’…which, for me, means little; it only lets me do some little, pretty insignificant things.
    Anyway: PEOPLE: I suggest err on the side of caution, and heed Sandy’s advice: NO CLICK onto GB’s link…just for safe measure.
    Thanks again, PD for the reply. I hope you’re right.

  115. As far as voting machines, I mentioned back in December that it’s not whether you have the most votes, its how many votes you wish to buy.

    This goes deep and has been going on for quite a while, 200 years or longer. And it extends to Congrass. I doubt these issues will see the light of day as many members in the last election will be leaving office once the fraud is exposed.

    Tweed Ring indeed.


  116. CW: ‘nuther suggestion: if you have the means to remove GBAmerica’s questionable link, a.s.a.p. you may be saving someone else from making the same blunder as me…lower the risk of heart attack…please, Sir. Thanks.

  117. Patriot Dreamer

    CW, I think I posted the same link, so if you’re going to remove one, you probably need to remove both.

  118. PD: hadn’t seen yours…thanks for the addition appeal to CW…hopefully no one else will get stung.

  119. ‘addtional appeal’…typo, but you probably got it.

  120. Think they prosecute people for being ‘boring’…or for ‘wacky sense of humor’?
    …guess I’d be found guilty as charged. Dang.

  121. Re-do
    I posted this last night but I was in moderation on previous thread, probably cause I’m new, but with the msnbc Paul Williams report posted by corey july 22nd 2009 @ 7:40p.m. I watched and you can clearly see the number on this COLB in the upper right hand corner and all the other news info has blacked out the number. Does anyone know the significance of this number?

  122. CW………………………………………….

    Regarding the alleged military rehearsal; they will rehearse putting down insurrection within certain parameters. Sadly they heve no idea how a civil uprising will be concieved, or executed. It CAN happen in a way that they have no idea is coming, and they will be totally unprepared for it, and will be completely vulnerableas a result. A great deal depends largely upon the quality of COMMAND.

  123. NEWSMAX New Link.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the infected link it probably just redirects you to a pop-up but nothing downloaded. Just a guess.

  124. Jacqlyn Smith

    I am listening to Rush right now….he is on Greta tonight and tomorrow….he says he is being touted as Rush unleashed…..when is he ever leashed he says!!! Heres the link if you want to listen….he is on for 3 hours!!!

  125. PF: re “just a guess” is still to “iffy” for me, and maybe others. I would hope that CW will be agreeable to delete (all of) the links posted that could be problematic…but thanks.

  126. Uhh, Houston we have a problem…

    (Is he lying, or is he just lying? Hard to keep all the lies together these days!)

  127. oldsalt77 // July 23, 2009 at 12:10 pm

    Hi OldSalt,

    The issue with this exercise is not that it is a terrorism drill or any other kind of drill, which are very routine in every state in this country; the issue is that there have been *other countries invited.*

    To my knowledge, this is a first and you have to ask yourself a few questions…

  128. Last work on the GB/newsmax link: does ANYONE posting here doubt that efforts to disrupt communication here…or damage our resources…is beyond the scope of Lib tactics?

  129. typo…again…dang: “last WORD”…hehe…guess it wasn’t after all…dang.

  130. Patriot Dreamer

    Rudy Giuliani Says Obama Presidency “Much Worse Than I Thought” (CNN video interview with Wolf Blitzer):

  131. Looks like the same link I don’t think there is anythign wrong with it BUT could be wrong. I got mine right from NEWSMAX article menu on left side.

    Also check out this article: Breaking news THE RACE PIMPS are at it again with the Cambridge issue which the Half-White Prez addressed yesterday (WHY?) now the police REPLY.
    I want PROTEST why were charges DROPPED if it was a white person they would be going to court. This is REVERSE Opportunistic Racism. Why is the Criminal getting special treatment is he above the LAW?

    If his house was broken into and the police responded and the crook said I live here and the cops left without asking for ID or following up and the placed got robbed Mr “BLACK” Gates would be prosecuting the Police for being racists and not protecting him.


    Something is up with Newsmax Site. I entered it fine but now when I clicked on Menu I got the Infected Popup. Doing a Scan now. Will let you know.

  132. Re-Do
    I hit that link and was trying to send off a comment or two correcting their story.Man,I have a mac notebook and bells and whistles really cut loose. I was scared to death.My daughter ran a virus protection on it and it says no virus but a couple of questionable components were listed.I have been using it as normal though.No problems as I can tell.

  133. Patriot Dreamer

    Mark Levin on last night’s health care press conference:

  134. Katie @ 12:18: re-posting this wonderful
    “Yogi-ism” just for you…

    “Half the lies they tell me aren’t true.”
    (confirm that you know which Yogi I’m referring to…hint: not the bear…but the Berra)
    which leads me to another of his….(love it!):

    (on receiving a check made out to “Bearer”):
    “How could you spell my name like that?”

    LOL! No wonder Baseball’s America’s favorite past-time…with just colorful, lovable characters.

  135. When the details of the fired SS agent fired gets loose that will get this little weasel exposed with pants down.The Hypocrisy King!
    The agent got tired of hearing racist chat from first family,complained to Hussein then he was fired.
    He’s right! racism against whites still exists today!
    I need to write about this and submit to my free paper juxtaposing the ss agent with the cop in Cambridge.I think that the Right Wing is gonna really grow after this joker.

  136. We must never UNDERESTIMATE the cunning, and resourcefulness of those who are in high places in our alleged government. They can sucker punch you before you even realise they are thinking about it. You must always be on a defensive footing if you are to survive such a punch. You must always watch their FEET, you will see their weight transfer to the opposite foot, and certain muscles flex, all of which will warn you of an impending punch being launched at you in the next microsecond. Has anyone ever watched Gibbs face closely when he is spinning his lies. Always watch their facial expressions, and how they stand. Then watch their hands,even how they move their fingers. You will gather a wealth of information just from their “body language”. Always watch CLOSELY.

  137. Jacqlyn Smith

    Officer in Gates Affair Blasts Back at Obama

    Just out!!!!! BO pissed more people off….can he do anything right>???

  138. PF & magna, et al: THIS will be the last word:
    (in words that OS77 might use)
    From here on, the risk is entirely your own!

  139. OT, but oh so priceless…

    Check out the comments to this vid. Some are quite instructive…


    ‘breaking news’ out of Yeewho…hopefully it is ‘clean’…any way to test it? are these anyway related to other ‘stuff’?!

  141. An OBOT ROBOT is esentially a mindless entity,that without fail,or come hell or high water,will follow his/her programming. Because of their programmed mentality, they are incapable of RATIONAL THOUGHT, and devoid of emotions. Of late there has been some indications that some of these ROBOTS are being re-programmed by someone. Someone is reprogramming them and including rational thought ability. One or two have even come over to the CONSERVATIVE SIDE after receiving their upgrades. This is encouraging. Now it needs ro happen “en masse”.

  142. Okay…gotta admit to more ‘greenery’ here on my part; per the video link about, please tell me what “OT” stands for…a little embarrassed to have to ask…but better taught than lost.
    Anyone? Bueller? Anyone? (I thought it was referring to Orly Taitz when I first saw it…)

  143. TYPO=====last line “ro”actually “to”

  144. Patriot Dreamer

    OT usually means “off topic”

  145. Patriot Dreamer

    Swine Flu update: “U.S. has bought 195 million doses of H1N1 vaccine”

  146. typo correction: “per the video ABOVE…”
    (need another cup o’ jo…I suppose…)
    Good day to you, Sir OS77! Or should I say a respectful “Ahoy!”

  147. Patriot Dreamer

    Swine Flu fear mongering in Britain: “Swine flu cases double as 100,000 people contract disease in just one week”

  148. PD: Ah!…okay…now I’m with you; thanks for enlightening me to the lingo used here. I know many, in an effort to get to their point quickly and briefly, squish stuff down to abbreviations et al (and other stuff!)…sometimes the good intention leads to misunderstanding by the reader; I’ve been guilty of this myself. I will try to be a better communicator.

  149. NEWSMAX

    Called them but UNABLE to talk to anyone in IT or Webmaster left a Message for them to check.

  150. NEWSMAX: Still waiting on my TOTAL SCAN but so far NOTHING. Also checked the LOG and nothing allowed there.

    This could be just a pop-up to scare people to buy Virus Software or scare ppl from the site or it is somethign to new ot detect. We shall see. I’ll update you but the for now the WARNING SHOULD BE HEEDED. Careful with NEWSMAX.

  151. Okay, I’ll stop asking about the number. I really was just curious, I’ll move along. Thanks for your time.

  152. REMINDER.

    Time to E-mail CNN and Lou Dobbs again.

    He needs our FULL SUPPORT. Create an Inferno Bombard the Bastards.

    Just a quick note from multiple e-mail if you have them and PASS IT ON.

    E-mails to CNN & our man Lou Dobbs are URGENTLY NEEDED.

    Blast EVERWHERE. We are about to have a new Watergate it will be OBAMADAM.

    Tease them about the Harvard Classmate about to spill the Beans on Obama/Soetoro Identity.

    Thanks for Standing Up for God’s Truth.

  153. RE DO……………………………………………….

    Please advise as to reason for the General Order to steer clear of NEWSMAX. I have long suspected some finegaling on their part;this could be the SMOKING GUN that I have been looking for. I do not hold them in very high esteem.

  154. No vote on health care until after break, Ried states.

  155. Rush is finally hitting on what I have been saying for a long time.


    Half-White Prez keeps whinning about inheriting this mess from BUSH, BUT that is a LIE. He inherited what he and his Democrat Majority VOTED FOR while being in the Majority the last 2 yrs of Bush. He inherited what he VOTED FOR.

    Ohh how I miss Bush’s first 6 yrs when we had a Republicna Majority and things were stable and unemployment was 4-5%.

    Question is are you better off now than you were 3 yrs ago before Democrats took a majority adn ruinned our economy????

    Mission Accomplished Half-White Prez and LIE-beral Majority you have done the IMPOSSIBLE make Bush look good and be missed.

  156. OS77: sandy @ 11:37 was the first clue and commentor that I read, who warned of infection in the link that GB, and others, had supplied. I had already attempted to follow the link from GB before I read her warning. Please read the posts that followed hers (including several appeals made to CW to have it removed).
    And, by all means, if you have just cause to confirm, add to, or amend my recommendation and warning…please: (once again be a hero)
    BRING IT ON!. Thank you, again.

  157. Suek…………………………………………..

    I am well aware of that. Sadly the inescapable truth is that the drill will be what ever they CHOOSE TO CALL IT. The inclusion of foreign troops can mean quite a lot, or very little. This aspect is largely whatever one chooses to read into such an action. Frankly I personally believe that such an action is not necessary, and does open the door for other such actions ,one of which could come from alleged Palistinian immigrants???????,all carrying AK 47 rifles. I wonder if that would be considered a……..”drill”.

  158. CCW,

    My math may be fuzzy, but I think we would have saved: $ 999,980 LOL !

  159. OS77: “OT” as I just learned, (thanks to PD):
    I hope you read and received my sailor story in the light-hearted manner it was written…just ‘spinnin’ a yarn’, as they say. However, it was a truthful statement about my dad. I probably should have added…”and he would have like you, too.”

    BOT (back on topic): do you wish to elaborate on your intuition about Newsmax?

  160. Nancy Peacock

    If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.
    Thomas Jefferson (1743 – 1826)

  161. Hey Sweet Pete @ 1:10

    Done deal!! Several times!! LOL !

    You know us gals here … just ask and we can .. git er done! LOL! 😉

  162. OS77:…or…is this one of those ‘better hold your cards close to your chest’ items? That I could understand.

  163. Nancy Peacock // July 23, 2009 at 1:29 pm

    If people let government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.
    Thomas Jefferson (1743 – 1826)

    When wise men walked the walk and talked the talk! Thanks Nancy, and welcome!

    Many people don’t understand that this health care pile of poo is nothing more than trying to control the population. It has NOTHING to do with health.

    It has everything to do with making your body a property of the ‘state’.

  164. brought forward from previous ‘thread’…an appeal to enhance future communication herein:
    May I have your attention, please: for the comfort and safety of others, will all ‘passengers’ please move to the latest ‘thread’ of this bus to continue further dialog on all topics related. In the event you need to address one that’s not particularly relevant…or feel the need to ’stretch’ via some comic relief or what-not…please: in lieu of raising your hands (which we wouldn’t be able to see) indicate your intention to stray using the letters “OT” per the instructions offered by Patriot Dreamer. Thank you for choosing CW Lines, and have a pleasant journey!
    (Feel free to ‘tip’ the driver, as you are so moved and able…hehe!)…

  165. RE DO…………………………………………

    Regarding my suspicions of Newsmax; They are mostly “GUT FEELINGS” which are just that. It is largely my suspicions of certain alleged associates within their organisation. At this point in time only Coulter causes me some consternation. There are others; I only subscribe to Newsmax for the purpose of extra imput, just to learn, if you will. I usually take her like a bedtime bromide, or a grain of salt; you call it!

  166. Newsmax does some great work and has a great number of great Conservative Contributors.
    It is one of only two Paid Subscritptions that I have (the other is a Portuguese Magazine) and I love them. But their online business is good BUT it is a huge Online Marketing Tool as well.

    I hope they look into their attacked.

    What happens when you click on some of their links a few screens open up that look like your Virus Scan screens and they WARN and FLASH and encourage you to click to Scan and REMOVE the Infection instead if you click it will DOWNLOAD a .exe program that will be installed in yoru computer and can be DAMAGING.

    It is from this site: WARNING DON’T GO HERE.

    http://%5BDON'T GO HERE ]onlineantimalwarescanv3.[KOM]/1/?id=02018-1&query=ba16a4ea7&q=%3DzQ1xzDzOYQNMI%3DM

    [DON’T GO HERE ] & [KOM] was added by me to make sure no one visits by accident.

  167. Re-do…………………………………….

    To expand my last remark is my belief that Gingrich, is for real, and perhaps Morris. However I have reservations regarding Morris. Enother source of information is SAVAGE. Again I don’t hang my hat on his (sometimes) angered rhetoric. He is really great at “oratory”but for me it ends there. I prefer to THINK FOR MYSELF.

  168. OS77: well: could it be that NEWMAX is the ‘middle-man’…even the pawn…and THEY are the ones being infiltrated and infected. I assume you’ve subscribed to them as a reliable source for getting at the heart of an issue…maybe, as a result, they are the target?
    Wuddayathing about that? I’d be of the mind that your ‘gut feelings’ (in lieu of your experience) are probably pretty reliable. And hey: whatever helps you get good, restorative sleep…go for it. I like a little Haagen-Das (sp) myself.

  169. OS77: meant for my 1:57 to reply to your 1:47…but a bunch of new ‘passengers’ boarded in between…hope you get my drift. I’ll go back and read the ‘tweeners now. Until someone rings the bell for the next ‘stop’….

  170. RE DO…………………………………..

    It sounds like a “Trojan Horse”. If it gets in your computer as I remenber it can only be quarantined, but not removed. I might be wrong on this one. I use Computer Associates firewall, antivirus, and anti spam. I have had real good luck with it.

  171. OS77: in case you haven’t already tracked it, I need to make a correction:
    11:37 was the GBAmerican comment that posted the Newsmax link…the first one I noticed;
    Sandy’s warning was the 11:37 post…and other concerned ‘passengers’ chimed in with their experiences…PF & magna among them. Still no response from CW yet…and maybe there won’t be one. So I’m kinda ‘leaning on your gut’, so to speak. I hope my maching doesn’t start doing weird things.

  172. goofed it up again…dang: Sandy at 7:58…the coffee just aint working today…

  173. Answer to an issue raised in Orly’s Blog.

    How do we explain the Newspaper Birth Notices:

    MY Reply:

    Birth announcement.

    There has been some talk of it being a FOREGERY announcemet. I contacted one of the newspapers to try and get the 1961 actual paper but they said it is not available.

    I still think that Obama was not born to Dunham that baby was handed to her to raise. Either because the actual parents couldn’t raise him for some reason OR for him to be raised American so that he could sponsor others to come ot America.
    After she received the baby she went about legalizing him we are talking 1961. This explains alot of unanswered questions and connects everything.
    Explains why there is no baby pics at the hospital, pics of the mom pregnant, the child very young at home, no one remembering the mom being pregnant or having a half-white baby which would be HUGE news back then especially to someone that was not married and had a black bastard child.

    It also explains his anger and VENDETTA towards his mom and GRANDMA to the point that he NEVER allowed the woman that raised him, Grandma Dunham, to see his two kids.

    Obama has more in common with MOSES (being found and raised) than the Messiah.

    Moses was also mixed race I believe.
    Therefore ObaMOSES will bring us ObamaDAM which will rival the Civil War and Watergate.

  174. I really do love and respect Mr. Beck. He is a little cooky sometimes but so am I. A lot of his cookyness is out of flustration and anger. Please folks stop bashing Mr. Beck. ok? He is our VOICE! Don’t shut him up! He loves our country and will die for it like I would and you.

    God Bless America


    As long as you didn’t click on any links in those windows that opened and you only X it you should be OK. It requires the DOWNLOAD of a .exe program. You can do a search if you are not sure either anything download TODAY or search for *.exe in todays date SEE if you have any .exe program in yur whole computer named something close to this: onlineantimalwarescanv3

    Have to go out talk to all of you LATER.

    Please continue e-mailing:

    Be well

  176. PF @ 2:18: re-posting early dribble of mine…
    btw: like someone else pointed out, about that COLB: that’s some pretty fancy looking document and ‘computer-looking’ fonts…pretty sophisticates stuff for 1961…when computers took up the space of an average sized bedroom!
    How do you suppose they did that?
    Them Hawaiians know how to carve some pretty magnificent canoes out of tree trunks…guess high-tech-looking fonts shouldn’t have been any problem either. Had they even perfected SPAM in 1961?! (no disrespect to Hawaiians…just using the juxtapositioning for the sake of contrast: manual-tech vs. computers)

  177. At 1:20 p.m. central time as I was typing my last post a jet was going over my house very low! When it did not pass in a reasonable time I went out to look! No jet anywhere! Loud jet sound lasted around two minutes then gone! No lowering of the sound as it left. The sound was to loud to be high up to not see it.

    So, so weird

  178. The newspaper announcement is easy to explain.

    Hawaii code 338-17 (I think) states that the “Certification of Live Birth” generated is in fact a copy of what is on file. So there is only a “Certification of Live Birth” on file and we all know now that those were given to anyone.

    Also when any birth is registered by the DOH it is listed as such. Both papers used the same list of births “published” by the DOH. So you see no one “made” the birth announcement it was simply copied from a list by the newspaper.

  179. How many watched the CHIEF OBOT ROBOT “bump his gums” on television last night? I don’t know if anyone else heard anything new, but I didn’t. It wasn’t really difficult to see that it had all been choreographed,from beginning to end.

  180. How many folks were still using an Underwood manual typerwriter in 1961? I don’t think I learned to even type one of those until about 1964 or so…nothing back then looked even remotely like what was posted as “the real thing”.

  181. Pingback: Obama and the Democrats buying more votes with ObamaCare « Goodtimepolitics

  182. Sorry I was leaving but just saw this.


    There was something new:

    He called LIE-beral cops in Cambridge STUPID.
    Jeremiah Wright taught him WELL. Hate the COPS they are all racist.

    Half-White Prez callign those that serve STUPID Military are you listening?

    OK now I am gone till late tonight.

  183. OS77 @2:29: I saw/heard it…maybe it’s just me, but when someone doesn’t answer a simple, direct question…but instead strays “OT” to make some other point…it’s just plain disrepectful. Why have the questions offered up in the first place? It made no sense to me. I was hoping ‘the aged one’ in front would get a chance to call him out…but no such luck. Nothing memorable. I would’ve liked to have had the American Idol judges weigh in with some Simon-esque critique…now that woulda been worth watching.

  184. I love Rev Manning. Oh and to all you Obots that just keep screaming that we who question the veracity of the qualification of the POTUS are racist! Watch this….

  185. Is it illigal to write on our paper money? I thought we could write something like…..BHO show us your REAL birth certificate. I don’t want to do any thing illigal.

  186. OT, but the latest screw-up.

    Those of us in the area have been inundated with this story and many of us have already read the police report. For this ‘president’ to mouth off about something he had little knowledge of, just shows his total ignorance, bigotry and unprofessionalism.

    Please see the comments, as well:

  187. Ginger // July 23, 2009 at 2:49 pm

    Hi Ginger,

    I thought of that, too. Little quips like ‘Obama, go home to Kenya’ or ‘How’s the forged long-form BC coming along?’

    Don’t know if it’s illegal…

  188. Ginger, Defacing currency is a misdemeanor but it is done all the time and I can’t recall anyone ever being charged for it. I do think it is a great idea! I have about five difFerent denominations in my pocket right now, i will write on all of them.

    Right across the top border “Where is the birth certificate?”

  189. RE DO Something else to remember is that many of the type fonts that exist today did NOT exist in 1961. It should also be remembered that the same thing applied to printers in those days,and now. Today I doubt that anyone uses the old “LUDLOW” type which was once in nearly every small print shop. Today virtually all prepress graphics is computer generated. That said, it will be easy to shoot any PHONEY BALONEY produced by Soetoro’s GOON SQUAD out of the water with ONE round. They are so moronic that they think ALL type is ALIKE. Many of us like myself have spent a large part of our lives in commercial printing, and have been in contact with both letterpress, and offset printing. It is easy to spot letterpress printing. and just as easy to spot the difference of each, even on the same paper. I can chemically test a piece of a printed form, and toll you if the printing was done on a letterpress, or offset press. There will be a signature of each. We will see if Soetoro’s GOON squad knows this. Also if a form is produced on a letterpress the ink composition will be different from that used in offsett lithography. Offsett ink can be used in letterpress but letterpress ink CANNOT be used in an offsett press. There is a specific reason. I know exactly why, but does Soetoro’s GOON squad know? Doubtful!. Any way that they try to go I have them covered. From type styles to ink, to paper, any skilled printer,or forensic lab can derail their pile of manure very quickly.

  190. Michelle Obama’s Patient Dumping Plan

    Sean Hannity: Michelle Obama Part of a U. of Chicago Patient Dumping Scandal? [FOX News]

  191. zachjonesishome

    Checking in. I have a new post up. I was kind to Hillary. Thousands of her supporters are Larry Sinclair Supporters. There is a response to Obama’s apology in Egypt from a Jihadist. I found a small section I agreed with him on.

    Have a great evening. Back tomorrow. Zach

  192. magna carta

    i tracked that file as you described about 15 times in my downloads folder but I do not think we activated it. I drug each one to trash and emptied it. my daughter found something for mac called avant! or something and they did not perceive a virus. I was amazed how many of these were replicated in the downloads. I hope I did right by dumping them in the trash.

  193. magna carta


  194. truthbetold11

    the boston police officer had racial profiling in his resume alot of training

  195. My computer is fine the Newsmax link I got through email.Now after I put it up it wouldn’t let me in very slow,pop up,then gone.

  196. Patriot Dreamer

    The officer taught a course at the police academy. The course, called “Racial Profiling,” teaches about different cultures that officers could encounter in their community “and how you don’t want to single people out because of their ethnic background or the culture they come from,” the directory of the police academy said.

  197. zachjonesishome

    I’m back. Orly just did an interview with Spanish media.

    El Mundo, Madrid Spain interview
    July 23rd, 2009

    I just did an interview for El Mundo, largest publication in Spain. Reporter Aitora Hernandez, 91-44-35-706

  198. Don’t Be Fooled By Fox News

    When I realized around September, 2008 that msm news fed us only pablum, I stopped watching msm and turned to Foxnews for the majority of news information. I soon realized that while they were considerably better than msm, they too only gave us a censored version of the news. I felt so betrayed I began USApatriots-shout talk radio on the inter net.

    In today’s complex world, it is vital we keep informed. Most of us only have the television news to inform us. Now for those of us who are connected to the inter net, we have another source–Thank God. We especially have to stay informed about government in action.

    Most of the time politicians don’t give a rat’s tail for the public’s best interest–until they need our vote. Nothing can be more important for modern life in America than the information we get about what government does and doesn’t do. With accurate and honest information, the public can make wise voting decisions. With only lies, fiction, and suppresion of facts the public is set up to make terrible choices–such as allegedly voting Obama president.

    I say slledgedly voting for Obama because, in spite of the lies they claim Obama won by a landslide–he did not win by a landslide. There is the questions of all the fraudulant voter registrations and actual number of dead people who voted for Obama. (An isue that has never been resolved). Then there were thousands of votes from the over seas mililtary that were never counted. Finally–there are millions of people who voted for Obama believing the lie– he was legally eligible to be president. I truly believe that about half of those voters –had they known that there was a question about Obama’s citizenship ahead of time–would not have voted for Obama. (The other half didn’t care just as long as they could get a first black president) Thus I wrote an article claiming Obama did not get 66,000,000 votes because the people did not know who they were voting for. To this very moment–we still don’t know who Obama is. (This was failure of the media to report responsibly)

    I watch Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Glen Beck, Greta Van Sustern and other Fox news hosts almost daily. They are the best we got at this time on teleivion. However, I don’t doubt for a single second their news is as censored and suppresed as msm. I see them as entertainers and not ethical journalist. I listen to two specific items: 1. what they say, and 2. WHAT THEY DON’T SAY.

    Believe it or not, I have learned more about them by what they don’t say then by what they say–which is nothing more than controlled entertainment. They totally avoid the most important issue in the world today. That scares me, because in my naive mind, every patriot should be fighting –each in his/her own capacity to expose this great American travesty. Fox news is in a postition to do the greatest good and does NOTHING. I don’t know how those guys look at themselves in the mirror every morning. They know the truth. They –for whatever reason–refuse to report it. They are worse than whores and sluts in my eyes.

    This morning there was a big story about the arrest of 33 people among them mayors, elected officials, and rabbis for money laundering, and other felonies. There will be enormous TV coverage on this–names, crimes, and how terrible it is the public has been ripped off, yadda, yadda, yadda.

    In light of the greatest public rip off in American history and Obama’s laundry list of crimes that would make Encyclopeia Britanica look small, Fox news merrily ignores, suppresses, and denies the greatest crime against America. (This makes them co conspirators in the own tyranny as well as traitors.) The crimes of Obama and the government are monumental compared with the New Jersey bandits arrested today. If Fox news truly had integrity and loyalty to America, it would have been and should have been screaming and yelling about Obama’s eligibility last summer prior to the elections. If Obama were still voted in with out first being vetted, Fox news should have been shouting, kicking, screaming, and doing whatever else necessary to be certain the majority of the American public is informed accurately and honestly. Fox news should be yelling at the top of its voice right now about all the Obama crimes since he took office!

    The hosts on Fox news are charming and rather convincing performers. They want you to think they are “Looking out for you.” They are not. They are only looking out for themselves and their very high paid performances. Understand they are no better than the rest of the politicians who traded their careers at the loss of America.
    The best they do is put on a good show.

  199. truthbetold11

    The president can’t help himself with anything he would go to the opening of a envelope!

  200. Shout: and true to your namesake…you just did.
    So…if it’s always about money and self-preservation…if I may boil it all down to just that…where do we go from here? Have you any kudos for, say, a Mike Huckabee? Or do you lump him with all the other ‘showmen’ you mention? Ouch.

  201. Jacqlyn Smith

    ObamaCare in Trouble—–found at….


    Polls are turning against President Barack Obama’s health-care plan. The political calendar is, too.

    On Monday, the Washington Post/ABC poll reported that 49% of Americans approve of his handling of health care while 44% disapprove. What many people missed is that those who strongly disapprove of the president’s approach on health care now outnumber those who strongly approve by 33% to 25%. That presages further decline. Already, 49% of independents disapprove of the president’s approach, up from 30% in April, a staggering shift in 11 weeks.

    Mr. Obama is also slipping on the economy. Those who strongly disapprove now outnumber those who strongly approve of his handling of the economy (35% to 29%), of deficits (38% to 19%), and of unemployment (31% to 26%). On Tuesday, Gallup showed Mr. Obama’s personal approval was 55%, down from more than 60% a few weeks ago and lower than the 56% George W. Bush had at this point in his first term.

  202. A famous person once penned something like:
    “…our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.” I think I know some (particularly military) folks alive today who will proudly echo those words…but they are not the ones who appear to be strategically positioned to engage in that ‘sphere of influence’…such as it is. I’m left praying that there might be some who will emerge…who have even been in preparation “for such a time as this”.

  203. Re-Do on Shout…..The problem with the media and the politicians is kind of like how you treat your neighbor, you might think or even know what they are doing behind the drapes, but you politely say “Hi how are you today? Isn’t this great weather?

    They really don’t want to “dive” into this because they don’t really know how deep the pool is.

    But fear not my CW Flyers they will all come to the table when it appears that the menu is finalized……

  204. Is it true what I just heard…that the Democrats are demanding Pelosi’s resignation?

    If so, this sounds like one of two things, or both…either a distraction for something else that’s going on behind the scenes, or the ‘payment’ for getting the required number of ‘blue dog’ votes.

    Could someone please responf or inform me?

  205. USA Patriots–Shout

    I enjoyed reading your well thought through
    analysis of the media. You are right on target
    with msn AND with Fox. Fox changed after
    Hannity ended the Rev. Wright discussions—
    then they became must more “tame” or
    non-conmittal. The anchor who really changed
    the most, IMO, was O’Reilly—-he kept giving
    BO a pass.

  206. John Feeney,
    Where did you hear that? Sounds good to me.
    Do you have a link or e-mail on that? Thanks.

  207. citizenwells

    ** Beck is on now talking about Acorn **

  208. Patriot Dreamer

    I saw something about Democrat (strategists?) demanding for Pelosi to step down as Speaker, too. Just a little bit ago on Fox News. I don’t know anymore details, though.

  209. GG @ 2:40: finally took the time to view the Manning clip…outstanding; thanks for post.

    GG @ 5:09: clueless here…comment for me, and/or Shout in particular? Caffeine never got a grip on me today, so I don’t think I’m firing on all cylinders…

  210. zachjonesishome
    This was a surprise:

    Where in the world is Barack Obama’s birth certificate? (Part 1)

    …Like many Americans we felt that despite the partisanship of our leaders that no Democrat or Republican would let someone run for the highest office in the land that was unconstitutionally unqualified. There is a reason they’re called vital records.

    However, to the OCCE does surprise and chagrin we found merit to the claim and disappointment that the POTUS has thumbed his nose at Americans want reassurance. …

  211. I like Huckabee, though he’s a bit too far right
    for me. But, I like that he seems to speak out.

  212. Re Do

    Thanks for asking where do we go from here.

    We look to ourselves to solve our own problems–because neither msm, Fox news nor the government is ever going to do so. I believe, We the People are intelligent enough and capable of doing so. Government is a producer of nothing. It survives only off the sweat of our talent and backs.

    Please, don’t misunderstand me. There are plenty of great American patriots taking action, today. They recgonize the seriousness of the crime that is now being perpetrated against all Americans by permitting a usurper to govern. They also recognize that “Time is of the essence.”

    It’s a big job to un scramble eggs. We need all the help we can get. Huchabee, whom I like and enjoy as well as I like and enjoy the hosts on Fox news–needs to stand up and be counted if he will ever get my vote. Sitting safely in the sidelines watching America get destroyed every day and pretending Obama is our legal president is not my idea of a great potential leader.

    If it were my choice and the time comes when we start replacing the current power people, I would make Orly Taitz, Attorney General. I believe as hyper as she is, and in spite of all the innocent mistakes she makes in the heat of her enthusiasm to save America, she would protect the American Constitution with her life!

    In times of crisis–such as we are in now, I truly don’t want a coward on my side.

    Yes, I shout. Shouting can be a powerful action against the tyranny of a dictatorship! I hope you will shout with me–so loud the whole universe hears us.

  213. Patriot Dreamer

    Obama’s poll numbers continue to drop. More important, his disapproval numbers continue to rise. People are finally beginning to wake up!

  214. Interesting idea on the money…portable
    billboards, circulating daily:)

  215. Maddie: did you take time to view the clip GG posted at 2:40?…he flatly calls ’em all out…all the ‘talking-heads-for-hire’; not a clean one in the bunch, if you agree with the Rev’s angle.
    Certainly seems Shout’s in close agreement.
    “Eagle” replied to me that it was good to be ‘jaded’, if it causes me to really examine what’s being said…and what’s NOT being said…another post stated in reference to a
    FOX-ite. ‘Got me all suspicious of all of ’em now; so: who’s minding the puppet-show over there?

  216. So much was made of President Obama’s birth. My question is this – in what hospital was he born in Hawaii? I do not recall ever hearing or viewing this information and it is, in my opinion, vital.

  217. OT: Tell me it “ain’t” true—Lindsay Graham
    says he’s going to vote “yes” to confirm
    Sotomayor??? Did I really hear that????
    What’s up with that? Is he pandering to
    the Latino/Hispanic population?

  218. Shout: hopefully not too “OT”:
    …I recently saw a tv piece on Lenny Bruce, who I didn’t know much about…other than he got in trouble for his comic-commentary, if I can call it that…sort of a fore-runner to the Smothers Brothers et al. Like the cartoon CDub posted at the top of this ‘thread’…would you be one to agree that comedy can be an effective form of ‘shouting’?
    One thing about getting someone to laugh (or LOL)…it seems to help them remember. A well-timed punchline, or a good joke, is something easily assimilated, and passed along. Some of my best and most memorable teachers were the ones who had a great sense of humor, even when teaching about serious (even boring) stuff.

  219. Maddie –
    May be much ado about nothing…I saw it on Fox, but if it were as big as I originally thought it to be, then it would already be dominating the news. No such luck.

  220. Re-Do—yes.

    I’d also like to say regarding Glenn Beck—I
    listen to his radio show every day (also Limbaugh’s) and am guardedly hopeful that
    Beck really has America’s best interests at
    heart. But, I am still kind of “guarded” on
    everybody—afraid actually to trust anyone
    really. It’s not the America I grew up in that’s
    for sure!

  221. Re-do—
    Rev. Manning has always said it like it is—he was
    on Fox once that I saw him—he’s not afraid of
    anyone. BTW–he supported Hillary Clinton and didn’t like the way she was treated in the primaries—remember when he called her
    “Madame President?”
    (to Hillary supporters, it meant a lot).

  222. Maddie @ 5:32: If you are willing, please take a moment to view this clip…it’s just shy of 11 minutes long; so: if&when you feel like it;
    I would be interested to know, according to the description of “left” or “right” suggested in the video…where would you place Mr. Huckabee on that spectrum? Where would you place BHO?This is no ‘trick question’…just an honest attempt to gauge some of the viewpoints expressed here. Thanks.

  223. Maddie: I didn’t know much about the Rev prior to GG’s post…maybe one other time awhile back, the name was familiar…I was not aware of his support for HRC; that’s an interesting note.

  224. If Pelosi goes down, I think it would be a
    big sign that the “Eagle has Landed” and will
    be carting off Obama next!!!!!!!!!!

  225. Maddie: I guess I should add to my question about the clip: where would you place HRC on that ‘spectrum’? Seems lots of the ‘lady passengers who ride this bus’ like HRC (still); and I see that others still are of the mind that she’s been riding the ‘Obama Line’ since “Day One” to use here words. For me, I don’t really care what the exterior package looks like…what matters in a leader is “content of their character”, among other things.

  226. Maddie: sorry…not trying to pick on you…you just happen to be here and commenting on things that are relevant at this moment; and for that, I thank you.

  227. Nancy Peacock

    Q: Do you know why Obama hasn’t shown his long-form birth certificate?

    A: The ink’s not dry yet.

  228. Re-do—glad to assist in the survey of the video.
    Without hesitation I think Obama is the far left
    (socialist/communist leanings for sure).
    I would put Mr. Huckabee in between
    Constitutional Moderate and far right (not
    meaning anything like facist or nazi of course).

    During the primary debates, do you remember
    how Huckabee hardly even got a question to
    answer? It was like he wasn’t even on the
    stage. And, when he did have a tidbit thrown
    his way, his answers were (IMO) quite complete and well thought throw. The only hesitation I
    have with Huck is perhaps his views on
    women —-too traditional for me.

    Re-do: Where do you put them?
    Where do you put Hillary?

  229. Maddie @ 5:56,

    Yes it did sister, yes it did !!

  230. Oh, Re-do—

    The thought of not loosing the Republic was
    mentioned today on either Beck or Limbaugh.
    Did you hear it?

  231. Hi Val—
    Now I’m wondering how much input MO has had
    in this proposed Health Care Bill.

    This Bill is not about “health,” not about “care”,
    but is about the “insurance” companies and
    how to screw them in another big Obama
    “money grab” –government running the

    I hope this Bill IS BHO’s Waterloo!!!!!!

    Later tonight we can talk about tonsils
    and the Harvard prof/police comment
    by the Idiot last night if you want.

  232. Maddie,

    I didn’t bother to watch That One. I tuned in on the last few minutes when he was playing the good ole race card. Just as he said the … cops acted stupidly … I thought – here we go again!

    Before that, I turned on to watch Lou Dobbs – for the first time – and he wasn’t on. They were having a – To Be a black in America show. The professor was on and he told his side of the story. I didn’t pay close attention.

    I was surprised that a reporter would ask the TOTUS about the Professor after he just tried to shove this healthcare issue down our throats. The reporter was probably a plant. Gotta keep that race card going!

  233. Val–Ditto here–I did the same, no Lou Dobbs
    (wonder if he’ll be on tonight?) and then snipits
    (all I could stand) of TOTUS —when that race
    card bit came up I was literally SHOCKED that
    he made the comment about the police! And,
    why on earth would this ques. be a part of

    Hey, as O’Reilly said post TOTUS…. “I have
    a Master’s from Harvard myself, and I don’t
    know what he said!” That’s about it!

  234. Maddie @ 6:29: well…like most of the commentors here…defense of The Constitution as it is, is key…regardless of any other form of ‘prejudice’…it’s simply for all ‘individual people’…anyone who identifies themselve as ‘a person’…that’s the common (and only) qualifier.
    Period. Any additional characteristic is immaterial and irrelevant. I would place Huckabee next to those who claim to be in favor of limited government; and Hillary next to those who appear to be in favor of more government. I do not like the government prescribing what people can do with their own property, and then charging fees for regulating those prescriptions.
    I do not think our country would move closer to the Republic that our founding fathers envisioned, but that her ‘village’ notion sounds good…but who is the one telling the villagers what they can and cannot do…and extracting fees, or fines, from them to ‘obey’. Making it an issue of any other ‘characteristic’ that identifies a person…or begins to cluster a person into a ‘group’ is a distraction…and is immediately a move away from the rights intended to protect the individual. Too many comments here, IMHO, still want to bring into the fray what group is gonna benefit, or suffer loss. Therein lies the rub. The Constitution is about defending the rights of INDIVIDUALS. As soon as you make it about a group, you’ve missed the boat.
    Sorry…a lengthy reply to your simple question; hope I answered it clearly and respectfully to your satisfaction, whether you agree or not.

  235. Katie said:

    “Uhh, Houston we have a problem…”

    I doubt we have a problem as it was mid July when the lunar landing occurred. But, it does definitely confirm one thing:

    Soetoro was in Hawaii in 1969 in which he had to travel using one or more passports.

    That’s assuming he’s even telling the truth. I do thing WND should continue to badger this administration. It makes it hard to lie.


  237. Maddie @6:31: I have not heard any radio at all today…so ‘no’, I didn’t. ‘Been pretty busy here, though…I find the folks who post here much more interesting…
    (and no commericials!…hahaha)…
    All those guys are sinking in my eyes…so much stuff to sift through…assessing it, wondering about ‘motive’, as some here have suggested.
    Makes me wonder what Paul Harvey would have to say about all this…his ‘rest of the story’…

  238. New chant at FOX?
    “Ship Shep…Ship Shep…Ship Shep!”…
    just a thought.


  240. BILL // July 23, 2009 at 5:43 pm

    Hi Bill,

    We don’t know. The story keeps changing. He was perhaps born in Kenya.

    To answer your question, nobody knows.

  241. Would somebody please whisper in Dobbs’ ear that:

    It’s not about the birth certificate

    He needs to get Ed Vieira on the show. Ed will blow this wide open.

  242. ReDo,

    I couldn’t agree more with you about comedy. I worked out for 18 years at the same gym and same time as Arnold Schwarzenegger and his entire entourage. Joe Gold of the famous Gold’s gym owned the gym. Every morning it was an outrageous period of comedy–so intense it made Lenny Bruce sound like kindergarten.

    Joe’s opening lines every morning were, “Good morning girls. Did any of you wear your evening gowns last night.” From that it get outrageous! Every day I had new “You will never believe what Arnold said today stories.”

    Looking back upon those years and counting all the benefits I got, a sense of humor was the greatest gift. When I had to move to another county where they were more “conservative”, it was culture shock for me. I had to tone down much of my humor. Nevertheless, whenever stressed out or in an uncomfortable situation, I can always fall back on humor to get me through the ordeal. I have sworn in blood I will make jokes about my own death and funeral!

    Yes, ReDo–humor is wonderful and we should never stop laughing at Obama because that really derails him!


  244. Nancy Peacock

    It’s a great site.

    Just came across this – couldn’t resist posting it.

    The Ten Commandments According to Obama


    I. Thou shalt have no God in America, except for me. For we are no longer a Christian nation and, after all, I am the chosen One. (And like God, I do not have a birth certificate.)

    II. Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, unless it is my face carved on Mt. Rushmore.

    III. Thou shalt not utter my middle name in vain (or in public). Only I can say Barack Hussein Obama.

    IV. Remember tax day, April 15th, to keep it holy.

    V. Honour thy father and thy mother until they are too old and sick to care for. They will cost our public-funded health-care system too much money.

    VI. Thou shalt not kill, unless you have an unwanted, unborn baby. For it would be an abomination to punish your daughter with a baby.

    VII. Thou shalt not commit adultery if you are conservative or a Republican. Liberals and Democrats are hereby forgiven for all of their infidelity and immorality, but the careers of conservatives will be forever destroyed.

    VIII. Thou shalt not steal, until you’ve been elected to public office. Only then is it acceptable to take money from hard-working, successful citizens and give it to those who do not work, illegal immigrants, or those who do not have the motivation to better their own lives.

    IX. Thou shalt not discriminate against thy neighbor unless they are conservative, Caucasian, or Christian.

    X. Thou shalt not covet because it is simply unnecessary. I will place such a heavy tax burden on those that have achieved the American Dream that, by the end of my term as President, nobody will have any wealth or material goods left for you to covet.



  247. I will say, though…Dobbs seemed to have allowed the black guy too much room to bully and push…not completely convincing

  248. Amen!That guy bullied alot toLou.Scared to death that THE LAW OF NATIONS IS COMING!!

  249. I’m surprised the Citizen Wells crowd is bothering
    at all with FOX and the MSM.

    Try Webster Tarpley at He never
    censors anything, and will discuss anything.

    Alex Jones has an excellent daily talk show at as well as Jeff Rense at

    The best newspaper, hands down is at Distribute this uncensored paper and make extra money.

    Make the change to Tarpley, Rense and Jones,
    you won’t regret it. Don’t keep your Eyes
    Wide Shut….

  250. John Feeny – The Republican was useless. He just wants to make a bill for the next election. What about now? You should have seen Gordon Liddy on Hardball. I think they druged him.

  251. Oh by the way the congressman said NATIVE BORN NOT NATURAL BORN!!!Please we need to look at the bill he is passing!!!

  252. Nancy –
    Thanks for the compliment on my site. I really appreciate it. I will say,though, that it pales in comparison to the work that is done here. CW has been gracious enough to ask for some excerpts from my book, that I think he’s going to do something with here on the site. I spend more time on his site thann I do on my own. The great thing about my book right now is that with all that’s going on, it’s becoming more and more relevant. The interview that I had here in Providence helped to get the word out as well. I’ll try to keep my work as well-done as I possibly can. Thanks again.

  253. Patriot Dreamer

    Today’s funny is for Birdie:

  254. Nancy Peacock

    John, you are most welcomed. I think your site is great. You should post the video of Obama’s Social Security card . . . that does give one pause for concern. Keep up the good work and I’ll keep checking your site. And, thank you.

  255. magna carta

    Too Funny Helga!
    Report Back I Don’t have cable…

  256. Patriot Dreamer

    Chris Matthews and G. Gordon Liddy on the NBC/birth certificate controversy:

  257. Patriot Dreamer

    CW has started a new thread…

  258. :d:i:g:i:t:a:l:d:u:s:t:

    @ usapatriots-shout // July 23, 2009 at 4:23 pm



    {July 23, 2009 at 7:38 pm}

    btw what city was it?

  259. Yes, things were “hot” on Lou Dobbs tonight.
    I think that was Roland Martin—boy was he
    screaming —I think his “volume” indicates
    the FEAR that the Obots are experiencing now
    with the thought their leader is falling fast.
    Lou told him it wasn’t only himself who had
    questions—there were 600,000 people out
    there who have questions , too.

    Loved the in-depth “race card” discussion
    about how BO should have kept his mouth
    shut when he had no knowledge of the
    professor’s actions at the scene after his
    neighbor called 911.

    IMHO I strongly believe this professor saw
    a great opportunity to scream “racial profiling”
    and ran with it. I’m slightly wondering if the
    WHOLE THING was a set up. It is taking
    some focus off of the Healthcare issue.
    This prof is a “friend” of BO’s —-could this
    be another Alinsky switcheroo?

  260. Jacqlyn Smith

    Dobbs disappointed me….he didn’t take that A-Hole Roland Martin to task…..Martin knows the FRAUD is ineligible and he is afraid Dobbs will get the news out to the public who don’t know!!!! Flood Dobbs with email again!!!

  261. bob strauss

    Just got through watching Lou Dobbs on msnbc. They totally misstated the whole issue of Obama’s eligibility. It is not about Obama’s stupid, birth certificate, it’s about the fact that Obama’s father was never a citizen of this country, and Obama is not a natural born citizen. He is the son of a foreigner from Kenya. The mouth piece for Obama kept saying, “he’s shown his birth certificate, he’s shown his birth certificate”. What they don’t tell anybody is the birth certificate Obama posted is a forgery, and even if he had a “real certificate” it would show his father to be an alien, making Obama, at best, a native born citizen, unless he was born in Kenya, and then he would qualify to be president of Kenya and be an illegal alien. Documents Please.

  262. Unfortunately, the day after Obama was “inaugurated,” he signed Executive Order 13489.

    What this executive order says, is that only the Attorney General (Eric Holder) and Council to the President, (Gregory Craig) are able to review presidential records requests and determine if they can be made public or not.

    Click to access e9-1712.pdf

  263. Patriot Dreamer

    LM, that executive order has nothing to do with his birth certificate, though. It is a vital record governed by the laws of Hawaii. It is not a presidental record.

  264. Hawaii now says it’s discarded the president paper birth certificate

    Dobbs Tells Roland Martin To Pipe Down During Obama Birth Debate

  265. bob strauss


  266. Patriot Dreamer

    LM, that’s the first time I’ve heard anybody say that Hawaii discarded the original! Let’s continue in the new thread.

  267. :d:i:g:i:t:a:l:d:u:s:t:

    from the previous thread
    :d:i:g:i:t:a:l:d:u:s:t: // July 23, 2009 at 8:30 pm

    @ usapatriots-shout // July 23, 2009 at 4:23 pm



    {July 23, 2009 at 7:38 pm}

    btw what city was it?

  268. Patriot Dreamer // July 23, 2009 at 8:09 pm

    Hi PD,

    Wow, was Liddy the *wrong* guy to discuss this!

  269. “Hardball”: Liddy Thinks Obama Is An Illegal Alien!

  270. bob strauss

    Chris Mathews needs an education too. Obama’s Father was not a citizen of the US therefore Obama is not a Natural born citizen.

  271. My God you guys been busy since I left.

    FIRST a REMINDER for everyone to e-mail CN and LOU DOBBS and support him in his efforts to get to the TRUTH about Half-White Prez Eligibility.

    Drop them a note and complimenting them and askign them to be ETHICAL and fidn the TRUTH. Send it from all your different e-mail addresses. Lets out duel the Paid Bloggers ACORNARTISTS and the Erosionist LIE-berals by sending more e-mail than them.

    E-mail address:

    May God keep you and yours in good favor.

  272. TO Truth Be Told:

    Police Case in the News and in Half-White Prez’s mouth.

    This was a REVRESE RACISM CASE. Police acted properly UNTIL they dropped the charges….NOW they are wrong and showing favoritism for RACIAL REASONS and because Mr Gates has BLACK friends in High Places. If it some regular citizen they wouldn’t drop the charges. An Investigation is needed into this to see how many cases were dropped the past year and see how this is RACIST.

    Cambridge Police BETTER FIND SOME GUTS and Integrity don’t get pushed around by RACE PIMPS.

  273. bob strauss

    Liddy is one serious guy, Chris Matthews, at one point ,was vibrating, like he just had a come to Jesus moment. I think Matthews has seen the light, and he knows the end of the usurper is near. Listen to him lay down a time line for the investigation , and for what is next.

  274. Jacqlyn Smith

    This idiot talking with Matthews….the black guy is trying to make this a racist thing…..Liddy is lost….doesn’t know how to respond!!!

  275. Jacqlyn Smith

    Andy Martin just released this via email…….

    Andy Martin’s relentless pursuit of Barack Obama’s original birth certificate bears fruit as even MSNBC’s Chris Matthews asks “Why won’t Obama produce the 1961 document?” Martin is a Republican candidate for U. S. Senator from Illinois and Executive Editor of

    Internet Powerhouse Andy Martin challenges “Media Matters for America” to “put up or shut up”

    Martin’s challenge to leftist mainstream media creates a new problem for Obama’s electronic sycophants

    ANDY MARTIN /2010
    Republican for U. S. Senator
    “He works for
    the People of Illinois”
    Suite 4406
    30 E. Huron Street
    Chicago, IL 60611-4723
    (312) 440-4124






    (CHICAGO)(July 24, 2009) The mushrooming leftist media frenzy over Americans who are demanding access to Barack Obama’s original birth certificate reached a new decibel level Thursday when Chris Matthews rolled out a somewhat comatose G. Gordon Liddy to opine on the burgeoning birth certificate controversy.

    Media Matters for America (MMFA), an organization funded by anti-Semite George Soros, whose personal history is one of the most despicable of World war II, reacted to Obama’s crumbling defenses with a rehash of old lies about Obama’s critics.

    MMFA seeks to suggest that some kind of linkage exists among Obama’s challengers, when in fact no such linkage exists.

    MMFA correctly attributed all of the original research and analysis about the missing Obama birth certificate to’s Andy Martin. Martin’s book “Obama: The Man behind The Mask” dealt with the early stages of Obama’s cover-up. Martin’s blogs have continued to demand that Obama stop hiding his original birth certificate and college records.

    In response to MMFA’s latest nonsense, has issued a challenge to MMFA: Executive Editor Andy Martin will meet and debate MMFA anywhere, any time. Here is the full post which was transmitted to MMFA (and which MMFA may censor from their web site):

    I never cease to be amazed how left-wing weenies at Media Matters (subsidized by that world-class anti-Semite George Soros, who looted Jews on their way to their death in World War II) love to distort my work.

    Apparently the public believes me, not you. Apparently media are “discovering” that Obama has a problem: he won’t release his typewritten 1961 birth certificate and university records. Apparently I have a lawsuit pending in the Hawai’i Supreme Court to release the typewritten 1961 birth certificate.

    So MMFA entertains itself with trying to smear me on the basis of 25 year-old and 35 year-old fabrications and lies that have been totally discredited, all as part of an Obamacentric strategy to draw attention from the defects in his résumé, not mine. It is amazing that an organization supposedly devoted to truth traffics in lies, bigger lies and grand lies.

    As for the losers who attack me in anonymous comments on MMFA, I will not respond. Unlike them, I don’t have to hide behind a veil of anonymity. The truth and the facts are on my side.

    Anyone reading my book, “Obama: The Man Behind The Mask,” or my recent blogposts in June and July, would be amazed at how accurately I predicted the current explosion of media interest in Obama’s missing documentation. Just read the blogs and then congratulate me for my accurate predictions. That’s why they call me the Internet Powerhouse.

    In addition to hiding his original birth certificate, Obama is also hiding his college records.

    We are going to be posting on the Internet shortly the full record of our April, 2009 conference on Obama’s missing birth certificate and college records. Stay tuned. You will have another excuse to pop and toot about me. A movie on Obama’s years in Hawai’i, “Obama: The Hawai’i Years,” is also in final editing.

    I am happy to debate Media Matters or anyone else, anywhere, any time on the factual merits of my claims. Just set up a meeting and send me a ticket. Earlier today I was interviewed for the Jim Alger Internet radio show. I found him infinitely more rational and coherent than MMFA.

    I have presented my allegations against Obama in a court of law. Your accusations against me would never stand the test of inquiry in any judicial forum.

    MMFA can continue its tax-exempt (and therefore taxpayer-subsidized) lying about me. I will keep telling the truth about myself, Obama and MMFA. It looks like I’m winning.

    The media left is in a panic, frenzy, meltdown. All because of the Internet Powerhouse. If I didn’t exist, you’d have to invent me.

    Andy Martin
    “We have thrown down the gauntlet to the leftist media,” Martin says, “Debate or depart. Obama is toast. Stop defending a pretender who won’t even disclose his college records, or his original typewritten 1961 birth certificate.

    “In Viet-Nam, we used to call what the leftist media are doing ‘search and avoid.’ They try to avoid because we are the best informed on the Obama birth certificate controversy. Why would anyone drag out Watergate figure Gordon Liddy to discuss a topic he admits he knows very little about? They even duped the poor guy with a bogus birth certificate, which appeared in fact to be just an ‘original’ copy of a COLB. Chris Matthews and MSNBC lied when they said they had in their possession a copy of Obama’s original birth certificate.

    “The leftist media are afraid to debate me, so they roll out Gordon Liddy in a pathetic display of searching for ‘avoidance.’ It’s sort of sad. But the attempt to avoid me shows that they fear my evidence and my litigation.

    “The Internet Powerhouse is undermining the Obama administration by triggering a firestorm that Obama won’t answer because he can’t answer. While the Washington media burns, Obama sits back and contemplates all of the lies in his life.

    “I have repeatedly predicted that the birth certificate controversy would not die:

    “Our battle for the truth and the facts about Obama is gaining, not losing, strength,” Martin concluded Thursday.

    Video and blog links:

  276. Jacqlyn Smith

    This is what I just sent out to the below media people….please do your part and pound them with the truth and the correct talking points!!!

    Mr. Dobbs, Hannity, O’Reilly, Greta, Rush….someone in the media….PLEASE…..Mr. Dobbs….I caught your segment tonight on the issue of Obama being a “natural born” citizen…..the birth certificate is just a side bar….he could be a citizen….but to be President you must be a “natural born” citizen…..there lies the difference!!! Below are your talking points with the RACIST man Roland Martin…..he and his kind are avoiding the issue and they are trying to make it about RACE instead of the illegal FRAUD we have sitting in our White House…..we Patriots could care less what color Obama’s skin is!!!! Please be Patriots and get the truth out in the open…..Martin is a Liar…..Have Gary Kreep, Mario Apuzzo or Dr. Taitz on your show if you want the TRUTH and all the facts these people have been investigating this crime for over a year now!! You are doing a disservice to the citizens of this country by putting out false information……..Mr. Roland Martin is biased and without a doubt a LIAR!!!! I bet you are not even aware of half of the facts listed below that are true and being withheld from the American people….study them and get someone knowledgeable on this issue to rebut these MORONS!!! I could do a better job!!!!

    Jacqlyn K. Smith

    Henderson, NV

    The following information is from Gary Kreep….. Executive Director United States Justice Foundation

    According to published reports, Barack Obama’s legal team has been paid over one million dollars, so far, to STOP anyone from seeing ANY of his actual identification documents, or many other documents:

    Actual long-form birth certificate (NOT an easily-forged electronic copy of a short-form document that is not even officially accepted in Hawaii)
    Passport files
    University of Chicago Law School scholarly articles
    Harvard Law Review articles
    Harvard Law School records
    Columbia University records
    Columbia University senior thesis, “Soviet Nuclear Disarmament”
    Occidental College records, including financial aid that he may have received
    Punahou School records, where Mr. Obama attended from the fifth grade until he finished high school
    Noelani Elementary School records, where Barack Obama attended kindergarten (according to the Hawaii Department of Education, students must submit a birth certificate to register — but parents may bring a passport or student visa if the child is from a foreign country)
    Complete files and schedules of his years as an Illinois state senator from 1997 to 2004
    Obama’s client list from during his time in private practice with the Chicago law firm of Davis, Miner, Barnhill and Gallard
    Illinois State Bar Association records
    Baptism records
    Obama/Dunham marriage license
    Obama/Dunham divorce documents
    Soetoro/Dunham marriage license
    Soetero/Dunham Adoption records
    By the way, the issue of the Occidental College records is especially pertinent. The United States Justice Foundation (USJF) served officials at Occidental College with a subpoena to produce records concerning Barack Obama’s attendance there during the 1980’s, because those records could document whether he was attending as a foreign national. You see, Mr. Obama attended the school on a scholarship — and there are questions as to whether the financial aid he received was reserved for foreign students. The Obama attorneys have bent over backward to block us. He doesn’t want anyone to see those records. He’s STILL trying to hide them; those financial records STILL have not been released.

    WHAT is Barack Obama trying to hide? WHAT is he afraid of? WHY doesn’t he just release these documents to prove that he is a natural-born citizen and, therefore, qualified to serve as President — especially his actual birth certificate?

    I dared bring Barack Obama into court to force him to produce his birth certificate, and put an end to the controversy over his status as a “natural born” citizen once and for all. And now he’s coming after me and the United States Justice Foundation (USJF) — the public-interest legal group that I founded over 30 years ago — with a vengeance!

    Why? Because we dare to seek the TRUTH!

    And they must have something to hide, because Mr. Obama’s attorneys have threatened to spend, and then sanction, USJF out of existence.

    That’s why USJF has started efforts to convince State Attorneys General, all across the country, to investigate whether Barack Obama has committed perjury by knowingly filing false nomination papers… claiming to be constitutionally eligible to run for, and serve as, President of the United States. As you know, the available evidence shows that he was born in Africa.

    Frankly, the evidence that Barack Hussein Obama was born in Africa — not Hawaii as he claims — and, therefore, cannot serve as the President of the United States, is compelling.

    First, Mr. Obama’s refusal to release his birth certificate. If he has nothing to hide, what does he gain by refusing to allow the press to see the birth certificate?
    Second, the contention by Barack Obama’s half-sister, Maya Soetoro-Ng, that Mr. Obama was born in a particular Hawaiian hospital, only to claim that it was in a different hospital several years later. And, most recently, Barack Hussein Obama has contradicted himself, in writing, regarding the name of the hospital where he claims to have been born.
    Third, the erecting of a wall around Barack Obama’s grandmother, the late Madelyn Dunham, by Mr. Obama, thus cutting off access to the one person then alive who would have been present if he was actually born in Hawaii.
    Fourth, the posting of law enforcement personnel at the two hospitals in Honolulu mentioned by Ms. Soetoro-Ng in an effort to block the press from discovering the truth about the birth certificate.
    Fifth, a taped phone conversation with Mr. Obama’s step-grandmother in Kenya, who claims that she was present at his birth… in what is now called Kenya!
    Sixth, the “birth certificate” posted on the Obama campaign website and other liberal websites. Since Barack Obama was born in 1961, long before laser printers and office computers, his original birth certificate would be typewritten … unlike the laser printed “copy” purported to be genuine.
    The evidence demands that Barack Obama answer why he has been hiding the truth from the American people about his eligibility to run for, and serve as, President!

    It’s TRUE. Not only does Mr. Obama continue to categorically refuse to produce the decisive evidence proving whether he is a “natural born” citizen, his high-priced LA-based “dream team” of attorneys has USJF squarely in its crosshairs! And they’re loading both barrels!

    So, unless you help me and my team here at USJF to stand our ground in court, Mr. Obama’s hired guns could blow a financial hole in USJF’s ability to be the proverbial thorn in Mr. Obama’s side!

    Barack Obama continues to battle any attempt to see his real birth certificate — producing only a phony one posted on his website — as well as fighting us tooth and nail as we seek access to his college records… records which we believe may prove that he was foreign born!

    USJF served that subpoena upon Occidental College to gain access to Mr. Obama’s college records, and we are fighting to get at the truth on many other fronts, as well, including:

    1. Appealing a case filed by USJF in California, all the way up to the United States Supreme Court, if necessary, on behalf of 2008 Presidential candidate Alan Keyes, calling into question Mr. Obama’s status as a “natural born” citizen;

    2. Funding and assisting local attorneys and Plaintiffs, in similar lawsuits, in Ohio, Hawaii, and Mississippi — AND we’ll soon be filing more lawsuits; and

    3. We have initiated a campaign demanding that every State Attorney General in the country take action now to force Mr. Obama to just show us the TRUTH.

    You see, when Barack Obama officially entered the office of President, he became, in essence, a “pretender to the throne.” According to the Constitution, only a “natural born citizen” can occupy the presidency.

    Even though he was sworn in on January 20, 2009, Barack Obama is NOT legally the President of the United States, unless he can prove that he is a “natural born citizen.”

    What’s more, every action taken by him while he occupies the White House may be invalid. If he cannot legally be President, every law passed by Congress will be null and void because the Constitution clearly requires that all laws be signed by the President… and, without a legally elected and sworn in President in office, that becomes an impossibility.

    Quite frankly, this crisis must be ended! And it must be ended NOW!

    And that’s just what we’re fighting to do. The United States Justice Foundation is spearheading a campaign to protect the United States Constitution… and your liberty.

    Are you willing to see the Constitution shredded by the Left? Will you sit back and do nothing while a foreign-born person may be illegally occupying the White House as President of the United States?

    We will not be intimidated.

    Our country is on the fast track to disaster…but you can help us keep the situation from getting worse. I pray that I’ll hear from you today.

    P.S. This is the biggest political cover-up in American history! It would be so simple to release the documents to PROVE Obama is a natural-born citizen… IF THEY HAD THE DOCUMENTS!

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