Obama removal, Obama not eligible, Obama Indonesian, Philip J Berg lawsuit, Andy Martin investigation, Hawaii Supreme Court, US Constitution, Logan Act, Jerome Corsi, Obama removed soon

The burden of proof in court cases can be very difficult to achieve.
Philip J Berg has a lawsuit filed August 21, 2008 that states that Obama
is a citizen of Indonesia and not eligible to be president. The lawsuit
is alive, has entered a new phase and according to Mr. Berg, will be
taken to the US Supreme Court if necessary. Up until now, Obama has
not been vetted by the DNC or the MSM. However, the truth about the
real Obama is slowly emerging. The DNC and state election boards have
been in control of the election process. Citizen Wells contacted the
NC Board of elections and discovered that they were aware of the Berg
lawsuit and stated that they got their cues from the DNC. However, there
is a watermark of vetting that is in place and supersedes state law and
election traditions. The US Constitution. As we work our way through the
election process, the US Constitution and Federal Election Laws will
factor more in the determination of eligibility.

There are several “show stoppers” in the limelight today regarding Barack
Obama, his eligibility, judgement and associations. Here are some of the
prominent controversies:

  • The Philip J Berg lawsuit states that Obama is Indonesian and not eligible to be president. A reliable source just indicated a ruling is imminent. According to Jeff Schreiber, “Because Barack Obama and the DNC failed to answer or object to his request for admissions within the mandatory 30-day period, Berg says, the admissions are admitted by default”
  • Andy Martin, a journalist, writer and investigator, has been in Hawaii
    for several days and has filed a request with the Hawaii Supreme Court to access Obama’s birth records.
  • Obama is traveling to Hawaii, allegedly because of his Grandmother’s
    health. However, due to Obama’s consistent pattern of deception and
    lies, coupled with the Berg lawsuit and Martin investigation, many are
    questioning Obama’s motives.
  • Jerome Corsi, author of “ObamaNation”, was in Kenya recently and deported by the Kenyan government. Mr Corsi returned with new evidence of the agenda of Obama’s cousin Raila Odinga and the ODM party and Obama’s meddling in Kenyan affairs. Obama was criticized by the Kenyan government for his 2006 trip to Kenya.
  • New revelations surface each day of Obama’s strong ties to William Ayers, a domestic terrorist, and Acorn, which is currently embroiled in voter fraud investigations in numerous states.
  • Tony Rezko is talking and all the people indicted as a result of the Rezko trial and investigations have connections to Obama. FBI mole. John Thomas, refuted Obama’s earlier claims that he did not have much contact with rezko.
  • Obama was not vetted by the DNC or MSM. However, as the election proceeds, various participants in the process will be held to the standard of upholding the Constitution. The Citizen Wells blog will provide more on this in the coming days.

So, which of these controversies and events will put an end to the deception
by Obama and the DNC. The collective wisdom of the founding fathers
impresses me more than ever. Will the safeguards put in place many years
save this country. If we follow their lead, the country will survive.

Support Philip J Berg and the US Constitution:


Visit the Petition to Impeach, expel Senator Obama:


18 responses to “Obama removal, Obama not eligible, Obama Indonesian, Philip J Berg lawsuit, Andy Martin investigation, Hawaii Supreme Court, US Constitution, Logan Act, Jerome Corsi, Obama removed soon

  1. I’m not usually a conspiracy theorist, but the above all scares the poop out of me.

  2. The “arm” of corruption is rich and very long.

  3. My gosh will this ever come to an end?
    I can’t stand to even turn on my television anymore. I am making calls for McCain and praying. We have to keep fighting!!!

  4. zachjonesishome

    Nice Post CitizenWells. I have hoping Jeff’s gut feeling is on the mark. Zach

  5. americasright.com thinks the decision will come down in the next two days! Cross your fingers that it is in Berg’s favor.

  6. To All:

    As I write this Michael Savage is in a fit of rage about Obama’s Birth Certificate, he has also stated that his trip to Hawaii is not to see his grandmother,
    its to address the Hawaii law suit about his birth certificate.

  7. CW……….from Mr. Berg’s site:
    API Has released MO tapes to Phil Berg law firm just now.
    written by API, October 22, 2008
    API is honored to have Mr. Berg represent us. As promised we have delivered the tapes to berg law firm.

    If you have contact w/Mr. Berg, please have him release the tapes to be played on the Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity shows on radio. From what I have been reading, the producer/s of H & C is the one who is not booking Corsi and this could mean only getting tiny snippets of the tape exposed.

  8. where did you see that?

  9. Thank you patriot Citizen.

    As the hour glass counts down,
    if polls and MSM ‘reports’ affect you,
    do take a look at some guidelines
    on Polls offered below.

    HillBuzz provided a few very useful posts on
    how to really read polls critically and intelligently
    – by analyzing (for example) the party ID sample
    in the poll data so that you can unmask the myths and distortions yourself and keep your cool.

    This document is now a bit long as they have
    compiled several postings into one.

    But it is worth the review.


    Pse don’t let the length be a block.

    The reading is easy, light and certainly humorous, even if you recognize yourself in the well deserved admonitions.

    This more recent post dealt with an insider tip on “why polls are skewed”:



    The darkest hour is just before the dawn. [paraphrased]

    You are all in my prayers.

  10. this is scary,Rush L was discussing this on his show today saying the whole grandma is ill is just a way for him to buy time and coverup his ass.he has money i wnder if he’ll try to buy someone off.

  11. Tell your congressmen you want Obama to Put Up or Step Down!


    Sign the Petition : 30,504 Letters and Emails Sent To Congress So Far…

  12. Whats Obama’s Intent in Hawaii?

    I just heard over the radio this morning that Obama said yesterday “that Grannie may not live until election day”!

    Now how would he know that? He hasn’t seen her but for one hour while he was on vacation in the summer. I shouldnt be so skeptical. I forgot after all he is the massiah…surely he can mind read over a mere 2000 miles.

    WTF is he sending us another coded message?

    Does Grannie know something we dont? Is Andy Martin so close to the real truth about Obama, Davis, Soatoro, or whatever his real name is that Grannie might spill the beans and become a problem?

    Im sure the fireworks will start today! This is better than a made for TV soap opera….

  13. Jim Robsnightmare

    You guys just keep on worrying about this, while the Dems sweep the House, Senate, and put an adult back in charge of the White House. If Obama gets elected what are you gonna do? Impeach him? Not nearly enough votes this time, now be good little minority party and quietly stay out of the way of the American People.

  14. So Jim Robsnightmare, are you suggesting that we put the US Constitution in a shredder?

  15. This is a terrible thing to happen in our country.
    I can see it now ” Illegal makes it to america and becomes president of U.S.” Boy this security system sure is great. I got Bad feelings about what this country will do if all this is true. Can you imagine every one in the democratic party being arrested for fraud.I hope Nancy Pelosy is involved.

  16. Can you all immagine this: obamma being sworn is as president Of theU.S. and standing in front of the line are the border patrol,federal sherriffs,2 state troopers,task force,etc. boy is this going to be a good movie.Maybe Michael Moore will produce it!!!!

  17. Pingback: Obama. The Terrorist?

  18. When Mr.Martin’s court date comes up, please ask that Dr. Fukino be placed under oath and question her if she personally saw the COLB, had anything to do with it and whether Obama or any of his represenatives had any contact with anyone at the Hawaii Dept Public Health??

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