Philip J Berg lawsuit, Obama is Indonesian, Obama ineligible to be president, Demand coverage, Cancel subscriptions, Boycott sponsors, American public deserves truth about Obama

Here is a copy of an email I just sent to someone involved in covering
the Philip J Berg lawsuit that states that Obama is Indonesian and
ineligible to be president:

“First a question:

We know what happens if Obama is removed before the election.
What happens during these time windows?
Obama wins election. Before electors meet court rules he is not qualified.
Same scenario, but after electors “elect” Obama and before inauguration.

Next, “preaching to the choir” comment:

Any of the following would have knocked off a republican candidate:
Rezko, corruption, crime connections.
Jeremiah Wright, et al.
Kenya trip 2006, Raila Odinga, ODM/Islamic connections
William Ayers.Acorn other radical connections

Given that, the Berg lawsuit and constitutional requirements are the
ultimate “show stopper”.
Obama and the Obama camp are expert diversionists.
Obama is willing to sacrifice a finger (Jeremiah Wright) or
William Ayers (hand) to save the body (Berg suit).

The Toledo interview is a good start. We need to get this story
on more widely viewed media, Hannity or whatever.
Pressure from the public to cancel subscriptions or boycott
sponsors must be used.
Hit em in the pocketbook.
Your thoughts?”

If you are unaware of the Berg lawsuit, check out the following:

The timeline of the Philip J Berg lawsuit can be accessed at the top of this blog

Philp J Berg explains the lawsuit in a video

Ohio Fox affiliate interviews Mr. Berg

The American public deserves the truth about the real Obama

I am asking the American public to help save this country. Contact your
local newspaper and TV stations. Also contact the national media,
including Hannity and Colmes on Fox. If they refuse to cover this
crucial, newsworthy story, cancel subscriptions and boycott sponsors. Every person counts. Contact as many people as you can and persuade them to do the same.

We must take back this country from forces located here and abroad.

Support Philip J Berg and the lawsuit

15 responses to “Philip J Berg lawsuit, Obama is Indonesian, Obama ineligible to be president, Demand coverage, Cancel subscriptions, Boycott sponsors, American public deserves truth about Obama

  1. CW:

    This may seem strange an unorthodox but sending the Berg u-tube video to places that get large audiences such as Howard Stern, Elizabeth on the View, syndicated Radio Host Howie Carr, and the like will stir a hornets next. All we need to do is find their web address and bombard their site with the u-tube video.

    The above mentioned people are on shock radio and TV shows, nothing is off limits.

    I believe this is the only way to get some big attention at this point.

    Its worth a try!

  2. THis is PRICELESS. Howard Sterns talks to Obama supporters, but infuses McCain’s policies.

  3. Hey, last night on Fox (Hannity) there was a pollster who said the only way McCain could win is if something big comes out about Obama in the next week. Then he went on to say, “like this young man being caught on the Pakistan border thing”. What???? How is that linked to Obama? There is more to this than meets the eye! Then Colmes quickly cut the guy off and moved on to another topic. It was THAT obvious!

    Can someone tell me what is the link between that 20 year old man that was caught on the border and Obama? I know they confiscated his laptop,etc. Why would he say it? The mainstream media knows something we don’t right now! Someone please help!

  4. JoAnn Bjorkman

    CW, what about Biden’s two (2) gaffes yesterday where he said a “Biden Administration”, even tho he corrected himself. Very few are reporting it. Does he know something we don’t?

  5. Patrick: They think Bin Laden is hanging out where this kid was going unauthorized with his laptop. Kid’s name is something like Juddi (Jude) Kenan Mohammed and he’s from Florida. If we could nail Bin Laden, would be a game changer. Kinda reminds us also of a little journey BO took years ago to Pakistan and of that American brat Lindh who took up with the Taliban a few years ago. By the way if we flush a big chunk of change into Pakistan’s failing economy soon maybe we could flush out Bin Laden before the election.

  6. JoAnn
    Obama is being set up by the democrates. They know he is not an American citizen etc..Obama is being used as the poster child for the democrates so they can take office. They don’t want him as President. They want Biden. This was their way of getting Biden in because he couldn’t do it himself. This is NOT the first time Biden has made this statement. He did it on the CBS Early show in September. Or it may have been NBC. One of those but nothing was reported.

  7. Hey, Citizen Wells, I’m just checking in —

  8. Anyone know anything about this 20 year old American caught on the Pakistan border and how it relates to Obama?

  9. We are being BO-JACKED and Hollywood, along with the MSM are going to make sure it happens.

  10. Angelica

    good question – here’s something written in April 2008 – possible relationship started in 1981 ?

  11. Angelica,

    For what it’s worth I remember reading months ago that a scenario such as this was possible.

    It was postulated that Osama would be captured just in time for the elections.

    But this election cycle has been more fantasy than real, so anybody’s guess is well….anybody’s guess.

  12. Go to

    All kinds of media contact including phone numbers, email addresses, etc.

    I saved it, because I contact Hannity often because he is the only that has the guts to bring all of this out about Obama. I watch Morning Joe, once in a while, and he has a lot of questions about Obama. The rest of MSNBC are so in the tank for Obama. I will not watch Matthews, Olberman and Maddow, they turn my stomach. I just emailed Joe, and told him to check out and discuss the fact that Ayers and Obama had a money deal and actually worked together to teach radicalism to school children in Chicago. This is IMPORTANT!!
    Then, of course, we have Acorn, but no one wants to talk about him being right smack dab in the middle of the ruthless treatment towards banks to force them to give loans they knew would never be paid back. Voter fraud! Ohio, it seems are only looking at the people who filled out numerous forms, but they forget that they were able to go vote that day, and probably went to different precincts and did just that. This alone can throw the very important state. They are not talking at all about the illegal registrations filled out only one time, but that many are not legal to register or vote, so nothing is being done there.

    I called Governor Strickland, and told him what I thought about Brunner, Secretary of State(Obama supporter) and her actions to block the members of Election Boards having what they needed to correct Acorns actions. I told him I thought she should be relieved of her duties. She is guilty of insubordination.
    I’m Damn mad, after my vote for Hillary was given to Obama. I will definitely vote for McCain/Palin.

  13. Now we will see if the Constitution still matters in the USA. Will Section 1 of Article II of the U.S. Constitution prevail or the stealth of Barack HUSSEIN Obama.

    Question. Was he natural born as a U.S. citizen? Is he at least 35 years old? Has he lived in the U.S. for at least 14 years?

    Obama thinks two out of three is enough.

    By this guage Schwartzeneggar could have been the Republican nominee.

    Do we really want the potential, for example, an Iranian coming here, being naturalized as a citizen, elected President and then subverting our American way of life?

    This article II of the Constitution was to prevent a person from England becoming President of the United States. Now the stakes are very much higher.

    Discuss it with your friends and local news agencies.

    If this Muslim President Elect gets in office, IMPEACH him; this unwholesome snake in the grass–slithering out of Chicago’s corrupt politics. His smile and scripted speeches do not make him a great person. Notice, now that he is President Elect, he can hardly put together sentences. Who wrote his speeches for him?

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