Obama motion to dismiss Philip J Berg lawsuit, Jeff Schreiber comments on Berg response, Sunday, September 28, 2008, Obama Indonesian citizenship

Jeff Schreiber, law student, legal writer and blog owner, has been following the Philip J Berg lawsuit that states Obama is not qualified to be president. Mr. Schreiber provided some feedback from Mr. Berg. Here is an exerpt:

“I had a brief conversation a few minutes ago with Phil Berg regarding his Opposition and Brief to Obama’s Motion to Dismiss, which he intends to file late tonight at the earliest so, ideally, it would be on Judge R. Barclay Surrick’s desk first thing tomorrow morning.”

Read more from Jeff Schreiber here:


To learn more about the Philip J Berg lawsuit, click on the link at the top of the Citizen Wells blog.

10 responses to “Obama motion to dismiss Philip J Berg lawsuit, Jeff Schreiber comments on Berg response, Sunday, September 28, 2008, Obama Indonesian citizenship

  1. Good Morning, Citizen Wells —


    The Obama Campaign Admits Barack H. Was A Kenyan Citizen Until 1982

  2. Dex, I think we all need to forward that link to all the MSM email addresses we can get our hands on. How could this NOT be covered now????

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  4. All very interesting.

  5. I just sent a link to DRUDGE

  6. Has anyone called Hannity? He might cover that on his radio show. I have been listening to him recently, but I’ve been working from my Blackberry connection at work, so I can’t really call. Maybe by the end of the week we will have phone and internet, but times a wastin.

  7. Dex

    Great find.

    I guess everybody’s (MSM, cable, talk radio) afraid of being sued?

    I know that there have been letters sent to the US Department of State, requesting verification of BO’s citizenship (since this is the department that issues standards for obtaining US passports).

    Who knows if we will ever get an answer. You would think that some legitimate level of government would respond to this – either way – so the American voter can know if they are throwing away their vote, on BO.

  8. I have sent links to all the media and talk radio I can think of. I have sent them so many times that on friday I got a responce from one saying that I had sent the same info. 3 times and they get it. They did not report on it! We need SHUT our TV’s off and notify their SPONCERS . I have also written to many sponcers but we all of us need to do it! Make our voices heard!

  9. Don’t shut off your TV watch C-SPAN and then call the sponsors and tell them your TV doesn’t leave the C-SPAN channel until they grow a brain.

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