Obama, Thought Police, Obama thugs, Missouri, MS Thought Police, Obama lies, KMOV report, St. Louis, Big Brother in Missouri

George Orwell is probably turning over in his grave.

The Thought Police are real.

Many of us believed things would get worse if Obama gets elected. Well,
they have gotten worse already. The Thought Police, part of the
nightmare world revealed by George Orwell in “1984” are alive and
functioning in Missouri. The people in control in Orwell’s world
fabricated lies that included revisionist history, just as the Obama
camp has done. And just like the government of “Big Brother“, Obama
and the Obama camp are telling the lies and enforcing compliance.
Anyone questioning the reality of Obama, the messiah is attacked.

We are not making this up. Here is a report and video from KMOV in St. Louis.
The video caption reads:

“Obama campaign cracks down on misleading TV ads
September 23rd, 2008 The Barack Obama campaign is asking Missouri law enforcement to target anyone who lies or runs a misleading TV ad during the presidential campaign.”

Watch the video:


From Gatewaypundit blog:
“Missouri Sheriffs & Top Prosecutors Form Obama “Truth Squads” & Threaten Libel Charges Against Obama Critics

More Hope and Change for Missouri…
St. Louis and Missouri Democrat sheriffs and top prosecutors are planning to go after anyone who makes false statements against Obama during his campaign. This is so one sided I can’t even begin to describe how wrong this agenda is.

It’s one thing if they want to keep the campaign fair for both sides, but they clearly only want to enforce the issue for the Obama Camp.”

Read more here:


This is a clear abuse of power and needs to be stopped before it spreads.
God help us if Obama gets elected. This will become reality throughout
the country. Anyone who has questioned Obama knows this. Just ask the
actor, Jon Voight.

Stop Obama and his Thought Police now:



8 responses to “Obama, Thought Police, Obama thugs, Missouri, MS Thought Police, Obama lies, KMOV report, St. Louis, Big Brother in Missouri

  1. Hi CW,

    Someone else with a list of questions for Sentor Obama.
    Please keep up the good work.

  2. Thank you for an intelligent, coherent, well-designed website exposing the truth about Barack Obama. Mr. Sinclair indeed has some important facts to get out to the MSM, but his foolish tirades and refusal to provide concrete evidence of his claims has irreparably damaged his credibility. As his friend, perhaps you could revisit his original claims on your site. I think the timing is right.

  3. CW:

    I have followed you for at least 6 months and in my opinion you’ve done an impeccable job.

    I agree with any1but, it’s a good time to revisit the Larry Sinclair saga. I originally doubted Sinclair but now I’m 100% convinced he’s telling the truth. After all who would subject themselves to a lie detector test, press conference, public scrutiny, and risk their life if they were not telling the truth. The only problem with the whole Sinclair affair is there are no credible witnesses available. The only evidence that points to the guilt of Obama is how the Obama camp reacted and how he got his surrogates to do all of those nasty things to Larry and his supporters. I think at this point if Larry agreed to take a lie detector test performed by the National Enquirer regarding what transpired between Larry and Obama; that most definitely would get the story out to the MSM. The National Enquirer vets all their witnesses this way. This might be the only way to get Larry’s story out and all of the other information withheld regarding Obama’s Birth Certificate, and all of the other skeletons in Obam’s closet.

    Again Thank You for a job well done.

  4. Joe.
    Thank you very much.
    I hope to put a timeline and condensed version of the Sinclair story up soon.

  5. zachjonesishome

    CitizenWells – I think that I agree will Joe about the need for a second Polygraph if an honest examiner can be found. Time is getting short and Obama must not be allowed to steal, lie, and cheat his way into the Whitehouse.

    I am sure that Mr. Sinclair must feel gun shy about the idea of a second polygraph. Most of us who have been following this allegation realize that Mr. Sinclair passed the computer analysis of his first polygraph.

    I, for one, believe that he will pass any polygraph administered by an honest examiner.

    Thank you for all the work you are doing. Zach

  6. We know now who were the End Times Prophets. There were only THREE: the chidren of Fatima, George Orwell and Matt Marriott
    We know Vladimir Putin is the Great King ressuscitated by God to lead God’s angelic warriors in the final battle of Armageddon, now coming to an end.

    But who were the Prophets of the Last Days of Evil?
    We can now answer the question, since it is June 2007 and EVERY word was spoken. The puzzle is completed.
    IT IS TOO LATE for any new Prophets. The List is FINISHED.

    The End Times Prophets were:
    – the three chidren of Fatima. They came 1917, three years after the begin of End Times and months before the first official atheist state in the world, the Soviet Union. The prophets of the first generation of End Times.
    – George Orwell, the prophet of the second generation of End Times.
    – Matt Marriott, the prophet of the third and last generation of End Times. (2)
    Historian Guido Knopp is also an End Times Prophet, but he was not named in the original article, due to the fact that he actually has also a part-time job in the illuminati mass media (ZDF, german state TV).
    He can named now, as the illuminati puzzle, with the “election” of Hillary Clinton, the last instance of the last anti.christ BushClinton, is about to take place, as illuminati agent Obama is about to leave the stage.
    Original article in: one of the forums managed by the CIA Web of Disinformation where Matt Marriott was able to post for a while:
    http://goldismoney.info/forums/showthread.php?t=144788 – 9 June 2007

  7. If this is what he’s like as a candidate, God help us if he makes it to the White House. Have you read “The Gulag Archipelago”?

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