Philip J Berg, Obama COLB,, Annenberg, Fake COLB, Factcheck no credibility

I have known for some time, for multiple reasons, that was deceiving  the public and attempting to produce a valid birth certificate for Barack Obama. The biggest reason is that is tied to Annenberg and Obama has many long time close ties to Annenberg.

Philip J Berg has an update on his website that addresses the deception by Here is the update:

“Here’s an update that incriminates FactCheck and thoroughly destroys their credibility. They swapped out their high quality photo images for low-quality ones, while claiming, all the while, that “nothing was ever done to the original photos.”



First of all, I want to let everyone know that I have uploaded ALL of FactCheck’s original high quality, large file size photos that they secretly and swiftly swapped with crappy, puny file size ones. Click on this album link to see the original photos

Next, take a look at the list of FactCheck’s photos in the upper left-hand corner of their web page, Born in the U.S.A., and take notice of their original file sizes and hyperlinks that they have not rewritten.”

Read more here:

If you are outraged by the deception from the Obama camp, visit:


6 responses to “Philip J Berg, Obama COLB,, Annenberg, Fake COLB, Factcheck no credibility

  1. You should put this on your twitter. Lots of cable news shows are using them as UNbiased sources.

  2. Stanley Kurtz’s 1st article about Obama, Ayers and the Annenburg Challenge. He will find it impossible to deny their close association.

  3. So if is so biased, name a credible site that so quickly found that the Bush draft memo was a fraud?

    Or can you?

  4. Fact Check is funded by Annenberg Institute.
    That is the William Ayers-Obama organization.
    It does not take a genius to put two and two together..You can take the chance if you want but we have too much to lose if all this is correct(and I believe much of it is). This is not about a political party..its about America. But there are those whose hatred for Bush is greater than their love of America. Wake Up!

  5. ZEITUNI ONYANGO-fugitive absconder deportee
    111 Flaherty Way
    Boston, MA 02127
    Has a ssn
    Registered to vote and has voted in various wards and precincts including
    Ward Number :6 and Precinct Number: 2. Has worked in the US saying she was a citizen and received welfare benefits including a back operation. She is now a fugitive being harbored by
    Margaret Wong, 18751 N Park Blvd, Shaker Heights, OH 44122,(216)371-4615

    Wong said “she’s a pretty educated woman” and a computer programmer.

    Has a brother Obama Onyango aka Uncle Omar who lives in the Boston area who is also a fugitive absconder deportee with a ssn , registered to vote, on welfare and owns a business called Wells Market.

    Godson Anosike of 79 Winter St, Cambridge, MA 02141, (617)661-0017,has also harbored the fugitive absconder deportee.
    INA 212(a)(10)(D) aliens voting in elections will have their future citizenship revoked and are inadmissible into the US for any visas including work visas.
    INA 212(a)(9)(A)(i) If an alien is ordered removed he or she is not admissible to the US for 10 years.
    Grounds for Removal, Section 237 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) an alien can be deported for the following reasons:
    **Presently in Violation of law—Any alien who is present in the US in violation of this Act, or any other law of the United States. INA sec 237
    **Violated Nonimmigrant Status or Condition of Entry INA 237 (a)(1)(C)
    **Criminal Offenses INA sec 237(a)(2)(A) and (B)
    **Document Fraud INA sec 237 (a)(3)(C)
    **Falsely Claiming Citizenship—Any alien who falsely represents, or has falsely represented, him or herself to be a citizen of the United States for any purpose or benefit. INA sec 237(a)(3)(D).

    James T Hayes Jr, Director
    Detention and Removal Operations at
    Immigration and Customs Enforcement
    500 12th SW, 11th Floor
    Washington, DC 20536

  6. I am not an alleged republican lawyer. Obama’s mother at (17) seventeen, knocked up by some black man who added her to his flock and herd of brides, legal under Muslim law, (up to four) had one George Obama (Barack’s II, half-brother of Kenya) also, mother unknown, but father Barack I,. And neither am I, David Letterman, trying to make a bad joke out of this travesty, so I hereby ask these questions, for anyone to refute and prove, otherwise or shut your frelling months, blogs, posts and whatever.

    1, When did Barry Soetoro change his legal name in Indonesia or wherever, back to Barrack Hessian Obama II? For in Indonesia you can only have one nationality, no matter what, and there is no record of this anywhere yet to be found or surrendered as proof.

    A: For this reason alone would make Barry (whatever) an expatriate, where in Indonesia he was listed and enrolled in school, as a Muslim, and according to Muslim law he is a Muslim for life. (, Title 8 of the U.S. Code of the U. S. Constitution, “U.S. nationals who become citizens are not considered natural-born.”

    B: There is no record or claim by Barry (whatever) that he ever became a U.S. citizen again, that makes him fall under, “Title 8 of the U.S. Code of the U. S. Constitution” “U.S. nationals who become citizens are not considered natural-born.”

    “U.S. Nationals
    “A “national” is a person who is considered under the legal protection of a country, while not necessarily a citizen. National status is generally conferred on persons who lived in places acquired by the U.S. before the date of acquisition. A person can be a national-at-birth under a similar set of rules for a natural-born citizen. U.S. nationals must go through the same processes as an immigrant to become a full citizen. U.S. nationals who become citizens are not considered natural-born.”

    C: The only alleged questionable proof Barry (whatever) supports his claim of U.S. citizenship with, is currently a forged document, if nothing else, and punishable by deportation. ( U.S. Law.

    2: When and how did Barry Soetoro’s sister Maya get the exact same Certificate of Live Birth type form, from the state of Hawaii in her (birth) name and the fact that Maya was actually born in Indonesia, not in Hawaii, does Barack II, ring a bell?

    A: Barry whatever’s sister, Maya Soetoro of Indonesia, Certificate of Live Birth, happens to be on the same Certificate Barry used to claim U.S. citizenship, for they where not twins conjoined at birth. (

    B: The forged Certificate of Live Birth as presented to the public is for either Maya Soetoro and Barry Soetoro, miraculously changed back to Barack Hussein Obama II. This would clearly deny Barry (whatever) from being the President of the U.S.

    C: This single document C.O.L.B. of questionable background, Certificate of Live Birth, falls short by any examination by a professional or amateur person, with today’s technology, and disqualifies Barry whatever from being president and for that matter a U.S. Senator under the Constitution of the United States under all its codes, laws and amendments, without any other substantiated documentations to clarify the issue at hand.

    3: When did the Queen or King of England, degree Barrack Hessian Obama I, not a subject (citizen of the Crown in Kenya) declaring his son Barrack Hessian Obama II, not an English subject (citizen), making him (II) an English subject national, under his fathers lineage, not his mothers, no matter where (II) was born, a fathers lineage will always out trump a mothers, unless DNA proves otherwise. The colors and the glove match, don’t they?

    A: Under British law Barack Hussein Obama I and II, are British subjects aka citizens, Barack’s II, paternal father traveled and maintained until his death a British (Kenyan) passport as would his family travel under and with him. This makes Barack II, a foreign national and could never be a U.S. President under its laws, just compare Arnold Schwarzenegger’s plight.

    B: There is no record given or available currently denying or stating Barack I or II gave up their British citizenship’s to qualify to be a U.S. citizen or national, no matter where Barack II was born or claimed to be born, then and currently no duel citizenship exists or allowed between America and England, remember, we were all their subjects once.

    C: Odd, Barack’s II grand mother his own fathers mother, who is still alive, has testified that she was present at and witnessed Barack’s II birth in Kenya, and the Kenyan government, states he was born there in Kenya, officially. Kenya a Muslim nation, then and now, never-ever call themselves Africans but Muslims of the Nation of Islam. Interestingly, Barack II, could not qualify as an African, because he-they claim to be of Arab-Muslim descent and lineage of the Nation of Islam.

    4: When did the Concorde Jet first start to land in Hawaii, if ever from Kenya or for that matter from Indonesia, or was it even flying at the time in 1961? Bean me up Scottie, its Captain Kirk from Star Trek fame; this whole thing is a time warp situation joke, not.

    A: All kidding aside, Barack’s II, mother really got around fast, really fast with a baby still not born or in tow, now at (18) eighteen, Stanley Ann Dunham (born 29-Nov-1942, died 7-Nov-1995) and still freshly married to Barack Hussein Obama I, in Kenya, they all leave Kenya and fly to Hawaii, never passing through U.S. Customs, you those little forms you make before you land, even a private plane is met by customs, and then delivers a baby with no doctor, no hospital; after all this baby someday will the president of the United States, and that’s no small feint, even by Superman or Superwoman standards.

    B: If Barack’s II mother was indeed married to Barack I, born in 1936 Kenya, who died in 1982, who lists his (family Tree) an uncle, so does his son Barack II, Jomo Kenyatta, born Oct. 20, 1892, died Aug. 22, 1978, and President of Kenya, from 1964-78, a Head of State too. (That swagger Barack II, got and struts around with, I knew it came from black Arab royalty.) She would be traveling under a British passport, her own or her husbands. Because she never had a U.S. passport to begin with, she was out of the U.S.A. a minimum of (10) ten years, for so long and under age, she traveled with and on her parents U.S. passports; they left her in Kenya, at the age of (16) sixteen, obviously a very rebellious young girl to abandon. The U.S. at that time did not issue passports to children, and she did not return with them to the U.S.A. as one, their child. This defies logic as Spock would say, a British subject giving birth allegedly in Hawaii, claiming to be an American giving birth to a Kenyan citizen, who could never be a U.S. president.

    5, When did or how did Obama’s II mother meet Title 8 of the U.S. Code of the U. S. Constitution, with the five year legal age provision get overturned? Quote “On point #4, we can bicker about his mother’s ‘16+5 yr eligibility’ to confer “natural born” citizenship on BHO” posted by “Republican Lawyer July 22nd, 2009 – 6:52 pm;” at”, at the age of 17 seventeen.

    A: This code was broken by the Obamas, Soetoros and the Dunhams. In simple math she was 17 getting married to a black man in Kenya, having a child Barack II, at 18, then leaving the U.S.A. at 20, to live and get remarried one day in Indonesia, to Lolo Soetoro of Indonesia. Allegedly returned to Hawaii before Aug. 4 or 8, 1961, to deliver Barack II, then returning to Indonesia where Barack II aka Barry Soetoro, was schooled and became a citizen of. Stanley Ann Dunham, born 29-Nov-1942, that would be 20 years and 9 months, she could not have claimed him (Barack II) to be a natural born citizen. The reason I beg to differ and bicker with “Republican Lawyer” that the 16+5 rule, that she fell short of the time period allowed and that those 5 years represent living in the U.S.A., not in Kenya under any circumstances, of which she clearly never met the standard of the code. Further, Stanley Ann Dunham, Barack’s II mother also would have renounced her U.S. citizenship, to live and stay in Indonesia all those years, again Indonesia does not allow dual citizenship at all, at any time.

    B: Code “8. A final, historical condition: a person born before 5/24/1934 of an alien father and a U.S. citizen mother who has lived in the U.S.” How clear can a law or code be? She, Stanley Ann Dunham, born 29-Nov-1942, Barack’s II mother failed this law by (8) eight years, not months, to claim to have a natural born citizen of the U.S., because she never lived in the U.S. for years.

    C: Code “4. Any one born outside the United States, if one parent is a citizen and lived in the U.S. for at least one year and the other parent is a U.S. national.” This code and law twice says parent, not child, what part of that year is a parent, a parent? Certainly not before the age five, when approximately Stanley Ann Dunham left the U.S. and certainly Barack Hessian Obama I, was never-ever a U.S. national, him (Barack I) getting free scholarships like his son Barack II, because to get a Fulbright scholarship you cannot be a U.S. citizen, that’s not be, get it. They both either lied or one is telling the truth.

    Sorry, I have to stop here, there is enough here I think under factual U.S. law to ask for and demand the Sergeant of Arms of the Congress of these United States to remove immediately Barack Hussein Obama II, from the White House Office as President. Then The House of Representatives and The Senate, and if they refuse, the National Guard, and they refuse the military; Army, Navy, Marines the Air Force. Then pray to God almighty to get the bum out and save us please.

    Because, Barack Hessian Obama II, offered some jerk Certificate of Live Birth, to fool an entire nation, who was never born in the fields of some Dole Pineapple Plantation, somewhere in Hawaii, as claimed, to be President of The United States of America.

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