Obama not qualified for presidency lawsuit, Philip J Berg, EXPEDITED DISCOVERY, September 10, 2008, SEEKS DEPOSITION OF BARACK OBAMA AND HOWARD DEAN BY END OF MONTH, Jeff Schreiber explains

We received the following from Philip J Berg last night and posted it this morning:

“Hi Mr. Wells,

If Senator Obama is unable to prove his citizenship, which we feel he is unable to do, he will not be able to serve as president.  In a case such as this, if this is learned before the presidential election, then according to the National Chairperson of the Democratic National Committe will confer with the Democratic leadership of the United States Congress and the Democratic Governors Association, whom will  report to the Democratic National Committee which is authorized to fill the vacancy, the names of the candidate picks.

If Senator Obama were to be elected as President, he would be removed and the Vice President would take the President’s position.

If Senator Obama is indicted prior to taking his oath, I believe, and of course this would be a first, but I believe it would still go to Biden.

Just to update you a bit, I just filed a Motion for Expedited Discovery, Extensive Discovery, Deposition of Senator Obama and Howard Dean, Chairman of the DNC.  This may get things moving a bit.

In addition, Senator Obama and the DNC must have their Answer to the complaint filed by September 24, 2008.  The FEC has until October 21, 2008.

Make sure to check for updates on our website at obamacrimes.com

Jeff Schreiber, describes himself as:

“Legal writer by day, exhausted law student by night. Lucky husband and proud father throughout.”

 Jeff Schreiber has explained the Motion For Expedited Discovery and Deposition Of Barack Obama on his website. Here are some exerpts from Jeff Schreiber’s explanation:

“At 8:55 this evening, and as promised weeks ago, Philip Berg filed a Motion for Extensive and Expedited Discovery in the Philadelphia federal court where, a little more than two weeks ago, he filed suit contesting Illinois Sen. Barack Obama’s constitutional eligibility for the presidency.

Per this evening’s motion, Berg is seeking results on two fronts: First, that Sen. Obama and DNC Chair Howard Dean sit for depositions at the courthouse in Philadelphia running no less than three hours in length and presided over by a court-appointed Special Master; and second, that the defendants–Obama, the DNC and the Federal Election Commission–turn over documentation connected with the vetting process and the background of the Democratic Party nominee. Upon receiving confirmation that Obama and the DNC have been served with the motion–the U.S. Attorney’s office has entered appearance on behalf of the FEC–Berg plans to petition the Hon. R. Barclay Surrick for an immediate telephone conference on the need for the discovery process to begin and move along as quickly as possible.”

“Listen, more and more I believe we’re correct on this, and if we are then Obama cannot be president, and the United States of America will be headed toward a constitutional crisis.”


Berg is asking for a court order that Barack Obama and Howard Dean each submit to a deposition at the Federal Courthouse in Philadelphia, a “neutral location,” and that the depositions (1) must be no less than three hours in length, (2) must be presided over by a court-appointed Special Master, and (3) must be undertaken by September 31, 2008.”


If Berg’s Motion for Extensive and Expedited Discovery, filed today, were granted, Barack Obama would be ordered to turn over the following items within ten days of the order:
A “Genuine Certified Copy” of his “vault version” of his Birth Certificate.
Any and all certificates or other registrations of birth from Canada, Kenya, the British Isles and the United States in the name of Barack Hussein Obama, Barry Soetoro, and others.

A “Certified Copy” of the U.S. Oath of Allegiance required to be taken in order to regain any U.S. Citizenship status.
Any and all passport records including applications and travel logs connected with passports issued to Obama–or any previously used names–in Indonesia, Kenya, the United States and more.
Any and all adoption records, including records detailing the adoption of Obama by his presumed Indonesian stepfather, Lolo Soetoro, as well as his grandparents, the Dunhams.

A copy of his FBI background check used in the vetting process.
A copy of the “vault” version of his Birth Certificate from Kenya.
Any and all applications for a social security number and replacement social security cards.
Any and all applications and court documents detailing a name change.
Within 20 days of the court order, should the motion be granted, Berg is also seeking other records which would provide a window into Barack Obama’s past, including but not limited to college applications and records from Occidental College, Harvard and Harvard Law School, Columbia University, the University of Chicago and any other schools to which Obama applied, as well as any applications for college grants and loans, copies of any college thesis papers or other essays written which could shed light on his life, background, heritage and childhood.

The request for these items, as well as requests for Obama’s baptismal records, listings of memberships to all clubs and organizations, copies of his Selective Service Registration and any Harvard Law Review articles he penned, made me wonder if Berg was seizing an opportunity to use discovery–should the civil action go so far–to really fill in some gaps in Obama’s background. Surely, I wasn’t the only one who questioned why no long-term acquaintances other than his wife, Michelle, has ever come forth to talk about Barack, tell stories about Barack, praise Barack or even criticize Barack like we see with so many other political candidates.”

I strongly urge you to visit Jeff Schreiber’s site:


I received the following comment on this blog this morning:

“A friend just told me that her middle school aged son is using this info on a paper for a school project. Some high school newspaper is likely to break this story before the MSM!!”

This story has been ignored by the MSM. However, many Americans are getting this story and the truth about Obama from this blog and others on the internet. I am in contact with a major talk show host regarding this story. This host has begun researching it. The MSM will continue to look biased and foolish for failing the American public.

If you want change and not Obama, visit:



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  2. http://www.stephenkruiser.com/?p=234

    There isn’t enough time or space to address the problems of the Dems this election, but the majority aren’t buying it.

    The Dems are imploding. They just haven’t noticed yet. The comments on pollster blogs by BO’s camp are a hoot … this must be an outlier!…
    Gallup sucks, they never get it right… BO is revered by the rest of the world, so it must be Americans….I can’t stand Hillary, but he should have picked her…. seriously folks, this is the tenor of their responses.

  3. I have the impression that Berg was thinking, the greater the number of documents, etc.. the more that he will have to exlain away or forge. He anticipated Obama would get a month before the courts would requre it. I think that’s why every theory was included in the lawsuit.

  4. YOU must understand that because the primary election was filled with holes of deciet. The blogs are full of the messages about Democrats because it is imperative that every democrat becomes fully educated. YOU must blame theMedia for putting us in the position we are in because of their failure to properly vet the men and women running for President. We learned that Obama is not the man he claims to be. We cannot just vote for a Party because we were or are a member. We must vote for the Best Man or Woman who will not put our USA in more danger than we are. Hillary or no Hillary BO IS A NO.

  5. Rush Limbaugh

    October Surprise?

    Rush said something a couple of days ago, and I am not sure why (because I didn’t hear the entire broadcast).

    He said that “all of a sudden” it may be that BIDEN decides he cannot be Vice President… perhaps there would be a family issue… or maybe a health issue…. he would STEP DOWN… and Hil would STEP IN…

    I can’t remember the context in which he (Rush) made these statements.

    I am thinking it may be, that all the while we are thinking that it would be the Republican’s to produce the “October Surprise”,

    that instead, there may be a Democrat “October Surprise”.

    IF this Berg lawsuit becomes newsworthy to msm and others, and

    IF in general, there is consensus that this news is real… or cannot be misproven…

    That, BO could be pushed OUT of this election (or at least his Campaign perceives this could happen), THEN,

    Mayhaps, they would bring Hil BACK to take his place OR Biden’s place, so that SHE could resume the competition.

    I thought of this today because I heard some folks at FOX asking “Where is Biden in all this?” (comments about lipstick)

    Hmmmmm ?

  6. mrje.
    I had a very similar conversation in the past hour.

  7. Biden on the trail has lauded Hillary Clinton as not only the superior VP choice, but the most qualified for the presidency. Many possible motives here.

  8. Bravo to Mr. Berg for his brave, spirited and honorable efforts, and thanks to Mr. Wells for maintaining a close watch on any breaking developments pertaining to this case.


  9. I found it curious that the Los Angeles Times ran this story today: http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-dualcitizen11-2008sep11,0,1978821.story

    Are they preparing us to be more accepting of dual citizenship?

  10. I told a friend of mine a long time ago, though I thought it would happen at the convention, that Obama would never make it to the Primary. That somehow, some way he would get thrown off the ticket. I was certain that Hillary would be his replacement. However, in my scenario, it was not an advantage for the Dems, but their undoing. I see no way that it would benefit them. I would think it would show their lack of leadership and fracture their party irreparably.

  11. Hey Berg – Why are you harassing Obama? So you think Palin is more qualified than Obama to be president? Because McCain is senile and likely won’t live long if he gets in there. So you are helping to give us someone worse than Bush – Palin.

  12. Whether Biden steps down or not, Hillary is the ONLY candidate the DNC can pick to take Obama’s place, because she decimated Biden in the primaries and holds far more VIABLE delegate votes.

    Not to mention she is the only candidate that all polls showed could beat any GOP candidate FROM DAY ONE before Obama entered the race, every single day of the race, and yes, even today she is the only candidate AHEAD of McCain in the polls.

    Limbaugh is either prescient (highly doubtful) or he is in contact with GOP who have VERY highly placed spies or BUGS in the DNC hierarchy.

    McLaughlin ALSO predicted that Hillary would win the DNC nomination and go on to win the Presidency, and hasn’t backed off from that prediction yet.

    IF the DNC planned this from the beginning, it is not only the greatest political feint and gamble of all time, it also makes Rove and the selection of Palin look like the desperate attempts of third graders in comparison.

    Can the DNC possibly be that devious?

    God, I hope so.

  13. Obama shut down one of Larry Sinclair’s web sites again! Larry is back up on another one! What a coward Obama is! He can’t handle the truth! If Larry wasn’t telling the truth, Obama would be taking this head on, right out in the open, but NO, so he definitely has something to hide! Also, Philip J. Berg’s case will soon find Obama ineligible to be President! Then it will all be over for this coward! Biden will fade out and Hillary will fade very much IN!

  14. citizenwells

    yesterday, on the campaign trail, Biden praised Hil to the point of saying something VERY similar to

    ..maybe she should be here instead of me..

    I think they’re going to wiggle her in there.

    what a mess.

  15. I don’t know what will happen but something is going to. Mr Berg has done such a valueable service to this country I appaud him.
    I think Biden’s comments are a reflection of awareness of this issue and that part of Barky’s meltdown as a noble and awe inspiring candidate are due to this hanging over his head. His choice of words, his posture, everything reflect fears and worries. GOOD!!!! The Dems have disgraced themselves with this choice. Can you imagine a Hillary led ticket, unstoppable as she will begin reminding all the day after Barkys defeat, either by the courts or by the voters, (I’m betting he never makes it to the voters.)

  16. Fozzie.
    Curious indeed.

  17. Obama, McCain, Biden, Palin, Clinton, this one, that one…this is all a distraction. What so many people seem to forget, particularly when describing “Left” and “Right”, “Liberal” or “Conservative”…for each of these opposites there is something in the middle, and ALL are controlled by the same masters. A right hand/left hand still has the body and, by default, the mind in the middle telling each side how to behave.

    When you’re in control of all opposing sides, the outcome ALWAYS comes out in your favor.

    Its a little late in the game, but I’m throwing in my own presidential bid…even though I don’t have a snowballs chance in hell, I’m as qualified as ANY of these clowns serving the government…I’m over 35; I’m an official American citizen; I’ve been drunk, smoked pot, had unprotected sex, served in the military…and I’m honest enough to admit it! LOL!

    Of course, with the things that I stand for, I’d be taken out of action long before the “votes” (what a friggin’ farce) started coming in (though I’m guaranteed at least 1 vote!)

  18. I get your point.
    However, this is not a typical US election and is unlike anything I have seen in my lifetime in this country. Obama and McCain are as different as night and day. Obama is controlled by puppet strings that lead near and far. The entire Obama camp picture is frightening.

  19. braindeadlemmingsofUSA

    ____ the whole crooked lot of them AND their globalist masters

  20. Anybody but obama.
    And I hate mccain. I will likely vote 3rd party except if I vote no to obama.
    Don’t the dems understand they are MAKING me vote republican by forcing that lying, communist, racist, criminal on me??
    NO to B.O.

    I have already applied for a green card in another country. I refuse to live in an obamination!

  21. Thank Yah for His Hand in America through elevating Sarah Palin to restore our nation. Palin is NOT a member of the CFR; Palin IS a born again, God Fearing, dedicated CHRISTIAN. We once again have HOPE. Chances are, if the CFR can’t turn Palin, they will execute her. I pray God’s Protection over Palin and America.

  22. Mr. Berg,

    You are a true patriot, an American who understands what that really means.

    I dont believe BO is a US citizen, and his tenure would further destroy our country. Palin will kick ass and take names.
    McCain wont be president long.
    Ron Paul says third party picks no one. I suggest we all toss the two party system and get behind one candidate in the third party. I like Cindy and im white.

    Of all, I believe in America and she will survive the corruption that has taken her hostage for the past 100 years. Its over, they are on the ropes, and the people are taking it back. Thank you Ron Paul, Campaign for Liberty, Arron Russo, and all of the ground crew for waking up the masses.
    God Speed

  23. hey ___holes, how is obama a communist, racist, criminal? You’re projecting. Bush fulfills much of th e above and so will your doughboy McCain. ____ off. This is all a smear campaign. I will absolutely hate you stinking ______ the rest of my life. Where the ____ is Berg’s proof ___holes? Why deosn’t MC___hole want Palindin vetted?? Huh ______?

  24. Yes, Palin. She of all things sacred. God bless her.

    http://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Ezekiel 23:19-20;&version=31;

  25. I would like to thank tom for providing another fine example of the core of Obama’s support.
    Notice the personal attacks but no facts to repudiate documented facts about Obama.
    And don’t forget the hate aspect that this poster and Jeremiah Wright exude.

  26. STOP the polarization. Stop talking in terms of Dem. and Repub. Talk in terms OF AMERICAN. The new world order is using “divide and conquer” techniques against us americans. DEMAND A NEW 911 INVESTIGATION. DEMAND 3rd PARTY ACCESS TO THE DEBATES AND BALLOTS.

  27. September 31st?? What are you smoking?

    “DEPOSITIONS Berg is asking for a court order that Barack Obama and Howard Dean each submit to a deposition at the Federal Courthouse in Philadelphia, a “neutral location,” and that the depositions (1) must be no less than three hours in length, (2) must be presided over by a court-appointed Special Master, and (3) must be undertaken by ****September 31, 2008.”****

    Obama wants to tax all real estate transaction equity profits and inheritances at the 28% and upward. This Obama is a nutzi

  28. tom sounds a little bitter?

  29. I think Joe wrote something that resembles a bill full of earmarks.

  30. What a joke. I believe Mr. Berg needs to go back and read the constitution. Obama was born in Hawaii which is part of the United States. Mr McCain however was born in Panama which is not part of the United States. The constitution is very clear on this subject. Very clear. Mr McCain is not eligible to be president period, end of story.
    It is obvious that Mr. Berg is exploiting the courts to try and make a name for himself. I have filed a formal complaint with Pa. Bar Association against Mr. Berg and his frivolous suit which is abusing the federal court.

  31. Id be curious to hear how he thinks he has standing to bring this lawsuit. Obama’s attorney’s will never even have to address the merits.

  32. Obama was born in Kenya and later became an Indonesion citizen.

  33. Obama is a strong believer in racial employment discrimination (the worst type of Racial discrimination that exists) under affirmative action as he has stated in his enthusiastic speeches in the recent past, But will Not discuss now.
    No man of any Race who is a Racist should be President of the United States !
    At least the past Presidents that discriminated against White American males under affirmative action where white, I fear a Black President who believed in Racial discrimination against other races to favor his own race, Would not survive long in office.

  34. You guys are crazy. I mean wow. I just happened on this blog somehow. I guess you will delete this but you people are the reason the economy sucks and we are spending so much money in Iraq and just the total corruption and failure of the US Government to keep us safe under Republican Rule. I guess you people would rather sell your children to a live of poverty, war and just craziness if John McCain is eleccted than to vote for a Black Guy. Your racism is showing. Also your utter stupidity is showing. I guess that’s why you guys elected someone like George Bush twice.

  35. Nice try, folks. But you are, as always, doomed to failure. Sen. Obama will beat this idiotic lawsuit and every other dumb-butt thing you wing-nuts can throw at him. Decency and honor will prevail on Nov. 4. The Democrats will win and we can finally sweep the pigs and vermin that is the Republicon Party out of office. Get used to it.

  36. Wow, I continue to be astounded by how much misinformation is out there. No, Obama was not born in Kenya; he was born in Honolulu, Hawai’i, making him a natural-born U.S. citizen. And while McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone, he was born to American parents, which also makes him a natural-born U.S. citizen. (No, you don’t have to be born in the U.S. for that honor—you just have to have been a citizen at birth, which you can be because you were born on American soil or because you were born to American parents.) Requirements for presidency, per the Constitution, are 1) be a natural-born citizen; 2) be at least 35; and 3) have resided in the United States for the last fourteen years. Both men qualify on all counts. End of story.

    For what it’s worth, the Constitution does not prohibit dual citizens from holding the presidency—in fact, several of our earliest presidents were British subjects by birth and later became American citizens, as they were born before America had been created. However, neither Obama nor McCain is a dual citizen because the respective countries they’d be eligible for alternate citizenship in (Kenya for Obama because his father was born there; Panama for McCain because he himself was born there) require the men to renounce their American citizenships, which obviously neither has done. In contrast, many natural-born Americans with a parent or grandparent born in Ireland have dual Irish citizenship, because in that case Ireland permits them to retain their American citizenships.

  37. Anon, I think you missed the meat of Berg’s argument. Maybe you should try reading it again. Secondly;

    US Code: Title 8, Section 1403.

    Persons born in the Canal Zone or Republic of Panama on or after February 26, 1904

    (a) Any person born in the Canal Zone on or after February 26, 1904, and whether before or after the effective date of this chapter, whose father or mother or both at the time of the birth of such person was or is a citizen of the United States, is declared to be a citizen of the United States.

    (b) Any person born in the Republic of Panama on or after February 26, 1904, and whether before or after the effective date of this chapter, whose father or mother or both at the time of the birth of such person was or is a citizen of the United States employed by the Government of the United States or by the Panama Railroad Company, or its successor in title, is declared to be a citizen of the United States.



    Your comments are laughable. First of all, Bush is a communist? How do you figure? Do you know what a communist is? Second, Obama shows himself to be a racist, no one made that up. He talks about his race all the time (well one of them) and the church he went to for 20 years is definitely racist. Lastly, on Obama being a criminal. That’s what we want the MSM to find out, but they are not interested in looking.

  38. Amy, since we don’t like Obama we are racists? Can you add that one up for me or show me how you determined that? Or is that just your fall back argument?

  39. Passerby, I agree. I don’t think there is anything that would prohibit a dual citizen from being President. Of course, I’m a dual citizen so it could be just wishful thinking.

    However, your second point about the renouncing of citizenship is something the Berg Lawsuit is targeting. Berg claims that Obama was registered as a Citizen in his father’s country when attending school there. By what you are saying (and what I think Berg is saying), Obama would have had to renounce his U.S. citizenship to do that. There is no information that he ever reinstated his U.S. citizenship. Hence, the lawsuit.

  40. McCain was born in Panama fools…. Hawhi is much more American… Bush and McCain are the enemies of the State and as such should be hung without a trial… Theyt both consitute treason in our Land. They both support out sourcing our jobs and both are in bed with the Bin Ladens, and both love the rich and hate the poor, I hope they all die soon.

  41. Amy was sent here to pretend to be a sane Obama fan.

    Typical scream RACIST tactic.

    Whoa is me.

  42. Go Leeballz

  43. Robert, you sound like a rational individual, so I’m sure you have thought this one out. However, I am having difficulty following your argument. Out sourcing of jobs is not considered treason. I see know indication that either Politician mentioned love or hate any social or economic class. And which Bin Ladens do you speak of? The respectable ones, or the black sheep of the family?

    As for your comment regarding Panama, please refer to my above post and the U.S. Code regarding birth in the canal zone.

  44. 3rd line *no

  45. What do my armpits after a high intensive workout session and Democrats have in common?

    They both have BAD B.O.!

    HAHAHA! Sorry, I’ve been passing that joke around since I saw it on a t-shirt in town =]]]]] Although I made it into a joke, the shirt just saids “Democrats have bad B.O.”


  46. Thank you and Mr. Berg for all you’re doing on behalf of patriotic Americans and our Country. PUMAs (now for McCain / Palin) @ http://www.CountUsOut.Wordpress.com are also questioning Obama’s “official” “his story” and sharing what we learn with The People.

    Those devious, transparent whines of “racism” against good and decent people asking obvious questions has long ago ceased to have an effect on anyone.

  47. Thanks for sharing this story with us. It is amazing that no media has really reported on this. I look forward to seeing the outcome.

  48. I noticed in the article about the law suit against Obama; it stated ““DEPOSITIONS

    Berg is asking for a court order that Barack Obama and Howard Dean each submit to a deposition at the Federal Courthouse in Philadelphia, a “neutral location,” and that the depositions (1) must be no less than three hours in length, (2) must be presided over by a court-appointed Special Master, and (3) must be undertaken by September 31, 2008.”

    Folks there are only 30 days in Septemeber! If the brief was filed as such it is invalid. Hope the above was a typo!

  49. It’s not a typo, that date is used a few times in the brief. I’m not sure what that would do for the filing and if an addendum could be added, but I would suspect if that was the case, everyone would have to be re-served.

  50. It never ceases to amaze me at how when anyone disagrees with Obama or his phony messages they are labeled a racist or troglodyte. A member of the British Press even went on record stating that if the US does not elect Obama it will feel a bitter backlash from Europe because they want Obama as our next US president. One of his reasonings Obama might not win is because we are evidently backword racists in the yes of his readers if we disagree with Obama as President. 🙄

  51. The thing that apparently many people are not seeing is this: We have a Senate with an approval rating that is approaching single digits. And from this pool we are talking about selecting the next leader of our country.

    God help us all…

  52. Fun blog. Funny comments all around.

    Good times.


  53. VideoSlime.
    Excellent point.

  54. The Democratic CONGRESS has 1/2 the approval rating of Bush…. Bush’s ratings are not that unusual for 2nd term Presidents.

    Congress is stalling on the DRILL BABY DRILL , will of the PEOPLE… because they are waiting for BO to say “GO BLOW IN THE WIND”…

  55. Obama is not qualified on many many fronts and citizenship is just one. But if you think McCain/Palin are the best choice you must put the pipe down. Since the 9/11 false flag attack the American way of live has been in jeopardy. We need to change our electoral process where there are more than two choices and there are debates right till the end. God bless us all.

  56. The only Obama suit that counts is the “empty” one. RNC needs to play video of Jeremiah Wright over and over until even Democrats understand where Obama spent the last twenty years.

  57. I can’t believe you all are willing to sacrifice this country because of your racist fears and insecurities. You see what happened with Bush in office and he’s white, it will continue if Bush#2 were to get in office. I’m already eyeing alternative countries to live in if BuSh#2 wins. I would never have imagined that one person could take the gas prices from $1. something to $4 a gallon. This man is a fool and so is his little turd man McCain. I promise you America will be no more if McCain finds a way in the White house. Say goodbye middle class. Hope you racist f—s like sleeping on newspapers with your children. Hope you’re ready for your home to be foreclosed on and a rash of foreigner investors to come right in a buy up the country and its debt. Every last one of your jobs will be outsourced. Hope you like working for Abib, Lee Wang or Papu Saravanti. Make no mistake you so called sorry excuse for people, this country won’t survive another 4 years on its current pace. Bush even lost the elections, the recounts prove this. He is an illegitimate president, we shouldn’t even respect his false authority. And now you want to vote for the one he is endorsing because he will keep screwing up the states and slowly stripping away all our rights. You are pathetic fools just like your precious “white” president. You would rather suffer and see this country go to hell rather than see a good president in office just because of his skin color. It’s not good enough that he’s half white. Your racist, stupid, stubborn, and petty ways will be the cause of your very destruction as well as your country’s. Your insane. You literally have a hate in your hate because Obama is not 100% white and for no other reason. If he were white, he would be winning by a landslide. Keep up you B.S and see where it gets you all. If you can’t figure it out, it will put you right in the poor house. We already have enough enemies. Look at what we’ve done and are still continuing to do to the world. Look at the very foundation of this country from how it was obtained to how it was built. We did the Native Americans dirty beyond belief. We enslaved and terrorized the Africans. Remember the opium war when we supplied China with drugs to string a good portion of them out on drugs and fought to keep it going. We forced them to build railroads. We bombed the Japanese with atomic bombs. We stole Hawaii. We outkast the Irish. We are anti Semitic. We are killing all these Arabs, right now. We are fighting to keep a better candidate out of office over a far worse one because his skin is not light enough. When will it stop. They aren’t doing us wrong, we’re doing the world wrong right down to the Earth herself. When will the bigotry and cancerous behaviour stop? When? You are on a self destrictive path, you’ve been warned.

  58. …And let’s show the videos of Sarah Palin speaking in tongues, and describing a proposed natural gas pipeline across Alaska as being “God’s will,” and speaking about the need to teach creationism in schools, and “hypothetically” asking librarians about banning books from the public library. Oh yeah, and firing a state police official because he resisted her efforts to dismiss a state trooper who was locked in a divorce with her sister-in-law. Oh yeah, and her news interview talking about how she’d be willing to go to war against Russia.
    What’s the difference between Dr. Strangelove and Sarah Palin? Lipstick!

  59. Truly, it has become so difficult to satirize Republicans. No one can dream up anything as wild as the stuff the R’s actually say.

  60. Missing from this discussion about revealing the truth of birthright presidential eligibility is the balance of reviewing John McCain’s status. There is much less evidence that McCain is eligible than for Barack Obama.

    Many of you are blowing smoke about your honest pursuit of truth and evidence.

  61. Bob, do you write for SNL or were you being serious?

    factcheckr, you might want to start with checking your facts. I’ll help you with one of them, but the rest are up to you. Sarah said that she might have to consider war with Russia if they attacked a NATO member Georgia (if Georgia was admitted). If you don’t think that is the right call, they you don’t understand NATO.

  62. Second paragraph, 5th line *then.

  63. brilliantcakes3000

    Some say Obama is a puppet, others say Palin is god’s gift to women? Why is anything a shock to americans when a president muchless these presidential candidates will only be a face representing America? No real action or change. No real change will come unless Obama becomes president and war breaks out against blacks and whites. My understanding was that everyone voted for Bush because he was a christian, but is he not the worst president in history.. did this christian man not send women, men, fathers, mothers, sons, and daughthers to fight an imaginary war? Was not the government warned about 9/11? As an american I ‘ve come to witness that elementary, junior high, high school,and college prepares people for the real world of popularity and dependancy. If a stop light stops working, people panic.. they need orders, simple common sense does not exsist. Sarah Palin’s speech sounded like a rap song, a lot of “metaphors” and full of “phrases”, then again we have to give kudos to the ghost writers. Everyone is trying to further their career from what I see. The only change thats going to come my way is the change I make for myself.

  64. It doesn’t matter who takes the White House. The CFR runs both camps and the CFR has it in for the good ol’ USA. You will quite possibly require another revolution to sort things out. http://www.ctwilcox.com

  65. Hey BoB,
    If you don’t like this country, why don’t you take your misguided, uninformed butt somewhere else?

  66. Anyone who would defend B.O. on his skin color or condemn the Right because his ideas are counter to ours and call us racist, they are the racist. If Hillary were on the ticket and we were attacking her for her ideas, you would call us sexist, yet you attack our best choice for VP ever on her faith. That makes you bigoted against religion.

    B.O. has ideas that we feel are dangerous and destructive to our country and we fear him getting into office. It has nothing to do with his skin color, Johns adopted daughter is blacker that B.O. is and I have no issue with that. B.O. lies about his past, spent 20 years listing to a racist preacher, and will not stand up and take responsibility for his actions. that shows poor judgment in my view. He has not authored 1 piece of legislation and has voted present way too many times. That shows me no leadership qualities. He says his background is a community organizer, well, 7 members of ACORN, a community organizing group are serving time in Washington state for felony voter fraud. Community organizers score negative points in my book.

    John McCain is not the best choice either. but he is a far better choice than B.O.

    Say no to B.O. It stinks.

  67. Seems like someone has been watching to much of the CNN Obama news machine…amazing how facts get distorted. One fact is forsure, the DNC has an agenda. Obama’s has an agenda, globalization!
    Democratic Convention…brought to you by Corporate America!
    Reporter pushed around…he was investigating lobbyists at the DNC
    Lobbyists and loopholes at the DNC…ABC’s “The Money Trail”

    This Democrate is voting McCain/Palin!

  68. We always laugh when we hear the term “when the s** hits the fan”, and yet … here it comes! The irony is the DNC is about to implode. And realisitically, so is the RNC. The comment was made that we will face a “constitutional crisis”. I think this is the ultimate understatement! In all reality, I expect theworse …. civil war is a real probabilty. The people as a whole, I believe will revolt against both parties; perhaps it is finally time for a third party tp step forward! Pray for a niracle! Pray the people will wake up, and forget grandpa’s GOP, and Uncle Bob’s Democrats …. they no longer exist!

  69. Based on the above, 1/2 of these posters lack minimal qualifications of critical thought to be allowed to vote. A sad, but true state of the education process.

  70. Someone is screwing with you:

    “This is one of the many myths about Obama that have been circulating on the Internet, and it’s entirely untrue.

    You do indeed need to be a natural-born citizen to serve as president _ and Obama, who was born in Hawaii, qualifies. The age and citizenship status of Obama’s parents have nothing to do with his citizenship status; under the law, he’s a natural-born citizen because he was born in the United States…”

    You can read this from the foxnews website here: http://www.foxnews.com/wires/2008Jul18/0,4670,AskAP,00.html

  71. Apparently I can’t post this enough:

    US Code: Title 8, Section 1403.

    Persons born in the Canal Zone or Republic of Panama on or after February 26, 1904

    (a) Any person born in the Canal Zone on or after February 26, 1904, and whether before or after the effective date of this chapter, whose father or mother or both at the time of the birth of such person was or is a citizen of the United States, is declared to be a citizen of the United States.

    (b) Any person born in the Republic of Panama on or after February 26, 1904, and whether before or after the effective date of this chapter, whose father or mother or both at the time of the birth of such person was or is a citizen of the United States employed by the Government of the United States or by the Panama Railroad Company, or its successor in title, is declared to be a citizen of the United States.



    You are right that if Obama was born in Hawaii that he would be eligible. If he was borne outside of the U.S. (or outside of any U.S. controlled areas abroad like military bases) he would not be. Unless of course there is a law that did give him eligibility if borne abroad; like his mother being able to transfer that right to him. However, if he was a citizen and he moved to another country and received citizenship there, then he would have dual citizenship. As I mentioned above, I don’t think dual citizenship would disqualify him. I have dual citizenship, but was borne not 20 miles from Washington, D.C. I believe I would be eligible if I wanted to run. Again, though if the country that he took up residence in, required him to denounce or revoke his U.S. citizenship and he never reinstated it (if that’s even possible), then we have a huge problem over a rather small technicality. The huge problem is called “Precedent.” The funny thing with it is if you set it, then it is very hard to get rid of. I don’t think this office is one that needs to cause a constitutional crisis or constitutional amendment for one candidate.

    So I think this lawsuit should be an easy thing for Obama to settle and if so, then he will gain many more votes from it. He should be excited to prove his citizenship because of that reason, yet he hasn’t publicly challenged it except for a disputed birth certificate on an obscure website. Why? Why hasn’t he produced the records from the hospital, I would presume he could have gotten them on his vacation. However, those who wish to think negatively of him will still see the possibility of forgery, but he can then disprove that too if that is false.

    Questions are good, they provide answers.

  72. LOL. Borne (Read: born). D’oh.

  73. Are you a communist censor?

  74. I sometimes censor communists.

  75. LOL, nice answer.

  76. obama gotta win or else US in trouble lol

  77. Sarcasm?

  78. Mr. Berg,
    I seriously doubt that you were born on Planet Earth.
    Just saying …

  79. The question appears not to be whether dual citizenship is possible, but which countries participating permit dual citizenship.

    The U.S. recognizes dual citizenship with only a limited number of countries. To name a few: the U.K., Israel, Canada.

    However, more to the point, where Obama is concerned Indonesia and Kenya do not recognize dual citizenship. This automatically precludes American citizenship.

  80. McCain is CFR. His advisors are CFR. Clinton is CFR. BO’s advisors are CFR. The CFR is hell bent on destroying the US and has been doing so for years. They have been attacking and nullifying the Constitution and Bill of Rights for decades. No matter who gets into the W.H. it is CFR policy that will rule the day. The Right-Left paradigm is nothing more than 2 feet of the same monster…take one step and then another but always head in the same direction.

    Until the people wise up and organize in the same way as the Founding Fathers you will lose your country within the next 10 years.

  81. Amy, why do you call BO-nonsupporters racists? B.O., who is 1/2 white, part african and part who knows what, seems to be the one banking on race. He claims to be a black man, but he is clearly 1/2 white. This thinking has roots in slavery thinking — one ounce of non-white blood makes you non white. Shame on BO

  82. I heard that Biden is responsible for the problems in the Mortgage market, as he introduced legislation to increase the percent of home owners from 65 percent to 70 and to make mortgages available to those in the red line areas that previously could not obtain mortgages.
    When is the McCain campagn going to produce campaign ads with Biden and Hillery saying that
    McCain would be the best president for our Country?

  83. A careful reader

    Berg is asking for a court order that Barack Obama and Howard Dean each submit to a deposition at the Federal Courthouse in Philadelphia, a “neutral location,” and that the depositions (1) must be no less than three hours in length, (2) must be presided over by a court-appointed Special Master, and (3) must be undertaken by September 31, 2008.”
    If that is that the actual wording in Mr. Berg’s filing, it may just be thrown out. “30 days hath September”.

  84. In answer to the comment,”..part who knows what”, the missing part is Arab. His father has Arabic mix. Africa, by the way, is not a race, it is a continent, as such there are also White Africans. Go to http://www.ctwilcox.com to catch up on real US history and the well concealed end game and who is behind it. Both BO and JM are nothing more than mere puppets.

  85. disappointed...

    OMG! Get a grip!

  86. While your deposing Barry could you ask him if he is really a Marxist, crack smoking, cocaine using, limo gay loving bisexual? I mean thats OK if he is – I’d just like to know and apparently the media is afraid to ask about the Larry Sinclair story. But it seems they are not afraid to ask Sarah Palin’s family just about anything. Odd isn’t it?

  87. you DUMBOCRAPS are such racist A**HOLES,
    the truth about your BOY ,BO,is finally out.
    MR.BERG was doing his duty as an AMERICAN
    who salutes this COUNTRIES FLAG ,not run
    and hide like a typical DUMBOCRAP!MCCAIN

  88. I am not sure who I will vote for but I do know
    who I don’t want in the white house….
    I wished more investigation had been done on all the Bush’s background before elections took place. No one seems to be upset over the illegal
    financial exchanges taking place the past 20 years,
    No one is mentioning the fact that loaning money for building infill (500.000 home next to the 90.000.00 houses) homes even though every one was forwarned that the housing market bottom was going to fall knowing that there was no money for repayment.
    Do you think Obama would refused to help anyone of any color if he was asked? I don’t think the man, himself is a racist. I would like more proof on all the other info that you printed about his family history the same things have been said about the Bush’s and others and it seems no one cares because nothing was ever done about they’re family historical connections but i am curious.
    Have any of you ever spoken to any of the magnitude of different races that attends Rev White’s church???? because it really does’nt spend time down grading other races.
    I hate sending america to war on a lie more then anything.

  89. I completely agree’d with this even until now!! As far as I know to this day, he has not been confirmed a citizen. And his incompetence is even more disturbing. I am a responsible White American and I am outraged at the citizenship verification, and the fact he is screwing everything up and putting it on the shoulders of myself and many generation after! He is going to take down this country with his socialist B****!!

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