Obama ODM Candidate for President, Obama going behind officials backs, Offshore Oil, Drilling, Venezuela, Chavez, Cuba, Castro, Russia, China, Obama anti-American

We have reported on Obama’s trip to Kenya in 2006, Obama lying about the purpose and the complaint from the Kenyan government. We received a report from an anonymous source that quotes Fox low key banner notes. Here is the report as sent to us:

“As referred to in Part 3 “Connect the Dots” in the “Obama ODM Candidate for President” article (which can be found – with  document/video links – at logisticsmonster –  here’s today’s news (courtesy of Fox low key banner notes only);
Recap from article  in brief: obama has been  acting like he already has Presidential authority which is  outrageous. Sent Gov Richardson discreetly few months back to Venezuela to meet with Chavez – only report of this in Caribbean (not US) press. Then  shortly thereafter Chavez went to Cuba to meet with Castro. What a coincidence!
Not long after Cuba announced it is planning oil deal in the sea just off the FLA. Coast- with China!
Month later goodie-goodie (lol) Chavez pressed New Hampshire to accept his generous offer of free fuel for heat this winter. NH was the last Eastern state left that hadn’t already capitulated to Chavez suspicious hand out.
As of today, September 7, Chavez has announced he is making some similar deal himself  with Russia off the coast of Venezuela. Just to be sure we got the point he threw in one of his demeaning anti-American insults.  Notice these wheels have been in motion – spurred on by obama – since May of this year. 
Also today Cuba demanded that US lift the embargo on Cuba. Another well  timed  coincidence
Hmmmm….  so we’ve got China coming in off the coast of  FLA……Russia coming in off the coast  of  Venezuela..and Chavez blackmailing the US East Coast with free fuel….. while Cuba demands  end to US embargo.
Let’s be  clear – we have absolute IDIOTS running our government. . . and obama going behind our officials backs, playing connect the dots – on his own and through his  ’emmissaries’ across the international terrorism network right under everyone’s noses and  no one even seeming to notice!
Americans had better WAKE UP before we are taken over from our borders offshore- and inland on Mexican border where the drug thug circuit has pretty much free reign and last we heard GW was removing the Nat’l  Guard there.
Not sure what role obama  plays there- except for his original foot-in-mouth  that we don’t really need  Mex  border security that much (like Iran and North Korea are tiny countries and all). 
We MUSTelect McCaine and defeat obama and pay attention to this underbelly of obama’s connect the dots anti-American activities while we still have a democracy! 
Please share this info to help others be aware.”
If you  are concerned about Obama, his past and his associations, visit:

5 responses to “Obama ODM Candidate for President, Obama going behind officials backs, Offshore Oil, Drilling, Venezuela, Chavez, Cuba, Castro, Russia, China, Obama anti-American

  1. Hmmm, Russia and Venezuela have a possible deal and a Russian military convoy is scheduled to arrive shortly. Coincidence?


  2. This is a note I submitted to Larry Sinclair supporting his idea about writing an account in book form , of his ordeal to date.

    The ideas are not original but very important to emphasize:

    Larry a book about your story is a must even if you don’t have enough time to get it out for the GE. Here’s why:

    1. First, to assist any legal
    proceedings that will follow with Donald Young’s murder.

    2. To alert the public to the profound effects that a biased and corrupt media can have on the political and economic well-being of a nation.

    3. To expose corruption of high level courts.

    4. To sensitize the public to the transformation of journalism, that is largely now mediated electronically.

    5. To prevent the repeat of a large scale deception of a candidate’s eligibility for the highest office in future election cycles.

    6. To alert the public of a country’s vulnerability to the dominance of hostile forces both within and outside its borders, when it is weakened by economic and political conditions that create myopic phenomena.

    7. To emphasis that the election of a candidate to office for POTUS, must be on principles of merit, rather than gender, age or race.

    8. That merit entails first and foremost evaluation of character followed by policy positions.

    9. To provide by example of your story ,that everyone has a basic
    right to be heard without incrimination and use of legal force.

  3. The Revolutionary War
    World I
    World II
    and, now possibly the WAR of all Wars, The Oil War…


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