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Larry Sinclair has a new post about the questions asked last night to John McCain and Barack Obama at Saddleback Church by Rick Warren. Sinclair cites another instance of Obama not being asked tough questions. Here is Larry Sinclair’s article:

“August 17, 2008
Radio Talk Show Host, CNN Contributor, and Barack Obama Supporter, Roland S. Martin tells viewers last night on CNN that John McCain failed to answer Rick Warren’s (Saddleback Civil Forum) question when McCain stated his greatest moral short coming was the failure of his first marriage.

Martin, (who until his recent acts in this election year of playing race  in his comments along side Donna (Cooking with Grease, and There will be riots if the nomination is not given to the white man who wants to play black ) Brazile,)  needs to understand that the American people want Barack Obama to explain his numerous affairs and sexual encounters with gay men while married to Michelle!!!

Roland Martin, I challenge you to put the same question to Barack Obama that you used CNN to put forth about John McCain last night.  At least John McCain has answered the question and allowed it to be asked.  You and the likes of CNN, MSNBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, The LA Times, Daily Kos, Time, People, Newsweek, and so on refused to ask or allow the question to be asked of Barack Obama.

Lets ask Obama about his relationship with the Murdered Donald Young; his two sexual and drug encounters with me in November 1999 and if he has had any other affairs with gay men other than Donald Young and Larry Sinclair while being married and a father?

Roland, why do you feel it is okay to ask McCain to answer that question but it is not okay to even ask the question of Barack Obama?  Hell lets ask Michelle how long she has known of Baracks sexual confusion?

Roland Martin, you have in a very short period of time, lost all respect you have spent years building in your efforts to become the male version of Donna Brazile.  Let their be riots in the streets as Donna Brazile has advocated, and let them be nationwide and 100 times worse the the Watts riots.  Let the world see how the American Media has brought about a Putin style election in this Country, where anyone who disagrees with the Media’s candidate or the DNC’s candidate of choice is attacked, threatened, intimidated and harassed.

Roland Martin and CNN, you both have now earned your place next to Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann with “I get a tingle up my leg.”

Get some balls Roland Martin (and don’t borrow them from Donna Brazile) and ask Obama to discuss his extra-marital affairs with other men!”

Read more from Larry Sinclair here:



The spectre of race riots in the street if Obama does not get the nomination is reminiscent of Obama’s cousin in Kenya, Raila Odinga, and his party, the ODM, threatening and then causing mayhem after the 2007 election in Kenya.

Anyone considering rioting if the election outcome does not suit them had better be prepared for jail or being shot if necessary. We will not be blackmailed or threatened in this country.

To voice your concern over Obama:


7 responses to “Obama, McCain, CNN, Roland Martin, Donna Brazile, Riots, greatest moral short coming, Rick Warren, Saddleback Church, Larry Sinclair, Donald Young, Obama down low, Ask Obama

  1. I am an American that is tired of the second standard set of rules that some in this country are held to. I believe every person black, white or purple should be held to the same standards. I ask would you hire a greenhorn to be the Project Manager of a Construction Site that has superficial experience or would you hire a man that has 30 years of experience helping and executing the project? Would you hire the bag boy at the Supermarket to run a district of Supermarkets? Would you hire the bus boy in the cafe to run the cafe? Would you hire the janitor to be the School Superintendent? Would you hire the car salesman to operate the car manufacturing plant? Would you hire the Junior Senator to be the United States President?
    Get Smart America we need a leader not a bus boy.

  2. Thanks, Citizen Wells —

    As we have all said before, the media needs to start asking Obama the real questions and quit giving him a pass.

    Thanks for your alliance with Larry Sinclair.

    I appreciate you.

  3. You hearing Andrea Mitchell is accusing McCain of “cheating” ??? Says he did not have noise blocking headphones on during BO’s Q&A – he was enroute to Saddleback. SORE LOSER’S.

  4. BO will absorb himself in the politics/war(s) in Kenya – really go out of his way, but he won’t speak to our troops or to the OTHER BO (O’reilly). We know where his heart is.

  5. I saw that about McCain cheating. His supporters must really think McCain whooped Obama to pull that one out. I know I thought McCain whooped him. If you turned it into a drinking game and had to take a drink every time Obama said uh or um, you’d have been drunk before the end of the first hour.

    Other then that just the uh’s and um’s, Obama would just babble for awhile on one question. McCain actually answered them. I can’t wait until a real debate. Then they will have no excuses for their golden boy.

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