Rezko, Obama, Blagojevich, Larry Sinclair, press conference, Chicago, Illinois, Middle east, corruption, Rezko talk?, Cocaine use, Obama indictment next?

I have been following the Tony Rezko trial and his ties to Obama,
Governor Blagojevich and crime and corruption in Chicago, Illinois
and the Middle East. Now that Rezko has been convicted, more
indictments are probable. Larry Sinclair is holding a press
conference this week. Was Obama using cocaine in November 1999?
Many aspects of Obama’s past, that the Obama campaign has tried
to hide, are surfacing. If you are buying in to the Obama
Campaign’s latest spin ploy, fighting rumors, this is about
court testimony and documentation. The picture of the real Obama
is emerging and it is scary.

Part 1.

The chickens are indeed coming home to roost.

Larry Sinclair has been attempting to educate the nation and
the world about the real Obama. The Obama that he alleges
was still using cocaine in 1999, while a member of the Illinois
Senate. Mr. sinclair has a news conference scheduled for Wednesday,
June 18, 2008. The Obama Campaign, Obama supporters and the big
money in Illinois and the Middle East have maintained a massive
campaign to try to discredit Mr. Sinclair. This campaign has
manifested itself in the form of a new spin machine, an attempt
to lump all allegations and questions as rumors. Or as Michelle
likes to say, don’t believe what you read on the internet.

While the Sinclair allegations have always been a serious matter
and part of the puzzle picture of Obama, I have always maintained
that the Sinclair story did not happen in a vacuum and fits well
within the context of Obama’s life and associations.Remember Stuart
Levine, a close associate of Rezko, admitted to a long time drug
problem and hosting regular drug parties with male friends.

Another serious and troubling aspect of Obama’s associations was
revealed in the Tony Rezko trial. Rezko was convicted of 16 of 24
counts of corruption. Obama and Rezko have a long and close
association. Obama and Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich were
mentioned frequently during the Rezko trial. Blagojevich was
mentioned more and may be the next person indicted as well as
being impeached. Obama endorsed Blagojevich.

Consider the following articles from the Chicago Tribune. If you
are an Obama supporter, this is a long established newspaper
that has been covering the rezko trial, Obama, Blagojevich
and the next phase of government indictments, in their move to bring
to justice, the players in Illinois corruption.

Rezko trial prelude to more indictments:
“The Justice Department’s prosecution of Antoin “Tony” Rezko was always about prelude, never about climax. The jury’s conviction of Rezko Wednesday on 16 criminal counts is one more point on a long investigative arc — an arc now pointed directly at Gov. Rod Blagojevich and other of his associates.

That arc reaches beyond the horizon to points none of us can see. But prosecutor Christopher Niewoehner unequivocally — and forcefully — told the Rezko jurors during closing arguments where federal authorities now are concentrating: “This is a crime that involves the highest levels of power in Illinois.””

Read more here:,0,6599888.story?page=2

Peel away layers of corruption:

“Everybody in Illinois is asking the same questions following Wednesday’s conviction of Tony Rezko, the governor’s friend and former fundraiser, on corruption charges. Who’s next? Will “Public Official A” get his turn?

Of course, “A” is Gov. Rod Blagojevich, outed as being under investigation a few months ago by a federal judge at the onset of Rezko’s trial. The revelations coming out of that deliberation — in testimony from the likes of Stuart Levine, Ali Ata, others — have been very damaging to this governor’s reputation, which was not so great to begin with.”

Read more here:,0,6599888.story?page=3

Will Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich be impeached?

“The memo sent to some House Democratic candidates, obtained Tuesday by The Associated Press, offers a rundown of Blagojevich’s alleged “misdeeds and malfeasance” and detailed talking points on the merits of impeachment.

“We should excise a tumor when it is first discovered; not leave it in the body to continue to spread and do further harm,” the memo reads.”

Read more here:,0,48855.story

Rezko’s letter should put Obama, governor on alert:

“The last thing Sen. Barack Obama and Gov. Rod Blagojevich needed was that letter written by convicted Illinois influence peddler Tony Rezko promising he’d never rat out his pals.”

Read more here:,0,1570658.column

For several weeks, the situation with Tony Rezko has reminded me
of Jack Ruby, who remained in prison. Like Rezko, he had connections
to crime and corruption. Rezko is connected to Obama, Chicago and
Illinois crime and corruption as well as Middle East big money
and corruption.

Will Tony Rezko talk?

Will Blagojevich be indicted or impeached?

Will Obama be indicted?

Part two in this series on Rezko, Obama and corruption in Chicago,
Illinois and the Middle East, will have “more layers peeled.”


16 responses to “Rezko, Obama, Blagojevich, Larry Sinclair, press conference, Chicago, Illinois, Middle east, corruption, Rezko talk?, Cocaine use, Obama indictment next?

  1. goodtimepolitics

    You might want to add this to your list! If Americans don’t get upset about this then there is no hope for the human race!

  2. As the layers are peeled from the onion the true character of the fruit becomes obvious to all.

  3. Citizen

    Great summary on what Rezko really stands for. The level of corruption which is systemic throughout the local and state governmnet system. Touching both political parties. The involvemnt of Middle Eastern money also tied directly to the Nation of Islam, Trinity, Rezko, Auchi, Obama.

    These corrupt politicians are selling America out. On top of this this is our happy little Mr. Clean, Obama! Where is the MSM? I truely believe that we need to launch an investigation of MSM and break their monoply on American public opinion. Your mention of Stuart Levine, I wonder if he is still singing like a canary regarding the drug, male parties to the Feds. No wonder they want their boy to get to the Whitte House!

  4. Great Reporting!(citizen would like your permission to post your writing today so many others will get the Obama Rezko Connection as Dirty Politics)
    These Chicago Ganster style Politics showed its face at the Philly Fundraiser Friday. log onto read Obama mentality and answer the question of the day.


  6. citizenwells

    val sommerviile.
    Thank you.
    You are welcome to use anything on this blog.
    I am honored that you asked.

  7. Citizen: This is a wonderful article and as I’ve stated before… I’ve always felt a person is known by whomever they associate with, both in the past and present. They rarely, if ever, change, so the future can be added to the analysis, as well.

  8. Hope's Audacity

    It is sad that our media is so enthralled with the concept of this “historical” candidate that they are so blinded to things that would truly alter his candidacy:

    (1) Wouldn’t the average American think twice about voting for Obama if they were aware of his family’s violent actions in the unrest in Kenya?

    (2) Why won’t Obama supply a verifiable copy of his “original” birth certificate? He’s only showing a requested copy issued a few years ago.

    (3) Why won’t the media investigate all of his ties to Rezko and others?

  9. goodtimepolitics

    I started getting viewer from this address
    and checked it out, if this is the type of site that sponsers Obama than he should lose this election! Check out the side bar and what the other post are! Citizen Wells it will not hurt my feeling one bit if you decide to delete this address above after checking it out. But then again maybe the people should know about this type of endorsers of Obama!

  10. If you followed the Rezko trial, you recall that the star witness had a drug problem and that drugs were part of the case. There was a hotel that they met to do drugs together. That makes the scene that Larry Sinclaire describe make more sense.

  11. John Ryskamp

    Obama will shortly be indicted under 18 USC 1346, which is the same provision under which Rezko was convicted.

    There will be MANY counts in Obama’s indictment, more than there were in Rezko’s. This will give you details about one of the indictments, concerning the board legislation which Obama sponsored as part of a criminal enterprise. Both Rezko and Obama are members of the Syrian Mafia, which trades—corporately—under the name General Mediterranean and is headed by NadhmiAuchi.

    I don’t think I need to add that if Obama is elected, the Syrian mafia will be running the United States Government. Patrick Fitzgerald, hurry up.

    Below is a discussion of the board legislation by Evelyn Pringle, who published a very detailed series on Obama’s crimes at These articles have been cited around the world.

    Following her discussion is a link to a discussion, also reproduced, of 18 USC 1346, which, again is the section under which Obama will be prosecuted.

    First, Evelyn’s discussion:

    The evidence presented in “Tony Rezko’s] trial focused on his influence over officials in getting members appointed to the Boards. Prosecutors did not discuss how the legislation got passed that enabled the Planning Board to be set up in a way that allowed for the appointment of members to rig the votes to begin with. That part of the scheme will likely be detailed in future indictments, probably starting with Blagojevich. Blagojevich signed the Illinois Health Facilities Planning Act with an effective date of June 27, 2003. However, before he could sign the act, a bill had to be passed by the Illinois House and Senate. As discussed fully in Curtain Time Part II, Obama was the inside guy in the senate who pushed through the legislation that resulted in the Act. Obama was appointed chairman of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee. The minute the bill was introduced, it was referred to his committee for review. The sponsors of the bill also served on this committee with Obama. Within a month, Chairman Obama sent word to the full senate that the legislation should be passed. On May 31, 2003, Senate Bill 1332 passed and specified that the “Board shall be appointed by the Governor, with the advice and consent of the Senate.” The legislation reduced the number of members from 15 to 9, paving the way for the appointment of a five-bloc majority to rig the votes. The corrupt members appointed included three doctors who contributed to Obama. Michel Malek gave Obama $10,000 on June 30, 2003 and donated $25,000 to Blagojevich on July 25, 2003. Malek also gave Obama another $500 in September 2003. Fortunee Massuda donated $25,000 to Blagojevich on July 25, 2003, and gave a total of $2,000 to Obama on different dates. After he was appointed, Dr Imad Almanaseer contributed a total of $3,000 to Obama. Almanaseer did not give money to Blagojevich. When the first pay-to-play scheme was put in play, and the application for approval of a new hospital was submitted, the Department of Human Services, along with four other Illinois agencies, sent recommendations that the project should be approved even though experts said the hospital was not needed. During the trial, Rezko’s attorney presented an email exchange to the jury that hinted at Obama’s role in setting up the scheme. The exchange showed that Obama and seven other top Illinois politicians consulted on the legislation passed in 2003 and were involved in recommending the members for the board. Matthew Pickering wrote the memo to Blagojevich’s general counsel, Susan Lichtenstein, on behalf of David Wilhelm, a former chairman of the Democratic National Committee, who headed Blagojevich’s 2002 campaign for governor. Pickering said he and Wilhelm had “worked closely” over six months with state legislators. The memo recommended the appointees listed above and stated, “our attached recommendations reflect that involvement” with the political leaders. The persons appointed to rig the votes, including those who contributed to Blagojevich and Obama, are cooperating in exchange for immunity or lighter prison sentences. Feds shut down pay-to-play schemes. Only two pay-to-play schemes succeeded before the Feds swooped in and shut them all down. Blagojevich did not receive the $1.5 million from the Planning Board deal because the hospital was never built. But Obama received $20,000 from the first kickback paid in the pension fund scheme and the straw donors used to funnel the $10,000 payments, Elie Maloof and Joseph Aramanda, also made $1,000 contributions to Obama’s failed run for Congress in 2000. In addition, Aramanda gave $500 to Obama’s senate campaign on June 30, 2003. In the summer of 2005, Aramanda’s son landed an intern position in Obama’s Washington office. Obama also received contributions for his senate campaign from the two persons appointed to rig the vote on the pension fund board. On June 30, 2003, Jack Carriglio contributed $1,000, and the other appointee, Anthony Abboud, donated $500 on June 30, 2003, $250 on March 5, 2004, and $1,000 on June 25, 2004. The person chosen to funnel the kickback in a future scheme, Michael Winter, donated $3,000 to Obama on June 30, 2003. All these people are also cooperating in exchange for immunity or lesser prison sentences but prosecutors pointed out during closing arguments that people who entered into agreements with the government are required to tell the truth or all deals are off.

    And now the discussion of the law under which Obama will go to prison, 18 USC 1346:….

    This article provides brief guidance as to the manner in which courts have interpreted 18 U.S.C. § 1346, which generally provides that for purposes of federal mail and wire fraud statutes (18 U.S.C. §§ 1341 and 1343, respectively), a “scheme or artifice to defraud” includes a “scheme or artifice to deprive another of the intangible right to honest services.” Specifically, this article examines the manner in which courts have interpreted the broad language of § 1346 in circumstances that do not involve the explicit bribery of public officials.
    18 U.S.C. § 1346 was enacted in 1988, for purposes of reversing the Supreme Court’s decision in McNally v. U.S.,483 U.S. 350 (1987). In McNally, the Supreme Court overruled a long line of lower court decisions by holding that the federal mail and wire fraud statutes did not encompass schemes to defraud citizens of an intangible right to honest government service from pubic officers. Id. at 355. By enacting 18 U.S.C. § 1346, Congress restored “honest services” within the ambit of the federal mail and wire fraud statutes, meaning that a scheme to deprive the public of “honest services” by a public official could be punished as mail or wire fraud (assuming, of course, that such an instrumentality was used as part of the scheme or artifice).
    Judicial Interpretations of the “Honest Services” Fraud
    General Parameters of the Statute
    Not surprisingly, the majority of cases that have analyzed the “honest services” fraud set forth in 18 U.S.C. § 1346 have involved the bribery of public officials, where the charge under § 1346 is in addition to other charges. However, there have been numerous prosecutions under § 1346 against public officials (and those who have corrupted public officials) for transactions that do not involve outright bribery, but which nonetheless involve the provision of cash or gifts to a public official in exchange for the public official’s exercise of power on behalf of the individual or entity providing the gratuity.
    Courts have recognized that the term “honest services,” as used in § 1346, is incredibly broad, but the statute has survived repeated challenges asserting that it is unconstitutionally vague, with courts resorting to a “common sense” usage of the phrase “honest services.” In rejecting a constitutional void-for-vagueness challenge to the statute’s wording, one court opined that “[c]oncrete parameters outlining the duty of honest services should not be necessary. . . . The concept of the duty of honest services sufficiently conveys warning of the proscribed conduct when measured in terms of common understanding and practice.” U.S. v. ReBrook, 837 F. Supp. 162, 171 (S.D. W. Va. 1993), aff’d. 58 F.3d 961 (4 th Cir. 1995). Another court demonstrated little patience for the defendant’s void-for-vagueness challenge in the context of a kickback scheme, holding that “[i]t should be plain to ordinary people that offering and accepting large sums of money in exchange for a city councilman’s vote is a type of conduct proscribed by the language of § 1346.” U.S. v. Paradies, 98 F.3d 1266, 1283 (11 th Cir. 1996). Nonetheless, courts have refused to allow § 1346 to be used as a “catch-all” that subjects every unethical or illegal act to federal mail and wire fraud prosecution. See, e.g., U.S. v. Bloom, 149 F.3d 649, 654-56 (7 th
    Cir. 1998) (noting, inter alia, that “not every breach of fiduciary duty works a criminal fraud”); U.S. v. Welch, 327 F.3d 1081, 1107 (10 th Cir. 2003) (“the right to honest services is not violated by every breach of co…
    I like Don’t Like Flag Comment News Tip

  12. This is incredible. I hope it is all true and Patrick Kennedy hurries and gets the inditments against Obama. No wonder Hillary didn’t release her delegates to Obama.

  13. goodtimepolitics

    Obama is backing President Bush and his warrantless spy bill..what you think about that?

  14. Pingback: Rezko, Obama, Tony Rezko talking?, John Thomas, Chicago Suntimes article, August 28, 2008, Is Rezko working with the feds? « Citizen Wells

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