Obama natural born citizen?, Obama’s birth certificate, Obama born in Kenya, Is Obama eligible to be president?

** Major Update August 2, 2009 **

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Obama has been asked repeatedly to present a copy of his birth
certificate. Obama has refused to supply a copy of his birth
certificate. Is Obama eligible to be president?

Was Obama born in Kenya? I have two powerful sources that indicate
that Obama was born on Kenya. One is a reporter working behind the
scenes. The other is from the following site. The headline is shown
below and states:

“Kenyan-born OBAMA makes history…wins presidential nomination.”

A poster on Larry Sinclair’s blog has provided the following
interpretation of whether Obama meets the citizenship status
to be president:

“MARK Says:
Tuesday, June 10, 2008 at 2:56 pm
Barack Obama is not legally a U.S. Natural-born citizen according to the law on the books at the time of his birth, which falls between “December 24, 1952 to November 13, 1986? . Presidential office requires a natural-born citizen if the child was not born to two U.S. Citizen parents, which of course is what exempts John McCain though he was born in the Panama Canal. US Law very clearly stipulates: “…If only one parent was a U.S. Citizen at the time of your birth, that parent must have resided in the United States for at least ten years, at least five of which had to be after the age of 16.” Barack Obama’s father was not a U.S. Citizen and Obama’s mother was only 18 when Obama was born, which means though she had been a U.S. Citizen for 10 years, (or citizen perhaps because of Hawai’i being a territory) the mother fails the test for being so for at least 5 years **prior to** Barack Obama’s birth, but *after* age 16. It doesn’t matter *after* . In essence, she was not old enough to qualify her son for automatic U.S. Citizenship. At most, there were only 2 years elapsed since his mother turned 16 at the time of Barack Obama’s birth when she was 18 in Hawai’i. His mother would have needed to have been 16+5= 21 years old, at the time of Barack Obama’s birth for him to have been a natural-born citizen. As aformentioned, she was a young college student at the time and was not. Barack Obama was already 3 years old at that time his mother would have needed to have waited to have him as the only U.S. Cizen parent. Obama instead should have been naturalized, but even then, that would still disqualify him from holding the office.

*** Naturalized citizens are ineligible to hold the office of President. *** Though Barack Obama was sent back to Hawaii at age 10, all the other info does not matter because his mother is the one who needed to have been a U.S. Citzen for 10 years prior to his birth on August 4, 1961, with 5 of those years being after age 16. Further, Obama may have had to have remained in the country for some time to protect any citizenship he would have had, rather than living in Indonesia. Now you can see why Obama’s aides stopped his speech about how we technically have more than 50 states, because it would have led to this discovery. This is very clear cut and a blaring violation of U.S. Election law. I think the Gov. Of California would be very insterested in knowing this if Obama were elected President without being a natural-born U.S. Citizen, and it would set precedence. Stay tuned to your TV sets because I suspect some of this information will be leaking through over the next several days…”
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Below are US Constitution, Amendments and court cases that relate to the citizenship requirements for president from Wikipedia:

US constitutional definition
The United States Constitution does not define the term “natural born citizen”; however, it does confer on Congress the power: “To establish an uniform Rule of Naturalization.”

Section 1 of Article II of the Constitution contains the clause:
“ No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.

US case law

Although the U.S. Supreme Court has never specifically addressed the meaning of “natural born citizen,” there are several Supreme Court decisions that help define citizenship:

Dred Scott v. Sandford, 60 U.S. 393 (1857): In regard to the “natural born citizen” clause, the dissent states that it is acquired by place of birth (jus soli), not through blood or lineage (jus sanguinis): “The first section of the second article of the Constitution uses the language, ‘a natural-born citizen.’ It thus assumes that citizenship may be acquired by birth. Undoubtedly, this language of the Constitution was used in reference to that principle of public law, well understood in this country at the time of the adoption of the Constitution, which referred citizenship to the place of birth.” (Much of the majority opinion in this case was overturned by the 14th Amendment in 1868.)
United States v. Wong Kim Ark, 169 U.S. 649 (1898): A person born within the jurisdiction of the U.S. to non-citizens who “are not employed in any diplomatic or official capacity” is automatically a citizen.

Weedin v. Chin Bow, 274 U.S. 657 (1927): A child born outside the U.S. cannot claim U.S. citizenship by birth through a U.S. citizen parent who had never lived in the U.S. prior to the child’s birth. (This is still true today, although the specific statutes upon which the Supreme Court’s ruling was based have changed since 1927.)

Montana v. Kennedy, 366 U.S. 308 (1961): A person born in 1906, whose mother was a native-born citizen of the United States and whose father was a foreign citizen, who was born overseas and then moved to the United States, was not a citizen of the United States by birth. (Note that the relevant laws have changed considerably since 1906, so this decision does not necessarily apply to later cases.)

Schneider v. Rusk, 377 U.S. 163 (1964): The Court voided a statute that provided that a naturalized citizen should lose his United States citizenship if, following naturalization, he resided continuously for three years in his former homeland. “We start from the premise that the rights of citizenship of the native-born and of the naturalized person are of the same dignity and are coextensive. The only difference drawn by the Constitution is that only the ‘natural born’ citizen is eligible to be President.”

Miller v. Albright, 523 U.S. 420 (1998): A child born overseas to an American father and a foreign mother (not married) is not a U.S. citizen unless paternity is established before an established age (in this case 21). This case challenged the law on the grounds that U.S. law requires no explicit acknowledgment of parenthood in the case of a foreign-born child to an American mother and a foreign father (not married).

Nguyen v. INS, 533 U.S. 53 (2001): As in the Miller v. Albright case, the Court holds that a child born overseas to an American father and a foreign mother (not married) is not a U.S. citizen unless paternity is established before an established age (in this case 18). The child was brought to the U.S. before his sixth birthday and raised by his father; however, after a criminal conviction, deportation was ordered but the child claimed U.S. citizenship. His citizenship was denied because paternity had not been established prior to his 18th birthday. The Court upheld the law, once again affirming that Congress has the power to define citizenship outside the citizenship dictated by the 14th Amendment (citizenship by birth).

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  1. McCain has the same questions about his eligibility. It is really a non-issue. They utilize selective enforcement a great deal.

    Excellent site by the way.

  2. How thorough your research is! Figures it might come down to something as seemingly inconsequential as Obama’s place of birth that will be his undoing. Reminds me of Al Capone and the IRS.
    Well done, CW.

  3. I have been questioning this for some time.
    I found this document today. I am not sure how accurate itisbut lets investigate.

    Natural Born Citizen Act Summary

    PURPOSE: To define the term “natural born Citizen” as used in the Constitution to include three categories:

    (1) Any person born in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof,
    (2) Any person born outside the United States to a U.S. citizen parent or parents who are eligible to transmit citizenship, and
    (3) Any person adopted by the age of 18 by a U.S. citizen parent or parents who are otherwise eligible to transmit citizenship to a biological child.

    This bill is intended to clarify the term and end uncertainty about the eligibility requirements to run for the Office of the Presidency. The definition of this term is an issue that has been debated in legal circles for years and has never been ruled on by the courts. Clarification is needed before this becomes a real issue. Congress should be the institution that defines this term, not the courts.

    Congressional Authority:

    In the absence of a judicial interpretation of Constitutional language, Congress can express a legislative interpretation of Constitutional terms. A federal court would likely give great deference to Congress’ interpretation. The Congress also has broad authority regarding issues of citizenship. Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution grants authority to Congress to “establish a uniform rule of naturalization.” Several federal judicial decisions recognize Congress’ plenary powers regarding issues pertaining to citizenship that do not specifically fit under the Fourteenth Amendment. Notably Rogers v. Bellei (401 US 815) and US v. Wong Kim Ark (169 US 649) say that Congress has the power to regulate matters pertaining to citizenship not specifically defined by the Fourteenth Amendment.

    In addition, Congress has previously used their naturalization power to define the term “natural born” as used in a statute. In the Naturalization Act of 1790 Congress defined “natural born” to include children born abroad to citizen parents. Although the language was not kept in later naturalization laws, that specific language was not challenged.

    Persons Born Outside the United States to Citizen Parents:

    This bill clarifies that the term “natural born Citizen” includes children born outside the United States to citizen parents. This provision provides comfort and certainty to members of the American military and foreign services, as well as expatriate families, that their children, too, are eligible to run for president. These children are no less qualified than children born on American soil, and they should not be treated differently. Of course, children born to American citizens abroad would only be eligible to run for president if they satisfied the fourteen year residency requirement in addition to the “natural born” requirement.

    Support for the position that the term “natural born Citizen” should include children born outside the United States to citizen parents is particularly well articulated in a law review article by Jill A. Pryor entitled The Natural-Born Citizen Clause and Presidential Eligibility: An Approach for Resolving Two Hundred Years of Uncertainty. This article argues that “any person with a right to American citizenship under the Constitution, laws or treaties of the United States at the time of his or her birth is a natural-born citizen for purposes of presidential eligibility.”

    Persons Adopted by Age 18 by a Citizen Parent:

    This bill also ensures that children adopted by citizen parents, who are full-fledged members of American families are treated the same as if they were the biological children of American parents born abroad. Under adoption law, adopted children are to be treated as natural issue of their adoptive parents. They are to be accorded the same rights, duties and responsibilities as biological children. They are being raised by Americans in America. Adopted children of American citizens should be allowed the same opportunity as biological children to pursue all their dreams. They should be afforded the chance to give back to this country by serving in its highest office.

  4. About Mccain- I read today that a bill was put though congress this past year defining parents in the military that have children the children are US citizens. This was sponsered by none other than Hillary Clinton and Obama for McCain. Google it that is how I found the story.

  5. If this is true, why isn’t the media blasting it around the world? If Obama should be disqualified, it needs to be done now.



  7. If Obama’s birth certificate remains secret then suspicion mounts that Obama was born before Hawaii became a state. The usual check on a child’s age, producing a birth certificate when enrolling in a US school, didn’t happen in his case (he went to school in Indonesia). Did he ever do anything that required – and he produced – a birth certificate?

  8. start a petiton demanding to see his birth certificate!

  9. People, I ask you get some of your facts straight here and stop speculating.

    Val, no such legislation was “Recently” passed at all. If you have indeed found such an article, I can guarantee you it is pure misinformation.

    Being former military myself, I know for a fact both the UCMJ (Military Law) and Constitutional Law stipulate that any offspring born of a military dependent and their active duty military spouse is automatically a natural born US Citizen; regardless of where the birth took place. This has been the law since this nation’s military infrastructure was pretty much founded.

    So for McCaine, this is a null issue as he was born of, and by an active duty military member and his dependent wife who just happened to be stationed in Panama. He is a Natural Born Citizen, plane and simple. Period, end of story.

    On a related side note, if an offspring is born of two American Citizens anyplace in the world while traveling abroad. Their offspring are automatically Natural Born Citizens as well.

    Obama was not born under either of these circumstances. So yes, it is a valid issue he must confront, face, and be accountable to. The main point of contention with Obama’s birth is that he is the offspring of an American Citizen and a Foreign National.. His birth mother being the American Citizen.

    Although I’m no expert on Constitutional Law, I am more willing to believe since his mother was and is a Natural born American citizen. Obama’s birthright is more than likely that of a Natural Born Citizen. It has been the usual course of action in such cases to grant that determination based upon the birthing mother’s citizenship status, and not necessarily the father’s.

  10. opps… For those who do not speak military…

    UCMJ= Uniform Code of Military Justice

  11. I did some research on this “natural born” issue which took me directly to US Dept of State:


    Unforturnately, if the data I gathered are correct (mother’s DOB, Obama’s DOB, date Hawaii was accepted to Union), Barry should qualify for “natural born”.

    This is because Hawaii in 1961 (8/24/1961 precisely) was a State of the Union (accepted into the Union 8/4/1959). As such, Barry cannot be considered born “abroad” regardless of the fact that Obama Sr was a Kenyan citizen.

    I suspect there’s something else for the Obama’s camp to hide with respect to the birth certificate; maybe Hawaii required religion and Obama was registered as Muslim, the religion of his alien father.

  12. citizenwells

    I have seen no proof that Obama was born in Hawaii and some sources indicate he was born in Kenya.

  13. Link to fake birth certificate.

  14. this birth certificate is not certified, and there is no place for a certifying signature line for the individual who certified it.

    Worthless as a ‘legal’ document. Must be certified and signed

  15. Another Angle on the Birth Certificate Matter??

    Yesterday HILLBUZZ posted a very interesting angle on this Birth Certificate(s) issue, and wondered aloud why the blogs were silent on it.

    Seems like it may possibly open a window to some of the questions
    raised above that are not of a highly legal nature.

    HILLBUZZ started out by making it clear that as far as they were concerned, the issue of whether the Senator was an American citizen or not, was a non-issue.

    They reasoned out that point like this:

    “Obama was born in Hawaii in 1961, two years after it became a state. He is an American citizen, case-closed. As far as we understand, ANYONE born in United States territory is natural-born and is thus eligible for election to the Presidency. So, Obama’s Hawaiian birth certificate is completely unimportant.”

    Based on some of the legalese raised here, an argument may ensue.

    However, HILLBUZZ’ focus was somewhere else.

    What then is the issue?

    Now, to fully grasp their line of discussion regarding the particular angle on this topic that has not REALLY been followed up, by interested parties/bloggers, HILLBUZZ puts forward their argument this way:


    “However, there’s an interesting catch no one is covering.

    In Kenya, where Obama’s father is from, a second birth certificate for Obama was issued and registered with Kenya’s government. This is a custom in Kenya, when a baby is born to a Kenyan citizen overseas: that birth is recorded in Kenya in addition to the United States, or wherever.

    The blogs have been buzzing with the fact that GOP operatives have been to Kenya researching Obama’s past, and Obama’s father and other family in Kenya, and it appears they have obtained a copy of Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate.

    The reason this is interesting is something no one has caught yet.

    In some foreign countries, a baby’s religion is written on the birth certificate, particularly in countries with multiple religions. If Kenya is a country that requires this note on a birth certificate, and if Obama’s father had “Muslim” written on his birth certificate, then Obama has a lot of explaining to do.

    This is NOT an issue about Obama being Muslim — because Obama is a practicing Christian and has established that ad nauseum. But, if the GOP has a birth certificate for Obama from Kenya listing him as Muslim, it makes Obama seem like a liar. He is never good in moments like this, when he has to explain how some new fact or document seemingly contradicts something he said earlier.

    He did not handle the Jeremiah Wright eruptions well, and did not handle today’s Jim Johnson issue well either (where Obama said, at first, that Johnson was not playing an important role in his campaign and was only an unpaid volunteer, when in actuality Johnson was one of three people vetting Obama’s VP picks…and previous people in Johnson’s position went on, in other administrations, to become the Secretary of State (Warren Christopher) and actual Vice President (Dick Cheney)).

    Obama sold his candidacy on being a different kind of politician and claiming to be honest with the American people. Anything that calls his credibility into question endangers his candidacy. Obama has repeatedly said he is not a Muslim, but if the GOP produces a birth certificate from Kenya that says he was listed as Muslim at birth, and then also produces school records from Indonesia that further list Obama as Muslim (with the added testimony of one of Obama’s teachers who says Obama attended intense Koran study after school), then Obama has an awful lot of explaining to do, because he’s said, on tape and in print, that he has never been Muslim.

    The issue becomes important not because of religion, but because Obama has said one thing, but another thing entirely is proven true. It does not, and should not, matter what religion a presidential candidate is, but it DOES matter if a presidential candidate is caught in any obvious, glaring lies.”

    ============END QUOTE============

    Make of this what you will.

    The full post can be seen here:


  16. You can only have 1 birth certificate. We should question 2 birth certificates.

  17. Where was the signature on the birth certificate that he sent out. It had no signatures. very strange.

  18. well, what we are waiting for, start demending Obamas birth certificate.This is so serious, we can not let Him run away from another coverup or lie!!!

  19. Why is there no embossed stamp on the birth certificate. If it’s a copy, you should at least some sdadow where the stamp is even if you can’t see the whole stamo or read it. Ever bitrh cert. I’ve ever seen has a stamp on it, mine has my feet and hand prints on it.

  20. Okay okay. You guys know so much, isn’t
    it possible for you all to get in touch with someone who can do something about all
    this amazing information you come up
    with day after day. Can’t we get the
    information to Howard Dean and
    Nancy Pelosi and find out what
    they are prepared to do about
    all of this. Put them into the
    hot seat and make them come
    with a decision in public about
    their boy.


    Folks, Texas D has another update on that Certificate story, fast growing into legend.

    Makes for verrryyyy interesting reading:

    ******************* START QUOTE *******************


    “In the past 48 hours, several new pieces of information related to Barack Obama’s birth certificate have come to my attention. I will attempt to consolidate the pieces here, and post the questions raised by this set of information.

    The developments in this story are dynamic and fast-moving. I will do my best, and hopefully we will start to get some answers.

    The Daily Kos Diary

    In the No Quarter story Saturday, Daily Kos, an Obama Activist, and Forged Birth Certifications, JimJ presented evidence suggesting that the Certification of Live Birth posted in a June 12 Daily Kos story, Obama’s birth certificate by Kos (Markos Moulitsas Zuniga) may have been forged by Opendna, whom JimJ believes to be Jay McKinnon.

    Upon reading JimJ’s story, I did a little digging.

    The first thing I noticed when I re-read the Kos story is that Kos does not explain how he acquired Obama’s certification, which seems curious given his alleged credentials as a serious blogger.

    As it was explained to me by the Hawaii Attorney’s General office, the Hawaii State Department of Health does not issue certifications to the press or public, only to a person with a “direct and tangible” relationship to the registrant (in this case, Barack Obama). So Kos could not have lawfully acquired the certification from the State of Hawaii.

    However, within the substantial body of comments (648 at this writing) to Kos’s diary, several posters referenced a comment by Kos in which he explains that he asked the Obama campaign for the certification via e-mail, and they sent it to him. The problem is that I cannot find the original comment from Kos which so many other posters reference; perhaps my search tool is not working well and I could not find it among the 648 comments, and someone else can locate it.

    Second, this sentence by Kos caught my eye: “Note, I have trimmed the edges of the scan, so before someone tries to inevitably ‘debunk’ this based on the dimensions of a Hawaiian birth certificate, that should be noted.” ”

    ****************** END QUOTE ******************

    Because of the meandering that’s required to get to the bottom of this episode of the mystery, please check here for the full details:


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  23. It appears that Obama does not meet “natural born” citizen requirement and this will be escalated by the media after the convention. The Democrat party will be in a world of hurt if they don’t address this issue now, prior to their ‘official’ nomination.

  24. McCain is a natural born citizen because he has parents who are American citizens, and was born in the Panama Canal Zone, which was a designated U.S. property at that time. If Mr. Hussein Obama was born in Kenya to non-U.S. citizens as was is supposedly documente, Mr. Hussein is not an American citizen and ineligible for the Presidency. It’s very simple.

  25. Obama’s mother was born in Kansas. The couple were married in 1961- Hawaii became a state, in 1959.

  26. I heard on the radio that there is no actual “birth certificate” from Hawaii, only a “registry of birth”. They said his mother was visiting Kenya before his birth and they would not allow her to fly back because she was too far along in her pregnancy. They went on to say that she gave birth in Kenya then later registered the birth in Hawaii.

    Things that make you go hmmm.

  27. I can’t believe the republican pundits have stooped this low. As a former republican, I am very disappointed that the GOP machine has to reach to such depths to dishonor a great candidate for U.S. President. I am proud to now be a Democrat and believe Barack Obama will truly bring about the changes we so desperately need in this country. The “American Dream” has been reduced to a nightmare. Spiraling gas & food prices, our military stretched to extremes, plummeting home values…the list goes on & on. When will this end? In November when we VOTE FOR CHANGE!!! I hope & pray that the American people will not believe this outlandish negative propaganda put forth by the people who created this nightmare to begin with. As a former ELECTED Republican official, I find this unforgivable. The saying “If you’re not outraged you’re not paying attention” truly applies. Wake up America…don’t be deceived by the evil that is promoting this outlandish & superfluous ‘pack of lies. in November VOTE FOR CHANGE! The future of America depends on it. May God Bless America & God change America! I am proud to be a “New Democrat” & know I am not alone in my beliefs! CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN!!! Susan

  28. citizenwells

    Obama and his thugs dishonor themselves and the Democrat Party. The people that are the most outraged are the Hillary supporters that experienced first hand the Obama thugs stealing the primaries and the nomination. Obama change is like Hitler change, forced on the public in barbarian ways. Obama’s terrorism is documented and no amount of lies and diversions from the Obama Camp will fool everyone.

  29. Susan,

    Your desperation for change, is much like desperation for water in the desert. With few options, it’s not surprising that Obama is your mirage. But I would suggest that you look again.

  30. Why would we want to do anything about this now? Why not wait and see if he wins and then run it through the Supreme Court and let them decide? We all know how that will play out.

    You liberals should vet your idols before hoisting them up on the greek pedastal.

  31. You are right James, if Obama’s puppeteers, and the Republicans had allowed the media to do their job.

  32. I am so tired of hearing “We need change”. What will he change and how will he change it? The Dems don’t seem to be able to see BHO is a slick, corrupt, typical Chicago politician. He has very serious connections to the Muslim Middle-East financiers. Rezko is Syrian who with the connections in Chicago and the help of State Senator Obama now lives in Hyde park with his millions hidden in off shore accounts. BHO’s minions acts so foolish–the Democratic Congress has showed us how much good change they can accomplish. Look what has happened to our economy since they took over.
    I noticed noone at DNC mentioned 9/11 or Al-Qaeda. The Bush bashing is just ignorant. I would have loved to have seen BHO in action after 9/11–Uhh-Uhh-Uhhh, well maybe I can just talk them out of hating us!!!
    Americans who say we deserveed 9/11 need to be tried for treason. America does more than any other country to help others in the US and the world. We will never sit by and let other attack our country and not respond. Remember America, Clinton had info about Al-Qaeda’s threat but did nothing. This is not the kind of weak leadership we need during a time when the world is full of HATE. Clintons yrs as Pres. were spent in SEX Scandals. Boy that is the kind of high morals I want my kids to look up to–NOT

  33. McCain was born in Panama on a US military base, which makes him a US citizen.

  34. Susan- as a 30 year registered Dem – I want the courts to look into this and determine his eligibility.
    Lets the chips fall where they may. If charges are proven to be baseless by the courts, then we can go on, but not before then.
    The US Constitution demands the same eligibility whether Republicans or Democrats. To look the other way just because he is a Democrat is outrageous!

  35. If you people read– part of the controversy is that there seems to be one birth certificate in Kenya and his grandparents say they were present at his birth in Kenya, as well as TWO birth certificates in different hospitals in Hawaii. A person cannot possibly have three legitimate birth certificates.

  36. Obama Natural born?

  37. I just read the lawsuit filed by Berg, along with all the accompanying explanation, on his website . He doesn’t mention anything about Obama not being a citizen because, under the law at the time, his mother wasn’t old enough to pass on citizenship. It wouldn’t make sense if it did say this. Whether or not a baby born in the US is a citizen doesn’t fall under legislative law, it falls under constitutional law. Therefore, the only way that there could be definitive “rule” regarding this would be if the congress passed an amendment regarding this (the last amendment that the Congress passed which would have any bearing on this was the 14th amendment in 1866) or if the Supreme Court issued a ruling related to this (The last in which they made a ruling on this mater was in 1898, [US vs. Wong Kim Ark, 169 US 649] In that ruling they confers citizenship to any baby born in the US to parents that are in the country legally, regardless of the parents citizenship or age). Of course, since the Supreme Court only ruled regarding this narrow issue, the lower courts even have the discretion to grant citizenship even further, and they often have, even conferring citizenship to babies born in the US to parents who are here illegally.

    This whole thing about “in 1961, the law said that you had to be 19 to pass on your citizenship, and Obama’s mother was only 18, is just a lie started by people who hate Obama and have no understanding of the law.

    First the conservative press said that Obama had no birth certificate. When he produced one, they tried to say that it wasn’t legal because a “Certificate of Live Birth” isn’t the same as a “birth certificate.” This was refuted Newsweek Magazine,

    And even by the Hawaiian State government’s own websites, which use the term “Certificate of Live Birth” and “birth certificate” interchangeably.

    So, now they are trying to convince everyone that Obama’s certificate is a forgery, and have hired Berg to file a suit alleging this. Interestingly enough, Berg has a history of filing politically motivated suits that never seem to have any substance to them, but stir up political fervor. He’s very good at creating cases that, even though there’s no evidence to win them, there is enough rhetoric to get it into court.

    Hey, who knows, maybe the birth certificate is a forgery, anything is possible. But it seems like those who are alleging this have moved from one lie to another. Why should we believe that this one has any substance?

  38. I stumbled on this site after a very depressing day and THANKS GUYS….You all gave me a huge laugh. You all are a HOOT!!

    Susan is the only one who makes any sense. Obama has no birth certificate, born in Kenya, and on and on. Like good little Nancy Drew detectives you think you know something the world doesn’t. What a bunch of jerks you are.

    Suck it up Folks…Obama will be our next president.

  39. Our country needs someone to stand up for what is right . Not one that stands up to say I’m present!!!!!!!!!!!!! MCCAIN is my choice
    Life not the shedding of innocent blood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. My wife and I are both U.S. citizens. We were in Belgium for work between 1989-1996. Our daughter was born in Leuven in November 1989. We received a birth certificate from the Belgian hospital where she was born. I took that certificate to the U.S. Consulate in Brussels, filled out a form, showed both passports of the parents, they took the Belgian birth certificate for their files and issued a U.S. Birth Certificate for my daughter, as a U.S. citizen born abroad. Consequently, she is eligible to be president of the United States. (The same circumstances apply to McCain!)

    Obama’s case may be different. If he was born in Hawaii, then there is no problem. Place of birth on US soil grants automatic citizenship (unlike Belgium!).

    But if he was born in Kenya, but they issued him a birth certificate in Hawaii, then we are certainly dealing at least with improper documentation, if not outright fraud. The US consulate is the place to register the birth of a US Citizen born abroad, not an office in the United States. The mother may have indeed been ineligible to pass on her US citizenship, but the Hawaii office may not have known this (Unless, of course the document truly is a fake!)

    The other thing is that if Obama was born in Kenya, he would have needed a passport to travel to the United States. (The US issues passports for infants. Other countries sometimes allow children to be listed on a parent’s passport). So how would baby Barack have traveled to Hawaii? On a Kenyan passport? He couldn’t have been listed on his mother’s passport.

    This is a strange and intriguing story indeed.

  41. citizenwells

    The indisputable aspect of the Berg lawsuit is that Obama became an Indonesian citizen and did not subsequently pledge allegiance to the US. This is documented.

  42. Regarding Panama-Canal-Zone birth of John McCain:

    McCain’s father was in the US Navy. Both parents American citizens. Canal Zone US-Military area. Children born in Canal Zone in American military hospital automatically citizens I believe. My cousins husband was career Army, both kids born outside US but in American military hospitals so are US citizens.

  43. Passports for infants traveling with parents is recent change from the old arrangement in which infant traveling with parent traveled on parent’s passport.

  44. Even Spain has gotten into the act:


    Publishing documents received from AXJ-Kenya. Wow.

  45. WowThisIsCool

    Well needless to say this is an interesting article. I have one quick question to ask all of you. If Obama was born in Kenya and technically isn’t a U.S citizen, doesn’t that go against the constitution?? As the founding material of this country, how could he become president if he goes against the laws our founding fathers put in place to protect this country?? Does that sound right to you?

  46. if obama was born in kenya, why hsan’t this been proven so he can be disqualified from being president? my understanding of the consti tution is in order to be president you must be born in the usa, last i knew ,kenya wasn’t part of the usa. i think there should be an extremely serious and quick investigation

  47. The media won’t let it come out to the general public if in fact he is not a US citizen by birth – as described and required under the constitution to be President. So many people want this guy in the White House and so many people are brainwashing average Americans it’s not funny anymore. Where is he getting so much money for the fight for the Presidency – the Rockefellers maybe? Is he really Cheney’s 8th cousin? Doesn’t that scare you just a bit? Who will be in charge? Dick Cheney – same as now!

  48. All Obama’s donations are coming from his scumbag terrorist friends. I can’t believe he’s getting away with running for president and maybe even winning if he really isn’t a US citizen.

  49. The question isn’t whether Obamessiah is a U.S. Citizen. Clearly he is a U.S. citizen. The question is whether or not he was born on U.S. Soil.

    Just being a U.S. citizen isn’t good enough when running for President. If my wife and I have a child overseas, that child is definitely a citizen, but may not be eligible to run for President. If Obama was not born on U.S. soil – then his eligibility can be argued. It has nothing to do with “stooping so low” – that’s the stupidest thing I ever heard. I has to do with the Constitution. If you weren’t born on U.S. soil – you can’t be president. Period!

    McCain was born in Panama and this a non-issue for him because he was born to ACTIVE DUTY military parents WHILE ASSIGNED OR DEPLOYED to an overseas post.

  50. This is ridiculous.

    Check out Factcheck.org. They’ve held Obama’s birth certificate from Hawaii. It has a raised seal which you couldn’t see on the original scan. It has a stamped signature on the back. It’s legit.

    Here’s a link: http://www.factcheck.org/elections-2008/born_in_the_usa.html

    One more thing I’d like to point out. The local Hawaiian newspaper has a birth announcement from a local hospital back in 1961. Barrack’s birth is in there.

    Hey conspiracy theorists, care to invent a new lie to explain that piece of truth away?

  51. NEWS FLASH !!!
    Have you seen this..Possible OBAMA Camp COVER UP in Berg v Obama.

    Judge Surrick “Received” the Decision He Issued!-‘A fax copy of the decision from Judge Surrick was faxed to Mr. Berg from the Judge’s Chambers, pages 1-36, beginning at 18:09 Oct 24, it’s clearly notated by the receiving fax, starting at page 01/36. Page 36/36 is marked 18:16 Oct24. What’s interesting is at the bottom.-SEE FAX COPY CLOSE UP HERE – http://tinyurl.com/5rla95 -Bottom of each page is a notation from another FAX machine, indicating the date, page number and time. Unlike the pages faxed from Judge Surrick’s fax at 18:09, the “name” of the fax sender is blank, presumably so the sender’s identity could not be seen, and obviously with the sender unaware that the date and time would be stamped on it. The fax began from this mystery fax at 04:55P on Oct24, ending at 05:11P.-From all appearances, the clerk at Surrick’s office merely took the fax off the machine, the Judge signed it, and it was faxed to Mr. Berg and the other attorneys listed.-Why would a decision from Surrick have “fax date & time” stamp at the BOTTOM of its pages when it is faxed to the Plaintiff and Defendants? And why almost simultaneously were all of the docket links disabled on the case in PACER ( I checked other cases, and they weren’t disabled)?- Is it possible that a former law clerk of Judge Surrick, Christoper B. Seaman, might have wrote the decision? Now an attorney, Mr. Seaman is an attorney at the firm of Sidley, Austin in Chicago. This is the same firm that employed Michelle Obama and Bernardine Dorn (Ayers Wife), and where Barack met Michelle.- If I had to surmise from the manner in which things have evolved in this election process, I would link it to Obama and lawyers in Chicago.

    The time in Chicago is an hour behind Pennsylvania, taking into account the slight few minutes that two fax machines may be off in their time settings, it could be concluded that at 4:55p CT, a law firm in Chicago began faxing the memorandum of the Judge’s decision to the JUDGE, and then his office began faxing it out immediately.
    – A memorandum, had this comment in the footnotes:
    – “Moreover, the Court In Bullock did not limit or in any way invalidate votes that had already been cast; nor did it void the results of the elections that had taken place. Se Ed. at 136- 37, 149 (affirming that court’s permanent injunction of the filing fee law). By contrast, Plaintiff would have us derail the democratic process by invalidating a candidate for whom millions of people voted and who underwent excessive vetting during what was one of the most hotIy contested presidential primary in living memory. Pg 11-“
    – Points to Ponder: (1) Why was the PACER system “links” in the Berg v. Obama docket disabled just MOMENTS before the decision was faxed out? Is it possible that the Judge had actually issued a DIFFERENT ruling, and was FORCED to issue the one that was sent to him? -(2) Does this explain the comments from the Obama camp all through Friday the 24th that ALL Obstacles to the White House had been overcome, and “they now had a clear path.” – SOURCE: http://tinyurl.com/5zkc6g
    WOW, me thinks something is not right in the Kingdom of Denmark.

  52. Vote for John McCain.
    Vote for John McCain.
    Vote for John McCain.
    Vote for John McCain.

    Obama is going to raise taxes.

  53. Well dj……isn’t it a little odd that you get your info from factcheck, when it’s indeed owned by Annenberg and good ole Obama has ties to Annenberg. This country is in BIG trouble if Obama gets it. People are too ignorant to see through his lies. My guess is that everyone will WAKE UP pretty quick after he gets and and they see what he’s REALLY all about.

  54. YoungRepublican

    McCain was born on an Aircraft carrier which is legally US “territory” so to speak and since his parents were in service to the United States at the time of his birth his place of birth is irrelevant.

  55. I haven’t seen the full text here yet, so I’ll post it below. First, we all know that Sen Barry’s mother was 18 when he was born, it’s “public record.” She very well was in HI at the time of his birth. However, just because you have a State Birth Cert does not automatically qualify you for the post of President! If you are born in the states to a 1 Citizen, 1 non citizen family, there are certain rules that apply. I have spent countless hours looking at the US law in INTCA (again I’ll post it below) which is very vague in some respects, but is quite clear in others, especially when it comes to residency requirements for the “transmission of US Citezenship.” I know it’s rather wordy, but most will undoubtedly be able to decipher the meaning, especially the part that states “still is applicable”. Some will argue that sections 301(g) and 301(h) of this same document apply to Sen Barry and thus he is a natural born citizen, but continued reading will show that the 301(g/h) sections are the laws that are on the books today, and are applicable only back to 1986. Please read on….. From the INTCA found here (http://www.state.gov/documents/organization/86757.pdf)

    “7 FAM 1133.2-2 Original Provisions and Amendments to
    Section 301
    (CT:CON-204; 11-01-2007)
    a. Section 301 as Effective on December 24, 1952: When enacted in 1952,
    section 301 required a U.S. citizen married to an alien to have been
    physically present in the United States for ten years, including five after
    reaching the age of fourteen, to transmit citizenship to foreign-born
    children. The ten-year transmission requirement remained in effect from
    12:01 a.m. EDT December 24, 1952, through midnight November 13,
    1986, and still is applicable to persons born during that period. As
    originally enacted, section 301(a)(7) stated: Section 301. (a) The
    following shall be nationals and citizens of the United States at birth: (7)
    a person born outside the geographical limits of the United States and its
    outlying possessions of parents one of whom is an alien, and the other a
    citizen of the United States who, prior to the birth of such person, was
    physically present in the United States or its outlying possessions for a
    period or periods totaling not less than ten years, at least five of which
    were after attaining the age of fourteen years: Provided, That any
    periods of honorable service in the Armed Forces of the United States by
    such citizen parent may be included in computing the physical presence
    requirements of this paragraph.”

    And further down in… “7 FAM 1133.3-1 Requirements of Section 301 INA
    (TL:CON-68; 04-01-1998)

    c. Birth to Citizen and Alien: Unlike section 301(d), section 301(g)
    (formerly section 301(a)(7) INA) does not require a continuity of stay.
    However, on the whole, its requirements for transmitting U.S. citizenship
    to the foreign-born child of a U.S. citizen and an alien are much more
    stringent: for children born prior to November 14, 1986, the U.S. citizen
    parent must have had ten years of physical presence, five of which were
    after reaching age 14, in the United States or its outlying possessions; for
    children born on or after November 14, 1986, to transmit citizenship the
    U.S. citizen parent needs five years of physical presence, two of which
    were after age 14, in the United States or one of its possessions.”

    So there it is. If his mother was 18, which she was, then it doesn’t matter that he has a birth cert, he simply is not qualified as a natural born citizen under the law that existed on the books at the time of his birth, since his mother would have to have been 19 to automatically transmit US citizenship to her son Barry, I mean Barrack.
    Any questions?
    Just the facts!

    And to Young Republican, you are right about US Naval vessels being US Territory, but Sen McCain was born at Coco Solo Air Base in Panama.

  56. Actually, this article reminds me of a case I know of. A young gal was trying to establish her citizenship, since she was here from the time she was a baby. She was born in Mexico from a US Citizen mother and a Mexican father, but the problem came up with she had to prove the dates that the mother was in the US. As this turned out, according to US law, she wasn’t born a citizen. Sure, it doesn’t seem fair, but the law of the land IS the law at the time that this all took place.

    This was according to the INA code that the Citizenship and Immigration Service holds to.

    Proof of citizenship can also come through the Dept. of State, a different agency. Now, I know Obama has a passport because he traveled overseas. How did he get this by the Dept of State?

  57. A far better question is whether or not Obama’s mother was in possession of a passport in 1964, an issue that can be solved with a copy of her death certificate and $60. I wonder why these “genius” protectors of federal election law haven’t bothered to at least establish whether it was possible for her to even have BEEN in Africa at the time of his birth. This slur stinks.

  58. I’m sorry, but I know that Barack Obama- OOPS! Excuse me- President Barack Obama was not born in Hawaii. How? Some might ask. One is that Kenya and Hawaii are 15 to 16 thousand miles away from each other, and also at that time it could have taken them a few weeks to get to Hawaii! It is impossible for a woman to stay in labor for a few weeks, maybe a few days.
    There is one accusation that I and others have made, what if Barack Obama was born inside the plane on their way to Hawaii. I wonder if others have thought about this assumption? But above all else the thing that upsets not only myself but many others is that the government did not check to see if Obama was a U.S citizen before alloying him to run for President, or for that matter even Senator. Without doing so the government broke the U.S Constitution which founded this Nation of God, But it seams through the times the government has strayed farther and farther away from the Constitution and even the Declaration of Independence, And to think our founding Fathers tried prevent this Nation from becoming the land of King Charles.

  59. Wow! I just found out that Obama is going to make 3 years old the compulsory age for preschoolers! And guess what else Obama calls home schooling a farce! OH MY GOD…. Just for quotes I’m a home schooled adult, being home schooled was the best thing that could have happened to me. I’m 22 and I can tell you right now being public school was a night mare for me. Now I know that some of you are against home schooling but it benefits to those who need it. Oh and about that compulsory age mess I have a younger sister and she would have passed out if she had to go to preschool at that age.

  60. Below is a just-scanned copy of the back of my son’s birth certificate application from 1970. He was born in abroad to myself, a native-born American, and to my wife, a foreign national. The application was executed at the American Embassy in her country. Perhaps it will help in the discussion about the requirements for being a natural born citizen.

    Form 7-67 FS-240

    NATIONALS AND CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES AT BIRTH Excerpts from the Immigration and Nationality Act, As Amended:
    Section 301 (a) The following shall be nationals and citizens of the United States at birth:
    (3) a person born outside of the United States and its outlying possessions of parents both of whom are citizens of the United States and one of whom has had a residence in the United States or one of its outlying possessions, prior to the birth of such person;
    (4) a person born outside of the United States and its outlying possessions of parents one of whom is a citizen of the United States who has been physically present in the United States or one of its outlying possessions for a continuous period of one year prior to the birth of such person, and the other of whom is a national, but not a citizen of the United States;
    (7) a person born outside the geographical limits of the United States and its outlying possessions- of parents one of whom is an alien, and the other a citizen of the United States who, prior to the birth of such person, was physically present in the United States or its outlying possessions for a period or periods totaling not less than ten years, at least five of which were after attaining
    the age of fourteen years: Provided, That any periods of honorable service in the Armed Forces of the United States, or periods of employment with the United States Government or with an international organization as that term is defined in section 1 of the lnternational Organizations Immunities Act (59 Stat.669;
    22 U.S.C. 288) by such citizen parent, or any periods during which such citizen parent is physically present abroad as the dependent unmarried son or daughter and a member of the household of a person (A) honorably serving with the Armed Forces of the United States, or (B) employed by the United States Government or an international organization as defined in section 1 of the International Organizations Immunities Act, may be included in order to satisfy the physical presence requirement of this paragraph. This proviso shall be applicable to persons born on or after December 24, 1952, to the same extent as if it had become effective in its present form on that date.
    Section 301 (b) Any person who is a national and citizen of the United States at birth under paragraph (7) of subsection (a), shall lose his nationality and citizenship unless he shall come to the United States prior to attaining the age of twenty-three years and shall immediately following any such coming be continuously physically present in the United States for at least five years: Provided, That such physical presence follows the attainment of the age of fourteen years and precedes the age of twenty-eight years.
    Section 16. In the administration of section 301(b) of the immigration and Nationality Act, absences from the United States of less than-twelve months in the aggregate, during the period for which continuous physical presence in the United States is required shall not be considered to break the continuity of such physical presence. (Act of September 11, 1957; 71 Stat. 644)

    (underscoring supplied by U.S. government)

  61. Question for Jason and those with significant information on this topic.

    Denying Obama’s right to “natural born status” and thus the presidency seems to rest on the possibility of his being born outside the US–if that is in fact what happened– and the fact that his mother was 19, i.e. had not lived in the US at the time of his birth for five years after she was 14. Is that the correct argument? If so, what is the evidence for his being born in Kenya? Also, does the law apply to someone who was born and lived all her life in the United States before giving birth to a child conceived with a foreign national or only to someone who spent some of her childhood outside the US? Does the bigamy of Obama Sr. nuyllify his marriage to Ann Dunham and therefore make the father of Obama Jr. irrelevant since the only parent would then be an American citizen?

  62. Richard Podraza

    Has anyone else noticed that the document is a certificate of live birth, not a birth certificate?

    Try getting a drivers’ license with a certificate of live birth – you can’t. This is not trivial. There is a serious question being asked which can be put to rest quite simply by Mr. Obama.

    I recently obtained a passport. Needed a certified birth certificate. It took a week to get it and I ordered it on-line. It would seem that Mr. Obama could have produced his in no more time than I, unless it does not exist?

    Either we have a constitution or we don’t.

    Perhaps, sadly, the country is changing in the direction of the barnyard in Orwell’s Animal Farm after the pigs took control of the revolution and gradually changed the first law from “All animals are equal”, to “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”.

  63. Supreme Court justices

    WASHINGTON, D.C. 20543

    DOCKET #08A407

    this is the Suit that is before the Supreme court by NJ Attorney in regards to bo COLB
    Let the Supreme Court Justices hear from you, pass these names and addresses onto your email friends and lets make the truth come out. Be sure and address this before Dec. 1, when he is suppose to present his birth certificate to the courts…..

  64. Let me introduce something to the crowd. On December 1st President -Elect Obama is to come forth and show his real birth certificate. If he does not or if the certificate says that he was not born on U.S soil then the tables will be turned to the McCain & Palin campain.

    Also just to express my opinion and knowledge I strongly believe that this election was false, that poles were rigged, partially because of ACORN’s so called contribution to the Obama campain.

  65. Mr. Donofrio stated he would not be communicating any further about the case after today until the Dec 5 Supreme Court review. Perhaps that is why the site is not up.
    ** Update **
    Site is up.

  66. The mere fact that there is a question about his citizinship should be enough for him to step down.

    I have watched from across the ocea (Aus) with keen interest as to the proceedings fr this election, and feel that there are too many unanswered questions pertaining to this man.

    Have to add the reason that the gov., of CA could not run for resident is that he was not born in USA…if Obana gets through on this, then it will set a precedent…stand down while this is investigated.

    Mere fact, that there is a ? above him should be enough for people to doubt so muh more.

  67. The INA does not say “five years from the age of _16_”. It says “five years from the age of 14.” Now Obama’s mother was only 18 (just shy of 19) when he was born, so she could not possibly have been in the US for five years from age 14. That said, A) Obama wasn’t born in Kenya, and B) if he was, are we to assume the spirit of the law bars 18 year old US citizens from having children overseas and passing on citizenship to them, or rather is the law meant to keep foreigners from moving to the US, getting citizenship, then going to their country of birth and having kids years later and then claiming their children are US Citizens?


  69. Jonathan Moses Katcher

    I have more questions than answers.


    I)Multiple candidates of dubious eligibility regarding “natural born”.

    II)Confusion regarding voting for electors, and ballots differing from state to state.

    III)Who is in Charge?

    I)Multiple candidates of dubious eligibility regarding “natural born”.
    A. Are there any other names to add to this list?
    3 candidates in the 2008 USA presidential elections whose eligibility for presidency has been questioned:
    1)Roger Calero
    2)Barack Obama
    3)John McCain


    In which states was Calero was on ballot for the office of president in 2008? or in 2004?

    accessed August 2008

    In 2004, Róger Calero was the SWP candidate for President of the United States and received 3,689 votes,[5] with Arrin Hawkins

    running for Vice President. Because he is not a natural born citizen of the United States, Calero is ineligible to become U.S. president

    under the United States Constitution, and so James Harris, the Socialist Workers’ Party presidential candidate from 2000, stood in on the

    ticket in nine states where Calero could not be listed, receiving 7,102 additional votes.[6]

    Róger Calero again ran for President of the United States representing the SWP in the 2008 presidential election, together with Alyson

    Kennedy for vice-president.[1]
    accessed 4:05 PM 12/5/2008

    2. Obama
    (that’s the big question. Why hasn’t a legitimate birth certificate been produced? Who let him on the ballot without producing the

    necessary information? And the story here, “…If only one parent was a U.S. Citizen at the time of your birth, that parent must have

    resided in the United States for at least ten years, at least five of which had to be after the age of 16.”, a requirement that had to be, but

    was not met in order for Obama to be eligible for the office of President of the United States).

    3. McCain
    (i think he is a citizen because both his parents were US citizens and his father was serving overseas at the time)

    C. Whose responsibility is it?/How?…
    1. To keep ineligible candidates off of the ballot.
    2. To keep ineligible candidates from being represented by electors.
    3. To prevent an ineligible candidate from taking office after winning what would otherwise constitute sufficient electoral votes.
    4. To remove a de facto president after assuming office, despite never having been eligible under the law.

    D. Is Arnold Schwarzenegger influencing these events so that he can serve as president?
    1.Does he have the power to influence?
    political connections?
    2.Does he have a desire to serve as president?
    3.Is there a record of past attempts to influence the US law or precedent to achieve this end?
    Rohrabacher seeks to let foreign-born citizens run for president
    dated 2004. accessed 3:57 PM 12/5/2008.
    4.is there a Schwarzenegger-Calero connection?
    Schwarzenegger has ‘Kennedy clan’ ties.
    Alyson Kennedy was the running mate of Roger Calero.
    Is there a connection between the ‘Kennedy clan’ and Alyson Kennedy?

    5.Is there a Schwarzenegger-McCain connection?
    6.Is there a Schwarzenegger-Obama connection?
    did Senator Kennedy from Massachusetts support or promote Obama more than he would have, had there been no family or political

    association with Schwarzenegger.

    II)Confusion regarding voting for electors, and ballots differing from state to state.

    A)Amendment 12
    The electoral votes for president are separate from the electoral votes for vice president.
    ..but for example what if the state election for president and vice president support candidates from different political parties?
    how are the electors to be chosen in this case?

    B)ballot design
    Although there is choice of president and vice president, the ballot is designed to attempt to eliminate the possibility of voting for

    president and vice president where the political party of those two persons do not concur. The effect is to give the appearance of

    voting not for candidates for president and vice president but instead for a political party.

    C)the same party nominating or attempting to nominate different candidates or surrogate candidates for different states
    When the same party nominates different candidates or attempts to nominate different candidates in different states, the distinction

    between party and candidate becomes further entangled and confused.
    Roger Calero* or James Harris

    Roger Calero* or surrogate (on the ballot in some states)
    Bob Barr or George Phillies

    *Roger Calero has the added complication of being constitutionally ineligible for the office of President of the United States because of

    the “natural born” citizen problem. Roger Calero has never been and is not a citizen of the U.S. but is a permanent resident (and has a

    green card).

    It is altogether unclear and nonobvious to me who would actually serve the office of president in the unlikely but possible event that a

    party’s candidates’ electors represented what would in a simple case be the necessary majority.

    D)getting on the ballot
    The libertarian party claimed to have difficulty getting the desired nominee on the ballot due to being misinformed regarding

    Massachusetts procedures. As a result, it was unclear who, if anyone, would be on the Massachusetts ballot representing the

    libertarian party, even in the final months leading up to the election.
    Was the the libertarian party misinformed?
    Was the misinformation intentional?
    Was the misinformation an act of political sabotage?

    III)Who is in Charge?
    Are there persons entrusted with an office for the purpose of maintaining the order and sanctity of the election process?
    Who are these persons?
    What are their offices?
    What are the duties of these offices?
    Have these persons successfully carried out the duties of their office?
    If they have not, what recourse can be taken?

  70. I have written quite a bit about this.
    The states are relying too much on tradition and are also passing the buck.
    The US Constitution gives power to the states to control the election process through the Electoral
    College vote. Some states even have detailed statutes to provide for challenging candidates.
    Beyond that, the tenth amendment gives to the people those powers not reserved for the federal
    and state governments.

    This may help some:


  71. Jonathan Moses Katcher

    After further consideration, I want to add to/revise my earlier statement.
    I want to say that I feel that I do not have all the facts. Perhaps I overlooked it on this blog?
    regarding the quote:
    “…If only one parent was a U.S. Citizen at the time of your birth, that parent must have resided in the United States for at least ten years, at least five of which had to be after the age of 16.”
    where is this quote from? what law?
    and also, I do not feel I have adequate information regarding Obama’s mother’s citizenship status to determine whether she fit this description or not.
    Now I am not saying that Obama is eligible for the office of President of the United States of America. I am not saying that Obama is ineligible, I am saying I don’t know if he is.
    I am fairly certain someone made a mistake somewhere, otherwise how can the fact that Roger Calero got onto the ballot be explained?
    2:29 AM 12/9/2008

  72. The simple fact that Obama has hired three law firms to deal with this issue is enough to cause any reasonable person to question his citizenship.

    His birth certificate is a document that can be counterfeited. There are many other questions surrounding his citizenship to be answered. His grandmother stating he was born in Kenya, his adoption by his Indonesian step-father and his travel to Pakistan during his college years when Pakistan was not allowing US citizens in are just three of the major ones.

    So much for “Change”. Where is the transparency, Mr. Obama?

  73. The consequences of the Supreme Court declining to address the US Constitution’s “natural born citizen” clause on the morning of Monday 12/15/08 — thereafter enabling the College of Electors to transform the crisis from “law” to “political and Congressional”, leading to the ‘inauguration’ of Mr. Obama, are nothing less than catastrophic. Lawsuits by members of the military challenging his ‘commander in chief’ status are INEVITABLE. And a military takeover to oust the “usurper” may be inevitable as well. Where is the media? This is no “tin foil hat” joke.

  74. Congress will rubber stamp the election – because no congressperson has the nerve to say “Where is this man’s birth certificate?” or even “Who validated this man’s eligibilty”. The murky issues surrounding Obama’s citizenship need to be clarified. His BC vs COLB is not clear, his actual birth location is not clear (if his COLB is simply a registration of Birth), his actual citizenship is not clear (if his U.S. Citizenship was given up), his legal name is not clear (if he was legally adopted or if his Mother was never really married to Obama Sr.). And the issue of the meaning of NBC is not really clear and the issue definitely applies to Obama since his father was not a Citizen. The people have a right to know. Article X of the constitution says “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” It seems to me the authority to determine the eligibility of the presidential candidate’s has not been delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor is it prohibited by it to the states, therefore it is reserved to the States respectively, or to the people. This seems to me to be sufficient authority for people of the United States to investigate and to determine the eligibility of a candidate for the presidency.

  75. A birth certificate and a certificate of live birth are the same thing. I was born in joliet illinois at st joseph hospital in will county. Their birth certificates are certificates of live birth. That’s what it says on the top of my certificate. So it doesn’t matter what it’s called it’s still proof of birth. They also have the place of birth on them. So if he presented a colb then he has in fact presented a birth certificate.

  76. Tiffany.
    That is incorrect.

  77. Yep …they are getting scared we will get the answers soon. Maya BoBo sister just did a new article (Feb.) she said he was born in Hawai’i. And another commertive mag. just out on BoBo said he was born at Queens Hospital in Hawaii (Feb./2009) ..So what is the final answer we will soon get answers. All the sane folks….keep up the cause…because we are all worth it no matter how many jokes are said or that we will never get the truth…this is no joke to me…..never ever! Thanks for all the time spent and I have to get back to my life….When will this end?????

  78. anonymous American citizen

    Change is happening. The US is getting its first non-citizen president. If Obama got registered in a hospital, then that may mean that no paperwork was filled out for him to be a citizen.

  79. Natural Born Citizen

    I agree with Ted. If Pres. Obama is allowed to hold the office of POTUS without providing proof to the American public, it will diminish the authority of said position. In addition, it will open the door to more sweeping changes to the Constitution, as was stated on numerous occasions on the campaign trail by Obama himself. What makes us different from most every other country in the world is the “Rule of Law.” There are plenty of folks who want to be in charge, but what checks a balances are there to keep them on a leash?

    What about Resolution No. 5, now before Congress? Why would we, or should we, repeal the term limits on the President? That rule was put there for a reason. Do we really know enough about Obama not to worry about that? Next, given the powers already invested in the FBI and the individual State’s Attorneys General, why in the world do we need a civilian security to rival the military? Who would they be protecting and what is their function? Would it be to side-step Posse Comitatus? I can see no need whatsoever for the Federal Government to have such a security force. They already have the Uniformed Military Services to include the Coast Guard.

    You people better wake up, and soon. Because if you’re not careful, you’re going to wake up one day answering to King Obama. Mark my words. If you don’t thinks it’s possible, just take a look around the world. It’s not all that far-fetched. It’s starts with respect. Do all of you out there feel that, right now, you are respected by your government? Do you even care?

    Why in the world would you give surmountable power to someone you hardly know, and who most likely doesn’t respect you? The answer doesn’t lay with more government at the Federal level. It lays with us and the communities we live in. It lays with the States that protect those communities, and the government that protects the rights of those States. All I see is a slippery slope.

  80. Natural Born Citizen

    The correct word in Para 4 is “insurmountable” and not what I typed. Thx

  81. Vivian McAlexander

    Obama is the worst president to ever be elected. I do not believe he is a U.S. citizen since he had his birth records and college records sealed. What does he have to hide? He is a socialist, who was heavily influenced by communism. Read his books! He is ripping our U.S. Constitution apart with his socialist buddies by taking away our Freedom of Speach vis The Fairness Doctrine. If we cannot criticize our elected officials and question them, we are living under a dictatorship. If you like socialism, remember that Adolf Hitler was a socialist. – Tiger Tiger

  82. paralegalnm

    I’m a paralegal and have been researching this issue since first reading Phil Berg’s case prior to the election.

    For a full discussion of history, law, and Obama, go to: http://paralegalnm.wordpress.com/2009/02/27/barack-hussein-obama-a-natural-born-subject-of-great-britain/

  83. demandthetruth



    Obama is NOT a LEGITIMATE President !!

    He is a USURPER. He has NEVER PROVEN that he is LEGALLY ELIGIBLE to be President.

    EVERYTHING he has to say is INVALID, and EVERYTHING he signs is VOID.




    * We DEMAND that Obama show the American people his LONG FORM Birth Certificate!! (Not a Certification of Live Birth (COLB) – which is the ONLY document he has ever presented – which ANYONE can file in Hawaii – even if born outside the USA!!)
    * We Also DEMAND that he show all the documents he has hidden from America:
    * U.S. Oath of Allegiance
    * U.S. Certificate of Citizenship
    * his education records
    * his Bar Application,
    * his Kenyan Birth Certificate
    * and MANY MORE!! (Go to the web site!)


    GO TO our web site to see the extensive list of hidden documents and Register by email for:


    Register at:


    We NEED YOU in Washington !! REGISTER NOW!!!

    *** Please link this notice to appropriate sites and /or email it to people who demand the TRUTH! ****** Thank you

  84. I should have added the article is a gem in outlining the political strategy of this administration.

  85. demandthetruth


    Obama is NOT a LEGITIMATE President !!

    He is a USURPER. He has NEVER PROVEN that he is LEGALLY ELIGIBLE to be President.

    EVERYTHING he has to say is INVALID, and EVERYTHING he signs is VOID.




    * We DEMAND that Obama show the American people his LONG FORM Birth Certificate!! (Not a Certification of Live Birth (COLB) – which is the ONLY document he has ever presented – which ANYONE can file in Hawaii – even if born outside the USA!!)
    * We Also DEMAND that he show all the documents he has hidden from America:
    * U.S. Oath of Allegiance
    * U.S. Certificate of Citizenship
    * his education records
    * his Bar Application,
    * his Kenyan Birth Certificate
    * and MANY MORE!! (Go to the web site!)


    GO TO our web site to see the extensive list of hidden documents and Register by email for:


    Register at:


    We NEED YOU in Washington !! REGISTER NOW!!!

    *** Please link this notice to appropriate sites! ******


    by EA_LEO

    People tend to either credit lawyers and judges far too much or discredit them to the extreme. The truth is lawyers and judges are greatly restricted by the privilege of license or of office. The people who are patriots have far more freedom of action and far less restrictions in our society.

    Did you know that any citizen patriot can bring a criminal case against Barrack Hussein Obama in the County in which they reside? You do not have to be an Attorney General to indict a ham sandwich or a Barrack Obama. If a patriot had evidence of a crime committed by the 2008 BO campaign and that patriot presented said evidence to a sympathetic Grand Jury with a charge of conspiracy to commit said crime against Barrack Obama, that patriot could get BO indicted like that proverbial ham sandwich.

    You might wonder how you get evidence against BO and members of his 2008 campaign? There were many newspaper, internet blog and TV reports of crimes committed by BO’s campaign workers all across the USA in 2007 and 2008. All you have to do is perform a google search to begin to write your presentation of criminal information for the indictment of BO and his co-conspirators in your County.

    You might also give your friendly Sheriff or Police Chief a call and see if you can get some assistance from local law enforcement personnel in gathering evidence against the BO campaign.

    To find standing, SCOTUS need look no further than the Preamble of the Constitution of the United States, “We the people of the United States in order to form a more perfect Union… do ordain and establish this constitution for the United States of America.” Thus, “we the people,” individually, are established as one party among many to a contract binding upon the executors of this contract, our Constitution.

    Who then are the executors of this contract with the people?

    An executor of the Constitutional Contract is anyone and everyone who takes Oath to be bound by our Constitution becomes a party to this agreement.

    Foremost among the parties counterbalanced upon this executory contract is the President of the United States, the Chief Executive or Executor of the Constitutional Contract.

    When is the President bound to this contract, our Constitution, immediately, upon the taking of the Oath? In the instant case, Barack Hussein Obama became bound to our Constitutional Contract on January 20, 2009.

    As succinctly stated by Chief Justice Marshall in the landmark case of Marbury v. Madison, “If a persons duty is backed by law and not by political in nature, then he becomes subject of the law and is examinable by the court.” Thus, Barack Hussein Obama having bound himself contractually by law to our Constitutional Contract is subject to the jurisdiction of the law.

    Furthermore from Marbury, “Specific duty is assigned by law and individual rights depend upon the performance of that duty, it seems equally clear, that the individual who considers himself injured, has the right to resort to the laws of his country for a remedy. The question whether a right has vested or not, in its nature, judicial and must be tried by the judicial authority.” This means that anyone that can show that they were injured by BO’s actions has a right to sue him for said injury.

    Most of the eligibility cases have focused on the “individual injured” theory which is an inherently weak legal argument in terms of present day law and a case involving the President of the United States, particularly in terms of getting standing.

    Consequently, most of the cases previously filed have been dismissed for lack of standing. Simply stated, the lawyers did not include Plaintiffs who had a present contractual right or detriment recognized by law; or, the lawyers did not include Defendants who owed a present duty to the Plaintiffs or had somehow injured the Plaintiffs.

    As you might have concluded, a Marbury argument overcomes the standing problem in that, all citizens got standing by the contractual commitment that Barrack Hussein Obama made to us all on January 20, 2009.

    When the right case with the right Plaintiffs (with standing) and the right Defendants (with a duty owed to Plaintiffs) is brought in a Court with jurisdiction, then the case will be heard.

    In SCOTUS, I dare say there is already a majority theoretically inclined to rule for the proper Plaintiffs. It is, after all, the Constitution which the Supremes are all sworn to uphold. Moreover, the Supreme Court Justices are all “just” citizens of this Great Nation, and it is arguable the BO is not even a citizen and it is certain that BO is not Natural Born in the USA.

    For those of you interested in reading more about standing or contract theory under Marbury, please see the following sites:

    Steven Winter’s Landmark Essay on Standing


    Essays on Chief Justice Marshall


  87. roysimmons

    Powell,Colin Never was a Republican always a
    Democrat is now revealed.He proved it byvoting
    for Obamer/Carter.

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  89. With Love From Texas

    Why can’t we get any and all information: birth certificate (not certificate of live birth/two different things), school records, etc. for Obama under the “Freedom of Information Act”? If we can’t, why not….any of ours would be.

  90. Jeff Hiscock

    I brought up an interesting theory to a friend for the often cited “why wouldn’t the hillary clinton campaign have found out about obama not born in the united states?” as a repute to the birthers. How about Hillary thinking she could get the V.P. nonination and then leak the information, leaving her with a back door road to the presidency?

  91. When one applies for Social Security, one must supply a genuine birth certificate from the birth state. This certificate, issued by the birth state, mentions the hospital where birth occured as well as the attending physician. In which hospital was Obama born in Hawaii and who was the attending physician? A certificate of “live birth” is for babies born in rural areas or in the “bush”. The add appearing in a newspaper could have been simply a statement of fact issued by his maternal grandmother at the time. It is to Obama’s advantage that all the principals are now deceased

  92. Read a very interesting summary on another site that presupposed that it is shown Obama not born here, and then proceeds to show that it might make no difference in getting him out of office. Unless Congress would impeach him, there is basically no way.

    And this Congress sure wouldn’t.

    What the author of that piece forgot is the huge national outcry that would result from such a disclosure as, you all may recall, Mr. Obama claims to have been born at the Kapi’olani hospital although they refuse to confirm it.

    I think it would result in a total overturn of the current Congress and the new one would move quickly to impeach him. At that point, he would probably resign. Biden is such an idiot he would be largely ignored for two years and the Congress would basically run the country.

    This is why it is so important for Obama to be forced to produce the documentation prior to the next election. I will say that initially I was very skeptical about all of this but Obama and the DNC’s behavior has convinced me that they are hiding something big.

    And I think the something big is that he has no Kapi’olani issued certificate but simply one of those easily falsified parental affidavit (I had the kid here) birth certificates.

    Remember that either the real thing or the falsely sworn one would cause an announcement to be printed in the paper.

    And obviously, Hawaii is going to claim that he was born there even if all they have on file is one of the parental affidavit forms. Not to do so would amount to them admitting they were handing out birth certificates to non citizens.

    Which in fact they were doing at that time.

  93. tobaccorogue

    The conversation between Obama and Keyes in the 2004 debates clearly has Obama admitting to not being a natural born citizen. But what does it relaly matter . Our laws are for chumps right? You gotta be a reacist to poingt out just one of many reasons this imposter should not be President. Of course now you got a fool of a VP and a horrifying thought of who would be a heart beat away if Biden were the Man. Bascially we a ood-scray.

  94. Listen people. I know a lot of you really like Obama and you are glad he is the president but those of you who do need to ask yourself that if you were to find out that Obama had been dishonest in one or more ways that frauduantly deceived the American public into believing he was eligible to president when he knowingly knew he was not eligible (by the way, everyone on either side of the issue needs to realize that this is an extremely important issue and not something that can just be simply overlooked) would you first have enough honor to admit that he is ineligible according to written law and therefor should be disqualified as our president or would you go off on one of several thousand possible explanations as to why this should not apply to Obama here and now because of some logical excuse you have come up with hoping that the majority of people will agree with you and therefor everybody should simply disregard the written law in this critically important situation. If you like Obama then you must realize that the country is very split on his approval anyway (it’s not like most Americans want him in the office anyway–again, not that that that should or would matter when it comes down to the existence of the written law) so what about the fairness to all of your fellow Americans who deserve to have an eligible president for God’s sake to be there leader (instead of some foreigner who actually has become suspiciously questionable in so many areas when it concerns the good of The U. S. versus the good of some foreign entity)–again, not that this should or would matter in what action must be taken). Would you as an Obama backer so far be able to admit that he simply is not eligible by law and that you owe it in the name of fairness and honor your countrymen that he must be disqualified as ourpresident. Would you be able to not be hard on yourself for having chosen a fraud but instead be able to simply realize that he knowingly and willingly deceived you and that this is not your fault for simply believing the guy because afterall he was a U S Senator. That could happen to any of us. It does all the time frankly. Would you be able and willing to dismiss Obama out of the Office of President and give the torch over to Vice-President Biden who could in turn simply pardon Obama from any legal punishment due to his refusal to be honest with America which believe me, according to written laws already on the books, legal consequences would surely be facing any U S Senator for commiting such a fraudulant act! Would you realize there is no egg on your face and that you cannot be held responsible for another man’s deception or lies and be willing to trust President Biden to carry-on with what you understand to be Obama’s agenda. Would you pretend that this really a matter that is not that important (even if everyone in the country agreed on that) and therfore be willing to turn a blind eye to the written law which means everything because once you begin willingly doing that, where does it stop? Would you be able to stand up and be a man or woman of fairness and honor on behalf of all your fellow Americans both those who believed a senator’s lie and those who did not believe in the man.
    Would you be able to realize that by you taking this honorable position, you could be commiting an act that may very well be the one action that by far has ever made a typical Republican so very proud of his typical Democratic brother. Do you realize that by simply holding up honor as something that does matter you could ironically be allowing Obama to actually be the greatest reason (or cause) for all Americans to unite afterall like never before–eventhough it is in a round-about-way? Now listen ! I said if –IF you were to find out that Obama has been dishonest intentionally with all of America. Would you be able to stand for honor or would you choose to side with a foreigner and a liar. You need to be thinking about how you will react. Do not waste your effort on useless logical exceptions that will not be allowed to apply over the written law. Go ahead and decide now what you yourself will do!

  95. The whole point of making it hard to reach the office of president is to make it hard to conceal a foreign allegiance. Foreign allegiances result in putting the US in danger. Has Obama put us in danger due to foreign allegiances?

    Let’s just look at the current events. Egypt, a Sunni Muslim majority state which Obama sought to aid by removing an ally at a time when Lebanon is unstable and endangering Israel, another ally. Iran becomes unstable, is a worse dictatorship, poses a nuclear threat, is actively seeking to establish a caliphate and instead of taking the same personal interest himself and with the state department and media he send the VP, a bumbling idiot. You don’t have to dig far to understand why either. His formative years were spent being educated by Sunni Muslims, his father was a Sunni and thus he owes it to his religious ties to not aid the Shiites who are still fighting a war of succession from the time Muhammad died.

    For this reason alone it is grounds to inspect his true status and remove him to secure our interests. The law is in place to prevent this and more, all of which we see flowing from his actions and none of which ought to be based on his books and voting record. If it takes the removal of Hawaii as a state to get at the root of his birth it isn’t too great a price.

  96. Foreign allegiance argument now? So we should selectively apply the law and if you like the person, the hell with the law altogether? Obama lovers present really dangerous thinking; their doting adoration of Obama is blinding them from everything that is truly important. No, the fact that he spent millions just to secure prying investigations alone is enough to disqualify him. And still he can’t even name the hospital.

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