Obama, drugs, sex, Larry Sinclair, down low, Reverend Manning, Chicago chef rumors, Obama erection video, Obama revealed

First we had the allegations from Larry Sinclair about the drugs and gay sex encounter with Obama in November 1999.

Then a former Chicago chef and restaurant owner came forward to reveal the persistent rumors about Obama being on the down low from the gay community.

Then we find out about the strong Obama and William Ayers connection and the admission by Ayers that he had sex with male friends.

Then we find out about the really close ties to Lawrence Lessing, his use of the gay Jesus video and his attempts to blur the distinctions between gays and straights.

Then the Reverend Manning states that Obama and Jeremiah Wright are closet homosexuals and that he has solid proof.

Now we have a video of Obama displaying an erection to the male and female members of the press aboard a flight.


Do you still believe Larry Sinclair’s allegations are unbelievable?

13 responses to “Obama, drugs, sex, Larry Sinclair, down low, Reverend Manning, Chicago chef rumors, Obama erection video, Obama revealed

  1. Kicking things off

    This video does not prove Mr. Sinclair’s allegations.

    Pastor Manning stated he believed Mr. Sinclair’s story.

    The fact that Mr. Obama is a closet homosexual does not prove he had sex with Mr. Sinclair. It destroys one of Mr. Obama’s possible, but unlikely, defenses.

    Many heterosexual males do what Mr. Obama is accused of, and they don’t care if they get it from a female or a male.

    Cocaine is hard to get rid of. Relapses are always possible.

    I’m not able to decide any of the above questions on the basis of unverified blog information.

  2. citizenwells

    What does this video prove?
    It is another piece of the puzzle about Obama’s character and sexual proclivities.
    It corroborates other stories from the standpoint of Obama flagrantly flaunting his sexuality. Another Eliot Spitzer type arrogance.
    It also shows the mainstream media covering up the real Obama.
    It also helps to reveal the character of many Obama supporters.
    Get the picture (puzzle).

  3. Kicking things off

    Let’s take the Lewinski case.

    The same sexual act, the same character assassination. She had corroborating evidence. The only difference: homosexual act in this case.

    I don’t know if corroboration is still legally required in rape cases. It used to be.

    That’s the way people think. People like a lot in this type of case. Both sides. They want something else than smoke, they want to see the fire.

    This is not a criminal case. Mr. Obama does not have to answer the allegations. There is no charge, no investigation and no independent corroboration.

    Why should he answer the allegations? What does it matter to him that a lot of people think he’s homosexual? They are still voting for him.

  4. citizenwells

    Kicking things off, Stanton and others trying diversions like referring to Monica Lewinsky, don’t waste your time here.
    Obama is a master of diversions.
    It does not work with me and many other concerned citizens. Obama has many fooled but he can’t fool everyone.
    Obama’s character is being revealed.
    His long time crime and corruption ties are being revealed. He may resign before he is charged with a crime.

  5. sisterrosetta

    “It also shows the mainstream media covering up the real Obama.”


    This is what pisses me off more than anything else. America, doesn’t it bother you that MSM is dictating to you just exactly what they’ll allow you to know regarding Obama? Can’t you see when you’re being manipulated? Don’t let this happen.

    Regards Obama’s erection. I’ve seen middle school boys handle this with more decorum. This type of behavior is juvenile and just one more example of Obama’s exhibiting poor judgement.

    Please, we have an admittedly flawed but exceedingly superior woman whom we could run against McCain.

    I love Senator McCain, I really do. I’m an Arizonan. But change is what we need. The only woman who could deliver that for us right now is Senator Hillary Clinton. A classy lady. America will never opt for a classless Obama.

    Bryan Ferry – The Right Stuff

  6. zachjonesishome

    I believe I see cracks in the Dam.

  7. I watched the video twice. It is too dark to see an e******.

  8. This makes me think of that day when his cell phone was vibrating in his trouser pockets and he told a fan he didnt want her to think he was geting fresh with her..That was a sickening remark for him to make in the first place.

  9. He is also demonstrating signs of cocaine usage.

  10. Kicking things off

    I agree with Shirley’s last two comments:

    – This makes me think…
    – He is also demonstrating…

    Cocaine use should be checked. Mr. Obama raised it himself in his book.

    I agree with sisterrosetta’s two main paragraphs:

    – This is what pisses me off…
    – Regards Obama’s erection…

    I agree with citizenwells’ following statements:

    It also shows the mainstream media covering up the real Obama.
    It also helps to reveal the character of many Obama supporters.

    I prefer not to comment on matters which are sub judice (Mr. Sinclair’s allegations), a course chosen by Mr. Sinclair himself, and on matters under police investigation (Mr. Young’s murder). I don’t like prejudging issues, particularly issues which are under investigation by people who have access to more facts.

  11. Kicking things off

    Mr. Sinclair has to choose between his court case and public disclosure. It’s up to him.

    He can’t have his cake and eat it. Insofar as I’m concerned, I’ve lost interest in this story. Like most reasonable Americans, I’ll deal with it if and when Mr. Sinclair discloses his announced evidence. I don’t care more about his court case than about Mr. Paul’s case against Mrs. Clinton.

    I do believe the existence of Mr. Sinclair’s case should have been reported though. Mr. Paul’s case was.

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