Rod Blagojevich, Obama, Rezko, Chicago Governor recall, Rezko trial, Chicago corruption

Chicago corruption.

Obama ties.

Rezko trial.

Because of the Rezko trial, Governor Rod Blagojevich’s ties to Rezko and other criminals and corruption in Chicago and Illinois, the Illinois Senate attempted to provide voters with a recall option. The legislation was narrowly defeated. Here are excerpts fromthe Chicago Tribune:

“Recall failure leaves rancor
Constitutional amendment’s friends, foes decry Blagojevich in Senate debate”

“SPRINGFIELD—The Illinois Senate on Thursday narrowly defeated a measure aimed at giving voters a chance to recall Gov. Rod Blagojevich, but lawmakers on both sides of the issue blasted the embattled governor during a debate that raised statehouse tensions to a new level.”

“But lawmakers who pushed the measure said Blagojevich was the primary reason the state constitution needs a recall provision.

“State government is hemorrhaging with scandal and corruption,” said Sen. Dan Cronin (R-Elmhurst), the sponsor.”

“The notion of a recall gained momentum because of what critics call Blagojevich’s erratic performance in office, but the measure picked up steam amid a continuing stream of pay-to-play allegations against the administration and the federal corruption trial of Blagojevich fundraiser Antoin “Tony” Rezko.”

The rest of the article can be viewed here:,0,5702992.story

Obama’s ties to corruption, criminals, drug users and the gay community runs deep. Keep following the Tony Rezko trial and keep returning to this blog for more developments.

4 responses to “Rod Blagojevich, Obama, Rezko, Chicago Governor recall, Rezko trial, Chicago corruption

  1. Maybe Obama will replace Blago as Illinois Gov in 2010.

  2. New Hard Hitting McCain Ad Talks Obama & Rezko

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