Obama campaign, Contributions by employer, Filed 04/20/2008, Interesting donations, NOT EMPLOYED $ 4,960,729.04

Want some interesting reading? Visit the election campaign donations site. Some of the companies/institutions donating are quite interesting. Take for example, the listing:

Contributions by employer

      PO Box 8102
      Chicago, Illinois   60680

NOTE: Address IS Different than previously reported
FEC Committee ID #: C00431445
This report contains activity for a Primary Election
Report type: April Monthly

NOT EMPLOYED  $  4,960,729.04

Filed 04/20/2008

Several people on a blog recently were questioning how a student could donate thousands of dollars. Lots of donations that I viewed looked suspect. Take a look and tell me what you think.

3 responses to “Obama campaign, Contributions by employer, Filed 04/20/2008, Interesting donations, NOT EMPLOYED $ 4,960,729.04

  1. Carly Concerned Canadian

    Hi Citizen, i was one of the people that thought something weird was going on with the student donation being so high..
    What is up with Larry’s Blog, i tried to post but nothing comes up. There have been only a few new msgs lately.
    945pm 01/05

  2. Hello Wells

    I have always believed that the keys to the whole Sinclair saga are directly tied to Rezko trial. I have a question – Does LS have a sceduled interview with Chicago PD regarding the Donald Young murder..Plus could you please posting on Rezko trial…?Thanks

  3. citizenwells

    Hi Steve.
    It was my understanding that Sinclair had a scheduled interview with CPD this coming week. Now I am not sure.
    I continue to watch the Rezko trial.
    I have posted multiple exerpts and will post again.
    Did you see my post/comments regarding Blackwell companies campaign contributions in 2007? They dropped to almost nothing in 2008.
    I am not backing off.
    Illigitimi non carborundum.

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