Ayers, William Ayers, Obama, McCain, ABC This Week, PA primary, NC primary

Pennsylvania primary voters. North Carolina primary voters. If you are considering voting for Obama in PA, NC or any other state, you should watch the YouTube video of John McCain talking about William Ayers and Obama. Obama has had a long term friendship with former undergound bomber Ayers and maintained that friendship with Ayers even after the comments Ayers made after 9/11. I found this video on a great blog, The Centrist Voice.

Watch the video of John McCain:


3 responses to “Ayers, William Ayers, Obama, McCain, ABC This Week, PA primary, NC primary

  1. This story is one story that the media really wants to cover up. Only a few are actually talking about it.
    American voters must do research and vote with your head not from sound bites, phrases or guilt.

  2. goodtimepolitics

    Obama will not get my vote here in North Carolina and if I can warn any body else I shall do just that. 🙂

  3. citizenwells

    I hope and believe that the classic common sense and sensibility of North Carolinians will prevail. We must all do our part.

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