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9.4 million more Americans below poverty line since economic crisis, 132K fewer white Americans employed in 2015, This is recovery?, White labor force participation rate down .6 percent since Jan, More job lies coming Friday, “1984”

9.4 million more Americans below poverty line since economic crisis, 132K fewer white Americans employed in 2015, This is recovery?, White labor force participation rate down .6 percent since Jan, More job lies coming Friday, “1984”

“In December 2014 there were 18 million immigrants (legal and illegal) living in the country who had arrived since January 2000. But job growth over this period was just 9.3 million — half of new immigration.”…Center for Immigration Studies February 2015

“There’s no other way to say this. The official unemployment rate, which cruelly overlooks the suffering of the long-term and often permanently unemployed as well as the depressingly underemployed, amounts to a Big Lie.”…Gallup CEO Jim Clifton 

“We are being lied to on a scale unimaginable by George Orwell.”…Citizen Wells



Citizen Wells began warning you in 2008 that we were entering the age of Big Brother and “1984.”

The jobs report will come out this Friday and it is assured that it will contain more Orwellian reports of job gains.

Citizen Wells has been reporting on the more realistic number, the number of people employed and how it has fluctuated since Obama took office in January 2009. Especially the number of white Americans employed. You know, what was approx. two thirds of the US population.

You are aware from the reports here that the employment situation is horrible.

You also have awareness from paying attention and observing the impact on your family and those around you.

I know that I have.

The food banks that see record numbers of recipients and are constantly seeking more food.

The people who cannot find work or are working multiple part time jobs.

The record number of young people living with family members,

From Zero Hedge September 27, 2015.

“What Recovery? 9.4 Million More Americans Below Poverty Line Than Pre-Crisis

According to Janet Yellen, we are still on pace to raise rates in 2015. While the rate hike was supposed to happen this month, it got derailed by the August market selloff, volatility in China, lackluster work force numbers, and a variety of other factors.

Despite the Fed continuing to kick this down the road, they continue to claim that we are in the middle of an ongoing recovery. There’s just one problem with that: things are getting worse than pre-crisis levels for millions of the poorest Americans.”

“It’s true that the wealthiest 10% of Americans have finally seen their household incomes rise above the levels last seen in 2007. It’s also true that median incomes have “recovered” from the worst of the 2008 disaster. Median earners were -8.1% worse off in 2011, and now they are only -6.5% worse off according to most recent data for 2014 released by the U.S. Census Bureau last week.

However, when we look at the lowest 10% of income earners, the situation is much more precarious. In 2011, the bottom 10% of households were -9.0% worse off in terms of income than they were pre-crisis. Since then, it hasn’t gotten any better: they now are making -11.6% less income than they were in 2007.

Possibly even more concerning is the fact that the amount of Americans living below the poverty line has soared since 2007. There are now 9.4 million more people that can claim to be a part of this unfortunate group, and the total contingent living below the poverty line now makes up 14.8% of all Americans. This is also an increase from the 12.5% figure from before the Great Recession.”

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From Citizen Wells September 4, 2015.

“There was an increase in 23,000 white American employment in August.
However, white employment is down 132,000 since January!!!


***  Update 9:10 AM  ***

Almost 1.5 million more white Americans dropped out of labor force since Jan.

White employment to population ratio down .3 percent since Jan.

White labor force participation rate down .6 percent since Jan.


Regardless of the unemployment rate and jobs data provided by the US Labor Department this morning, September 4, 2015, the real employment situation can also be found in their data.

White employment.


Hispanic employment.


I found this article by Business Insider from February 10, 2011.

“No One Looking At This Chart Could Possibly Call It A Recovery””

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