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Georgia recount: Floyd County finds over 2600 ballots uncounted, Multiple Trump ballots called for Biden, Tabulating methods?, Ballots validated?

Georgia recount: Floyd County finds over 2600 ballots uncounted, Multiple Trump ballots called for Biden, Tabulating methods?, Ballots validated?

“We discovered that these systems are subject to different types of unauthorized manipulation and potential fraud,”  “There is a reason that Texas rejected it,”...Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

“Trump’s not gonna win. I made f*cking sure of that!”...Eric Coomer, executive with Dominion Voting Systems

“It’s Massive, Criminal Voter Fraud! – It’s Going to Blow the Mind of Everyone In This Country!”...Attorney Sidney Powell on Dominion Voting Systems 


Big errors are already being revealed in the Georgia election recount’

From The Hill November 16, 2020.

“More than 2,600 votes have reportedly been uncovered in Georgia amid its recount process that weren’t previously included in the state’s overall tally of ballots in the presidential election.

According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the ballots were uncovered in Floyd County.

Gabriel Sterling, who serves as Georgia’s voting system manager, told the newspaper the mishap was the result of human error, not equipment issues.

The ballots, Sterling said, hadn’t previously been included in the state’s unofficial tally because they hadn’t been uploaded from a ballot scanning machine’s memory card.

Sterling called the mishap “an amazing blunder” in comments to the paper, saying, “It’s not an equipment issue. It’s a person not executing their job properly.”

“This is the kind of situation that requires a change at the top of their management side,” he continued while also calling on the local county’s elections director to step down.

Chris Harvey, director of the elections division for the office of Georgia’s secretary of state, also confirmed to the paper that newly unearthed batch of votes will be added to the state’s overall tally.”

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President Trump won over 70% of Floyd County.


From Zero Hedge November 17, 2020.

“”No, This Is Trump”: Georgia Recount Auditor Claims Multiple Trump Ballots Fraudulently Called For Biden
A GOP recount observer in Georgia claims that several ballots recorded as Biden were actually votes for Trump, and workers conducting the recount became angry when he reported what was happening to elections officials.

The insider told Project Veritas, “The second person was supposed to be checking it right, three times in three minutes she called out Biden,” adding “The second auditor caught it and she said, “No, this is Trump.””

“Now, that’s just while I’m standing there. So, does the second checker catch it every time? But this lady in three times in three minutes from 2:09 to 2:12 she got three wrong.”” he continued, adding “They were calling their bosses. They were pointing at me…””

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What methods are used to verify accurate tabulations?

Are the ballots being verified as authentic?


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