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Obama flags aka Big Brother, Obama camp desecrates American flag with Obama propaganda, Houston Kindergarten chant straight out of Orwells 1984

Obama flags aka Big Brother, Obama camp desecrates American flag with Obama propaganda, Houston Kindergarten chant straight out of Orwells 1984

“But the face of Big Brother seemed to persist for several seconds on the screen, as though the impact that it had made on everyone’s eyeballs was too vivid to wear off immediately. The little sandyhaired woman had flung herself forward over the back of the chair in front of her. With a tremulous murmur that sounded like ‘My Saviour!’ she extended her arms towards the screen. Then she buried her face in her hands. It was apparent that she was uttering a prayer.”…George Orwell, “1984”

“At this moment the entire group of people broke into a deep, slow, rhythmical chant of ‘B-B! …B-B!’ — over and over again, very slowly, with a long pause between the first ‘B’ and the second-a heavy, murmurous sound, somehow curiously savage, in the background of which one seemed to hear the stamp of naked feet and the throbbing of tom-toms. For perhaps as much as thirty seconds they kept it up. It was a refrain that was often heard in moments of overwhelming emotion. Partly it was a sort of hymn to the wisdom and majesty of Big Brother, but still more it was an act of self-hypnosis, a deliberate drowning of consciousness by means of rhythmic noise.”…George Orwell, “1984”

“Who’s famous slogan is Yes we can?
Obams’s famous slogan is Yes we can
Who do we know is the man?
Barack Obama is the man
He’s our man, Yes we can!”…Houston Kindergarten chant

From Fox News September 19, 2012.

“Obama Campaign Redesigns American Flag”

“The Obama campaign is now selling copies of an American flag painting that replaces the 50 stars in a blue field with the president’s campaign logo. Critics are calling the artwork creepy and unAmerican.

“Our Stripes: Flag Print” is being promoted on the Obama campaign website. The screen print is designed by Ross Bruggink and Dan Olson.
The Obama campaign tweeted an explanation of the poster early this morning: “A poster to say there are no red states or blue states, only the United States.”
The limited-edition print costs $35.

President Obama’s version of the American flag.

Another painting resembled an outline of the continental US. The “Our Stripes: Country Print” was designed to look like an American flag, too. Like the other painting, the stars representing the 50 states were removed and replaced with Obama’s campaign logo.

Reaction on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook has been overwhelmingly negative.

“This is so offensive,” one reader wrote. “I don’t know why I’m shocked, but I am. This stoops to new lows.”

Another reader offered this assessment: “Once again, very shameful. This is a disgrace.

“And just what was wrong with the flag with the stars and stripes?” a Facebook reader wondered. “Why must Obama create his own flag?”

The United States of Obama?

“A good number of my family, including me and my twin sons, have served under the flag,” another wrote. “This is so far beyond insulting. I can’t imagine anyone who considers themself a patriot voting for Obama. Who does he think he is?””


From The Examiner March March 14, 2012.

“Obama flag removed from FL Democratic HQ after veterans protest”

“After flying for several months, the chair of the Lake County, FL, Democratic Party, removed a flag that showed an image of President Obama in the blue field that normally displays the stars representing all 50 states.

The flag was removed after veterans protested the flag Tuesday, calling it a “desecration.”

“It’s a cult of personality to show his face, like Stalin or Mao,” John Masterjohn, a former Marine from Leesburg, told the Orlando Sentinel.

“It’s despicable. They don’t realize how sick they are.”

The protest began after 71-year-old Bay of Pigs veteran Jim Bradford, took pictures of the flag and distributed them to friends and fellow veterans.

Don Van Beck, executive director of the Veterans Memorial at Fountain Park in Leesburg, told WFTV that seeing the flag made his blood boil.

“I can‘t describe how upset was because you just don’t do that to the American flag,” he said.

The veterans, saying the flag violated U.S. code that prohibits “marks, insignia, letters, words, figures, designs, picture or drawings of any nature,” demanded it be removed.

Bradford and other veterans approached the Democratic Headquarters with a copy of the flag code, intending to remove the flag.

Van Beck offered a POW/MIA flag to fly in its place, the Sentinel reported, but Party chairwoman Nancy Hulbert threatened to call the police.

“This is private property,” she told the veterans. “This is private property. You’re not allowed to touch anything. I’ll call the police.”

The Sentinel added:

The veterans lingered on the property, discussing whether they would take it down or wait for a response. Masterjohn pointed out that they would be trespassing and risking arrest. Another person repeated the old adage, “Two wrongs don’t make a right.”

The group had decided that they would take further action in a couple of days if nothing was done.

Then, Hurlbert came out and took down the flag, saying she had researched the matter. She didn’t take the POW flag offered as a replacement.

“We’re proud of our president and we didn’t realize it was in violation,” Hurlbert said. “I am the chair and I take responsibility for this.” Hurlbert also said that prior to this protest, no one had complained about the flag.

“If you’ve been a veteran and fought — and some died for this flag — you don’t want to see it desecrated. That’s how simple it is,” Van Beck said.

Hurlbert, however, told Fox News she believed the issue was not the flag, but the President’s image.

“Certain elements cannot accept Barack Obama as president,” she added.

According to Fox News, Hurlbert intends to contact an attorney over the matter and did not say if she would fly the flag again.

“I won’t say no and I won’t say yes,” the Party official told Fox. “We want to find out what our legal rights are.””