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Obama lies, NC voters, Obama hypocrisy, NC primary, YouTube video, NC citizens check out

There is a YouTube video that reveals the lies and hypocrisy of Barack Obama. Here is the description from YouTube:

“Obama for President 2008.
He says in his ads he’s not for oil money but has taken over $200,000.00 in oil money from executives.
He hasn’t stood up for the uninsured in Illinois.
He didn’t stand up for 1600 losing jobs in Illinois with Lester Crown’s Maytag factory shipping off to Mexico. James Crown is his campaign finance advisor, and the Crown’s have donated over $200,000.00 to Obama’s campaigns. Exelon Corp leaked radiation into water in Illinois, never said nothing about it to authorities. Exelon executives have donated over $200,000.00 to Obama’s campaigns. David Axelrod, Obama’s top presidential campaign advisor was a consultant with Exelon.
What makes you think Obama will stand up for you?
Slideshow set to Beck – Loser.”

Click here to view the video: