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Larry Sinclair made a stop in Chicago. He noticed two things. An Obama doll with the presidential seal and Obama’s home for sale. Is Obama expecting an indictment? Is Obama expecting expulsion from the Senate? Does Obama have a new home in prison? Here is the article from Larry Sinclair:

“Did I miss the Presidential Election
While in Chicago this evening I came across an interesting item being sold in Obamaland.  According to the packaging of this Obama doll “HE IS ALREADY PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES” I find it unacceptable that Barack Obama is using “The Seal of The President of The United States” to sell dolls of his big ears and his forked tongue.  This is an outright illegal and unauthorized use of the Presidential Seal.  I also found something else interesting while in Chicago.  Barack and Michelle Obama seem to have put their Chicago area home up for sale.  I will be posting a new blog article later on Tuesday when I have returned to Duluth on this and what I plan to do to demand Obama admit his acts of crack smoking, cheating on Michelle (who by the way is featured on the cover of Ebony Magazine in an airbrushed photo) and his involvement with Donald Young.”

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