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Durham County NC recount results, Cooper gains 90 McCrory gains 40, Close enough for government work?, 131 votes off in 1 of 100 counties, Damned NC media lying to public, 339 illegal felons found voting in state, Civitas lawsuit challenges same day registration, Citizen Wells real news

Durham County NC recount results, Cooper gains 90 McCrory gains 40, Close enough for government work?, 131 votes off in 1 of 100 counties, Damned NC media lying to public, 339 illegal felons found voting in state, Civitas lawsuit challenges same day registration, Citizen Wells real news

“Other payments which are disclosed on Bladen County Improvement Association PAC contribution reports include
the following:

Mary Johnson, witness for 74 ballots, $450;
Lola Wooten, witness for 58 ballots, $500;
Deborah Cogdell, witness for 45 ballots (including both witnesses on 1 ballot), $300; and
Bridgette Keaton, witness for 16 ballots, $630.”…Bladen County NC election protest

“The end justifies the means, the template of the left.”…Citizen Wells

“And if all others accepted the lie which the Party imposed
–if all records told the same tale–then the lie passed into
history and became truth. “Who controls the past,” ran the
Party slogan, “controls the future: who controls the present
controls the past.”…George Orwell, “1984″


Citizen Wells here to present the real news about the Durham County NC recount in the gubernatorial election.

You sure as hell are not getting it from the “fake news” based mainstream media.

There are errors of commission and omission.

And then of course there is evil.

In the past several days I can find no other source on the internet reporting the following.

Despite what the Durham County Board of Elections has been trying to cover up for, the change in recount that was reported to the state is significant. A change of 131 votes in one county out of 100.

I would be willing to bet that even this number is not accurate.

Superior Court Judge Donald Stephens:

“Durham historically hasn’t figured out how to carry out an election properly.”

Here are the results:

Roy Cooper gain of 90 votes.

Pat McCrory gain of 40 votes.

Lon Cecil gain of 1 vote.

Durham County Canvass:

November 29, 2016.


December 8, 2016.


From the Raleigh News Observer December 5, 2016.

“Cooper picks up six votes on McCrory in Durham County recount”

“Durham County Board of Elections officials said their recount of 94,000 votes proved once again that the results that they reported on election night were accurate.

“We’ve been run through the wringer on this, and now proven to everybody that there was no problem,” said Durham County Board of Elections Chairman Bill Brian. “We have now proven to them three or four times there was no problem.”

In the recount completed Monday afternoon, Attorney General Roy Cooper picked up six votes, while Gov. Pat McCrory’s total stayed the same. Republican McCrory conceded to Democrat Cooper on Monday as the recount wrapped up.

After receiving the new count, Durham County officials made the election results official, marking the end of a two-week delay that followed Republican leaders and McCrory questioning the legitimacy of Durham County votes. Questions about the votes arose after the left-leaning county’s results were reported about 11:45 p.m. election night, pushing Cooper ahead of McCrory.

Brian, a Republican, along with the two other board members, a Republican and a Democrat, said the recount results remove the idea of a “taint” on the Durham County election that the State Board of Elections referred to when they ordered the recount last week.

The Republican-led State Board of Elections voted 3-2 along party lines Wednesday to order a machine recount of about 94,000 votes in Durham County by 7 p.m. Monday. The order backed the request from Republicans and McCrory’s campaign. The state board’s decision overturned the Durham County board, which had rejected the recount request as baseless.

“The only taint that was ever on Durham was put there by the state board,” Brian said.

Durham County officials had defended the original results, saying the votes came in late after they had to manually enter voting information because they were unable to upload data from six cards that saved information from ballot tabulators.

Data from five of the cards could not be uploaded to software because the number of votes per race exceeded the software’s memory limitation. A sixth card may have had a battery problem. Officials instead entered the information from the tabulators’ paper tapes.

Thomas Stark, general counsel for the N.C. Republican Party, said the recount results show that part of the process worked out the way it should, in spite of some glitches.

Stark said he still wasn’t confident that the statewide count was accurate.

“I think we have a lot of ineligible voters that are voting in North Carolina,” he said, and officials need to take a closer look at the issue. But proving those concerns takes “a lot longer than you have in the post-election canvass process,” he said.”

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From the Civitas Institute December 6, 2016.

“Yesterday the Civitas Institute decided to withdraw its request for a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction to remove same-day ballots from certification, while the lawsuit requesting voter verification of same-day registrants in accordance with the law and constitution moves forward.

Civitas president Francis De Luca said, “Our decision to drop the request for the temporary injunction avoids any continued disruption to the conclusion of the election, given the political realities. It is important to focus on the core issue of the suit, which seeks to ensure the equal treatment of voters under the law. To count ballots without proper verification of same-day registration information discriminates by treating one class of voters differently from another and ignores federal and state laws. We hope all can now focus on the important issue of voter verification. The federal lawsuit will move forward.””