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It is a fact that Barack Obama has used drugs. It is also a fact that Obama had associates such as Stuart Levine that were regular drug users with other men. It is also a fact that 2 gay men in Obama’s church, Donald Young and Larry Bland, were murdered late in 2007. Donald Young was the choir director.

Larry Sinclair has alleged that he and Obama had multiple encounters in Chicago between November 3 and November 8 1999. Sinclair alleged the first encounter was in a rented limousine where they used drugs and had gay sex. It is also documented that Obama was absent from the Illinois Senate on November 4, 1999. Is Obama on the down low?

Poster Delenn, has posted on multiple occasions on Larry Sinclair’s blog. She claims to be a former chef and owner of an upscale restaurant in Chicago. She further claims to have heard repeated rumors in the gay community in Chicago that Obama is gay. Here are 2 of her recent posts:

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mr. Sinclair:

Per your request, I’ve sent information concerning Chicago-area rumors I’ve heard regarding Mr. Obama’s sexual forays to your attorney, including my identity, contact information and the name of my restaurant. He is free to contact me for additional information. Given the hostility and vehemence of many of Mr. Obama’s supporters in this matter, I’ve asked him, and am now asking you, to keep my identity (and restaurant name and location) confidential… but I will gladly give a deposition regarding the rumors. if Mr. Sibley thinks it would be useful.

For the record: the more vicious and puerile your attackers become, the more I’m inclined to believe your story. I was stunned by the vehemence of the pro-Obama posters on the ABC debate blog — they seem to think than any genuine questioning of their candidate is somehow illicit, when it’s simply a vital and, in this case, too-long-delayed part of the political vetting process. And as for Big Head DC and similar sites… well, suffice it to say that the inane vitriol being spewed there seems likelier to turn voters away from the posters’ candidate than to persuade people against listening to your story with an open mind. And while the way you’ve chosen to live your life has at times surely been less than exemplary, I don’t see that as the red flag certain others have tried to turn it into… it makes complete sense to me that it would be exactly your “type” that would be sought by politicians and other high-profile supposedly straight individuals in search of secret gay liaissons.

Again, my choice not to support Mr. Obama is based on the political, not the personal: his records both as state senator and as junior US senator have been stupefyingly lackluster, and he has been caught in far too many political-arena lies. That his penchant for lying would extend beyond the political and into the personal realm simply makes good sense to me.

If I can be of further assistance, feel free to contact me.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


As I indicated before, I have no smoking guns. I can’t testify that I’m sure that Mr. Obama has had sex with anyone (including his wife, for that matter). My attesting to having heard numerous rumors regarding Mr. Obama’s sex life is not hearsay — I have, indeed, heard those claims more than a few times, and from apparently unconnected sources. I can’t verify those rumors, obviously, but I can surely attest to hearing them. My initial post, which was at another political commentary site, was in response to people saying there had never been rumors regarding Mr. Obama’s sexual tendencies and activities. I’m from the Chicago area, and have heard numerous rumors (from customers at my business) regarding that subject, and I wanted to refute the never-any-rumors crowd. So no, my saying that I’ve heard many rumors about this isn’t hearsay.

Thank you, Bon. And Victor, that was the other part of my original reason for posting on this at savagepolitics.com: to encourage others who have any knowledge regarding this to come forward.

ADDED BY LARRYYou do not need to answer these things. This is one of the reason’s I asked you to contact Mr. Sibley rather than me. I will let Mr. Sibley and you discuss any thing that may be valuable and of importance. I will tell you that today we have been offered the assistance of a private investigations firm as well. Before anyone ask, don’t ask because the firms name will not be disclosed.

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