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Barack Obama cocaine user, Larry Sinclair, November 1999, cocaine use, gay sex encounter, missed November 4 1999 senate session

I was skeptical of the report by Larry Sinclair at first. Larry Sinclair produced a YouTube video with allegations that he had a rendevouz with Barack Obama in November of 1999 in the Chicago area. The alleged encounter took place in a rented limo from Five Star Limosene Service and in a local lounge. I did some research and here are the facts surrounding the allegations:

1. Barack Obama missed the post summer opening session on November 4 1999. Here is the direct statement from the proceedings.

“1st Reading of the bill.


Senator Demuzio, for what purpose do you rise?


Hello Mr. — hello, Mr. President. Wish the record to reflect that Senator Obama is absent today due to personal business.”

2. Note that Barack Obama’s name is on two bills included in the November 4 1999 session. Here are the two bills:

Senate Bill 1256 offered by senators Obama, …….

Senate Bill 1257 offered by senators Obama, …….

Here is a link to the Illinois Senate proceedings. Check out the information for yourself:



3. The alleged encounter with Larry Sinclair took place between November 3 and 8 of 1999. Mr. Sinclair also stated that they had another encounter 2 days later. In the first encounter Sinclair alleges that they both used cocaine and that Sinclair performed oral sex on Obama.

4. Barack Obama has been approached multiple times by Tim Russert, several Chicago area news organizations and numerous others to produce records of his activities while in office. He has declined to produce these records and has provided lame excuses. My question is, why can he not recall where he was on November 4, 1999, the opening session of the Illinois Senate especially when his name is on 2 bills.

5. Barack Obama has admitted to using Crack Cocaine as a youth.

Here is the original YouTube video from Larry Sinclair:


Here is an interview of Larry Sinclair by Jeff Rense:


Is this story about to blow:


Larry Sinclair’s blog:


Check this story out. Let me know what you think.