Arizona 2020 election audit update March 29 2021: Col Philip Waldron explains as evil lying US fake news media obfuscates, Queensland Australia news site covers fairly

Arizona 2020 election audit update March 29 2021: Col Philip Waldron explains as evil lying US fake news media obfuscates, Queensland Australia news site covers fairly

“The certification of Arizona’s FALSE results is unethical and knowingly participating in the corruption that has disenfranchised AZ voters,” …Jenna Ellis

“.@realDonaldTrump has made it abundantly clear he’s more interested in pandering to his neo-nazi base than being @POTUS for all Americans.”…Katie Hobbs Arizona Secretary of State

“Ignoring evidence of election fraud because the election is already over is like ignoring a murder because the victim is already dead.”...Common sense

The evil lying US fake news media continues to mislead the American people about illegalities, irregularities and fraud that happened during the 2020 election cycle.

They have ramped up their efforts in Arizona.

We get fair news coverage from a news site in Queensland Australia.

“Heat on vote fraud as Georgia, Arizona audits draw near”

“WHILE many freedom fighters worldwide have been focused on the furore around the Arizona Senate’s planned forensic audit of 2.1 million ballots, Georgia’s Fulton County ballots from the 2020 election will soon come under expert analysis.”

“Meanwhile Arizona and national media trotted out their predictable “no evidence of the vote fraud” response as Arizona Senate representatives pushed forward with their audit plans. The latest “no evidence” comment came from a Phoenix TV political reporter who regurgitated the uproar over state senator Sonny Borelli telling a woman in possession of shredded 2020 ballots not to give them to the state’s attorney general as the risk of them disappearing would be high. The woman recorded her conversation with Senator Borelli without telling him and then broadcast it on social media.

The ensuing uproar was one that Borelli and his supporters did not need, with so much to organize around the forensic audit. His suggestion was common sense, as what sitting administration at state and national level in the United States can be trusted to protect such evidence against the powerful networks that are buying and selling elections across the globe? But of course, Borelli was targeted as “the sneaky, bad politician speaking against trusted state officials”.

The battle faced by Senator Borelli, Senate president Karen Fann and others around them is running hot. Dr Lyle Rapacki, who has been offering constant, online independent media support for the battle, said people were watching from many countries.

He said the distribution of the recorded conversation with Borelli caused “a massive storm” and division among even those fighting for the audit. People have been putting out false information on the audit, such as one report claiming Senate president Karen Fann was no longer supporting the audit. “Fann has been under terrible attack,” said Rapacki, who assured his audience she was still pushing the audit.

Rapacki said the forensic audit was a massive job to organize, especially “without a rule book” as this type of audit had never been undertaken before in the state or nation. They needed to hire 130 people from all backgrounds to be trained to count the 2.1 million ballots, along with supervisors and a location with room for 60 counters on tables with monitoring cameras.”

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“Dr. Lyle Rapacki interviews Col. Philip Waldron about Arizona’s forensic audit. The Col. draws back the curtain a bit on the problems and explains why the audit is taking so long to setup, as well as what the audit will be covering.”

Corrupt Trump and supporters hater SOS Katie Hobbs elbow bumps Gov Ducey after prematurely certifying the AZ election results while the election hearing was being held.

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4 responses to “Arizona 2020 election audit update March 29 2021: Col Philip Waldron explains as evil lying US fake news media obfuscates, Queensland Australia news site covers fairly

  1. “We the people are the rightful masters of both Congress and the courts, not to overthrow the Constitution but to overthrow the men who pervert the Constitution.”…Abraham Lincoln

  2. AND,
    ………..SOON, our DOLLARS will no longer be an “agent of trade” in America. The so called BITCOIN which has no value whatsoever is now being recognized as an acceptable trading agent by VISA. In truth it is all FANTASY, and complete INSANITY. BITCOIN will COLLAPSE as a monetary system. People who accept it as a legal tender, or a monetary system are risking their livelihood, and savings, when they do so.. Such people are complete fools. Such fantasy emerges from LOW IQ MENTALITIES. Protect yourself by getting a strong position in GOLD OR SILVER. Monetary hell is fast approaching. Joe Malarkey doesn’t care how much of taxpayer’s money he hands out like candy. He has ordered the FED to PRINT TRILLIONS of dollars……….SO THAT HE CAN CONTINUE TO HAND IT OUT LIKE CANDY. GOLD and SILVER will soon, and once again be the ONLY LEGAL TENDER. Further it will not be long before the FED comes after your savings. Any savings you have in a bank can be confiscated under the NATIONAL EMERGENCY ACT. BUY GOLD, and SILVER with at least half of your savings, and keep it privately protected. In addition read why Franklin Roosevelt, along with Congress made it ILLEGAL to OWN GOLD in the early 1930s. Today we are once again seeing similar conditions developing in America.

  3. AND,
    …….when voters in America have no concerns with whether their vote is accurately applied to the chosen candidate or not you present yourself as easy pickings for the criminal bastards who pervert the law. Those of us who must use absentee ballots because of physical inability resultant of advanced age can take steps to assure that our votes go to the chosen candidate. After sending my ballot I wait for 3 days then I telephone our local vote tabulating office, and ask if my ballot was received. If the answer is yes then I ask if the vote was recorded as I chose. All of this can be checked in a matter of SECONDS by the clerk.

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