Georgia ballot audit: Jovan Pulitzer requests volunteers, Judge Amero granted VOTER GA right to right to unseal ballots, Fulton County voter fraud

Georgia ballot audit: Jovan Pulitzer requests volunteers, Judge Amero granted VOTER GA right to right to unseal ballots, Fulton County voter fraud

“Russell J. Ramsland, Jr., a cybersecurity expert from Texas, testified that his team had compared data from Dominion voting machines in those places where they were used around the nation…..Ramsland estimated that these anomalies translated to between 123,000 and 136,000 extra votes for Vice President Biden in Georgia.”…GA senate chairman Ligon report on testimony from Dec 3, 2020 hearing

“We are calling upon the elections officials to engage the GBI to investigate any and all fraudulent activities, including those which were brought to light during Senate committee hearings on December 3, 2020.”…Georgia Senate Republicans December 8, 2020

“Why did Brad Raffensperger hire “never Trumper” Gabriel Sterling?”...Citizen Wells

Ballot paper expert Jovan Pulitzer is requesting volunteers to help in the audits of ballots in Fulton County, Georgia.

From Citizen Wells March 16, 2021.

“Henry County Judge Brian Amero on Monday conditionally granted members of a Georgia-based coalition the right to unseal ballots from last November’s presidential election in Fulton County.

Members of that group, VOTER GA, may now inspect those ballots for evidence of voter fraud.

Amero’s decision “is almost unprecedented in Georgia history,” said VOTER GA spokesman Garland Favorito.

Former U.S. President Donald Trump lost Georgia’s electoral votes to current U.S. President Joe Biden.

The Georgia Star News asked Favorito if he and his hundreds of volunteers might find enough evidence of voter fraud in Fulton County to tip the Georgia election in favor of former U.S. President Donald Trump?

“That’s possible,” Favorito said.

Favorito said Fulton County officials have long resisted VOTER GA’s attempts to inspect their ballots.

“We have sworn affidavits from several poll managers who say they handled counterfeit ballots during the hand count audit because those were mail-in ballots that were not marked with a writing instrument like a mail-in ballot should be,” Favorito said.

“And they appeared to be on suspicious paper stock.””

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11 responses to “Georgia ballot audit: Jovan Pulitzer requests volunteers, Judge Amero granted VOTER GA right to right to unseal ballots, Fulton County voter fraud

  1. “Raffensperger said the election board will now spend the rest of this month trying to work through those cases from past elections, and then get to more cases dealing with the 2020 election.”

  2. AND,
    ………..when walking from hither to thither in close proximity to mountains of BULLSH-T you must be prepared for possible INTENTIONAL LANDSLIDES. The lunatic left will do anything to keep their crimes hidden. With Raffensperger at the helm it is probable that zero progress will ever be made in uncovering the Georgia BULLSH-T. The disgusting 600 lb. black female is also involved.

  3. AND,
    ………’s Malarkey session amounted to about a 1 on a scale of 1-10. Around and around went the big brass wheel, grinding out verbs, and adjectives like there was NO TOMORROW. Sadly the verbs and adjectives really comprised a lot of HOT AIR…..and a mountain of COLD BULLSH-T.

  4. AND,
    ……….people possessing a PRIMITIVE MINDSET, behave in a PRIMITIVE WAY.

    …………..I read that the Weisselberg family has finally shown their TRU COLOR. Mzzzzzzzzzzzzz Weisselberg was part of the Trump Organization, by virtue of marriage. When she divorced she received many boxes of Trump Organisation records. Why she has these records should be the first question from anyone’s mouth. So she turned them over to the CROOKED New York prosecutor. This transfer of records of a corporation being done without the permission of the corporation is a FELONY. Perhaps Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Weisselberg will learn this THE HARD WAY. Good for what ails her.

  6. AND,
    ………..people who indulge themselves in criminal venture out of HATE, should rightfully end up swimming in their own septic tank. Such folks are HUMAN SLIME……..and otherwise POS SNEAKS. They deserve the adverse products which their SNEAK behavior begets them. I receive a very special satisfaction watching such people ultimately STEW IN THEIR OWN JUICES. GREAT REWARD FOR CRIMINAL MISBEHAVIOR

  7. AND,
    ………..corporate records are the legal property of the corporation. Such property must be subpoenaed by a court of law. Nobody, even corporate officers have a legal right to give privileged corporate documents to anyone. Such an act is a FELONIOUS CRIMINAL ACT. Anyone who indulges themselves in this sort of activity should rightfully be vigorously prosecuted, heavily fined, and imprisoned.

  8. AND,
    ………if allowed, I personally believe that Pulitzer will be able to conclusively prove that the Fulton County Georgia election should never have been certified. Hopefully he will expose ALL WHO WERE A PART OF THE CRIMINAL ELECTION FRAUD TO THE PUBLIC. This includes the criminal acts perpetrated by the 600 lb female Georgia Democrat.

    ………..he will also be able to prove that the RUNOFF ELECTION WAS ALSO RIGGED.

    ………..will any of the exposed CRIMINAL PERPETRATORS be held accountable? Probably NOT. This would mean that ELECTION FRAUD IS OK. Nobody done anything about a NON US CITIZEN who was elected to the highest office in America either. That NON US CITIZEN still lives in America. !!!!! He should have been deported before 2008.

  11. Stacey Abramson has been busted for voter fraud before.

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