New Hampshire Dominion voting machines to be turned over to Democrat SOS Gardner?, Double conflict of interest, “Windham Incident” controversy

New Hampshire Dominion voting machines to be turned over to Democrat SOS Gardner?, Double conflict of interest, “Windham Incident” controversy

“We discovered that these systems are subject to different types of unauthorized manipulation and potential fraud,”  “There is a reason that Texas rejected it,”...Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton

“Any system, financial, voting, or otherwise, that is not repeatable nor dependable should not be used,”..Coffee County Board of Elections

“Windham Incident:  Largest unexplained discrepancy in New Hampshire history.”…Granite Grok


New Hampshire Constitution

[Art.] 67. [Election of Secretary and Treasurer.] The Secretary and Treasurer shall be chosen by joint ballot of the Senators and Representatives assembled in one room.
June 2, 1784

From New Hampshire NPR December 2, 2020.

“Gardner Holds Onto Role As Nation’s Longest Serving Secretary of State

Wednesday marked another career milestone for New Hampshire Secretary of State Bill Gardner, who sailed without opposition into a 23rd term, upholding his position as the longest-serving Secretary of State in the nation.

The moment stood in sharp contrast to the start of Gardner’s most recent term, when he just barely fended off a challenge from former Democratic gubernatorial candidate Colin Van Ostern.”

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The New Hampshire legislature elects the Secretary of State.

And now the Attorney General and Secretary of State’s office want the Dominion Voting machines that are the subject of controversy in the “Windham Incident.”

From Granite Grok February 24, 2021

“BREAKING! NH AG & SOS to “Take Possession” of the “Windham Incident” VOTING MACHINES!”

“Windham’s high level of mistrust and consternation is warranted.  The AG’s office and SOS have been performing a Jedi Mind Trick for months. Now they are being FORCED to perform an audit – and they want control of the ballots and machines ahead of time.  The optics of that is horrible.  I’ve been told several Windham town officials are against relinquishing control as well – and I hope they stand strong.

The audit should be performed in Windham – and under Windham’s control – as suggested here.  According to multiple attorney’s opinions… NH laws already allow a town’s Selectmen to perform the test – WITHOUT APPROVAL of the AG or SOS:

RSA 33-A Defines the ballots as municipal documents that are owned by the town, and;

RSA 656:40 Authorizes towns to purchase and own voting machines and;

RSA 656:42 VIII. (c) (11) Authorizes the moderator to perform pre-election certification testing of the voting machines, and;

Bal 602.01 (a) The city or town clerk is the custodian of the voting machines, and;

Bal 602.01 (c) Authorizes the selectmen to designate and define the duties of election officials to prepare and test the machines prior to an election…

So what’s the problem.  Why is Windham being prevented by the AG and SOS from running their own test, on their own equipment, with their own ballots?  What am I missing?”

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So, what is this “Windham Incident” the “Largest unexplained discrepancy in New Hampshire history.”?

“From the ever-vigilant folk at the Live Free or Die Report (on Facebook). They have a photo of a recount sheet for the Rockingham District 7 NH House Race in Windham. The original machine counted results were wrong for all 4 Republicans by almost exactly 300 votes.

Looking at the image, we see changes of 297, 299, 303, and 298.

That is very strange. That is a large number, large enough that a Republican who lost by 100 to 300 votes would not ask for a recount. Of course, no Republican asked for a recount. It was a Democrat looking for lost votes (24 of them) to perhaps flip one seat in that local election.

And look at what they found. Something, unexpected. Something we were not supposed to see?

St Laurent (d) lost 100 votes, and their Republican opponents all gained 300, plus or minus three votes.

It could be a machine error and unique to this town, but this is a troublesome event given speculation about fraud and Dominion machine counting hacks. And if it is an error what other errors occurred  (see, at the top of the ticket).”

Consider this:










See a problem?

New Hampshire, do not let the Democrat SOS get those machines!!!


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2 responses to “New Hampshire Dominion voting machines to be turned over to Democrat SOS Gardner?, Double conflict of interest, “Windham Incident” controversy

  1. “The only reason to change software after the election would be to obfuscate
    evidence of fraud and/or to correct program errors that would de-certify the
    election. Our findings show that the Central Lake Township tabulator tape totals
    were significantly altered by utilizing two different program versions (10/23/2020 and 11/05/2020), both of which were software changes during an election which violates election law, and not just human error associated with the Dominion Election Management System. This is clear evidence of software generated movement of votes. The claims made on the Office of the Secretary of State website are false.”…Antrim County audit report

  2. AND,……..
    …………conveniently who else would you expect the machines to be turned over to?……but simultaneously the lunatic female DEMOCRATS on the Senate subcommittee have stated today that all conservative organizations who allegedly spread hatred, and lies MUST BE SHUTDOWN. I watched a few minutes of the raging female imbeciles as they incoherently babbled their Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Ford sort of fantasies. ( I am sure that everybody remembers the bespectacled female imbecile who testified at the Kavanaugh hearings). Today’s little get together sported a DOZEN OF THESE HALFWITS………and ALL WERE BABBLING THEIR TWISTED FANTASIES IN UNISON. I heard my fill of it pretty quickly. MASS BEDLAM !!!!!!

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