Mitt Romney attacks Hawley et al for following US Constitution, Crazy “dangerous to democracy”  statement, “motivated by bitterness and jealousy” 

Mitt Romney attacks Hawley et al for following US Constitution, Crazy “dangerous to democracy”  statement, “motivated by bitterness and jealousy.”

“Why would anybody listen to @MittRomney? He lost an election that should have easily been won against Obama. By the way,so did John McCain!”...Donald Trump July 18, 2015

“top Mitt Romney adviser Joseph Cofer Black, who publicly goes by “Cofer Black,” joined Burisma’s board of directors while Hunter Biden was also serving on the board.”...The Federalist September 26, 2019

“I believe Mitt Romney is motivated by bitterness and jealously that @realDonaldTrump accomplished what he has failed to do multiple times. His desire to pander to the chattering class has gotten the best of him…again.”…Rick Gorka former Romney press secretary


Is Mitt Romney still “motivated by bitterness and jealousy.”  ?

From The Hill February 5, 2020.

“Former Romney campaign spokesman says conviction decision is ‘motivated by bitterness and jealousy’

The former press secretary of Sen. Mitt Romney’s (R-Utah) 2012 presidential campaign called his decision to convict President Trump on the impeachment charge of abuse of power “motivated by bitterness and jealousy.”

Rick Gorka, who is now a communications director for the Republican National Committee (RNC), tweeted Wednesday that Trump “accomplished what he [Romney] has failed to do multiple times.”

“These are the same people that hated Mitt in 2012 and they will hate him again when they are done with him,” he added. “It is sad to see that Mitt has not learned the lessons from 2012. Now he has betrayed his Party and millions of voters.”

Gorka’s comments come amid a wave of pushback from the GOP.

The president’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., also claimed that Romney was bitter toward the president, and called for him to be expelled from the Senate GOP conference.”

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Does this explain Romney’s irrational and unconstitutional statements?

From Trending Politics January 2, 2020.

“Romney Lashes Out At Josh Hawley: ‘Dangerous For Democracy’

Failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney took aim at colleague Senator Josh Hawley over the Missouri Republican’s intention to object to the certification of the Electoral College vote this week.

Unlike Romney, Hawley is a man of principle who is willing to stand up for Republican voters who were disenfranchised due to fraud and malfeasance in states controlled by Democrats and in Georgia where shady GOP Governor Brian Kemp has enabled the steal.

In remarks reportedly made to a CNN “reporter” Pierre Delecto denounced Hawley’s bid to get the truth out as being “dangerous to democracy” both at home and abroad, not concerned that the perception of tens of millions of Trump voters and the Senate which is still under Republican control, has refused to investigate legitimate complaints regarding the irregularities.

Romney also denounced Hawley’s plans as spreading the false rumor that “somehow the election was stolen” which it was. ”

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5 responses to “Mitt Romney attacks Hawley et al for following US Constitution, Crazy “dangerous to democracy”  statement, “motivated by bitterness and jealousy” 

  1. “These are the times that try men’s souls. The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country; but he that stands now, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph.”…Thomas Paine

  2. AND,
    ……..believe it or not Jake Tapper of all people verbally came to the defense of Kelly Loeffler after Ossoff accused her of associating with known Klansmen. Such verbal lunacy from Ossoff is to be expected. He is a LOW IQ snotnose punk, and a carbon copy of the slimy little blow hard from El Paso who said he would confiscate everyone’s assault style rifles. LOOK WHERE BETO’S DRUG FOGGED BS GOT HIM .
    There may be a streak of decency hiding in some remote place in Mr. Tapper’s body after all. HARD TO BELIEVE !!!!!

  3. CW…….
    ……….I think Paine had things pretty well figured out. He obviously had a way with words.

  4. AND,
    ……….maybe some day somebody in America will grow a pair, and tell Americans the truth about the LOST CHIMPANZEE FROM KENYA. In 2009 even people in China could not believe how Americans could have been so stupid as to vote such a person into office as POTUS.

  5. Happy New Year, All,

    Here’s the scoop on Romney: Elected Governor in MA in 2002. I was hired under his administration and he was a damned good Governor. He did not seek reelection in 2006 and concentrated on running for POTUS in 2008. He lost the nomination to McCain. He won the Repub nomination in 2012 and was defeated by our pal Barrraaack Ovomit.

    I recall that he hightailed it up to NH and ran unsuccessfully for either Senate or Rep.

    He finally won the Senate seat vacated by Orrin Hatch in Utah in 2018.

    Where he was a great Governor for us here in moonbat MA, he failed miserably in the national political scene and has proven not to be the conservative we all thought he was when he was our Governor.

    Politics makes strange bedfellows.

    Bitter? I think so.

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