Seth Rich update Oct 3, 2020, Seymour Hersh Deposition re source and “FBI examining Seth Rich’s computer”, Aaron Rich v Butowsky et al

Seth Rich update Oct 3, 2020, Seymour Hersh Deposition re source and “FBI examining Seth Rich’s computer”, Aaron Rich v Butowsky et al

“Butowsky follows the lead, speaks five days after Trump’s inauguration with the legendary investigative reporter Seymour Hersh by phone. Butowsky says he doesn’t know who Hersh is and records the conversation, which he later shares with others. And the audio recording obtained by NPR shows Hersh referring to an insider source who describes an FBI report reflecting that Rich had leaked information to WikiLeaks.”...NPR

“Ms. Sines’s testimony flatly contradicts the FBI’s claims that (1) it did not investigate matters pertaining to Mr. Rich; (2) it did not examine his computer; and (3) it conducted a “reasonable” search but could not locate any records or communications about Mr. Rich. Specifically, Ms. Sines’s testimony flatly contradicts the affidavit testimony of FBI Section Chief David M. Hardy.”…Attorney Ty Clevenger March 29, 2020

” So why would a “street robbery” investigation need to be classified?”…Attorney Ty Clevenger July 22, 2020


From Aaron Rich v Butowsky, et al October 2, 2020.

Motion to Compel Disclosure.

“Sy Hersh (“Mr. Hersh”) is a well-known journalist central to the dispute between Aaron Rich (“Plaintiff” or “Aaron”) and Defendants. Mr. Hersh was recorded by Defendant Edward Butowsky (“Butowsky”) in 2017 stating that Mr. Hersh had a source who had told him that according to an FBI report, Seth Rich transmitted emails to Wikileaks, requested payment, and made copies of the material transmitted as a form of protection. Quainton Decl, Ex. B, Extracts
from the Deposition of Seymour Hersh, dated July 15, 2020 (the “Hersh Deposition Extracts”) at 198:18-25-199:1-7; 109:13-25-110:1-14.”

“For the reasons set forth above, Mr. Hersh must be ordered to do exactly what Defendant was ordered to do: disclose the identity of his source to counsel for Defendants so that Defendants can properly evaluate how best to prepare their defense. The Court can enter any further orders necessary to prevent the source’s identity from being made public.”

Seymour Hersh Deposition filed October 2, 2020.

·6· · · · Q.· ·So in this portion of what the —
·7· ·your first source, it was — this was
·8· ·information that we just listened to.· This was
·9· ·information communicated to you by the first
10· ·source?
11· · · · A.· ·Could — I couldn’t — yes, Your
12· ·Honor.
13· · · · Q.· ·And in the information that was
14· ·communicated to you here, the information was
15· ·specifically that Seth Rich had shared this
16· ·drop box with friends of his.
17· · · · A.· ·That —
18· · · · · · ·MS. GOVERNSKI:· Objection.
19· · · · A.· ·That’s what I was told.”

“·MR. QUAINTON:· Would you read back
17· · · · the question that we had before?
18· · · · (The reporter read from the record as
19· · · · follows:· “It’s true that you had a
20· · · · trusted source whom you had known for 31
21· · · · years who communicated information to you
22· · · · about the FBI examining Seth Rich’s
23· · · · computer, finding emails from Seth Rich to
24· · · · WikiLeaks, and requesting payment in
25· · · · exchange.· That is a true statement, is it not?”)

·MS. GOVERNSKI:· Objection to that
·4· · · · question as well as to the — Mr.
·5· · · · Quainton’s intro into it.
·6· · · · A.· ·My — my answer is it’s absolutely
·7· ·true.· I had a source who communicated
·8· ·secondhand information to me about the issues
·9· ·you raise.”

From Seymour Hersh recording in August 2017.

“I’ll tell you what I know. What I know comes off an FBI report. Don’t ask me how. You can figure out I’ve been around long enough. This isaccording to the FBI report. What they find is he [Rich] makes con[tact]. First of all, you have to know, you have to know some basic facts. One of the basic facts, is there’s no DNC or Podesta email that exists beyond May 22nd, May 21st, 22nd, the last emails from either one of those groups. And so what the report says is that sometime in late spring—we’re talking about June, you know, summer and June 21st, late spring would be after, I presume . . . I don’t know. I just say late spring, early summer, he [Rich] makes contact with Wikileaks. That’s in his computer and he makes contact. They [FBI investigators] found what he had done. He had submitted a series of documents, of emails, some juicy emails from the DNC. He offered a sample, an extensive sample—y’know I’m sure dozens of email—and said, “I want money.”

Later Wikileaks did get the password. He had a Dropbox, a protected Dropbox, which isn’t hardto do. I mean you don’t have to be a wizard, IT wizard. Y’know he was certainly not a dumb kid, and they got access to the Dropbox. He [Rich] also, and this is also in the FBI report, he’d also let people know with whom he was dealing, and I don’t know how he dealt—I’ll tell you about Wikileaks in a second. I don’t know how he dealt with Wikileaks—the mechanism. But he also, the word was passed, according to the FBI report, “I also shared this box with a couple of friends, so if anything happens to me, you’re not, it’s not going to solve your [their?] problem.” OK? I don’t know what that means, I don’t know what he was … anyway, but Wikileaks got access and before he was killed.”

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7 responses to “Seth Rich update Oct 3, 2020, Seymour Hersh Deposition re source and “FBI examining Seth Rich’s computer”, Aaron Rich v Butowsky et al

  1. “The FBI clearly has records pertaining to Seth Rich, and it has withheld those records in bad faith.”…Attorney Ty Clevenger October 11, 2019

  2. AND NOW……….
    with the POTUS hospitalized there would be many chances for someone to sneak in pretending to be medical staff, and attempt to murder the POTUS. There are psychos like this on earth. The guards need to be especially watchful while Trump is there. The same goes for Melania as well.

  3. AND TODAY……
    ……..I along with probably millions of Americans are PRAYING FOR President Trump , and Melania. I believe that most of America loves them both, and HAVE THEIR BACKS!!!!!!

  4. CW……..
    ………I am wondering if Ratner herself is now holding specific documented evidence which constitutes the FOUR ACES which I refer to. If this is accurate then she would also be a prime candidate for murder, just as is the case with Julian Assange. If one is murdered the other still has the evidence. And now they cannot divulge what all they know because NOBODY else can be trusted. The knowledge probably goes way past Seth Rich. I believe that there is a substantial number of upper echelon government officials, both past and present who could be incriminated, and end up in prison (possibly for life) if all of the info gleaned from the DNC computers was revealed to the public. “IF THIS STORY GETS OUT WE ARE SCREWED” said Doug Band TO John Podesta. In response Podesta said “I have NO PROBLEM with teaching Rich a lesson.” This seems to say that he AGREES WITH MURDERING SETH RICH. Podesta knew who had tapped into the DNC computers long before anyone else. His information had to come from either Mzzzzzzzzzz. Brazier, or Wasserman Schlutz. SIMPLE MATH!!!!!!

  5. AND,
    ……….personally I would love to see 300million Americans knowing what the FOUR ACES is. The guilty bastards in the upper echelons would not be able to murder 300 million people to suppress evidence. Three hundred million Americans greatly outnumber the upper echelon POS criminals, and if 300 million Americans would all suddenly pick up rifles and march Eastward……..HELL ON EARTH would quickly ensue.!!!!!

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