Julian Assange lawyers seek asylum in France to avoid extradition to United States, “We consider the situation is sufficiently serious…to talk about it”

Julian Assange lawyers seek asylum in France to avoid extradition to United States, “We consider the situation is sufficiently serious…to talk about it”

“Why John Brennan, Peter Strzok and DOJ Needed Julian Assange Arrested”…The Conservative Treehouse November 3, 2019

“In 20 years of work with victims of war, violence and political persecution I have never seen a group of democratic states ganging up to deliberately isolate, demonise and abuse a single individual for such a long time and with so little regard for human dignity and the rule of law … The collective persecution of Julian Assange must end here and now!”...Professor Nils Melzer 

“Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.”…George Orwell


From the AP February 20, 2020.

“Defense lawyers say they will seek French asylum for Assange

Julian Assange’s European defense team said Thursday it will try to seek asylum in France for the Wikileaks founder, whose full hearings for extradition to the United States on spying charges start next week in London.

French team member Eric Dupont-Moretti said Assange’s case placed at stake “the fate and the status of all journalists.(asterisk)

“We consider the situation is sufficiently serious that our duty is to talk about it” with French President Emmanuel Macron, the lawyer said

He was one of a team of lawyers lined up at a Paris news conference to explain why they view the case against Assange as unfair, citing his poor health and alleged violations of his rights while in jail in London.

French members of the team said they have been working on a “concrete demand” for Macron to grant Assange asylum in France, where he has children and where Wikileaks was present at its founding.

“It is not an ordinary demand,” lawyer Antoine Vey said, noting that Assange is not on French soil.”

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7 responses to “Julian Assange lawyers seek asylum in France to avoid extradition to United States, “We consider the situation is sufficiently serious…to talk about it”

  1. “Not every item of news should be published: rather must
    those who control news policies endeavor to make every item
    of news serve a certain purpose.”… Joseph Goebbels

  2. CW………
    ………French President is two faced. I have serious doubts that France would accommodate Assange. Probably the best place would be Russia. Given the fact that they were dinking around attempting to interfere with our elections, they might be receptive to allowing Assange to go to Russia for as long as necessary. That would also blow the minds of the already crazed Democrats. Assange should be reimbursed for his sworn deposition. If it was certified it would be a nuclear BOMB WITH A VERY SHORT BURNING FUSE.

    ……….the rabid, foaming at the mouth DEMOCRATS are again raging that Russia is tampering with the 2020 election. We now have such a low level of intelligence throughout the DEMOCRATIC PARTY that it has become impossible for them to discern fact from fantasy. The TRUTH OF THE MATTER IS RUSSIA CANNOT PRESS THE VOTE BUTTON..….only the voter does that. If the voter possesses a seriously diminished IQ then probably he will believe ANYTHING ANYBODY tells him/her. BULLSH-T CAN COME FROM ANYWHERE ON EARTHI Far too many Americans no longer have the capability to THINK FOR THEMSELVES if you will. UP is DOWN, left is right, pink is green etc…….and yes there is a fast growing number of Americans who BELIEVE loads of bullsh-t. It doesn’t require Russia to tell them these twisted tales.This started decades ago in our GRADE SCHOOLS, and HIGH SCHOOLS. Now it is also taught in our colleges. YEP, fantasy is NOW FACT. !!!!!

  4. AS I WATCHED……..
    ……the lunatics on the stage barked at each other, and alternately chased their own tails around, and around in their own loads of verbal CRAPOLA. Not one of them demonstrated PRESIDENTIAL BEARING.

  5. AND…………….
    seeing Joe Malarkey keeping his PIE HOLE shut for a change was shocking and probably the ONLY intelligent thing any of them done.

  6. AND…………
    …………Joe Malarkey=NOSEPICKER GENERAL He didn’t pick his nose even once last night. Big improvement.

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