Aaron Rich worked with Seth Rich to steal DNC data and give it to Wikileaks allegation maintained by Ed Butowsky in May 28, 2019 answer to Rich legal complaint

Aaron Rich worked with Seth Rich to steal DNC data and give it to Wikileaks allegation maintained by Ed Butowsky in May 28, 2019 answer to Rich legal complaint

“The facts that we know of in the murder of the DNC staffer, Seth Rich, was that he was gunned down blocks from his home on July 10, 2016. Washington Metro police detectives claim that Mr. Rich was a robbery victim, which is strange since after being shot twice in the back, he was still wearing a $2,000 gold necklace and watch. He still had his wallet, key and phone. Clearly, he was not a victim of robbery.”…Retired Admiral James A. Lyons March 1, 2018

“Mueller, as a matter of determined policy, omitted key steps which any honest investigator would undertake. He did not commission any forensic examination of the DNC servers. He did not interview Bill Binney. He did not interview Julian Assange. His failure to do any of those obvious things renders his report worthless.”…Craig Murray May 9, 2019

“We are being lied to on a scale unimaginable by George Orwell.”…Citizen Wells


From the Ed Butowsky answer to the Aaron Rich complaint.

Filed May 28, 2019.

“1. Paragraph 1 is denied to the extent that it accuses me of lying about the Plaintiff or calling him a criminal. I admit that I am aware of evidence suggesting that the Plaintiff helped his brother leak emails from the Democratic National Committee (“DNC”) to the Wikileaks.”


From the Aaron Rich complaint against Ed Butowsky, et al filed March 26, 2018.

“1. For close to a year, Defendants Edward “Ed” Butowsky, Matthew “Matt” Couch, and Couch’s organization known as America First Media (“AFM”), have falsely and repeatedly alleged in public statements that Plaintiff Aaron Rich (“Aaron”) is a criminal. Specifically, Defendants have claimed to have “proof” that Aaron (i) worked with his deceased brother Seth Rich to steal data from the Democratic National Committee (“DNC”), (ii) provided that stolen data to the hostile intelligence service WikiLeaks in exchange for payment into Aaron’s bank
account, and (iii) engaged in deceit and obstruction of justice to cover his tracks after Seth was murdered. There is no proof that Aaron engaged in any of the alleged conduct—nor could there be, because none of it happened. But Defendants are not interested in the truth. Instead,
Defendants are motivated by personal notoriety, financial gain, and naked partisan aims—namely, a desire to discredit allegations that the Trump Campaign colluded with the Russian Government in the 2016 hack of the DNC and the subsequent dissemination of DNC documents on WikiLeaks. In their blind pursuit of these objectives, Defendants have willfully trampled
Aaron’s reputation and emotional wellbeing.”



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35 responses to “Aaron Rich worked with Seth Rich to steal DNC data and give it to Wikileaks allegation maintained by Ed Butowsky in May 28, 2019 answer to Rich legal complaint

  1. citizenwells

    “Mueller gives no evidence whatsoever to back up his simple statement that Seth Rich was not the source of the DNC leak. He accuses Julian Assange of “dissembling” by referring to Seth Rich’s murder. It is an interesting fact that the US security services have shown precisely the same level of interest in examining Seth Rich’s computers that they have shown in examining the DNC servers. It is also interesting that this murder features in a report of historic consequences like that of Mueller, yet has had virtually no serious resource put into finding the killer.”

    Craig Murray May 9, 2019

  2. oldsailor86

    …………just don’t hold your breath while you are waiting on the examinations to happen. The perpetrator(s) were more than likely members of the DNC GOON SQUAD.

  3. Huber did nothing. That’s the guy Sessions appointed to look into fisa abuse.
    Barr said today that Dunham is taking over for him and confirmed nothing has been done by Huber.

    In a separate article yesterday, Sessions was quoted as saying that now that the Mueller report was done, Washington just needed to get back to it’s business.

    In other words, Sessions appointed Huber to look into this crap, Huber did nothing, and Sessions doesn’t even care that nothing was done by a DOJ attorney that he appointed to look into the misdeeds of the deep state.

    Where do these people even come from? How is it that people like this can get away with this kind of crap?

  4. oldsailor86

    ………….looks to me like 4 horses a$$es

  5. oldsailor86

    AND NOW……….
    ………….12 people are dead, and 6 injured in Virginia Beach. Another crazed gunman went on a shooting spree. There will not be any trial of the shooter. The police done what was necessary……….they put as many holes in him as they could. Finally the BASTARD fell and died. How many others lives are now compromised, or ruined by the insane act of the gunman. What did the POS gain? What hurts is the knowledge that there are untold numbers of these PSYCHO pieces of crap still alive, and waiting for something to set them into their PSYCHOTIC RAGES.

  6. oldsailor86

    AND TODAY…………
    ………Lil Marty Pencilneck thinks he is now the POTUS. His lunatic mentality has finally driven him to challenge presidential administration. Mr. Marty SNIFF has gone completely PSYCHO……….he needs to resign, and enter a psychiatric hospital.

  7. oldsailor86

    ……………after looking at the qualifications of all of the Democratic candidates for POTUS it becomes crystal clear that NOT ONE OF THEM possesses the level of intellectual capacity necessary to hold the office of POTUS.

  8. citizenwells

    “We declared him not innocent.”

    Weasel Mueller use of “does not exonerate him” improper in legal context, Exonerate has exact legal meaning, Throwing bone to weasel fake news media?


  9. oldsailor86

    ………it has long been clear that the DEEP STATE pieces of manure will NEVER be specific about anything, or use correct legal terminology. Doing so would topple the loads of manure they try to ram down the throats of innocent by standers every hour of everyday. With respect to the fake news MORONS, they will ultimately destroy their own empires.

  10. oldsailor86

    CW ……..
    …………beginning June 2 I will be oldsailor87. My longevity on earth might be the result of all the SOS we were served for food while serving Uncle Sam. They told us many times that it had MAGICAL POWER, and would definitely enhance our lives……..har har. (spent a lot of time sitting on the potty after ingesting exorbitant amounts of the MAGICAL FOOD).

  11. citizenwells

    Ah, SOS, not Save Our Ship but the other, the “food” item.

  12. Good morning ~ Want to be among the first to wish our dear Oldsalt another Happy Return of the Day ~ Happy BD, oldsailor!

  13. oldsailor85++
    Here is a birthday thought for you………….

    When is your birthday?
    June 2nd
    What Year?
    Every Year!

    Happy Birthday

  14. Happy Birthday, GW!

    May the good Lord bless you with better health and indictments of all the D.C. swamp creatures :).

  15. oldsailor87

    …………and after each celebration comes the realization that I am one step closer to OBLIVION. I will miss all of the folks at CW BLOG because it is being able to exchange viewpoints with everybody each day that keeps me alive. I am one step from a wheelchair but I try to not sit in it. Once I sit in it God will probably act to keep me sitting in it. Maybe I should eat more STRAWBERRIES. har har

  16. citizenwells

    Happy birthday Citizen Sailor.

  17. “Spygate is the first American scandal in which the government wants the facts published transparently but the media want to cover them up.”

  18. oldsailor85++
    Well, guess who else’s birthday is coming up?
    She will be 86, on 22 June 2019.
    One of California’s favorite Senators……
    Dianne Feinstein

    Have another strawberry

  19. oldsailor87

    ……….so much for female neurotics……..they are what they are !!!

  20. Comey held a press conference to Clear Killary even though he admitted that she committed crimes.

    Mueller held a press conference that was designed to implicate the president of crimes even though he did not have any evidence that he committed any crimes.

    The Comey and Mueller bookends.

  21. oldsailor87

    …………”MATCHING”……bookends !!!

  22. Imagine that. Inviting Killary to be the keynote speaker at a cybersecurity convention.

  23. A Happy Belated Birthday to Oldsailor87 !!! I hope you had a wonderful day, and that all your birthday wishes come true. Keep giving ’em hell, sir! 🙂

  24. oldsailor85++
    Hope you had a good birthday.
    A lot of news is happening, but this is not being reported. What do you think?

    CA Gov. Newsom to women seeking abortions: California welcomes you…….
    With a wave of conservative states enacting tough new limits on abortions, Gov. Gavin Newsom invited women from across the nation to come to California to “fully exercise their reproductive rights.”

    On Friday, Newsom signed a proclamation “welcoming women to California” for the procedure and reaffirming the right of women to terminate a pregnancy, a protection enshrined in the state’s Constitution.


    Mar 13, 2019 – Gavin Newsom is halting the state’s death penalty. The executive order will spare the lives of the 737 inmates currently on death row. … “The intentional killing of another person is wrong. … He said executions wasted money, didn’t make residents safer, and discriminated against people with mental illness ..


  25. oldsailor87

    ………….the childish, raging mindset of the liberal Democrats goes on, and on, and on. It appears that the average mental capacity within the liberal fantasy world has plunged to one digit values………..and their vocabulary has diminished to about ONE WORD……”IMPEACH”. Sadly most of those who are screaming the word over, and over haven’t the slightest idea what it entails, nor do they care. They are doing what dogs do. One howls at the moon and the entire pack howls at the moon.
    Should they ever become successful in their insanity they will end up receiving a new teacher bearing a powerful name………”SUPPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES” who WILL be forced to abide by the Constitutional law of America………NOT THEIR FANTASY LAND IMAGINED CASE LAW. Many of the more radical, raving, screaming, LIBERAL lunatics could find themselves confined to a 6’x 8′ cell at Leavenworth for a very long time. JURIS 101


    ABC News executive producer Ian Cameron is married to Susan Rice, Obama’s former National Security Adviser.

    CBS President David Rhodes is the brother of Ben Rhodes, Obama’s Deputy National Security Adviser for Strategic Communications.

    ABC News correspondent Claire Shipman is married to former Obama Whitehouse Press Secretary Jay Carney.

    ABC News and Univision reporter Matthew Jaffe is married to Katie Hogan, Obama’s former Deputy Press Secretary .

    ABC President Ben Sherwood is the brother of Obama’s former Special Adviser Elizabeth Sherwood.

    CNN President Virginia Moseley is married to former Hillary Clinton’s Deputy Secretary Tom Nides.

    This is “Huge” and is only a ‘partial’ list since the same holds true for NBC/MSNBC and most media outlets.

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