Charlotte Catholic Diocese vicar general and chancellor Monsignor Mauricio West resigns after  “credible allegation” of sexual misconduct involving former adult student of Belmont Abbey College

Charlotte Catholic Diocese vicar general and chancellor Monsignor Mauricio West resigns after  “credible allegation” of sexual misconduct involving former adult student of Belmont Abbey College

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.”… Ephesians 6:12

“And yet we pretend to be godly, know how to adorn ourselves most finely and conceal our rascality, resort to and invent adroit devices and deceitful artifices (such as now are daily most ingeniously contrived) as though they were derived from the law codes; yea, we even dare impertinently to refer to it, and boast of it, and will not have it called rascality, but shrewdness and caution. In this lawyers and jurists assist, who twist and stretch the law to suit it to their cause, stress words and use them for a subterfuge, irrespective of equity or their neighbor’s necessity. And, in short, whoever is the most expert and cunning in these affairs finds most help in law, as they themselves say: Vigilantibus iura subveniunt [that is, The laws favor the watchful].”…Martin Luther


From The Charlotte Observer.

“A top Diocese of Charlotte official resigns after ‘credible’ sexual misconduct claim

The chancellor of the Catholic Diocese of Charlotte steps down after a “credible allegation” of sexual misconduct involving a former adult student of Belmont Abbey College.”

“The second in command of the Catholic Diocese of Charlotte has stepped down after a “credible allegation” of sexual misconduct involving a former adult student of Belmont Abbey College, the diocese’s newspaper reported Thursday.

Monsignor Mauricio West, the diocese’s vicar general and its chancellor for nearly 25 years, has denied the allegation, the Catholic News Herald reported. Following a period of counseling and assessment, the diocese’s bishop said in a statement, West will be on a leave of absence from his ministerial duties.

West resigned Monday following a finding by the 46-county diocese’s Lay Review Board that the allegations were credible, The statement by Bishop Peter Jugis said.

The events are alleged to have occurred in the mid-1980s, when West was vice president for student affairs at Belmont Abbey, a small, Catholic liberal arts college in Gaston County. They involved multiple incidents of unwanted overtures toward an adult student over a two-year period, the bishop’s statement said.”

“The bishop offered his “deepest apologies” to the victim in the case.

The diocese will take “all necessary steps to root out all inappropriate behavior and to being open and transparent about our handling of all allegations of such conduct,“ Jugis said.

The 67-year-old West has been a longtime volunteer leader in Charlotte, including with the United Way of Central Carolinas and Queens University of Charlotte. He chaired the United Way board in 2004, a United Way spokesman said. He joined the board at Queens in July 2016 and resigned last Thursday, according to a university spokeswoman.


In a statement, Belmont Abbey Abbot Placid Solari said the school cooperated with the diocese’s investigation and pledged that the school would be transparent in its handling of misconduct allegations.”

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13 responses to “Charlotte Catholic Diocese vicar general and chancellor Monsignor Mauricio West resigns after  “credible allegation” of sexual misconduct involving former adult student of Belmont Abbey College

  1. citizenwells

    “From this every one can readily infer when and in how many ways God’s
    name is misused, although it is impossible to enumerate all its
    misuses. Yet, to tell it in a few words, all misuse of the divine name
    occurs, first, in worldly business and in matters which concern money,
    possessions, honor, whether it be publicly in court, in the market, or
    wherever else men make false oaths in God’s name, or pledge their souls
    in any matter.”
    Martin Luther

  2. CW…………
    …………..”CREDIBLE INFORMATION” ………words which suggest there is substantial evidence to back an allegation. Sadly we often discover when the credible information is explored in detail it begins to fall apart at it’s seams. Case in point the MZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ who had CREDIBLE INFORMATION that Judge Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her 35 years prior. We saw the same sort of CREDIBLE INFORMATION used against Judge Roy Moore.
    Given the lurid history of the Catholic hierarchy in a number of states I might myself lean toward early judgement. I done that where the students were concerned, and learned that I was completely wrong in my EARLY judgement. With respect to Mauricio West there may well have been other underlying reason why he chose to resign in the face of the allegations against him. He may have decided that guilty, or innocent for the good of the church he will be the sacrificial lamb………which might defuse any further accusations against the Catholic church.
    In no way do I defend anyone who perpetrates sexual abuse, or any other abuse of people within a place of worship , or anywhere else. Yes it does happen……we have a growing number of such incidents which have come to light over the past 10 years or so……..particularly within the Catholic Church which is where this sort of thing should NEVER occur. This has grown from a tiny spot to a huge indelible stain upon the Catholic Church which has even stained the enclave in ROME. Where this finally ends is anybody’s guess. However the practice of CONCEALING it within the church is the same as condoning it. It screams for PUBLICITY when there is solid proof of it having occurred.

  3. The Catholic hierarchy is a big homosexual club. And there’s nothing Catholics can do about it just like there’s nothing anyone can do about the doj and fbi being full of crooks.

  4. from this story:

    “The Case Of Evee Gayle Clobes

    I recently came upon a facebook post from March 22nd made by a woman named Catie Clobes that was actually the inspiration for this article. Her daughter Evee Gayle Clobes had tragically died on March 1st, a day and a half after receiving six vaccines at her six month doctor’s visit. The post below, from this brave woman looking for answers as to why her daughter died, explains it all:

    Me: “I know this is going to sound morbid, but it sounds like with everything you’re saying to me, my daughter basically “took one for the team”, right?”

    Pathologist: “I don’t even know what to say to that.”

    I just finished up a very heated, baffling phone conversation with the very “cold” doctor who performed my daughter’s autopsy. The autopsy is pretty much complete on their end, there have been no answers, it’s at a finalizing paperwork phase. My mother was in the room when this call took place, she heard this all! I’m not exaggerating a thing. After several calls this week to try and get this doctor on the phone, I sent an email today requesting the simple additional tests that I wanted done in my daughter’s autopsy. I was assured the day of my daughter’s death by that office that “every test” would be performed, that her receiving vaccinations a day and a half prior was of concern, and they’d be running “those kinds of tests”, that they took infant deaths very seriously. I believed them. These simple tests I requested would reveal if vaccinations had played any part in my daughter’s death. Well less than an hour after sending that email, I finally got that doctor to call me back! She refused to do the tests, each and every one.

    Me: “My daughter was in perfect health and then received 6 vaccinations and died a day and a half later. Why wouldn’t you run ANY tests to check if vaccinations were the cause?”

    Pathologist: “It’s not medically necessary, there is no medical reasoning, and it’s not medically approved.”

    No kidding, she said this!! She refused to acknowledge that it might even be a possibility that it was the cause! State or County Medical Examiner offices refuse and will not run any tests in an autopsy that could reveal any link to vaccination as the cause of death because it is not “medically accepted.” This is a fact. They will put SIDS on the death certificate before running of these tests.”

    The infant died a day after getting six vaccines and the medical industry won’t look into whether the vaccines caused it. To look into it would jeopardize one’s career.

    Just one more avenue of life where the tyrants in our society use mob rule to enforce their narrative. And one more area where nobody will stand up for us.

  5. citizenwells

    Thanks fhl.
    I will look into this.

  6. From the Babylon Bee satirical site:


    • CNN Publishes Real News Story For April Fools’ Day (B.Bee)

    Fooling thousands of readers in a prank that the cable news organization said was “just for fun,” CNN published a real news story for April Fools’ Day this year. The story simply contained a list of facts, with no embellishment, editorializing, or invented details. The story also didn’t cite shaky “anonymous sources” and only quoted firsthand witnesses to the event. It was completely factual without any errors whatsoever. Baffled CNN fans immediately knew something was up. “I was reading this story, and I was like, ‘Wait, what is this?’” said one man in New York who relies on CNN for his fake news every morning. “They really got me good. Then I looked up at the calendar and I realized I’d been duped. A classic gag!” “Those little rascals!” he added, shaking his head and laughing goodnaturedly. “As long as they return to their regularly scheduled fake news tomorrow, we’re good. We’re good.”

  7. citizenwells

    “Charlotte Diocese story matters in Greensboro
    Letter to the Editor Apr 1, 2019

    It is unfortunate that your paper ignored one of the most important news stories in your area. Thursday, the Charlotte and national media were filled with reports about the resignation by the chancellor of the Charlotte Diocese due to credible accusations of sexual misconduct. This is big news and part of a critical subject that is being discussed throughout the world. What makes your coverage so important is the fact that the Charlotte Diocese extends from the Tennessee line to outside of Greensboro. What happens in the Charlotte Diocese affects your readers, many of whom are members of the Charlotte Diocese.

    We know that victims often come forward when they learn of others who have been abused by the alleged perpetrator. Your reporting will not only serve your readers but also work to the benefit of other survivors. Also, you’ll both inform your readers and provide a public service. I hope that in the future, you will make stories about sex abuse by Diocese of Charlotte priests a regular part of your coverage.

    Seth Langson


  8. I can’t confirm whether that vax story is true or not. It was in this article i linked to and facebook and some other sites that are not major news sites. I can’t find an obituary for evee gayle clobes.

    If it was fake i would expect the major sites to point it out and discredit it, but i don’t see that either. They love to discredit people. So I don’t know.

  9. citizenwells

    I have copied Facebook history.
    It appears to be true.

  10. fhl……..
    I wish someone would finance a study of the past 50 years and decide what percentage of flu vaccine recipients died of cancer.
    Would be interesting and must be from a non-govt. agency, non-pharmacy agency.
    I am 68 years old–have never had a flu vaccine and have no reason for prescription drugs. Yeah, I have the ordinary ailments associated with age, but none that require drugs.
    I’d like to know if there are more females with same history.
    Gene is a very sick individual, mainly from agent Orange complications, but each time VA tries to give him a flu shot, he cringes and gives them a piece of his mind. 🙂

  11. JJ…

    I don’t take flu shots, either. They supposedly decrease the risk of flu from 3% to 1.5%, if the numbers can be believed. That’s not much reward in exchange for who knows what is in that shot. The industry never talks about those real risk numbers. All they talk about is reducing the chance of flu by 50%. Makes it all sound so much more impressive to couch it in those relative terms.

    Also, it has come to my attention that when the cdc tells how many people have died of the flu each year, they include people who died from pneumonia.

    There is no open discussion about vaccines. Only one side is permitted to speak. And i don’t trust that one side any further than i can throw them.

  12. citizenwells

    I will be speaking.

  13. I also read the CDC inflates death from flu to include complications like elderly with pneumonia and other side effects.

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