Palmer Luckey thought criminal aka Trump Supporter fired by Facebook for opposing Hillary aka Big Brother, Donated $10,000 to an anti Hillary Clinton group

Palmer Luckey thought criminal aka Trump Supporter fired by Facebook for opposing Hillary aka Big Brother, Donated $10,000 to an anti Hillary Clinton group

“That is what has brought you here. You are here because you have failed in humility, in self-discipline. You would not make the act of submission which is the price of sanity. You preferred to be a lunatic, a minority of one. Only the disciplined mind can see reality, Winston. You believe that reality is something objective, external, existing in its own right. You also believe that the nature of reality is self-evident. When you delude yourself into thinking that you see something, you assume that everyone else sees the same thing as you. But I tell you, Winston, that reality is not external. Reality exists in the human mind, and nowhere else. Not in the individual mind, which can make mistakes, and in any case soon perishes: only in the mind of the Party, which is collective and immortal. Whatever the Party holds to be the truth, is truth. It is impossible to see reality except by looking through the eyes of the Party. That is the fact that you have got to relearn, Winston. It needs an act of self-destruction, an effort of the will. You must humble yourself before you can become sane.”…George Orwell, 1984

“Before the Hate had proceeded for thirty seconds, uncontrollable exclamations of rage were breaking out from half the people in the room.”
“the sight or even the thought of Goldstein produced fear and anger automatically.”
“He was an object of hatred more constant than either Eurasia or Eastasia.”
“There were also whispered stories of a terrible book, a compendium of all the heresies”
“In it’s second minute the Hate rose to a frenzy. People were leaping up and down in their places and shouting at the tops of their voices”… George Orwell “1984″

“”You’re a traitor!” yelled the boy. “You’re a thought criminal!””…George Orwell, “1984”


From the WSJ November 11, 2018.

“Why Did Facebook Fire a Top Executive? Hint: It Had Something to Do With Trump

Palmer Luckey, co-founder of virtual-reality pioneer Oculus, was ousted after his political activity sparked a furor within the social-media giant and Silicon Valley”

“Facebook Inc. FB -1.97% executive and virtual-reality wunderkind Palmer Luckey was a rising star of Silicon Valley when, at the height of the 2016 presidential contest, he donated $10,000 to an anti-Hillary Clinton group.

His donation sparked a backlash from his colleagues. Six months later, he was out. Neither Facebook nor Mr. Luckey has ever said why he left the social-media giant. When testifying before Congress about data privacy earlier this year, Facebook Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg denied the departure had anything to do with politics.

Mr. Luckey, it turns out, was put on leave, then fired, according to people familiar with the matter. More recently, he has told people the reason was his support for Donald Trump and the furor that his political beliefs sparked within Facebook and Silicon Valley, some of those people say.

Internal Facebook emails suggest the matter was discussed at the highest levels of the company. In the fall of 2016, as unhappiness over the donation simmered, Facebook executives including Mr. Zuckerberg pressured Mr. Luckey to publicly voice support for libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, despite Mr. Luckey’s yearslong support of Mr. Trump, according to people familiar with the conversations and internal emails viewed by The Wall Street Journal.”

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21 responses to “Palmer Luckey thought criminal aka Trump Supporter fired by Facebook for opposing Hillary aka Big Brother, Donated $10,000 to an anti Hillary Clinton group

  1. “We are being lied to on a scale unimaginable by George Orwell.”…Citizen Wells

  2. “Mr. Luckey, a Long Beach native who was home-schooled by his mother, has sometimes been out of step with the largely liberal culture of Facebook. A fan of big cars and military gear, he drove a giant tan Humvee with machine-gun mounts and orange toy guns. He once was forced to move it from the Facebook parking lot after someone called the police in to investigate, according to people familiar with the episode.

    Mr. Luckey has been a longtime supporter of Mr. Trump and wrote a letter to the then-reality-television star in 2011 urging him to run for president. Mr. Luckey has told friends that reading Mr. Trump’s book “The Art of the Deal” at age 13 sparked his entrepreneurial imagination.”

  3. God bless the veterans.

  4. AND TODAY……….
    ………….we learn that Mr. Macron is really confused. Apparently the French dictionary doesn’t5 describe NATIONALISM the same as does Webster’s New Collegiate in America. He seems to think that NATIONALISM is a HOSTILE mentality towards France. Just for clarity in Webster’s New Collegiate Dictionary one of the words used in the definition is PATRIOTISM. If that ruffles any feathers then I suggest that those who are offended should file a law suit against Webster, and confirm to the world their own STUPIDITY. I particularly invite Mr, Macron to look up the definition as well.

  5. AND NOW………….
    ……….Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Abrams has filed a suit against Georgia to prevent the state from certifying the election, until there is proof that all votes including those that were rejected have been counted. This tells the story that she thinks that even votes by ILLEGALS should count. MORE STUPIDITY!!!!!

  6. After suspecting Manafort of tax fraud, Mueller sent in a gestapo squad at 6am, they broke down the doors and pointed guns at Manafort and his wife as they laid in bed.

    After the Supervisor of elections ignored and flouted elections laws for the highest offices in the land, Pam Bondi, the Fla AG, sent them a sternly worded letter telling them they need to follow the laws.

    This is how it always is, and why you can count me as a skeptic of law ever prevailing in this country again. At least until after the coming civil war.

  7. AND JUST……

  8. AND……….

  9. Russians commenting on facecrook is a threat to our democracy.

    But the supervisors of elections in Florida counties flouting the ballot counting laws is not anything for law enforcement to get entangled with.

    There is no more USA and let’s get the civil war started. We are living under a dictatorship of the elite. There is no more pretense.

  10. oldsailor86, et al.
    Regarding France, Veteran’s Day & Nationalism.
    Both of my grandfathers were there in WWI saving their ass the first time.

  11. Just read online that Jon Kyle could resign and the Gov of Az could appoint a real conservative to run out Mcstain’s term till it would have ended in ’20 or whenever.

    I read that this is a perfectly legal maneuver the republican party could take and if the democrats don’t like it, they can eat dirt.

    But the gov of Az won’t. Because the republican party SUCKS.
    They’ll stand by and not use a perfectly legal maneuver to fill a seat while the democrats are attempting to illegally stealing elections in several states.

    This is why i hate the republican party with a passion.

  12. CW………..
    …………YEP……..and they did the same thing again when the Nazis invaded France. DeGaulle handed France to the Nazis without even so much as mustering the French army. Smacks of COWARDICE.

  13. AND NOW………..
    ……………the liberal CRIMINAL INTENT is SHINING THROUGH the clouds of stupidity in America. Yet NOBODY GETS IT!!!!. Has America been CASTRATED?

  14. AND………..
    ………… is now PAINFULLY CLEAR that far too many Americans are too lazy, and disinterested in doing ANY RESEARCH into the REALITY of what is slowly happening to America. As each day passes I see more evidence that the slide of our country into the SLIME PIT is accelerating. Soon America will become similar to a piece of human waste as it passes through the sewer pipes to oblivion.
    As the IQ of Americans diminishes, they become dependent upon the WORDS of someone else for daily information. This eventually puts them squarely under the control of the CRIMINAL LEFT in America.

  15. hapnHal……….
    ………….STAY SAFE FRIEND !!!!!

  16. fhl…………

    …………Michael has stated that Trump is a misogynist. If he was a misogynist I seriously doubt that he would have done all the heterosexual things that he is accused of doing by the left. Michael accuses him of having sex with women as though it is some sort of illness, and a manifest of hatred of women in general. In that case he would have produced NO OFFSPRING. Such an accusation coming from a TRANSGENDER, causes me to wonder which of the genders is in control of such a person. One minute a female, and the next minute a male. In the English language there is a definition for such a person……..HERMAPHRODITE……..COULD THIS BE WHENCE THE TERM “WALLFLOWER” ORIGINATED? A flower has both a PISTIL, and a STAMEN which means it is also a HERMAPHRODITE. With respect to a wallflower being the legal mate of the leader of a country, I guess anything is possible. It would however give me cause to wonder about the mental stability of such a leader. What sort of leader would marry a hermaphrodite to begin with? Perhaps a homosexual would. It appears that in today’s society homosexuality is looked upon as a NORMAL human trait. Yeah sure, and UP is really DOWN, and LEFT is really RIGHT. If the predominate sexual orientation on earth was homosexual the earth would not have the number of people it has today………and millions would probably be in the process of dying from FULL BLOWN AIDS. Whenever I think about this topic the words “Michael and I……..go through my mind. I have not FORGOTTEN where, when, and by whom these words were uttered. In addition I keep remembering that a well known female entertainer ended up dying because she had the temerity to call a spade a spade in public forum. Thinking about her also brings to mind the name of a female health official who was employed in Hawaii. She also died tragically while under subpoena by the Federal court system. Even the grandmother of a well known homosexual died a very sad death which allegedly was caused by “hip surgery”. Yeah sure, and UP is DOWN. So in this fantasy the homosexual married a hermaphrodite and they ultimately became a first couple………AND AS THE WORLD WATCHED IT ROARED WITH LAUGHTER, AND DISBELIEF AS THE SICK, AND TWISTED “PEYTON’S PLACE” MADE MULTIPLE PERFORMANCES AT THE OFF BROADWAY THEATER I REFER TO AS THE WHACKY HOUSE.

  18. oldsailor85+
    No fires reported in the strawberry fields. Think I’ll be safe. Come to think of it, never ate a roasted strawberry.

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