More Hillary Clinton pay to play with Russians, Russia reset relations, AID Russian technology and get PAID, Coordinated by Secretary Clinton and Minister Lavrov, Hillary provided access to our technology and now accuses them of hacking???

More Hillary Clinton pay to play with Russians, Russia reset relations, AID Russian technology and get PAID, Coordinated by Secretary Clinton and Minister Lavrov, Hillary provided access to our technology and now accuses them of hacking???

“Hillary Clinton, as Secretary of State, helped the Russians improve their technology and is now complaining they are hacking her emails.”…Citizen Wells

“Most importantly, Comey said the FBI found 110 emails on Clinton’s server that were classified at the time they were sent or received. That stands in direct contradiction to Clinton’s repeated insistence she never sent or received any classified emails. And, it even stands in contrast to her amended statement that she never knowingly sent or received any classified information.”…Washington Post July 5, 2016

“We are being lied to on a scale unimaginable by George Orwell.”…Citizen Wells



More Hillary Clinton pay to play with the Russians.

More crony capitalism

AID to get PAID.

Hillary helped the Russians with their technology and now complains that they are hacking her.


From the Government Accountability Institute.


Hillary Clinton, the Russian Reset, and Cronyism”

Executive Summary

• A major technology transfer component of the Russian reset overseen by Hillary Clinton substantially enhanced the Russian military’s technological capabilities, according to both the FBI and the U.S. Army.

• Russian government officials and American corporations participated in the technology transfer project overseen by Hillary Clinton’s State Department that funnelled tens of millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation.

• A Putin-connected Russian government fund transferred $35 million to a small company with Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta on its executive board, which included senior Russian officials.

• John Podesta failed to reveal, as required by law on his federal financial disclosures, his membership on the board of this offshore company.

• Podesta also headed up a think tank which wrote favorably about the Russian reset while apparently receiving millions from Kremlin-linked Russian oligarchs via an offshore LLC.


During her tenure as Secretary of State, one of Hillary Clinton’s major policy initiatives was the “reset” in relations with Russia. The idea was to begin the U.S.-Russia relationship anew, unburdened by recent Russian government actions or Bush Administration policies that had caused tensions between Moscow and Washington. The reset was one of President Obama’s “earliest new foreign policy initiatives,” according to the White House, and was based on the belief that relations with Russia had become unnecessarily mired in conflict over a handful of issues during the Bush Administration. In short, the Obama Administration wanted what it called “win-win outcomes.”1

As America’s chief diplomat, Secretary Clinton was the point person on the reset, handling a range of issues from arms control to technological cooperation.

Those matters she did not handle herself were managed by close aides under her direction. On July 6, 2009, President Barack Obama visited Moscow, and together with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, announced the creation of the U.S.-Russia Bilateral Presidential Commission. The Bilateral Commission would be the heart and soul of the Russia reset, with the goal to “improve communication and cooperation between the governments of Russia and the United States.” 2

In addition, the Commission would work at “identifying areas of cooperation and pursuing joint projects and actions that strengthen strategic stability, international security, economic well-being, and the development of ties between the Russian and American people….” 3 Specifically, as it related to technology transfer and investment, the Commission played a key role in everything from intellectual property sharing to export licensing to facilitating American investment in Russia and Russian investment in America.4

President Obama and Medvedev announced that the work of the Commission would be directed by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and her counterpart, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. As President Obama put it, the effort would “be coordinated by Secretary Clinton and Minister Lavrov, and Secretary Clinton [would] travel to Russia [that] fall to carry [that] effort forward.” 5″

“According to leaked U.S. government cables, U.S. State Department officials beginning in 2009 played a substantial role in assisting Russian government entities in accessing U.S. capital and in seeking investments in U.S. high technology companies. Specifically, they worked to support the efforts of the Russian State Investment Fund, Rusnano, to seek investment opportunities in the United States by arranging meetings with U.S. tech firms. They also crafted and delivered joint statements with Russian officials on cooperation on technological matters.9”

The Reset Begins

“Hillary Clinton and the Obama Administration saw the opportunity for widespread technological cooperation between the U.S. and Russia. During her October 2009 visit to Russia, she noted the country’s strength in STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics): “[I]t’s just a treasure trove of potential for the Russian economy.”20 Vice President Joe Biden echoed that sentiment two years later during his visit to Russia: “Closer cooperation will allow American companies to benefit from greater access to Russia’s deep pool of talented engineers, mathematicians and computer scientists.”21 According to leaked State Department cables, Russian government officials were told that the Obama Administration saw “building the science and technology (S & T) relationship with Russia as an important pillar in strengthening overall bilateral relations….”22

Technological cooperation and investment deals seemed to be the sort of “win-win” deals President Obama said he sought. But as we will see, the Clintons and close aides appear to have personally benefitted from such deals. And these deals also raised serious questions from the FBI, the U.S. Army, and foreign governments that the Russian military was benefitting from them as well. ”


A major part of this technological cooperation included Russian plans to create its own version of Silicon Valley.23 The research facility, on the outskirts Moscow, was dubbed “Skolkovo” and would be developed with the cooperation and investment of major U.S. tech firms.24 In 2010, Cisco pledged a cool $1 billion to Skolkovo, and Google and Intel also jumped on board.25 (All three happened to be major Clinton Foundation supporters as well—as we will see, a significant factor for dozens of companies who became involved with Skolkovo.) The idea was simple: match Russian brainpower with U.S. investment dollars and entrepreneurial know-how to spark technological breakthroughs in a wide variety of areas including energy, communications, sensors, and propulsion systems. Unlike the freewheeling, decentralized, and entrepreneurial culture in California, Skolkovo would have a distinctly different culture. It would be more centralized, and dominated by Russian government officials.26″

“The State Department played an active role early on by setting up meetings for Russian officials with U.S. technology companies. According to Hillary Clinton, she inspired then-Russian President Dimitry Medvedev to visit Silicon Valley to encourage participation in Skolkovo. As she reported in her memoirs, “At a long meeting I had with Medvedev outside Moscow in October 2009, he raised his plan to build a high-tech corridor in Russia modelled after our own Silicon Valley. When I suggested that he visit the original in California, he turned to his staff and told them to follow up.”31”

“The State Department actively and aggressively encouraged American firms to participate in Skolkovo. Indeed, many of the Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) signed by U.S. companies to invest and cooperate in Skolkovo were signed under the auspices of Hillary Clinton’s State Department.40”

Money to the Clintons

“Many of the key figures in the Skolkovo process — on both the Russian and U.S. sides — had major financial ties to the Clintons. During the Russian reset, these figures and entities provided the Clintons with tens of millions of dollars, including contributions to the Clinton Foundation, paid for speeches by Bill Clinton, or investments in small start-up companies with deep Clinton ties.

In 2012 Skolkovo released its first annual report which identified the “key partner service”. Key Partners are entities who have made substantial commitments to develop the Skolkovo research facility.49 Conor Lenihan, vicepresident of the Skolkovo Foundation, who had previously partnered with the Clinton Foundation, released a PowerPoint presentation that included a list of 28 Russian, American, and European Key Partners.50 Of those 28, 17 of them, or 60 percent, have made financial commitments to the Clinton Foundation or sponsored speeches by Bill. The Clinton Foundation only discloses donations in ranges, so it is impossible to determine the precise amount of money the Skolkovo benefactors gave to the Clinton Foundation, but based on those disclosures, the money ranges from $6.5 to $23.5 million. However, keep in mind that the Clinton Foundation has admitted that it has failed to release the names of all of its contributors, so the amount could be substantially higher.”

“Another Russian figure deeply involved with Skolkovo who had financial ties to the Clintons is Andrey Vavilov. The former Russian government official is the Chairman of SuperOx, which is part of the Nuclear Cluster at Skolkovo.65 The Nuclear Cluster at Skolkovo is committed to enhancing the nuclear capabilities of the Russian state. A major listed beneficiary of this research is Rosatom, the Russian State Nuclear Agency, which manages the country’s nuclear arsenal.66 Vavilov has donated between $10,000 and $25,000 to the Clinton Foundation.67 Rosatom, through its subsidiary ARMZ, purchased a Canadian uranium company called Uranium One in 2010 which held assets in the United States and therefore required State Department approval. Nine Uranium One shareholders donated more than $145 million to the Clinton Foundation. Some of those donations, including those by Uranium One Chairman Ian Telfer, had not been disclosed by the Clinton Foundation.68”

National Security Implications

“The serious questions raised by Hillary Clinton’s pushing of technology transfer and investments as part of the Russian reset don’t end with the issues of self-dealing and cronyism. There are serious national security questions that have been raised about both Skolkovo and Rusnano, by the FBI, the U.S. Army, and cybersecurity experts. Specifically, these experts have argued that the activities of Skolkovo and Russian investment funds like Rusnano are ultimately serving the interests of the Russian military.”

“Cybersecurity experts also expressed deep reservations as early as 2010 that U.S. companies working at Skolkovo “may…inadvertently be harming global cybersecurity.”163 And indeed, Skolkovo happens to be the site of the Russian Security Service (FSB)’s security centers 16 and 18, which are in charge of information warfare for the Russian government. According to Newsweek, it is here that the Russian government runs information warfare operations against the Ukrainian government. As Vitaliy Naida, head of the Internal Security (SBU) department for the Ukrainian government told Newsweek, “It starts with the FSB’s security centres 16 and 18, operating out of Skolkovo, Russia. These centres are in charge of information warfare. They send out propaganda, false information via social media. Re-captioned images from Syria, war crimes from Serbia—they’re used to radicalize and then recruit Ukrainians.”164”

Read more:

Click to access Report-Skolkvovo-08012016.pdf



7 responses to “More Hillary Clinton pay to play with Russians, Russia reset relations, AID Russian technology and get PAID, Coordinated by Secretary Clinton and Minister Lavrov, Hillary provided access to our technology and now accuses them of hacking???

  1. citizenwells

    “Few Washington officials are tighter to the Clintons than John Podesta. As
    The New Republic puts it, John Podesta is “extremely close,” to Hillary Clinton.81
    Indeed, it was John Podesta (among others) who advanced the idea to Obama of
    appointing Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, according to New York Times
    correspondent Mark Landler.82 During the Bill Clinton Administration, Podesta
    served as White House Chief of Staff. Beginning in 2003, Podesta served as the
    President of the Center for America Progress (CAP), which has been described as
    an “administration-in-waiting” for the Democratic Party.83 Podesta later became
    Counselor to President Barack Obama in the White House.84

    More recently, in January, 2015, Podesta became the campaign chairman of
    Hillary Clinton’s campaign for the 2016 presidential bid.85
    During Hillary Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State, he was in regular
    contact with her and played an important role in shaping U.S. policy. For one
    thing, he sat on the State Department’s Foreign Affairs Policy Board, appointed by
    Hillary. (The board was established in December 2011.)86

    The full extent of Podesta’s email communication cannot ultimately be
    known because Hillary Clinton deleted approximately half of her emails after she
    left the State Department. Of the emails that remain, there is ample evidence that
    Podesta played a major role in advising her. According to publicly released
    emails, as early as May 20, 2009, Podesta joined Clinton for a working dinner in
    the Monroe Room at the State Department.87 Other emails indicate that a “monthly
    thinking group” met at the State Department with Clinton including John Podesta
    and six others.88 Podesta and Secretary Clinton exchanged emails concerning
    personnel matters.89 Podesta was also actively involved in reviewing and helping
    to edit Hillary Clinton’s speeches.90 There were emails in which Podesta would
    reach out and speak with Clinton about his meetings with foreign leaders.91
    Clearly these emails at times covered sensitive subjects; numerous email
    exchanges between Podesta and senior State Department officials were redacted
    because they dealt with sensitive material.92”

    More on Podesta Page 22

    Click to access Report-Skolkvovo-08012016.pdf

  2. CW………
    Podesta, as well as many other LIBERAL LEFT TROLLS, are so entwined in their TWISTED MORONIC IDEAS that NONE of them will ever be able to extricate themselves from such beliefs. They will FOREVER never be truthful, always obfuscate issues, and if necessary such people will do ANYTHING …..including murder of innocent people to make it appear in the eye of their constituents that they are right about everything they spout……..which over 90% of the time is LIES. ……..and worse yet a huge number of Americans BELIEVE their lies as well.
    One of our potentially worst problems is going to be the twisted beliefs of Americas young people. They have attended school and were taught that UP is DOWN since the first grade. Far too many young people now believe the LIBERAL LEFT PROPAGANDA! I believe that all of the believers will live to deeply regret most, if NOT ALL of their CORE BELIEFS

  3. CW……
    …………further I am becoming concerned that if Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.Clint wins the election it will be the combined vote of the illiterate nose picking, juveniles, and the vote of the illegals who BTW in three states no longer need any form of identification to vote………..thanks to a MENTALLY SKEWED judge who just struck down the photo ID requirement which was, and still is on the books in those states. This is COMPLETE FEDERAL INTERFERENCE IN STATES LEGISLATED LAWS. While I have my doubts that it will ever happen… is one of my prayers that all fifty states will rise up, and secede from the UNION. This would kill the federal FRANCHISE called the federal government………. BY SO DOING THE PEOPLE COULD FORMALLY abolish the IRS, SCOTUS, THE DOJ, CONGRESS, AND THE PRESIDENCY IN ONE STROKE OF THE PEN. SUCH AN ACT WOULD ONLY TAKE FIFTEEN MINUTES TO FORMALLY CARRY OUT,AND AT THE SAME TIME,WOULD ONLY REQUIRE ANOTHER FIFTEEN MINUTES TO ORDER THE PRINTING OF A NEW SCRIP BASED EITHER ON THE SILVER,OR GOLD STANDARDS. OUR NATIONAL DEBT COULD BE FORMALLY FORGIVEN BY THE PEOPLE,AND THE NEW SCRIP USED UNTIL A NEW MONETARY SYSTEM IS ESTABLISHED.YES IT WILL ALL BE QUITE PAINFUL, BUT NOT NEAR AS PAINFUL IF IT HAPPENS 5 YEARS DOWN THE ROAD…….AT WHICH POINT OUR NATIONAL DEBT WILL PROBABLY BE IN EXCESS OF 30 TRILLION DOLLARS……….PARTICULARLY IF MZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. PIGGY IS ELECTED. WE WILL AT THAT POINT BECOME A CARBON COPY OF GERMANY AT THE END OF WW2. AT THAT POINT THE UNEMPLOYMENT IN AMERICA WOULD BE MORE THAN LIKELY OVER 60%. NOT GOOD AT ALL!

  4. …… the close of WW2 the Marshall plan was put in place, and eventually cost US taxpayers far in excess of 12 billion dollars. This was done for the purpose of rebuilding Germany. If done today it would cost many trillions of dollars. I have always wondered why the parents of those who lost sons in WW2 were penalized again by our so called government with an increased tax burden which was for the rebuilding of the enemy’s domain……..they should have been required to rebuild their country themselves. After all it was the German people who allowed Hitler to come to power in the first place.

  5. AND…………
    ………..if all fifty states were to formally secede from the union the action would cancel all of Lil Barry’s executive orders, and in addition it would allow the unsealing of Soetoro’s now sealed personal records……….simply because ALL federal laws would no longer be legally enforceable…..including the law which allowed Lil Barry to hide his records.

  6. bye bye have a great day..

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