Vince Foster death not far fetched conspiracy theory as Washinton Post states, Donald Trump calls fishy, Foster death very suspicious, Congressman Dan Burton Congressional Record August 2, 1994, Hands were at his side palms up with no gun in either hand, Witness shown ABC photo with gun

Vince Foster death not far fetched conspiracy theory as Washinton Post states, Donald Trump calls fishy, Foster death very suspicious, Congressman Dan Burton Congressional Record August 2, 1994, Hands were at his side palms up with no gun in either hand, Witness shown ABC photo with gun

“There has been a very active coverup by the FBI and the Justice Department. It’s very unlikely that he committed suicide. I’ve never written that he was murdered, but it’s hard to see it otherwise,”…Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Sunday Telegraph, on Vince Foster death

“By July 1993, the Clintons and their associates had established
a pattern of concealment with respect to the Clintons’ involvement
with Whitewater and the Madison S&L. Because of the complexity
of the allegations of misdeeds involving these institutions, documents
and files are critical to any inquiries into the matter. Yet,
at every important turn, crucial files and documents ‘‘disappeared’’
or were withheld from scrutiny whenever questions were raised.…Senate Whitewater report June 13, 1996

“the Democratic Party overlooked the ethical red flags and made a pact with Mr. Clinton that was the equivalent of a pact with the devil. And he delivered. With Mr. Clinton at the controls, the party won the White House twice. But in the process it lost its bearings and maybe even its soul.”…Bob Herbert, NY Times February 26, 2001



Donald Trump in the 90’s had the same problem that most of us had.

There were only a few reliable news sources such as Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity to expose the truth about the Clintons and specifically the Vince Foster death.

And even they had a problem.

The internet in the 90’s, especially in 1993 when Foster died, was a microscopic bit of what it is now and few people were accessing it.

Hillary Clinton and the mainstream media are relying on the same tactics they did then but times have changed.

Citizen Journalism has evolved and young people in particular are using the internet and not MSM for their information.

That is one of the reasons Hillary is not popular among younger Americans.

As you may know, Citizen Wells began resurrecting scrubbed articles on the Clintons starting in 2015.

I knew the media would begin covering for Hillary just as they did in the nineties.

The Washington Post, predictably, is up to their old tricks. Trying to minimize the controversy surrounding Vince Foster’s death and protect Hillary.

From the Washington Post May 23, 2016.

“Trump escalates attack on Bill Clinton”

“Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is reviving some of the ugliest political chapters of the 1990s with escalating personal attacks on Bill Clinton’s character, part of a concerted effort to smother Hillary Clinton’s campaign message with the weight of decades of controversy.”

“The real estate mogul has said in recent interviews that a range of Clinton-related controversies will be at the center of his case against Hillary Clinton.

“They said things about me which were very nasty. And I don’t want to play that game at all. I don’t want to play it — at all. But they said things about me that were very nasty,” Trump told The Washington Post in an interview. “And, you know, as long as they do that, you know, I will play at whatever level I have to play at. I think I’ve proven that.”’

“In one recent interview, Trump said another topic of potential concern is the suicide of former White House aide Vincent Foster, which remains the focus of intense and far-fetched conspiracy theories on the Internet.

“It’s the one thing with her, whether it’s Whitewater or whether it’s Vince or whether it’s Benghazi. It’s always a mess with Hillary,” Trump said in the interview.”

“One issue on Trump’s radar is the 1993 death of Foster, which has been ruled a suicide by law enforcement officials and a subsequent federal investigation. But some voices on the far right have long argued that the Clintons may have been involved in a conspiracy that led to Foster’s death.”

“When asked in an interview last week about the Foster case, Trump dealt with it as he has with many edgy topics — raising doubts about the official version of events even as he says he does not plan to talk about it on the campaign trail.

He called theories of possible foul play “very serious” and the circumstances of Foster’s death “very fishy.”

“He had intimate knowledge of what was going on,” Trump said, speaking of Foster’s relationship with the Clintons at the time. “He knew everything that was going on, and then all of a sudden he committed suicide.””

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The Post wrote:

“suicide of former White House aide Vincent Foster, which remains the focus of intense and far-fetched conspiracy theories on the Internet.”

This is their way of trying to discredit Trump’s statements.

The Vince Foster death was never properly investigated but the handling of it was scrutinized and conclusions doubted by many with impressive credentials. One of which was Congressman Dan Burton in the Congressional Record August 2, 1994, presented in full:

"[Congressional Record Volume 140, Number 104 (Tuesday, August 2, 1994)]
[Page H]
From the Congressional Record Online through the Government Printing Office []

[Congressional Record: August 2, 1994]
From the Congressional Record Online via GPO Access []


  The SPEAKER pro tempore. Under the Speaker's announced policy of 
February 11, 1994, and June 10, 1994, the gentleman from Indiana [Mr. 
Burton] is recognized for 60 minutes as the minority leader's designee.
  Mr. BURTON of Indiana. Mr. Speaker, over the past several weeks there 
has been a lot of questions about the death of Vince Foster and the 
connection of his death to the Whitewater investigation, and I have had 
nine people on my staff at the Republican Study Committee and my 
personal staff and some outside sources investigating this, because the 
Committee on Banking, Finance and Urban Affairs here in the House that 
is doing the Whitewater investigation on a party line vote has limited 
the scope of the investigation to such a degree that one Member said 
that if the same principles had been applied to the O.J. Simpson case, 
the one thing you could ask O.J. Simpson is how was your trip to 
Chicago. You couldn't ask any other questions. That is how limited the 
investigation is. There is a deliberate attempt to minimize the 
investigation and, I think, to cover up a lot of the facts.
  On the Senate side we have a similar problem. It is not quite as bad 
over there, but nevertheless a lot of the information that must come 
out regarding Vince Foster's death and his connection to the Whitewater 
matter needs to be explored.

                              {time}  1920

  So tonight, even though I have been castigated by a lot of the people 
in the media, even though some Members of the Senate committee and the 
House Banking Committee have indicated that we have made some comments 
that are not very understanding as far as Mr. Foster's family is 
concerned, I feel compelled to go through this tonight one more time 
with one addition. Because we have been taken to task because of things 
I have said on the floor, I went out and found the confidential 
witness, the man that found Vince Foster's body, and I got a sworn 
statement. He swore before God the things that I am going to read to 
you tonight are factual.
  So I am going to go into the entire litany, the entire chronology of 
Vince Foster's death and the connection to Whitewater. Then I will read 
to you excerpts, very important excerpts. I would read the whole thing 
to you, but we would be here all night because it is a 50-page sworn 
statement. But I will read to you excerpts that verify everything I 
have been saying before this body.
  On July 20, 1993, Vince Foster left his White House office at 1 p.m. 
He was later found dead by a confidential witness at Fort Marcy Park. 
The confidential witness is the person that gave this sworn testimony 
to me. Nobody knows who he is except two FBI agents, Gordon Liddy, and 
  Emergency medical service personnel discovered the body shortly after 
they arrived at the park at 6:09 p.m. The confidential witness was 
interviewed by G. Gordon Liddy on March 27. He was interviewed by me on 
July 21st, and in between he was interviewed by the FBI agents who Mr. 
Liddy urged him to talk to.
  The confidential witness told Mr. Liddy and me that he approached to 
within 2\1/2\ to three feet of Vince Foster's head and he leaned over 
and looked directly down into Mr. Foster's eyes. He stated very 
specifically that the head was looking straight up and that the hands 
were at his side, palms up with no gun in either hand.
  The Fiske report quotes the confidential witness as saying that he 
may have been mistaken and that there may have been a gun in Foster's 
hands, that he did not see because of the dense foliage and the 
position of the hand.
  The confidential witness told me that the FBI agents pressed him on 
the issue of the gun, asking him as many as 20 to 25 times if he was 
sure there was no gun. And according to the confidential witness, the 
FBI said, ``what if the trigger guard was around the thumb and the 
thumb was obscured by foliage and the rest of the gun was obscured by 
the foliage and the hand?'' In other words, the trigger guard would be 
around the thumb, the gun would be underneath the thumb and a leaf 
would be over that and you would not see it.
  The confidential witness, after being asked about 20 to 25 times 
said, ``If what you described were the case, then I suppose it could be 
possible because I did not count his fingers, but I am sure that the 
palms were definitely opened and facing up.''
  At this point the confidential witness still had not seen a copy of 
the photograph of Foster's hand that was shown on ABC news. The photo 
showed the right hand palm down with the thumb trapped in the trigger 
guard. He had not seen that. When I went to see this gentleman, I 
showed him the photo. He was sitting at his kitchen table, and he stood 
up and walked around the table twice saying, That is not the way it 
was; that is not the way it was. Those hands, that hand was moved.
  Why did he get so angry when he saw the photo? He told me not only 
that the hand had been moved but some of the things he told the FBI 
were not mentioned in the report. For instance, the vegetation at the 
bottom of the body had been trampled like somebody had been walking 
around there. Why was no mention of the trampled vegetation in the 
Fiske report?
  The confidential witness also reported that he saw a wine cooler 
bottle near Mr. Foster's body. Such a bottle was not noted in the Fiske 
report. We are going to talk about these wine cooler bottles a little 
later. There was in the Fiske report, there was a blood stain on the 
right side of Mr. Foster's face. Mr. Fiske's report noted that the 
blood stains on Foster's right cheek and his right shoulder were 
inconsistent with the head being upright. In other words, if the head 
was sitting up, how did the blood get on the cheek and the right 
shoulder? So somebody had to move the head.
  But the problem is, before the police or anybody got there, the head 
was already straight up. So who moved the head? The report describes 
the stain on his cheek as a contact stain, typical of having been 
caused by a blotting action such as would happen with a blood soaked 
object brought in contact with the side of the face and taken away.
  So at sometime his face had to be in contact with his shoulder 
according to the report. Mr. Fiske's report assumes that one of the 
early emergency personnel that came to the park moved the head. But the 
confidential witness said the head was already moved. And he was the 
first person to see the body before anybody got there.
  In addition, Mr. Fiske, after interviewing all the people at the 
scene, fails to identify anybody that admits to touching the body and 
moving the head. So he assumes it was moved by somebody after the body 
was found, but he does not know who it was. Yet the confidential 
witness that found the body said it was already straight up. Why did 
not Mr. Fiske assume that one of the persons who arrived after the 
confidential witness moved his head, when the confidential witness was 
the first person to find Foster's body? He said the head was facing 
straight up at the time.
  Now, the FBI did not find the bullet or skull fragments at the park. 
On July 20, 1993, the park police conducted a search for the bullet 
that killed Foster using only one metal detector. And they found 
nothing at all after lengthy search. Why did they only use one metal 
detector? This is one of the highest ranking people in the Clinton 
White House. They had one metal detector running around through the 
woods there, and this did not find anything. Then 9 months later, on 
April 4, 1994, 16 FBI agents and experts searched Fort Marcy for the 
bullet and they found 12, not one, not two, but 12 modern day bullets. 
But they did not find the one that killed Vince Foster.
  The FBI searched immediately beneath where Foster's body was found by 
digging and hand sifting the soil and other debris. They excavated down 
a foot and half. They found no bullet and no bone fragments. In the 
search for the bullet, the FBI personnel marked out a grid of the most 
likely area for the bullet to be found after passing through Foster's 
skull. The area was searched using a metal detector. Once against, 12 
modern day bullets were found, but the FBI lab determined that none 
were the ones that shot Vince Foster or came out of his gun.
  Now, I contacted a ballistics expert in California who stated that 
after passing through a man's skull a 38 caliber bullet should travel 
no more than 1,200 to 1,600 feet or about 300 to 500 yards. The FBI 
should have been able to find that bullet with all the people that were 
out there and all the expertise they had, if the bullet was in the 
park. So why was it not found?

  Get this, once again this is very important. There were no 
fingerprints on the gun, and there were no fingerprints on 27 separate 
pieces of the suicide note. Can you imagine a suicide note torn into 27 
pieces without a fingerprint on it? You would have to wear surgical 
gloves. Here is how he explained that. The FBI found no fingerprints on 
the 38 caliber Colt revolver. The Fiske report states, ``the latent 
fingerprints can be destroyed due to exposure to heat.''
  So if it was a real hot day, they are saying the fingerprints could 
have melted off the gun. Yet they do not explain why, when they took 
the trigger guard off the gun, there was a fingerprint on it that had 
been on there probably for years. But the fingerprints of that Vince 
Foster allegedly put on the gun were melted off. I went out to the site 
and walked all over that area. There is no sun that hits the place 
where they found his body. The sun could not have done that. Even on a 
hot day, it is very doubtful, according to forensic experts I talked 
to, that there would be no sign of any fingerprints on the gun but it 
was completely smooth, no fingerprints on the gun, except a little bit 
on the trigger guard where they found his thumb. I do not know how you 
could hold a gun with one or both hands and not leave one fingerprint.
  In addition, the note that was found in Foster's briefcase was torn, 
as I said, in 27 pieces and had no prints. It was not exposed to the 
heat. So why were there no fingerprints found on either the gun or the 
note? Makes no sense.
  There was no dirt on his shoes. There was a little bit of mica, but 
there was no dirt on his shoes. When Mr. Foster's clothing was examined 
by the FBI lab, ``it did not contain any coherent soil.''

                              {time}  1930

  They did find small parcels of mica, which is off of leaves, on much 
of Foster's clothing, including his shoes, which is consistent with the 
soil in Fort Marcy Park.
  The Fiske report states it was dry on the day that Foster died and 
that foliage leading up to and around Foster's body was dense. It 
concludes that ``It was unlikely that there was a great deal of exposed 
moist soil in the park that would have soiled Foster's shoes.''
  Foster would have had to walk a long way from his car to the second 
cannon. I walked all the way from the parking lot up to that second 
cannon, and it was a dry day and I had dust all over my shoes. It is 
about 300 yards.
  For them to say there was no dirt on his shoes does not make any 
sense, unless possible he had been moved to that position. Even on a 
dry day his shoes would have been stained by either grass or dirt or at 
least dust. Why was no dirt or dust or grass found on his shoes?
  Now, there was blond to light brown hair that did not match Mr. 
Foster's hair found on his tee shirt, pants, belt, and socks and shoes. 
In response to a question from Robert Novak, Mr. Fiske said ``While we 
have not concluded where the blond hair came from, there is no evidence 
to suggest that it provides any evidence of circumstances connected to 
his death.'' How does he come to that kind of a conclusion?
  Carpet fibers of various colors were found on his jacket, tie, shirt, 
shorts, pants, belt, socks and shoes. Did they check his office to see 
if the carpet fibers were off of his office carpet? Did they check his 
home to see if the carpet fibers were out of his home, and if they were 
not from either one of those places where did those carpet fibers come 
  It is not mentioned in the report. You just forget about that. Yet 
everybody, the media and everybody, is accepting this report at face 
value, even through the confidential witness that found that body said 
the hands were moved and so was the head.
  Why didn't Mr. Fiske attempt to find out who the blond hair belonged 
to? Why didn't Mr. Fiske attempt to determine where the carpet fibers 
and wool fibers found on Foster's body came from? Why would Mr. Fiske 
assume that this evidence was not relevant without investigating it 
  Then 70 pages of the report are devoted to the credentials of the 
four forensic experts that wrote the report on Mr. Foster's death. They 
had four experts that wrote a report saying it was a suicide at Fort 
Marcy Park, but they based their conclusions, probably 90 percent of 
them, on the coroner's report.
  Now if the coroner made a mistake and he screwed up the report, then 
their report has to be questioned as well. Let us check on the coroner. 
He testified 2 days ago before the Senate.
  Fiske goes to great length to highlight the credentials of the four 
pathologists, as I just mentioned. Their resumes take up 70 pages of 
the report. Yet none of these people ever saw Foster's body, because he 
had been dead and buried for 9 months before they wrote the report. 
Their findings were wholly reliant on Dr. James Beyer, northern 
Virginia's deputy medical examiner.
  He said that Vince Foster's death was consistent with a self-
inflicted wound, but according to the Washington Times, Dr. Beyer, the 
coroner, overlooked critical evidence in the 1989 Timothy Easley 
stabbing and supported a police finding that the death was a suicide. 
The death was later changed to a murder, a homicide, after an outside 
expert, Dr. Harry Bonnell, noted that Dr. Beyer's original report 
contained glaring errors, including a missing stab wound in the 
victim's hand where he was defending himself and getting the color of 
his hair wrong.
  The coroner did not even get the color of his hair right. This is the 
guy on which they are basing the entire forensic report of Vince 
Foster. The autopsy report said Tim Easley's hair was gray when his 
hair was dark brown.
  Regarding the stab wound in his hand, Dr. Bonnell said ``I cannot 
understand how any competent forensic pathologist would miss a stab 
wound in the hand.'' Dr. Beyer later said ``The cut on Easley's right 
hand was consistent with a needle mark,'' though he noted no such mark 
on his report. Forensic pathologists are supposed to make note of 
everything in their reports.
  Dr. Bonnell also said that it was doubtful that the Easley stab wound 
to the chest could have been self-inflicted. He said it could not have 
been self-inflicted, and yet the coroner said it was.
  Eventually it was found out that Easley's girlfriend, Candy Wharton, 
was the killer, and she admitted stabbing Easley to death. So he missed 
  He made a terrible mistake, and he missed very important things that 
any forensic expert would have found, according to Dr. Bonnell, any 
competent expert.
  Then in December 1991, in another autopsy, Dr. Beyer ruled the death 
of Thomas Burkett, Jr., as ``consistent with a self-inflicted wound,'' 
and this was a gunshot to the mouth, much like Vince Foster's. 
According to the New York Post, a second autopsy conducted by a Dr. 
Erik Mitchell detailed serious omissions in the Beyer autopsy.
  This second autopsy came after the family had the body exhumed. They 
dug him up. It noted trauma and discoloration to this gentleman's right 
ear, which could indicate he was beaten to death before the shot was 
fired into his mouth. His ear had been all smashed up, and at the 
funeral they noticed it and they thought he had been shot in the ear, 
but he was not, he had been shot in the mouth.
  Burkett's family noted that the ear was so disfigured and bloody, 
they thought he had been shot there. Dr. Beyer never even mentioned the 
trauma to the man's ear in the report.
  Dr. Beyer also failed to identify a fractured lower jaw. His jaw was 
broken. He did not mention that in the report, which could also 
indicate a beating.

  The second autopsy also noted that Burkett's lungs had not been 
dissected, although the report said they had been. He said he did a 
complete autopsy, cut open the man's chest, checked his lungs. When 
they exhumed the body and did the second autopsy, they found he lied. 
He did not even do that. This is the man on whom they based their 
findings in the Vince Foster case.
  The second autopsy in this case also found no trace of gunpowder in 
the mouth, and Dr. Beyer said he inadvertently left the section for 
powder burns off of the gunshot wound chart.
  So why did Mr. Fiske's pathologists base so much, if not all of their 
report on the conclusions of a medical examiner who has been challenged 
in the past for flawed and erroneous autopsies? Why did Mr. Fiske's 
pathologists base so much of their report on the autopsy of a medical 
examiner who has a history of omitting important evidence from his 
autopsy reports?
  The Fiske report states that Dr. Beyer was unable to take x rays of 
Mr. Foster's head because his x-ray machine was broken. However, the 
Park Police report, which was submitted last summer, quotes Dr. Beyer 
as stating that the x rays of Mr. Foster's head indicated there was no 
evidence of bullet fragments in his skull.
  Determining if there are bullet fragments in the skull is very 
important to determining how far the bullet would have traveled. Did 
Beyer take x rays of Vince Foster's head or didn't he? At the Senate 
the other day he said he did not, so why did he tell the Park Police he 
did? I don't know.
  Mr. Speaker, the security guards, directly, about 100 yards away from 
the place they found Vince Foster's body, across Chain Bridge Road, 
there is the Saudi Arabian Ambassador's residence. There are five 
trained security guards there all the time. There are three that roam 
around, one in a van and one in a little security guardhouse there.
  There people were there all the time. They even checked that park 
across the street occasionally, because they are concerned about 
somebody trying to get to the Saudi Arabian Ambassador, and they said 
that day they heard no gunshot. The Fiske report says that as result of 
traffic out there and construction traffic, and because with a gun in 
the mouth in that position there would not have been a lot of noise.
  We, at my house, with a homicide detective, tried to re-create a head 
and fired a .38 inch barrel into that, to see if the sound could be 
heard from 100 yards away. Even though there was an earth mover moving 
around in the background, making all kinds of racket, you could hear 
the bullet clearly.
  Now, this is the information that I have used in the past. I went out 
to see the confidential witness, and when I showed him the picture he 
was upset. He told me that rather than me writing down a statement for 
him to sign, he wanted to give me a statement in his own words. I let 
him dictate a statement to me in his own words and he signed it.
  I came back to this body and I gave my colleagues this signed 
statement. I did not give his name, because I promised I would keep his 
confidence. However, I read into the record what he said, and I sent it 
out to many people in the media.
  Mr. Speaker, some people said ``We don't know if Burton is credible 
or not, we do not know if he is making this up,'' so they started 
questioning whether or not I was just once again beating a dead horse.
  What did I do? I called the confidential witness there to get his 
sworn statement.
  So last Thursday night on July 28, I took two other Congressmen, 
Congressman Dana Rohrabacher of California and Congressman John Mica of 
Florida, with me, and we took a court reporter from the Block Court 
Reporting Services and we recorded 50 pages, 49 pages, of statements 
from the confidential witness.
  So tonight, Mr. Speaker, I want to read into the Record excerpts from 
that which will verify everything that I have said. This man was sworn 
and he took an oath before God that what he is saying is absolutely 
  So we started off, I said, ``Why don't we start off by reading into 
the record what you said.'' Here is the confidential witness reading 
into the record:

       Involving the statement about the gun in Vince Foster's 
     hand, I made it very clear that the palms of his hands were 
     facing up and at his sides. The agents investigating stated 
     that the gun was hooked on his thumb and partially obscured 
     by the back of his hand. Based on their explanation of how 
     the gun was being held, I conceded that all that was 
     visible--that if all that was visible was the trigger guard 
     on his thumb, and the dense foliage, that I could have missed 
     seeing it. I again stated that I saw both of the man's palms, 
     but did not count his fingers.
       After having seen the photo of the hand and the gun, I am 
     sure, I am sure the hand had been moved, because the palms 
     were both face up when I saw Mr. Foster's body.

                              {time}  1940

  Then I started questioning him as well as did Congressman Rohrabacher 
and Congressman Mica.
  ``Would you tell us how close you were to the body and how close you 
got to his face, his hands and everything else.''
  The confidential witness said, ``I stood directly over the top of his 
head at the head of the berm. My right foot, I'm sure that it was my 
right foot, was somewhere between 24 to 30 inches from the top of his 
head. No closer. At that point, learning over with my left foot 
extended behind me I looked directly down into his eyes from about 3 
foot to 4 foot maximum above his face, my face from his.''
  I said, ``You were directly above him?''
  He said, ``Directly above him looking straight down the body. The 
man's head was facing straight up. If it was tilted, it was tilted very 
slightly because I looked into both eyes. I was questioned numerous 
times by the agents about are you sure the head wasn't tilted, and I 
kept telling, no, I looked straight down into both eyes. Do you want me 
to go on and explain what I say?''
  I said, ``Yeah, Go ahead. Tell us what you saw.''
  He said, ``I saw blood traces on his nose and around his lips. There 
was not streams of blood on the side of his face. There was not 
trickles of blood as indicated in the Foster report. I was looking 
straight down into the man's face and saw the blood.''
  ``On his mouth and nose.''
  Congressman Mica said, ``Was there a gun in the hands?''
  The confidential witness says,``There was no gun in his hand. His--
both palms were face up, thumbs out to the side.''
  Congressman Mica. ``You did not see a gun?''
  He said, ``I did not see a gun next to the body.''
  Congressman Mica, ``Did you touch the body or did you shake him?''
  The confidential witness said, ``Oh, God, no. I wouldn't touch him 
for no amount. I mean, no way would I disturb any evidence, period.''
  Then I said, ``I want you to look at this picture because you say you 
saw no gun in the hands.''
  And I showed him once again the hand that was on ABC News, the 
  He said, ``I also, when I saw nothing in his hands, I leaned to both 
sides of his head and to the back of his head to see if he had been hit 
in the head and saw nothing visible.''
  Congessman Mica said, ``Did you look at his hands again?''
  He says, ``I did not look back at his hands again because I clearly 
saw his hands were empty and he had no signs that he had, was defending 
himself or something.''
  Then I said, ``Now, you said--what did you see beside the body?''
  He said, ``There was a wine cooler bottle laying I would say 24 to 30 
inches to the right, between his shoulder and his elbow, laying on the 
berm, held up by some twigs, not on the berm but on the down side of 
the hill being held up by some twigs because it's a very steep grade.''
  Then I said, ``Was it sitting straight up or just laying on its 
  He says, ``Laying sideways still probably one quarter of its contents 
in the bottle.''
  Then Congressman Mica said, ``Did you see--you said the palms were 
  And the confidential witness said once again. ``The palms were face 
  I said, ``Both? Both palms?''
  He said, ``Right beside him neatly. Just like that.''
  And he showed us, just like that.
  He said, ``So that they were not in this position? Congressman Mica 
rolled his hands over.''
  He said, ``It was not in that position at all.''
  Then I said, ``Tell me about the picture. You--the FBI--you asked the 
FBI what, about the picture, and the head?''
  The confidential witness said, ``Numerous times.''
  I said, ``What did you ask them about the head and----''
  He said, ``If you will show me the picture.''
  This is what he said to the FBI agents.
  He said, ``If you will show me the picture of the head and the 
picture of his hands that you said there was no gun in--that I said 
there was no gun in and you said there was, then I could tell you point 
blank if somebody had tampered with it, with Mr. Foster's body.''
  Then I said, ``What did they say when you asked them to see the 
  And this is what he said the FBI people said. ``Well, it will 
jeopardize our investigation, I cannot show it to you at this time. We 
will be more than glad to show it to you when all this investigation is 
over and that was the common answer I got from the FBI every time.''

  Then I said, ``Over how long a period of time--how many times did 
they say that to you?''
  He said, ``4, 5 times I directly inquired, let me see the picture.''
  They never let him see the picture of the hands.
  Congressman Mica said, ``You have never seen this picture before?''
  The confidential witness said, ``I had never seen that picture until 
the Congressman,'' that is me, ``handed it to me. Mr. Liddy had told me 
that that picture had been published somewhere but I had never saw it 
or I would have probably been--I know I would have been screaming.''
  Then I said, ``So you were no more than 2 feet, 3 feet above his 
  He said, ``I would say 2 to 3 feet. I had said 24 to 30 inches, my 
face was from his face.''
  Then he went on to say that he thought he had been there for a while 
because his clothes were very tight, there was a stain, just about like 
that, he showed me where the stain was on his shoulder.
  Congressman Rohrabacher said, ``What color?''
  Congressman Mica said, ``You are pointing to your shoulder.''
  He said, ``On his right shoulder. It was a--the stain on his shoulder 
  Congressman Rohrabacher said, ``Was it red? Or was it blood?''
  The confidential witness said, ``No, it was very light purple, almost 
identical color of the wine cooler.''
  I said, ``So you don't think it was blood?''
  He said, ``I do not think it was blood. In the very center of--it 
looked like he had thrown up on his right shoulder. In the very center 
there was one small speck area, probably no larger than a silver dollar 
that was black, that could have been blood in the very center of it.''
  The reason I'm skipping through is there is a lot of repetition here 
because we kept asking the questions over to make sure we had it 
  Congressman Rohrabacher said, ``Hold on. Let's make this point very 
clear. The FBI when they were talking to you and when they kept going 
on this question referred to the palm being up and the gun being 
underneath the palm?''
  The confidential witness says, ``He, the FBI agent, demonstrated with 
his hand like this with his palm up.''
  And he showed the palm to us like this and said that the trigger 
guard was on the thumb and the gun could have been obscured underneath 
the hand and that leaves might have been covering the thumb so he would 
not have seen the trigger guard.
  Congressman Rohrabacher said, ``So the question--when they claim that 
you had in some way conceded that, well, maybe perhaps you didn't see 
it, if indeed it was below the palm, that was based on a description by 
the FBI that the palm was up and that the gun was underneath the back 
of the hand?''
  Then I said, ``But it's not possible. Look at this.''
  Because I had a gun and I put it on my thumb to show.
  Congressman Rohrabacher said, ``No. But that's not what this picture 
  The confidential witness said, ``Exactly.''
  Then I said, ``But if the thumb is in there, look at this, you 
  Then Mr. Rohrabacher said, ``The more important part is that the FBI 
was describing something to him that was not----''
  The confidential witness said, ``Exactly right.''
  Then I asked him, ``But in the report they say you believed that the 
palms were up but you say there is no doubt?''
  He said, ``I never said--I said I believe it. I mean, I know it.''
  He said, ``I never said I believe it. I know it.''
  That the palms were up.
  Congressman Rohrabacher said, ``Okay.''
  Then the confidential witness says: ``And he said the confidential 
witness believes it, and that's as straight as they can be.''
  Mr. Mica, ``But you never indicated----''
  He said, ``Otherwise. Those palms were up always.''
  Congressman Mica, ``And both palms?''
  Confidential witness, ``Both palms, neatly at his side and they were 
just like that.''
  Congressman Mica, ``With nothing in them?''
  He said, ``Nothing in the hands.''
  Congressman Rohrabacher. ``And when you made the concession to the 
FBI after repeating that you didn't believe there was a gun in the 
hand, over and over again, when you finally made the concession it was 
based on a description by the FBI that the gun was found with--the man 
was found with his palms up and that gun was underneath the palm?''
  He said, ``That was all that would have been visible was the trigger 
guard, would I have missed seeing a gun, with the dense foliage? If 
that being the case, it's possible I could have missed it.''
  In other words, if it was only the trigger guard and if the gun was 
obscured under the hand. But when we put the gun in the hand in the 
position it was in in the picture and we rolled the hand over, the butt 
of the gun was up or the gun was lying across the palm of the hand. You 
could not have missed it. It would have been impossible. And I do not 
know why Fiske did not check that out. A blind man could see it. Yet 
everybody is accepting this report at face value, saying it is a great 
report, and forensic experts are perfect, everthing else is perfect and 
it is so full of holes you could not put water in it. It is terrible. 
It makes me sick.
  I do not want to upset Mr. Foster's family. I am sure that they would 
like this thing to go away. I am sure that O.J. Simpson, the families 
of the people who lost their lives in the O.J. Simpson case, I am sure 
they would like for it to go away. But you do not stop an investigation 
because people want it to go away, especially if there are questions 
that are not answered. You get to the bottom of it. When a homicide 
detective goes out to investigate a site like Mr. Foster's death scene, 
they assume it is a homicide until they prove it is a suicide. In this 
case, they tried to do just the opposite.
  Other questions.
  Congressman Rohrabacher. ``Well, we have two discrepancies here. We 
have one discrepancy when he says he doesn't--he never saw the gun and 
the other discrepancy is that he is absolutely certain that the palms 
were up. So thus, we have two major descrepancies.''
  Then we go on.
  I said, ``But the point is, see, that gun is shoved under his leg 
partially, but you are saying the palms were definitely----''
  The confidential witness said for about the 90th time. ``The palms 
were up.''
  I said, ``And if the palms were up in that position, you would have 
seen the gun?''I11And he said, ``I would have seen the gun.''
  Other questions.
  I said, ``Okay, now tell us about the cabin.''
  There was a cabin there.
  I said, ``You said you knew the guy that owned that cabin years 
  There's a cabin about 175 yards away from the site where they found 
the body.''
  He said, ``I knew a retired Navy commander who lives in that project. 
He was going to set me up with the owner.''
  I said, ``But there is a private road that goes back to that cabin''
  He said, ``There is a private road that goes right back to it from 
the housing development right next to it.''
  I said, ``If somebody came back that road, they wouldn't be seen?''
  He said, ``They would not be seen, period.''
  I said, ``How far is that from the cabin?''
  He said, ``150 to 175 yards.''

                              {time}  1950

  Congressman Burton. ``So they could have walked around that and come 
right up----''
  He says, ``They are dead in the woods all the way, and there is a 
path that leads right straight up to where they found the body.
  I do not know if somebody brought the body in that way or not. I had 
no idea. But that was something that was not investigated, because when 
they told the FBI about it they did not even know there was a cabin 
back there. He had to go show them.
  Then we started talking about when he left to call the police after 
he found the body. He said,
  I went, got in my van, started up the parkway because I was on the 
parkway, I got up to where the park headquarters are, about two, two 
and a half miles, maybe a little further up the road, the right-hand 
side. There is a little phone sign right there. I pulled in, there was 
a couple of vehicles on the left. I had never been in there before. 
There is two phones there. I never saw them because I saw the guys 
there, the phones sat back behind the trees over here on the right 
side. I saw the guys there. I was looking at them, drove by, still 
didn't see any phones, looked both ways but apparently drove right by 
the phones and never saw them, backed up, turned around, started back 
out, was going to ask them to use the phone, motioned for them to come 
over. The younger white man walked over. I asked him for a phone. He 
stated that, you know, why? And I says, well, it's an emergency, I need 
to use the phone. Can you get me to a phone? Yes, but why? And he 
says--I think he said it the third time. At that point I went, wait a 
minute. Fine. Are you familiar with Fort Marcy? Oh, yeah, I know it 
well. Do you know where the two cannons are? Oh, yes, I know it well. 
Do you know the one up on the hill to the right? Oh, yeah. The next 
Chain Bridge Road now. Not the one on the left up there, the one on the 
right all the way up on top. Oh, yeah, I know it well. I says, right 
beside it, down over the bank is a dead man. You call the police and 
tell them. Oh, sure, great. I don't need the headaches that go with 
possibilities of going to courts and hearings and crap that all I done 
was come onto a body. That's all. Hey, I done my duty, I'm gone. He 
went to call the police, I simply drove off. And I stayed quiet for 
approximately six months.''
  The reason he stayed quiet for 6 months was because he was afraid. He 
found this body under mysterious circumstances and did not want to get 
into it.
  Now he got into it, decided to become semi-public when he was coming 
back from Africa. He went over there to take some pictures of some 
animals. And I said, ``Now, you were coming back from Africa, you went 
to Kenya. Tell them about coming back from Africa and how you decided 
to call Gordon Liddy,'' to talk about it.
  He said: ``When I got back from Africa I was reading--the London 
Times was eating that story up and I was sitting in the hotel reading 
  Congressman Burton. ``This was what month?''
  He said ``This was April. Yeah. It was, I believe it was in April. It 
was either April or May.'' He is talking to his girlfriend:
  ``Hun, when was I in Africa?''
  She says: ``I don't know. I didn't go. You left me home, remember?''
  Congressman Burton. ``Okay. Go ahead.''
  CW. ``And it's when I got back, my brother came over and told me, 
says you hear the story that the New York Times printed about the two 
park rangers have changed their story and stated that they had made up 
the story about the guy in the white van, that they had snuck off down 
to the park to have a drink and discovered the body and to cover 
themselves they made this story and at that point I went wait a minute. 
Who in the world can put that kind of pressure on two career employees 
to make them tell that kind of garbage? I better cover my hind 
quarters. So I was thinking about what to do and my brother had been 
listening a lot to Liddy and I have also respected Liddy for his word. 
And he went into his background and he said, ``And he was really 
hammering on the evidence, you know, that was being presented about the 
Foster case and the doubts.''

  So he called Gordon Liddy.
  He said, ``But having read about him, I decided that would be as good 
a--what I knew would become public and if there was a threat to me, 
that, that possibility of danger would be greatly, greatly reduced 
simply by the fact that what I knew would have been now made 
  Congressman Burton, ``So you called Liddy because you wanted to get 
the facts out number one and number two you thought you would be safer 
if the facts were?''
  CW, ``Exactly right.''
  Then Congressman Rohrabacher said, ``There wasn't any--foliage didn't 
seem to be--did it seem like somebody dragged him up there?''
  The confidential witness says, ``Now, I did not read anything in this 
report and this has been stated numerous times. Below this man's feet, 
all the way down into the bottom of the ditch, approximately ten feet 
or better, up the berm on the other side, over the hill to the walking 
trail, everything had been trampled completely flat like the man had 
walked back and forth at least a dozen times or better. It was, at 
least 24, maybe 30 inches wide that everything was trampled completely 
flat. Every twig, every leaf trampled from the bottom of his feet all 
the way down the valley and over the hill?''
  CW, ``Completely flat.''
  Congressman Burton, ``Like somebody had been walking back and forth 
  CW, ``He had paced back and forth many times. At least a dozen times. 
You can't trample down that flat.''
  Congressman Burton, ``And they didn't put that in that report?''
  CW, ``Nothing in the report that I read. That I have read.''
  That is not in the report. Below the body somebody had walked back 
and forth along this ditch, along this hill.
  Congressman Burton: ``Let me get this straight. You are saying that 
there was a path almost from the bottom of his body down into the 
bottom, up over this other hill?''
  CW: ``And out to the walking trail on the other side. As I showed you 
here, from here, down and out over that hill. This is, this was very, 
very dense.''
  Congressman Burton: ``And it was flattened out?''
  CW: ``It was walked completely flat. The agents had known about this 
and known about this. Nothing in that report. I don't know. I don't 
know. Did it disappear or what happened ?''
  Congressman Rohrabacher: ``Your analysis----''
  Congressman Burton: ``Wait a minute. This is very important. You are 
saying that you told the agents this?''
  CW: ``Oh, I told them numerous times.''
  But it was not in the report.
  Congressman Burton: ``That the ground was----
  Then I said, ``Let me finish here. You went out to the site with the 
FBI and you told them at the site where the ground was trampled and how 
far it went?''
  CW: ``Yes. I also walked them--that doesn't make any sense was their 
statement about, why would they bring him in this way. It was simple 
from the cabin. What cabin is what their answer was. The one right over 
  Congressman Burton: ``So they said, that makes no sense, why would 
there be a path here like this and you said because that's where the 
cabin and the driveway is?
  CW: ``Uh-huh. And they did not know about the cabin and I walked them 
back there and showed it to them.''
  Then Congressman Rohrabacher says, ``Is it conceivable that somebody 
could have been on that path when you were relieving yourself without 
you seeing them?''
  The confidential witness went into the park to relieve himself 
because of the traffic. And so Congressman Rohrabacher was asking him 
is it conceivable somebody could have been there with the body and 
hiding in the woods while you were there. The guy says, the 
confidential witness says, ``Absolutely. Absolutely. It was that 
dense,'' that they could have been hiding in the trees.
  Congressman Mica says, ``And you didn't see any--you didn't see any 
evidence that someone had committed suicide, any blood in, say around 
the grass or anything behind the head?''
  CW: ``We had no significant rain for 30 days. The ground at the top 
of the hill in this area might get a small amount of sun a day because 
there is very big trees around that area. Anything over that berm and 
down that berm never gets any sun; completely shaded out.'' Yet they 
say the fingerprints melted off of the gun.
  Congressman Mica: ``But around the head----''
  CW: ``There was no--I mean I bent over and looked. I didn't lay my 
head flat on the ground. I probably lent my head down to within 16 
inches of the ground. No signs, not a sign of,'' blood around the head.
  Then I said, ``But you didn't see any blood as close as you got 
around the head or anything like that?''
  CW: ``None.''
  Then Congressman Mica talking about when he went back out to his car 
after he found the body. ``Did you look at the cars when you came 
  CW: ``As I walked down the hill, you are coming off and you are 
parked in the parking lot. You go up on either side of the parking lot 
to a walking area that's elevated well above the parking, up to a sign 
with the description of the fort area and what it was all about and the 
history. As you are walking back down, which I'm walking back down the 
hill to go back to my van, as you are coming down the hill you can see 
right down into the car and the car was parked either second or 
  Congressman Mica: ``What kind of a car was it?''
  CW: ``White Honda and it was a light brown or a cream colored 
Japanese made car on the other end of the parking lot. On the passenger 
seat of the white Honda was a folded jacket, very, very similar in 
color to suit pants,'' worn by Mr. Foster. ``The FBI tells me I have 
got the wrong car, that was not his. They said the brown one was his.''
  Congressman Rohrabacher: ``Say that again.''
  CW: ``The FBI said that that was not his car. I thought sure that was 
his car because the jacket was so similar to the pants he had on.''
  Congressman Burton: ``Yeah.''
  CW: ``In the passenger floor board was a four-pack wine cooler, two 
  You remember the wine cooler bottle by his body, and there were two 
wine coolers gone out of the four pack.
  Congressman Rohrabacher says, ``This was in the car the FBI said did 
not belong?''
  CW: ``Was not belong. And I asked them, how well did you check out 
those other two people that were still in the park when you got there? 
Oh, there is no doubt, they were just two lovers up there.''

                              {time}  2000

  Then I said, ``But you're saying in this car you saw a jacket that 
looked like the one that matched the pants on the body?'' He said, 
``Exactly.'' I said, ``You said that also you saw a wine cooler pack on 
the floor?'' The confidential witness said, ``A four-pack wine cooler 
with two gone, the same color as it was--it had a light pink-like 
label.'' I said, ``OK, but did it look like the bottle you saw beside 
the body?'' He said, ``Exactly like the bottle beside the body.'' But 
that was not in the report. The confidential witness said, ``Strange 
thing, when I went back with the agents, one of the agents spent about 
15 minutes kicking around all of the leaves and everything looking for 
the wine cooler bottle,'' but that was 9 months later, for crying out 
  ``The palms were up, you say?'' This is, once again, talking to the 
confidential witness. He said, ``Absolutely,'' about the 90th time. 
``How sure are you the palms were up,'' Congressman Mica said. The 
confidential witness says, ``As sure as I am standing right here, I am 
absolutely and totally, unequivocally, the palms were up. I looked at 
both palms. There was nothing in his hands. I didn't look at one and 
assume the other. I looked at both of them.''
  This is the man that found the body.
  Congressman Mica, ``How long did you spend over the body, 5 seconds, 
10 seconds?'' He said, ``Oh, no, 2 minutes.'' Congressman Mica, ``Two 
or 3 minutes?'' ``Not--well, that is a tough one. Because I wasn't 
panicked. I think I was fairly deliberate in studying.''
  That is the end of the relevant information in the report. This is a 
sworn report by the only person to find the body. He says the Fiske 
report is wrong, and yet nobody is paying any attention to it.
  Mr. Fiske, who is a friend of Bernie Nussbaum's, a close associate of 
Presidents Clinton's, has worked with him on Wall Street, he is the 
special counsel. Mr. Fiske has chosen not to pursue these very 
important questions. It is just terrible.
  And yet we are supposed to walk away and not even talk about it.
  Now, they said there is no connection between Vince Foster's office 
and the Whitewater files that were taken out of his office.
  I am going to try to finish up this. I want to go through this 
hurriedly, because there are a lot of things that need to be talked 
  I am going to tell my friends and my colleagues now why I believe 
there is a connection between Vince Foster's death and the Whitewater 
investigation that is not being pursued.
  First of all, he died under very mysterious circumstances. His body 
was moved. There is no question about it. Yet nobody accepts that.
  At 6 p.m. on July 20, 1993, Vincent Foster was found dead in Fort 
Marcey Park. Shortly after 9 p.m., White House Chief of Staff Mack 
McLarty was informed of his death. McLarty ordered the Vince Foster 
office sealed. However, the office remained unlocked overnight. They 
did not seal it even though they were told to by the chief of staff. 
Despite this order, less than 3 hours after the body was found, White 
House officials removed records, business deals between President 
Clinton and his wife and the Whitewater Development Corp. from Foster's 
office without telling the Federal authorities about it.
  They were the people that went in there. Bernie Nussbaum, the White 
House counsel, the President's special assistant, Patsy Thomasson, and 
Hillary Clinton's chief of staff, Margaret Williams.
  Bernie Nussbaum said they were in there 10 minutes, but the Park 
Police said they were in there over 2 hours.
  During this first search, Whitewater files and President's Clinton's 
tax returns were removed and turned over to David Kendall, President 
Clinton's attorney. Why did they not give them to the FBI? Why did they 
not give them to the people investigating his death?
  White House officials did not confirm the July 20 search of Foster's 
office until December. They did not even tell anybody they were in 
there taking those files out until December. Why? This is an 
investigation of a man's death, for crying out loud.
  Then there was a second search 2 days later on July 22. Mr. Nussbaum 
and White House officials searched Foster's office for a second time. 
They got more documents. Some were sent to President Clinton's 
attorney, and others were sent to Vince Foster's attorney, James 
  During the second search, Mr. Nussbaum, citing executive privilege, 
kept Park Police and FBI agents from going through and watching them go 
through the files. Dee Dee Myers, the White House press secretary, said 
Bernie Nussbaum went through and sort of described contents of each of 
the files and what was in the drawers while representatives of the 
Justice Department, the Secret Service, the FBI, and other members of 
the counsel's office were present.
  According to other White House sources, however, FBI agents and Park 
Police were ordered to sit on chairs right in the hallway right at the 
entrance while White House staff went through the documents, and Mr. 
Nussbaum gave the FBI agents and Park Police no indication of what he 
was taking. One FBI agent was reprimanded when he stood up and peered 
into the room to see what was going on.
  Park Police later discovered Whitewater records had been removed from 
Foster's office during the second search after they visited James 
Hamilton, Foster's lawyer, a week after the death, to review a personal 
diary that was also taken during one of the searches.
  Hamilton allowed the Park Police to briefly inspect Vince Foster's 
dairy and other documents. However, he did not allow them to make 
copies, citing privacy concerns. He refused to request for access 
to the diary and documents from the Justice Department.

  Did Fiske review Vince Foster's diary? His report says nothing about 
it. Foster's diary might help to identify whom the blond hair on his 
clothes belonged to, maybe where he was that day, and maybe they could 
find out from the carpet samples. This is important evidence.
  On July 27, 1993, the White House officials revealed on July 26 they 
found a note supposedly written by Vince Foster at the bottom of his 
briefcase in his office torn into 27 pieces with no fingerprints on it. 
Now, you go home tonight and tear a piece of paper into 27 pieces and 
tell me there is no fingerprint on it. It cannot be done. It was not 
out in the sun. Those fingerprints did not melt off of that.
  And yet they said they did not explain why there were no fingerprints 
on it. They said they missed the note in their first two searches even 
though they had looked in the briefcase. How can you miss all of that 
torn-up paper in the briefcase if you looked in there twice? Maybe 
because it was not in there. I do not know.
  Now, we have a million questions we want to ask about all of this. I 
am not going to go into the questions now. I think I have pretty well 
covered that.
  Now, I want to go to the Rose Law Firm down in Little Rock, AR.
  Jeremy Hedges, a part-time courier at the Rose Law Firm, told a grand 
jury he was told to shred documents from the files of Vince Foster 
after Special Prosecutor Robert Fiske had announced he would look into 
Foster's death. Fiske was appointed on January 20, 1994.
  Even before a subpoena is issued, the law prohibits people from 
intentionally impeding an investigation by destroying evidence they 
know investigators want, and yet even though after they had picked the 
special counsel, they were down there shredding these documents.
  In February after Fiske served subpoenas on the law firm's employees, 
Jeremy Hedges and the other couriers employed by the firm were called 
to a meeting with Ron Clark and Jerry Jones, two of the Rose Law Firm's 
partners. Jones said to Hedges, he challenged his recollection that he 
had shredded documents belonging to Foster. He cautioned him about 
relating assumptions to investigators. ``I said,'' Hedges recounted, 
``I shredded some documents of Vincent Foster's 3 weeks ago.'' And 
Jones, the partner, replied, ``How do you know they were Foster's? 
Don't assume something you don't know,'' trying to lead him. Hedges 
said he was certain they were Foster's files. Jones then said, ``Don't 
assume they had anything to do with Whitewater.'' It is funny.
  The box Hedges was told to shred and all its file folders were marked 
``VWF,'' Foster's initials. None of the documents he saw related to the 
Whitewater Development, Hedges said, but how would he know when he was 
shredding as fast as he could.
  However, another Rose employee told the Washington Times that 
documents showing the Clintons' involvement in the Whitewater projects 
had also been ordered destroyed, and the shredding reportedly occurred 
February 3, 1994, at the Rose Law Firm.
  During the 1992 Presidential campaign, three current or former Rose 
employees said that the couriers from the Rose Law Firm were summoned 
to the Arkansas Governor's Mansion by Hillary Clinton, who personally 
handed over records to be shredded at the Rose Law Firm downtown. The 
shredding began after the New York Times reported on March 8, 1992, the 
involvement of Governor Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton in the 
Whitewater deal.
  Couriers made at least six other runs during the campaign. They were 
given sealed, unmarked envelopes with instructions that they were to be 
shredded at the firm. The shredding continued through the November 3 
general election. Records belonging to Webster Hubbell, Vincent Foster, 
William H. Kennedy III were also shredded.
  A current employee said a conservative estimate would be that more 
than a dozen boxes of documents were ultimately destroyed. A lot of 
people say, well, are you sure those were Whitewater documents? Why 
would you think they were Whitewater documents? They were at the 
Governor's Mansion. Well, let us look into that.
  James McDougal and his wife, Susan, who are now divorced, have said 
they personally delivered all the Whitewater records to the Governor's 
Mansion in December 1987 at Mrs. Clinton's request, and she was the one 
giving the couriers the documents to go back over to the Rose Law Firm 
to be shredded after the New York Times article in 1992 during the 
President's campaign.
  And then during the Presidential campaign, President Clinton and his 
wife said that the records had disappeared.
  Now, where do you think they disappeared to?
  Today in the Washington Post, Margaret Williams, and remember 
Margaret Williams is Hillary Clinton's chief of staff, and I want you 
to listen to this:

       A Whitewater file taken from the office of White House 
     Deputy Counsel Vincent Foster after his death last year was 
     given to Hillary Rodham Clinton's chief of staff and, at the 
     First Lady's direction, transferred to the White House 
     residence before being turned over to the Clintons' personal 
     lawyer, administration officials said yesterday. It was 
     unclear yesterday why then-White House Counsel Bernard 
     Nussbaum gave the file to the First Lady's chief of staff, 
     Margaret Williams, rather than transferring it directly to 
     Robert Barnett, the Clintons' personal lawyer at the time.

  Why did they not give it to the police? They were the ones 
investigating this case.
  ``A White House official said Williams, after being asked by Nussbaum 
to take charge of the documents, checked with the First Lady in Little 
Rock, AR. Hillary Clinton told Williams to check with another White 
House employee about a safe place in the residence to store the 
documents, the official said.''

                              {time}  2010

  The files were moved from the west wing of the White House where 
Williams and Nussbaum worked, to a locked closet on the third floor of 
the White House residence, where other personal papers were kept. 
Williams had a key to the closet, the official said. Barnett picked up 
the documents 5 days later.
  Now, get the rest of this: After Foster's death, officials said his 
personal papers were given to the Foster family lawyer and his official 
files were distributed among other lawyers in the counsel's office.
  In December the White House disclosed that a Whitewater file also had 
been found in Foster's office. The revelation helped fuel the White 
House controversy and raised suspicion the White House was not 
providing a fair picture of the events. I wonder why.
  At that time the White House did not reveal Williams' involvement or 
the fact that the files were kept at the residence. They did not tell 
anybody that. The statement at the time by communications director Mark 
Gearan said only that the files were sent to the Clinton personal 
attorney. White House sources said that the statement was drafted by 
Nussbaum and that he, Gearan, did not know of Williams' involvement at 
the time. They did not even tell this guy they were giving the report 
out that Williams had taken the files up to Hillary's residence and 
locked them in her closet.
  Sources familiar with the handling of the file said Nussbaum called 
Williams 2 days after Foster's death to ask her to take charge of 
Clinton's personal papers. Williams checked with Hillary Clinton, who 
agreed that the papers should be given to Barnett. Then they said that 
the President and the First Lady never looked at the papers before they 
gave them to the attorney.
  They took them upstairs, she was instructed to take them up there and 
lock them in their closet, and then they later gave them to their 
attorney, but they said they never looked at the papers.
  Well, the bottom line is the Fiske report is inaccurate, the Fiske 
report has glaring holes in it, the Fiske report, as it is presently 
constituted, is not worth the paper it is written on.
  I do not care about the credentials of the four forensic experts. I 
am sure they were very competent men, but they based their findings on 
the coroner's report 9 months earlier and the coroner has been proven 
on two separate occasions to be incompetent as far as autopsies are 
  There just is no question about the major question about the death of 
Vince Foster. The man who found the body said the hands were moved. He 
swears before God that the hands were moved in a court report. He 
swears the head was moved. There were no fingerprints on the gun. There 
were no fingerprints on the suicide note.
  The counsel, Mr. Fiske, never checked the carpet samples from his 
office to see if those were the same ones on his clothes. At least he 
did not say so in the report. He did not check his house to see if the 
carpet samples were off his home. Where did those carpet samples come 
from? There is just a ton of questions that need to be answered.
  For any intelligent person to hear what I have said tonight and to 
read this report and to conclude that this is accurate, they just must 
have their eyes closed. I just do not know how they can believe that.
  So, Mr. Speaker, as I conclude my remarks, let me say once again that 
this investigation should not be closed, it should be reopened. We 
should bring the confidential witness, keep his confidentiality, we 
should bring the confidential witness in a confidential way so he can 
be protected before the people that are involved and let me them see 
what I have seen. In fact, if you do not bring him forth, take my 
report before anybody in the Congress, take my document here that is 
sworn before a court reporter, and at least look at it, at least look 
at it.
  You know, there is a poem by Cesar Gilbert Horn, Mr. Speaker, which 
says, in part: ``Long rules the land and waiting justice sleeps.'' And 
I think that is the case with Vince Foster.
  He may have committed suicide, I do not know, but I do not this: That 
body was moved, and if the body was moved, the report is wrong, and if 
the report is wrong, we need to ask Mr. Fiske why."

More here:

The Washington Post, for their efforts to obfuscate the significance of the Vince Foster death controversy and ties to Hillary Clinton, is awarded 4 Orwells.


54 responses to “Vince Foster death not far fetched conspiracy theory as Washinton Post states, Donald Trump calls fishy, Foster death very suspicious, Congressman Dan Burton Congressional Record August 2, 1994, Hands were at his side palms up with no gun in either hand, Witness shown ABC photo with gun

  1. citizenwells

    “Since Foster’s July 1993 death, the facts of his death have been obfuscated by friends of Bill and Hillary in the major media, but here’s the undeniable truth:

    There weren’t “five” investigations into Foster’s death, as the media report. The Park Police, best known for their meter and horse patrols around Washington, were put in charge of the initial death inquiry of the most important federal official to die suspiciously since President Kennedy. The Park Police, contradicting standard procedure, declared the death a suicide before launching their inquiry.

    The FBI never officially investigated the case but simply signed off on the Park Police “probe.” The bureau had little choice. The day before Foster’s death, Bill Clinton hurriedly fired the director of the FBI, William Sessions. Sessions later charged that Clinton had “politicized” the bureau.

    Later, Robert Fiske, selected by Clinton’s counsel Bernie Nussbaum and Janet Reno, quickly confirmed the Park Police probe as a suicide.

    But when Ken Starr entered the investigation, he reopened the case. His chief prosecutor in the case, Miquel Rodriguez, later quit the Starr investigation, claiming that Starr’s staff was engaging in a cover-up of Foster’s death.

    Rodriguez, a Harvard-educated federal prosecutor, argued that one of the Polaroid photos taken of Foster at the crime scene indicated an additional wound on Foster’s neck – never noted on the autopsy report. Favish’s suit before the Supreme Court is seeking to release this photo, among others.

    No fewer than three of the paramedics on the scene indicated in reports or testimony that the crime scene was consistent with a murder scene, not a suicide.”

  2. oldsoldier80


    There is no statue of limitations on MURDER.

    Just because the case is closed doesn’t mean it can’t and shouldn’t be reopened and all the facts laid on the table and sworn testimony taken from all those involved, including Bill and Hillary Clinton, who most likely was behind the murder.

    Until justice is given to this murder, Vince foster will not Rest in Peace…and neither should Hillary Clinton or Bill.

    It’s time to turn up the heat boy’s !

  3. OFF TOPIC…….
    ………..Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.Clint has now collected some extremely serious charges against her which include willful, and knowing violation of the Federal Security Act, and subsequently violation of Federal Espionage Act. Hopefully this will lead to the invocation of a Congressional Grand Jury investigation…………which found her SLIMEY HUSBAND GUILTY a number of years ago of violating his OATH of OFFICE, which is the SUPREME OFFENSE, and rightfully he should have been removed from office,” but Chucky Baby”, LICK EM Leahy, and DICKEY BIRD TURBINE saved his a$$, and he was only censured. Hopefully they will not treat his old lady with the same CASUAL penalty.

  4. oldsoldier80……
    …………both of the SLIMEY POS should be held accountable for their behavior over the last 30 years. I personally believe that BOTH were , and are involved directly with MURDER, and conspiracy to commit murder. Sadly their murderous friends will without a doubt come to their aid……….which will NOT HAPPEN IN GOD’S COURTROOM. They will meet their waterloo. Unfortunately it might take a few more years, before we have the privilege to watch them fall like the POS they really are, and splatter when they strike the ground.

  5. Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Reno was a well known LESBIAN, whose mentality I questioned from the beginning…….and now we have another just like her……….who is just as TWISTED.

  6. flywithmike

    So many details that were not readily available at the time. It looks, and probably is a Clinton cover up. So very sad.
    Mike Volin
    570 284 7477

  7. flywithmike Those details were long available and have been slyly covered up by the Clintons and their friends in high offices. Our entire government is corrupt and that is the reason we should have term limits and no pensions. Also make them work instead of them missing sessions.

  8. citizenwells

    “It’s Over: Even MSNBC Turns On Hillary – “Stop Lying, Stop Digging””

    “”It’s pretty remarkable,” he said on “Morning Joe” of Clinton’s response to a watchdog report that found Clinton and her top aides did not comply with policy while she served as secretary of State as cited by The Hill. “I don’t understand why you put out a statement like that,” Scarborough added. “Stop lying, stop digging.”

    Instead she should have said “I screwed up. I’m terribly sorry” according to the MSNBC anchor which he offered as alternate responses. “‘I hope the American people will forgive me and I hope they will let us move on to the issues that matter.'””

  9. AND NOW……….
    ………..American voters can no longer trust our election processes. The trust has been destroyed by the SLIMEY BASTARDS who have worked hard to pervert it. The only process which will now work is the old time paper ,and mechanical balloting. As long as the ELECTRONIC BULLSHI# continues there will be a complete distrust of it. Hopefully Americans will DEMAND that our balloting system be returned to the mechanical system…….after all it worked quite well for over two centuries.

  10. oldsoldier80………
    Good afternoon sir………..
    Today is the day……..which I will not forget. Today at 3:20 my little girl will cross the rainbow bridge. I am crying as I type this…….forgive me for being human. I love her dearly, and she is like my own flesh and blood. I can’t allow her to go on in her worsening condition (cancer). It is now nearly choking her, and it is time to act. I pray that God gives me the strength to endure.

  11. citizenwells

    God bless.

  12. oldsailor83
    God Bless and may he ease your pain

  13. GW, I’m so very sorry that B must leave you.

    She will be waiting for you just over the Rainbow Bridge; you will see her again when it’s your time. It’s been said that what made us happy on Earth will be there when we cross over. There is no doubt that she will be there.

    Please remember all the good times you shared; her funny ways, and her ability to always know when you were down. She was always a comfort to you, even through the worst times. Remember her always.

    Prayers for you both today.

  14. A Crazy Old Coot


    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  15. oldsoldier80


    So sorry to hear of your lose….but knowing she will have no more pain is comforting…I know it’s hard. I have gone through what you are now going through many times…it never gets any easier regardless of how little, or how long you had your pet….they become part of the family….please thing about going to the shelter and getting another member for your family…you will never regret it if you do……again, old friend, I send my deepest feelings to you today……

  16. bob strauss

    Gateway Pundit


    Blonde-haired, blue-eyed Warren was listed as Harvard Law’s “first woman of color”

    Trump Exposes Pocahontas Warren: Blonde, Blue-Eyed Fake Indian Was Listed as Harvard Law’s…

    During his press conference on Thursday DONALD TRUMP was asked about hard left Senator and fake Indian Elizabeth Warren. The …|By Jim Hoft

  17. ………next Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Warren will probably try to make everyone believe she is the RE INCARNATION of SACAGAWEA. At least Sacagawea was NOT A PHONEY native American. She was a (SHOSHONE), and helped the Lewis and Clark expedition.

  18. ……….THANKS TO ALL FOR YOUR KIND RESPONSES…………I am devastated………… she was my Guardian Angel…….but I think I will live through it all. This was the most painful thing I have ever had to do in my entire life. My bond with her was one of love. She was always at my feet. When she wanted something special she would get squarely in front of me and sit up with her arms outstretched towards me. I sat and watched her slowly deteriorate from the ravages of her cancer. I DONE all I could do to keep her going, but finally good sense prevailed.

    ………… conclusions from Egypt Air. Apparently 7 emergency messages from automated transmitters aboard signaled a fire aboard, and the subsequent loss of a cockpit window. The latter is very significant. If there was a depressurization, of the cockpit the flight deck crew was dead within seconds, especially if the drop down oxy system failed to operate. Keep in mind this aircraft was allegedly at 37000 feet. If there was a sudden loss of a cockpit window, neither the pilot or co pilot would have had time to react……. especially if the window separated INWARD…….their lives would have probably already ended at that point. If a cockpit window separated from the aircraft which was flying at an airspeed of over 400 MPH the entire flight deck was most likely internally severely ravaged, and there is a strong probability that it all happened so quickly that nobody could respond to the ongoing destruction. This would account for a number of things which happened in quick succession……….including the radical turns which occurred. No pilot would ever attempt such radical maneuvers, especially while at 37,000 feet, and in an aircraft that is NOT DESIGNED to withstand the radical destructive forces which such maneuvers places upon it. This says that control of the aircraft was already lost………most likely because both pilot and co pilot were already incapacitated. The aircraft finally STALLED, and fell into a straight down spiral.

  20. …………in Aviation Industry periodicals I have read accounts of windscreen failures on the A320. If this happened it could have easily taken out both pilots………such a failure could have been on a massive scale especially if the mechanical strength of the windscreen structure was already weakened by the heat of a fire immediately below it. External pressure generated by the 400+ airspeed would have done the rest. Just guessing like all the others!

  21. AND NOW………
    ………..the STINKING FEMALE FAGGOT, has invited Donald Trump to do oral sex on her. She has raved and ranted, and her SEVERELY DEPRAVED MIND has once again confirmed it’s existence. It is really sad when such POS like Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.Rosy have to open their FILTHY MOUTHS. She is probably the sickest, PIG OF ALL……….hopefully we will all have the pleasure of one day watching her EAT HER OWN SORT OF FILTH, by having it FORCEFULLY RAMMED INTO HER FILTHY MOUTH.

  22. Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Warrn appears to be a SQUAREHEAD…………and such folks are usually descendents of SCANDANAVIANS. I have known a few of them in my lifetime!

  23. Unfortunately, Elizabeth Warren is my ‘Senator,’ if you wanna call her that.

    In these parts, she is known as ‘Fauxcahontas,’ Liawatha,’ and ‘Chief Spreading Bull.’

    She practiced law in MA for years *without a license* and checked the minority box to get her gig at Harvard; after she got the job, she reverted to being ‘just plain white’ again.

    Liawatha speak with forked tongue. Literally. What a PoS this thing is; I hope she’ll be primaried next time around and the people in this stupid state put down the Kool Aid and get her outta there.

    BTW, why do all the Democrat women look like Chief Spreading Bull and Cankles, and all the Republican women look like Ann Coulter and Sarah Palin? Hmmm….

  24. Old Sailor 83, So sorry for your loss. Tears.

  25. citizenwells

    God works in mysterious ways.
    This AM, I awoke early, turned on the TV and Genealogy Roadshow was on.
    I am a genealogy aficianado so I watched it.
    Just before I was going to turn the TV off a segment about the Tuskegee Experiment came on.
    I had heard of this but knew few details. One was the involvement by the CDC.
    I was preparing to write a series (or more) about vaccinations and potential links to autism.
    What I know about this, the CDC, etc scares the hell out of me.
    Also, a few minutes ago, I learned something new about the CDC and autism.
    Stay tuned.
    God be with us always.

  26. citizenwells

    Tuskegee Experiment

  27. oldsailor83
    I feel you’re pain. On 9-28-2012 the hardest thing that I have had to do is have my Ginger put to sleep. God Bless you sir…I am crying for you. Keep you’re memories of you’re loved one. I have kept just about everything of Ginger’s. She is with me every day in my curio. Her ashes, pictures of her life, toys she played with….

  28. Ginger……..
    ……….I had heard nearly all of my life about the bond which can occur between a pet and it’s owner. I learned much more about the emotional bond which ensues in having my little guardian angel nearby for 7 of her 12 years on earth nearby me virtually 24 hours a day. I came to love her dearly. There are people who say that becoming emotionally involved with a pet is a sign of mental weakness. I dispute that argument. It occurs to me that in reality it might be time for humanity to pay even more attention to their pets, because we can learn a hell of a lot from them. Devotion of an animal comes to mind as the first unconditional attachment that a pet develops. Perhaps humanity should start adopting some of these traits as well. I believe that the bond between a pet and one’s self can be as strong as that of man and wife. I say it this way because this bonding is between SOULS, HEARTS, AND MINDS. In my case …….right, wrong, or indifferent….I truly loved her right to my own soul.
    Like you I have put some of her toys away for my own visitation. As I laid her remains upon the table at the mortuary yesterday, I was unable to fight back the tears any longer. I broke down, cried and just held her, until my wife convinced me I needed to just walk away. This morning I am trying very hard to not think about it any longer……but the vision of her lifeless body lying there is still glaring in my mind. This is hell in itself. I will never forget my little girl. She helped to make each day of my otherwise insignificant life more bearable. I have a blanket which a picture of her was blown up and printed upon by a group at Wal Mart. I have put the blanket onto a wall fixture in our living room. The picture is of her sitting up and doing her routine, with her arms outstretched. She was ONE OF A KIND. I believe that she understood nearly every word I said to her. Each day I told her how pretty she is and she would immediately respond with a little doggie kiss on my cheek.
    I believe that I will never be able to fully forget her. Perhaps it is more a case that at this point I simply don’t want to.

  29. COULD IT BE……….
    ………..that my little Brigett had something to do with my continued existence on earth as well. When she came trotting into my life, a strange feeling passed through me. Maybe this was the beginning of her term as my guardian angel……..I came to see her In that light.
    I have read that often pets are taken through nursing homes, and the residents are permitted to pet them. Many PSYCHES say that this is a great sort of therapy for nearly all who participate. Petting an animal seems to have untold therapeutic value on even some of the more indolent persons at such institutions……….JUST WONDERING!

  30. AND NOW………
    ……..The California NUT FACTORY, is in full production. You only need to look at the California NUTS that are screaming their expletives, jumping on squad cars, and behaving like absolute lunatics………all because Donald Trump is in town. Such behavior tells me that our young people are severely departed from life’s main stream which lends confirmation of their less than normal mentality as such. Many of the people who are participating seem to have extremely limited vocabularies as well……….yet some are allegedly COLLEGE STUDENTS……….which seems to make me wonder if our colleges are really nothing more than overgrown DAY CARE CENTERS.

  31. YESTERDAY………
    …………an airshow pilot was forced to set down a WW2 vintage P-47,in the Hudson River. Unfortunately he was unable to escape the aircraft and drowned when he went to Davy Jones locker with the war -bird. They recovered the plane this morning with only very minor damage. It is rebuildable. The P-47 was a very heavy aircraft, and was used extensively throughout WW2……largely in North Africa, and throughout Europe. They were used as ground support aircraft just as is the A-10 of today. Today they are powered by an R-2800 twin Wasp. The Navy used another airplane for ground support which was known as the AD1 Skyraider……otherwise known affectionately as a SPAD. It too was propelled by a R-2800, and the Navy even built a few experimental prototype ADs which were powered by three row radial engines.( which = 27 cylinders.) I don’t know if any of the prototypes were ever flown in combat. The two row R-2800 GULPED fuel at a rate in excess of 65 gals per hour, can you imagine what the fuel consumption would be for a 27 cylinder three row engine? har har

  32. CW………
    ………you mentioned being in to genealogy? Can you tell me what has happened to Jonah who used to comment regularly? She was also into genealogy. I think she was a professional genealogist.

  33. citizenwells

    I don’t know.

  34. citizenwells

    Jonah last comment 2016/02/02 at 9:43 pm:

    Here are summaries of the two laws which clarify that the laws pertain ONLY to naturalized citizens and their minor children…….

    1790 Naturalization Act (An act to establish an uniform rule of naturalization)
    Sess. II, Chap. 3; 1 stat 103.
    1st Congress; March 26, 1790.
    This article of legislation allowed an individual to apply for citizenship if they were a free white person, being of good character, and living in the United States for two years. Upon receiving the courts approval they took an oath of allegiance which was recorded. The individual’s citizenship was also extended to any children under the age of 21, regardless of their birthplace. If the applicant had never been a U.S. resident the application was disregarded.

    1795 Naturalization Act (An act to establish an uniform rule of naturalization, and to repeal the act heretofore passed on that subject)
    Sess. II, Chap. 19, 20; 1 stat 414.
    3rd Congress; January 29, 1795.
    Any free white person could receive citizenship providing they had renounced their allegiance to their previous state/sovereignty by name, lived in the United States for five years at least, behave as a man of good moral character, and renounced any title they possessed in the previous states. Once the applicant had been approved and recorded by the court clerk, all related children would receive citizenship whether they had been born in or outside the U.S. providing their father had at some point, resided in the U.S., and never been legally convicted of joining the army of Great Britain.

  35. oldsailor83
    Cherish every moment you had with you’re friend. I cried day and night for weeks because of the loss of my very best dearest friend. Still get out her little outfits I bought her and her little blankie. I can smile and cherish our times together.
    I had a lot of quilt that I had to go through though. We were given the chance to be with her when they put her to sleep and I regret to this day for doing it. The vet had trouble getting the needle in her vain because she was so malnourished. She was dying and I could not let her die of starvation she would not eat anything. The vet had her assistant hold Ginger’s head up and shot the stuff in her neck and I saw that fear. She died quickly and peed all over. I did get to carry her wrapped in her blankie to the Cremation place and they kept the blanket wrapped with her until I left. For so long I kept telling her that I was sorry for causing her to die like that. And one night in my dream I dreamt that we were playing together and the dream gave me the feeling that she was telling me to stop crying that it was ok. Time does heal a broken heart. God Bless You ..Sir And how you feel about you’re loss proves that you are truly a gentleman.

  36. What should we do?

    News analyst and former judge Andrew Napolitano recently posted a Washington Times op-ed called “Hillary’s Secret War,” in which he declares with certainty that Hillary Clinton “provided material assistance to terrorists and lied to Congress in a venue where the law required her to be truthful.”

    Napolitano came to this conclusion after reading the transcript of an interview with a lawfully licensed American arms dealer named Marc Turi, as well as emails to and from the State Department and congressional officials while Hillary was Secretary of State.

    In 2011, Turi received approval from the Departments of State and Treasury to sell “hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of arms to the government of Qatar, which then, at the request of American government officials, were sold, bartered or given to rebel groups in Libya and Syria.”

    Napolitano states that Clinton “obtained permission from President Obama and consent from congressional leaders in both houses of Congress and in both parties to arm rebels in Syria and Libya in an effort to overthrow the governments of those countries.”

    Many of those rebels were terrorist groups who are our sworn enemies. “There was no congressional declaration of war, no congressional vote, no congressional knowledge beyond fewer than a dozen members, and no federal statute that authorized this.”

    When Sen. Rand Paul asked Clinton at a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on Jan. 23, 2013, whether she knew about American arms shipped to the Middle East or anywhere else, she denied any knowledge. But at that time,

    she and her State Department political designee, Andrew Shapiro, had authorized thousands of shipments of billions of dollars’ worth of arms to U.S. enemies to fight her secret war. Among the casualties of her war were U.S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens and three colleagues, who were assassinated at the American consulate in Benghazi, by rebels Mrs. Clinton armed with American military hardware in violation of American law.

    This secret war and the criminal behavior that animated it was the product of conspirators in the White House, the State Department, the Treasury Department, the Justice Department, the CIA and a tight-knit group of members of Congress. Their conspiracy has now unraveled. Where is the outrage among the balance of Congress?

    Hillary Clinton lied to Congress, gave arms to terrorists and destroyed her emails. How much longer can she hide the truth? How much longer can her lawlessness go unchallenged and un-prosecuted? Does she really think the American voters will overlook her criminal behavior and put her in the White House where she can pardon herself?

    Ready for Hillary in 2016? TruthRevolt is. We’re ready for her to be ARRESTED.

  37. hapnHal……….
    ……………once again you are right on the money, but don’t look for any form of punishment for Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.Clint resultant of her CRIMINAL ACTS while SOS. The people who originally hijacked the Democratic party are still in power, and you can rest assured that they will indeed protect her just as they have protected the BASTARD. I have said many times only WE THE PEOPLE can correct the problem. With the same thought in mind I refer you to the words of Abe Lincoln…….”NOT TO OVERTHROW THE GOVERNMENT, BUT RATHER TO OVERTHROW THOSE WHO PERVERT OUR GOVERNMENT.” I hasten to add that if this cannot be done peacefully then we have the obligation as CITIZENS to follow the mandates set out in the Declaration of Independence. After all is said , and done it is more than likely that this is the only way our Constitutional form of government will ever be resurrected.

  38. bob strauss

    Hillary and the IG May 29, 2016 Hillary Clinton and several people who worked at the State Department refused to cooperate with the Inspector General (IG) even though the law requires them to cooperate. More

  39. FURTHER………..
    ………….. the numbskulls which now populate our younger than 50 crowd have been brain washed to believe that an act, or multiple acts of TREASON against America, and even MURDER is OK, and that the perpetrators should be elected to public offices. This is the prevailing mindset of that particular crowd, and as such reflects their seriously diminished intelligence. A very large percentage of our young people stand upon the same mentally skewed platform as well. Their minds have been twisted to believe that UP is DOWN, GREEN IS RED, and apples fall from the ground up to the trees. Many of them become extremely agitated if anyone tries to tell them the truth. In reality we have become a nation of very WEAK MINDED PEOPLE, and MORALLY CORRUPTED HALF WITS.

  40. Bob Strauss……..
    I would say that it is time to READ HILLARY THE RIOT ACT,and SUBPOENA her presence before the IG. If she refuses then she needs to receive a taste of SLAMMERVILLE.

  41. Oldsailor83 — please accept my late condolences on your loss. Mark my words — when your time comes, Bridget will be there to meet you, and will come running faster than the angels to leap into your arms. And you and she will never be separated again.

    When any of my well-meaning but dense acquaintances says “Oh, it’s just a dog/cat/bird/etc.”, it takes everything I have to not put on my ass-kicking boots and go to town. Our pets ARE family. For some of us, they’re the only family we have.

    Bridget is free of pain now, and she’s a puppy again. There are many, many more adventures ahead for the two of you. That is a certainty.

  42. citizenwells

    In case you are wondering or expecting a Memorial Day article.
    Here is my position.
    I have been extremely busy in my personal life as well as researching for this site.
    Day in and day out what you see is often the tip of the iceberg in terms of time spent.
    I have been doing much on resurrecting the truth of Hillary’s past as well as other topics.
    To quote Abraham Lincoln in “The Gettysburg Address.”

    “But, in a larger sense, we can not dedicate — we can not consecrate — we can not hallow — this ground. The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it, far above our poor power to add or detract. The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here. It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us — that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion — that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain — that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

  43. Have a wild, off the wall, suggestion for LIAR Hillary …..

    WE THE PEOPLE need to ban together and call for a Citizens Arrest of Hillary Clinton. We, as Americans, should legally be able to do this right. If there are people in every city, where Hillary campaigns, are willing to try and arrest her. What else can we do? This will surely move and expedite the investigation of Hillary’s criminal activities. As Americans, I believe, however unorthodox it may be, have this right. At a minimum criminal charges should be directed at Hillary’s obstruction of justice.

  44. hapnHal………..
    ………..but sadly she would be out in 10 minutes flat on her own recognizance……….with the help of her twisted supporters. I am praying that the FBI moves to indict her soon.

    the Michigan SLIMEBALL is quietly SNEAKING AROUND along with his TWISTED FRIEND (Bill Crystal) and have come up with another POS to become a candidate for potus. Watch out for the Michigan SNEAK. He is a male version of Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.Clint, who is working hard to help Mzzzzzzzzzzzzz Clint. He is a SNEAK of the 1st magnitude. Anybody who has any intelligence at all should realise that the only people who are screaming that Trump is unworthy of the office of potus are people like the Michigan POS who want Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.Clint to be potus.

  46. …………..the MICHIGAN POS can’t handle having lost his own election the last time around. Now he shows his TRUE color by trying to help Mzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.Clint. Crystal has made a very bad choice of friends, and he will live to PAY THE FIDDLER.

  47. another shark attack……..
    …….off the SC coast. I say to those who walk into the domain of the shark…….JUST WHAT THE HELL DO YOU EXPECT?

  48. SADLY………..
    ………..for some unknown reason Americans think SHARKS should buzz off and leave them alone when they are swimming around in the SHARK’S LIVING ROOM. This sort of thinking is what has earned a lot of people the scars of shark’s teeth on their A$$ES. I guess one way to avoid such an attack is to go swimming where sharks don’t live……… a swimming pool ,or in a fresh water lake.

    is the GLARING FACT that a rare specimen of wild primate had to be killed because the parent(s) of a youngster failed to keep adequate watch over their own kid. Had they been properly attending their youngster he would not have fallen into the gorilla cage to begin with.
    …………HEY MORON MAMAS, SITTING AND JACKING YOUR JAWS ON YOUR CELL PHONE, AND/OR TEXTING DOESN’T GET IT WHEN YOU HAVE YOUR KID AT A ZOO, AND UP CLOSE TO WILD ANIMALS. START PAYING ATTENTION AND YOUR KIDS WON’T BE FALLING INTO GORILLA CAGES……….YOU CAN’T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS! Sadly an innocent rare gorilla had to be destroyed all because of an errant youngster’s mother. Had she been properly supervising her youngster he would not have fallen into the gorilla cage. Another classic example of a MAMA who obviously wasn’t paying attention when she should have been. She needs to be charged with CHILD NEGLECT.

  50. citizenwells

    New Thread

  51. CW………
    …………and not very long after his Gettysburg address, a CRIMINAL BASTARD chose to assassinate him…………and soon thereafter Mr. Booth (the assassin) was himself killed by angered citizens, together with law enforcement, when they attempted to force him out of a building in which he was hiding by setting it on fire.
    Abe Lincoln was a person who I greatly admire. He had next to nothing as a youth, but was able to rise through very hard labor, educate himself, and eventually become POTUS as a result………but because he was an ABOLITIONIST whose policies as POTUS were INTENSELY DESPISED by the likes of Mr. Booth , and others he was MURDERED in cold blood. I hold a special place in my heart for The Battle Hymn of the Republic which is synonymous with the Civil War, and the memory of Abraham Lincoln.

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